Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Episode #2.9 - full transcript

Tamir and Barak continue with their grand plans, not knowing there are still in danger. Tal is having difficulties dealing with the consequences of the failed investigation.



Medical team, where are you?

Medical team to the isolation cell, now!

Careful there.

Easy now.

Call a medic!


Mordy, can you hear me?

We're losing him.
Where are you?

How did it go yesterday?

You missed a great party.

-Yes, you did.
-Everyone was there.


Even some people we didn't expect.

Mordy hanged himself in jail
this morning.


-I can't believe it.

When's the funeral?

I know nothing about it,
they just informed his family.

I know it's a harsh blow,
but we still have to do our job.

This is outrageous, Yifat.

Let this be clear

I hold you responsible
for this needless death.

-You pushed him over the edge.

Excuse me?
We gave him a way out.

Great way out,
framing a policeman.

-Abetting an investigation.
-Yeah, right.

Now I have to answer

to his family, to the press.

In any case, I instructed Lahav
to investigate the incident.

Prison Service is doing it.

Investigating themselves.

Did you know that Hanan Salame
was released with bruises on him?

Your guys are beating up suspects
and you don't know?

-What are you talking about?
-Ask Izzy Bachar.

What's the current status
of the Hanan Salame case?

I instructed Internal Affairs to close
the Rishon Police case

and the District Attorney's office
is working on Sami Suleiman's plea deal.

I want to see everything in writing.

Case closed on the grounds, Kobi,
that he's innocent.

No problem.

All right.

I suggest we start afresh.

After all, we know how important
it is that we work together,

the police, the State's Attorney,

Internal Affairs,
we're all on the same side.

Set up a meeting with Zigdon,
he's a fine officer.

No problem, I'll keep an open mind.



It's Izzy.

What's the matter?

Not feeling well?

I'm just fed up.

Hey, Izzy!
How's it going?

I was looking for Tal.

Yeah, she's...

-Good, let her sleep.

Tell her to call me
when she wakes up, okay?


-Bye, babe.


Did you just call me "babe"?

Yeah, sorry...
Just slipped out.

No, I actually like it.

That's what I call my daughter.


Okay, then...

I'll talk to you later, babe.

Oh, Izzy.
We were just talking about you.

How are you doing?

What's up?

You heard about Mordy Eshel.

I don't understand how that happened.

I guess it's not the only
unusual thing happening there.

Beating a detainee?

What is this, Midnight Express?

We're not Tel Aviv SIU in the 90s.

What were you thinking?

Hiba knew nothing about it.

Neither did Baranes.
It was my idea.

You may be called in for questioning.

If that happens, leave us out.
It was your idea and you acted alone.

Wait, what about the case?

Fine, thanks.
Full steam ahead.


I've never seen such shocking
obstruction of justice.

Cops operating like
a criminal organization.

Including senior officers,
and even the Commissioner.

But you knew that months ago.

-Izzy, if you wanna...

It's true.

Mistakes were made, but we've learned.

And speaking of mistakes,
you're suspended until further notice.

-Excuse me?
-You're out.

Thanks for your help.
Have a nice day.

Thanks for taking this on.

So I'm out?

We need you to keep
a low profile in any case.

If they see you go back to normal
they'll think it's over.

It'll be a big help to us.

But we'll keep you posted.
You have my word.

I'm out so I can stay in?

It's not like that.

It's okay, you owe me no explanations.

Really, you don't owe me anything.

-No, I mean it.

As long as you keep at it.

I trust you.


See you later.
Do a good job, okay?

Bye, Izzy.

They put that rat in my cell
to get me to talk.

It's okay, God gave him
what he deserved.

Those cunts in International Crimes
must get their fair share.

They cracked my rib.

A half-inch more
and they'd pierce my lung.

But they didn't, did they?

So take a deep breath and count to ten.

You think we're gonna go after them now?
Be thankful you got off easy.

Take a few days off,
then we'll see what's next.

I need a new burner.

You can't have one.

Why not?

We're making changes.
We need you to lay low.

What is this, a joke?

Did you think you'd just
jump right back in?

Okay, I made a mistake,
does that mean I'm finished?

That's exactly what it means.

We almost went to jail because of you,
so now just be quiet

and do as you're told.

And watch yourself.

You hear that?

I sat there in jail,

got beat up, didn't say a word,
and now I'm finished.

And they act like they're doing me
a favor.

Dude, just do as you're told.

And that prick isn't man enough
to tell it to my face.

He sends Leibo and Shem-Tov.

Fuck him.

Here, boy.
Here, Archie.


Hello, hello.

Hello, Dad.

Look who's here.

To what do we owe the honor?


I spoke to Dudu.

I don't want to hear it.

Did you know he's appointing Zigdon
head of the National Fraud Unit?

I read something about it online.

So that's what this is about?

The State's Attorney wants someone else
and Dudu's fighting for his man.

You're just a pawn in their game.

They manipulate you like a marionette
against your friends.

I told you, they aren't my friends.

And Kobi Hoenig gave in without a fight?

What choice did he have?
You set it up good.

I spoke to Kaplan.
Your request will be approved.

In return I had to promise him
he'd be appointed police liaison

to London this summer.

Get out!

You know how many people are fighting
over that job?

The kind of wars I'm going to have now?

Not to mention that Israel's whole
cannabis industry

will notice that we approved this deal.

Call it a change in policy.

What do I do when another company
wants a permit?

Judge each case for itself.

You're a genius, I swear.

Kaplan won't issue the permit
until I get my money.

Have you decided how you want it?

Yeah, in cryptocurrency.

-Yeah, it's safest.

And it's a good time to buy.
Why not?

What do you know about crypto?

Nothing, but Rotem does.

Here, talk to him.

Hey, Rotem.

So the e-wallet
is basically an app?

There are all kinds of e-wallets,
Dad, I explained it already.

Explain again, we're old farts.

You buy any type of cryptocurrency,

an online exchange is best,
just remember they charge a fee.

Anyway, once you buy it,
the crypto is in your e-wallet.

On your cellphone, for instance.

-Is that Dudu's son?

Then I transfer the crypto to you?

You get the password to my e-wallet,
from there it's very simple.

Why the sudden interest?

We want to keep up with the times.

Transcribe it and email it to me.
I want Kobi to see this.


Atalia, my dear.
How are you?


Mark, I thought you were in London.

I flew in last night.

Shaul, I don't know if you've met.
Meir Shemer.

Nice to meet you.

We're all curious.
What's so urgent?

-Meir, would you like to begin?
-l'lI get straight to the point,

I'm the head of a group of investors
who have offered Mark

to buy a majority share in Cannabar.


Meir appointed me to represent him
in negotiations.

We sent an LOI to Mark

and we sought the Ministry of Health
to begin the regulatory process.

Oh, so it's moving right along.

We didn't want to lose time.

Why would you want to sell?

I want to take it easier in life, and...

I'm keeping 10 percent of the company,
I'm not backing out,

I mean...

I think our offer is very generous,

including bonuses for upper management.

Okay, let's hear it.


-Hey, come in.
-Hi, how's it going?

-Come on in.

Good to see you.

Something to drink?

-No, thanks.

Hey, Tal.

I was just leaving.

Okay, Tal?

Call me if you need anything
and I'll come right back.



You called last night.

Must have dialed accidentally.

I've decided not to go back to work
so you can relax.

What do you think?

That I don't want you back?

I just want you to be
completely well first.

Physically and mentally.

What are you doing here, Eitan?

What do you want?

We got in trouble with the Commissioner,
trying to show you support

but what happened, happened.

Don't worry,
we'll get those bastards yet.

But right now we have to
do damage control.

"Damage control"?

Have you spoken to the press?

Are we really having this conversation?

Why do you ask?

You actually came here to shut me up?

We have to go about this wisely.

So I'm asking you to put
personal matters aside.

Put them aside?

-And forget?

That those creeps
murdered my unborn baby?

And they're moving on with their lives?

-No, God forbid.
-Eitan, do me a favor,

get the hell out.

-But Tal...
-Get out.

-Tal, I...

I'm sorry.

I liked her better
when she was on a rampage.

Now she stares at the TV,
zonked out on pills.

She's totally depressed.

It's a stage she has to go through.
You know about the stages, right?

Denial, anger, bargaining.

Then comes depression,
followed by acceptance.

When will you go
from depression to acceptance?

I already have.
This isn't depression,

it's acceptance that this is my life.

Maybe you like to suffer?

-I'm suffering even now.
-Oh, yeah? I don't think so.

-What about you?
-What about me?

Are you happy or suffering?

Izzy, I have a policy.
If I'm not happy, I'm gone.

I think you should adopt that policy.

I'm too old to change.

I don't think so.
You smoked a joint, you drink wine.

You'll come around yet.

-Bye, people.

-Have a great evening.
-You too.


Why would he sell
before the reform is passed?

He told you, he wants to slow down.

Another one who wants to slow down.

It's his business why and when he sells.

Where did Meir Shemer
get the money to do this?

He has investors.


Are you coming?
We're eating out.

Go ahead, I'll be right there.

-Who are his investors?
-Foreigners, from the Emirates.

The Emirates?
What is this, a joke?

The police will never allow it.

It's the policy, for God's sake.
I put it in place.

The deal will be approved.

No, it won't.
I can only do so much.

Nobody asked you to do anything, Shaul.

It has nothing to do with you.

What's going on here?

Don't ask questions that are beyond you.

All you have to do is sit back

and figure out what you'll do
with the pile of money

you're going to make from this deal.

Listen, it seems like
they really are working.

We also received instructions
from the State's Attorney's office

to look into
the Shmaya brothers' business.

Better late than never.

What about Barak
and the bank accounts in Cyprus?

We're supposed to get
the court order today.

We'll finally get the documents.


I need your help with something.

Among the exchange's documents
we came across a company,

A.A. 2000 Security Ltd.

The exchange cashed
lots of checks written out to them.

It's the same method used for
the Shapirim checks,

but these check aren't from any
straw company,

they're from real businesses
in the Rishon area.

What do you think it is?


The businesses receive threats,
they pay a "security company"

and they get an invoice.

Our tails saw Oshri Baruch going to many
businesses in Rishon, collecting money.

The names of some companies
match the checks from the exchange.


Now, look at this.

This business's address

is the same as Shapirim.

And it's the same owner.

-Ben Zion Salame, Hanan's father.
-Hanan's father?

Here's something else.

I cross-referenced some names,
and look at this guy,

Claude Peretz.

He complained to the Rishon police
that he was being extorted

and he also wrote a check
to this company this very month.

What do you think?

Very interesting.

Nice work, Yerushalmi.

Well done.

Can you get me information
on the complaint?

Look, Yerushalmi, I'm suspended.
I should stay away from this stuff.

Come on, Izzy.
I know you have a source there.

-Hi, Revital.

Izzy Bachar, Internal Affairs.

Someone named...

Claude Peretz

filed a complaint with you.

-Where does the case stand?

He withdrew the complaint.

He withdrew the complaint?

Yes, are you deaf?
The case is closed.

Computer says it's still open.

We haven't had a chance to update.

The officer in charge
signed it off a few days ago.

Which officer?

Now, listen,

you lied that my friends took part
in the Tal Ben Harush shooting

to get information from me.

You made me look stupid.
So do me a favor.

Stop calling me, okay?


Leibo, Leibo, Leibo...

Shem-Tov, make sure it's all there.

What's up, honey?

Do you hear me, Leibo?

Barak's friend from Internal Affairs
just called, asked me lots of questions.

You don't say.
What kind of questions?

About the Frenchie
from the cellphone store.

What's the story?
I thought they left you alone.

-I don't know. What'd you tell him?
-The truth, that the case is closed.

-Good. If he calls again, let me know.
-No problem.

You just...

I don't know how to deal with you.

You're suspended!
Who authorized you to call her?

I didn't plan.

-Yerushalmi brought insights...
-You don't work for Internal Affairs!

He should contact us directly.

All I asked was for you
to give me a break.

You barely lasted 48 hours.

You know I like the fact
that you don't give a damn,

but this time you went too far.

Your conduct is irresponsible
and that puts us at risk.

And you.

Okay, you're right.

I'm sorry.

Say, Hiba, all the fuss about
how Kobi Hoenig switched to our side,

is it because Zigdon was appointed
head of the Fraud Unit?

Don't you know it's all politics?

I was out of the system for 6 months.
I forgot.

Doesn't all this crap make you sick?

Sure it does.

But I try to make the best of it.

I just don't understand

why Leibo came to you.
Why not go straight to Barak?


He also knows he can't trust Barak.

You see, Tamir,
either Barak is lying to our faces

or he's totally out of it,
and neither possibility is great.

You have a blind spot
when it comes to Barak.

No one else could do to you
what he does and get away with it.

It's not just about his buddy
and Internal Affairs anymore,

it puts us at risk.

You can't let this slide.

So what were you thinking?

Good night, Leon.
Can you close up by yourself?

-Yeah, thanks.
-No problem.



We're closed.

You're Leon Bachar, aren't you?

For heaven's sake.

Don't you remember me?

Ezra Fallah.
I did time in your block a few times.

A lot of people did.

This was the dirtiest cop I ever met.

Every single crook ate from his hand.

For heaven's sake, Leon,
how'd you get so old?

I got old.

You got old and fat.

So you remember me?

I remember an ugly mug, not much more.

Please leave.
We're closed.

You came to kill me
after all these years?

In my condition
you'd be doing me a favor.

Nobody's here to kill you.

We're here to talk...

about your son.

Buddy, I can't control him.

Just tell him that we know that
even though the case is closed

he's still poking his nose,

and if he keeps it up
we'll cut off his nose.

And his head along with it.

-Is that so?
-It certainly is.

And you're in our sights, too.

And his wife, that whore cop,

and his daughter,
the whore cop's daughter,

and his son, the son of a bitch.

And even his dog.
We'll fuck you all up!

Do you hear?

Let's go, Ezra.

Look at these shades, Ezra.

Like them?

-See if there are any reading glasses.
-Reading glasses?

Tell me,

do you think you can threaten my family

and walk out scot-free?

-Don't take it out!

Don't take it out!

You're dead meat, motherfucker!

Phones on silent.


Back from the commercial break
in ten, nine, eight, seven...

-Hi, I thought I got the wrong place.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

How are you?


May I?


How do you feel about the fact
that the gunman was caught?


He isn't the gunman.

What do you mean?

Shani, right?

-Hi, I'm Yael.

What Yael?

Oh, Tal's sister.


This is my aunt, Michal.

-Nice to meet you.
-My pleasure.

-Her husband, Yehiel.

-My pleasure.

Yael is...

Izzy's girlfriend.


-Do you know what happened?
-Just that he had a seizure at the shop.

Luckily he could press his wristband.

Firemen broke down the door.

Oh, my.

-Where's your dad?

The local crooks
all treated me with respect.

Leon Bachar's son.

As a kid I didn't understand,

I thought they respected the police.

I only realized he worked with them
when I turned 13.

That explains a lot.

In the end he went too far.

They caught him trying to smuggle
two kilos of heroin into prison.

What did they do to him?

What did they do?

Hushed it up and made him retire early.

That's when he opened up the shop.

Did your mother know?

Of course she knew.

He didn't try too hard to hide it.

He's the one who made her sick.

I think you should go in and...

talk to him, tell him how you feel.

You think he can hear?

What do you have to lose?


I feel silly talking to you.

But I wanted you to know that...

I love you.

I don't know the last time
I said that to you.

Maybe a long time ago, when I was a kid.

I know that in your mind

you did the best you could for us.

So we'd have everything we needed.

I only wanted you.

Now, too, I want you back.

So we can argue at the shop again.

I'd even go eat fish at Ettie's
if that's what you want.

The police is here,
they want to talk to you.

This is Menny,
from South TLV Investigations.

What happened?

Take a look, this is from the shop.

These are two well-known criminals,

Gili Shmaya and Ezra Fallah.

Heaven help us.

They checked into ER on their own.

What's the story?
You have issues with them?


Dad, please, don't do anything stupid.

Shmaya, if you have something to say,
tell it to my face.

-Who do you think you are?

You had your brother threaten my dad,

you know damn well who I am!

Your mama's an idiot!

-Fuck off, dick!
-Watch your mouth!

You think I'm scared of you assholes?

Listen, motherfucker,
you're lucky I may have a concussion.

Stop it, Dad!

Did Barak know about this?
Answer me, did he?

Please, Izzy, calm down!

Stand down.

Let's step aside and talk.

-It's all right.

Come here.

No shame, huh?
Attacking an old man?

Did Barak know?

I'll answer your question,

but you answer mine first.

The policewoman who was shot.
Was Barak involved?

Simple question, yes or no?



Now you answer me.

Barak didn't know.

If he knew it wouldn't have happened.
He's always had your back.

Break it up, folks.

So how's Ezra doing?

Thank God, joking with his doctors.

Take a look at this.

"Joking with his doctors."

This is all over social media.

Not good.

If a crook sees this, what'll he think?
Tamir Shmaya is weak.

Let them try something,
we'll see who's weak.

Why won't your buddy stop hounding you?

Because he's crazy.

I offended him so he's out to get me.

And now you made it even worse.

But never mind that, he's irrelevant.

Shall we discuss some relevant issues?

-How do you plan to pay Dudu?
-That bastard.

We got him a salary of 100 thousand
plus a fat pension

and he's squeezing us for more?

Meir, it's small change.

Dudu is your responsibility.
Pay him out of your pocket.

It'll help pay the hole you left
at the exchange.

-Say what?
-You wanted to be a partner,

that includes expenses.

What's the problem?

Small change, right?

Yes, Tal, what's up?

What's up with you?

I'm okay.

Yael told me what happened.

How's Leon?

Intensive care.

What's new with you?

I met Suzy Amitai yesterday.

I told her everything.


Because I'm fed up, that's why.

Tal, you're just making it worse.

More gloom and doom?

Don't you think
I went to her when it happened?

She's no journalist, she's his puppet.

I don't know how you can
still be so naïve.

I'll talk you later.



Hold on, I know you.

Pardon me?

I filled the same prescription
at another branch the other day.

What's going on?
You had a month's supply.

You are mistaking me for someone else.

No, I definitely remember you.

-Never mind.
-Hey, where are you going?

I'm calling the police!

Are you alright?

Give us a minute.


Are you okay?


I spoke to the cops, nobody'll find out.

How much are you taking?


I want to help you.

But you have to talk to me.

She was yours.


The baby.

She was yours.