Nehama (2019): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Idea for a short novella
based on a true story:

Guy Nehama was a handsome,
tall, strong man,

every woman who saw him said:

"Damn, he could've been
the father of my children.

Dad, you can't
describe yourself like that.

Shir, get out.
How about a little privacy?

Don't take a towel,
you take too many towels.

I like to be clean, unlike your other kids.
-You're like a hotel spa,

bring that back.
-I'm taking money from your wallet.

Don't touch my wallet

Shir, I said no.
-I can't hear you.

That's stealing. -Bye.
-It's criminal!

Although his sense of humor
was irresistible,

as was his lopsided expression,

Guy Nehama was true to one woman -
his wife Tamar.

Only one thing overshadowed
their marriage,

an argument that almost ruined
their first trip together

without the kids, to Prague.

Why am I
with you?

London is the best city in the world.

The culture, the tradition,
the plays,

the dim sum. -New York is way better
are you kidding?

New York has everything London has,
just bigger.

That's the problem, Americans are vulgar,
they think more is better.

They invented stand-up comedy.
-Stand-up. Big deal.

"What's your name?"

"Your parents named you
after a candy bar?"

That really compares with Shakespeare
Oscar Wilde, musicals.

I found a duplex in Brooklyn online
that we could actually buy,

instead of spending a fortune
on a house in Hod HaSharon.

It's gorgeous.

How many meters?
-240 feet.

How much is that?
-About 75 square meters.

How will you fit all the kids
into 75 meters?

We'll sleep in shifts.
I can do stand-up there.

They'll get me, I'm subversive,
I do black humor. Israelis are morons.

Let's book a gig next month,

go there and do it.

You can't squeeze five kids into 75 meters.
-Four kids.

Are you having a stroke?
We have four kids.

Smile, let's see
if you have the crooked smile.

I'm pregnant.

I did a test at the hotel.

But you have an IUD.
-I told you, I took it out.

You said you wanted a new one.
-No, I said I took it out.

Aren't you glad?
-Very. Very.

But we said we can't afford
another kid

because we're building
that huge house.

You don't need money to raise kids
you need love.

0 . -What?
-Ow, ow, ow!

What're you doing?
-I can't feel my legs.

What's with you? -I can't feel my legs,
they don't even hurt,

they're numb. -Stop it.
-It's like I'm legless.

I can't feel my legs.
-Get up. Cut it out.

Are you serious?
-Fuck, I can't feel my legs.

Please don't do this to me.
-I can't feel my legs, I'm serious.

They're numb. -Stop it.
-They're like planks.

Please get up.
-Tamar, call for help.

Stop it. -Call somebody.

Help, someone!

Foreigners... you collapse in the street
and nobody cares.

Where are you going, Tamar?

Tamar, you can't leave me here!
I can't...

The doctors can't explain
Guy Nehama's sudden paralysis

at the height of his career
as VP at a growing tech company.

Feel that? -No.

Father of four wonderful children
and a fifth on the way.

Dad, you're bleeding.
Jonathan, stop it.

Feel that now?

A wonder of nature, huh?

You only realize how amazing
the human body is when you're sick.

Shir, bring me the orange juice,
it's too far away.

He tells everyone it was
the rotten salmon he ate

but he's no fool,

deep inside he knows
his wife thinks he's crazy.

Kids, I've discovered that
Israel's disabled are in big trouble.

On Tuesday we're going to
the Ayalon Freeway to protest.

You've wasted your whole
and for what?

You could've done anything,

they still talk about you
in the Psych Department.

Mom, nobody talks about me.

You don't realize how gifted you are.

I raised you to fulfill your potential.


for the millionth time
this is what I wanted,

I didn't even ask him.

Helsinki. Helsinki!

The captives always fall in love
with the kidnapper.

Since you grew up without a father
you sacrificed your desires for his.

He fulfilled his potential
he grew, he made it,

the damned narcissist.

What'll you do now that Mr. Macho
can't support you anymore?

What'll you do?
-Shh, he'll hear you.

him hear me,

Mr. Fertility.

He sneezes and you're pregnant.

Is there any ginger tea left?
It was delicious.

Hurry up, bring it to him.

Hi, Leah.

How are you feeling?

I sleep too much,
it's not good.

Hey, sweetie, where are you?


Come downstairs,
I miss you badly.

Just because my legs are numb
doesn't mean my balls are.

You 1 re so sexy,
I get hot just watching you.

You did what? Oh, no.
Tamar, don't fall asleep.

His wife tells him that she just
swallowed 30 Xanax pills

because she's sick of life
and he shouldn't try to save her.

Fuck. . .

He knows the clock is ticking
that Xanax is deadly.

Come to 63 Havatzelet St., Hod HaSharon
a woman here overdosed.

The dispatcher puts him on hold,
it's up to him now.

He remembers boot camp
when Sgt. Lansky yelled at him:

"Learn to crawl with your hands
it'll save your life one day,




Fuck, fuck...

His wife hung the key up high.

Open up, Tamar.

Fucking "Misery"


Tama r!
-I knew you could walk.

Should I help you vomit?

I didn't take anything, idiot.

As his wife sits there
preaching at him,

telling him she can't
count on him anymore,

Guy Nehama realizes
he's gone too far,

that he has an insane side
and it must be genetic.

When it comes to the kids
you're there for them.

He got it from his depressive, aggressive
mother and there's only one cure.


It must be genetic,
it's the same with his brother Oren

a man who once put someone
in a coma for love.

What's wrong with the dress?
He won't even see it.

I have to go through this every year?

Babe, he's in a coma.
He won't see the dress.

You see me naked, right?
I took out my IUD for you.

That's why you're not going.
-Yes I am.

You put him in that state,
now I want my end of the deal.

Are you gonna kiss him?
-Of course not.

You think this is easy for me?
We said I'd go the first few years

so nobody suspects we're together.
-You think I'm afraid of them?

I'll put that sadist's whole family

Stop it, babe.

It's all good.

You 'll wake him up
with all that perfume.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Dudi...

Look, Michal is here.

-Like every year,

she's here for your birthday.

She loves you too, sweetie

and she wishes you'd wake up,
like we all do.

Come, Michal.

Come give him a kiss.

Come, Michal.



Dudi, Michal's here.

Give him

No, on the lips.

How are you?

rying to be strong.

What are you up

I'm okay. -Yes?
-Yes, fine.

Did you graduate?

Good for you.
-Nice of you to come.

Of course... -We're glad to see you.
-We're family. -That's right.

I took out my IUD.

Oren Nehama and I
are going to have a baby.

He wants me to have his baby.

He respects me, unlike you.

You can stay here and rot.

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

This place. . .

Do you have reception?
-No, how weird.

Guy, be open-minded.
Amos is an expert in these things

he's been to thousands of these hearings
be open-minded. -I am.

Guy. . .

We're going to slaughter
the welfare committee and...

what's the grandmother's name?
-Leah. -Leah.

I'll run her over
like a fucking squirrel.

We'll prove you're a model father.

A provider.

That Leah woman...

She's tough, she's a single mother,

she made Tamar suffer.

I'll hint that she's a frustrated dyke.


we'll say that your late wife

was prone to depression,

she threatened suicide,

that because of her, the boy...

What was his name?


That Johnny got his suicidal
tendencies from her.

We'll prove that you're the victim.

Brilliant, Amos.
-I can't sully Tamar's name.

Guy, she won't be there.

have to defend her honor.

You want to keep the kids?

Then let me handle things,
not your sanctimonious way.

You leftists will shoot yourselves
just to feel good.

I'm not a leftist!
'm perfectly ordinary,

I vote for a different party every time.
-Let me tear them apart.

Just bring your bosses.
-I'm bringing Rami Avital,

he'll tell them about all the gigs
I'll be doing

and how much money I'It make
doing stand-up.

Forget stand-up!

No stand-up!

You know what?

put your kids up for adoption
go ahead, no problem.


get me your boss
from the tech company.

What's it called?
-Elba Technosystems.

Let them come and say

you're the next big thing
and everything will be fine.

But Guy, no jokes,

don't tell them you're an artist.
-God forbid.

It's just hard for me to lie,
I have one foot out of high-tech.

Hard. . .


I know facts
and how facts are interpreted.

Are you registered with the IRS
as being in high-tech?

Are you?

You did a stand-up show
as a bet with the guys at the office

can you prove that's not true?

How much will it cost me?
-It's all taken care of.

Your brother and I worked it out,

Let's be honest,
Dad is done for.

We won't be living here
together anymore.

We have to figure out
where each of us will go.

I have a place, how about you?

Shir, that's not why I called us together
this is an emergency.

I don't get it.

There's a court hearing to decide
whether we can stay with Dad.

So? Grandma Leah has a kickass lawye
she'll take us. -I bet she won't.

I think Oren will get us,
he really wants us.

So no way we'll stay with Dad?
-That's not true. You're scaring him.

What'd you say? -It's not that bad, Eden
we'll see him on weekends

and one weekday a week,
and he'll stay here and recover

while we stay at Grandma Leah's.
-Not Leah, stupid, you're going to Oren.

I just want you to know
that I've packed a suitcase

and I'm taking the kids' laptop.

But Leah's rich,
she has loads of candy and an X-Box

and Oren has Michal.
-Michal is a problem.

But she's asleep
most of the time.

So you're just giving up on Dad?

You know there are gross women
who send him photos of themselves in bikinis

and even worse?
-How do you know?

I read everybody's WhatsApps.

You don't remember, but Dad
was once paralyzed for six months.

Six months?
More like two weeks.

I was old enough then,

and I'm telling you,
he needs a break,

to chill.

At this rate he's an inch away
from full-body paralysis.

Dad's gonna be paralyzed?
-Oren will treat you good

and I'll visit almost every day.

All you care about
is your married boyfriend

and you're the reason
we're being taken away.

So it's my fault? You've got some nerve.
You stole your own money.

You had an epileptic seizure, in the tub,
no less. -Oh yeah, Mr. Thief?

Is it my fault I have lousy genes
that I got from Dad, by the way?

You put on a show, you cry on cue
you're fine, you're just crazy!

Go to sleep, Am
Good night.

Go to sleep,

maybe you'll wake up with hair,

maybe bald.

-See how crazy she is?

The whole point of this discussion is
to figure out how we'll stay with Dad.

I'll run away if they take me away.
-Yeah, Jonathan,

if they take you away you'll run away...
Be sensible. -What's going on?

Nothing, just playing.

That's great.

Let's film a little video

to show how happy we are

and how perfect life here is.

Each kid has an accessory.

Johnny, what are you reading?

At your age?
Bravo, you're a prodigy.

How about some smiles, you guys?

Here's Eden.

Just a sec.


Shh. . .

He's totally out of it.
-Shir, we have to protect him.

Stop seeing your boyfriend
until we decide what to do.

Why do I always have to give up
everything I care about?


What are you doing here?
-Put your shoes on, come with me.

Are you crazy?

I'll explain later, you have to save us
we're done for. Come on.

Arik, it's the middle of the night,
have you lost your mind?

Is your phone working?
-No, I haven't had reception for hours.

Great. 450,000 of our customers
can't communicate. -Wow.

Our whole system crashed and we can't fix it
-What do you want from me?

Last time I checked
you made me a QA guy, right?

Nehama, QA guy or not,
you installed the program, not me.

Six years ago. You think I remember anything
-Well, everyone's at the office,

up in arms.
Don't do this to me, man,

we're in this together.
I have to be with my kids

leave me alone.

You know what you are?
You're a piece of shit.

Don't say that. -You've let me down.
-Arik, please. -You're a piece of shit!

I'm going to the board right now,

I've been protecting you
from them for a whole year

like you were my bear cub,
they want to get rid of you, but I say:

"No, he's a team player,
he'll be there when we need him

but you're a selfish piece of shit.
Fine, don't help me,

I'll go down with the company.
Everything we've done together

will go down the drain.

Talk to Alexei, he's a genius, he'll fix it.
-I can't talk to Alexei,

Dana fired him. -What?!
-Yes, because he objectified her.

I don't even know what that means.
-Let her deal with it.

Or is she gallivanting around
the world with her boyfriend?

Look at my car.
-Is that Dana Khen? You fired her too?

I feel the worst about her.
She's been crying for half an hour.

Weeping and wailing.
-Dana Khen cried?

Like an old lady. She's no fool
she knows she's responsible,

she knows she blew it.
Now the company's gonna shut down

and she'll never find another job.
Where 'll she work?

In a necktie store in a mall? One of those
stands in the middle, not even in a store.

Nehama, be a pal,
she's crushed.

For fuck's sake, Nehama, help us!
-Don't shout, it's the middle of the night.

Okay, I'm coming. -Get in the car!
-You guys are nuts.

I'll just put on my shoes.
-Make it snappy!

I input all the codes you put
in the protocol and it all looks fine

25 seconds later, it crashes.
-Did you try replacing...

I tried replacing the codes
and setting a new username

and overwriting yours.

Blue screen. Listen, Nehama
we have a problem

and Elbaz is going nuts...

You're talking to Elbaz?


About what?

About "What's up, Elbaz, buddy?
It's me, Dana Khen."

I'm a VP and part of my job
is talking to the board.

I spoke to your mother yesterday
for five hours,

she's so upset you aren't getting married,
she called me in tears.

I reassured her. -Arik...
-I told her she can trust me.

Don't like that, do you, Dana?
Well, I don't like you talking to Elbaz.

I'm the CEO and I'm the only one
who talks to the board, okay?

What if he texts me?
Block him?

Elbaz gave you his number? -Yes.
-He voluntarily gave you his number? -Yes.

What did you save him

What's your problem?

What's he saved <
-"Elbaz Babe"?

Elbazie"? "Elbazool"?

What are you, my husband?
He sent me his number...

I'm more than your husband,
I'm your CEO!

Nice to meet you, I'm your CEO.
-I see.

And you're my subordinate.
-Arik, I'm not your subordinate.

Oh, yes you are!
Look around, you're my subordinate

just like I'm Elbaz's subordinate.
-And Elbaz?

Elbaz is God's subordinate.
Dana, this is an outrage!

He gave me his number and invited me
to his wife's surprise birthday party.

So you were at his house, too?!
I see. Wow, you're bonding... -Arik.

With a member of the board
who only I speak to!

I wasn't at his house, he flew us to Rhodes,
it was awesome, why didn't you come?

Arik, I can't run. -Sure you can
you were a paratrooper.

Arik, the Paratroops ruined my knee...
-Out of the way, everyone!

Stas, piss off, you've done enough damage.
Never hire someone from Moldova College...

Move it! What is this,
a company vacation? Get to work!

Please move.

Arik, give me a sec.
Can you get me a cup of coffee?

Decaf, either rice or almond milk.

Get me a decaf with almond milk
and make it snappy!

And I want Fig Newtons in my office!

Motherfuckers !
-Arik, relax.

What a mess... -It doesn't work,
that's what I told you. -Hold on

I'm inputting the codes,
let me see what's happening.

Here, these are the old codes,
I'm trying to get in with them.

Nehama, hurry up.
-Give me a sec.

We tried that, it doesn't work.
-Just give me a second.

Arik, let me concentrate.

Give and go,
this isn't Starbucks!

Oh my god...

I'm telling you, I did that
and it doesn't work. -Hold on, Dana

gimme a sec, sweetie
maybe I can fix it.

You didn't try this, did you?
-No, but you're wasting time...

Dana, where did you serve in the army?
-I started in Intelligence.

Was there cyber in your day?
-For heaven's sake...

Can't you see there's a loop?
This is a loop.

What? -Under this is a Trojan horse
which is inside the software.

A Trojan horse? -And whoever put it in
had all the codes and passwords.

It's an inside job. Here, look.
-I want everyone over here.

Everyone! Now!

I want a lie detector,
I want a secret service agent

this is a security matter.
-Arik, calm down.

The minute you got here,
everything went wrong!

Arik, you left me
a dysfunctional department!

I did? -Yes! -Before you got here
everything was wonderful,

then everything went wrong.
Maybe you planted that thing.

Maybe you planted it! -Hey!
-Maybe you planted it

and now you're backstabbing me
in front of Elbaz!

When I talk to Elbaz, he disses you
and I defend you! -You defend me?

Yes! -I'd rather have ISIS defend me!
Dana, I'm gonna throw you outta here,

30 stories down without an elevator.
-Arik, don't threaten me.

I'm not threatening you.
-Don't make empty threats.

Fine, Dana.
You'll be selling mascara at Walgreens.

It's pretty obvious... -Sit down and work!
-Arik. -What?

It's pretty obvious who planted
the Trojan horse. -Who?

Who did you fire last week?

That piece of shit!

That asshole Alexei!
That fucking freeloader!

I have his number, I'm calling him.
-Tell him the police are coming.

We need his help, Arik.

He'll call while
you plan your affair with Elbaz.

That's sexual harassment.

You want to feel harassed?
It's your choice.

Stop it, both of you.

You're like my kids.

He did this, he did that...
Stop it.

Let me talk to him
and don't say a word.

Arik, I need your license,

whatever we agree on
you have to fulfill.

Give me your license like the good old days.
-You have my license.

You don't give license around here,
if anyone gives license, it's me.


You have my license.

Hey, Nehama.
What' s up?

Alexei, why are you whispering?
-My daughter's asleep,

this is my day with her,
I'm having a ball. What do you want?

Did you hear that someone planted
a Trojan horse in the software we installed?

Do you know anything about it?

Are you recording this call?

Did Arik send you?
Listen, just for the protocol,

I had nothing to do with it
and I know nothing about it.

By the way, when you talk to Arik,
tell him I said

that in our last conversation

he said I'm the worst programmer
he ever had, so if I'm that bad,

how can I make malware?
I'm worthless, okay?

Alexei, rest assured,
this isn't being recorded.

Oh, really? Because there's nothing
to record. I had nothing to do with it.

Listen, if this doesn't get fixed
the company's finished

and everyone goes home.
-I already went home,

why should I help
the guy who screwed me?

You won't step on us
Ukrainians again!

Shit, you woke up my daughter.
Hold on a sec.

I can't talk anymore, I have to put the baby
to sleep, you woke her up. Sorry.

Wait! You'll get anything you want,
I'll give you my promise in writing.

Oh, is that Dana Khen?

Yes, sweetie.

"Sweetie"? Yo mama's a sweetie
you slut!

You threw me under the bus
you fucking bitch!

You talk to him.

Gone are the days when you
could talk to me this way!

Whore. -Alexei. -What?
They'll send me home too

me, your friend, and you know
how badly I need this job.

You know I have a parental capacity
hearing in three days?

I know you aren't involved,

but if there's one person
who can fix this, it's you. -Oh

now you're talking.

Whatever you ask for,
these fuckers will give you.

Listen here,
you tell those fuckers I want:

13,000 a month, okay?

I want a 50% raise in salary,

I want a 5-year contract, minimum,

and I want a CEO's car and a VP

Got that?
-Never, he can go fuck himself.

Oh... Arik's there, huh?

Good morning, Arik the scumbag,

how are you?

Hold on a sec.

Send him the email,
we're done for.

The lines are up again!

Nehama, I wanna smear you
in maple syrup and let someone lick you!

You rule!

Amazing, we're back in business.

Mom, I'll call you back.
Just checking if it works. Bye.

He's such a doofus. -Totally.
-Unbelievable. -Unbelievable.

One of a kind. -One of a kind.
-Really. -As goofy as they get.

The lines are up?

The lines are up!

Nehama, you rule!

How are you and Asi doing?

It's complicated.

Got boring after two weeks?

No, he...
he isn't used to relationships,

suddenly he's talking
about having kids...

So? You'll be a great mom
and he'll be a great divorcee.

You jerk.

Excuse me, I need to do something.
-What're you doing?

As long as I'm inside
the cellular company's servers

and I have the codes,

I'll get Tamar's phone info...


Ruthie, Ruthie...

Arik. -Yes?
-It's Elbaz. -Oh.

Now he's gonna take all the credit
and get a raise.

How much money does one guy need?
What a little shit.

Elbaz is gonna fire him.
Don't be ridiculous. -Listen

he's firing him,
we're texting each other now.

I'm getting his job.
-You're so... -Yes.

You're so sneaky.

What a shark.
You're insidious !

You think you can fire me?

Elbaz, you've got it wrong.

You've got it very wrong, Elbaz.


You can't fire me, understand?

built this company, Elbaz!

Nice, Nehama, you saved your job
for the parental capacity hearing.

Dana, I'm here because of you
not the hearing.

He hung up on me, damn it!
Dana, what's Elbaz's number?

Give it to me now!
-I'm sending it.

"Elbaz Rhodes"?
You have him saved as "Elbaz Rhodes"?


You dare hang up on me?

Elbaz, you

Elbaz !



He's here.


Babe, he's here.

Wake up, babe, he's here.


I'm telling you, he's here.

Who's he re? My dad?
-No, Dudi.

He's standing in the street, smiling.

He's here, babe, get up!

What are you waiting for?

Wait, I have a morning woody.

Amos, go back to sleep.
-Where are you going?

Dudi Blaustein the pilot
is here to kill me.

Michali, don't risk your life,
let him deal with it.

Dad, you moved us to the West Bank,
don't talk to me about risking lives.

Michali, I said no!
-Go back to sleep.

Where is he?
Where is he?

He was standing here.

Are you

You think I'm crazy?

I'm no doctor, but I think you're crazy.
It's 3 a.m. and there's nobody here.

Dudi came out of his coma
and came to kill me,

you have to protect me.

Let's move to Jerusalem.

The housing market there is amazing,
in 6 months I'll be queen of the realtors.

I'm crazy about you,
your self-confidence turns me on

I'm ha rd again.
-You're always hard.

Let's go upstairs,
I'll screw your brains out

you'll come and fall asleep.
-You know we can't.

Why is your dad sleeping
in our living room?

He's a lawyer,
can't he afford a hotel room?

He's a lawyer from Pisgat Ze'ev,
not Tel Aviv.

But we can't have sex because of him.
-Sorry, I scream when I come.

And I love that,
but you invited him.

You invited him.
-For coffee.

I didn't know he'd sleep over.

He usually says no
but this time he said yes.

Why wouldn't he? The cheapskate...
He wants 5,000 shekels.

You're looking for excuses
to avoid intimacy.

Not nice, babe. You know I'm stressed
and you keep pressing the point.

What point?

That I've lost my libido.

You think it's easy for me?
I'm not a machine.

You should feel flattered
that I want to have sex with you.

But I can't

I'll tell you when I want it, okay?

If men waited for women to tell them,
humanity would've gone extinct long ago.

Babe this is a , I
realize ha rd time, but...

if I don't have sex,
I'll get prostate cancer, Guy said so.

Then jerk off.
-That's insulting.

You know I'm trying to quit.
It's like cigarettes, one wank and boom

you're doing a box of tissues a day.
-How could you go to her bachelorette party?

You opened that door,
and now Dudi Coma is stalking me again.

He isn't stalking anyone, after six years
in a coma he can't even walk.

You're going to leave me.

You're always thinking about her,
I saw your phone,

your Facebook was open to her page
"The New Michal Solomon."

Maybe you're so obsessed
you opened to her page.

it was you.

She's pregnant.

Very pregnant.


See? I didn't even know.

She's pregnant, and I can't be,

You're not infertile, but like it or not,
you're not Mary and I'm not a carpenter

and the Holy Spirit
won't get you pregnant.

You'll have to let me hump you.


What's up, moron?
-Are you awake?

You woke me up.

I can't sleep, Guy,
I'm freaking out.

Over poor Michal?
How could she do it again?

I hope the pills helped.
-The other Michal, bro.

She's sending me messages
via Instagram.

She posted a picture of a tennis bag
in the maternity ward.

Who are you, Roger Federer?

We met at tennis lessons, Guy.

We had sex, bro.

September 8th at my place,
September 11th at her place,

then in the stairwell.

September 15th in the oncologist's office,
then at my place again,

then in your bedroom.
-Yuck, you sicko!

You had sex in my bed?!

That's gross.
I hope you changed the sheets.

Go to sleep, bro.

My heart won't fall asleep, bro,
I'm in love.

I'm in love with my child-to-be.

You know you and I have gotten
much closer since Tamar died?

What's that noise?
Where are you?

In the hospital, I'm meeting Kube.

don't tell him we spoke,
I owe him money.

now I won't be able to sleep.

What's up, Kube?
-How's it going, Nehama?

Did you find him?
-Of course.

That was fast.
less than 24 hours.

I'm the best.

So what are we doing here?

Dudu Coma.

Right where you left him.

sleeping like a baby.


I spoke to his doctor,

he hasn't improved.

In fact
he seems to be getting worse

he stopped opening his eyes.

That fucking Michal!

Oren. . .

That fucking Michal.

Oren. . .

Fucking bitch.
- Relax .

Relax? My wife's a sicko.

You have to calm down,

I say that from 5 years' experience
as a private eye.

From now on
nothing good's gonna happen, only bad,

don't do anything.
You're out of commission.

Passive, you

My dad always said: "Whatever you do,
don't marry a girl you met in a loony bin."

I didn't know you met there.

At a rehab village.

That bastard abused her,

I had to put him in a coma
just to stop him.

Guy says the guards in the maternity ward
change shifts at 5 a.m.

Oren, you're losing it.


Hey, Daddy's sweetheart.

Come to Daddy.



She's beautiful.
-It's a boy.

He's beautiful.

Are you kidnapping my baby?

Can a father kid
is own baby?

Of course not.

He looks just like me, but tiny.

Same eyes, same mouth.

He has your nose and cheeks.

You don't say.

Do you need to nurse him?
-No, I just did.

You're the best. Of course you did
you're the best mom in the world.

Thanks, sweetie.

Put him down, okay?

Put him down gently
and let's take a little walk.


You're so beautiful.

How about a hug?

What joy, huh?

Wow, I'm so excited.

All my chakras are open...

What's his name? Chico?


His name's Eviatar.

Why Eviatar?

My army commander who screwed me
was named Eviatar, you knew that.

I'm here, talk to me.

Nehama, he isn't yours.

Okay? I'm sorry,
but you're stuck in some loop.

Like back in the rehab village

You're subject to some
unreal obsession.

Put him down, okay?

Let's take a walk, okay?

September 8th at my place,

September 11th in the stairwell
and then in your apartment.

September 15th in the oncologist's office,
then on your balcony again,

then at Guy's house.
Of course he's mine.

You wrote down the dates?
I was on the pill when we were together.

Then let's do a DNA test.
-A DNA test? I'm married,

that makes him a bastard
is that what you want?

What are you afraid of
if you're so sure he isn't mine?

Stop it, Oren.

I don't want to argue, okay?


let's take a walk
and calm down, okay?

Can I take a hair as a memento?
-You're not doing a DNA test!

Stop it.

Can you please pass me...

the diaper and blanket from there?

From where?

Guard! Guard!

Guard, this man is trying
to kidnap my baby!



He wants to kidnap my baby!

Oh, come on... It's all right,
hands off, I'm a cop.

This woman just had a baby,
she's nuts, this is a family quarrel.

Turn around.
-Who do you think you are,

coming here at 5 a.m.
and taking my baby from his crib?!

Who are you, you lunatic?
-He's my baby too! -No he isn't.

We had sex in September, and you
found out you were pregnant in October.

He's my baby too, you hear?

Let me change my baby's diaper!
-You're not doing a DNA test.

I don't need to, a father knows.

Is a father just a genetic marker?
Doesn't a father have rights?

Hands off, he's my baby too.
-Leave me alone.

Relax, it's my poop!
It's my poop!

Let me go peacefully.
Hey, hey, whoa!

No fighting in front of my son.
Relax, it's all good.

Hands off, I said.

Hands off or I'll shove your fingers
up your ass.

Michail! It's my poop too!

Don't get me started.
Two big lugs... Michali!

Don't get me started.
you know it's my poop too!

Lay off or I'll fuck you up!

Good morning, Luna.
-Good morning.


Where is everybody?

I came to say goodbye.

What happened?

Didn't you hear the news?
-No, what news?

They closed the company.
-You're kidding.

Half the country's phones didn't work
for 8 hours. -I can't believe it.

They cancelled our contract.

They fired me, Dana,

Elbaz, the whole board of directors.

I can't believe it.

You, everyone.
Technosystems is history.

Legally speaking,
Elba Technosystems no longer exists.

It's all over.

They shoved that umbrella
way up our asses, Nehama.

Way up.
-I have a court hearing today, Arik.

What can you do? They fired Steve Jobs
at the height of his career too.

Every resume has to have
a dismissal, right? I mean...

A life's work.

now that I'm no longer the boss

I want us to get closer, I want us
to be friends, I mean, we're pretty...

My subordinates
don't see my friendly side,

I have a tender, fun side
that you'll get to know,

so I started a WhatsApp group
for all the employees, and...

I want us to keep in touch, so...

If I send a joke,
you don't even have to read it

just write "hahaha"
so the others will see...

Arik, I have a crucial hearing
about custody of my kids,

my parental capacity,

and I have to show
I have a normal, decent job.

I understand, man.

Good luck.

Good luck.

It'll be okay.

Hey, do you play squash?

No, why?
-You could teach me

now that I have lots of free time...

Well... good luck.

Just to remind you,
when we go in

we tell the judge
we want to stay with Dad.

Oh, Dalit.
Watch him a sec, Shir...

Dalit. -Yes, Nehama?
-Listen, Dalit,

you have to cancel the hearing
and withdraw your request.

We'll talk before the judge, okay?
-No, listen, Dalit,

the kids want to be with me
they love me, they need me.

I'm sure they do,
but you need a vacation and help

and as bad as things may seem
there are people who love you

and want to help you.
-I don't need your help, okay?

I admit I've had some bad luck, but you're
persecuting me, I'm like fucking Dreyfus!

Listen, your family loves you,
your friends love you,

you're amazing people.

Leah is a wonderful woman
educated. . . -What?!

she loves your children,

and you know how much Oren
loves and cares for them?

Oren? The kids are
-Are they?

Jonathan, who tried to kill himself?

Shir, who's having an affair
with her teacher? -That never happened.

It happened.

Eden, who got in trouble for stealing?
-She made that up.

She didn't make it up. Amir, a greengrocer
who ran his grandfather over...

He only ran over his foot.

Shir, who almost died
of epilepsy in the bathtub.

It's genetic.
-It's vandalism.

There was no vandalism.
-Yes the re was!

Security cameras
caught your whole family,

I don't even want to say it -
crapping in the schoolyard!

How do you know all this?
-They all go to clubs on Friday nights,

you think that's right?
People smoke dope around them.

Listen, Oren and Leah
are good people,

they'll take care of the kids...

You'It get better
and you'll get the kids back.

Why do you keep mentioning Oren?
-I understand you're upset.

Of course I'm upset.
-Okay, but think of your children.

You have wonderful children.
Think of them. -Cancel it.

We'll talk before the judge.
-So that's how it is?

Everyone has problems. -Nehama...
-Check anyone, you'll find something.

Nehama, think of your children.
-Dalit, cancel

It's wrong.

You can pin this stuff
on anyone!

You're corrupt!

I'll take him.
Come here, cutie.

We'll be fine. I'll go in,
you tell them your truth,

I'll make them laugh
and we'll come out okay.

Here are my children,

Amir, my sweetie,
and Jonathan.


Grandma, you're on my shit


I'm on Oren's
-What? side.

Hurry, we have to go in.

My sweetheart.
Grandma's sweetheart...

On Oren's side?

Where've you been?

Can I have a word with you?

We have a problem.

Amos isn't coming.


Michal Solomon gave birth yesterday.

I went to visit my baby,

he's so cute, Guy.

Reminds me of Eden at that age.

Anyway, they arrested me
and Amos bailed me out.


Nehama, we love you.

What's up, Eitan?

Amos, you realize he's my son?
It wasn't my choice.

Not your choice?

No, it wasn't my choice.

Amos, you're a divorce lawyer,
you understand urges, don't you?

And despite this blunder you're
a professional with the most lofty ethics

and you're coming
to Guy's hearing tomorrow, right?

He isn't coming.

I kicked his ass.
He started it.

Now he's screening my calls.

I'm sorry.

Let's go up together and ask for a deferral.
-Oren, did you talk to Welfare?

About my baby?
-No, about my kids.

Why, what did
that bitch Dalit tell you?

How do you know her?

Did you tell her all that?

Did you betray me?
Did you stab me in the back?

It's not like that, Guy, I've known her
for years, we're old friends.

You told your little whore
about my kids?

I'm sorry.

Go ahead and hit me,
you'll feel better.

But remember,
I also have a child I can't see.

My kids are real,
not imaginary.

I'm sorry. Tamar asked me
to protect you.


Oren, this is a restroom floor!

Ouch! Ouch!

Dad, for heaven's sake.

The hearing's starting.

I let you go this time.