Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Hodim (Turkeys) - full transcript

2.5 years back. Izzy is busy with a sexual harassment case against Shaul Katz - opening a Pandora box and shaking is own marriage. Barak gets more involved with the Shemaya brothers without knowing he is being watched.






On the ground!

I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

Does the Gabi Ganashvili murder
ring a bell?

The two assassins
are wearing police uniforms

and they fire three bullets
at Ganashvili.

Eliran Khen claims Barak ordered the hit.

This was filmed
before the Ganashvili murder.

It's Barak meeting with Tamir Shmaya.

- The Georgian is gonna talk.
- He won't say a word.

Barak knows you're investigating him,
he isn't stupid.

because of Dudu Eini's intervention

we stopped the investigation.

That asshole Shaul
has arranged for Ronit Meinzer

to take Gary's job

in exchange for her sabotaging
whomever he wants.


- Where's Eti?
- Mingling.

Are you having another affair?

You decided to forgive her?

- Yes.
- Don't bullshit me.

Where's Ruslan Menachemov?

He was dropped off at home
a couple of hours ago.

Leibo, don't do it.

Izzy, this isn't the first time
Barak's come up on our radar.

We conducted a covert investigation
into him two and a half years ago.

One of the girls from the massage parlor
Gili Shmaya used to run,

Barak had a relationship with her

so we planted a camera in her apartment.

She disappeared a few days
after she filmed the video.

I want your man from Central SIU

who worked with us
last time we dealt with Barak.

We didn't burn you and Sharon.
The info never came out.

- You're Izzy Bachar, aren't you?
- Yes.

Your friend's a murderer, you know that?

Did you wait around all these years
just for a chance to screw me over?

I wish I didn't know
what I know about you now.


Serious charges filed
at the Lod District Court today

against Alex Goren,

accused of heading a crime syndicate
in the Lowlands region.

Among the charges,
the murder of Sima Attar

by a bomb allegedly meant for her husband

which exploded in her car
in Rishon LeZion two years ago.

A breakthrough in the case
was achieved by a special task force

lead by Chief Superintendent Barak Harel,

head of investigations at SIU Central,

who received new information...

- Hi.
- Hi.

...connecting Goren
with the Sima Attar murder.

Despite the police's finding,
trouble is brewing in the region.

- Fighting over Alex Goren's territory...
- Didn't go fishing?

- ...are a few criminal organizations...
- I'm waiting to see Barak.

Just two days ago a grenade was thrown
into a currency exchange

in Rishon LeZion.

One man was wounded, Gabi Ganashvili,
who's known to the police.

The police suspect a power struggle
between criminal interests in the city.

There's no vacuum in the underworld.

Taking Alex Goren off the streets...

- He looks good, huh?
- Very good.

...doesn't mean we've solved
all of Israel's crime problems,

but we're on the right track,
as they say.

All is well, and as far
as the grenade attack

on Herzl St.,
we're checking all the angles...

It's Barak.

- Hello?
- Did you see it?

Yeah, I saw it.

Did you gain a little weight?

Go to hell.

The camera adds a few pounds,
didn't you know?

- You're coming fishing tonight, right?
- Of course.

I thought that now
that you're a celebrity,

it's beneath you.

Izzy, you were beneath me
since long before I became a celeb,

you prick.

Of course I'm coming.

I've got an errand to run,
so I'll be a little late.

- Okay, see you there.
- Bye.


- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

I saw you on TV.

You looked so hot.

Will you ever trust me?

I'm not using.

I called you at work today.

They said you left half an hour early.

Yeah, I had to buy a few things
at the pharmacy.

Do you have the receipt?

Here, look at the time.

From work straight home,
from home straight to work.

I want to know everything.
We discussed this, Sharon.


- Fine. Sorry.
- Don't cry.

Don't cry.

Did you speak to the social worker?

Yeah, I spoke to her.

So what did she say?

Now is not the time, you know that.

- What do you mean? He's my son.
- Okay.

He isn't with strangers, right?
He's with your sister.

You can see him whenever you want.

Do you realize he doesn't even know
I'm his mother?

Sharon, Child Services won't take him
from Natalie and give him to you,

not in the near future.

- But I'm clean.
- Okay, okay,

stay clean, keep up your job.

Then we'll join forces with your sister
and try to convince Child Services.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's going on?

- I'm not talking with her here.
- Don't worry.

She'll go in the bedroom
and shut the door.

No, I want her out.

- Tamir...
- Did you hear me?

Wait downstairs.

Anat's cancer was something curable.

Her disease isn't, believe me.

Have a seat. Want a drink?

Watching over Tamir's car?

Barak kicked you out?

Got a smoke?

You put on a great show on TV.

You know the grenade was a mistake.

Don't give me that face.

I told you, Tamir,
the Georgian's gonna talk.

He won't say a word.

There's a limit to what I can do.

This problem needs to be solved
another way.

Then your people will have to do it.

Okay, let me look into our options.

I'm trusting you to deal with this, man.

Of course she had silicone implants,
don't be stupid.


They don't even look real.
Can't you tell?

Sorry, you know how he is.

I'm making tea. Want some?

Four spoons of sugar.

Stay here tonight.

I can't, babe.
You know I'm going fishing.

But I'm bored. What'll I do here?

I don't know. Read.

Watch TV. Go on Facebook.

I'll make it up to you tomorrow.

We'll go to that Chinese restaurant
you like.

You'd better get going.

That dick Shaul,

up against a 19-year-old girl.

We're calling him in
for a confrontation with her.

I'd love to see him get in trouble.

Sure, one less competitor
for the position.

What kind of person do you think I am?

A scoundrel.

Here's Barak.

That beard of his drives me nuts.

- He looks like Nasrallah.
- Leave him alone about it.

Hey, it's our superstar, late as always.


- How's it going?
- Okay, and you?


- Good news.
- What?

- You're getting promoted.
- Get out!

I spoke to the Chief,

you are about to become
Commander Barak Harel.

Good for you.

Any news about Rishon?

Hold your horses, Barak,
we discussed this.

Why "hold your horses"? Now's the time.

Let's take advantage of the momentum.

You want to get command over
Rishon Station right away?

Why not? I'm ready.

- No administrative assignment first?
- No.

Why are you making a face?

- Don't I deserve it?
- Of course you do.

Didn't I crack that case big-time?

- He's right.
- We've created a monster, Izzy.

The best kind of monster.

Okay, I'll talk to HR tomorrow

and see how I can engineer it
with as little blowback as possible.

I always knew you'd go far.

Far? This is nothing.
I'll be Chief of Police yet.

- Hey, wait in line.
- Sorry. You're right.

I'm taking a number.
I'm after Dudu, okay?

Shaul, Shaul, Shaul.


Shaul, Shaul! Shaul!

How are you, Coral? Ready?

I want to commend you
for agreeing to the confrontation,

- not everyone would do this.
- I just want this to end.

I gather the photographers' ambush
outside is your work.

That's not on my agenda, Shaul.

Hello, Coral.

Remember, this is all filmed,
so please behave yourselves.

- Izzy, you may begin.
- Okay.

Coral, please describe
your relationship with Shaul.

That's Deputy Commissioner
Shaul Katz to you.

Deputy Commissioner Shaul Katz. Fine.
Describe how it began.

I went straight to his office
after training.

At first everything was fine.

And then it started,
comments on my appearance.

"You look so nice,"
"your hair looks so nice,"

"you lost weight."
You saw the text messages.

I'm not allowed to compliment?

Let her speak, okay?
You'll get your turn.

Then came the invitations.

"Come with me," "let's go there,"

- he'd take me to lunch, drive me home.
- A crime against humanity.

Then one night he took me home

and he stopped the car...

and tried to kiss me.

- She's lying.
- Shaul.

That's a dirty lie.
I didn't lay a finger on her.

You're not even my type.

Please continue, Coral.

That was the day before Passover,
then a few days later,

after the holiday,

he tried again when I stayed late
at the office, alone.

This is a set up. Unbelievable.

You told me I'd better go along with you
or you'd reassign me far from home.

I never said that. Why are you lying?


Coral, what happened on May, 8th?

Shaul took me to a cabin in Beit Zayit.

And what happened there?


- we had sex.
- What? Liar!

I didn't want to, but I was scared.

Who sent you? How much did they pay?

Shaul, we have evidence
that supports her version of events.

What evidence?
You liar, you're out to get me.

Hiba, take her outside, please.

Sit down, Shaul.

Who's out to get you?

You know, I'm a candidate
for the position of Deputy Chief,

someone's trying to take me
out of the race.

Ask her who's behind this.

Who's trying to take you out of the race?

How should I know?

Any one of that gang of snakes
running against me.

Maybe your pal Dudu Eini.

This isn't the first complaint
we've had about you

regarding improper sexual conduct.

Keep the gossip out of this, okay?

Shaul, you're in deep trouble.
We're trying to help you.

We tell you we have evidence
and you tell us about conspiracies.

That doesn't help your case.

- You're trying to help me?
- Yes, Shaul.

Then I must really be in trouble.

Listen, Shaul, next time we call you in,

it will be for a formal
criminal interrogation,

- but we can stop this right now.
- What do you mean?

A full confession,
then we're willing to pass it along

to the disciplinary board,
maybe a professional standards inquiry.

I should confess to something
I didn't do?

And say goodbye to my career?
You think I'm gonna bend over

and let some goddamned rat
and some desk jockey

fuck me up the ass?

I won't let this slide.

I'll rip you to pieces, just wait.

I'm not finished with you, motherfuckers.

He totally lost it.

Remind me what evidence
we have against him?

Her testimony, her friend's testimony,

of how she told her
just after it happened,

and the lie detector test that showed
she was telling the truth.

Lie detectors are nice,
but they aren't evidence.

True, but we traced her cellphone
to the cabin in Beit Zayit.

Okay. Security cameras?

None. It's a hideaway cabin, no cameras,

but we do have footage of Shaul's car
at the village gate that day,

just that we can't identify
a person next to him.

What's bothering you, Gary?

He's a deputy commissioner

up for the job of deputy chief
of the National Police.

We have to be absolutely certain.

You buy his story that someone's
trying to keep him out of the race?

That's nothing new.

Every time new appointments
are about to be made,

we start getting anonymous letters.

Half our work is the infighting
of the top brass.

Yes, but this time we looked into it
and found Coral.

Gary, he's obviously bullshitting.

You saw him, he's panicking,
so he's throwing the blame around.

You two have a history, don't you?

I testified against him
in court ten years ago.

That's not history, it's prehistory.
What's the problem?

No problem.

But we can't take any chances
with this case.

Open the window.

Does he look for needle marks?
Is that why you're vaping?

He looks for needle marks,

looks for needles in the apartment,
calls me at work,

soon he'll be dumping out drawers
like at the rehab center.

As long as he doesn't find the camera.

He's looking for dope, not cameras.

There's a limit to what I can do.

This problem needs to be solved
another way.

- Son of a bitch.
- Then your people will have to do it.


this is good stuff.

Barak told you they're going
to knock off Gabi Ganashvili,

in those words?

Not in those words, but...

I got the message.

Next time you talk about this,
do it in front of the camera, okay?

Otherwise, he'll get away with it.


I need more stuff to take with me.

No, you can't have dope at home.

If you need some, you call me, any time.

If you have any at home,
Barak could find it.

You yourself said he's looking, right?

Fine, fine.

I'll score myself. I have money.

No dealer in a 30-mile radius
will go near you.

People are afraid of Barak.

You have no choice.

Need to score? Come to me.

Fuck you, you're keeping me like a whore.

And Barak doesn't keep you like a whore?

Barak loves me.

If he loved you, he'd be living with you.

His wife just died,
he needs to be with his kids.

- That's why he can't live with me.
- Fine.

He loves the fish in his aquarium too.

That's all you are to him,

a fish in an aquarium.


What's up?

Everything's fine.

He's in the hospital.

Internal Medicine E, room 133.

One cop from Ramle Station is on guard.

Stake the place out first,
entrances, exits,

security cameras.

I'll pay you the rest afterwards.


What's up?

Is Yaron home?

Playing basketball.

- I hear you had Shaul in today.
- That's right.


Listen, Izzy, he didn't do it.

What do you mean?

He wasn't with that girl at the cabin
in Beit Zayit,

at least not on the date
you asked him about.

What? She passed the polygraph test.

He was with me.

On May, 8th, he was there with me.


At the cabin.



- For how long?
- A few months.

He didn't want to say so
at the confrontation.

He didn't want to pull me into it.

I'm sorry, Izzy.


It just happened.

It just happened.

But do you get it?

He was at the cabin with me,
that girl is lying.

What do I care about her? What do I care?

Fucking hell.



Shaul Katz, can you believe it?

But not a word, not even to Dudu.

Especially not Dudu, that gossip.

What'll you do?

I don't know. Find a lawyer.

And get a divorce?

Izzy, it's Eti.

It's Eti, make an effort. Make peace.

I don't know if she even wants
to make peace.

You know why she even told me?
So that Shaul Katz has an alibi.

Shaul's alibi means more to her
than I do.

- People make mistakes.
- Well, that's one hell of a mistake.

But it's still a mistake.

You shouldn't throw
your life together away

for a mistake.

- So I'm supposed to forgive her?
- No, give her hell.

Yell, fight, throw furniture,
you deserve it,

but don't give up, you'll regret it.

If I could have Anat back,

even if she cheated on me

I'd take her back.

Without thinking twice.

Even if it was with Shaul Katz?


Okay, I'm on my way.

What is it?

A shooting at the hospital. I gotta go.

- Okay. Will you be okay?
- Yeah, sure.

Izzy, you know you can stay here
as long as you want, right?

I know. Thanks, man.

It'll all work out.

Do you remember how many there were?



We got rid of Alex Goren
and turned this city into Chicago, huh?

Can someone tell me what's going on here?

We have a few leads.

The gunmen were dressed
as motorcycle cops.

They came up the emergency stairs,
helmets on the whole way.

We're still trying to figure out
their escape route.

- So we don't know who they are.
- Not at this point.

All intelligence points
to the Shmaya brothers.

They're behind everything
that's been happening lately.

What intelligence?

They're trying to take over
Alex Goren's territory.

I have info that Gili Shmaya
threw the grenade at Gabi Ganashvili's.

That's news to me.

It's one piece of raw intel
out of many we have.

Let's put things into perspective.

Gili Shmaya wasn't even interrogated.

He'll be interrogated along
with all the other suspects,

in due time.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Where's your info
on Gili Shmaya coming from?

I'd rather not reveal
my sources in this forum.

Excuse me?
I'm your district commander, asshole!

I think the Shmaya brothers
have a mole in SIU.

That's a serious accusation.

I know, but I have reason to believe so.

- Have you heard of this, Zigdon?
- First time I'm hearing about it.

Sandor, unless you have solid evidence,
keep your mouth shut, okay?

- We have enough on our plate.
- Watch yourself, Barak.

- What?
- Or I'll start talking.

Go ahead. You think you scare me?

- I think I do.
- Sandor, cool it.

I don't like you making accusations
in front of the district commander.

Now get the hell out of here.

Sorry, Dudu.

- Are you top of things here or what?
- Of course I am.

I'll talk to him later.
The nerve of this guy.

Don't worry about it, I'll deal with him.

Tell him I want him at my office
first thing tomorrow morning.

And you bring Tamir and Gili Shmaya in
for questioning, and I mean now.

Drag them out of bed for all I care.

Dudu, wait a second.

- You say you were in Tel Aviv.
- That's right.

At a restaurant
from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m.,

then at a bar,
at a friend's birthday party.

- What's the name of the restaurant?
- I don't remember.

- And the bar?
- Don't remember.


step outside
and make sure nobody comes in.



What took you so long?

We have a problem.

Sandor knows too much.
One of your people is talking.

That bastard again?

He hasn't laid off
since that gambling parlor bust.

It's no joke.
He can do us a lot of damage.

There are too many people
who don't want me

to get Rishon as it is.

Tell me, how do you know it's one of us?

- Maybe it's one of yours?
- No way.

Everyone here knows
he talked to IAD before,

people don't even say hello to him.

What about Sharon?

What about her?

Maybe she's talking to him.

Why would she be talking to him?

- She's a junkie.
- She's using again, for sure.

- Shut your mouth.
- She talked to me.

When Tamir went upstairs to talk to you,

I could tell she wanted to feel me out,
see whether I would hook her up.

Don't give me that bullshit.

Barak, I've known Sharon
much longer than you,

Sharon the junkie.

I'd listen to me if I were you.

I thought we had an understanding
after last time.

We said if you come up
with anything to do with Barak...

you come to me, no one else.

They're only rumors.

The minute I have something solid,
I'll come straight to you.

Sandor, much like yourself,
Barak is also an intelligence man,

you know very well
that this kind of work can get tricky,

- it's a gray area.
- I know.

You make promises to your sources,

manipulate them, make them feel
like you work for them,

throw them a bone here and there.

Barak is the best at it,
that's why he gets results.

It may appear fishy at times,
but that's how it is.

Is that why you have his back?
Because he gets results?

I have all of my people's backs.

I don't want a civil war here
because of rumors.

That's why I want you
to come to me first,

and I promise you,
if I see what you have is serious,

I'll go to IAD with you, hand in hand.

You aren't working with them again,
are you?


You saw what happened last time.

All I had to do was blow
and they folded like origami.

We're going to file charges
against Shaul Katz.

Okay, great.

You may have to testify in court.

I'll testify.

That's why we're here,
to go over everything again,

make sure we didn't miss anything.
We don't want any surprises.

- Is there a problem?
- No, no.

Just a few questions, nothing serious.


We traced your phone to the cabin
in Beit Zayit, that you know.

I looked into it, and it seems
your phone signals continues on

to Shaul Katz's house,

and back to National Police HQ
the next morning.

It looks like you slept at his house.

No, I dropped my phone in his car
and picked it up the next day.

That's news to me.

I didn't think it mattered.

Okay. Another thing.

You stated that after the cabin,
Shaul dropped you off at home.

The phone trace shows
that he wasn't even in the area.

Because he dropped me off along the way.

I got mixed up,

just write that he dropped me off
along the way.

Well, now's the time
to clarify these points.

- Of course.
- Okay, where did he drop you off?

I can't remember.

- You can't remember?
- No, I...

I was in no condition to...

Where's Hiba?

Hiba isn't here, it's just you and me.

Okay, you must remember
the drive to the cabin.

Was Shaul driving?


- And you were in the passenger seat?
- Yes.

All the way from HQ to the cabin?

Yes, of course. What does it matter?

This is from the security cameras
at the entrance to Beit Zayit.

I don't see anyone next to Shaul.

How can that be?

I don't know.

Coral, you weren't there.

- Yes, I was, my phone...
- Your phone was there, but you weren't.

You work at HQ,
you have access to the car keys.

What did you do?

Go to the parking lot
and plant your phone in Shaul's car?

What did you do?

I'm sorry.

You put on a great show on TV.

You know the grenade was a mistake.

Gimme a break. I told you
the Georgian was gonna talk.

He won't say a word.

And even if he does,
it's your case, right?

There's a limit to what I can do.

This problem needs to be solved
another way.

Then your people will have to do it.

Okay, let me look into our options.


I'm trusting you to deal with this.

They're avoiding the subject.

- That's how Tamir talks.
- It's no good. It isn't definitive.

- There's no smoking gun.
- No smoking gun?

They say they're going to deal
with the Georgian,

and boom, it happens.

It's good, but it's not good enough.
You know it.

Rumor has it that Harel
is going to be promoted

and then be given Rishon Station
right away.

- We have to shift up a gear.
- What do you mean?

We want to handle your source directly.

Will she cooperate with us?

Hold on, are you taking me
out of the picture?

It's a matter of risk management.
Dudu Eini is after you as it is.

We just want to take
the pressure off of you.

And she'll be compensated fairly.

Sandor, it's you against
the whole system.

You can't protect her.

We can.

Okay, fine. I'll talk to her.

Hey, babe.

You startled me.

What's wrong?

Nothing. Everything's fine.

- Where were you?
- I just popped out to buy a few things.

Want some tea?

Want some?

Fucking bitch!

Fucking bitch!

What have you done to me?

What have you done to me?





How's it going, Izzy?

Dudu, did you know about Shaul and Eti?

- What do you want from me?
- Did you or didn't you?

Okay, I knew, I heard rumors, gossip.

I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

So instead of telling me,

you used the information
to plant a phone in his car?

- What?
- Cut the crap.

- Coral told me everything.
- Who's Coral?

Watch it, Dudu.

Izzy, this is the perfect opportunity
to end that bastard's career.

Why do you care so much about him?

I care about you.
What have you turned into?

You sent that poor girl to frame him?

You took advantage
of her father's problems

with the tax authorities?

That's a felony.

What did you think would happen in court?

It would have never made it to court.

That coward would've cut a deal
and resigned.

What're you gonna do?

She withdrew her complaint.
We're closing the case.

I managed to persuade Padova
not to press charges against her.

Let's just hope Shaul
will leave it at that

and doesn't start sniffing around.

Don't worry, nobody knows
you're involved.

You're welcome, Dudu.

- You expect me to thank you?
- What do you mean?

Don't pretend you're doing me a favor.

You just don't want people
to know about Eti and Shaul.

- What?
- That's why you're in such a hurry

to sweep it under the rug
all of a sudden.

- It's your ego.
- No, I'm trying to minimize the damage.

Are you looking for trouble?

Do you realize that this way
Shaul will be Chief in a couple of years?

So he'll be chief. Deal with it.

- Fuck you.
- Fuck you too.

How's it going, guys?

How's it going?

Weren't you going to wait a year
before shaving off the beard?

I guess I felt the time had come.

What happened there?

I forgot how to shave.

Hey, Dudu.

Suits you better.

- Let's go.
- Let's get moving.

It's a good sea tonight.

How could you keep that from me?

Shut up and cut the crap.

- Come on.
- I'm coming.


Just grabbing a few things
and a quick shower,

then I'm going back to Barak's.

- I want to talk to you.
- What's there to talk about?

- Me and Shaul...
- It's alright, we're closing the case.

You can carry on like nothing happened.

No, it's all over.

Why? What a shame.

Balling the future chief of police
is a career-building move.


No matter what I do,
you try to punish me.

You've been punishing me for ten years
just because I did the right thing.

It just happened,
it has nothing to do with you.

Nothing to do with me?

- We've drifted apart, Izzy.
- Don't put this to me.

I won't let you blame me for the fact
that you're sleeping with him.

I told you, it's over.

Okay, you're angry, I understand.

Go ahead and throw the furniture around,
but please,

don't give all this up so easily.

Did you talk to Barak?

Yes, he's worried about us.



- Is there a problem?
- No, no problem.

Are you sure?

Because it looks
like there is a problem, you rat.

- What'd you call me?
- Rat.

Get me the unmarked van
and keep it quiet.

Do you hear? A cop here says
he's taking away my car keys.

Fuck off, what do you want with her?

Are you her lawyer?

- What's going on, Izzy?
- We're taking Malka in for questioning.

You're willing to go to jail
for Barak Harel?

You're all acting like bleeding-hearts.

What the...? Have you totally lost it?

I have the money.

We have serious grounds for suspicion
and I'm asking your help.

- That should be enough.
- It isn't.

Tanya? Is something wrong?

I need to talk to you.

That Russian bitch
is suing Nir for two million shekels.

Barak and Dudu weren't enough?
What's wrong with you?

Do you realize that my rank is at risk
or are you too stupid?

You crushed that poor woman

and instead of shutting your mouth
and being ashamed of yourself,

you're mad at her for fighting back?

Do you have transcripts
of Eliran's interrogation?

I'd like your response
to an item on tonight's news.

What item?