Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 1, Episode 15 - Red-Handed - full transcript

David faces questions about Kathryn's disappearance and Emma gives Ruby a job as her assistant, as flashbacks show Red Riding Hood attempt to kill a wolf preying on her village.

(Man) Once upon a time, an Evil Queen

banished every storybook
character you've ever known

to our world.

Who knows the truth

and who can break the spell?

You don't play with the curse.

(Cries) I don't understand.
You're not going to kill me?


You not only lied to her.
You lied to me.

What are you saying?
That we shouldn't be together.

It's been 24 hours
since Kathryn went missing.

- Have you found anything?
- (Emma) I need you to come to the sheriff's station

with me and tell me everything.

Once Upon a Time - S01E15

Original air date
March 11, 2012

(Footsteps approach)

Thank you.

I hope Kathryn's somewhere warm,

not out in the cold.


I think you need to start
worrying about yourself

a little bit more here.

Your wife is missing. You are
in love with another woman.

There's this...
Unexplained phone call.

I know. I know. I just...

I can't explain why it says that.

I didn't do anything to my wife.

I'm pretty good at spotting a liar.

And honestly,

liars have better material.

Now go home.

I can go?

We don't even know
if there was a crime yet.

So get some sleep.

Thank you.

And, David, maybe...

Get a lawyer.

(Wolf howls in distance)

You can't be serious.

A whole year without
a roof over your head?

Well, you get used to it.

Plus I had the motorcycle,

so if I didn't like a place
after a while...

(Makes whooshing sound)
(Granny) Ruby?


I've never even been out of Storybrooke.

What was your favorite place?

Nepal. Best people.

They have these prayer temples

carved into mountains

that are overrun with lemurs.

What's a lemur?

- Ruby!
- Just give me a sec!

They're little animals.

Yeah. And they have these eyes
that reflect light,

so at night, it looks like they glow.

Ruby! Stop flirting and get over here!

(Woman, meekly) Who's there?

Let me in.

I'm just a poor old widow.
Spare me.

- Let me in or I'll...
- Yes?

I'll huff and I'll puff
and I'll blow the--

(chuckles) You'll huff and puff?

I couldn't think of nothin'.

Oh, so you thought that you'd level
the house with the power of your breath?



Well, a case could be made.

Oh, ho ho ho!

(Lowered voice) Shh!
Granny's in the other room.

You know she doesn't like me
opening the shutters.

No, she doesn't like me.

That's what I meant.

You gotta get outta here.

I know.


Well, a blacksmith's boy
can get work all over.

You'd leave everyone you know?

You'd do that for me?

I'd do anything for you.


Peter, watch out. Your air
of danger is slipping.

Come out, just for a minute.

It's already dark.
She'd never let me.

(Granny) Red! Where are you?
What are you doing?

Let go.

Pay the price. One kiss.

Red, get in here!


(Door squeaks)

What's going on?

Nothing that concerns you.

Just a bunch of fools

trying to get themselves killed
over a few dead sheep.

Wolf took out a dozen last night.

So you called me in here to what,

just to keep me in sight?

Good evening, Red. We're just
forming up a hunting party.

You're hunting the wolf?
Can I go with them, please?

- I'll be safe in a big group.
- Don't be ludicrous. You are staying inside

and you're keeping that hood on.

You know red repels wolves.

They're not wearing red.

They're damn fools, too.

There's only two more nights
left in Wolfstime.

Let it take a few sheep.

Now go home.

I hope they kill the wolf.

Then we can have lives again.

You just want to roam around the woods

with that wastrel Peter.

He's not a wastrel.

He works hard. He has plans.

Oh, I am sure he does.
Now come on.

You know what to do.

Now go to sleep, girl.

Yes, Granny.

I hope I don't see that boy
mooning around here tomorrow.

And wear the hood!

Yes, Granny.

I can't believe you did that.
That was humiliating.

I want you to start working
Saturday nights.

Come on. We have an agreement
about Saturday night.

I want to start training you to
do the books and the reorders.

Business is booming lately,

and with more money
comes more paperwork.

None of that sounds good.

It's gotta be done.

Is this a punishment
for talking to that guy?

If I wanted to punish you,
I'd have better reasons.

For one thing, you were late.

For another thing, Liza,

you dress like a drag queen
during fleet week.

And you dress like Norman Bates

when he dresses like
Norman Bates mother.

Ruby, you're a grown woman.

You can't keep acting like some kid.

You just want me to act like you
until I turn into you.

Well, I am not a fossil yet, Granny.

I should be out there having
adventures with lemurs.

(Pages rustle)
Well, as long as you work here,

you are gonna listen to me.

I didn't ask to work here.

Well, then what's keeping ya?

Nothing. I quit!

(Door bells jingle)

Did you get any sleep at all last night?

I'll sleep with the trolls
in the afterlife.

(Grunts) I'll get the shutters.

You go check if that wolf
left the chickens alone.

Yes, Granny.


Wear your hood!

(Chickens clucking)


I'm sorry. I can go.

- Are you stealing our eggs?
- No.

Not a lot.

Hey. Hey.
It's-- it's all right.

Thank you.

It was just that, um,

last night,
there was something out there.

There was howling, and...

I heard it, and it was so cold, so--


Come on.

Come with me.

Everyone calls me Red.

I'm sn--





It's just that someone's
looking for me, so--

you don't know or trust me yet.

Hey, I-I get it.

I just need something to call you.

Uh, Margaret.

Oh, no.

Uh, Mary.


Well, then, Mary,

come on.

(Eggs thud)

I just gotta bring in some water
before we go in.

It'll just take a second.

What was all that howling?

It's Wolfstime.
Killer wolf out there.

As big as a pony
but a lot more bloodthirsty.

It's been stalking the area
pretty regular.

It kills cattle and-- hang on.

It sticks sometimes.
Could you just...



Look at that.

Mary. Look at the water.





(Owl hooting)

Is he okay?


Oh, yeah. He's a little
shaken up, but he's headed home.

- He's fine.
- Any word from Kathryn?

Nothing new.

Did you check with Boston again?

She's not there, Mary Margaret.

(Sighs) So we have no idea
what happened to her?

All we know is that she
found out about you two,

gave you a well-deserved slap,

and then disappeared.


Do you really believe that?

No. I'm just preparing you

for what everyone else is gonna think.

You two are gonna look bad
until we figure the truth out.

You mean David?

That people are going to
think in order to...

Be free with me...

Some are.

And he's not doing himself any favors.

So if there's anything
you could think of

to pin down his whereabouts that night--

he wasn't with me.
We really were through.

(Ruby) Sorry.
No, don't need a ride.

It's awfully cold out here.

I'm fine. Really.

I can carry your bag.
Where are you headed?

(Mary Margaret) Dr. Whale?

Mary Margaret. Emma.

Hello there.


I was just having a talk with Ruby here.

But I should, um--

Yeah. Yeah, you should.


Was he bothering you?

The day I can't handle a lech
is the day I leave town,

which this is, I guess.
(Dogs barking in distance)

You're leaving?

I had a fight with Granny.

Quit my job.

You quit?

Where you going?

I don't know.



Yeah, well, buses out of town
don't really happen.

And you might want a destination first.

Hey, if you need a place
to figure things out,

you could always come home with us.


Just for a little while.

Come on.


(Indistinct shouting)

(Man) It kills our livestock!

The one thing I know

is that last night
was the very last massacre.

(All cheer)

You know, if I had stayed
with that party

for another ten minutes,
I, too, would be among the dead.

And when I think
if I'd only doubled back,

maybe I could've caught it in the act.

Maybe I would've been able
to slay the creature.

You would not.

Widow Lucas.

This creature is more powerful
than you can imagine.

You wouldn't have a chance.

Stay inside.

Hide your children.

Forget your livestock.

You've said all this before.

But I haven't said how I know.

Nearly threescore years ago,

I was a child with six older brothers--

big as oak trees,

all of them veterans
of the second ogres-war,

and my father-- the biggest of them all.

Come one Wolfstime, he decided
to go out and take on the wolf.

A different wolf back then, of course,

but just as fearsome.

They went out there to protect me.

I was supposed to be asleep,
but I crawled out on the roof

to watch and lay down in the thatch.

They had the beast surrounded,
the seven of them,

with spears all pointed in at it.
And the it started.

It was lunging--

not at the men, at the spears,

grabbing with its teeth,
breaking the shafts.

They stabbed it with the splintered end,

but it didn't matter.

It tore their throats so fast

that not a one of them got a chance

to scream or pray...

Or say good-bye.

When my father died,
I tumbled from the roof,

and I landed in the blood

in front of the wolf.

I felt its breath on my face.

Then it clamped its hot jaw on my arm,

and I rolled away.

(People murmuring)

Then it looked at me with eyes

so black they weren't even there,

and it walked away.

You ever see a wild animal
just turn its back

and walk away like you don't matter?

If this wolf is like that one,
there is no defeating it.

It's already won just by
existing in our world.

You don't kill it.

You just hide.

So your Granny's kind of intense.

Yeah. (Chuckles) A bit.

I feel like a rat in a trap.

Is this trap keeping you from...

Being with someone?

How did you know?

Well, I saw some looks
exchanged back there,

and I hate to break it to you,
but it wasn't subtle.




We've been friends forever, but...

Now things are...

Well, changing.

That must be nice.

Do you have someone?

Oh, no.

Uh, I'm not sure that's in my future.

You're lucky, Red.

I know.

And we're talking about
going away together.

But I don't even get any time with him.

Granny's too afraid of the wolf
to let me out alone.

You saw what the wolf did.

Sometimes I wonder if she's right.

Oh, she's right about the wolf,

but she's wrong to use it
to keep you from love.

You think that's what she's doing?


Let's kill the wolf.


Hang on.

We'd be heroes.

Red, teams of trained hunters
have been killed.

But they go at night
when it's got the advantage.

If we went now, we could find it
slumbering in its den

and kill it in its sleep.
Come on.

Red, I don't know.


I'm going, with or without you.

But you're right.

I can't let her keep me trapped forever.

(Engine turns off)

(Twig snaps)


(Footsteps approach)



I-it's you.


You okay?

You looking for Kathryn, too?

I'm looking.

She knows you didn't do anything.

Emma, I mean.

She can tell when people
are lying, so...

She knows.

And I'll stand with you.

I'll tell everyone this isn't possible.

She's going to turn up somewhere.

That's why we're out here, right?

I'm looking.




What about that?

That's a dog.
See how small that is?

Don't look where the snow's
drifted. It covers tracks.


Over here.

That is a rabbit.

What we're looking for will be huge.

Like a dog print,

but big,

like, 8 inches across
with big, long claws.

Like these?

(Sighs deeply)


And those.

Oh, my gods.
How big is this thing?

This was one stride?

From here...

To there?

Come on.

Over there,

through the brush
and off towards the hill.

You're good at this.

When there's something I want,

I'm good at tracking it down.

(Telephone rings)

- (Henry) Wanna be a bike messenger?
- Bike messenger?

That's about taking things
to people in a little basket.


Yeah, see, I'm not so great
at bike riding.

How about taking things on foot,

to people, in a little basket?

I'm not so sure that's a real job.

Why do the phones keep doing that?

Oh, the nonemergency calls go
to a machine when Emma's busy.


Sheriff's station.
How can I help you?

I'll get her to return.

Thank you, too.

Sheriff's station.

Hey, miss Ginger.

Uh, no, that's not a prowler.

That's Archie's dog Pongo.

Throw him a vanilla wafer.
He'll quiet down.

Did you still want to talk to Emma?

Great. Glad I could help.

(Hangs up receiver)

How's it going, you two?

Great, except I can't do anything.

I'm sure that's not true.

I just saw you on the phone.
That was good.

That? That's nothing.

No. No, it isn't.

I actually have some money in the budget

if you wanna help out around here.

Yes! Thank you.


Um, I could answer phones and help out.

Um, is there anything else
that you need done?

Organize files, cleaning up?
Please. I wanna be useful.

I'm swamped
with the Kathryn Nolan thing.

If you maybe wanna grab us lunch,

I would never say no
to a grilled cheese.

Done. You want anything?

Um, two chocolate chip cookies,
an apple pie, and a hot dog.

He ate at school.

Hey. Lunch, Mary Margaret?
I'm getting for everyone.

Uh, no. I'm not hungry.

David's in the woods.

There's something wrong with him.

He looked right through me.
It's like...

It's like he was a different person.

(Sighs deeply)

Here's another one.

Right. And then here's...


This print-- it looks like it's...

Half-wolf and half-boot.


Wolves don't wear boots.

No, they don't.

Then it just continues
like it was a man.

Like it was a man and a wolf.

Red, what kind of monster is this?



Wolfstime is once a month,
on the full moon.

There's a story I heard once
about a creature--


Aren't we awfully close to the cottage?

Who's gone to your window, Red?


Is it Peter?

Red, has he been at your window?

Last night.

Before the killings.

And he never joined the guys
to hunt the wolf.

But I'm sure
he wouldn't have killed them.

He wouldn't.

But when the wolf takes over--

what about tonight's hunting party?

They're gonna kill him.

Or he's gonna kill them.


It doesn't have to be that way.

What can we do?

Tell him.

If he doesn't know, tell him.

Stop him.

If he'll listen to anyone,

if he'll believe anyone, it's you.

You think I can save him?

I think you can save everyone.

It's gonna be dark soon.

Granny will be out of her mind
with worry if we're not home.

She'll go out there.

Mary, this is so bad.

So do something.

You're right.

I have to.

(Door bells jingle)

(Door closes)

I need a couple of grilled cheeses.

- I'm working over at the sheriff's station now.
- Ahh.

Sort of like a...

Like a deputy, you know?

I guess sometimes your fate finds you.

(Paper rips)

Seems kinda like you're doing
the same thing you always done.

Plus so much more.


Those will be right up.


Tony has to unwrap the cheese slices.

I help solve crimes.
(Door bells jingle)

(Door closes)
I'm sure you do.

I hope you're finding
what you're looking for.

I am.

You think this wolfs-man is me?

Red, you know me.

I know it's not you really,

but I think it's using your body.

Wouldn't I know?

I mean, wouldn't I wake up in the woods?

- Wouldn't I remember something?
- Maybe.

Maybe it makes you forget.

Oh, my gods.

Those men.

They died.

If I did that--

forget the past.
Think of the future.

We can go now, Peter,

have lives.

All we need to do is tie you up
during the Wolfstime,

and I know where to get rope.


Not rope.



Just in case.

Just in case you're right.

I'll show you how to rig it up
so that I can't get out.

And then you need to get away from me.


I'm staying with you.

I'll stay with you all night

and for all the nights to come.

You'd do that for me?

I'd do anything for you.

(Sighs deeply)

Okay, kid.

Don't mean to kick you out,
but I gotta go see

if David's in some kind
of trouble out there.

It's okay.
I'm supposed to meet my mom.



You know, you can let Ruby do more.

She's Little Red Riding Hood.

With the little basket?

(Chuckles) Yeah,
she seems like a badass.

She is. She just doesn't
remember how cool she is

or what she's capable of.

But it's true.


- Hey, Ruby.
- Hey, Henry.

Got your grilled cheese.

(Keys jangle) Thank you.

You all right?

I guess.

I mean, this is something
I know how to do, so yay.


Okay, let's pack these back up,

and we can eat it in the car.
(Packaging rustles)

I need to do a little wilderness search,

and I need your help.

I'm pretty sure I'm just
gonna screw it up.

I mean, I'll screw it up
with flair, but--

No, you won't. Come on.

You can do this.

This place is massive. How are
we supposed to find one guy?

Shh. Hey, shh. We might
be able to hear him.

It's massive.

I'm following the path
because there are boot prints,

so just stay close.

I shouldn't even be here. I'm
just gonna screw everything up.

Oh, wait.


I hear him.


Yeah, really.
I hear him or... something.

I... I mean, I know
where he is. Don't you?


What are you doing?

- He's over here!
- Ruby!



Oh, God. Come on.

David, come on. Wake up.

David, wake up.



What? Ruby?

Do you remember where you are?

No, I...

What the hell?

I was-- I was in your office.

Did you bring me here?

You don't remember anything
since you were in my office?

Last night?


I don't.

Well, he's bruised, scratched
up, a little dehydrated...

What'd you expect.

He's got a cut on his head.

It's superficial.

I can refer him to Dr. Hopper
for a mental health eval,

but it's my opinion that
whatever caused this blackout

is the same phenomenon we observed

when he came out of his coma--

moving around, acting out,

not remembering it later.

We will figure it out.

(Sighs) It's so strange. I can't
even believe it happened.

How functional could he be
during one of these episodes?

I mean, he talked to someone.

Well, people in similar states--

even under sleep medication--
do all sorts of things--

cooking, talking, driving a car.

You want to know
if I could've made that call.

Or more. You...

You want to know if I could've...

What, kidnapped her?

Killed her?

Now take it easy there.

No one's saying
you did anything bad, David.

No, but it would explain why
it didn't seem like I was lying.

I wouldn't know.

Stop talking, David.

What are you doing here?

Why doesn't this man have
a lawyer present?

Have you even read him his rights?

No, because he's not under
arrest. We're just talking.

Right. Just talking.

What are you doing here?

Mayor Mills is still
Mr. Nolan's emergency contact.

You have to be kidding me.

I thought that changed to Kathryn.

Well, Kathryn's currently unavailable.

Some people haven't found her yet.

Stop trying to place blame
and just find her.

There's a whole lot of Maine
to search, Regina.

Well, you covered this room.

I suggest you branch out.

(Telephone rings, button clicks)

Sheriff's station. Thank you for
calling. How may I direct your--

(Emma) Hey, stop. It's me.

Here's the thing-- the last time
David went for a dream walk,

he went to the toll bridge.

You know the one?
It's a crazy hunch,

but I want you to take my bug
and go and see if he was there.

No, I could get somebody else to.

Ruby, you were great out there.

I still don't know how you
found him. You can do this.

I don't know.

It's gonna be dark out soon.

David's gonna be let out.

If there is something there,
we've gotta get there first.

We don't have time to argue.

Can you do this?

I mean, what am I even looking for?

Anything out of the ordinary.

Something that doesn't belong there.

And... if I find something?

Just follow your instincts.





Can't give me a clue...

What I'm looking for?

Anything of Kathryn's.


What's going on?

Did you find something?

Aah! (Whimpering)



(Door opens)

Where's Mary?

Come on, girl. Wake up.
We best bar the door.

If Mary's not back by now,
she'll have to take her chances.


She's in no danger.
What have you done?

- No, it's okay. It's all right. It's fine.
- Where is she?

She's-- well, she's with Peter,

and I know that you don't like him,

- but that's really beside the point.
- You stupid, careless, ridiculous girl.

No, you don't understand.

Peter isn't--

this is going to be difficult to accept.

You just have to trust me.

He's the wolf.

You think Peter is the wolf?


This terrible creature is also human.

It's okay, though.

He won't hurt her.
She's got him tied up.

He's tied up?

Oh, that poor boy.


Red, no.

Red! It's me.

Don't. Don't!

Please! Red! No!

Red! No!



(Growls) No.


Is that what I think it is?


I can't look.

(Lid creaks and thuds)


You okay?


I don't know what I am.

It's gonna be all right. We can
figure out what happened now.

Ruby, you did good.

This is doing good?


It's amazing.

First you found David and now this.

I know you say
you don't know what you are,

but whatever it is,

I gotta say, I'm impressed.


Don't be. I'm...
I'm scared out of my mind.

But you did it anyway.

(Wolf howls)

You knew?

Of course I knew.
Her mother was one, too,

before a hunting party killed her.

I thought maybe Red didn't get it,

but when she was 13, it started.

I paid a wizard for that cloak.

Keeps her from turning,
but she doesn't wear it,

and she's found some way
out of the house.

Why didn't you tell her?

I didn't want her to have that burden.

It's a terrible burden.

That story you told...

That was her grandfather.
He marked me that night,

then came back, found me,

turned me.

Turned you.


(Wolf howls)


How are you tracking her?

By smell. I still have that,
even though the rest of it

has faded away.

Gods, I was a fool to think
I could keep this from her.

I am a fool and I have cost
so many lives.

But you didn't mean to.

- That's the main thing.
- Is it?

(Wolf howling)


A silver-tipped arrow will drop her.



Follow me.

We're approaching from downwind,
so we have a chance.

(Squishing sound)

(Twig snaps)




(Wolf whimpering)
(Breathes heavily)


(Wind blows)

It's too late.

He's gone.

Who's gone?

Get up, girl.

Get ready to run.

What's going on?

We have to go.
Go? I don't understand.

No, I'll explain it later.
We must hurry.

What? I'm confused.
What's happened?


Where's Peter?


He wasn't the wolf.


I was wrong to keep it from you.

But now you have to go.

(Men shouting in distance)



(Shouting grows louder)

Oh, gods, it's-- it's me.

Red, go.

(Crying) I don't want to go like this.

You have to.

No. No. No. No. No. No.

It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.

Mary, there's no time.

I know.
I'll get her out of here.

(Shouting continues)

(Door bells jingle)

You look good.


Want something for the sheriff?



Is your arm okay?

Same as it is every full moon. Ahh.

What are you doing here, Ruby?

You here to tell me more
about your fine new job?

I want to come back.


You were pretty mad.

I wasn't mad.

Looked like mad from here.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Here's the thing--
um... (Chuckles)

You were talking about
having me do all this stuff,

and I wasn't sure.

I-I said that you wanted me
to turn into you, but...

What I meant was...

I don't know how to be you.

You're a tough act to follow.


And then you wanted me

to take on
all this extra responsibility,

and I...

Guess I just got...


Don't be.

You shouldn't be.

Well, I am.

But it's okay.

I can do it anyway.

I sort of found someone in myself

that was more than I expected.

What about adventure?
What about lemurs?

Emma was my lemur.

Did that.

Found out I could do that

and also that I don't want to.

I don't want a job

where a good day means
ruining someone's life.

I wanna do something
that makes me happy.

Somewhere I love.


Just so you know,

I wanted you to do the books
and everything

so you could take over when I retire,

own the whole place.

Own it?


I mean, who else would I give it to

but someone who loves me back?

Proud of you.

What was that?

You heard me.

David, it's going to be okay.

Really? How do you know that?

Because I honestly can't say anything

about my actions anymore.

Well, there has to be an explanation.

(Birds chirping,
dog barking in distance)

You're right.

But the problem is,

I don't think it's a good one.

(Door closes)

What is it?
Did you find her?

We found a box.

Wait. Wait.
What does that mean?

We think it...

We think that she...


There was a human heart inside it.

- Oh, my God.
- No.

(David cries) No.


We're gonna send it out for some tests,

but there aren't
any other missing people.

(Whispers) Maybe you should go.

There's more.


There were fingerprints
inside the lid of the box.

I ran them through the records
of everyone in town,

and there was a match.

Arrest me.

No. David.

Arrest me, Emma. Do it.

David, the fingerprints weren't yours.

(Whispers) What?

They were Mary Margaret's.