Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - That Still Small Voice - full transcript

As Graham makes Emma a deputy, a mysterious sinkhole appears at the edge of town and Henry's life is placed in danger, while flashbacks show Jiminy Cricket's yearning to leave the family business.

(Man) There is a town in Maine...

I'd like a room.
Welcome to Storybrooke.

Where every storybook character
you've ever known...


Is trapped between two worlds...

An Evil Queen sent a bunch
of Fairy Tale characters here.

And now they don't
remember who they are.

Victims of a powerful curse...

Everything you love,
everything all of you love,

will be taken from you.

Only one knows the truth,

and only one can break her spell.

It's your destiny. You're gonna
bring back the happy endings.

You enjoy your stay.


Once Upon A Time - S01E05
That Still Small Voice

Original air date
November 27, 2011


(High-pitched voice) I wish, I wish,

but nothing changes.

I wish I was better at wishing!

(All laugh)

Alas! Will no one slay
this fearsome dragon

and win my hand in marriage?



I will slay
the fearsome dragon, milady,

or die trying!


Good-bye, dear prince.

(Singsongy) It was nice knowing you!



(Audience gasps)

(Deep voice)
Who dares disturb my sleep?

Uh, he went that way!

(Laughter) Then I will go that way.

Very good idea.

You go that way, and I'll...

(Coins clink)

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Careful. Careful.

Don't let those coins roll away.

No. They might... disappear.

Whoop. Whoop.
Ha. Look at that.

(Chuckles) (Clink)

(Cricket chirping)

Oh, a cricket!
I love crickets!

Crickets are trouble.
Noisy bugs.

But they get to do
whatever they want--

hopping from place to place.
They're free.

You're free.

To do what we want.

To be who you are.

And you are who you are.

Well, maybe I want to be
something else.

Maybe I don't wanna steal.

Maybe I want to be good.

All that from a cricket.

Told ya. Trouble.

"Good" is another word for "weak."

Let us do the thinking for you.

That's what parents are for.

To help you.

You are who you are, and there's
no changing it, Jiminy.




Problem solved.


You weren't always a cricket.

I wasn't al--

oh, right. Because I'm...

Because you think I'm Jiminy Cricket.

Why--why do you--
why do you think that, Henry?

It's just because of who you are.

And who am I?

You're a conscience. You help
people see right from wrong.

So all of the crickets
in Storybrooke--

they were once people, too?

There aren't
too many crickets here. Listen.

(Owl hoots in distance)

Maybe it isn't late enough.

There's never been crickets here.

You've just never noticed.

So you think that's proof
that there's a curse?

Yes, but I know it's not enough.

I'm looking for more.

So, Henry, look,
I asked you this once before,

and you said you'd think about it.

Why do you think it's
so important that this is real?


It just is.

All right, well...

Keep thinking about
that answer, Henry,

'cause I think there's
something buried there.

A tie?

You know you don't have to dress
a woman as a man

to give her authority.

So you think you can get people
to do what you want

in that red coat?

I'm getting you to do
what I want right now.

Well, at least wear the badge.

Go on. Take it.

If you really want to be
a part of this community,

you have to make it official.

(Loud boom)

(Gasps) (Crashing)

(Dog barking, car alarms
wailing, horns honking)

(Telephone rings)

(Second telephone rings)

(Multiple telephones ring)

(Men shouting indistinctly)

Everyone step back, please.
Is that a crater?

No, there were tunnels, uh, old mines.
Be careful. Step back.

Something collapsed.

Sheriff, set up a police perimeter.

Marco, why don't you help
with the fire department?

Ms. Swan, this is now
official town business.

You're free to go.

Well, actually,
I work for the town now.

She's my new deputy.

They say the mayor's always
last to know.

It's in my budget.


Deputy, why don't you make
yourself useful

and help with crowd control?

People of Storybrooke,
don't be alarmed.

We've always known
this area was honeycombed

with old mining tunnels,
but fear not.

I'm going to undertake a project
to make this area safe,

to rehabilitate it into city use.

We will bulldoze it,
collapse it, pave it.

Pave it? What if there's
something down there?

(Lowered voice)
Henry, what are you doing here?

(Whispers) What's down there?

Nothing. Now step back.

(Raised voice)
In fact, everyone, please,

please step back.

- Thank you.
- (Man) Let's go, boys.

(Whispers) What was that?

Henry, enough.

Listen, this is a safety issue.
Wait in the car.

(Sighs) Deputy Swan, sheriff,
cordon off the area.

(Lowered voice)
Hey, Archie. Over here.

This requires all
of operation Cobra--both of you.

I didn't realize I was
in operation Cobra.

Of course you are.
You know everything.

We can't let her do this.

What if there's something down there?

They're just some old tunnels.

That just happen to collapse
right after you get here?

You're changing things.
You're weakening the curse.

That's not what's happening.

Yes, it is. (Sighs) Did you do
anything different today?

'Cause something made this happen.

Henry, I told you to wait in the car.

Deputy, do your job.

Dr. Hopper, a word, please.

Okay, we're done with this.

Uh, excuse me?

My son. We need a new treatment plan.

Everything I do he thinks
is part of some horrible plot.

I can't cover up a safety hazard

without him thinking
I'm hiding something.

How am I hiding something
terrible in an old mine?

How is any of this logical to him?

He's got an amazing imagination.

Yes, that you let run rampant.

Well, I think it would be
wrong to rip away

the world he's constructed.

I'd rather use it to try and get--

sometimes I think you've forgotten.

You work for me.

You're an employee,
and I can fire you.

This is my town.

You will lose your office,
lose your house.

I can cut you down to size

until you're a tiny,
shrunken little creature,

and this will be the only roof
over your damn head.

What would you have me do?

You take that delusion out
of my son's head,

and you crush it.

(Umbrella thuds)

(Indistinct conversations)

Come on, Jiminy.

Oh, I remember this place.

Looks like it's been a good year.

Yeah, you can tell
by all the fat people.


(Lowered voice) Maybe we can run
the elf tonic scam here.

(Chuckles) Oh, can't we just--

can't we just do the show?

Ohh. We make enough
on the ticket sales.

Do we have to steal, too?

We don't need to, but it's nice.

We steal from them, and they
steal from someone else.

It's called an economy.

We're a vital part of it.

I want to change.
I-I want to quit.

- Ohh.
- Oh, this again.

No, you can't leave now.

We're getting old.
It's my hip.

My liver.
I got lumps in strange places.

I've got burning sensations.

You'd better stay with us.

Just until we die.

Now be a good boy and set up.


(Thunder rumbling)



What a great job you have!

You don't like it?

No. No, I don't.

Same show, same fairs every year.

Well, then why don't you do
something else?


It's just who I am.

(Crickets chirping)

Well, did you just come out
here to watch us set up?

No. I came out here
to listen to the crickets.

Oh, crickets.

Oh, I haven't listened
to the crickets in a while.

(Thunder rumbling)

(Sighs) Hey, you'd better get home,

or you're gonna catch a cold.

So are you.
Here. Have my umbrella.

I don't live far.

I can't wait to see the show!


Hey, Archie

Marco, what are you doing here?


Ohh lunch. I'm sorry.
I forg... (Sighs)

I've got another patient.
Another time?

Sure. Of course. (Chuckles)

Hey. (Sighs)

Are you recruiting Geppetto
for operation Cobra?

You think Marco is Geppetto?

Sure. He's Jiminy Cricket's
best friend, and Marco's yours.

Henry. Henry, look.

We--we really need
to talk about this, okay?

I know you're not convinced,

but I know where I can get proof.

What is this?

A flashlight and c-candy bars?

Oh, wait. Henry.

Henry, you do not want
to go down there.

Emma's here and stuff's happening.

I have to look at it.

Henry, stop.
Stop. There is no proof.

Look all of this,
all of this is a delusion.

Do you know what a delusion is?

I-I think so.

It's something that's not real
and--and not healthy,

and--and I thought
that you'd outgrow this,

but, Henry, you know... (Sighs)

Now it's turned into a psychosis.

Do you know what a psychosis is?

That--that's when you can
no longer tell what's real,

and if that continues,

then--then I have to lock you away.

Henry, look, this has
to stop for your own good.

You gotta wake up.

This nonsense must end.

(Door slams)


I don't know. "M"?

(Chuckles) Mm-hmm.

Two of 'em.

Oh. (Laughs)

Get it yet?

Yes, and I am completely mortified.

I almost hanged on my own name.

Don't worry. I would never
have let you hang.

I would have added toes,
a hat, maybe a horse.


Is this a game you played
a lot, uh, before?

I don't know.

It'll come back.

They're sending you home in a week.

They have to think
you're progressing, don't they?


Well, you're making
new memories just fine.

Maybe I'll like these better.

Okay. Play again?

Can I guess, too?


Mrs. Nolan. (Sighs) I thought...

Oh, it's noon already.
I didn't realize. I should go.

Good day, Ms. Blanchard.

Honey, I brought more pictures.
Maybe they'll jog something.

It's our old dog, Ajax.


(Chuckles) Yeah.
Yeah, Ajax.

Oh, I am the worst person
in the world.

Really? In the whole world?

If Kathryn was horrible,
it'd be easier,

but she's so... nice.

And what exactly would be easier?


Nothing's a good idea.
You're smart.

You know not to get involved
with a married guy.

It's not worth
the heartache. Trust me.

(Knock on door)

I'll get it.


Kid, what happened? Come on.

(Pounding on door)

(Emma) Archie?


(Door slams) What did you do?

You told me not to take
the fantasy away.

You told me it would devastate him.

When a course of therapy stops
working, you just adjust it.

It is her?
Did she threaten you?

What could be strong enough
to drown out

your own conscience?

I do not need to defend

my professional decisions
to you, okay?

(Cell phone rings)

(Rings and beeps)

Hello, madam mayor.
Nice work.

Are you with him?

Yes, I'm with Dr. Hopper,
and guess what?

You left your fingerprints
all over him when you tried--

Not him. Henry.
Is he with you?

I dropped Henry
at your office an hour ago.

Well, he's not here.

I don't know where he is.


I do.

(Grinding and creaking)

(High-pitched voice, chuckles)

(Normal voice) Thank you very much.


And the names?

To whom did these treasures belong?



Thank you. You can go.

But you want something else,
don't you?

Something with...



Every year, I'm stuck
in that damn wagon...

(Sighs) And I-I want to be free.

I want to--
I want to be someone else,

but... something keeps
holding me back.

Something or someone?


(Inhales deeply) It's my parents.


Then I have exactly what you need.

This will set you free.

Pour it. Sprinkle it.

Put it in their curds and whey.

Anything will work.

Ah! But you have
nothing more to give to me.

(Chuckles) Tell you what.

After the potion has...

Done its work...

Leave them where they are,

and I'll come collect them.

It'll be my fee.

What will become of them?

Worry you not.

They'll be in safe hands,

and you'll be free.

(Emma and Archie) Henry!



What do you got there, Pongo?

I don't think he's here.

I think he is. Candy bar.
He had these with him.

(Water trickling)

(Gravel crunching, rumbling)

(Rocks clattering)


(Grunts) Henry!


Henry, it's not safe!



Archie! Henry!

(Water trickling)



You're here to help me.

No, Henry, listen.
We gotta get out of here, okay?

So you're still against me.

Henry, there's no time for that.
Come on, Henry! Come on.

You don't believe me?
You'll see.

- (Echoing voice) You'll see.
- (Echoing voice) Henry!

Henry. Henry, come back!



Look, can't we skip this tonight?

Ohh. I mean, we don't need the money.

Everything isn't about money,
Jiminy. (Sighs)

It's about the principle.

A commitment to excellence.

(Lowered voice)
Excellence at stealing money.

Now go ahead and take
the "Elf Tonic," Jiminy.

- (Laughs)
- (Laughs)

(Door creaks)


Such beautiful young people.

Pardon me. Uh, do you have
a place at your hearth

for an honest man
and his... uh, elderly parents?

- Of course. Come in.
- Oh. Oh.

(Chuckles) I'll heat up some broth.

Oh, we love broth.

Oh, what a beautiful home.

Your cobbles are so even.

Oh, and that's real thatch.

(Man) Yes.
Honey, that's a big ham.

Thank you for your kindness.

(Lowered voice) I just can't
get it out of my mind.

- That family.
- Terrible way to go.

- Ohh.
- What?

What happened?

(Both) Plague.


The next town over.
We just passed through.

The plague?

Well, a plague, certainly.

Is it coming here?
Are you okay?

Oh, us?
No, we're immune.

We have Elf Tonic.

Made by elves from elves.

Four out of five court
physicians recommend it.

Fifth one died
before he could try it.

(Laughs) (Mouths words)

Well, you have it, right,
smart folks like you?

We've never heard of it.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, dear God.

Oh, no. You're going to die.
You need Elf Tonic.

Oh, I wish we had extra.
We don't have extra.

There is no extra.

We could pay you.
We have a tiny bottle.

But we need that for ourselves.

What can we give you?

Surely there must be something
here you would want.

(Fire crackling)

I'm sure we could come up
with something.

(Coins clink)


Well, I guess we should
start loading up.


(Door creaks)


Here you go.

Thank you. (Sighs)

Thank you.


(Door creaks)

(Metal clanking)


(Clatters, coin clinks)

Those are good people.

They--they would never have
hurt us like that.

And that's where they went wrong.

It's better to be the kind
of people that take...

Instead of those that get taken from.


(Crickets chirping)

I'm sorry.

You've given me no other choice.


How frail do you think we are, son?

Rainwater won't hurt us.


I'm pretty good
at sleight of hand, Jiminy.


You switched them?

If this was the Elf Tonic...

(Gasps) Oh, my. We must have
given whatever you had...

To that family.

Oh, I hope it wasn't dangerous.



(Door creaks)




(Chuckles) Oh, look at that.

New puppets for the act.


(Boy) Mama, papa!

Who are you?


(Panting) Mama? Papa?

What did you do to them?

What did you do to them?!

(Panting) Henry?





Henry. Henry.
You gotta slow down.

There's something shiny down there.

Henry, this is seriously dangerous.

We've got to get out of here.

It could be something.

Will you look at me?!
Look at me!

I'm frightened for you, Henry!

Because you think I'm crazy?

No! No.

Because we are trapped underground

in an abandoned mine, Henry,

and there is no way out.


(Indistinct conversations)

Archie's smart.

He will keep the boy safe
until we get to them.


(Men shouting indistinctly)
Watch out!

Stop! Stop!

(Man) Move, move, move!

You're making it worse!

I am trying to save him.

You know why he went in there
in the first place, don't you?

Because you made him feel like
he had something to prove.

And why does he think
he has anything to prove?

Who's encouraging him?

Do not put this on me.

Oh, please! Lecture me
until his oxygen runs out!

(Barking continues,
men continue shouting)

Henry, do you hear that?

(Barking continues)

It's Pongo!

Follow the noise.

(Sighs) We have to stop this.

Arguing won't accomplish anything.

No, it won't.

What do you want me to do?

Help me.

(Barking continues)

It's loudest over here.

What's--what's this?


Looks like...

(Clatters) An old elevator.

We need to find some way to...
Punch through the ground.

We need something big.

Like what?


It's to get the mine workers
in and out.

Goes all the way to the top.
That's why we could hear Pongo.

Can we make it work?

(Panting) Let's give it a shot.

Okay. We're all clear.

(Clanking) Uhh!

Come on!

(Grunts) (Creaks)

Blow it.




(Switch clicks, explosion)

(Rattles and clanks)

(Men murmuring)

Did it work?

(Panting) It didn't open.

Then what did it do?

Have a good day.


(Indistinct conversations)

Where are you going?

Home. I'm done for the day.

Shouldn't you be resting?

Uh, actually, Dr. Whale wants me
to start physical therapy.

I'm supposed to walk 30 minutes a day

on the treadmill
or outside with an escort,

but they're kinda short on personnel

because of that thing
that happened at the mine.


So... maybe if there was a volunteer

willing to help?


I'm trying to remember
this place. (Sighs)

It's like...
(Sighs) It's like I woke up

in some strange land.

Is anything coming back?

What about when you're with her?

You remembered your dog.

Yeah. I lied.

You did?

She's just so loving, you know?

I didn't want to disappoint her...

(Sighs) But none of it
feels right, you know?

A dog named Ajax?
Who would name a dog that?


None of it makes sense.
None of it...


None of it feels real.

That sounds lonely.

Actually, one thing does feel real.




I know it's crazy, but I swear,

you're the only thing
in this whole place

that feels...

That feels right.



Kathryn, uh, wh--

you're here.

I know it's outside of
visiting hours, but, uh...


I needed to see you.

I made some cranberry muffins.

They used to be your favorite.

Well, I should leave you two.

Wait. Mary Margaret.

See you tomorrow?

What was that?

What the hell was that?
You said you could do this!

- (Panting) Madam mayor.
- I realize that--

- Madam mayor.
- They could have killed my son!

I know, but this isn't helping.

(Barking continues) If
we knew exactly where they were,

we could drill down to them,

maybe... maybe rig something
to bring them back up.

But drill where?

Come on, buddy.
What do you think--

it's Archie's dog.


He's found something.

(Whimpering) Look.

This is where they must be.
What is it?

Good boy. Good boy.
Good boy.

(Grunts) (Clank)


(Pants) What is that?

It's an air shaft.

(Gravel crackling)

(Sighs) I'm... really...


Really sorry.

It's all right.

I just wanted to find proof.

No, it's really all right, Henry.

I mean, I'm-- I'm sorry, too.

(Sighs) Look, I-I don't
think you're crazy.

I-I just--I just think that
you've got a very strong mother

who's got a clear idea of the path

that she wants you to be on,

and when you step off that,
she... (Sighs)

She gets scared,
and, you know, that's natural,

but it's also natural
for you to be able to be free

to think the things
that you want to think.

(Sighs) So...

Anyway, I-I didn't mean
those things I said,

and I-I never should have said 'em.

Then... why did you?

(Sighs) I guess I'm just not
a very good person.

I'm not the man I want to be.

(Metal clanking, rattling)


Okay. All right. Gun it.

(Engine revs)


Okay, stop. We got it.

All right.

So? What's next?


I think you can be him.

I think you can be a good person.

I mean, you're Jiminy Cricket.

Henry. Henry,
Jiminy Cricket was a, uh,

he was a cricket, okay,
and he was a conscience,

and--and I hardly think that's me.

But before you said he was
a guy who took a long time

to figure out the right thing to do.

That kinda sounds like me.

Now it's harder for you,
because of the curse,

to hear the voice inside of you,

to be who you want to be.

(Boom, creaking and clattering)

We need to lower someone
straight down,

or the line will collapse
the sides of the shaft.

I've got a harness.

Lower me down.

Oh, no way. I'm going.

He's my son.

He's my son, too.

You've been sitting
behind a desk for ten years.

I can do this.


Just bring him to me.



Hey. Can I ask you again?

Ask what?

Why do you think
it's so important that

your--your Fairy Tale theory is true?

I don't know.

Give it a shot.


This can't be all there is.


I understand.

And I thought if I found proof...

(Sighs) Mm.
But I didn't find anything.

Well, that's not true.

I was lost, and you found me, right?

You mean, you remember?

No, I-I don't remember,

but I-I do remember the kind
of person I want to be.


I just gotta listen harder.

(Gravel clattering)

What's that?

I think it's a rescue.

Are you guys okay?

Yeah, we're--we're okay.

Hang on, Henry.
Okay. That's good. Stop.

(Coughs) (Clanking)

Uhh. (Strained voice)
Here you go. Up.

Come on. I gotcha.

(Panting) Okay. All right.
I got him.

You got him? Is he safe?


It's gonna fall!

I'm sorry!

It's okay!

(All shouting indistinctly)

(Screeches and clanks)




(Cheering continues)


Ohh. (Laughing)

Thank you.

(Panting) Are you okay?

Deputy, you can clear the crowd away.

(Crow cawing)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Chuckles) Thank you, Dr. Hopper.

(Panting) I, uh,
I have something to say.

I'm gonna continue to treat Henry,

and I'm gonna do it my own way.

My relief at his safety hasn't
changed a thing, Dr. Hopper.

You will do as I say, or you--

or what?
You'll ruin my life?

You'll do your worst?

Because I will always do my best.

Don't test me.
Oh, I don't need to,

because you're gonna leave me alone

and let me do my work in peace.

Really? Why is that?

Because someday, madam mayor,
you may find yourself

in a custody battle,
and do you know how the court

determines who is a fit parent?

They consult an expert,

particularly one
who has treated the child.

So... I suggest
that you think about that

and you allow me to do my work

and let me do it the way
my conscience tells me to.

I wish...

I wish...

(Bells tinkling)

I hear your wish.

You don't need to wish it so loudly.

(Sighs) But it is not possible.

I cannot bring back
the boy's parents.

It's my fault.

I have to make it right.

I would trade my life
to make it happen.

What's done is done,

but there may be another way.

Tell me, please.

The little boy... (Sighs)

He will grow up to face
many challenges.

Do you want to help him?


I can't get away from these people.

They're my parents.


Who I am.

But if you didn't want to be that,

what would you like to be?

(Crickets chirping)

(Chirping continues)

(Sighs) I hear your wish.

(Bells tinkle)


How do you feel?


Find the boy, Jiminy.

You will live as many years
as you need to help him.

Just find him.


(Chuckles) His name is Geppetto.

(Both speaking indistinctly)


Is that Archie's father?

They're just old friends.

(Indistinct conversations)

You really scared me.

I'm sorry.

(Footsteps approach)

Gentlemen. (Sighs)
Ahem. Well, come on.

Your mom wants to take you home.

(Crickets chirping) Hey.


(Chirping continues)


They're back.

Things are changing.

Oh, no. (Chuckles)

(Indistinct conversations)