Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Mocro Maffia - full transcript

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Fuck Off!!

Talk. Who killed Smooth?

What were you thinking? That I would send all that money to you?

While you (were busy) killing Smooth?

Watch how you talk to me. You got a little one.

How long (has it been since you) seen her?

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Where's Zaka?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Hey Chaib!

Bro, I don't know if they're here, lol.

I swear, I was thinking this time....

Eh Sorry, boys.
-Where were you?

Did you lose your tongue? What's the matter with you?

I have a warrant for the arrest for Younes Al Saddiqi...

and his wife Samira.

We need to get out of here now.
- We'll (create) a diversion.

Fuck Off.

There's a misunderstanding.

We're not here for you. We're going to fix it.

What are you doing?

Guys, I told you, right?

Re-Subbed FULL Dialog by Anonymous Subtitler

Number 60, one high.

I'll be right there.
- What the fuck are we doing here?

Just Go with him! Please!!!...Come on!!!

Wake up the kids and pack their bags.

I'll take them on vacation.

And go away with mom. Don't go to Tangier. Go to Nador.

You don't have to look like that. You'll be fine.

Go. I wait for them here.

Need a light?

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Hello, Celine??

What is it?

I'm an acquaintance of Romano's.


That's a little tricky.

I'll decide that myself.

It's about your daughter.

Come in.

I'm here for Romano's daughter.

Romano's daughter?

Just tell him to go fuck himself.

We have reason to believe she is in danger.

Who is we? Where the fuck is he anyway?

I'm not in a position to make any statements about it.

But you think you can just take my daughter?

How stupid are you?
-I need to know where your daughter is.

If you want, you can come (also).

Romano told us to expect this reaction from you.

I'm not going anywhere.

Especially, when I don't know where (we're going).

So thank you very much for coming....

..and just tell him that you (couldn't) get me to come.

One more step...

...and I'll scream (for the entire fucking complex to help) .

Where is he?

Somewhere in Germany.


Give me 15.

All right. I'll wait for you outside.

Everything okay, bro?

You were gone a long time, man.

Brother, I just wanted to be with my kids for a little while

Why are we not moving?

Moving to what?

To Kill the Motherfucker...Wait, where did you take him?


Go to the bedroom for a minute.
-Yes, I'll go to the bedroom.

Its all over now. Nobody will hurt you. You can go wherever you want.

I’ve already made my decision. We have a fucking deal.

A Deal?!?? So you really think you can Kill??

Have you ever held a Gun before!!?!!
-I’ve held YOUR “Gun”

That’s a funny joke. But the world that I’m in…is no joke.

The people I deal with…there’s nothing fucking funny about (them). So Im gonna ask you again…

Bring me to the fuckin place.


Let me see your store then.

Grab that Nokia for me, from the Adapter.

This one has to be completely empty tomorrow.

That's where we're going to cut. And we're going to stash in these beds.

Taxi, these phones are a problem.

How's that shit going, brother?

Brother, I don't know, man. The guy's missing.

I guess he couldn't afford his server anymore.

I'm paying for that server...and his mother too.

What the hell are you taking about???
-I don't know if that's how it works.

(Did he get caught)?

-(What) do you mean, who?

That bastard, of course.

How should I know?

Does Pope already know?

Sure, he knows. I sent him carrier pigeons.

Actually, Smoke Signals, just to be safe.

Communication is especially important now.

We have the Turks after us. This is (really urgent).

What is the status of that Turk anyway?

Do you have a plan for our Communications yet, or are you going to talk to me about Turks, Taxi?

I think I have a guy who can give us a temporarily fix.

Fix it. (Rush those), Communications.

Understood, Yes? Right Now.

Fix this shit. Be a man now.


Well, (bring me the shit).

Those Turks, he meant the group from Dusseldorf.

There's something going on between them and Pope's group I think. I don't know what it is yet.

But I think we can get something out of it.
-Good job. Keep going.

That guy's in the wind.

I guess he couldn't afford his server anymore.

I'm paying for that server...and his mother too.

I see only ONE solution.
-And that is?

To the police. Now.

I agree with you. It's the only option we have.

And then?

Then they go to prison. Spend a few months in...

get even angrier at the world. That shit won't solve anything.

That's the street with a wall around it.

The alternative is that they take turns on the table with me.

Do we want that?

I have more confidence in myself, than in the legal system.

Yes? I've seen these kind of guys...

with the right plan, they're salvageable.

And how many more lives is your relief plan gonna cost us??

I mean it. The police is the only way.


OK. Its all good. I'll stop.

(Since we're not holding) anyone accountable...

for the death of my sons, I have no business here.



Can I have your signature?

You're Bruno Mars, right?

You Good?

Yeah. You?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Are we going back to...
-No, no, no.

Leave the thinking to me.

-OK, vwo.


Are we going on that fucking bike or something?

Yes, and you go in the back. Come on.

Thank you very much.

Where do you need to go?

Who's Bunemas?

Bunemas? You just said, Hey! Bunemas! Can I have your autograph?

Oh, you mean Bruno Mars.


Bruno Mars.

Yea, the singer Bruno Mars?

The ring is wide open. How do you want me to drive?

I didn't know there (was a) Google Maps program on my forehead.

Via Amstelveen is the fastest.
-If you say so.

Working today or are you free?

OK, OK, Nice.

Are you going to do anything fun?

Just Chillin.

Party at my sister's house.

Are you just a cab driver or...

What do you need?


Sorry, Madam Officer. I'm a taxi driver in a family business.

I don't know who you think you have in front of you.

Madam Agent. Ouch. That Hurts.

So what are you?
-I'm a cop. But you already figured that out.

I don't think so anyway.


Honestly? They're usually not so beautiful.

..and they usually (have) short haircuts with square behinds.

A minute ago I was Google Maps, then the police, and now I’m a pretty lady.

Which (one is it)?

Awfully chatty.

I'll give you five euros if you tell me where we're going.

WoW. Five whole euros.
-Make it 50.

I don't want your money. Hey, you can guess tho.

Is it that place with the guy eating paper?

..the Baron 1980 or so?

Do you mean the Efteling?
-Efteling, right. Are we going to the Efteling?

No, it's not the Efteling. But...

What is it a surprise.

You don't like that, do you? Surprises.

No, not really.

Too bad. I have another one.

What's that?
-It's Mushrooms. It's good for you.

And then add these.

This tastes like poop.
-You should eat this with it too...Eat up.

I don't know if that's really cool with... You know.

I need to wash that poopy taste out of my mouth.

It's your third one already.

...Or fourth. I've lost count by now.

Sorry, Mommy. It's my last one. I promise.

Is your mom cool?

Yeah, she's pretty cool.
-What does she do?

What do you mean?
-For work.

She (teaches children. Kindergarten)...

OK, nice.

And your dad?

Oh, fat.
-Yes, fat.

Are they still together?


60 or 75.

Is the quality that good?
-The best.

I should hope so.

Only the best quality. Amsterdam is not run by Halsema....

but by Pope.

Pope? I know that name.

At least...

My ex hated him.

Maybe you know him?


Calm Down…

Just keep driving for a while.

Hello, Boss.

Any word on that son of a bitch, Tatta?



If he's going to make his move, he's gonna do it with that shipment over there.

Should I go get backup?

I have Samira for that.

I need you in Amsterdam.

Brother. Communication is being taken care of.

But those bastards are going to get us now, huh.

(What can I say)…

That's how the cat-and-mouse game works.

Do you think they're going give us a break?

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Never again.

But they make a fallacy.

If they think they're the cat here.


Wait until I start killing all their colleagues one by one.

Then they're going to see who are the scared mice here.

I swear. All those motherfuckers are gonna to have PTSD.

I can't take this (over) there.

Fortunately, no one is asking you to.

Your family must be proud of you.

Relax, I meant it as a compliment.



Have you seen to a museum before? Ever been to one?

No, never.

Then, this is a good first one.

Not just memories of some old shit.
-Good day to you.

Hello, Sir…M’am.

Would you put your coats in a locker, please.

Yeah, sure.
-No, not necessary.

Lockers are mandatory.

Mandatory? What do you mean mandatory?
-Yeah, Mandatory, Yeah.

If I want to keep my coat on, I'll keep it on.

No Locker, No Entry. So lets stop dancing around.


Are you having a good time?

Just a little thirsty.

Here. Comes with the Job.

Arms wide.

You’ll have to put this on before we get on the Highway.


I can also take you to your house. Whatever you want.

Open the Gate.

Is that your new girlfriend?

Gift for the boss.

Don't you think he has other things on his mind?

Bring the hair back.

Okay, I think we can go again.
-ssst. Wait.

You stay here, Younes.

Why haven't I seen you?

Do you need permission?.... Fuck off.

Put her in a room.

Go, go, go.

Younes, Younes.

Go Sit Down.


You're sure it's her?

Good, very good.
...Good, good..

Are you okay?

What did you give me?

Calm Down.
-I'm getting (to excited) from this!!

What have you done to me!?! What did you give me!?!

Don't touch me!!
-I thought you liked it.

You don't know anything about me!!

Yo...Let's get out of here.

Think about it, buddy.

Nobody knows we're here. And as long as they do, we're safe.

So stay on your ass.

Hear what?

I have been selfish.

I was always working.

I wanted to build something, but (while trying to build)…I didn't realize, that I was really tearing everything down.

I had not been there for my son.

I forgot to raise him.

For him, it's too late...

…but for these guys, not yet.

They are still young, malleable....

but the time of half measures...

and well-intentioned conversations
has (passed).

I spent many years in the Military.

I saw there what iron discipline can do to the mind.

That's the only option left for us.

The life of the streets is rock hard.

So, our alternative must be just that.

That's the only language they understand.

Just calm down for a second.

Please sit down.
-Leave me alone.

I need you to calmly breathe in and out.

Sit down, come on.
-Leave me alone.

**Subtitler Note: Samira about to break her Foot Off in Taxi’s ass ha ha.**

What's with me waiting here all day like I'm (on line) for a dentist?

But I'm glad you're OK.

I heard about that action by Tatta.

What were you doing there anyway?

What was I doing where?
-In that brothel.

Nothing, just work.
-Yeah, right.

I was on the trail of those Turks. What was I supposed to do?

Was I supposed to say to them:

"I'm not allowed to go near
hookers (because of) my wife.'

My wife who doesn't even look at me, doesn't touch me.

And (it just happens that you picked up the distant smell)...

of those Turks in a whorehouse?

If I don't do anything, it's not good.

If I do my best, it's not good.
-So then you go fuck whores.

I didn't fuck a whore.

Knowing you, you have long since, fallen in love with one.

I didn't fuck a hooker! Please, don't...

I hope you got it with her.

What about you?

You used to hate that brother of yours.

There was only hatred towards him.

And look at you now.

And your children?

When was the last time you thought about them?

Did you come all the way here to tell me that?

Hey, buddy.

Long time, no see. You want to bring me a Drink.

...Or one of those hot little whores?

You hit like a Bitch, Sucker!!

Fat Boy never learn how to fight huh...ha ha ha....

I want to apologize.

I know I should have killed Mo.

Really...that's my fault.

But you should never have given me that assignment.

That's your fault.

Brother, I'm not stupid. I know that if it wasn't for her, I'd have been history a long time ago....

But I brought you that Turk and I've been loyal since day one.

Don't forget that

Bro, this is the only entrance and exit.

The dormitories are here, we can lock them down.

Restrooms are over there, we can lock those up too.

They won't get out of here.

Good space, man.


But brother, how do you do this?

What do you mean?

Don't worry about that.

I'll do my part. You do yours.

No messing around. I promise you that.


So you're Celine.

So you're Pope.

I know where Romano is.

But you have to do if you want to know where.

And that is?

There's a dead Surinamese at the bottom of my stairs. That's ONE.

And two?


So you want me to make Romano...


Doesn't seem to me that you have a
problem with that. Right?

If you want me to help you...

I do need to know where he is.

He's in Dusseldorf.

Son of a Bitch!!