Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 1, Episode 22 - A Land Without Magic - full transcript

With Henry under a sleeping curse, Emma begins to understand what's really going on in the town of Storybrooke as she risks everything to save her son. Meanwhile flashbacks reveal Prince Charming's quest to save Snow White come to a close as he must face the Powerful Sorceress Maleficent who is trapped as a dragon...

NARRATOR: Previously on
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I will find you!

QUEEN: I wonder if you will be
quite so incorruptible

after your precious Snow is gone.

I do hope you like apples.

HENRY: It's poison.

You may not believe in the curse,

but I believe in you.

- (THUD)
- Henry?



I will find you, Snow.

I will always find you.

GUARD 1: It'll be hard
to do that without your head.

Get up, the Queen is looking
forward to your execution.

GUARD 2: Get up. On your feet!


Shoot him!


Who the hell are you?

A friend.

I don't know you.

But I know Snow White.

Is she okay?

The Queen was traveling to meet her.

Her fate is in a precarious place.

We must hurry.

Follow me. I can get you out.

I'll try and stall the Queen.

The rest is up to you.

Your weapon and some provisions.

Good luck.

You're not coming with me?

I cannot.

I gave up my heart so that
the Queen would spare Snow's.

Don't let my sacrifice be in vain.
Find her.

Once Upon A Time:
"A Land Without Magic"

Season 1 Episode 22
Original Airdate May 13, 2012

Henry, can you hear me?

Come on, Henry, wake up, please!
Come on, Henry, come on.

- You can do it.
- Ma'am, let me take...

No, I'm not going anywhere.

WHALE: Henry.

There's no pupil response.

What happened? Did he fall?
Hit his head?

He ate this. I think it's poisoned.

His airway's clear. Did he vomit?

Any convulsing or disorientation?

He took a bite of this
and then he just collapsed!

So run the tests for arsenic
or bleach or Drano

or whatever could've done this to him.

The boy is showing no symptoms
that would suggest neurotoxin.

So whatever's going on,
this is not the culprit.

But what else could it be?

I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to find out.

He's gonna be okay, though, right?

WHALE: Right now,
we just need to stabilize him

'cause he's slipping away.

Is there anything else
that you can remember?

Any little detail?

I already told you everything.
Do something!

Look, I understand you're frustrated,
Ms. Swan, I do,

but I need something to treat.
And right now,

there is no explanation, it's like...

Like magic.

HENRY: Every story in this book
actually happened.

Goodbye, Emma.

You should know more than anyone.
Because you're in this book.

Find us.

REGINA: Where's my son?

You did this.

EMMA: You did this!

What the hell are you doing?

Stop this! My son...

Is sick because of you!

That apple turnover you gave me,
he ate it!


It was meant for you.

It's true, isn't it?

What are you talking about?

It's true, isn't it?

All of it.


I was leaving town.

Why couldn't you just
leave things alone?

Because as long as you're alive,
Henry will never be mine.

He'll never be anyone's
unless you fix this.

You wake him up.

I can't!

Don't you have magic?

That was the last of it.

It was supposed to put you to sleep.

What's it gonna do to him?

I don't know.

Magic here is unpredictable.

So, he could...



So what do we do?

We need help.

There's one other person in this town
who knows about this,

who knows about magic.

Mr. Gold.

Actually, he goes by Rumplestiltskin.

Where is he?

The prisoner!


A palace full of guards,
and you let him escape?

I did my best.

You failed!

And do you know what happens
to people who fail me, Huntsman?

I'll find him.

You needn't worry. Leave him to me.


That won't be necessary.

He's mine.



(PANTING) What are you doing here?

I'm just here to help.

Well, no need. I'll be fine.

No, I don't think so.

This is the Infinite Forest.

There's no way out.

Well, except my way.

I want nothing from you.

Not even this?

My mother's ring. It was just...

How did you get it?

The same way I get everything I want.


The same magic that allows me
to do this.

This ring is now enchanted.

The closer you get to Snow White,
the brighter it will glow.


- Give it to me.
- Ah!

It's not something for nothing, dearie.

Time to make a deal.

No! No more deals.



Over here.



- Had enough?
- Never.


Looking for this?

So brave.

So gallant.

So pointless.

Bravery won't get you out
of this forest, dearie.

Magic will.

Trust me, this is a deal
you'll want to make.

Because we both want the same thing.

What's that?

Why, you and your true love
to be together, of course!



I was wrong.

About you. About me.

About everything.

I didn't believe in you.

And I wish I had a good reason why.

But it's like I keep making
these wrong decisions,

and I don't understand
why they keep happening.

You know, ever since
I woke up from that coma,

my life hasn't made a lick of sense.

Except for you.

And what I'm feeling...

It's love, Mary Margaret.

David, why are you here?

Because Kathryn put a down payment
on an apartment in Boston.

She's not gonna use it.

But I am.

Unless you give me a reason to stay.


I can't.


the most powerful magic of all.

True love.


Careful, this is all I have left of it.

What do you know of true love?

Well, not so much as you, perhaps,
but not so little as you might think.

You? You loved someone?

It was a brief flicker of light
amidst an ocean of darkness.

What happened?

She died.

That's the thing about true love, dearie,
it can slip through your fingers.

It's the most powerful magic
in the world.

The only magic powerful enough
to break any curse.

It must be protected at all costs.

I don't understand.

What exactly is it you want me to do?

I want you to help me protect it.

By putting it in a safe place for me.

And where's that?

Inside the belly of a beast,
of course. (LAUGHS)

Why hide it?

Let's just say

I'm saving it for a rainy day.



Do my eyes deceive me,
or is that the look of a believer?

We need your help.

Indeed you do.

It seems quite the tragic ailment
has befallen our young friend.

I told you magic comes with a price.

Henry shouldn't have to pay it.

No, you should.
But alas, we are where we are.

Can you help us?

Of course.

True love, Ms. Swan.

The only magic powerful enough
to transcend realms

and break any curse.

Luckily for you,
I happen to have bottled some.

You did?

Oh, yes.

From strands of your parents' hair

I made the most powerful potion
in all the realm.

So powerful that when I created
the Dark Curse,

I placed a single drop on the parchment.

Just a little safety valve.

That's why I'm the savior.
That's why I can break the curse.

Now you're getting it.

I don't care about breaking the curse,

all I care about is saving Henry.

Which is why it's your lucky day.

I didn't use all the potion.

I saved some for a rainy day.

Well, it's storming like a bitch.
Where is it?

Where it is, isn't the problem.

Getting it is what should worry you.

REGINA: Enough riddles.

What do we do?

You do nothing.

It has to be Ms. Swan.

He's my son, it should be me.

GOLD: All due respect,

but it's her son, and it has to be her.

She's the product of the magic.

She must be the one to find it.

I can do it.

Don't trust him.

EMMA: What choice do we have?

That's right, dearie.
What choice do you have?

Where is this magic?

Tell me, Your Majesty,
is our friend still in the basement?

You twisted little imp.

You hid it with her?

No, no, no, not with her.

In her.

I knew you couldn't resist
bringing her over.

Who is "her"?

Someone you should be prepared for.

Where you're going,
you're gonna need this.

What is that?

Your father's sword.


you were right about the curse.

I should have believed you.

I'm sorry.

For when you wake up.

Say what you gotta say,
you got 10 minutes.

Do you know where to meet?

Yeah. Don't be late.

I'm sorry.

JEFFERSON: Pity, isn't it?

There's nothing harder

than not knowing whether
you'll ever see your child again.

Jefferson, now is not a good time.

For you.

Well, for me, it's the perfect time.

I'm here to collect.

Where is she? My daughter.

Emma was supposed to eat that apple

and she didn't.

As far as I'm concerned,
that makes our deal null and void.

I did what you asked, and you're
gonna screw me over again?

Look at it however you want, Jefferson.

The fact is, I'm done with you.

But I'm not done with you.

What are you going to do?

Kill me?

I know you want to,
but I also know you can't.

Do you?



You don't have it in you.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have to save my son.


Please open up.
I know you're in there, open the door.

BOOTH: I can't.


What's happening to you?

You can see it now.

You believe.

Yeah, I do,

but how do we stop this?

Break the curse.

I'll try, I promise.

But I got to save Henry first,
and I need your help.

No, you don't.

Yeah, I do.

This is all too much.

I just talked to the Evil Queen
and Rumplestiltskin

about a quest to find magic.

I can't do it, August.

I can't. No normal person can.

Luckily for us,

you're not normal.

You can save Henry.

You can save all of...





What is this place?

Would you like a tour,
or shall we just get to it?

Lead the way.


Get in.

After you.

It's a two-man job.
The elevator's hand-operated.

I have to stay up here
and lower you down.

And I'm just supposed to trust you?

I don't think you have much choice
in the matter, Ms. Swan.

This battle I'm supposed to fight,
who is it? What is down there?

An old friend.

Then why don't you go talk to them?

Because her punishment here
was different than everyone else's.

I trapped her.

In a different form.

She doesn't want to hear from me.

You have to trust me on that.

Okay. I will go down there.

But let's be clear about something,

Your Majesty.

The only reason you're not dead

is because I need your help
to save Henry.

He dies,

so do you.

Well, then, let's get on with it.

Now this is what you're going
to have to do.


Where is the beast
that reigns over this castle?

That would be me.

But "beast" is so harsh.

I prefer Maleficent.

I'm gonna need a smaller egg.

Such a shame. So handsome.





Show yourself, witch.




Come on!

To hell with this.






MARY: "And, yes,
she was beyond hope,

"beyond saving.

"This was her end.

"When Prince Charming saw
his beloved Snow White

"in her glass coffin,

"he knew all that was left was
to say goodbye.

"He had to give her one last kiss.

"And when he did,

"true love proved
more powerful than any curse.

"A pulse of pure love shuddered out
and engulfed the land,

"waking up Snow White
and bringing light to the darkness."


when I gave you this book,
it was because I knew...

I know life doesn't always
have a happy ending.

But I thought...


What is that?

Dr. Whale!

- Dr. Whale, what is that?
- NURSE: What's going on?

(STAMMERING) What's wrong?

- Nurse, get her out of here, now!
- MARY: What is that?

What is it?

His heart rate's falling.
Come on, Henry.

WOMAN ON PA: Nurse to the ICU, stat.
Nurse to the ICU, stat.


Defibrillator team to ICU.
Defibrillator team to ICU.


MAN: Your tea.

Thank you.
What's the commotion upstairs?

(SIGHS) There's a sick boy.
Took a bad turn.

How tragic. Is there any hope for a...



Come with me.

Who are you?

Why are you doing this?

My name is Jefferson,

and I need your help
to do something that I can't.

There's a man. His name is Mr. Gold.

Find him.

All you have to do is tell him
where you've been,

and that Regina locked you up.

Wait, wait, what?

It's very important.

Mr. Gold's going to protect you.

But you have to tell him
Regina locked you up.

He's gonna know what to do.

You understand?

Yes, I have to find Mr. Gold.

Impressive, dearie.

Very impressive, indeed.

Come warm yourself.

I have done what you've asked.

Return my ring to me.

Of course, you're in a bit of a rush.

How rude of me.

With this, Prince Charming,

you will find her.


Thank you.

Something's missing.

Now you're ready for your big moment.

Why do you want us together?

What do you get out of it?

I'm a fan of true love, dearie.

And more importantly, what it creates.









You're too late.

No. No!

At least let me say goodbye.


You found me.

Did you ever doubt I would?

SNOW: How did you do it?

With this.

It's my mother's ring.

It led me back to you.

And now,

I never want it off your finger.

Will you marry me?

What do you think?

What is it?

There's the little matter
of your father and my stepmother.

Ah. That.

I'm open to suggestions.

Here's one.

Let's take back the kingdom.


Like we shall do everything.



Regina! What the hell was that?


GOLD: Ms. Swan, you've got it?

Mr. Gold, what are you doing here?

I've come to check on you.

I'm glad I did.

Regina's abandoned you
and sabotaged the elevator.

What? I'm coming up.

Now, look, there's no time for this.

You can't possibly scale the wall
and carry that.

Yeah? Well, I can try.

No, you can't. Just toss it up.

Your boy is going to be fine. I promise.

We're running out of time. Toss it up.

Okay, you hold on to it. I'll be right up.

Mr. Gold?




He tricked you.

How could you give him that?

Where is he?


Gold! He manipulated all of this.

Come on, he can't be that far.


It's the hospital.

We did everything we could.

I'm sorry. You're too late.


BELLE: Excuse me, are you Mr. Gold?

Yes, I am.
But I'm afraid the shop's closed.

I was told to find you

and tell you that Regina locked me up.

Does that mean anything to you?

GOLD: You're real.

You're alive.

She did this to you?

I was told you'd protect me.


Yes, I'll protect you.

I'm sorry. Do I know you?

No. But you will.




I love you, Henry.


I love you, too.

You saved me.

You did it!

Henry, what's going on?


The curse,

I think you broke it.

That was true love's kiss.

No, no!

If I were you, Your Majesty,
I'd find a place to hide.


no matter what you think,

no matter what anyone tells you,

I do love you.




You found me.

Did you ever doubt I would?



GOLD: No, no, we're very close.

Rumplestiltskin, wait.

I remember.

I love you.


And I love you, too.

But, hey,

there'll be time for that.

There'll be time for everything.

But first,

there's something I must do.

What is this?

This is a very special place, Belle.

The waters that run below

are said to have the power
to return that which one has lost.

Henry, what's going on here?

If the curse is broken,
why didn't they go back?

I don't know.


Are you okay?


What is that?

Something bad.

BELLE: I don't understand.

GOLD: We're in
a land without magic, Belle.

And I'm bringing it.

Magic is coming.

But why?


Because magic

is power.