Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Naked Attraction - full transcript

Taking part this time are Sapphire, who is looking for a woman, and Kieron who will be choosing from six women in the Naked Attraction pods.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
'This programme contains full
frontal nudity and adult content'
Dating online is a nightmare.

I tried the whole Tinder thing.

It's not really worked out that
great for me.

Status symbols, online profiles,

and the clothes we wear

can all get in the way of finding
our perfect mate.

I can look at a guy and go,
"Yeah, he's fit."

Then, when it comes to being naked,
I'm like..."OK, maybe not."

But what would happen if we were
stripped of all the things

that usually define us?

In this dating show, we go back
to basics.

Are you ready?

Bring it on.

And start where a good date
often ends.



Don't know where to look.

Have you ever been faced with
six penises?

No, but I feel like I should
have done.

What do men and women really find
physically attractive?

Wow. This fantastic.

And could picking a partner, based
solely on their natural beauty...

Could be a grower. us find the one.

I've never met anybody like
this before,

and I don't know where to look.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

Who are you going to pick for
your date?

This is the hardest decision of
my life.

Oh, my God.

Every naked body has
something to offer,

and as someone who has been cosy
with Arthur and Martha,

I appreciate the beauty in boys'
bods and birds' bits.

Inside each of these coloured pods
is a brave, naked singleton,

but only one of them will be picked
to go on a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

My name is Sapphire,
I'm 23 years old.

I'm a residential care worker, and
I'm from Kent.

I do like to dance, I do a bit of
street and hip-hop.

I'd honestly like to find a
girl that could, maybe, keep up.

I've been single about nine
months now.

I'm looking for a woman I can share
my life and my time with.

I hope that person's out there.
I'm not 100% sure, to be honest.

I absolutely love my dogs.
A little bit like me,

they have their own style,
which can vary.

A lot.

I would say, I'm a fashion
chameleon, actually.

Sometimes I'm really girlie.

Other times, I'm more gangster or
just pure biker chick.

Society judges people a lot on what
they wear.

And I think by doing this show and
getting rid of all that,

you can really find out a lot more
about who people really are,

rather than just what they wear.

Sapphire, how are you?

For a number of reasons.

This is a look. This is definitely a
bit of a fashion statement, I'd say.

What happened? Had a
motorbike accident. Ow!

But I'm loving the fact you're
rocking the sparkly cast thing.

Thank you very much. It's a bit
grungy. I kind of like it.

OK, so, what kind of girl are you
looking for?

I'm probably looking for someone
that's a bit spontaneous, fun,

doesn't take themselves
too seriously.

But why pick somebody naked?

When you remove the clothes,

I think you can really get to know
the real person.

Also, doing it this way is
quite interesting.

It's completely different, which is
why I'm intrigued.

Are you ready to play the game?
Bring it on. OK.

Behind those coloured pods, you have
got six completely naked women.

Each of them has an attribute

that you have said that you
find attractive.

We're going to reveal them to you
bit by bit.

Based purely on naked
physical attraction,

you're going to whittle them down
from six to one.

Let's do it.

And there we have it.

Never been in this situation before!

Who are you instantly attracted by?

Green. I like the tattoo.
Love the tattoo, actually.

Do you like that? Have you got tats?

I haven't got tats at all but I love
them on other people.

Yeah, I'm a piercing girl.

I just think... It gives you a bit
of an edge.

Let's have a look.

Oh, Sapph, why did you want to
pierce your tongue?

Fashion or sex?
Oh, sex, definitely.

Explain this to me,

because I've never been with a girl
that's had a pierced tongue

or a fella. Fill me in.

OK, it's fun to flick...

Do you mean on the clitoris?

Yeah. Does it make a difference?
I haven't had a complaint before.

How do you feed about absolutely no
pubic hair?

Absolutely fine by me.
Is that your preference?

I'd say less is more, to
be honest.

Anybody else?

Pink. That is a natural bush.

It's very, very attractive, Sapph.

A little bit scared. Have you had a
particularly difficult experience,

Sapph, I'm sensing?

I might have had a little bit of a
difficult experience one time.

I met this girl, got back to
the bedroom...

..she took her pants off,

and it was like the '80s all
over again.

So pubic shorts?

Yeah, just completely wild.
And I didn't even know what to do.

I didn't know if I should try it
or not try...

That's a refusal at the gate for me.

When it comes to pubic hair,

lesbian women are apparently
six times more likely

to have a fuller bush.

One informal study showed only 3% of
straight women

chose the au naturel look, compared
to 20% of lesbian women.

What about red?

I don't really know what to make of
it, actually. Because of the labia?

What do you prefer?

If I had to pick, I'd probably say
more tucked up,

but it wouldn't bother me, if I
liked the person.

OK. Anyone else that you find
particularly appealing?

Orange. What are we saying?

Yeah, I'd say that was the one I was
most attracted to.

Very neat and tidy. Very neat and
tidy, yeah.

OK. I think we need to see the
girls' bums.

Are you a fan? I am a fan.

OK, would you mind turning around?

Oh, wow.

Happy days, eh?

Whose bum do you like?

Green. Do you like that?

What makes a good bum, in
your world?

It's got to have shape to it.

At the same time, not huge and
shapeless, if you know what I mean.

Sure, so not too big a bum.

Anybody else?

Pink. Definitely looks grabbable.

It looks grabbable.

So can you just turn back around
for us, please, ladies,

so we can see the front?

You need to say goodbye to the girl
that, at this stage,

you are least physically drawn to.

So take a good look.

And, when you're ready, let me know
who you would like to lose.

It's a tough decision.

Unfortunately, it's probably going
to have to be...

Pink. Oh, pink!

Why, Sapphire?

Honestly, I think it's the bush.

I think that's the decider.

Well, let's find out who you're
actually saying goodbye to, Sapph.

Oh, God.

This is...Debbie.

She is 34, and she's an outreach
officer from Buckinghamshire.

Hello. Hello.

Lovely to see you. She's gorgeous!

She is, as well.

So I'm ever so sorry.

Goodbye, Debbie.

I feel bad.

I'm disappointed that I was the
first off.

She made that decision based on my
pubic hair, and that's OK.

I really liked her, she was
really pretty.

And she had a piercing in her nose
which I thought was incredibly sexy.

We're now going to reveal the middle
part of the body.

Are you ready? Ready.


Very interesting.

This is the best part, I'm
not going to lie.

I'm a boob girl, definitely.

Are you? I am, yes.
What do you prefer?

Maybe, kind of, B-, C-cup,
something like that.

That's tiny! No, no, it's not.

Tiny. I've only got little hands,
I mean...

You don't want too much. OK.

Who are you instantly attracted by?

Beautiful shape is on green.

OK. OK. So drawn to green.

Very, very sexy.

Very cute. Just the figure,
the curves.

Just want to grab it.

Oh, really? Just a grabbable body
going on there?

Definitely. Who are you
surprised by?

Red, I'm quite surprised.

Her boobs are nice.

They're just a bit smaller
than I would normally go for.

From the actual hips, I was thinking
slightly bigger.

So that was a bit of a shock.

Sapph may prefer a bigger chest,
but one study

has found that large breasts are
24% less sensitive than small ones.

This may be because smaller breasts

have the same amount of
nerve endings

condensed into a smaller area,

which often means greater
sexual pleasure

for the woman attached to them.

Blue. Very cute.

Very cute body. Is it enough of a
handful for you, Sapph?

I'd say so. That would be
fine, yeah.

OK. .


Beautiful curves. That is an
hourglass and a half.

Do you like a girl to have those
proper sort of hips?

Yeah. Really?

Yeah, because it's womanly, it's
what you expect, I think.

Well, the hips don't lie.

A recent study shows women with
bigger hips

may be more sexually open.

Moving on.

Orange, I'd have to say.

The tattoos, very, very sexy.

Nice boobs again.

So are the hips wide enough for you?
Oh, yeah.

Oh, wow.

How am I going to decide?

It's difficult. OK.'s decision time.

At this stage, you have to say
goodbye to the girl that,

at the moment, you find least
physically attractive.

Let me know when you've made
a decision.

OK. Yeah?

It's going to have to be green.

Why, Sapphire?

Just a tiny bit curvier than I would
normally go for.

But, still, perfect boobs.

OK, Sapph, we'd better see who
you are saying goodbye to.

This is...


She's 24, and she's a waitress
from Manchester.

I knew she'd be pretty, I knew it.

Vicki, come and join us.

Look at you. Oh, wow.

I'm regretting it already.

It was quite nice having someone
review my body.

They said I had a nice bum.
That was really nice

and it actually made me feel
really good.

It was quite fun.

A little bit crazy but, yeah, fun.

Coming up, Sapphire bravely bears
all before choosing who to date.

And a brand-new singleton gets to
pick a partner

based on naked attraction.
Wow, they're amazing.

Earlier, 23-year-old Sapphire

whittled six women down to four,

based on physical attraction alone.

She can only choose one woman
to go on that date,

so who will she lose next?

Four stunning women remain.

Next round, you are going to be
seeing their faces

for the very first time.

Wow, that is going to be
a game changer for me.

Is it? Definitely.
Shall we have a look?

Nerve-racking. It is!

Yeah. Wow.

Shall we do a royal tour? Yeah.

I think we sort of need to get
up close and personal.

Got beautiful blue eyes, lovely
lips, good skin, lovely hair.

Very pretty girl. You never would
have put that minge with that head.

Would you? No.
Are you a fan of blondes, then?

Yeah, I do like blondes, yeah.

OK, Red is checking out
the competition there.

Very pretty girl. Lovely teeth.

Sapphire is not the only one
to notice good teeth.

Good dental hygiene is key
to securing a date,

as researchers have found
that bad teeth and bad breath

are the two biggest dating turn-offs.

This could be why cosmetic dentistry
has seen a 50% rise recently,

as people seek out everything

from laser whitening,

to implants and veneers.

Yellow. Wow, very pretty.

Love her hair. Beautiful.
Yeah, it's a good look.

Like the glasses, as well. Very
cute. A little bit edgy.

I thought that. A bit of edge. A bit
feisty. Do you think she would be

a little bit more adventurous in the
bedroom? Yeah, probably a bit more
dominant, as well.

Really?! I'd say so.
OK, so looking at Orange.

I'm not surprised, actually. Pretty.

She is being demure, as well.
Isn't she?

Nice smile. OK.
Not making my job any easier.

I think they're all dating material,
to be honest.

Yeah, they're all dating material.
This is the problem.

You are going to have to make
a decision, though, Sapphire.

God, do I have to? You have to lose
the girl that at this point

you find
least physically attractive.

Take a good look and let me know
when you're ready.

Really sorry about this, but it's
going to have to be...

yellow. Why? Because when I was
looking into their eyes,

that was the least connection
out of the four.

Sapphire, this is Sarah-Jane.

She is 23 and she is a carer
from Edinburgh.

Sapphire absolutely loved your tiny
waist, your boobs.

It's not a date. I'm sorry.

It has been a positive experience.

I normally just
go on about the only thing

I've got going for me is my boobs.

So, at least, I know there is
obviously something else.

The next round, for the first time,

you are going to hear
what they sound like. OK.

I'm going to ask each of the girls
individually to say what you like

most about your body
and what you like least.

So, starting with Blue.

She will probably be
quite well-spoken, I'm thinking.

OK, so you think posh. Yes.

I like my legs best.

I like my tummy the least.

Sounded how I thought. I'm getting
the impression you quite like Blue.

I'm not giving anything away.
Oh, OK!

Keep me guessing. That's it. OK, Red.

Maybe a foreign accent?

I like my bum the most, because
it is round and I hate my feet.

I was wrong there. No accent.

OK, Orange. She is going to be
quite loud in general.

And I'm thinking probably
a bit more high-pitched.

I like my neck the best

and I hate my boobs most.

What's that about? They're amazing!

You have to make a decision.

Yeah. You have to say goodbye to the
girl that you find least attractive

at this point.

Let me know when you've made
that decision.

Oh, they're not making it easy
for me at all.

They're all giving me this look.
Oh, dear.

I'm a bit stumped, but I'm going to
have to make a choice, aren't I?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Who is the girl
that you would like to lose?


Why? I think it's the whole
posh thing.

I think that's what it is.
I think maybe she's a bit too...

Yeah. Upper-class for me.

Blue, I am so sorry. This is Amy.

She's 33, she's a yoga teacher
from Winchester.

Incredible body. Thank you.
The only thing that let you down...

My posh voice.
I'm really sorry, babe.

No problem. Enjoy your date.
Oh, thank you.

Look at that tush go. Oh, I know.
Watch and weep, Sapphire.

I am weeping. Sapphire was really
positive about me, so I've come away

feeling more confident about my body
than I was when I arrived.

She thought I was too posh, which
if she had hung out with me,

she would know that it is definitely
not the case.

So, Sapphire, just two girls remain,

and very shortly you will get to meet
them for the first time face-to-face,

before you make your decision
on who you want to date.

But they are also going to get to
see YOU naked

and tell you what they think
about your body.

Oh, dear. Payback.

It is payback. It is payback. So, you
know what it means -

get that crop top off.
See you later.

Based on physical attraction alone,

Sapphire has whittled six women down
to just two.

30-year-old dancer Natasha

and 25-year-old restaurant manager

But only one of them can go on that

to find out if there is chemistry
when the clothes come on.

Natasha, Katie, how are you feeling?

I think that was the most terrifying
thing I've ever done!

Was it really? I'm worryingly calm.
To be honest,

I didn't have any expectations,

because looking
at all the other girls,

they're all gorgeous,
but in very different ways.

So far, you have only seen Sapphire
with her kit on.

All of that is about to change.

Look at you!

Natasha, what do you think
of Sapphire's body?

Yeah, really beautiful.
You have really good boobs.

You are much smaller chested,
obviously, than Sapphire.

Yes. Do you find bigger boobs

Yeah, definitely,
because it is very sexy

to have a bit of curve and stuff.

I kind of guessed she was going
to be petite, like me.

It was quite obvious
she had large boobs.

So looking at Sapph's vagina.
Have you got any pubes, Sapphire?

A little bit. Oh, you have a little

A little bit. Katie, are you
a pubic hair kind of lady?

If you're going to meet someone,

I think it is best to go completely
off or very trimmed,

because I think it shows
that you are making an effort,

if that makes sense. Interesting.

In front of you, you've got Natasha

and you have Katie.

You have to make a decision
on who you want to date.

Very difficult. They are just so
different. They're both beautiful.

Um, the person that I would like
to go on a date with... Natasha.

Katie, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

It's all right. Don't worry
about it. Enjoy your date, guys.

Thank you.

Receiving compliments like that from
someone you've never met before

definitely is quite powerful,

because they are completely

She had a really amazing body,
she was cute.

It's a shame I didn't win,
but it was an amazing experience.

Hi, babe, you all right?

Why are you so surprised?

I think just out of,
like, six people,

I didn't think it would be me!


Modest. That is very sweet.

OK, well, next time you guys
see each other,

it's going to be
with your clothes on.

Thank God!
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Off you go. Have a fantastic date,

See you later.

Very happy with my selection.

We had a little connection
when I look into her eyes

and she seems quite shy, quite coy,
which is quite attractive.

I'm a little bit anxious
about the date,

but I'm really looking forward
to seeing her with clothes on -

for a change!

And, hopefully, we get along
on a personality level,

as well as a physical level.

Hello! How are you?

Nice coat, very warm.

Do you want a cocktail, babe?


I did find it a little bit strange
to have seen them naked

before the date, but, actually,
I thought it really broke the ice.

It just meant that, basically,
we had nothing to be insecure about.

It can be awkward, can't it, the
first time you see each other naked?

It can be full of nerves.

I don't know, I'm usually too drunk
to remember. Oh, dear!

Fair enough!

I fancy Sapphire.

She is very attractive.

There's a little bit of a spark.

Have you always known
you liked women from a young age?

Yeah, I probably came out
when I was about 20.

Oh, wow, that's really late.

Do you go on a lot of dates?

I'm sure you understand, meeting gay
girls is not the easiest, really.

No. Especially in Kent, there's
not really a gay scene.

I've actually completely forgotten
how to date.

Really? I haven't been on a date
in 3.5 years.

I'm just really, really happy that I
met someone so gorgeous and someone

that is so down to earth and
someone that is looking for

something similar, and I can't wait
to see where it goes.

Do we want to see each other again?
Yeah. Are you mad?

Of course. OK! I wouldn't have
picked you, would I?

I think I made a good choice.

Tell me about your date.

We got on pretty well
on our first date.

Who was flirting the most?

I don't think...
Nobody was really flirting.

I'd say I was flirting quite a bit.

What has happened since your date?

Since our date,
Sapph came for a night.

We got to know each other and had
some drinks and it was fun.

Would you like to see each other

I think we ARE seeing each other

We do have plans
for Natasha to come down

to stay with me for two nights.

Meet my mum, meet my dogs,
things like that.

And we are just going to take it
date by date and see how it goes,

but at the moment, everything's
looking pretty good, I'd say.

Are you excited?
Yeah. Yeah, very excited.

Coming up, 32-year-old Kieron
meets six naked women,

before choosing a date,
based on Naked Attraction.

First reactions? How lucky I am.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the dating show
that lays everything bare.

Another six naked singletons
are hoping to get a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

My name's Kieron. I'm a field
account manager for a successful

company from Basingstoke.

I've been single for
about three years now.

I've focused on myself
for the last few years.

I can now start looking
for a relationship.

I would like to meet
the perfect lady,

but finding the time
is easier said than done.

I love him, he's my son. He's
got his house, he's got a great job.

At the moment, he's the most
eligible bachelor.

Do you have dating apps
like Tinder and stuff?

I don't think they're that great.

I prefer to meet someone

My experience of dating apps
hasn't been very good.

There's been numerous catfishes,

meeting people who don't look
anything like their profile

I like to think of myself
as a modern man.

He's a natural born gentleman.
Making dinner, getting

the right wine for them.
He's a born romantic.

I'm definitely excited
about getting naked.

I've always been one of these people
that does anything, anywhere.

I think this might top the list.

Nice to see you here. Thank you
very much. How are you feeling?

Well, I'm about to see six naked
women, so I'm ecstatic.

Happy days for you, I'd say.

How do you feel about
getting naked yourself?

I would have rather...a bit
more time to do press-ups and

sit-ups, but I'm ready.
I'm ready. OK.

You have six stunning women
behind each of these coloured pods.

They have been picked specifically
because each of them has an

that you have said you find
physically attractive.

OK. We are going to reveal these
girls to you bit by beautiful bit

and you have to eliminate them
from six to one,

based on pure physical attraction.

OK. Are you ready?


And there we have it. It is the gift
that just keeps on giving.

It is.

First reactions, Kieron.

How lucky I am.

Is there anybody in particular
you think, "Yeah, I'm really,

"really drawn to that girl"?
I would say green.

Just tell me what it is about green
that you find attractive,

and I'm thinking you're probably
talking about vagina.

Yeah, see, you'd be wrong
there, actually.

It was the nails. The nails?

What? On her hands? Yeah, you can
see that that's a well-kept young

But the fact is she's got
absolutely no pubic hair, as well.

Do you like that? I do, yeah.

I've had some bad experiences
with lots of pubic hair in the past.

What happened? Choking incidences.
An actual choking incident?

Yeah, and it's a definite
mood killer.

There was a lot of coughing
and spluttering.

Euw! Yeah. Well, sex is risky.

A third of British adults have
reportedly been injured from

How about blue? Yes.

I can see five o'clock shadow.

Yeah, but you're not going to choke
on a five o'clock shadow.

It's when they get into the '70s
kind of look.

So, you're OK
with that amount of pubes?

Yeah. Let's talk about labia.
OK. Do you like innies, outies?

Frondy, frilly?

Normally, I've always said
that I would like to go very

neat, but actually being
in this situation,

I don't think it's as much of
an issue as I would've thought.

So, doesn't bother you.
No, no, it doesn't.

Because obviously, you know,
red has got some lip showing.

Yes. Very attractive.


When it comes to vaginal lips,
bigger might be better.

A recent study has shown women with
larger labia enjoy greater sexual

pleasure, and this may be because

inner vagina lips,
or the labia minora,

are packed full of thousands
of nerve endings,

which may mean increased sensitivity

for the lucky lady
they're attached to.

Pink definitely is more on display.

I would say it was an outie. But
she's also got the bridge there,
as well.

Hang on, what's a bridge?

A bridge is the gap,
so that you can see through.

OK, yeah. Oh, I didn't realise
that's called a bridge...

Yeah. ..not having one myself.

It's important because of sexual
positions and things like that.

A-ha, so we're talking
access issues.

Exactly. Any other bridge work?

Orange. She's got some brilliant
tattoos, hasn't she?

Lovely little neat, tiny VG.

She has. And well-kept house
again, as well.

OK, so we've got a tidy girl.
Yeah. OK, Kieron.

You have to make a decision.

You are going to have to say goodbye
to one girl, so just have a look.

Who would you like to lose?

Orange. Orange. It's going to be
orange. Tell me why.

It was the lack of bridge,
I'm afraid.

OK, we had better see exactly
who it is you are saying goodbye to.


This is Nancy.

She's an upholsterer from Brighton.

Hello, my love. Hello.

Kieron, Nancy.

Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you.

He said I had quite a tidy vagina,
which I don't hear that often.

I will take those comments
as compliments.

So, I'm a bit gutted
that I didn't win the date.

But I came here for some fun,
I've had some fun and I'm going away

feeling a lot more confident
about myself.

Five girls remain.

Ready to see some more?
Yes. OK.

A-ha. Definitely a lot more variety
now, isn't there? Yeah.

Which boobs are you drawn to?

Erm... I would say yellow.

They definitely got my attention.
Yes. She's got very nice...

I'm going to say natural boobs.

Natural boobs. No, I was
very wrong, wasn't I?

But they are great.

Definitely. Have you ever been with
a girl before that had fake breasts?

Yes. They kind of don't fall how
they should do and they kind of

together instead of separately.

In unison. Almost in unison.

Right. Let's look at pink.

OK. Mm-hm.

Again, very symmetrical boobs.

And that's not more than a handful,
so that's definitely not a waste.

Look at that. I'm slightly jealous
of any girl whose boobs don't move.

Wow. Let's go over to green.

Wow! They're very nice.

Yeah, she's got a very nice,
very nice curvy figure.

Kieron's among the 81% of men
who crave a curvy figure.

But this attraction might be
about more than just looks.

Studies show that men prefer
an hourglass created by the waist

measuring 70% of hips,

and women with this ideal waist-to-
hip ratio are found to have a lower

risk of disease, be more likely

to conceive and even bear
more intelligent offspring.

OK. I've not seen anyone
have their...

Is it sternum? Is that what it would
be? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess so.

I've not seen that pierced before.
Have you got any piercings?

I had my tongue pierced.

Really? Hence the choking incident.

The pubes got caught up
in the tongue bar? Yeah.

OK, now it all makes sense.

Let's have a look at red.

Coming in. So, you can see
she's quite petite.

Very attractive, still.

But there's a tattoo. Where?

A-ha. And we've got
a hidden unicorn.

That's made her more interesting,
now she's a bit of a mystery.

And finally, how about blue?

She's got smaller, perter boobs.

Do you want to sort of
see blue from the side?

Yeah. Let's see how pert
we are, blue.

Wow. She's got a very, very
attractive side profile.

Right, Kieron. Oh, this is
the hard bit.

You're going to have to
make a decision again.

You're going to have to say goodbye
to one of them. OK.

I am going to say goodbye to...


Red? Yes. Why, Kieron?

The other four have got a bit of
sass and there's been a bit of

confidence. That's it, I'm trying to
read some body language,

because they're all very attractive.
Let's see if you're right.

I think we'd better see
who you are saying goodbye to.

This is Ruby.

She's a waitress from London.

Hello, my love. Hello!

Hi. Hiya. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.
I'm so sorry, Ruby.

Thank you. See you later.
See you.

Feel pretty good. That was
definitely a unique experience.

It's not something
I do every single day.

I've probably made a big mistake
there, haven't I? Pretty girl. Very.

Learning lots today. Yeah, really.

He said he liked my boobs
and my bum,

which is quite nice to hear
from a total stranger.

So, definitely made my day.

Coming up, it's Kieron's turn to lay
everything bare before deciding who

to take on that date.

Earlier, 32-year-old Kieron
whittled six woman down to four

based on naked attraction alone.

He can only choose one girl
to go on that date.

So, who will he lose next?

This is where it gets
really, really hard.

Because we're about
to see their faces.

This is where they get to see you
for the first time as well. OK.

Are you ready for this?
I think so, yes. Yeah? YES.


They're amazing. I'm going
to go with green first of all.

Green. Right.

She's got a beautiful smile
and very smoky eyes. Yeah.

Let's go over to yellow.

was the one I started
looking at first of all. Boobs?


She's very comfortable.

Yeah, very comfortable
and confident. Yes.

Let's take a look at pink.

Beautiful skin complexion, as well.

Absolutely. I think
she's a bit nervous.

But I can kind of
understand why you would be.

Very gorgeous lips.

Kissable lips.
Very kissable lips. Yes.


Almost one third of men surveyed

think lips are the
sexiest facial feature.

Research shows that when a man
first meets a woman if she isn't

wearing any make up, he only spends
2.2 seconds looking at her lips.

But if she's sporting a red

his attention is held for almost

three times as long.

Blue looks quite demure.

Yes, she is. That English
rose kind of look.

Very beautiful smile,
beautiful eyes.

She's a very pretty girl. Blue eyes?

Yeah. Yes. Are you
getting the connection?

Yes. I mean, she's very attractive.

OK. I'm like a kid
in a candy store now.

I don't know where to look or where
to focus my attention to.

You do have to make a decision.

So, you have to whittle them down.

Who would you like
to say goodbye to?

Pink. You're saying goodbye to pink?

It's Jess. She's 20.

She's a dancer from Manchester.

Say hello to Kieron. Hiya.

You're gorgeous. So are you.

Kieron, he absolutely loved,
obviously, your body. Thank you.

But on this occasion
it's not going to be a date.

I'm sorry, Jess. It's fine.

Bye. Thank you.

I missed out on the
chance to find true love.

I'm a little bit devastated about
that because as soon as I got to see

what he actually looked like,
I thought he was gorgeous.

It's always nice to hear men
saying nice things about you.

Especially when you're naked.

Your loss.

OK. In this round you are
going to hear the girls

for the very first time.

You've seen it all. There's nothing
else they can show you.

No. I'm going to ask you
to tell us what you like most

about your body and
what you like least.


OK. Well, the thing I like the most

is the eyes because they're
really nice and expressive.

And I don't like my feet.
They're quite minging.

Interesting. Yeah.
Very English rose.

Do you like that?
Yes, I do.

How about yellow?

The most attractive thing
I think on my body is my boobs.

OK. The thing I don't like the most
about my body, probably my belly.

It's not an actual six-pack.

She is a confident girl.
Yes, she is. Do you like that?

Yeah. There's
something sexy about that.

And green.

So, the things I like most
about my body are my hands.

Like, they're well kept.
I enjoy getting my nails done.

So, I'm really glad
you picked up on that.

The thing I'm least
happy about is my nose.

I think it's really small and...

Like that. I think
she's got a very cute nose.

She's got a very cute nose.
Oh, thank you.

Do you like the voice?

Yes, oh, yes. So, you've seen
everything the girls have to offer.

Yeah. You've now heard them. Mm-hm.

You have to say goodbye to one.

OK. Remember the two that you
keep are going to see you naked.

Pick carefully.

Pick one that won't... Laugh?
Point and laugh. Yeah.

Who would you like
to say goodbye to?

I'm going to have
to say goodbye to...


Why is that, please?

Very pretty girl,
but she's still quite quiet.

The confidence is always that thing
that's going to edge it for me.

This is Jules.

And she's an acting
teacher from London.

Hello. Hello. Meet Kieron.

Hey. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, as well.

Now, Kieron loved your
English rose look,

but it was just down to what he
presumed was a lack of confidence.

Acting teacher!

I'm afraid you're going to
have to exit downstage, darling.

He seemed quite civil.

He seemed like a nice
person in that sense,

but he also seemed
like a bit of a lad.

Apparently, I'm an English rose.

I think that just means pale.

Two girls left.

Very soon you are going to be
meeting them face-to-face,

but not before they get to
see you without your clothes on.

You know what that means.

See you shortly. See you shortly.

Based on naked attraction,

Kieron has whittled six
women down to just two.

Trainee tattoo artist
Alicia from Yorkshire

and personal trainer
Kirsty from the Wirral.

But only one of them
can go on that date.

To find out if this chemistry
when the clothes come on.

Now, it's interesting
because you guys

are very, very
different in many ways.

You've had your boobs done,
you are smaller-breasted.

Why did you have your boobs done?

One of them was a little
bit bigger than the other.

They're a bit more symmetrical.

That's what I wanted and I kind
of like the fake stuck-on look.

Yeah. I wish I had boobs like that.

Cos look how nice they are.

Thank you!

I know. If mine were naturally like
that I probably wouldn't have even

bothered getting a boob job.
Spent the money on something better.

So, so far you have seen
Kieron with his clothes on.

But all of that is about to change.

How are you? Not too bad.

Are you worried about what the
girls are making of your body?

Yes. Shall we hear
what they've got to say?

Let's do this. OK.

So, Alicia first.

You're just perfect.

Any specifics?

Well, the thing that
caught my eye was the tattoo.

Hang on a minute, the thing that
caught your eye was the tattoo?!

It was. I love tattoos.


Obviously the first thing that
you're going to look at...

looks rather large.
Yes, it's kind of hard to miss.

Do you like a large willy?

Who doesn't?

Alicia, are you OK with foreskin?

Yeah, definitely.
It's a lovely penis.

Congratulations. I grew it myself.

What do you make
of your body, Kieron?

I'm not happy. When you mentioned
earlier about the belly, I'm...

That's my bit is that I don't like.
What do you like about your body?

Legs. I've got big muscly legs.

OK. It is decision time, Kieron.

OK. Now remember,

you have to decide which girl
you want to now take on the date.

OK. All right. You have Alicia,

you also have Kirsty.


It's going to be...


It's Alicia! Kirsty, I'm so sorry.

Kirsty, thank you so much indeed.


It's been brilliant.
It's been such an ego boost.

I did like his tattoos,
they were nice.

And he did have a nice bum.

But I don't think we
would actually be compatible.

He seems very well-spoken
compared to me.

I think I'm a bit more chavvy.

Why did you pick Alicia?

She's very pretty, she's gorgeous.

And every time she smiled I kept
thinking she's very, very hot.

If he thinks I'm gorgeous,
he's gorgeous,

so we're like the perfect match.

And again with the smile. Oh.
Yeah, he's very sexy.

Do you know what?

The next time you see each
other it's going to be

with your clothes on.

Which is probably a relief.
Have a fantastic time.

Thank you. Thank you.

He is very, very attractive
and I'm very lucky he picked me

against those other
five gorgeous girls.

I am...buzzing.

Some tough decisions,
but I think I got the right one.

I can't wait to see what
she looks like with clothes on.

I get to speak to her without
having my eyes being diverted.

Hi. Hiya. How are you?

Hello, I'm not bad. You smell nice.

You smell gorgeous, too.
Thank you. You look amazing.

Thank you. So do you.

I had an idea of what
she would look like.

The tattoos and piercings,
I'd imagine a really out-there look,

but she came out really classy.
She looked amazing.

I liked you before I even saw you.

OK. Because of what you are saying,
you even complimented my nails.

I will always remember that.

I'm a sucker for a man
in a shirt and trousers.

It's just like he knew I'd fancy
the absolute pants off of him.

I think this is a
lot more comfortable now.

Yeah, definitely.
Rather than being naked.

Oh, 100%. 100%.
Makes it slightly easier.

She's amazing.
Like, even prettier than I remember.

So, why did you pick me
out of all those other girls?

I saw your smile, eyes, and saw you
were quite a happy, bubbly person.

OK, yeah. Out of all the girls
you were definitely the one for me.

Oh, that's so sweet.

Have you ever dated anyone
that's older than you?

I have a really
weird crush on Bill Nighy.

Who's that? He's old.

Who's that?!

Oh. I don't know why, he's
just so cool and I really fancy him.

Right. This is basically
the polar opposite of me.

Hiya. Hi. How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?
Not too bad. Not too bad.


How well did you guys
get on on your date?

I think we got on quite well.
Yeah, we did.

What's happened between
you two since your date?

So, we exchanged a
couple of texts. Mm-hm.

And then I received
a text asking to

meet up with him.

But I started seeing someone
and didn't want to say no.

Ah, no. That makes sense.
But I was like...

What do I do?

You could have just said no to me.
That's fine.

Like, we still get along.

No, it was fun.
It's been a fun experience.

Yeah, fun while it lasted.

Exactly. It was. Very.
Are you happy though?

Yeah, yeah. For now.

Subtitles by Ericsson