Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 1, Episode 14 - Dreamy - full transcript

Emma investigates Kathryn's sudden disappearance and Mary Margaret and Leroy help the Nuns sell candles at the Miner's Day festival, as flashbacks show when Grumpy fell in love with a fairy.

Once Upon a Time - S01E14

Original air date
March 4, 2012

Oh! Oh!




Oh! (Groans)




Fairy dust is the most...

Precious substance in all the land.

Its magic is what powers the world.

This is the year's supply.

We must be cautious.

I know.

Because next year,
you'll be doing this alone.

I-I'll still be picking up dust?

I thought I'd be
a fairy godmother by then.


Oh, Nova.

You really are a dreamer.

Your journey is just beginning.

Can you make it home from the mines

with all the dust safe?






(Wind blowing)

(Egg rattling)

This one's ready.

No, it's too early, Watchy.

This unit isn't scheduled
to hatch till sundown.

Well, someone's eager to get out
before the rest of his brothers.


Welcome to the world, dwarf.


so Walter and I could sit together?

If I wanted to sit there,
I would've sat there.

You want this seat,
try dragging your sorry asses

out of bed a little earlier.

(Chuckles) You're a real ray
of sunshine as--



Just lost my appetite.

(Door bells jingle)

Seat's all yours.

(Door closes)
(Clears throat) Excuse me.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Clears throat) Can I have
everyone's attention, please?

I'm sorry to interrupt your morning,

but I just wanted to remind everyone

that a very special occasion
is upon us--

Miners Day.

As always, the nuns of Storybrooke

are hoping that everyone
will get involved

and will help sell
their exquisite candles.

All we need are
a few energetic volunteers.

So who wants to join me?

(Customers murmur)

Leroy, you wanna volunteer?

I want to leave, sister.
You're blocking the door.

Of course.

Uh, you know, if you wanted to
help, it could really be a--

oh, yeah. Right.

Quite a team we'd make.

Town harlot, town drunk.

The only person in this town
that people like less than me

is you.

If you're coming to me, you're screwed.

(Door bells jingle)

(Door bells jingle)

(Keys jangle, door closes)

Hey. Mind if I join you?

So what the hell is Miners Day,

and why are you
beating yourself up over it?

It's an annual holiday
celebrating an old tradition.

The nuns used to make candles

and trade them with the miners for coal.

Coal? In Maine?

If they were mining for lobster,
I'd understand.

Look, I don't know. Now they
use it as a fund-raiser.

It's an amazing party.

Everyone loves it.

It doesn't seem like everyone loves it.

It's not Miners Day.

It's me.

Last week, I had ten volunteers.
This week, they all dropped out.

You think this is about
what happened with David?

Oh, I know it is.
A few of them told me as much.

(Sighs) I've never...

Been a homewrecker before.

It's gonna blow over.

You made a mistake with David.
It happens.

But you don't have to do charity

to try to win people's hearts back.

I have to do something.

And this is the best I can do.

Love ruined my life.

(Cell phone rings)

(Cell phone beeps)

Sheriff Swan.

Yeah. I'll be right down.

Well, apparently, duty calls.

Hang in there.

And if there's anything
I can do to help, I will.

I know.

Thank you.

(Indistinct conversations)

Oh, I'm so sorry.

It just slipped out of my hand. I--

No problem at all.


I really am so sorry.

I was so busy trying to get

the lights to work that I didn't realize

I was about to knock it off the ladder.

Let me take a look
at those lights for ya.



Here's your problem.

You're overloading the transformer.

You kept messing around
with these lights,

the whole thing
could've blown up on you.

Oh. Then I guess that makes you my hero.

I'm nobody's hero, sister.

You can just call me Astrid.

I call everybody "sister."

I'm Leroy.
(Switch clicks)

(Electricity hums) (Gasps) Oh!

How did you do that?

Are you an electrician?

(Scoffs) I'm in
the custodial services game.



No, it's not.

What I really wanted to do...

Was sail.

I even bought a boat.

It's a real clunker.
I was gonna fix it up,

sail around the world,
say good-bye to this hellhole.

Oh, I'm sorry, sister.

It's okay.

You know,

someone once told me

you can do anything
as long as you can dream it.

You really think so?


Look how easily you fixed those lights.

I bet you could do anything.



I should, uh, get back
to the volunteer center.

Nice to meet you, Leroy.



(Camera shutter clicks)

(Car door closes)

- You mind if I take a look, too?
- What for?

Well, just because I got fired
from "The Mirror"

doesn't mean I can't do
a little freelance reporting.

So what do we got here?
(Camera shutter clicks)

Gym teacher found this thing on
the side of the road, abandoned,

engine running, no one around.

Registered to Kathryn Nolan.

She's M.I.A.

Kathryn Nolan, whose husband

very publicly left her?

I mean, the story writes itself.

If I get a scoop like that,

"The Daily Mirror" would have
no choice but to take me back.

Calm down, tiger. You don't
work for Regina anymore.

Kathryn got accepted
to law school in Boston.

Maybe after David dumped her,
she decided to leave town.

Car broke down. She hitched
the rest of the way.

(Camera shutter clicks) That's what I would
do if I was running away from my problems.


And, uh, would you leave
your clothes in the car?

Time to pull Kathryn's phone records

- and find out who she spoke to last.
- Yeah, you know, if you go through

the sheriff's department, it'll
take you days to get those.

I've got a contact
over at the phone company

who used to help me out
when I was at the newspaper.

I can get those in a couple hours.

Great. Call me the minute
you get your hands

on those phone records.
(Vehicle approaches)

There he is.

Time to break the news.

You really think he doesn't know?

I'm about to find out.


(Man) Arms up.

What am I?

You're a dwarf.

What am I doing?

Being cleaned.

Who is the woman I saw?

What woman?

The one I saw right before I hatched.

She was beautiful.
I want to see her again.

Ha! (Laughs)
You must be dreaming.

There are no female dwarfs.

Dwarfs don't fall in love,

dwarfs don't get married,

and dwarfs don't have children.

Why do you think you were
hatched from an egg?

Then what do we do?

We work.

And we like it?

We love it. We even whistle
while we do it.

We mine the diamonds

that get crushed into dust

that give light to the world.

You and your seven brethren

will bring joy to yourselves
and to everyone.

Come on.

This is your team.
These are your brothers.

Everyone, grab an ax.

It'll give you your dwarf name.


The ax never lies, Dreamy.

Okay, folks, grab a lantern
and move out.

Today is the first day
of the rest of your lives.

Welcome to the mines!

(Dwarves whistling "heigh-ho")

(Leroy whistles "heigh-ho")

(Stops whistling)

(Indistinct conversations)

Where can I sign up?


I want to volunteer to sell candles.

No, you don't.

You made that very clear
this morning at Granny's.


Maybe I saw the light.

I mean, maybe somebody showed it to me.

What difference does it make, sister?

It looks like you can use
all the help you can get.

Okay, I need help
Manning the candle booth.

No swearing, no drinking,

and I get to call all the shots.

(Woman) You ordered
how many tanks of helium?

I meant to order 12.

You ordered 12 dozen.

Ugh. Return them.

There are no refunds.


We needed that money.
You knew that.

You know how he feels about us.

You fix this, sister Astrid.
You fix it now.

(Sighs deeply)



What's the problem?

The problem is I'm an idiot.

We get a stipend each year for expenses,

and it's all carefully budgeted

except for the part where I spent it all

on helium.

And now we can't pay our rent.

So you'll make it up
when you get your next stipend.

Which isn't till next month.

The rent is due next week.

And the only income we have
are these candles.

Well, so how many do you need to sell?

Like, a thousand.

How many did you sell last year?


Ask your landlord to cut you a break.

Oh. (Scoffs) Mr. Gold doesn't
offer much leeway.

Mr. Gold's your landlord?

If we miss a payment, we're out.

And then they'll reassign us,

and we'll have to leave Storybrooke.

No, you won't.

You know why you only sold 42 last year?

Because you didn't have me.

This year we're going to sell
all of them.



I guess you really are my hero.


She's just gone?

You really don't know anything, do you?

I-I don't-- I don't understand.

Wh-what happened?

I don't know.
I'm trying to find out.

What can you tell me?

When was the last time
you spoke to Kathryn?

Yesterday afternoon.

Okay, look, I know there has been lies

and deceit,

and I'm really not judging you,

but is that the truth?

Yes. I haven't spoken to her since we...

I ended things.

And I came home yesterday,
and all her things were gone.

I assumed she was going to Boston.

That's what she told me.

Am I a suspect or something?

No. I know when people are
telling the truth, David,

and you are.

She hasn't even been gone 24 hours.

She's not even technically missing.

But if she is, trust me,

I will find her.




Hello, Sidney?

Those phone records you wanted--
I have them.

And I think you'll find them
quite helpful.


Come on.


(Grunts) Someone!

- (Grunts)
- Oh! (Gasps)

Oh, thank you.


It's you.

Do we... know each other?

You're the woman I saw in my dreams

right before I hatched last year.

(Chuckles) You're 1?

I know.

I look young for my age.


Oh, no!

The fairy dust!

Ooh! Oh!





Oh! Oh.




I'm an idiot.

All I ever wanted to be
was a fairy godmother.

That was my dream, but I can't
even pick up fairy dust alone.

I'm so clumsy.

No, you're not.

I think you'd make
a great fairy godmother.

You really think so?

I believe you can do anything you want,

as long as you can dream it.

I'm Nova.

I'm Dreamy.

You know, Dreamy,

as fairies, we get to spend
very little time in your world,

and I was thinking about making a stop

on my way back.

Have you ever been to see the fireflies?

I barely ever get out of the mines.

Oh, I-I-I heard it's beautiful,

that they come out just
after sunset on firefly hill.

I was going to see them tonight
on my way back.

Oh, sounds fun.


Have a good time.



You're my hero.


Buy your Miners Day candles here!

Handmade by Storybrooke's very own nuns!

Light your way to a good cause!

By buying a candle.

This isn't working.

You're right.
We should pack it up.

Now you're quitting?

If the customers won't come
to us, we gotta go to them,

door to door.

If they hate us here,

what makes you think
they'll like us in their homes?

They'll pay us just to leave.



- What the hell are you doing?
- What's happening?

I just got off the phone
with Kathryn's school in Boston.

Registration was this morning,
and she never showed up.

- Something did happen.
- It looks that way.

Oh, Emma, help me out!
What's more sympathetic--

um, scarf or no scarf?


- Okay.
- Come on. We're on a schedule.

Oh, uh, thank you. Gotta go.

Why didn't you say anything?

You're looking for a suspect,
someone with a motive.

Pixie cut over there
has got one a mile high.

- She had nothing to do with anything. Trust me.
- But she's the one--

trust me. I know her.

Just get me those phone records.

(Knock on door)

Hi. We're selling candles
for Miners Day.



We're not interested.


(Speaking indistinctly and laughing)

What's the matter?

You've barely touched your food.

I don't know.

I can't eat. I can't sleep.

I don't feel at all like myself.

Maybe I should have doc
take a look at me.

You're gonna trust a dwarf

that got his medical degree
from a pickax?

I wouldn't worry about it.
Dwarves don't get sick.

It must be in your head.

(Belle) It's not in his head.
It's in his heart.

You're in love.

Oh, that's impossible.

Dwarves can't fall in love.

Trust me.

I know love, and...

- You're in it.
- Ah.

What's it like?

It's the most wonderful
and amazing thing in the world.

Love is hope.

It fuels our dreams.

And if you're in it,

you need to enjoy it.

Because love
doesn't always last forever.

But if love's so great, then why
do I feel so bad right now?

You need to be with the person you love.

Yeah, but how do I know
she feels the same way?

All she talked about was going
to see some fireflies,

not loving me.

What-- what did she tell
you about these fireflies?

Uh, that she was gonna go
see them on the hilltop tonight,

that she heard they were

the most beautiful sight
in all the land.



She wasn't telling you
about the fireflies.

She was inviting you to go be with her.

You think so?

I've had my heart broken enough

to know when somebody's reaching out.


Now go. Find your love.

Find your hope.

Find your dreams.

Oh. (Sighs)

Sister Astrid?


I have to talk to you.

See, I have some bad news.

Oh, no.

What is it?

The bad news is that...


You nuns are gonna be
real busy making candles,

'cause me and Mary Margaret
just sold them all.

You're not losing the convent.
You're not going anywhere.

Oh! (Laughs)



(Whispering) How could you tell Astrid
that we sold all those candles?

That is $5,000, Leroy.

$5,000 that we don't have.

(Lowered voice) Don't worry
about it, all right?

I got a plan.

What plan? A plan like
going door to door

and having everyone in town
laugh in our faces?

Just give me till the end of the day.

I'll figure something out.

And why is this so important to you?

The nuns...

They're gonna have to leave.


Oh, my God.

You like her.

She is a nun, Leroy.

Could you possibly pick
anyone any less available?

Says the girl who went
after a married guy?

At the end of the day,
you're no better than I am.

You got your reasons for being here.

I got mine.

And when I say
I'm gonna get that $5,000,

I'm gonna get that $5,000.

I didn't think you were gonna show up.

I was afraid I was too late.

Well, you did cut it pretty close.

Come on.


Look at all those lights.

Are those the fireflies?

No! (Chuckles)

- That's the village.
- Oh.

And beyond that,
all the lights of the kingdom.

You've seen a lot
of this world, haven't you?

From a distance, yes.

What's wrong with that?

Flying over the world
and being a part of it

aren't exactly the same thing.

Well, at least you've seen the world.

Me-- I live in the mines, underground.

All I ever see is diamonds
and dirt and dwarves.


You know...

We could see it together.

Get a boat, sail all over,

explore everything
the world has to offer.

Oh! Look!




(Tinkling continues)

Okay, let's do it.

Tomorrow night,
after I drop off the dust,

let's meet back here.

We'll run off together.

We'll see the world.

Sounds like a dream come true.


Now I know it's a bit of a fixer-upper,

could probably use a new coat of paint,

a few spritzes of febreze
here and there,

but you can't tell me

that $5,000's not a reasonable
price for this beauty.

$3,000, I think.

I need $5,000.

You need $5,000.

To what do we owe this specificity?

Trying to help out a friend.

Oh, I see.

Look, you don't even
have to pay me anything.

Just forgive one month's rent
for the nuns.

The nuns?

You can have the boat.
They'll pay you back eventually.

It's a good deal.
You get everything.

So that's what this is about.

Come on. You're a rich guy.
You can afford to give them time

- to make up one month's, right?
- You're right. I could.

- So great.
- But I won't.

I have a fairly specific
rental agreement.

If they miss a payment,
I'm within my rights to evict.

- Oh, come on. Why would you--
- And quite honestly,

it's gonna be a great relief

to be rid of such distasteful tenants.

You don't like nuns?

Who doesn't like nuns?

Oh, I have my reasons.

And they're mine.

Let's just say I have

a long and complicated history
with them,

and leave it at that.

(Astrid) Hello?


Mary Margaret said
I might find you down here.

I... I made you a pie.

It's the least I could do
after all your help.


Oh, this boat is great!

It's gonna be amazing when
you get it out on the water.

I can't even remember
the last time I was on it.

Wh-what's this?

If you sold all the candles,

why are they still here, Leroy?

I didn't sell them all.

I tried to, but nobody
wanted to buy them from me.

I was gonna tell you the truth,

but I was afraid of letting you down.

So you lied.

I'm sorry, Astrid.

I guess you believed in the wrong guy.

(Seagull calling)

You find something?

Kathryn's phone records.

Every call she made
the day she crashed her car,

including an 8-minute call
between her and David

within an hour of the accident.

That's not possible.

- He said he didn't speak to her that day.
- Then he's lying.

No. I know when someone
is lying, and David--

it's right here on paper, Emma.

Phone records don't lie.
People do.

And our friend David
does it better than most.

Don't beat yourself up over this.

You're not the only person David fooled.

(Door bells jingle)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Door closes)

I'll have what she's having.


Did you get it?

What do you think?

I think you're right.

I was dreaming if I thought
that the town harlot

and the town drunk
could accomplish anything.


Just dreamin'.




You know, if you wanted to sneak
out, you should've come to me.


You're leaving us?
Without even saying good-bye?

But-- but where you going?

To be with Nova.

We're in love. We're gonna
see the world together.

I don't understand.

I thought we were meant to live
our lives here, in the mines.

I thought so, too, but things
change when you fall in love.

Suddenly anything seems possible.

Well, take this with you.

It might come in handy.

I don't need it anymore.

(Pickax clanks)


(All chuckle)

You can't do this, Dreamy.

You can't go to her.

Why not?

You have a responsibility--

to mine the diamonds
we make into fairy dust.

But I love her.

You're a dwarf, Dreamy.

We're not capable of love.

It's not how we're made.

What if I'm different?

What if you're wrong?

Bossy's not wrong, young one.

What you feel--

it's just a dream.

Who are you?

I'm Nova's teacher.

And if the two of you run away
together, it will not end well.

Nova will lose her wings.

But if you return to the mines

and if you allow Nova

to become the fairy
that she was meant to be,

the two of you will bring
untold joy to the world.

Nova can be a great fairy...

If you let her.

The choice is yours.


you understand that a relationship

between you and sister Astrid
can never happen.

Yeah. Yeah.

My whole life people
made it their business

to tell me what I can't do.

She was the first person
that said I could do anything,

who believed in me.

I didn't want to disappoint her.

But there are consequences
to following through

when the world tells you not to.

I mean, look at me.

I am a pariah in this town.

What about your good memories?

What do you mean?

Didn't you have moments
with him that you love?

Do you regret them?

(Whispers) No, of course not.

Isn't that what life's about?

Holding on to your good memories.

All I wanted was a moment with Astrid--

one moment to give me hope
that any dream's possible.

You've had all that, Mary Margaret,

so stop feeling sorry
for yourself and enjoy it.

Because I haven't.

Well, if I had the dream,

I'm sorry to say it wasn't worth it.

And sitting here drinking
won't end this pain.

What will?

I can only think of one thing.

(Glass clatters)

(Indistinct conversations)



What are you doing?!

(Panting) Oh.

Please don't do it.

I'm not gonna jump.

You're not?

No. Are you crazy?

I could hit someone.

You know how much damage
I could do? I'm solidly built.

Leroy, what are you doing up here?

I'm gonna get my moment.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. What?
- You might wanna duck.

(Loud crackling)

(Electricity shorts out)

(Crowd murmuring)

What are you doing?

I'm selling candles, sister.

Dreamy, come on.
I have to show you something.

Nova, we need to talk.

No. You have to see this.


Take a look.

It's amazing.

It has everything we need
to explore the world--

supplies, maps of all
the kingdoms, a sturdy sail.


I can't go with you.

What about our life together?

Our dream?

I'm a dwarf, Nova.

I belong in the mines.

You belong with the other fairies,

and that's never gonna change.


You control what changes in your life.

Never let yourself forget--

you're special.


What makes us different from any
other dwarf or fairy out there?

Our love.

I don't think it's love.

It's a dream.
We need to put it away.

I don't want to put it away.

I'm not your dream, Nova.

Your dream's to be a fairy godmother,

- and you can still be that.
- You talked to the blue fairy.

- It doesn't matter.
- What did she say?

- It doesn't matter.
- What did she say?!


What matters is...

I can't stand in the way
of your happiness.

But you're my happiness.

I love you.

Don't you love me?

I'm a dwarf.

I can't love.


(Bossy) Let's pick up the pace, boys!

We're making magic here!

(Dreamy) Where's my ax?

Where's my ax?

Dreamy, you're... (Sneezes)


Well, heigh-ho, boys!

Good to have you back, Dreamy.

No place I'd rather be.

(Exhales deeply) Heigh-ho.


(Continues grunting)


(Ax handle thuds)

Hand me another ax.

Here you are, Dreamy.

It's "Grumpy" now.

(Exhales deeply)

(Indistinct conversations)

Here you go.



We sold out.

(Both laugh)

- Yeah!
- Aah!


Well, go on.

Give her the news.

Have your moment.

- Excuse me.
- Okay.

5,000 bucks.

Piece of cake.

You sold them all?

I had a little help.

You made it happen.

You have no idea.



I don't know what to say.

You're welcome.

Listen, that boat of mine?

I'm gonna fix it up.

And, well,

maybe you could be my first passenger.


I'd like that.

Well, then that's what we'll do, sister.

Oh. It's beautiful, isn't it?



(Pen clicking)

(Door opens and closes)

If this is about the blackout,

I've got the guys from the power company

- down there working on it.
- That's not why I'm here.

It's been 24 hours

since my friend Kathryn went missing.

Have you found anything?

I found something. I just
don't know what it means.

Well, what is it?

At this point in the investigation,

it's best I don't divulge
that information.

If you're covering for someone,

if you're not doing your job,
sheriff Swan,

I'll find someone who will.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Blows air)


- Emma.
- David, we need to talk.

Did you get ahold of Kathryn?

No, I'm afraid not.

Then what is it?

I need you to come
to the sheriff's station with me

and tell me everything.

I'm sorry.
I thought I already did.

So did I.