Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Mocro Maffia - full transcript

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TATTA: I want to know who did that and where they are going to push it.

A cooperation. Alright.
OK then.

Bro, we just got here.

You still have haven't
told Jaouad anything.

TATTA: What do you think he is going to do ...

when he finds out
that you hid Mo here?

I don't know where he is. You know
that whole fucking family, right?

Sorry, honey.

If a handsome Mocro boy of twenty years old,
is going through that door...

you contact me.

Kamal, right? Brother of Mo?

Here. This a tasty
fucking sandwich, or not?




GEUSEBROEK Well, he didn't see that bullet

Is that all that
you can think of?

Nothing indicates this boy
was in the criminal scene.

Never been in contact
with Justice.

Worked in a nursing home.
In short: An angel.

Why do you think he's here?

I don't believe I
can follow.

This is what happens when we
allow barbarism, when we turn a blind eye ...

and let the law run its course.

From now on, I'm going
to be on top of the investigation.

I am not happy with how the
investigation is proceeding so far.

That's bullshit. It's like we
walk two steps behind each time.

As if they know what we are going to do
before we do it.

Are you insinuating that there is a leak
is in my team?

I'm not insinuating anything.

I just want the lines
kept shorter.

Gather your team,
half past four this afternoon.

Hello, this is Moshin.



What is going on?
Ma, I can't hear you.

Mom, talk slowly, I can
not understand. What is it?


POPE: Is that PC Hooft?

How many of those cameras
have you hacked?

The whole city, have a look.

Do you see that car there?

TATTA: I'm going to explain.
I've seen Mo.

This was a warning.

If he doesnt come out of his rat hole now,
I sweep that whole fucking family.

What did that family do to you?
Since when is that of our interest?

I had to fix it, right? Done.

He's been at the camp,
he knows where you live.

Yes fine. I have put men there.

Bro, it will be fine.

Zero, zero.

What do you want me to do? You sit here
inside, outside I am target.

Oh really? What the fuck were you doing there?

The only thing you
have to do, Tatta ...

is making agreements with buyers. Yes?

Our hands are clean.

Bro, about those bricks ...

How much do we still have to sell
of that crap?

Not much.

I'm going to that appointment.

And that fat one is a sponsor, you say?

Stay in the stands, see if
you can get a little closer to Tatta.

The one with that weird eye.
And alternatively that fat man.

That's a risk, man.
And the thing in that bar wasn't a risk?

It was worth it.

At least, you promised us that.

Is that all?

First, just go
to that match.

Look, honorable audience.

Were you teaching?

They have seen Pope.

None of your business.

Where have they seen Pope?
Bro ...

I work with you, not for you.

Those boys should be in school.

Fuck their school
i just gave them 10k.

Where have they seen Pope?

In the Vatican.

Didn't you feed that dog?

Ho, ho, ho.

Sit down.

What are you actually doing here?

I have a buyer for those four kilos.

You say only now?

TONNANO: Tatta, come here.

Watch how fast these dogs are working.

We have our own Tempo-Team.
What do you say, Cinqo?

We pay well, you know yourself.

Look here. See, they're alive. Or not, weenie?

House of Representatives.
You see, without Balkenende.

New supermix, is heavier.

Come on, let's go upstairs.

TATTA: Are you okay?

Slept well?

Intense, isn't it?

The first time
is always intense, always.

I don't have to worry, right?

No of course not.
They won't hear anything from me, really.


This is not for me, man.
What do you mean, this is not for me?

You don't have to do anything, right?

You just need to play a bit of
football, that what you are good at.

That's not what I'm talking about.
I want to work for you ...

but only not with that ...
What do you mean?

Otherwise leave me in the changing rooms
folding packets with the boys.

Duane, I've got plenty there.
Don't worry, buddy.

Duane, hey.

You did well, you understand?

Here take this.

Have a good workout.



Ewa, what's the plan?

I never thought we would
be hearing from you.

Sitting at home all day
is rather boring.

I see that the despair is great.

They put a low finder's fee
on your head, dickhead.

Are you Indo or Moluccan?
I can never tell the difference, man.

What the fuck are you saying, man?

What? Just bit of small talk, right?

Do you have the money? We have to do something
about the price.

The price is set, friend.

The only thing that is certain in life
is that we will all die.

We are not friends.

Romano always said
that you are professionals.

We are, even better.

We also have to weigh our options ...

and there is someone
below the price.

Let me guess.

How much do you pay Pope per kilo?




Bro ...

Bro, hold on.

Take me to Pope.

This was not
the fucking deal, bro.

That's fucking lot of money.
That's my money too.

When it comes to Pope:
I can take you to Pope.

Just without jokes, bro.

Do we have a deal?

I connect you.

GEUSEBROEK: The investigation is going too
slow, we need speed.

The brother of the deceased ...

had ties to that group of Pope.

How and what,
we don't know exactly.

We just know he has
passed on information ...

to Rein de Waard and to Harderwijk.

The priority is to find him
and get him talking.

If they can get him to tslk
we should be able to do that too.

How do we know he's still alive?

I don't think they take it easy
that he was buddies with the media.

We don't know if he was buddies
with the media.

Just that his heart
is on his tongue.

And that is good for us.

However, the problem is the family.

He doesn't want to talk to us
as usual.

I don't think they talk to me
just because I'm Moroccan.

We don't want you to
talk to the family.

You just have to post nearby.

Someone knows something
sooner or later he has to show up.

Is that clear?


OK, the two of you two go
to the hospital.

One of those sets of fingerprints
that we found ...

on the coke in that cab
we cannot identify.

Not in a database anywhere.

So they almost have to
belong to Mr. Al Saddiqi.

Go that way
get his fingerprints ...

and include him if necessary.
It has taken long enough now.

And in case he will be difficult ...


LAWYER: Who is your team leader?

You can't interrogate my client
when I'm not there, what do you think?

This is not an interrogation.

What is this, man? I have rights, right?

She is right,
I can't help it.

Just cooperate, Younnes.
Then it will be over in no time.

Your right hand please.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Fuck off with your thank you.

Cover up, your fucking mother.

Son of a whore, do I pay you for sauce?

Get that fucking ball.

Play that fucking ball.

What is this, women's football?

Either him, the ball,
or those fucking legs.

Play that ball, crook. Play.

Fucking whore.
Play that ball, fucking crook. Play.

Break his legs.
You talk a lot, don't you?

Do you hear what he says?

Come here, little one. Come on.

Get that fucking ball, get that ball.


Martina, Martina.

Soldier, man.

He's a player, have you seen it?
Watch and learn.

Everyone knows you in my neighborhood.

Which neighborhood is that?


I know, I know.

I'll be your number two someday, pay attention.

Ewa, little man.

Good evening,
would you please get out?

You match a description ...
I'm doing an investigation.

I'm a detective
I am doing an investigation.

Man, what description?
I'm busy, look.

Hands on the wheel now.
Hands on the wheel.

Fuck, cunt.

You're fucked.

Are you just keeping us waiting here?

The plans have changed.

We fixed a better deal.

Better quality, lower price.

The plans have changed? Why
did you let us come here?

I wanted to tell it personally.
Out of respect.

Boys, you are getting visitors.
Two cars are driving towards you.

A softer price?

We are all big men.

I don't have to explain to you
about supply and demand, right?

They come from the south side.

I think you should
tell us something, my friend.

Gappies, don't do any stupid things.
There are too few of you.

Motherfu ...

Motherfuckers fucked up.

Fuck. Go, go, go.

Back, back, back.

POPE: Pencil!

Oo Pencil!

Drive, drive, drive.

I'm going to go, man.

I'm going to be with family for a while.
They are going to want to take revenge anyway.


How, with those two cooked sheep?

Are you ok here or not?

Can you make it here?

Tatta, go on vacation.

Go twice as fast ...

with twice as many people.

We'll keep in touch.
Yes man.

Enjoy your holiday.


What is this, news?


He explains the cocaine
was his in the taxi.

And those fingerprints?

Not his,
but also not from Al Saddiqi.

What a mess.

Do you think I can go to the bathroom here?

How do you mean?
Is there a toilet where I ...

You need to pee or take a shit?
How do you mean?

Only temporary, huh.
Yes Yes.

He has to go to the bathroom.

That is perfect.


Yes, I understand ... Can I talk?

I just want to say
that I have arrived at Kobus.

Yes, it is nice here.

I'll call you soon, I'll call you soon.

Gap, I only pissed.


That friend of yours, Eiffel ...

he is no longer around.

Have a seat.

That is not necessary.

How's your father?
What do you think?

Lost two sons, his wife
and even to the lunatic asylum.

He has another daughter.

She is no longer around.

I have a lead to Pope.

I need your help.

That's what I'm here.

You know those little guys
who worked for Eiffel, right?

SAMIRA: Don't argue, guys.


Guys, don't take it to the streets.
I want the little horse.

Hey, sweetie?
Hey, Mo.

Mommy, look: Mo.

Come, guys.
We'll go upstairs anyway.

Come, go upstairs.

You are going to help me.

You are going to talk to your brother.

And then you make sure
that he comes this way.

Mo, please ...
Come inside.

Go in, walk.