Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 13, Episode 10 - Murdoch Mysteries - full transcript

When a whiskey baron and his family are murdered, Murdoch puts Parker in the cells with a hit man to see who hired him.

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You're being very quiet this morning.

Oh? I don't mean to be.

Sometimes the things we don't
mean to communicate speak loudest.

I'm not sure what else there
is to say about the situation.

William, I am sorry I walked
out on you the way I did.

I was angry.

But it wasn't my intention to
end the conversation permanently.

It was an emotional moment.

Why do I feel as though
you're shutting me out?

No one will ever come
between us, William.

I have to get to work.

I just never imagined
how many disturbance calls

could come through in a single day.

Yes, well as you've seen,

what some people consider a
disturbance can vary greatly.

For example, the woman who thought

her fur coat was conspiring against her.

How do you stay so patient with people?

I try to remind myself that

everybody needs help, in their own way.

I don't always succeed, mind you.

Right then. Neighbors reported
hearing shouting and strange noises.

- This is the Quincannon home.
- Quincannon?

- I've never heard of them.
- Nathan Quincannon. Founder of Quincannon Rye?

- No. What's rye?
- What's rye?

Rye's like Bourbon. Only good.

Spend any amount of time in this town...

or with Inspector Brackenreid,

you'll surely be introduced to it.

Toronto Constabulary.


Oh my God.

Watch your step.

- Who's there?
- No, please!

It's all right, lad,

it's all right, we're
the police. Are you hurt?

I don't know...

What happened here?

I don't...

I can't remember...

I know this is difficult,

but any details you could provide would

aid greatly in catching
the people who did this.


We came home, and then...

I don't remember.

I'm sorry.

That's all right, Jacob.

There'll be plenty
of time for questions.

Our constables will take
you to the Station House

and see that you're made comfortable.

Poor lad's lost his entire family.

What have you, Miss Hart?

All three victims were
shot multiple times.

At this stage, it's difficult to know

how many gunmen were involved,

but I found this under
Nathan Quincannon's body.

Two spent rounds, recently fired.

It doesn't look like a robbery.

Not a successful one, anyway.

The wounds are from
different caliber weapons,

I won't know for certain
until I examine them further.

I'll have results shortly.

Thank you, Miss Hart.

Sirs, we have something.

- What is it?
- A blood trail.

Seems to lead out back.


Must have staunched the bleeding.

Perhaps we should call in
more men to scour the area.

I don't think that will
be necessary, George.

I take it his story about being a
wounded police officer wasn't true?

He's been through an awful trauma,

I'm not surprised he doesn't
want to talk about it.

Of course.

But we know he was in the
room when the murders occurred,

and likely witnessed at
least some of what happened.

Is there anything I should know
about the case before I speak to him?

Just that there was
more than one killer.

And if he's able to
recall anything specific,

it may aid us identifying the others.

And the man you have in custody?

Leon Bronson. I'll be
questioning him shortly,

but I wanted you to ascertain
Mr. Quincannon's condition

before we ask him to identify anyone.

I'll do my best.

Can you tell me what you
remember about yesterday?

Anything at all.

I can't, I just...

I can't remember.

Why can't I remember?

Sometimes you just need
to discuss things out loud.

Let's start at the beginning.

When the police arrived,
you were in formal attire.

Do you remember why?

I was at a party...

With my mother and sister.

My father stayed home.

He doesn't... he doesn't like crowds.

It's very good, Jacob.

Do you remember who
was hosting the party?

It was some kind of fundraiser.

Were there many people in attendance?

Yes, there was a fair
number of people there.

Good. Now, do you
remember leaving the party?

It's all right, there's no rush.

You're safe now.

I was able to retrieve three
different bullet types from the victim.

So there was probably two more shooters.

And what of Mr. Quincannon's gun?

The bullet that the veterinarian
pulled from Mr. Bronson was a match.

So the men pushed their way
in and Quincannon began firing.

It's a possibility.

But there were no signs of a break in,

and nothing appears to have been stolen.

Though perhaps they didn't have time.

Or he surprised them by being home.

There is something else.
Mr. Quincannon was shot

in both the front and back
of his torso, multiple times.

He attempted to run away?

Or he was shielding his loved ones.

I was able to confirm
that Elizabeth, Sarah,

and Jacob Quincannon were all
at the Rouge Valley Auction.

And you and Mr. Parker
found them approximately

- one hour after the auction, correct?
- That's right.

Allowing for travel,

the family couldn't have been
home long before they were killed.

Seems a tragic bit of timing, sir.

But still, the most likely scenario.

If the killers were lying
in wait for the family,

why not finish the job?

Perhaps they scattered
when Nathan began firing.

But it would have been
more prudent of them

to shoot the others as
they approached the house,

why wait until they are inside?

So Quincannon was
likely the sole target.

One last thing, sirs, we have
nothing on file for Leon Bronson.

Either he's never committed a
crime, or he's not from Toronto.

Mr. Bronson,

you are facing execution
for the murders of Elizabeth,

Sarah, and Nathan Quincannon.

Well that can't be right.

Because I wasn't even there.

You were apprehended a
block away from their home

with one of Nathan's
bullets in your arm.

What a weird coincidence.


Your guilt is not in question, sir.

Then why are we talking?

We're giving you a
chance to save your neck.

We can have a word with the judge,

spare you the noose.

Who are your friends?

I don't know what friends you mean.

I'm new to this city, I...

haven't had the chance to
make any new acquaintances.

It is a lovely city, but the
people are a mite unfriendly.

Where is it that you
are from, Mr. Bronson?

Everywhere and nowhere.

A hobo?

I go where the wild wind blows.

And where the blood flows.

Mr. Bronson, we will
find out what happened.

And the longer you make us wait,

the less likely you
will be shown any mercy.

Is that what you want?

What I want is to lead a quiet life,

and for you to find the people
that killed that poor family.

What a terrible tragedy.

We'll get nothing from him.
The man's a total monster.

Sometimes there's simply no
humanity to be found, sir.

Can't say I'm upset having
to visit this place, though.

Distilling spirits is quite the process.

It's an art form in the
purest sense, Murdoch.

I take it you are familiar
with Quincannon Rye?

It's the only thing worth
drinking in this country.

Angela Dempsey? Toronto Constabulary.

Yes, I was told you'd be coming by.

Thank you for meeting with us.

We just have a few questions.

Such an unbelievable tragedy.
We are all quite shaken.

How long have you worked
here at the distillery?

Since the beginning,
really. Almost twenty years.

But I became master distiller
about five years ago.

Do you have any idea
who could have committed

this heinous crime?

Do you suspect anyone?

I've been asking myself
the same question.

Nathan could be mercurial, and

he wasn't afraid to show
his temper, but I just

can't imagine anybody who
might be capable of this.

How's business, generally?

There has been a steady drop
in sales in the last few years.

Really? I must say,
I'm surprised by that.

A fan of our product?

Well, it's been a good
friend to me over the years.

Then you know that
Quincannon is a premium rye.

We never shortchange quality.

The result is that our
price rarely fluctuates,

unlike people's wages.

It is a hefty price tag.

Worth every penny, mind.

What have been the effects
of the drop in sales?

How did Mr. Quincannon react?

He didn't. That was the problem.

We'd push him to make a lower grade rye,

something we could sell for less.

But he simply wouldn't
compromise quality.

- Admirable.
- Expensive.

In the end, quality was more
important to Nathan than the loss.

Do you have any idea of
the extent of the losses?

I know there was talk
of losing the building.

We were very concerned.

You keep saying we.

- Who are you referring to?
- Jacob, his son.

He's learning the
business from his father.

But I was there.

Why can't I remember?

What's wrong with me?

We all process loss differently.

This could be your mind's
way of protecting you.

How so?

It's possible you've blocked
your memory of the event,

as a form of self preservation.

There is a doctor in Germany
who believes it's quite common

among people who have
experienced traumatic situations.

If I can't remember
what the men looked like,

does that mean they won't be caught?

Dr. Ogden.


I was just wondering how
you and the lad were faring.

I don't want to push too hard. He
is in a very fragile state right now.

Right. Well, I was about
to step out for some lunch,

do you think some air would do him good?

It's a fine idea.

Jacob, would you care to join
Constable Crabtree for lunch?

There's an excellent dog
cart just down the road.

A what?

Now the idea is that
you want to make sure

your sausage is completely covered.

If any bit is left exposed it can

throw off the taste of the whole thing.

Like this?

That's not bad.

Jacob, I cannot believe
a man of your means

and you've never eaten a hot dog.

Father said only savages
eat with their hands.

- Get down! Get down! Get down!
- What is it?

Those two men. After them!

Was that them?

It's all right.

I've had enough of this messing around.

Tell us who they are, or I'll
fill your bloody teeth in.

We both know that
you're not gonna do that.

Not with him here.

You forget, I'm his boss.

Your friends tried to murder
that young lad in broad daylight.

Now, who are they?

Give me five minutes with him, Murdoch.

- Sir. We need to...
- Five minutes.


Sir, I don't believe that
tactic will work with this man.

You're underestimating my right cross.

I'd wager he's endured far worse
than you're prepared to deliver.


We'll do it your way. For now.

The longer we wait, the
more time his accomplices

- have to plan something else.
- I agree, sir.

Then why are we wasting time?

Crabtree wasn't able to get a
good look at either of the men,

Dr. Ogden is getting nowhere with Jacob.

We're at a standstill.

I have an idea.

Well don't keep me in suspense.

Detective? You wanted to see me?

What's with the gladrags, Butch?

Theatre date tonight.

Just came by to pick up my pay first.

I'm afraid we need to ask
you to cancel those plans.

I don't understand.

We've run into some trouble
on the Quincannon case.

How can I help?

We're placing you under
arrest, Mr. Parker.

We realize that this request
is somewhat unorthodox,

but we wouldn't be
asking if it weren't dire.

So you want me to go into the cells...

Pose as a criminal and attempt to
establish a rapport with Mr. Bronson.

To what end, exactly?

Find out who his associates are

before they try to kill
Jacob Quincannon again.

Now, Mr. Bronson doesn't
know what you look like,

he won't suspect you.

Does it have to be tonight?

It's the opening of the new theater,

- the Royal Alexandra.
- You have tickets for that?

Margaret's been on about it for months,

it sold out within the hour.

How did you manage to get tickets?

One major difference I've
noticed about us Americans:

we know which palms to grease.

You'll be compensated, of course.

And my date?

We are at a dead end, Mr. Parker.

We need your help.

There's two cells on the other side.

Hey, I don't want a neighbour.


I'm not thrilled about it either.

Got something to smoke?

Do your own time. I got nothing for you.

Well aren't I an ass.

How do you feel about
forgiving thy neighbor?

Why would a group of assassins
want to kill a Whiskey Baron?

The fact that the company was
losing money may be of note.

Perhaps Mr. Quincannon found
himself in debt to the wrong people.

Bit of a strong reaction
to a loan though, isn't it?

Almost as if the killers
wanted to send a message.

Sirs, Mr. Parker is in the jail cells.

Let's hope his acting
skills are up to the task.

I went through the Quincannon
Company records, as you asked sir.

I didn't find anything in
the way of outstanding debts,

but I did find something
you might be interested in.

A lease?

An intent to lease.

It seems Quincannon distillery was
planning on opening another location.

But they were losing money.

A failing company with expansion plans?

Miss Dempsey, the distiller,

did say they were also in
danger of losing the building.

Perhaps they were being prudent
by lining up another one?

That could be so, sir. I
spoke to the property owner.

He says equipment has
been moved in already.

If this was to be their new
distillery, it's quite a step down.

You mean the building itself?

The ingredients that he's using.

The equipment. These barrels
don't even look like oak.

None of this would be
used to make premium rye.

Are you quite sure, sir?

Murdoch, if there's one thing I know...

Miss Dempsey said that Mr. Quincannon

refused to make anything
other than premium rye,

even if it meant losing money.

Perhaps he'd had a change
of heart and didn't tell her.

But she intimated that she'd
been pushing him for the change.

Something doesn't make sense.

Like why would a purist be making swill?

Nakipaglaban ka sa Manila?


How do you... ?

- Manila.
- Two days and nights in hell.

What regiment were you with?

There are only four black
regiments in the entire army.


I trained with a couple
of black soldiers.

- Good fighters.
- Yeah.

Dumbest thing I've ever done was
fight for a country that hates me.

You did it for your country?

I did it for the chow
and a place to sleep.

And look how far we've come.


Did you ever get to a
little town called Alaminos?

Prettiest little girls you ever saw.

Didn't do much sightseeing.

We didn't have the same privileges.

So what brings you to
this godforsaken country?

What else?

A woman.

How'd that work out?

Let's just say this isn't the first
time I've been in a cell because of her.

How did you find yourself here?


Took the train up from Pittsburgh.

Job didn't go quite as planned,

but that's okay, it's
gonna get sorted soon.

Hey, you mind if I have
another one of those cigarettes?


Jacob? Are you in here?


Jacob, can you hear me?

- Jacob!
- Mother...

Constable, somebody, bring bandages!

Luckily he missed the ulnar artery.

An inch closer and he
wouldn't have survived.

We're fortunate you found him in time.

William, I don't think
he should stay here.

The Asylum.

Well, I'd like to keep
treating him, if possible.

The Asylum's not something
I'd recommend at this stage.

He needs to be made to
feel safe and secure.

What do you suggest?

We take him some place quiet, peaceful.


Our home.

Julia, there are men out
there trying to kill him.

And he may do the job for
them if we're not careful.

It's simply not safe.

I'm not suggesting we stay there alone.

Station some armed Constables out front.

Even with that, he will be more
vulnerable. And so will you.

William, for his mental
health and his safety,

I believe it's the best thing for him.

I won't have his death
on my hands. Will you?

Are you sure about this?

Not entirely, sir.

Bloody hell, Murdoch,

try to inspire a little
bit of confidence.

- How many men have you assigned?
- Five.

Make it seven.

Foresight is better than hindsight.

So what's next, then?

I'm off to see an Ian Kilmister.

The owner of the factory
Mr. Quincannon was renting.

The paperwork came through a messenger,

and the money was sent
directly to the bank.

- So you've never actually met Nathan Quincannon?
- Never.

It's a damn shame what happened
to that man and his family.

Were you able to bring a copy of
the lease agreement, as requested?

Thank you.

There's Nathan Quincannon's signature,

who's is this?

His co-signer, a Mr. Perri.

Italian name, I believe.

- Rocco Perri. The gangster?
- If you say so.

Mr. Kilmister, have you
ever actually met anyone

associated with this lease agreement?

As I said, it was all done through
the mail. It isn't uncommon.

Quincannon was in business
with a man like that?

What happened to your family
was out of your control.

There's nothing you
could have done about it,

you must understand that.

And now I'm never going
to see any of them again.

Why wasn't I killed, Dr. Ogden?

I can't answer that for you, I'm afraid.

But what I do know is

those that we love never truly leave us.

I am sure of it.


What's going on?

I've got a visitor coming.

It's the middle of the night.
Are you talking in your sleep?

What are you doing here? You're
not due for another three hours.

- What's going on?
- Sit tight. Sit tight.

- Took you long enough.
- It ain't easy finding of these clown outfits.

Let's go, car's waiting.


What do you think you're doing?

You waiting for an invitation?

Three beers.

So I guess you're not having one?

If we were in the States it
wouldn't even be a question.

But we're not, are we?

Right now, we're all equally wanted men.

Just get him a damn beer.

Mind telling us what
the hell he's doing here?

He's a soldier, like us.

- He deserved a break.
- And now he's got one.

- Time to beat it, darkie.
- Darkie, that's good.

Say it again, it'll be
what I'll do to your eyes.

Make your move.

All right, everybody calm down.

- He could be helpful.
- Helpful?

What are you talking about?

Cops are looking for three white men.

If we play this right,
he can get us close.

There's probably a hundred
Buttons watching the kid.

Who'd ever expect one of
his kind to be a threat?

I don't like it.

I don't like him.

We shouldn't even be talking
about this with him around.

Mind letting me in on what
I'm not supposed to know?

I do mind. Now shut your damn...


All right everyone.
Enough! Enough. Stop.

Whatever you need, I can help.

Just tell me.

Cheers, boys.

This is exactly the kind of thing
that gets an Inspector dismissed.

I don't think that will happen, sir.

I wish I could be as sure, Murdoch.

- Sirs.
- Anything, George?

Witnesses saw them getting
into a car with two other men.

- So Parker left with them.
- It appears so.

What the bloody hell is he doing?

If I'm not mistaken,
he's maintaining the ruse.

He's taking this role playing too far.

Just because my last name isn't Mac

doesn't make me a criminal.

My ancestors taught
the world how to eat,

I'm tired of being harassed.

Come on, watch the suit.

I believe Rocco Perri has arrived.

Mr. Perri,

your signature along with Mr.
Quincannon's are on this lease agreement.

So I guess this means
I must have killed him.

That a confession?

I had nothing to do with it.

I didn't want him dead.

Besides, I was at Kowalski's
having dinner that night.

Well we wouldn't have
expected a man like you

to actually get his hands dirty.

But you were in business
with Mr. Quincannon?

We were starting a venture.

It never got off the ground.

Now I guess it never will.

Another distillery.

We wanted to make booze
for the working-class folk.

Not everybody can afford
the high priced bathwater

in those fancy brown bottles.

Ah, a man of the people.

A family has been slain, Mr. Perri.

Tell us the truth.

All I know is, I'm out
my initial investment.

And I am just as interested as you are

to find out who did it.

Sorry to bother you, Doctor,

but the detective
thought you should know,

Mr. Bronson's associates

have broken him out of
the Station House cells.

Oh my God.

We're doing everything
we can to find them,

but in the meantime, the
Detective thinks it's a good idea

for more men to be
stationed around your home.

Who does he think is behind all of this?

A man by the name of Rocco
Perri might be involved.

He's rather notorious, I've
heard of him and his men.

Yes, I believe I've read about him.

We don't have a lot of
details at this point,

but we'll certainly keep you informed.

Thank you, George.

Right, well I'd best get back to it.

Good to see you young
man. Keep your chin up.

Goodbye, Constable.


I've heard that name before.

How long's it take to
get some cigarettes?

He'll be back in a minute. What,
you in a rush to get somewhere?

I need to use a bathroom.

Don't go far.

Keep your hat on.

Station House Four, Detective
William Murdoch. Hurry.

Calling the missus?

- I was just...
- Shut up.


they didn't let me take my tobacco
into the cells. And I thought:

What makes you so special?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Sure you don't. Now,

why don't you tell us
who are you, really?

Detective William Murdoch.

William, I thought you should know,

Jacob remembered something that
might be pertinent to the case.

About the day of the murders?

Unfortunately he still can't recall
anything about the actual events,

but he did recall an argument

between his father and
a man named Rocco Perri.

George mentioned that he might
have some connection to the case.

Yes, he's still very much a suspect.

It was a few weeks ago,
and sounded quite heated.

Mr. Perri actually came to the
Quincannon home with some men.

Did Jacob see Mr. Perri?
Could he identify him?

Unfortunately not.

Apparently his father sent the family
upstairs when the dispute began.

Thank you, Julia.

And please tell young Mr. Quincannon

it won't be much longer
before we catch the killers.

I'm certain of it.

Sounds like Perri's our man, then.

I've sent constables to pick him up.

Sirs, I've been through the
Quincannon Company finances,

I think it may have found
a smoking gun, if you will.

As long as Rocco Perri is
behind the barrel, let's hear it.

Nathan Quincannon cancelled the
lease the two of them took out.

- How do you know that?
- Mr. Kilmister showed me a receipt

for the initial payment,
it was made with cash.

But subsequent payments were made

via postdated cheques through the bank.

Nathan Quincannon put a full stop
on those cheques roughly a week ago.

- So he wanted out of the deal.
- It would seem so, sir.

Crystal clear motive for Perri.

Good work, Crabtree.

Have you heard from Mr. Parker?

Sir, no. But we're looking.

Station House Four, Constable
Higgins-Newsome speaking.

Henry? Henry, it's Robert Parker.

Mr. Parker, are you all right?

We've been scouring the
city looking for you.

I need to talk to Detective
Murdoch. Is he there?

I believe he stepped out
with Inspector Brackenreid.

Henry, I don't have a lot of time.

Is the boy all right?

Yes, he's safe. Are you?

I'm fine. I'm following
the escapees right now,

it looks like they're leaving town.

Tell me where, I'll have
some officers intercept them.

I'm not sure, I don't
recognize the area.

Henry, is the boy still
at the Station House?

Actually, no. He's
at the Murdoch's home.

Dr. Ogden felt he'd be safer there.

Are they protected?

Yes. We have multiple constables
stationed around the house.

Mr. Parker, you really should come in.

I will, when I can.

Tell Detective Murdoch...

Tell him I'll see him at
the Wright House later.

Mr. Parker? Hello?

The Wright House.

What the hell's that?

It's a pub we frequent.

Oh, I think you've sucked
back your last pint.

You might want to change those plans.

- What else did he say?
- Just that he was following them.

He asked whether Jacob was safe.

He didn't sound quite himself.

- Did he tell you where he was?
- No, sir.

But he did say he'd see you
at the Wright house later.

The Wright house? I don't understand.

- I don't either, sir. I assumed you would.
- Henry,

did you tell Mr. Parker
that Jacob was at my home?

I believe I did, sir. He asked.

- Get Julia on the phone now.
- Yes sir.

I count three.

Could be more around back.

Or inside.

We're just gonna have to find that
out when we get there, won't we?

- What about him?
- I'll babysit him till the job's done.

Let's get it done then.

What is this?

They're getting in! Go! Go!

- Did you know about this?
- How could I?



Lay down your weapons.

You heard him, lads.

Where's Robert Parker?

Sic semper tyrannis.

At least now he is safe.

Hopefully he can begin to heal.

How does one begin to move
forward from something like this?

I suggested a change of scenery.

I think he quite liked the idea.

Does he have somewhere to go?

He has family in New York City.

Well at least he won't be alone.

He's asked me to accompany
him to the train station.

Am I safe to do so?

I don't see why not.

Perhaps later...

We can talk.

I would like that.

Who hired you? And no more lies.

- We never met them.
- Excuse me?

We never met them.

Going down with the ship, are you?

It's the truth. We never meet them.

We've set it up that
way so we don't have to.

It insulates us.

How are you contacted?

How is payment made?

The requests come through
a handler, via telegram.

There are no details, except
for date, time, and location.

If we accept, we get
half the money upfront.

We don't know who's sending it,

and they don't know who
they're sending it to.

Then how are you told who the target is?

The specific instructions along
with the rest of the money,

are left in a locker.

We pick them both up when we arrive.

What were the instructions for this job?

To kill Nathan Quincannon.

We had the time and we had the target,

but our damn train was late.

We went by the house anyway to
see if we could still do the job,

found that he was alone, and
decided no time like the present...

Then the family arrived.

That's when he started shooting at us.

They got caught in the crossfire.

And you tried to kill the son because...

He saw us.

Why else?

The killers claim

they never met the person
who contracted them.

Incredibly convenient.

It's actually not a
bad way to do business.

We know it was you.

Nathan cancelled the payments
on your distillery deal.

If I'd wanted him dead,
I wouldn't use outsiders.

But you admit that Mr. Quincannon
put an end to your partnership.

Fine. He did.

And before you ask, yes, I was angry.

- So what?
- So what did you do about it?

What could I do about it?

I called up the dame, I yelled at her,

I told her I don't want to do business
with her or her boss ever again.

Dame? There was a woman?

Are you referring to Miss Dempsey?

She's the one who found me.

She was whining about
her business losing money.

I thought it was a good
opportunity, so I said yes.

Couple weeks later I got the call.

- What call?
- Her boss, Nathan.

He was mad as hops.

Said he found out what I was
doing, and that I should back off.

How do you mean, "found out"?

Just what I said,

he was ranting that I was
putting his business in jeopardy.

I told him I was trying to save it.

Are we to understand that Mr.
Quincannon knew nothing about your deal?

I was just as surprised as you are.

Mr. Perri, have you ever
been to the Quincannon home?

Never. Everything was
done through Dempsey.

You got questions,

you should ask her.

Good day, gentlemen.

Hey, tell me something.

The Inspector called me Butch.

- What's that about?
- Oh, he didn't tell you?

- No.
- It's your name.

Robert Parker is Butch
Cassidy's real name.

The Inspector's beyond
enamored with the Old West.

I was part of the Pinkerton squad
that tracked Butch through Colorado.


If the Inspector finds that out,

you're sure to become
his new drinking partner.

Suppose I'll have to
learn to appreciate rye.

- Can I help you?
- Yes.

We'd like to see the rental
history of one of your lockers.

- Do you keep records?
- Anyone renting has to sign in.

Let's see.

That's it.


Wouldn't have thought so.

Miss Dempsey, did you make this deal

without Mr. Quincannon's knowledge?

Please, you must understand, I
was trying to save this place.

I spent years helping to
make the company what it is.

Nathan was so hardheaded.

- Did you arrange for his murder?
- Absolutely not. Never.

But he did learn of your
agreement with Mr. Perri.


How did he react?

He flew into a rage.

Told Mr. Perri the deal was off.
I'd never seen Nathan so angry.

But afterwards, he realized what
he'd done. And he was afraid.


Of the repercussions?

Mr. Perri has quite the reputation.

Do you believe that confrontation
is what ultimately led to his murder?

Of course. Don't you?

Why did you not you tell us this before?

Rocco Perri is a thug, Detective.

My experience doesn't exactly
extend to dealing with his type.

I was afraid.

Did you forge Mr. Quincannon's
signature on the lease agreement?

No. That was Jacob.

His son?

The Flatiron building is
quite something, isn't it?

A larger version of our
Gooderham, if I'm not mistaken.

Indeed it is.

Just as your home is a version

of some of Mr. Frank
Lloyd Wright's work.

Hardly a version. Mr.
Wright designed our home.

You really are quite
knowledgeable about architecture.

My mother.

She often dreamed of
becoming an architect.

You've made these last few
days tolerable, Dr. Ogden.

You remind me of her, in some ways.

What was she like?

Kind, gentle, forgiving.

The exact opposite of my father.

Fathers and their sons.

So Jacob knew about the deal with Perri.

According to Miss Dempsey, yes.

Did his memory block that out as well?

Sirs, we have something.

The locker for Bronson and his goons

was initially rented
by Nathan Quincannon.

The father hired the killers?

- But he ended up one of the victims.
- There's more.

The day after it was rented, Jacob
Quincannon signed into the locker.

So who was meant to be killed?

Mr. Perri.

Nathan Quincannon believed he was
protecting himself and his family.

Miss Dempsey mentioned
that he had become fearful

after his argument with Mr. Perri.

How did they all end up murdered?

It would appear Jacob Quincannon

learned of his father's
plan to hire Mr. Bronson

and changed the intended target.

He wanted the deal to move ahead.

So the boy ordered his father's death.

And Nathan Quincannon ended
up paying for his own murder.


What about the other
two? Elizabeth and Sarah?

- Wrong place, wrong time.
- Where's the boy now?

I was never enough for him.

He couldn't respect me, or my ideas.

Perhaps he had a hard time showing you,

but that doesn't mean it wasn't true.


I just wish we could have agreed
on a vision for the company.

He would grow so frustrated
whenever I would suggest anything.

You mentioned that he was
quite steadfast in his approach.

Mr. Perri said my father
was fit to be tied.

I quite liked that expression.

You told me that you
hadn't met Rocco Perri.

Did I?

Perhaps I was mistaken,

my head has been so out of sorts lately.

So you have met him?

I'm not sure.

Jacob, I don't mean to
belabor the question, but if...

What does it matter?

They're dead.

They're all dead.

Whether I met him or
not won't change that.

Jacob, is there something
you haven't told me

about who might be behind all of this?

You were very good to me.

Please don't ruin things.

You're making me uncomfortable.

- Driver, please stop.
- No!

Everything's fine, driver.

Jacob Quincannon,

you are under arrest for
conspiracy to commit murder.

Excellent work, Butch. You are
a credit to this Constabulary.

Just not a part of it.

Unfortunately, not in
an official capacity.

But most definitely a
valued part of it, sir.

So what happens to the killers?

They'll be deported to the
States in the next few days.

They're not our problem anymore.

And the boy?

He will likely face three counts
of conspiracy to commit murder.

Ugly, this whole thing.


So when do I get
reimbursed for my tickets?

Here you are.

I hope your lady friend
was understanding.

This'll help.

- What happened to the original tickets?
- I'm not sure.

I... I think I left them here.

Any idea what happened
to them, Sundance?

Enjoy the show. It's excellent.

Well done, sir.

- Synced and corrected by chamallow -