Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 1, Episode 18 - The Stable Boy - full transcript

Emma continues to search for evidence that will prove Mary Margaret's innocence, as flashbacks reveal the reason behind the Evil Queen's hatred for Snow White.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

When we face our deepest fears,
our true courage comes out.

When you used the hilt of your
sword to vanquish your fears...

- She took it.
- You're amazing.

You'll never get close
to snow white's baby.

It no longer matters,
I have your beautiful brain.

The next time your lips
touch Emma Swan's,

all of her magic will be taken.

Would you mind holding on
to this for a bit longer?

Our mother taught me one thing...

Never bring your heart
to a witch fight.

- I will get your heart!
- Not today.

A gift.

From sister to sister.

What are you doing here?

I saw your tree, and I thought
you could use something better.

Red apples are so sickly sweet,
don't you think?

People tend to like something...
A little sharper.

And green apples
are just... bitter.

That's not yours.

Story of my life.

Why are you here?

Oh. Sisterly concern,
sisterly advice, you know.

Wanted to make sure
you were all right

after our little showdown.

I'm fine. Are you?

Getting there.


This is nice.
So luxurious.

You really don't appreciate
what you have, do you?

Right, because I got everything,
and you have nothing.

If you want your superpower
to be envy, go right ahead.

"Envy" is just another word
for "ambition."

Well, that's just not true.

See, I strive for things.

I work.


You cast a curse that was just
a fancy form of running away.

With every advantage,

you still turn your back on
every opportunity for happiness.

You, Regina...
You just...

You just don't take risks.
You don't live your life.

It's just such a waste.

I can see why our mother
was so disappointed in you.

Disappointed in me?

She gave you away.

You have no idea
what really happened.

That's exactly what's
going to hurt you.

You didn't come here
to give me sisterly advice.

- Why are you really here?
- So perceptive.

I'm here, Regina,
because I wanted to make sure

that you weren't someplace else
so I could take what I need.

Or rather,
the dark one could.

Do you feel it, sis?

He's taking your heart.

Stop right there.

You know this arrow
never misses its mark.

If I could stand down, I would.

Heed me.

Give me the heart.


And who is this?

Roland! Go back!

- Come here, little boy.
- Don't!


I don't want to.

I really don't.

Come closer, little boy.


And stop.

Daddy, help!

I didn't want to do this, either, but...

It never misses its target...

And I've just changed the target.

If I drop my finger...


I don't want to...

But I will.




Thank you.

And I am sorry...


Oh, it's okay.
It's okay, boy. You're safe.

You're safe.

Go to friar tuck.

What happened?

I'm sorry. It's gone.

Was anyone hurt?

I want this one...

Luckily, no.

Again, I must apologize.
You trusted me, and I let you down.

No, you didn't.
Nothing's worth the loss of a child.

But now we have a problem.
I'm alive.

I don't follow.

She has my heart.
Gold's taken it for her,

and since she hasn't crushed it
and killed me,

that means she needs it
for something far worse.

Worse than murder?
What is she planning?

It doesn't matter...

Because I'm going to stop her.

Once Upon a Time - S03E18
Bleeding Through

This is all useless crap.

Hey, hey...
Hey, stop!

Stop it! What...
What are you looking for?

I need to destroy my sister.
She has my heart.

Oh, relax.

She can't control me with it.
I protected it from that.

The problem is...

I don't know what she's
planning on using it for,

which is why
I need to take her out.

That's why I need your help.

What do you have here?

"What do I have here?"


Why on earth or any realm
would I help you?

The woman who imprisoned me

in a tower in her castle...

Then put me in an asylum
for 28 years,

who's done nothing but mentally
and physically torture me

ever since we've known
each another.

Bookworm's got teeth.

Get out.

Yes I did
all those horrible things...

In the past.

But right now, I need something
to defeat the woman

who's puppet-mastering
your boyfriend.

She has your Rumple,

and unless you help me,
you may never see him again.

I'm sorry, Belle.

I really, really am.

So, I've been trying
to match the ingredients

that Zelena's
been collecting

to whatever spell
she intends to cast.

It would really help if I knew
what is so special about your heart.

Does she just want it
because you're sisters, or...

I have no idea.

The candle.

Where's the candle?


Not that, liberace.

The two-sided candle snow used
to kill my mother. Where's that?

Its power is gone.
Now it's just a relic.

That's it.

This isn't about
how my mother died.

This is about
how she lived.

There you go, Cora.


- Cora!
- There she is!

And there you go.


Oh, off with you.


Give us a dance, Lassie.
Come on!

Oh, let go, Charlie.

I'm so sorry.

Sit down, Cora.

You've already worked
past the end of your shift.

I dare say you've earned it.

Thank you.

You know, I've watched you this
whole week that I've been here.

You work in a tavern,
but you move like a lady.

I'm just a Miller's daughter.
I earn a little extra here.

Someone once told me
to act like what you plan to be,

so I try to be a little better
than what I am.

Oh, I wish I could stay.

But tomorrow,
I must press on.

I've already stayed
longer than I planned.

Have you? Why?

I think you know why.

Oh, that's...
I didn't want you to...

The royal crest.

I wanted you to know me as me,
not as "Prince Jonathan."

Prince Jonathan.

With all the noblewomen,

I end up feeling like the last
kernel of corn in the hen house.

But you... you put me
in my place when I'm wrong.

And you are wrong pretty often.

This isn't
how it's supposed to go,

but I hoped to only ask
this question once in my life,

but I'm going to ask it twice...

Once now with...

With this ring
made of straw.

But I will come back
in two weeks

and turn this ring
into gold.

Well, I'll bring you
a gold one.

And I'll whisk you away
to the castle as Princess Cora.

Will you marry me?

Yes. Yes.

You've made me so happy.

Oh, but these next two weeks
are going to be torture.

Meet me at the crossroads
so we don't waste any time.

I'll be there.

When do you have to leave?

Very early tomorrow,
I'm afraid.

The tavern closes soon.

Well, then.

But seeing as how we
are essentially... married...

Perhaps I could keep
you company in your room.

I'd watch out for the apples
in this house.

- Aye.
- It was a joke.

Where's your sense of humor?

It left when the witch arrived.

Well, we're gonna
take care of that.

- Regina said she has a plan.
- I'm sure she does.

Emma, will you
please tell your mother

that we're not gonna name
your brother "Leopold"?

Uh, why not? It was
my father's name.

- People will make fun of him.
- My father was a king.

Which is why nobody made fun of him.

Okay, what about "Eva,"
after my mother?

I don't know how well
that'll work with a boy.

It might not be a boy.

Sorry to keep you waiting.
I was making this special tea.

No! Don't... drink it.

It's a deadly poison
for summoning the dark vortex.

I prefer Earl Grey.

The dark what?

Zelena came by
this morning.

While the dark one
was stealing my heart,

she was here gloating.

She said
that my weakness

was that I don't know
enough about her past,

so I've decided to
summon someone who does.

We have to talk to my mother.

Yes, I know it looks battered,
but that's the point.

This will do perfectly.

Oh, don't be jealous.

What do you want
me to do with this?

What do you think?

Wear it.

I've got Regina's heart,
Charming's courage,

and right in here, ready to be
plucked, your lovely brains.

We've got
everything we need.

It's a good time to celebrate,
don't you think?

You don't have

The baby will come.

Now, let's get you dressed.

I'm not your doll.
Aren't you?

I'm not using the dagger,
but I could.

A certain baby could be here
at any minute,

so I'm going to
give you a choice

on how you want to live out
the rest of this time.

One choice
is screaming agony,

the other
is much more pleasant.

Choose well...

It's a fairly simple ritual
but not often performed.

If it's easy to talk to the dead,
why not do it more?

Well, because to do it,
you need the murder weapon

and... the murderer.

What do we need to do?

Focus on Cora.

Welcoming thoughts?

Whatever you got.

Is it...


We did it.


Mother, can you hear us?

Cora, give us a sign.

Do not ignore me now, mother.

Please. You owe me this.


Sorry, love.

That was me. I crossed my legs
and bumped the table.

Do we try it again?

There's no point.

It worked. The portal opened,
but... nothing came from it.

She doesn't want to
talk to me.

Guess whatever
secrets lie in her past,

she wants to
keep buried there.



Jonathan, it's me.

What happened?
It's been two months.

My friends said
it was a trick,

but I said, "no, it must be an
accident or a misunderstanding,"

that I'd find out at the castle.

And here you are.

You are a stubborn one,
aren't you?

Are you...

The gardener?

I'm not Prince Jonathan.

Of course,
there is no Prince Jonathan.

You lied to me.

You took my heart,
my virtue, my...

My good name.

I took?

You practically forced it
into my hands

when you thought
that I was a prince.

A harlot is a harlot.

I'm with child.

I'm going to have
a baby.

There may be no prince Jonathan,
but there is a prince,

and how will he feel when
I tell him what you've done?

Give me enough
to support this child.

You stole before.
Do it again.

Yeah, go ahead and tell him.

Good luck finding me.

Guards! Guards!

There's a scoundrel
in the garden!

Guards, help me!


Are you all right?

What happened to you?
You were calling for help.

He got away.

Just a bandit on the road.

He took everything I had.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Come with me. We'll do
everything we can for you.

There's nothing you can do for me.

Allow me to try.

I'm Prince Leopold.

Thank you,
your highness.

Maybe belle
will have more luck.

There has to be something
that can help us.

Right. My magic gets
more powerful every day.

By the time this all goes down,
I'll be ready.

Make... sure you are.

Come on, let's go.

You know what? Go ahead.

I'm gonna stay
and talk to Regina.

I'll help clean up.

I'm not in the mood
for a heart-to-heart.

I'm not sure that's
physically possible right now.

You can help
with the tea cups.

There it was,
my oldest night dress.

The boys tied it
to the top of the windmill,

it's flapping in the wind
for the whole village to see,

And I am the maddest little
8-year-old you ever saw.

Did you ever get revenge
for that?

That's a long-term plan.

You see, there aren't that many
young people in my village,

and, odds are, one of them
will end up married to me.

That should do it.

You're wonderful.

And... cold.

It's a bit frosty,
but I'm okay.

Uh, why,
I'd build a fire for you,

but I'm embarrassed to say
I don't know how.

I do.

I'm going to be king.

I gather that happens
when you're prince.

And I want to do right
by that gift.

I keep telling myself I want to
be a man of the people,

and then I realize
I can't even build a fire,

a task
any peasant can do.

Well, this peasant can fix that.


Just have to let air
get in it.

When the throne
becomes mine,

I'll need to provide
an heir of my own.

You'll have to marry.

And start a family immediately.

That actually sounds nice.

Anyone in mind?


Princess Eva...
From the northern kingdom.

We've been engaged
since her birth.


Is she nice?

I'll let you know
after I meet her.

That's tonight.

You don't sound
very excited.

I'm sure she's...
A lovely choice.

I'm sure she is.

She's just not
a choice... I made.

What's the use of having power
if you can't choose whom to wed?

I want to apologize,

For Cora, for...

- Murdering her?
- Right.


I don't take it lightly.

I think about it every day.

So do I.

And when I do think about it,

I remember...

That she did kill your mother.

So I'll admit that it's complicated.

Thank you.

I'm sure you had some things
you wanted to say to her.

Yes, well...

I'm realizing

that my mother walled off
a lot of her life from me.

Mm. She wasn't the
warmest mother,


At least I thought I occupied
a singular spot in her heart.

A sister.


Why would she give her up?

Why would she make us
strangers to one another?

What was that?
I have no idea.

It's upstairs.

It's in there.

There isn't anything in this room.




Granny's to go.

I should open a franchise.

It's impressive.

You want to see something
really impressive?

That's bad form, Swan...
Tampering with a man's hook.

Okay, seriously,
what is up with you?

I apologize for my rudeness.

It's a long story...

Too long for now.


Obviously, something's...

Emma! Emma, I found it!

We have to tell Regina
and the others.

Okay, Belle, slow down.
What did you find?

Zelena's plan.

I figured out what she's doing.

You should have
a woman dress you more often.

Please, do have a seat.

I wonder how much civility
I'll be asked to endure

before this evening's
true purpose is revealed.


You know I'm not one
for subtlety.

Oh, how lucky for me.

Play coy if you like...

But we both know that it wasn't a dagger
that brought you into my kitchen.

Well, coercion takes
many forms, my dear,

but I can assure you,
I'm not here for the boiled peas.

No, you're here for my secret,
aren't you?


Why a heart?

Why courage?

Why a brain?

Why this particular baby?

And more to the point,
why is it of any interest to me?

Because my secret will reunite
you with your long-lost son.

My son is not lost.

He's dead.

You watched him die.

This isn't idle cruelty.

I promise you, he's alive
and waiting for you to find him.

Find him where?
Not where.


I'm going to change the past.


Time travel spells
have been written

since the dawn of the dark arts
but never cast.

It's against
the fundamental laws of magic.

Magic doesn't fail.

People fail.

Laws only exist until they're
broken by someone... superior.


You've deciphered
the laws of time travel.

When that baby's born,

I am going back to claim
the life that I deserved,

and there's no reason
that you can't come with me.

To find my boy.

Perhaps never give him up.

This can't be.

The spell opened
a limited portal for talking.

It's me.

I killed Cora.

She sensed my presence and found a
way to bleed through into our world.

Watch out!

Back down, mother.

You will answer my questions.

Now, tell me...
What did you do to Zelena?


You're holding her off!

But I can't hold her forever.

Well, low and behold,
it turned into gold after all.

How dare you.

You must have
the brain the size of a pixie

to show your face
in this kingdom.

Well, I had to see for myself

if the commoner
who said yes to Prince Leopold

was the same one
who said it to me...

Several times...
In one night.

It was quite impressive.

In two days,
I will be a princess,

and you will bow down
and count yourself lucky

to pull the weeds
at my feet.

Been practicing
in front of the mirror, eh?

You're as much of a fraud
as I ever was.

My love for Prince Leopold
is true, as is his for me.

But does he know how much
of you there is to love?

Or were you hoping
to keep our baby a secret?

What is it you want?

- Gold? Jewels?
- Mm, yes, whatever you can get.

Enough for me to live happily
for the rest of my days,

just like
you wanted from me.

Bring it here tomorrow night

and your secret
shall remain just that.

It will be done.

Now leave before
someone sees you.

Princess Eva, your carriage awaits.

Princess Eva?

I'm coming.

I don't know how much longer
I can hold her off.

Cora, I'm sorry.
Please forgive me!

Save your breath.

Your mother was
nothing like my mother.

She only understands
power and weakness.

But if she wants to kill you,
she's gonna have to go through me!

This isn't about you.

This is about her...
And me.

It's time for answers, mother.

What did you do to Zelena?!


My love,
you frightened me.

What are you doing
in the great hall at this hour?

Well, a wedding
won't plan itself,

and there's endless amounts
of work to be done.

Is something wrong?

Word has spread
throughout the castle that...

That you are
with child.

My love,
I am so sorry

for the terrible trouble that
this lie has brought upon you.

Gossip means nothing to me.

I've pledged to marry you,
dear Cora,

and I will keep that pledge
as long as I know...

I can trust you.

There is no baby.

Only my love for you.

You only love yourself.

What is she doing here?

Princess Eva is here because
she overheard your rendezvous

in the garden yesterday.

And just as I said,

the Miller's daughter
is a worthless liar.

You awful child.

Yes, I was
in the garden yesterday.

There was a man
roaming the grounds.

I feared he might steal something,
so I made him leave.

Whatever else Eva has told you

is the invention of a jealous brat
who would say anything to marry you.

Check her pockets.


There's nothing left to say.

You deserve better than her lies.


Don't let me go!

Come, Eva.

Help me break this terrible news
to the king.

Today your heart aches,
your highness,

but I promise
a more worthy wife

will give you the child
that you deserve...

One that will be pure.

Pure as snow.

Mary Margaret!

Hold on.
I won't let you go.

- What the hell was that?!
- Cora.

- Is she okay?
- Mary Margaret, can you hear me?

Not what we thought.

She's trying to communicate.

She was?
What'd she say?

Leopold, my... mother...
My mother...

Mary Margaret, relax.

She's not making sense.
We need to call a doctor.

If she knows something
that could help us...

- Regina, it's gonna have to wait.
- It can't wait!

If we want to stop Zelena,

we have to know what
the hell she's doing and why!

I can help with half of that.


She's planning on going back...

Back in time.

Are you certain?

No one's ever been able to cast
a spell to go back in time.

Well, clearly,
she thinks she can succeed.

I mean, brains, courage,
a-a resilient heart...

Those ingredients are in every
time-travel spell I've found.

Why go back in time, I mean, we have
no idea what she's trying to accomplish.

I do.

- She... she didn't...
- Don't push yourself.

She didn't want to
give up Zelena.

She was forced to by... mm.

By my mother.

Princess Eva...

She told a secret...

Just like I did.

Wait. I thought our family
were the good guys.

Life is too messy for it
to ever be that simple.

You're saying
if it wasn't for Snow's mother,

Cora would have kept Zelena.

She would have been tutored
by Rumpelstiltskin.

All if it weren't for this Princess Eva?

So that means...

Zelena's going back
to kill my mother.

You'll have never been born.

I'm guessing this
is where your help ends.

Now, think it through,
Ms. swan.

That means you'll have
never been born,

and neither will Henry.

And on this different path,
Regina, you may not be, either.

It's a good thing no one
has ever succeeded

with this time-travel

The baby.

That's what's missing.

That's why none
have succeeded.

Somehow, some way,
our baby is the key.

Zelena went to a lot of effort to get close
to our unborn child. That's what she's after.

- What is she going to do to with...?
- It doesn't matter. She's not gonna get it.

We're gonna stop her.
Since our baby's not born,

she's stuck, and we have
what we need... Time.

Just not
very much of it.

One more. Big one.


Poor babe.

Life is cruel
and full of betrayal.

That is my only lesson for you.

Now I must give you away...

To give me...

My best chance.

As long as I have you,

I can never be anything more
than a Miller's daughter.

Thank you.

For what?

For showing me something
I should have seen long ago.

It's never easy for a man
to admit he's wrong...

But I wronged you
and hurt us both.

Those mistakes
can't haunt us...

Not anymore.

Soon, history will be
wiped clean.

Until then,

a gentleman
always makes amends

for his failings.

Sorry, love.

Afraid not!

Never on the first date,
eh, dearie?

You just wanted
the knife.

I hope you enjoyed
the taste,

because you just squandered
your only chance to have your son!

My son gave his life
so I could stop you,

and I can see only one way
to honor that sacrifice,

and that's by killing you.

Celebration's over.

Back to your cage...

Need a hand?

Shouldn't you be on bed rest?

Dr. Whale just left.

He cleared me and the baby.

Apparently, the human body

has a surprising tolerance
for ghost possession.

And he told me I have
a tough placenta,

which somehow
came out creepy. May I?

You want to talk about it?

What's there to talk about?

You officially have
a lessdamaging relationship

with my mother than I do.

And you killed her.

Well, at least we know,
you and me, our history...

It's more complicated
than we thought.

I know how much you
looked up to eva.

I'm sorry you had to learn she
had such darkness in her past.

That wasn't the woman I knew.

It makes me wonder
what happened that changed her.

I suppose I'll never know.

Well, we... we can never know
our past completely.

If we had, I probably wouldn't have
spent so much time trying to kill you.

Well, we would've found
something to fight about.

I mean...
I was such a brat.

Your mother's child.

I think we've wasted our last
day being haunted by the past.

Now we can focus on being haunted
by our impending lack of a future.

Zelena isn't going to win...

Not with all of us
united against her.

Hope isn't easy
when I know she holds my heart.

Which you'll get back,
stronger than ever.

That's what it means
to be the most resilient.

That could be
another one of her tricks, too.

Regina, I've seen
what life has thrown at you.

And you still fight against
the darkness every single day.

Sooner or later, your heart
will find its way to happiness.

That doesn't feel possible.

But it is.

I know you,
and you feel things deeply.

With or without it,

you feel things
with your whole soul.

Don't let anything
hold you back.

My lady.

I'm sorry.

I let you down.

Your heart was lost to Zelena
on my watch,

but I promise you,
I will get it back.