Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Nyukhach - full transcript

The son of a wealthy businessman gets kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a ransom, leaving the grief-stricken father with only 48 hours to come up with the demanded sum. The Sniffer describes the kidnapper: a 50 year-old man, grey hair, suffers from a severe liver deficiency, was discharged from a hospital 3-4 days ago. However, the investigation doesn't seem to be able to narrow down the list of suspects. Besides, the father's refusal to share crucial information risks leading the case to a dead-end.

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You didn't catch it!
You didn't catch it!

-Thank you.

Idea by Artem Litvinenko

Kirill Kjaro

Ivan Oganesian

Maria Anikanova

Nina Gogaeva

Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Elena Prilipko

Artwork by Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Cinematography by Andrej Lisetsky

Editing by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Executive Producer Andrei Rizvanyuk

Producer Viktor Mirsky

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Hi, kitten!

What are you doing here?

I was in the neighborhood.
Decided to drop by.

Why haven't you called? I miss you.

I will have to forgive me,
I'm heading an operation to catch…

As soon as I have time, I'll call you.

You still have my
phone number, don't you?

Of course!



I'll call you as soon as I can.


The father is of the
kidnapped child is Kononov.

He's a wealthy businessman who
prefers to stay out of the limelight.

-What about the mother?
-He won custody after the divorce.

-Does she have a motive?
-We are looking for her.

What is the ransom sum?

120 thousand euro's.

A strange sum.

We have 48 hours.

-Good day!

-Did you touch the Frisbee?

I specifically asked
not to touch anything.

Don't worry,
this is his method.

Who is that guy?

He's our expert.

Is this how you expect to find my son?

Where did it happen?

Right there. We were
throwing the Frisbee around.

Do you have any idea
who could have done this?

Listen colonel, I'm a businessman and
I've made some enemies over the years.

Anyone of them could
have kidnapped Nikita.

You can check it for prints
all you want but there will be none.


The kidnapper is a man.
That's all I can tell you at the moment.

He wore gloves.

But he did hold an aluminum can
with an energy drink.

The kidnapper drank from it.



come over here.

It finally happened.

Soon enough you and I
will be collecting empty bottles.

Going through clogged toilets.

Collecting clues for our new boss.

Colonel, what's going on here?

Are you cleaning
the premises or something?

I found it.

Judging by the smell of sweat,
the kidnapper is a man.

Nothing new. Katya already told us.

A man of 50, gray haired
and a chain smoker.

Judging by the nitrosamine count,
no less than a pack per day.

He has liver problems.

-Serious problems.
-What kind?

Severe liver deficiency.

There are traces of metilmercaptanin.

He is either in the hospital,

which is unlikely,
or just got discharged.

When was he discharged?

Three or four days ago.
The scent of the hospital is very faint.

A private clinic most likely.

They use chlorine in regular hospitals,
the scent is absent here.

That's not all, is it?

No. There are also traces
of some sort of spray polish.

I need to get to the lab.

Alex, this isn't funny anymore.


Yes, let's have a seat.

I only have a minute.
You have a message.

What message?

Oh, a note?

-Very romantic.

Kitten, why haven't you called?
Your chocolate.

I took it down word for word.

Obviously it's some kind of code.

Although, kittens and
chocolates are very romantic.


Dad, just one week.
I can't deal with her anymore.

First of all, it's mom not her.

I'll talk to you later, I have work.

Sit here and don't get in the way.


Entertain yourself.



Thank you.

I can't give you anymore.

I already prolonged the
treatment for an entire month.

I need the pills.

I have issues, I'm nervous,
I'm about to lose my job.

I need them. Just another month,
that's it.

No. You will develop an addiction.
I won't.

The Chief already asked me why
I prolonged your medication.

Sign it out to someone else.

Out of the question.

Let me speak to your supervisor.


I told you to call your supervisor!

Maybe he's a real doctor!

What have you got?

There are five private clinics
that deal with liver illnesses.

87 male patients have been
discharged in the past four days.

71 of them are smokers. 76 match
the age range we are looking for.

41 of them have grey hair.

So we have over 40 suspects

and we can't work them all.
What do you have?

The scent I caught on
the can is from a car.

Mineral wax.

-And kaolin.

It's a car spray polish
intended for used and old cars.

It is usually applied before sale.

To spruce the car up…

You can say that.

Wait a sec.

Here it is!

Porechnikov Andrey Valentinovich.

Born in 1958.
Hospitalized with hepatitis C,

stage two liver deficiency.

He is the director of Auto Shop "Etalon"

and was discharged four days ago.
You are a genius.


I hope you can take it from here.
I'm taking a day off.


If you run into
Tatyana Aleksandrovna…

You know, accidentally,

say hi.


Get the SWAT team,
we leave in five minutes.


-She went on unpaid leave.
-A holiday?

She'll be in tomorrow.

Thank you.

How have you been?


It's like a resort.

You'll be out soon.

I worry about you.


A fine woman such as you
can't stay single forever.

Stop it, Igor.

I'll stop

when there are
no more bars between us.

That's when I'll stop.

Everyone freeze!

What's going on?

SBR Colonel Lebedev!
Where is Porachnikov?

-He left.

30 minutes ago.
After a meeting with the notary.

Where did he go?

To the airport. He leaves
for Frankfurt today.

-What is this about?
-When is the flight?

-What is the number of the flight?

I don't remember.

Everything is clean, Colonel.

Good. Stay here.

No messages, no calls or letters.

Keep an eye out. If Porechnikov
shows up, you tell me.

Let's go.

What happened?

Out of the car! Hands on the roof!

Mr. Porechnikov,

you are charged with kidnapping minor
Nikita Kononov with intent of extortion.

Part 2 of code 146.

You have the right to remain
silent but I don't recommend it.

Where's the kid?

What kid? Are you out of your mind?

What were your whereabouts
the past two days?

Think hard before answering!

I was in L.A. for three days,
visiting my son!

Is there anyone who can corroborate?

Of course!
I just came back today.

I still have the ticket
in my coat pocket.

Maxim, check it out.

What is the purpose
of your trip to Germany?

I have a serious operation in two days!

I'll be late if you don't let me go.

What was your meeting
with the notary about?

That does not concern you.

Oh, I think it does.

Talk if you want to catch that flight.

I was signing the shop over to my son.

I've had some complicated surgeries.
We don't know what will happen.

You are free to go, Mr. Porechnikov.
I apologize for any inconveniences


What's the situation
with Kononov's wife?

Nothing. We can't find her anywhere.

- Porechnikov is innocent.

We must have missed something.

I'm going to check
everyone on that list.

Maybe we'll get the kidnapper in time.

That's all.



That's all I needed…

Tatyana Aleksandrovna



What are you doing here?

Came to see how my son lives now.

As a mother I have that right.

How did you get in here?

-He left.

Where to?

When he lived with me I always
knew where he went and what he did.

Now you are the parent, eh?

You figure it out.

Where is he going to sleep?

On a welcome mat by the elevator.


Let him live with you for a while.

You feed him, take him to school,
check his homework.

I will, of course,
still regularly control all of it.

You know, I'm actually glad.

I'll finally have some free time.

So I could work...

on my love life.
Also, one more thing.

While the child is here…

Don't bring any of your… women here.

We have received your initial down
payment of 100 thousand euro's.

Nevertheless you are still missing
the 120 thousand by tomorrow.

Unless this happens

we will be forced to give
the liver transplant to another person.

You will have the money tomorrow.

I'm sure everything will work out.


-Yes, hello.
-We need to meet tomorrow morning.

- What happened?
-I have a problem.

Apart from Porechnikov,
we braced seven more suspects.

They all have alibis.

33 left. Let's pray our kidnapper
is number 8 or 9.

Are you certain he has a bum liver?

Absolutely. The scent of necrosis
hepatitis, liver deficiency.

Smokes, no melanin means he is
gray haired. Plus the polish.

There were and won't be
any other smells.


Take her to my office.

We have guests.
Nikita Kononov's mother is here.

On her own.

I was at my mother's in Kaunas.
I came on the first flight.

How is your relationship
with your ex husband?

Thank god I don't have one anymore.

He is frightening man.

You don't notice it at twenty.

When I married him
I thought he was the ideal man

strong, successful, rich.

When was the last time you saw your son?

A year ago.

When he was taken from me.

A court ruled to keep
the child with his father.

Usually the child stays with his mother.

Usually, yes.

You don't know Kononov.

This man will stop at nothing.

If he wants something,
he will stop at nothing.

With his money
and connections it was easy!

I called for a retrial twice.

Have you seen Nikita this past year?


I'm asking you, begging you.

If you find Nikita, tell me.


As soon as we know
something so will you.

-Thank you.
-It's too early to be grateful.

-Will you find the exit?

Thank you.

What do you think?

Nothing specific.

She has a clear motive.


A Mrs. Kononova is about
to leave the building.

Put surveillance on her.


Nobody touches it. We're on our way.

Kononov just got
a letter from the kidnapper.

How did you get the letter?

Katya brought it.

It was in the mailbox
with the rest of the mail.

Where is Katya?

I let her go. Nikita is not…

This is your son's hair.

Polish larch. A rare tree,
not usual for the city.

Means your son is being held
in the country.

-What else?

A man of 50-55 years of age

had contact with the paper,
gray haired, chain smoker…

With liver deficiency.

That is disputable. The liver
smell became a lot weaker.

Divine intervention?

Is that it?

No, it's not.

There is another smell.

Gyonkuro, or the "precious drop",
a premium Japanese tea.

Made from the upper leaves
of the first harvest, in early spring.

I need your son's hat.

Preferably that was recently worn.

What does "The liver smell
became much weaker" mean?

I have no idea. I'm just stating a fact.


Thank you. Goodbye.

What does the letter say?

I don't know. Have a look.

The money must be transferred

to this Deutchebank account
by 16:00 today.

If you fail to comply you will
get your son back piece by piece.

Usual intimidation.

Usual intimidation?

You wouldn't be so
sure if it was your son.

Don't panic. There is still time.

I'll make the transfer.

I'm tired of your games.

Statistically, 90 percent of the time
the kidnapper disposes of the kidnapped

after receiving the money.

What do you have? Huh?

I don't even have a five percent
guarantee that you will find my son.

It is, of course, your decision.
We will keep looking.

First thing we do is
check the bank account.

Do whatever. At four,
I'm making that transfer.

You're still here?

-Katya lied.
-What do you mean?

The letter Kononov received
was never inside this mailbox.

Maxim, I need you to get me anything
you can find on Katya the Maid.

Put someone on her.

Only watch her for now. I'm waiting.

Why just watch her? Arrest her now!

We arrest her and then what?

But she is obviously
connected to the kidnapper!

Not a fact. Maybe she
was just the middleman.

She doesn't even know where the boy is.

The courier can't talk
even if she wanted to.

If we arrest her now,
we scare off the kidnapper.

This way she can still
lead us back to him.



Got it. Thank you.

What kind of tea did you
say our kidnapper prefers?

-Yes? Why?

Several minutes ago Ms. Kononova entered
a Japanese restaurant called "Tokyo".

There's your tea.

Smells like the shit
is about to hit the fan.

8 missed calls

Ljuda, hi! Do you have
any contacts in the police?

Any? No?

Nothing happened. Sorry.


These are great terms for us…

What are you so pensive about?

I don't understand why the smell
of the liver is almost gone.

Do you have any ideas?

That the kidnapper received
a transplant right after taking Nikita.

The operation was carried out
outside of a hospital,

with no meds or painkillers.

The liver then begins
to function perfectly

and our guy
writes a letter that same day.

I have no other explanations.

Well I guess we'll have
to go with that then…

Good day! A table for two?

We need to speak to the manager.

-One moment.
-Thank you.

Not a bad restaurant,
by the way: the serve raw fugu here.

Quite a rarity.

When we are done with the
case I'll get you some fugu.

Now about that tree.

Here is a map with the regions
known for their larch.

-Three colonies.
-Hundreds of homes.

How can I be of service?

I need to speak to the staff
that was on duty this morning.

Are they still here?

Yes. It's still their shift.

Could you please gather them
in a separate room?


120 thousand euro's.

Transfer them
as unforeseen expenditures.

Write down the bank account details…

Has anyone seen this woman?

What about her?

She was here about thirty
minutes ago. She was asking about…

What was she asking about?

What was she asking about?

About Leonid Anatolievich.

-Our previous owner.

He comes in sometimes.

Big fan of Japanese tea.
We have quite a selection.

What's his surname?


Why is he a "previous" owner?

He sold the restaurant
about six months ago.


I don't know.

Yes you do.

The waiters are free to go.
Thank you.

I'm listening.

-He was forced out.
-By who?

-The new owner.

Kononov. Sergey Petrovich.

Okay. How do we find Ilushin?

I don't know.

Yes you do.

I really don't.

Thank you, you are free to go.

Look at the patients list.

No Ilyushin.

But there is an Ilyushina Irina
Konstantinovna. Born in 59.

Inflamed liver cirrhosis

The wife!

How could I have not seen
it coming? It's so simple!

The scent weakens because
the contact with its source has ceased.

I am such an idiot!

Maxim, I need you to get information
on an Ilyushin Leonid Anatolievich.

The previous owner
of the Tokyo restaurant.

Yes, put out an APB on him.

Could she have been discharged?

With that diagnosis,
I doubt it.

Then let's pay the clinic a visit.

I'm listening.

Sergei Petrovich. This is Rozhkov,
the restaurant manager.

We just had a couple
of guys from the SBR in here.

They were interested
in your ex wife and maid.


And Ilushin.

I see.

We need to see the Head Doctor.

-Hello, are you the Head?
-Hello, I am.

I called you. SBR Colonel Lebedev.

-What happened?
-Which room is Ilushina in?

Ilushina? She left three days ago.

With that serious a diagnosis?

Yes, it is a serious illness.

Only a transplant can
save her at this stage.

Regrettably we don't
undertake such operations.

So her husband took her to Germany.

We will need to see room.

Her room?

It's urgent.

Cancel the transaction.


Forget it. It's nothing.

Which clinic was her
husband transferring her to?

I don't know there are many that
specialize in that sort of thing there.

Did he visit her often?

He didn't leave her side.

He actually asked for a second bed
in the room, practically lived here.

Here we are.

This is where Ilushina slept.

-Were the sheets changed?

And sprayed with disinfectant…

Are any affects used by her?

-What do you mean?
-Like a cup or something…

Yes. They were in a hurry
and left some things.

Could you please bring them?

One minute.

And get her file while you're at it.

Hi, girlfriend.

It's her. The same scent that was
on the Frisbee and the envelope.

No doubt about it.

Maxim! I need you to
pull an address for me.

Can u imagine I stopped by at Tokyo
and Ilushin is not the owner anymore.

Did you call him?

No reply.

That's not all. I'm being followed.


Kononov. Who else?

This asshole.

Is your car here? I need it.

-For how long?
-I don't know.

I'll leave you mine.

Thank you, girlfriend.

Is it your trench-coat?

Ilushin sold his downtown apartment
for chump change a week ago.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Where does that leave us?

Time to brace Katya the maid.

-Yes, Colonel.
- Has Katya moved?


If she does, bring her in.
We are on our way.

Colonel, Kononov just pulled up.


Do nothing. Continue surveillance.

Where is Ilushin?

I don't know any Ilushin.

Yes you do!

Tell me you bitch!

I give you a… job!

And this…

You… bitch!

Pasha, I need you to
check out a number for me.

Helena, hello.

We received the second payment.
120 thousand euro's.

The operation is scheduled for tomorrow.

Will you be staying in our hotel?


Good, i'll book a room
for you. When is your flight?

I don't know. Probably tonight.

We await your arrival.

Thank you for everything you
have done for us Helena. Goodbye.

-You're welcome.

Goodbye Mr. Ilushin.

Colonel. Kononov just left.

He is getting in to his car.


We wait.

Nikita, time for dinner.

When are we going to see Daddy?

Soon. Your mommy not daddy.

Hello, it's Ilushin. Come here soon.

We need to talk.

Kononov was the assailant.

Also the kidnapper was here…
this morning. What's his name?


Bring me water.

A confession will significantly
improve your chances.

We know you're in cahoots with Ilushin.

Katya, where's Nikita?

A rare tree grows in the vicinity of
the house where the kid is being held.

Polish Larch.

This map shows that it grows somewhere

around these three settlements.

Is it Otradnij?

Or Klitsi?

Or maybe Trigorka?

See Katya? You didn't
even have to spell it out.

The kid is in Trigorka. We need to
look for the house with rosebushes.

He is a bastard… he is scum…
He killed my father.

"He" who?

Kononov. He, Ilyushin and
my father were partners.

Six months ago Kononov demanded
they sell their shares for peanuts.

My dad refused, so did
Ilyushim. Then Dad disappeared.

What else?

Leonid Anatolievich' wife is very sick.
He got scared for her and conceded.

Why did you take the job?

I wanted to avenge my father.

I was going through
his e-mails, his computer files.

Trying to find proof
of his connection to father's death.

And then Leonid
Anatlievich contacted me.

To help set Nikita's
kidnapping in motion?

Ilushin needed money for
the surgery. It's only fair.

Kononov took everything from us.

You shouldn't be worried about Nikita.
Leonid Anatloievich is an honest man.

Did you talk to police concerning
your dad's disappearance?

I did. He's still missing.

But I'm sure Kononov killed him.

Kononov is a murdered, a murderer.



Leonid Anatolievich, so good you called.

Been looking for you all day.

My son was kidnapped.

Take it easy, come in.

You don't get it. He was kidnapped.

By Kononov. You two were
affiliated back in the day.




You did it?

Why didn't you call me at once?

I was waiting for the
transfer to land. Sorry.

I couldn't have acted differently.

-What is it?

Train tickets and money.

Train tickets? What train tickets?

Take Nikita and leave
immediately. You can't stay here.

Go where? Why?

Kononov is going to prison.
We found proof of his crimes.

You can come back later with Nikita.

Leonid Anatolievich, thank you so much.

I knew you'd help.
You always have.

I'm sorry I made you
go through all this.

But I couldn't have acted
differently, I swear.

Thank you.

Ok, Nikita! Wanna go with your mom?

If Daddy thinks it's okay.

You can take the front seat.
It's okay this time.

You bitches plotted against me.



what are you doing?

My son's kidnappers

had an argument
over the ransom money.

One killed the other.
With this very poker.

Tragically I came too late to save you,
but freed my son

by killing Ilushin
in self defense.

Our best table. Enjoy your meal.

I'm right here if you need me.

Thank you.

They're bringing fugu.

And anything else you might want.
Like I promised.

Take what you want, don't be shy.

Did you get a bonus?

It's on the house.

He could've been in a cell
as an accomplice right now.

Well done. By the way.
Any news about Kononov?

Kononov? He's going to prison.
For a long time.

Takeovers, taking out the competition.

Including Katya's father.

She did find quite a lot of dirt
on him. She's a good spy this one.

So what?

This isn't real fugu.

Real fugu lives in the sea,
eats venomous mollusks

producing copious amounts
a poison called tetrodoxin.

This was raised in an aquarium.

Do you enjoy anything?

Anything at all?


Honey, why don't you call me?

I'm on a business trip. In Japan.

In Japan?

Listen, I'll call you back
when I come back.

Can't hear you.



On a business trip you say? In Japan?

I have to go. Don't want to ruin
the night for you.

Hope to see you again. Honey.

You think I'm a fool.

Please, come in.



I'm sorry, would you happen to be
Tatyana Aleksandrovna Voznesenskaya?