Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - HaPraklita (The Attorney) - full transcript

The investigating team gets some wins in the intelligence war against Barak and his people, thanks to Tal and Izzy. The district attorney gets involved in the investigation.





- What's with that kid?
- None of your business.

The defendant shall receive
a severe rebuke.

I have a friend who's an expert
in lawsuits against the police.

We'll tear them apart.

I'm making dinner,
would you like to come?

Don't you think I know you're doing
all this just so you can screw her?



I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in criminal activity.

Eliran Khen fled the country,
we're not sure where he is.

Joining us is a new detective,
Hiba Elnasser.

- I was Izzy's trainee.
- That's nice.

You were curt with her. Unpleasant.

Does my presence bother you so much

that you're sending me to work
with the rats?

- It's hard for me, too.
- Go fuck yourself.

Malka Tsigao, isn't it?
Are you Eliran Khen's commander?

What's going on here?

Our people in Kfar Qassem
got stuck with an IDF container.

We want to return it
to the insurance company for a reward.

Do you have the DA's authorization?

Operation Equipment Return

is under the legal supervision
of Central District DA.

Atalia Ben Moshe.

- How's it going, Atalia?
- You're behind enemy lines.

- Barak isn't who we think he is.
- Leave me out of this.

Did you know that Barak was involved
with a girl named Sharon Zur?

They had a relationship.

You're choosing the wrong side, Dudu.

I'm choosing the wrong side!

Limor and Dudu don't want us
to come to the wedding.


What's that?

I bought it for the wedding.

I'll try to return it tomorrow.

MADA believes seven people
are trapped in there.

Israeli forces were summoned
to assist with the rescue.

Pretty dress.

Better be. It was 2000 shekels.

Don't return it.

What's with you?

- He's late.
- Don't worry, he'll be here.


Who's Tanya Levine?

Just someone.

Is she the one who gave you the whiskey?

What's the story with you and her?

No story. I told you,
I'm helping the family out.

Her son was a victim of police brutality
and I handled the case, that's all.



Nothing. You're so obvious.

Why don't we talk about
your personal life for a change?

- Nothing to talk about.
- Really? Not even about Eitan Deutsch?

Cops are such gossips.

He left his wife, we started something,

then he decided to go back to her
and that was that.

Is that why he sent you to work with us?



Sorry, I didn't mean to bum you out.

It's not your fault.

I know Eitan, he's a real jerk.


Is there a problem?

- No, no problem.
- You sure?

Looks to me like there is a problem, rat.

- What'd you call me?
- A rat, that's what you are.

- Who you calling a rat?
- Stop it!

- Izzy.
- Barazani.

- Great to see you.
- Tal, this is Barazani, a friend.

- Nice to meet you. Tal.
- Likewise.

- Now tell me exactly what you need.
- Okay.

What's up?

Night shift, what do you think?

You hear?

I'm going ahead with that deal
with the Arab.

- Can you help me with it?
- Sure, what do you need?

You have connections in the motor pool,

I need you to get me the big van
and keep it quiet.

No problem.

It's Gili.

- What does he want?
- I don't know.

- Hello?
- You hear?

- I just got pulled over by traffic cops.
- You're calling me for that?

The guy says
he's going to confiscate the car.

Talk to him before he makes a mistake.

Alright, put him on.


- Who's this?
- Chief Inspector Ophir Leibowitz,

Detective officer, Rishon LeZion Police,
nice to meet you.

- Who's this?
- Barazani, Highway Patrol.

Dude, that man works with us,

so I'd appreciate it very much
if you'd let him go this time.

I knew he'd call him. What an idiot.

- Is that the number Gili called?
- Yes.

I really appreciate it,
Barazani, did you say?

I'll put in a good word for you.

No problem.

That's it, we have Leibo's burner.

Great. Thank you
and have a marvelous night.

Nice going, Leibo.

Listen, this is the last time you call me
on this line for nothing, you hear?

As if we said anything important.

Well? What do you say?

What do I say?

What do I say? You deserve a kiss!

- Well done!
- Thanks.

Great. Great.

I'll get a warrant to tap Leibo's burner

and we'll have
their whole operational network

mapped out in a few days.

Nice going, folks.

Thanks, Baranes.


- Thinking of a career with IAD?
- God forbid.

- Too bad, you're a natural.
- Okay, silly. Join me for a drink?

To celebrate the victory.

Don't worry,
I'm not trying to hit on you.

A drink? I can hardly stand up.

- Some other time. On me.
- Okay, fine.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

So how can I help you?

Barak Harel task force,
you know the story?

Only broad strokes.
I know you lost a state's witness.

But before he got away,
he gave us important information,

linking Barak Harel
to the Gabi Ganashvili murder.

We need access to the Ganashvili file.

Maybe a few other files from SIU Central,

and it should be compartmentalized.

We suspect that Barak has people
in Central SIU.

What does this have to do with me?

You're the DA,
you have access to the files, don't you?

I know you went to Dudu Eini
with this and he said no.

Yes, that's true.

He's a friend of Barak's

and that very likely affects
his judgment.

Okay, so you want me
to put myself on the line for you.

- No. It's nothing like that, Atalia.
- Then what is it like?

- We're on the same side, aren't we?
- No, not exactly.

You investigate these officers,
I work side by side with them.

And the suspicions against them
don't bother you?

I don't know what they're suspected of.
Show me what you've got.

You giving me an audition?

It's sensitive material,
I can't just put it out there.

Don't you trust me, Gary?

It's not a matter of trust,
it's a matter of principle.

I'm telling you we have suspicions
and I'm asking you for help.

- That should be enough.
- It's not.

- Why can't you just show her?
- Ronit, don't interfere.

I don't understand your attitude.

It's very simple,
I'm not looking for trouble, okay?

I have a healthy working relationship
with Dudu Eini, Barak, all of them.

Why jeopardize it
just because you have suspicions?

Go the State Attorney if you want,

if he instructs me to cooperate,
no problem. Really.

Until then, have a nice day.

You too, Atalia. Thanks.


Drink too much last night?

No, I'm just not feeling so well.

What've you got there?

You want the good news or the bad news?

Always the bad news first.

Lab report on the soil sample
I collected from Leibo's shoes.

Too generic.

Could be from any agricultural field
along the coast.

Okay, and the good news?

Ballistics finally finished testing
the gun from the Ezra Fallah shootings.

The casing and the shell we found

don't match the gun
we got from Rishon Station.

The gun they gave us
hasn't been fired in months.

- They faked the report.
- Yes.


You're in serious trouble, Barak.

Tell me something I don't know.

Put this in the safe, please.

Yours too, please.

I'm listening.

Eliran Khen linked you
to the Ganashvili murder.

Okay, we knew that, didn't we?

They have someone in SIU.

It's Sandor, that's old news.

Yes, but Eliran just confirmed
that information.

Now it's confirmed intel,
not just some gossip from a junkie.

The whole system
is searching the globe for him.

Consulates, Interpol,
even the Mossad is involved.

Alright, it's being taken care of.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- It's being taken care of, don't worry.

We'll find him.

They want access to your old SIU files.

I'm slowing them down with red tape,
but eventually it'll be out of my hands

and no one will be able to stop them.

Can we destroy the files?

Under Zigdon's nose?

No, that's impossible.

What if they find out
we're working together?

- What?
- Atalia.

How will I explain all the things
I do for you?

Will you calm down?

Get everything they've got.

I want to know exactly
what Eliran gave them.

Don't give me that look.
We have to do damage control here.

Are you out of your mind?

Are you trying to drag me
even deeper into the mud?

Make no mistake, you're already in deep.

Do you have what I asked for?

Any point asking you
what I'm authorizing?

Operation Equipment Return?



Barak, get over to the parking lot,
IAD is here.

Stay here.

- Fuck off, what do you want from her?
- What are you, her lawyer?

- I'll arrest you.
- Shem Tov, watch out.

What's going on here, Izzy?

We need to take Malka in for questioning.

She's in the middle of a shift.

Barak, I can arrest her
and drag her away in handcuffs,

but I don't want to do that.

- Let's see you do that, rat.
- Shut up, Hanan.

Break it up.

It's alright.

Go with them, Malka.

Every police officer should be
interrogated by IAD at least once, right?

It's part of the experience.

Let's go, Malka.

- Son of a bitch.
- Come inside.

Everything alright?

Yeah, I think I caught a bug.


- Did you bring Malka in?
- Yeah, you want to join us?

Interrogate a cop? I'll pass.

What's the matter? You're pale.
Go home and rest.

I'm fine.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Everything's fine.

I'll tell you what I find odd, Malka.

A known criminal like Ezra Fallah
shows up at ER with a gunshot wound

and you come in, fill out some report
and that's that?

I did my job, it was an accident.

- It's all in the report.
- What exactly happened?

The gun owner is a friend
of Ezra Fallah's.

He showed him a new gun he bought,
it was loaded, and...

it misfired in Mr. Fallah's direction.

The gun owner is a security officer
at a warehouse from to M.S. Properties,

a business management student.

A 23-year-old Druze
with no criminal record.


What does he have to do with Ezra Fallah?


Where did the incident occur?

In Ezra's backyard in Kfar Aryeh,
it's in the report.

Did you visit the scene?

Why would I?

When you seized the gun,
did you smell the barrel?

I don't remember.

I'll remind you.
You didn't smell the barrel,

because if you had, you'd know
the gun hadn't been fired recently.

The gun you seized as evidence,
whose details are listed in your report,

isn't the gun that was used
to shoot Ezra Fallah

and doesn't match
the evidence from the scene,

the real scene, which we found,
and which is nowhere near Kfar Aryeh.

Maybe it was a mistake.

No, it wasn't a mistake.

You'll be doing yourself a favor
by cooperating.

I don't know what you want from me.

Wait, I want to see
your ballistics report.


Here you go.

The bullet we found
matches the evidence on Ezra Fallah

and isn't even close
to the gun you seized.

You falsified evidence, Malka,

in a shooting incident involving
two known felons,

Gili Shmaya and Ezra Fallah,

and a murder suspect
who's currently a wanted fugitive.

Do you realize
what you've gotten yourself into?

What did you get in exchange? Money?

I didn't get anything.

So it was Barak's pretty eyes?

He threw you to the dogs,

he doesn't give a damn about you.

He isn't worth protecting.

I'm not protecting anyone.

You'll take the blame
for this whole incident.

You'd better think good and hard
about where you take this.

If you cooperate with us,

we'll consider recommending
disciplinary measures,

maybe even drop the charges.

Is Barak Harel worth going to prison for?

Barak told me what to do.

But he told me
it was a matter of protecting a CI,

and I got nothing in return.

Why didn't you say so?


I was an investigator too.
I know it's best not to talk.

Then why are you talking now?

Because you realize
what Barak got you into?

No, because I want
to set the record straight.

Where did you get the gun?

They brought it to me at the hospital.

Did you even talk to the guy
who allegedly shot Ezra, the Druze?


I seized the...

I did the paperwork,
seized the gun as evidence, and...

that was that.

What happens now?


What do you say?

I don't think she knows anything
about Barak. She's just a pawn.

In chess you take the pawns down too
if you have a chance.

You can't wait to screw
some cop over, can you?

What's your problem, Tal?
Why don't we finally air this out?

Besides the fact that you framed
one of my best friends

and made him lose his job, nothing.

What are you talking about?

Adi Levi.

A cop whose career you ruined
in order to get ahead.


Adi Levi was a racist
who almost killed someone.

Adi Levi's life was in the hands
of a gang of thugs

in the middle of nowhere
and he did what he had to do.

It's not your job to judge
his political views.

Tal, what's with you?
Have you lost your mind?

Your friend was responsible
for a bad shooting and paid the price.

- That's life.
- Fine.

- With power comes scrutiny.
- Yeah?

What kind of scrutiny is there over you
guys in the State Attorney's office?

Did anyone look into her opinions?

If she "liked"
some anti-Israeli Palestinian politician?

Bunch of bleeding-heart liberals.

What the hell was that?

No idea.

Tal, what's with you?

What's with me? She pisses me off.

I can see on her face
how much she hates cops.

Tal, in your friend's case,

there was evidence
of a possible racial motive.

The State Attorney asked to look into it,

so she did.

- She was just doing her job.
- Please, Izzy.

Was leaking it to the press
part of her job, too?

She didn't leak it to anyone.
She doesn't talk to journalists.

Then who leaked it?

The same people as always, Meinzer, Gary.

Maybe the State Attorney himself.
Some higher-up.

You should apologize.

The hell I will.



Is something wrong?

I need to talk to you.

I tried calling.


Sorry, we had a lot of...

This is Tal, she's working with me.

- Tanya.
- Nice to meet you.


Well, I won't disturb you.

Tal, apologize.

What's going on?

Yinon arranged for a news item
on our case.

Great idea.

What's said in the media is often
more important than what's said in court.

That's just what Yinon said.

So what's the problem?

The problem is, it looks like Shaul Katz
is going to be Chief of Police.

Yes, so it seems.

He won't make trouble?

I'm suddenly kind of scared.

Don't be. He won't dare interfere.

He already interfered once.

Yes, but that was
between the police and IAD.

This is a civil lawsuit.
It's out of his jurisdiction,

he won't dare mess with the courts.

Cold feet?
You have nothing to worry about.

Let Yinon handle this, he's a pro.

I also wanted to talk
about what happened at my place.

I'm sorry, I don't know
what came over me.

No need to apologize,

I shouldn't have come to dinner
in the first place.

I'm involved in Daniel's case.
I'll have to testify in court.

- It doesn't look good.
- I see.

I'm glad you see it that way too.

Regardless, anything you need, I'm here.


I really appreciate it.

You hear, Hiba?

I'm sorry about before.

Really. I'm...

I'm having a hard time.

It's okay,
I know how it is in the beginning.

What do you mean?

The hormones mess with your head.

It's alright.

Never mind.


I've been hearing complaints
from all over.

I want your people to understand,

The Department Sports Day
is mandatory, okay?

Anyone who doesn't want
to have fun with us

can come in
and work doubles at the station.


- What?
- Is that clear?

- Yeah, sure.
- Okay, thanks.


Wait a second.

Is everything okay?

Sure, why not?

You look... I don't know.

Just tired.

I hope it's not because
of the questioning.

Of course not.
I told you it's was bullshit.

I stuck to what it says in the report.

- So everything's okay.
- Everything's fine.


You know I'm counting on you
for Sports Day, right?

No, don't laugh.

You're not coming back
without a gold medal

in the 400 meter dash like last year.

- Hi, Adel?
- Adel. Nice to meet you.

I was so glad to hear
that someone's still looking for Sharon,

but why IAD?

Her name came up
in connection with a case of ours.

That's why I wanted
to get some background info from you,

anything you can tell me.

Sharon was one
of our welfare cases for a while.

I started working with her
about two years before she disappeared,

when she was still pregnant with Yarden.

- Yarden is the boy's name?
- Yes.

We don't have many success stories.

Sharon cleaned up,
got out of prostitution,

we were sure she'd turned
her life around.

Tell me, when you were working with her,

did you come across a policeman
named Barak Harel?

Yes, he basically adopted her.

He came to all the hearings,

paid her rent, paid her bills,

found her a job, you name it.

Any idea why he got so involved?

Why do you ask?

Seems odd, doesn't it?

This is between you and me.
I'm not writing anything, okay?

Please. I just need some background.

It is very odd,

even a little out of line,

a police officer in a relationship
with a girl like her, you know?

At first I was sure they were related,

but when I found out they weren't,

I started getting suspicious.

I spoke to my supervisor,
but she told me to drop it,

told me Sharon works with the police,
which is why he's helping her,

but I didn't buy it.

Why not?

Because I've had other cases
who worked with the police

and I never met a cop
who cared that much.

It was much more than that...

If you ask me,
he's the child's father too.

- Who, Barak?
- Yes.

When she was pregnant,
he paid all her bills,

paid for her treatments,
bought her vitamins.

- The child is with her sister, right?
- Yes, Natalie, and that's weird, too.

I found it very odd
that they let her foster the baby.


Because they couldn't possibly pass
the financial screening.

They were in bad shape.

Since you called,
my heart's been pounding.

I really pray you find her.

But she's dead, isn't she?

Do you have a check on the license plate?

It's a company lease.

Bartal Insurance Agency.

What's up?

Look what Machluf came up with.

We heard Leibo arranging
to meet someone and waited for him there.

We identified him as attorney Eldad Mann,

legal consultant
for the Bartal Insurance Company.

No criminal record, a civilian.

- What's in the envelope?
- We don't know.

Now watch this,
as soon as Eldad drives away,

Leibo takes out his phone
and makes a call.

- Yes?
- I've got the money.

Good. Do you have a big enough vehicle?

We're working on it.

When you have it,
call and we'll meet at Johnny's yard.


That must be the money in the black bag.

Who's the Arab talking to him?

You didn't get the number?

It's on an anonymous SIM card.

He's talking about Johnny's yard,
that's Johnny Suleiman.

He ran a spare parts yard
in the Rishon industrial zone.

- So what is it, a drug deal?
- I don't know.

I'll go to HQ.
We have a voice recognition system.

I'll try to find out
who he was talking to.

Send me a file, Machluf?

I also want to know
what that lawyer has to do with it.

Maybe your intel knows something.
run the name by them.

I'm going out for a smoke.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Atalia, what are you doing here?

Some stupid hearing
at the Registrar of Associations office.

I was actually hoping I'd run into you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

In Gary's office you looked like
you didn't want to see any of us.

That's what I wanted to talk about.
Got a minute?

Sure, come on.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

You should know,
although it goes against my interests,

I totally agree with your position
and I said so to Gary.

I feel like I was a bit flippant.


I'm afraid Gary will tell
the State Attorney

and I'm liable to end up looking bad,
you know, uncooperative.

No, don't worry, Gary won't do anything
about it for now.

- He won't burn that ace.
- Really?

You don't say.


I didn't know you smoke.

I started again
after nearly ten years clean.

Really? Why?


I'd like to know if there's
anything solid in Eliran's case.

You know, before I humiliate myself
and go tell Gary I was wrong.

Okay, what do you want to know?

How did Eliran Khen link himself
to the Ganashvili murder?

He identified himself
as the gunman at the hospital

and gave us the guns.

He also gave us the other gunman's name,
a former policeman.

Who's missing.

And what does he claim about Barak?

He claims that Barak paid him
and provided the guns,

that he was the liaison between them
and the Shmaya brothers.

Do you know where he is?

Who, Eliran?

They say he's in Thailand, Uman, Goa,
but we really have no idea.

And the other guy?

Ruslan Menachemov.

He's missing.

We have a suspicion that he was murdered.


Yes, by Barak's men.

Tell me,

do you happen to have
transcripts of Eliran's interrogation?

Transcripts, no. I have footage.

I'll send you the disc.

- Great.
- Excuse me.

- Just a second.
- Sure.

Yes, Shmulik, how can I help you?

Hi, Ronit, what's up?

Actually, I want your response to an item
we're airing on tonight's news.

What item?

Since a lot of these smuggling attempts
have succeeded in the past,

these questions remain unanswered.

Like it?

...and what seems to be a coverup
by the police and Internal Affairs.

Shmulik Mor, our correspondent
on police matters.

Yes, Ilana, an incident
in which Nir Atzmon,

a Tel Aviv patrol officer,

- brutally attacked a minor...
- What is this, Izzy?

...who was arrested
for stealing an electric bicycle.

IAD began a criminal investigation
which ended up with a them recommending

that disciplinary measures be taken
against Officer Nir Atzmon.

The penalty imposed
by the disciplinary court, a rebuke.

We have footage of this brutal attack.

Warning, these are ugly scenes.

Atzmon is seen beating
the minor brutally,

after which the minor was taken
to the police station,

then sent to the hospital
a few hours later,

where he was diagnosed
with fractures and internal bleeding.

The minor's family is currently
filing a civil lawsuit against the police

and against Atzmon personally.

Atzmon is the son-in-law
of Deputy Chief of Police Shaul Katz,

leading candidate
for the top job in the department.

In the background are claims
that his family connections...

Are you behind this, Izzy?

You think?

Then how did that Russian lady
find Yinon?

You've decided to ruin my life for good.

Barak and Dudu weren't enough?
What's the matter with you?

Are you too stupid to realize
that my promotion is at stake?

- Right, your promotion.
- Yes, my promotion.

All you care about is your career.

Maybe because I have one.

You crushed that poor woman

and instead of being ashamed
of being part of it,

you're mad at her for fighting back?

I'm not mad at her, I'm mad at you.

If more people fought back like her,
you wouldn't be such a bunch of assholes.

Okay, I get it.

You know.

You're a failure, Izzy,

and like all failures,
you blame everyone but yourself.

At least I have a clean conscience.

What are you doing here?

I work here.

Nice to meet you, Tal Ben Harush.

Kidding. I'm doing some intel work.

We tapped a call between
one of our targets and Imad Khirbawi.

- Am I disturbing you?
- Disturbing me? Of course not.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Which target is linked to Imad Khirbawi?

- Barak?
- No, one of his men.

We traced his call to Imad Khirbawi.

They're cooking up some deal.

What kind of deal?

About two months ago,

an army depot was broken into,

they stole a whole lot of explosives.

The Military Police launched
an investigation along with SIU Central.

There was intel that Johnny Suleiman
and Tarek Ismail were involved.

Meanwhile, the MPs arrested some NCO
from the base, but nothing came of it.

- Then Johnny and Tarek were murdered.
- Exactly.

And today one of our targets met
with someone from the insurance company

that insures army facilities,
including that depot,

and he paid our target.

So if you ask me,
Imad Khirbawi knocked off Johnny,

took over the goods,

and now this cop is brokering
between him and the insurance company.

The insurance company pays off
and the cops take a cut.


And we're going to catch them red-handed.

Very nice!

And once we have our guy in custody,

it's only a matter of time
before he turns against Barak.

End of story,
and then, I come back to the unit.



Nice work.

Relaxation can help you overcome
your need for a cigarette.

Relax your body,
then take a slow, deep breath,

until it's almost uncomfortable.

Count to five, then exhale slowly.


- Hello?
- What was that supposed to be?

- Be more specific.
- Don't play games, Izzy.

That news item on Daniel Levine
is your work.

My work?

Do you realize what a mess you've made?
Shaul Katz is going ballistic.

The whole system is up in arms.

I'm glad to hear it,
but I'm not involved.

Izzy, give me a break, I'm not stupid.

Do I have to remind you
that leaking evidence is a felony?

You're preaching to me about leaks?

Instead of concentrating on Barak's case,
you're sabotaging me behind my back?

For the last time, I'm not involved.

- Give me a polygraph test if you want.
- Izzy.

You're messing with the wrong person.

Please, Ronit. Gimme a break.


Izzy, what are you doing here?

Fucking bitch.

I don't care, now stop arguing.

Tell him I said to give back the remote.

I can't talk now. Figure it out. Bye.

- What's happening, Shaul?
- What's happening?

That Russian bitch is suing Nir.
Two million shekels.

My daughter can't sleep at night
because of her.

That fucking Izzy. Did you speak to him?

- He denies any connection.
- Liar.

I know for sure he's involved.

- How do you know?
- How? From Eti.

She doesn't know what to do
with that moron, either.

How are you going to handle him?

You want me to call him in
for a hearing and...?

He's retiring soon,
he doesn't give a damn.

So why'd you call me,

to tell me you're going
to let this slide?

Don't you know me better than that?

Izzy and Tanya Levine
are having an affair.

You're tailing him? Why?

I was sure he'd mess with Barak's case.

Then you don't know Izzy.
He's as straight and stupid as an arrow.

Yeah? He doesn't look so straight
in these pictures,

at least not with Eti.

It's not like him.
How long has this been going on?

I don't know, maybe a long time.

Maybe since he worked on her son's case.

This is from a few days ago.

I'll send it to you,

so you can deal with this quietly.

You're a snake.

Don't forget me
when you're Chief of Police.


Thank you.

See you later.

A person could die just like that.
You know who I am, don't you?

Excuse me?

This is our moment of truth.
All our work comes down to this.

I want zero mistakes.


Tell me what you're doing here.

You're Int'l Crimes' representative
on our team, aren't you?

You made me look so bad.

The IAD investigation
is at a crucial point now

and if I go down, you go down with me.

The money is in our safe,
don't go looking for trouble.

What kind of trouble?

Who knows what could happen.

Bigger men than you have sat here
and cried like little girls.

- He's mine, I'm taking him.
- What?

They don't make them
like you any more, Izzy.

Mrs. Khen, we have warrants to search
your house and computers.

Eliran Khen is in Ukraine
and we can't let him come back.

I suggest we stop
this conversation right here.


- Get your hands...
- Dudu, listen!

If he comes back and testifies,
we're both done for.

You understand what I'm saying?