Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Naked Attraction - full transcript

DJ Darryl is used to seeing women all dressed up in clubs. Will stripping everything back help? And Ania is looking for a mate who won't disappoint when the clothes come off.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains full frontal
nudity and adult content.

Modern dating is complicated.

Status symbols, online profiles
and the clothes we wear

can all get in the way of finding
our perfect mate.

I can look at a guy and go,
"He's fit",

then when it comes to being naked,
I'm like, "OK, maybe not."

But what would happen
if we were stripped of all
the things that usually define us?

In this dating show,
we go back to basics...

Are you ready? Bring it on.

..and start where a good date
often ends...



Don't know where to look!

Have you ever been faced with
six penises?

No, but I feel like
I should have done.

What do men and women really find
physically attractive?

Ow! This is fantastic!

And could picking a partner based
solely on their natural beauty...

Could be a grower! us find The One?

You're just perfect!

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

Who are you going to pick
for your date?

This is the hardest decision
of my life. Oh, my God!

Every naked body
is a thing of beauty,

and as someone who's loved ladies
AND gentlemen,

I am well aware there are bits
to behold in both sexes.

So I'm in the right place.

Inside each of these coloured pods
is a brave, naked singleton,

but only one of them will be picked
to go on a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

I'm Daryl. I'm 33 years old,
from Wolverhampton.

I love my job a lot - DJing.

The feeling I get when I play a song
and get the whole room bouncing,

that just gives me goose pimples.

But it's not good for dating.


The stereotypes behind DJs
are not good.

We're apparently players.

Are you a player? I'm not a player.

I'm quite the opposite.
Polar opposite, actually.

Ooh, thank you!

What am I doing wrong, Mum?
It's your lifestyle.

You sleep all day,
you work all night.

There's somebody out there for you.
It's just finding
that right person.

Daryl's a lovely guy.
He's very happy-go-lucky.

He's always laughing and smiling.

Girls have been very lucky
to have Daryl in their lives.

I love my job a lot,

but tend to see people at their
very, very best - dolled-up,
glammed, makeup, the whole lot.

So I think this opportunity to see
somebody with everything stripped
back from the bottomup,

that's an awesome opportunity.

Daryl, how are you feeling?
It's a bit of a strange
and surreal environment,

but I'm ready to find the woman
of my dreams.

Why is physical attraction so
important to you in a relationship?

Physical IS the first thing
that you see,

and it's the animal...

It's the kind of...
caveman mentality.

It's what it's about.
Obviously, Daryl, before you pick
your final date,

the girls will get to see you
with your clothes off as well.

OK! How do you feel about that?

I do go to the gym often, so... I
work hard and I want to show it off.

OK, are you ready to play the game?
I can't wait. All right.

Inside these pods, you have
six completely naked ladies.

All of these girls have been picked
because they have
at least one attribute

that you've said
you find attractive.

We're going to reveal them to you
bit by bit.

You have to whittle them down
from six to one.

OK. We know you find booties really,
really attractive. Yes.

So we are going to reveal
the bums first.


And there you have it. Mm-hm.



All of them.

Where are you naturally drawn to,

Um...I'm naturally drawn to the ink
in the red pod here.

I think the ink just accentuates
the curve of the... And the wiggle!

Quite a stand she's got going on
there. It's a mean stance, yeah.

Probably twerk position right there.

Any other bum that you
are particularly attracted by?

Let me see. Can I go and...?
Yeah. I'll come with you.

I need to see this as well.

She's got a nice bum crack.

Sounds funny! It's not too long,
not too short. Really? Yeah.

You've got a thing about...?
Oh, sure, bum cracks. Woo!

Go on. I've not heard this before.
I'm all ears.

Sure. Bum cracks -
that's an extended back.
And more back means less booty.

Got you.

Scientific research shows that men
who like big bums

are actually attracted
to the curvature of the spine

that a large bottom accentuates.

It's an evolutionary attraction,
as a pronounced curve

means a woman should find it easier
to carry a child

and cope better in childbirth.

So when a man's looking for
a big bum,

he may really be after a good mum.

OK, I think it's time to see
the lady triangle.

Hey! So, ladies,

please turn to the front.

Do you like vaginas?

Er...I do.

What is it you like about them?

I like what they represent.
That's where I came from
and that's where I want to be.

So want to go back to the source?

Look at the little toe!

What's that? That looks like
my little toe! Really? Yes.

How do you feel about the vagina?

Pretty. Neat.

Why is neat important?
Just personal preference.

All right, Cute.

Cute? Very cute.

I can see a bit of labia there
as well.

I enjoy that. Just a cute hint
of labia. Yes.

There's all sorts of labia. There's
a lot of external labia. Frilly.

And then there's well tucked in.

Then there's...
I call it the cheeseburger,

you know, when the cheese just comes
over the edge of the cheeseburger?

So the bit at the corner
just sort of flips over the side
of the bun slightly.

Do you know, I don't think I've ever
seen a vagina like that. No?

But I'm open to it. I've seen one.
It's perfectly normal.

So, pretty much, apart from yellow,

all these girls
are completely shaved.

Apparently, 96% of women remove
some or all of their pubic hair.

Do you like that? I do prefer it.

You do? I do. Completely nudey?

If I was to have to have hair...

that would be it right there.

Yellow. So that's the perfect amount
of pubic hair

allowed in Daryl's world?
In my world.

So, Daryl, it's decision time.

You are going to have to say goodbye
to one of the girls

that you find, at this point,
the least physically attractive.

Let me know when you've made
your decision.

I'm going to say goodbye to green.


It's the toe. It's the same as mine.

I've got a funny little toe as well

and I don't think two toes like
that... I don't think they'd get on.

Let's see who you are missing
out on, Daryl.

This is Alicia.

She's a tattoo artist
from West Yorkshire.

Hello, my love. Hello.

How are you? I'm not bad.

Sorry, there's no match
for you and Daryl.

Thank you. Bye!

I'm obviously disappointed I didn't
get the date I came here for.

But I can take home with me the fact
I've gone through this experience.

I've openly let a stranger
judge my body.

I've built my confidence,
so I'm happy with that.

Daryl, five girls remain.

This is where we reveal
the middle part of the body.

Are you ready? Let's go.

Daryl, you've gone completely
speechless. I am speechless.

I am speechless at the variety.

Which ones would you say straight
away, you're like, "Hello"?

Well, stood out.

I think she's got really
nice nipples.

Oh! I've got this little thing -

this areola to nipple ratio.

It's like the back to bum ratio we
had earlier on. It's very similar.

She's got a very good healthy areola
to nipple ratio.

Who else do you want to look at?

Lovely colour.
Oh, you like the nipple colour?

Ratio's great as well.
The ratio's correct?

So even though
they're much, much smaller,

not bothered? No.

I'm not that fussy about boobs.

Paying attention
to a woman's breasts

may be the secret to a long-lasting

Recent studies have found that when
a partner touches a woman's breasts,

it triggers the release of oxytocin,

which focuses the woman's attention
on her sexual partner,

strengthening her desire
to bond with them.

I'm drawn to yellow's hips.
Proper womanly shape.

Hourglass figure. What about orange?
Very nice as well.

Could you turn around, actually,

Look at that hair! Her hair's
awesome. Like a little mermaid.

All right. You're going to have to
make a decision.

I know, I know, I know.

You're going to have to lose
one girl

that, at this point, you find least
physically attractive.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Who are you going to go with?

I am going to eliminate yellow.

Why yellow?

Looking at the boobs, the ones
that don't grab me the most

would be yellow. OK.

Let's see who you're saying
goodbye to, Daryl.

This is Cat. She's 27. She's
a dairy farmer from Newcastle.

Cat, hello!

Nice to meet you.

Cat, I'm ever so sorry -
it's a no date for you.

See you.

He was good-looking, he was tall.

it wasn't meant to be.

It's really strange to hear someone
talking about us
when I'm standing there naked.

It's quite refreshing, actually.
Quite liberating.

Coming up, Daryl bravely bares all
before choosing who to date.

And a brand-new singleton
gets to pick a date based on

naked attraction.

I don't know where to look!

Earlier, DJ Daryl whittled six women
down to four,

based on physical attraction alone.

He can only choose one girl
to go on that date.

So who will he lose next?

Daryl, you've got four girls

This is the round where you get to
see their faces
for the very first time.

But remember, it's also when
they get to see you as well. Oh!

Shall we see what the girls
look like? Oh, yes, let's go.



I feel really awkward now!
I'm not even naked yet, and I feel
a little bit awkward.

I feel really embarrassed.
Do you feel embarrassed?

Do you want to turn around
and take a moment?

It's really awkward, because I said
all of those nasty things and now
I've got to look them inthe eyes.

You haven't said anything nasty.
Have I not been nasty? No.

All right, then.

All right?

All right, composed. OK.

What's important to you
in a girl's face?

I haven't got small lips myself,

so I don't want to overpower
anyone with my...

So they've kind of got to
match your lips? Yeah, similar.

Most men are attracted to women
with a fuller pout.

But when a guy is drawn to
plump, glossy lips,

his ape brain may actually be
thinking of vaginal lips,

as when they become
swollen and moist,

it signals a woman's ready for sex
and ready for him.

Does blue match your lips?
Blue matches. OK. Red?

Do her lips match you? Yes, they do.

Very well done!


Yes. And what about orange?
Do her lips match yours?

Slightly more petite, but it works
with the whole look.

She's a pretty girl.
Nice smile as well.

OK, this is the point where you do
need to make a decision about who
you would like to say goodbye to.

Very tricky.

This is horrible.

So tell me who you would like
to say goodbye to.

I'm ever so sorry, but it's going to
have to be orange.


I'm basing it on the lips.

The lips wouldn't match mine. OK.

Daryl, this is Alex.

She's an archaeology student
from London.

Hello! Hi. Hello.

Very formal. I'm sorry,
but it's not a date. It's OK.

Thank you very much indeed.

I didn't get a date,
but I don't mind.

I have a certain opinion
of my own body.

Other people can agree or not,

but I'm definitely confident
in my body.

(Also, he wasn't my type!)

Now, you've seen everything
the girls have got to offer.

This is the round where you get to
hear them for the first time.

I'm going to ask each of the girls
in turn

to tell us what they like most about
their body and what they like least.

OK. Pink?

WELSH ACCENT: I like my lips
because they're big, thick and full.

I don't like my bum
because obviously...

I've got absolutely no idea!

Could you actually understand a word
pink was saying? Yes.

Just about. I've got Welsh family.
Have you? Yes.

Are you a fan of an accent? I'm not
particularly a fan of an accent,

but there are certain accents
I will run away from.

Which are...?

The local accent where I live.
Proper, "Yam, yam, all right,

Well, one study showed that silence
was considered more intelligent
than a Brummie accent.

So you're clearly not alone. OK.

Red, could you please tell us what
you like most about your body?

My favourite bit
about my body would be my tattoos,

as you can see.

My least favourite is actually
my hands. I hate my hands.


Did you like her voice?
Yeah. Very nice.


UPPER CRUST ACCENT: What I like most
about my body is my arse. I love it!

And what do you like least?

Probably my toes, because there's
a massive gap, like, here.


Hey! Did you like that?

It's a nice voice.

Yeah? Yeah. OK.

You've seen the girls... Mm-hm.'ve heard the girls.
You've got to make a decision

as to who you're going to lose.

I'm going to lose...


Why? In the past,
I've dated posh girls

and, I'll be honest with you,

I've gone home to the parents,
and I wasn't posh enough.

All right.

We'd better find out
who you're saying goodbye to.

This is Natasha.

She's 22. She's a bartender
from London.

Hello. Hi. Hi, posh!

I'm not that posh!

On this occasion, Natasha,
there is not a date for you too.

Bye! See you.

I'm not, like, offended by it.

At least I know that
I'm well-spoken.

He complimented me on my boobs.

And my boobs are very small.

I'll take that away.
I'll walk out like a new woman.


Now, you have got two stunning women
remaining. Mm-hm.

Very soon, you'll meet them

But not before you get naked

so that they can see YOU
without your clothes on

and tell you what they think about
your body.

How do you feel about that?


I've critiqued these ladies

and now the shoe is well and truly
on the other foot.
All right, see you shortly.

Based on physical attraction alone,
Daryl has whittled six girls
down to just two -

22-year-old admin assistant Maria

and 23-year-old singer Ashley.

But only one of them
can go on that date

to find out if there's chemistry
when the clothes come on.

Now, ladies, do you think you
would get to this point?

Yes. No. You did?

You did, Maria? Go on, tell me.

I'm quite confident and I like
the way I look, so... OK.

Do you feel the same way?
I'm confident in myself and thought,

"I might get that far",
but if I didn't, I didn't.
I'm glad to be here.

What do you think Daryl's going to
look like?

I think he'll have
the big upper half.

Lush curves, the six-pack going on.

And he's gonna be really nice.

Maria? I think he's gonna be
quite good.

He's got tattoos. I think there'll
be a lot of girth going on.

OK, ladies.


Up until this point, you have seen
Daryl with his kit on.

All of that is about to change.

Please come and join us.

Are you all right?
Not too bad, thank you.

All right, ladies.

This isn't the normal, is it?

Why are you laughing, Maria? I've
never met anybody like this before
and I don't know where tolook!

It's just staring at me in the face.

Take a good look. I have!

Tell me what you like.

I love his muscles right here.
I think he's very sexy.

I just love his whole body.
I think it's terrific.

OK. Little bit overwhelmed?

Yeah, definitely.


Apart from the obvious
staring me in the eye,

I think you've got a really, really
good body.

Can we talk about the obvious?
It's neat, it's pretty,

but it's... I don't know.
I'm stumped for words.

OK. Well, you've heard
what the ladies had to say.

You're going to have to make
a decision, and this time,

I want you to decide which girl
you're actually going to choose

to take on the date.
You have got Maria...

Mm-hm. ..and you have Ashley.

Think hard. I'm not thinking hard!


Don't think hard, whatever you do.


Who would you like to date?

It's going to be...

..Maria. Oh!

Ashley, I am so, so sorry!

It's OK.

Come on. Lovely to meet you.
Naked hug! Less naked hug.

My darling, I'm sorry. No problem.

I came really close. I nearly won.

His body was fit. Gutted!

But today has been the best
experience I could have
ever asked for

and I would love to do it again.

You two are now a couple!

Wow! We're like Adam and Eve.

Daryl, why did you pick Maria?

I went with Maria because as soon as
the screens went up, I noticed the
stance, like she was ready to twerk.

It was a confident stance. You both
look absolutely brilliant together.

Thanks. Next time you're going to
see it other, it is going to be with
your clothes back on.

See you later.


I think naked dating should be
industry standard.

You know exactly
what you're getting.

I really can't wait to see her
with her clothes on.

I'm looking forward to the date and
really get to know her inside now
I've seen her outside.

Hello. How are you doing?

I'm good, thanks. Nervous?

A little bit. Yeah?
Bit awkward at first.

It was a little bit awkward at
first, as any first date would be.

Don't know why we were nervous, cos
we've already seen each other naked.

Why did you choose me? I chose you
from the start, as soon as
I saw your bum.

My bum is my thing.
Can you twerk? Yeah.

You can see that on my Facebook.

Maria is how she looks -
very, very confident.

Isn't it mad what clothes can do?

I know. I've gone for the whole
New Zealand full-back look...
I'm not a fan of the shirt. No?


I chose her, so obviously,
the attraction went that way.

You know, is she interested in me?
That was a little thing for me.

I like the glasses.

Do I look blurred now?

Um...yeah, you look good now.

But I didn't think she was
that into me for some reason.

I wasn't getting that vibe.

Was that a joke? I hope so. Aww!

Hello. Hello. How are you?
Give us a cuddle. Fine.

You good? I'm good. How are you?
Good, thanks.

How well did you both get on
on the date?

Really well. It was good fun.
I think we got on really well.

I think I fancied him more on the
date, cos I got to know him more.

Do you think you guys are after
the same thing in a relationship?

What are you after? I would have
a relationship with you,

but I think we need to get to know
each other more.


I didn't get that vibe.
I didn't think you were
that into me, to be fair.

What gave you the impression
I weren't into you?

I just...I think I've just got a
bad radar when it comes to vibes.

There you go. I didn't read it.

I feel a bit silly now.
But you never asked.

Which is my fault.
I think you were assuming
what I think without asking me.

I did assume. I think
we were on different dates,

because we've both got
mixed reactions.

I think we should have asked
each other the question!

Are we planning to see each other
again? Yes.

Oh, OK. Then, yeah, we are,

Cos I think there's more to Maria...
Than meets the eye.
..than meets the eye.

We finish each other's sentences!
It's love.

Coming up, it's 20-year-old
Anya's turn

to meet six naked guys
before choosing a date.

I didn't realise how much I liked
boys' bums till now.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the dating show
that lays everything bare.

Another six naked singletons
are hoping to get a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

I'm Anya. I'm 20 years old
and I'm from Preston.

I'm an English student, but I'm also
a fully trained ballet dancer.

I've done ballet my entire life.
Mum says I pirouetted out the womb.

Which is nice!

I've been single for about two years
now. I'm so bad at dating.

I can look at a guy and go,
"Yeah, he's fit",

but when it comes to being naked,
I'm like, "OK, maybe not.

"Put your clothes back on!"

My guy friends
always give me advice.

They're like, "Try and be girly
for the first date at least.

"Don't go straight in with,
'Holland butter pie, please!' "

What would you say was my biggest
thing I'm doing wrong?

The list is endless! Thanks(!)

Anya is amazing, but Anya cannot
get it right when it comes to guys.

She's lovely inside and out.
She just needs to be a little bit
more ladylike.

Cos I'm so bad at dating
the traditional way,

this just might give me a chance.

Come here.

Welcome to the show.

Why is physical attraction
so important to you?

For me, it's a big deal, cos the
amount of dates I've been on

and when it's got down
to the nitty-gritty of it,

I've gone, "Oh, wait. No.
I don't want to."

Then I don't sleep with them
and we cut it off.

So you want to be absolutely sure
that you fancy somebody first?

Yeah, cos I don't want to wonder
what's under them clothes,

then get there and go, "OK,
that's not what I imagined!"

I can guarantee that, on this show,
you'll know whether you fancy them
or not.

Before you make your choice,
you're also going to have to take
your clothes off

and the guys will see you
without anything on.

How do you feel about that?

Nervous! But what have I got
to lose? All right.

In front of you, you have got
six coloured pods

and behind those screens, you have
six completely stark naked men.

Each of them has an attribute
that you have said

that you find physically attractive.

We are going to reveal them to you
bit by bit.

Based on pure physical attraction,

you have to whittle them down
from six to one.

OK, are you ready to play?
I'm ready.

Big breath.

I think we need to see the bottom
half of the bodies, please.


That's a good reaction, Anya,
but now I need you to breathe.

Just breathe.

Have you ever been faced with
this many penises?


I don't know where to look.
Just have a look around.

Who are you instantly drawn to
straight away?


What did you like about
green's bottom half?

He's got quite a strong stance.
He's stood quite manly.

What do you think about the penis?

No words are needed!

Do you like a circumcised willy?
Doesn't bother me.

It took me five years to know
the difference. You're joking!


Many women DO know the difference.

A study has shown that 85%
prefer a penis with a foreskin.

That may be because an uncut penis
has more contact with the clitoris

during sex,
meaning men with foreskins

are more likely
to make a woman orgasm.

OK, who else were your eyes... Red.

..immediately drawn to?

Red looks like someone.

You're going to have to fill me in.

I seem to be having flashbacks.

I don't know...

You think you've seen the penis
before? I think I've seen this penis

Is it an ex? Yeah.

If it is, I'm running!

Moving on, yellow.

He's stood really strong and manly.

He's confident.
And do you like his willy?

It's tidy.

So you could work with that?

I'm trying to work out
if I could or not.

I'm a bit concerned, cos I don't
think I'd be able to sit on him,

cos he looks a bit bigger than me,

and straddling's my thing. Is it?

Why is straddling your thing?

I like control. Don't get me wrong -
he can control me
every now and then,

but sometimes you've just got to
straddle. Interesting. All right.

Fellas, can you please turn round.
Let's see the bottoms.

I didn't realise how much I liked
boys' bums till now.

You literally are in buttock heaven
right now.


You've all got great bums, guys.

The gluteus maximus is the largest
muscle in the human body

and if you look at, say,
pink's bum,

that is a well worked-out derriere.

Oh, my God! That is a great bum.
Congratulations on that.

That's proper Kim Kardashian,
isn't it? Yeah.

You're enjoying this.
I'm really enjoying this.

OK, fellas, can you turn back round.

So you need to lose the chap that
you, at this stage, find the least
attractive for you physically.

Let me know the colour.

No pressure(!)

Who would you like to lose, Anya?


Why? Cos I can't imagine
straddling him,

and that's becoming a big issue. OK.

We'd better find out who it is
you're saying goodbye to.

This is...


He is 18 and he's a rugby player,
obviously, from Bournemouth.


You're really pretty!

So are you. So, on this occasion,
it's a no date.

Not the best, being the first off,

She said to me it was quite tidy.
I thought she said "tiny"!

I was like, "What's going on?!"
But she was on about the pubes.

It's obviously really weird
having people talk about my body

without me having to see them,
but it was quite nice as well,
knowing what other people see.

Anya, one man down, five remaining.

But there is more to reveal.

This is my favourite bit.


i didn't expect that.

What shocked you?

Green. I thought green would shave,
but he's got a nice man-rug
going on.

So manly.

Why are you saying that's so manly?

Testosterone, isn't it?

And cos I'm so girly and, like,
squeaky clean...

So it's the opposite of you?
Yeah, basically.

Let's have a look at blue.

He's hairy. Again, good chest hair.
Great chest hair.

I wanna lie on him.

I feel he could be the best cuddler.

I like a bit of podge.
You like a bit of podge?

Yeah. I'm not big on muscle, really.

And Anya's not alone.
Even though over half of all men

think women want to date a fella
with a toned torso,

70% of women say they want to settle
down with a man with love handles,

because they believe they'll be less

and make better husbands
and fathers.

We've got a whole variety of shapes
going on here.

Yeah. Is red still looking familiar
to you?

My ex wasn't in good shape,
and he's in really good shape.

He might have worked out, though.
Don't say that!

What about pink?

I can't get over how tall he is.

What do you make of the chest?

He's got good nipples, as far as
nipples go. They're even.

They're a good space apart.

All right, you're gonna have to
let one of these guys go. OK.



Who's the date you want to say
goodbye to next?

I want to say goodbye to pink.

Why? I just feel like he's gonna be
too tall for me.

Let's see who you're losing.

This is Raphael. He is 26

and he's a martial artist.

Hi. Now, Anya absolutely loved
your Kim Kardashian booty.

The best. You could break
the internet with that!

On this occasion, it's a no.

Fantastic bum. Great bum.

Her reason was I was too tall,

so I didn't get the date.

She's nice. I'm not gonna lie.
She is nice, but hey,

next universe, right?

Coming up, it's Anya's turn
to lay everything bare

before deciding which boy
to take on that date.

This is the hardest decision
of my life.

Earlier, 20-year-old Anya
whittled six potential dates

down to four, based on
physical attraction alone.

She can only choose one guy
to go on that date,

so who will she lose next?

So, Anya, just four sexy fellas

Now, this is where we reveal
the face.

It's also when they get to see you.

And also, we'll find out whether
or not red really is your ex.

I'm nervous.





Are you pleasantly surprised? I am.

Is red your ex-boyfriend?
No, I know he's not now.
He's like a better version.

Who do you want to go and check out?

Let's check out orange. What do
you like about orange's face?

His smile. He's got great teeth.

Great teeth. All right.
Who else would you like to see?


You've got really nice hair
and a really nice beard.

Apparently, two-thirds of women
find men with facial hair
more attractive.

He's got quite a lot of facial hair.
You don't mind that with oral sex?
No. It's better sometimes.

How is it better? It tickles.

There you go.

Who else would you like to look at?

What are we saying about red?
Fantastic beard.

Very nice hair. It's very shiny.

Let's have a look at blue.

He has the nicest eyes I think
I've ever seen in my life.

They're really glistening.

Really nice eyes.

You're gonna have to
make a decision, Anya.

One man has to go,
based on who you find the least
physically attractive.

I feel like they're all looking at
me. They are.


Who are you saying goodbye to?


Why blue? I just feel like
he couldn't handle me.

You just look too cute. I think
I'd be too much for you.

We'd better find out what he's got
to say. This is James.

He's 28. He's a call centre worker
from Derby.

Anya, James. All right?

Thank you very much indeed.

Knowing that someone like Anya
can find a 28-year-old ale drinker's
body quite attractive

gives me a lot of hope
going into the future.

You've seen what the boys look like.

Now it's time to hear
what they sound like.

What kind of voice makes you melt?

Low, like, husky voice.

Low, husky voice? Yeah.
GRUFFLY: Like that.

But hopefully sexier than that!

77% of women surveyed are attracted
to men with deep voices,

but that's not just because
they sound sexier.

Evolutionary scientists believe
that cavewomen preferred guys
with husky voices

because they suggested
a healthy reproductive mate.

But a more recent study has shown a
low voice is linked to lower quality
sperm, so be careful howlow you go.

I think we need to start with

Yep. So, looking at him, what do you
think he'll sound like?
I feel like he's northern.

So, tell us, what's the thing
you like most about your body?

my shoulders.

What do you like the least?
Maybe my tummy.

I thought we were just doing the UK.
We're not?

It's an international search
for love. I love that.

OK, let's go to red.

Tell us, what do you like
and not like about your body?

Probably my hair. Don't really like
me eyelashes.

It's a very nice voice.
Opposite to mine.

I kind of like that, though.

Green, let's hear what you like.

legs. I'm quite proud of my legs.

What do you like least?
Probably my feet or my hands.

Do you like his voice? I do.

So, you've seen the boys.
You've now heard the fellas.

You need to lose one.
This is not easy. It's not.

Remember, the last two left
are going to get to see YOU naked.

Choose carefully. Yes, right, OK.


What colour is it gonna be?


Orange - why?

I just feel like we clash
a little bit, sound-wise.

Let's meet
who you're saying goodbye to.

This is Genti. He's 26.
He's a pub manager from London.

Anya, meet Genti.

Bye. Thank you. Bye. Bye.

Physically, yeah, she is attractive.

But she's a bit hyperactive.

On a date, I'd be like...
"She loud tiger!"

OK, you've got two gorgeous boys

You are gonna be meeting them

but not before YOU have to get
naked, so they can tell you
what they think of your body.

Feel like it's only fair.
Listen, get those hotpants off

and we'll see you shortly. OK.

Based on physical attraction alone,
Anya has whittled six men
down to just two -

24-year-old barista Freddie
and 24-year-old roofer Jamie.

But only one of them can go on that
date to find out if there's
chemistry when the clothes comeon.

Freddie, Jamie.
Look similar, don't we?

You do look very similar.
Check out each other's bodies.

Yeah, very nice.

I mean, do you look at Freddie and
think, "You're in pretty good nick,

Yeah, he's got a good chest on him,
ain't he?

If I shaved and went to the gym
more, there we go - same guy.

All right. Up until this point,

you've seen Anya
with her clothes on.

All of that is about to change.

Hi! How are you? Good.

Now, fellas, take it all in.
She's stunning.

What do you love about Anya's body?

I really like the tattoos
and the piercings.

The nipples I really like as well,
which is something which is
maybe a bit more niche.

So you're a nipple man?
Apparently, yeah.

I've just realised I am!

So, Jamie, take a good look
at your potential girlfriend.


Good body, obviously. Clearly. Yeah.

What do you think is your
best asset? I'd say my bum.

Anya's saying it's her greatest
asset. What do you reckon?

I've just fallen in love!

All right. So, Anya,

you can only take one on a date.

So you have Jamie...

..and you have Freddie.

Oh! Um...

I'm gonna go...


Oh, my gosh! This is the hardest
decision of my life. Oh, my God!

Which one?

Jamie. Jamie. Jamie.

Jamie. Freddie, I am so very sorry.
It was very difficult.

Lovely to meet you anyway. You too.

Freddie, thank you so much.

Well done, fellas.
Thanks very much. Cheers.

When I was faced with this beautiful
girl, I didn't know where to look,
as much as I wanted to look.

I think I turned into
a babbling idiot, really.

Would have loved to get the date,

but Jamie's a good-looking guy,
so what can you do?

Get together, guys. You are now
officially a couple. Hi!

So why did you pick Jamie
over Freddie?

I think Freddie was a bit too shy.
He wasn't very confident about it.
OK. He was like...

All right. Listen, guys, next time
you see each other, it will be
with your pants back on,

which may very well be a relief.

No! Are you into it now?

Well, she looks petty good
like that, doesn't she?

Right, have an amazing date.
See you later.

It's so strange.
I'm gonna look at him

and see what he looks like naked,
even though he's got clothes on.

I know now I'm physically attracted
to him, so I know that's there.

It's just whether we get on
on an intellectual level.

Thank you.

Hi! Hi.

I can actually...

How are you? Good. How are you?
You look really nice. You too.

I was really impressed, cos he
looked good without clothes on,

and with clothes on, he was like...

He's just so good-looking that
I'm like... "That's my date!"

Why did you think I looked like
your ex?

I thought you stood like him.

Your legs were the same as his.

I wanna see what this geezer
looks like now!

You're a lot better-looking
than him.

Good. It's weird we've both
seen each other naked.

I'll erase it from my memory.

Did you know a penguin,
if it meets someone, they stay with
that one person forever?

And did you know when they meet
that person, the male penguin,
in order to prove his love forher,

he searches the beach
for the perfect pebble.

When he finds the perfect pebble,
he gives it her and she puts it in
her pouch until she has babies.

Wow! She keeps it and gives it
to her baby. That's crazy.
I did not know that.

We get on so well. Everything
was going back and forth.

We had so much in common.
It was really good.

I feel our date's been
a really good date.

I'm really impressed.
You've impressed me.

You're doing good.

If I was to score your paper,
you'd get an A.

I'd get an A? Yeah. I'll take an A.

Not quite an A-plus. Not yet.
Not yet?

If only dating was like this. It's a
lot easier. You've seen everything.
You know what's going on.

I definitely do like you.

All right? Hi! How are you doing?
Good. How are you? Good.

You look nice. Thanks.
I like your T-shirt.

I picked well, then, didn't I?

So, what happened after the date?

We got really drunk.
Yeah. It was them shots.
I blame you for those shots!

I blame you!

Have you been in contact
since the date?

We haven't really spoken. I think
it's the distance. Yeah.

You're, like, so far away from me.
Yeah. I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Are you still attracted
to each other?

Little bit.
Yeah, a little bit. Yeah.

I still think I picked
the right guy.

Still a good experience.

Subtitles by Ericsson