Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

The bodies continue to pile up. Izzy doubts the allegations against Barak. Izzy persuades Tania to file a civil suit against the police. Ronit plans an operation with regard to the witness.





- Hi, man.
- Hi, Barak.

You dealt with my son-in-law's case
a few months ago.

Nir Atzmon, Tel Aviv Central?

- What happened to that kid?
- What do you care?

Your people decided to close his case.

To the Israel Police.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Didn't Eti tell you?

You and Shaul,
are you seeing each other again?

We sentence the defendant
to a severe rebuke.

That's all he gets? A rebuke?

You can sue him in civil court.

Police! Drop the gun
or I'll shoot! Drop the gun!

I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

Barak Harel will try to kill you?

Leibo, drop that, get your men
and go find Johnny.

We're detectives. We're looking
for your brother. Is he here?

- He works with the Shmaya brothers.
- Leibo dumped him here.

- I don't know where he is, I swear.
- Don't tell them anything.

Gabi Ganashvili's assassination
at the hospital two years ago.

The Shmaya brothers ordered the hit.

Barak was the go-between.

You actually believe that crap?

I'll tell you everything
but I want to turn state's witness.

I need something, solid evidence
that Eliran Khen isn't jerking us around.

This was taken
before the Ganashvili murder.

It's Barak meeting with Tamir Shmaya.

Ganashvili will talk.

I want you to work on this case with us.

You have to leave
all that IAD crap behind.


I'm in.

What a picture!


Look at us. Kids.

You know that's still the biggest
heroin bust in Tel Aviv District history?

Of course.
The police have only gone downhill since.

- But those were the days, no?
- Yeah.

How's he doing?

Who, Eliran? No idea.

Why hold him for so long?

No reason. They'll probably
send him home soon.

Listen, I saw that a year ago.
He was accused of extortion.

No, that was nothing.

Some asshole tried to screw him over.
You know how it is.

The complaint was withdrawn.

Yeah, but I spoke
to the investigator who handled it.

She said something was off.

She thought the complainant
was pressured.

Why are you digging into the past?

- Just want to find out who the guy is.
- I'll tell you who he is.

An idiot who drank too much
and made a big mistake.

That's who he is.
It's not very complicated.

Come on, I'll take you to him.

After you finally made
some decent coffee?

I'll make you another. Come on.

- Here, right?
- Yeah.


How are you?


I'll be outside if you need anything.

Where'd you sleep?

In protective custody.

So? How does Barak seem to you?

- Totally normal.
- Think he suspects anything?

Did you talk to your mother?

Yeah, just to tell her I'm okay.

I told her I was in an accident.

She must be worried.

How did it happen, exactly?

I was at a bar, I drank a little,
I thought I was okay.

I got on my bike and a cruiser
was waiting at the on ramp.

Traffic police.

I told them I'm a cop.

They didn't care,
tried to give me a breath test...

- He's a born liar.
- Hold on.

We started swearing, pushing...

Just saying. He's your witness.

I'll be straight with you, Eliran.

I'm not sure how to deal with this.

I'm such an idiot,
I put someone in the hospital.

A cop.


Listen, look at me. Listen.
Don't worry about that.

Concentrate on getting out of here. Okay?

- Got a lawyer?
- They assigned me some public defender.

No good. You need a real lawyer.
I have someone.

I'll talk to your mother. Okay?

We're family, right?
We look out for each other.

We'll take care of you.

Just be strong.

You hear me?

There's the message.

He's threatening him.



Okay, I'll be going.


- What?
- Well?

Poor guy.

Yeah, I spoke to Padova,

they're going charge him
with assault and the DUI.

No biggie, he'll probably
just get probation.

Yeah, but he's done with the police.

What an idiot. Screwed up his life.


You're coming tonight, right?

- Of course.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- We'll talk.

Is he gone?

- Is the bug in his car working?
- Yeah.

- And Fogel's team is tailing him.
- Okay.

You're putting all your money
on Eliran. I don't know...

I think it's a mistake.

He's confirming information
we already have.

Didn't you read Barak's file?

I read it. I didn't see anything special.

You didn't find any money,

a few photos of Barak
meeting with Tamir and Gili Shmaya,

and some rumors
from some anonymous source.

Who is he, anyway? How reliable is he?

It's not a he, it's a she.

One of the girls from the massage parlor
Gili Shmaya used to run,

Barak had a relationship with her.

Barak told her things,
she put a camera in her apartment,

that's where that footage
you saw is from.

I had an agent in Central District SIU
who handled her for us.

She was his informant.

You had an agent in Central District?

What does it matter?
One of the intel guys over there.

Why would he work for you?

He is a good cop
who stumbled onto some dirt in his unit

and brought it to IAD.

Sound familiar?

Alright. And did you talk to the girl
or was everything through him?

We didn't get a chance.

She disappeared a few days
after she filmed the video.

So now we're accusing Barak
of eliminating sources, too?

You guys are crazy.

- You've totally lost it.
- Izzy.

You decided to join us, right?

Good. Now start working with us
instead of making faces.

We don't have much time
before the cover story is blown,

if it isn't blown already.

Look who's here.
Your buddy from the village.

- Imad.
- Where's Johnny?

I don't know, Imad, I swear.

- Where is he?
- I don't know, Imad...

- Where is he?
- I don't know...

The next one goes through your dick.

Imad, please respect this place.

- Last chance. Where?
- He's...


He's in Olga. Gili knows. He's in Olga.

What? What's he saying?

I don't know what
he's talking about, Tamir.

What have you done?

- It's that Tarek guy...
- What about him!

He messed with their niece or something.


You know how it is with these people...

Johnny asked me to hook him up
with someone from the outside.

Who'd you hook him up with?

Speak up!

With Eliran.

What Eliran? The cop?

The shooter from Bat-Yam
is Eliran the cop?


If you weren't my brother,
I'd have killed you long ago.

- Hi, good morning.
- How much is this?

Five shekels.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Are you Yaniv Sasson?

- Who are you?
- Izzy. Internal Affairs.

You came to us about a year ago.

You filed a complaint
against a cop named Eliran Khen.

I don't want to talk about it.

- Why not?
- I'm not interested, thank you.

You said he came to your house,
threatened you,

claimed you owed him money
and tried to blackmail you.

Is that true or not?

Nobody will know we spoke.

I have nothing to say to you.

You're on trial for running
a gambling joint.

Funny, doesn't look like you quit.

What's in there, slot machines?

Why'd you recant?

Because that's what people
told me to do, okay?

- What people?
- Drop it, man.

You don't have to be afraid
of him anymore.

I'm not!

Then who? The Shmaya brothers?

- I know he works for them.
- You don't know anything.


- Who are you, sir?
- Who are you?

Ophir Leibowitz, detective inspector,
Rishon Station.

- He's from Internal Affairs.
- Internal Affairs.

You don't say.

What are you doing here?

Just came in to buy some gum.

Let's talk outside.

You're that friend of Barak's aren't you?

Your name is... Yaki, right?

- Izzy.
- Izzy, yeah.

I know all about you.

Him and Barak were officers
at Central District SIU.

He started working with the rats,
brought down a detective,

put him in jail.

- Is that so?
- Sure is.

I didn't know Barak
had friends like that.

Barak is too nice, that's his problem.

What are you doing here?

Nothing. Came to check something out.

How come you two
showed up all of a sudden like this?

We were in the neighborhood,
came to say hello.

You know there's
a gambling joint in there?

I don't know anything.

- Really?
- Really.

Say, as I recall,

you need a special permit
to interrogate civilians.

Got one of those?

- No.
- Okay.

Then don't come around
and harass civilians.

If you need anything, come to the station

and we'll be happy to help you.

What's that face?

Used to cops being afraid of you?
You're nothing to me.

- Good to know, I'll remember that.
- Great.

- Anything else?
- No.

Good. Have a nice day.

We have the green light to move ahead
with your state's witness agreement.

Got it in writing?

- You need a lawyer.
- I don't need a lawyer.

- It's a complicated process.
- That's okay, I'm in law school.

It's a little more advanced

than what they teach
in the second year of law school.

I'll manage. I don't want anyone else
from outside here.

Do as you please.

- Now what?
- Now you give us information.

The better the information,
the better the terms of your deal.

Very simple.

I gave you the guns.

That was only so we'd start negotiating.

We can't connect the guns
directly to Barak.

We need evidence or testimonies
that tie him directly

to the Ganashvili murder.

What if I record someone

who knows everything about
the Ganashvili murder and about Barak?

- Who's that?
- A friend, an ex-cop.

He'll confirm what I say.

The other gunman from the hospital?

No more details at this point.

Let's just say he knows firsthand
that Barak is involved.

We'll set up a phone call. No problem.

He won't talk about it on the phone.


What's up, Izzy? Where'd you go?

I told you I was going to get
some background on Eliran Khen.

Suddenly this detective comes out
of nowhere, Leibowitz,

and starts showing off.

Something there stinks.

Never mind that.

- We've got bigger fish to fry.
- What?

- We're moving ahead with Eliran.
- What do you mean "moving ahead"?

We're sending him to record his partner
in the Ganashvili murder.

- Sending him out?
- Yes.

House arrest makes more sense
with his cover story.

If he's detained for too long,
it'll look really suspicious.


Don't you think
you're taking too big a risk?

I think we can handle
the complex operation

of securing him at his mother's house.

Without Eliran turning state's evidence
we have no case.

We'll let him out, secure him,

he'll record his friend
and then we can move on.


- Izzy?
- Yes?

There's a Tanya Levin here for you.

Okay, send her in.


Hello. Come on in.

Have a seat.

How can I help you?

I want to apologize
for what I said yesterday.

- You don't have to apologize.
- No...

I was out of line.

What happened wasn't your fault.
I'm sorry.

It's alright.

I didn't get a chance to ask you,
how's Daniel?

He's Daniel. He's a difficult kid.

All kids are difficult, believe me.

But he'll straighten out,
give him a chance.

Tell me, you said something
about a civil lawsuit?


Nir Atzmon was found guilty
in the disciplinary procedure.

That means he's liable for what happened.

Based on that, you can sue for damages
from the police and from him personally.

But keep in mind, it's a long process.
It'll take a while.

- And I'll need a lawyer?
- Yes.

A cop does that to my son
and I have to get a lawyer?

I have a friend.

He was an investigator here at IAD,

he started a law firm and he's an expert
in lawsuits against the police.

He may be willing to represent you
and take deferred pay.

You won't have to pay in advance.

I can talk to him. Hook you two up.

That is... if you want me to.

Why are you doing this?

What do you mean?

Why are you helping me?

It's my job.


My man. Did you bring the passport?

- But that's not right.
- Why isn't it right?

Read the question again, goofball.

Get up. Get up, get up. Go into
the panic room and lock the door.

What is it?

Go into the panic room
and lock the door, now.

Got a phone?

- Yeah.
- Just a minute!

- Got a phone?
- Yeah.

Okay. Don't come out
no matter what you hear.

- What's up? What're you doing here?
- We need to talk.

- Talk? Don't you have a phone?
- We need to talk, face-to-face.

Come on in.

What's with you?

Just come in.

What's with me? My kids are here.

You think we're here to whack you?

You're funny.

What's going on?

Was Eliran Khen arrested?

Eliran Khen? Yeah.

DUI, assaulting an officer, why?
What's up?

No DUI, no assault,
the shooting in Bat-Yam, it was him.


Johnny sent him. I knew nothing about it.

Don't bullshit me,
I met him at IAD this morning.

Barak, wake up. It's him. For sure.

My stupid brother messed up.

"Messed up"? You call this messing up?

Tamir, how could this happen
behind your back?

Behind my back?

He's in for murder.

Do you understand what that means?
He'll give them everything.

Do you know where they're holding him?

In protective custody.
No one can get to him there.

No such thing. We can get to anyone.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

What's the story?

Just be quiet.

Son of a...

What's going on here?


- What're you doing?
- You knew.

- What're you doing?
- Don't lie, you knew.

- Knew what?
- Don't play dumb.

That Eliran shot Tarek Ismail in Bat-Yam.

- What?
- You heard me!

Are you crazy? He didn't say a word...
You think I'd hide that from you?

Are you stupid?


- What's up?
- All good.

Yeah? All good?

What's the matter?

- What's up with that cop?
- What cop?

Barak's man, the guy
who shot the Arab in Bat-Yam.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- Come on, Izzy.
- What?

I'm still district chief, I know things,
you can't fool me.

I know Int'l Crimes arrested him
and you're holding him.

Does Barak know?

Why a cover story? What are you up to?

Dudu, I don't know what you want,
and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Let it go.

He's always late.

Sorry I'm late.

What's up?

I hear you bumped into Leibowitz.

Yeah, didn't strike me
as the sociable type.


He can be a little rough
but he's an excellent cop.

Yeah? You trust him?

For sure. Why do you ask?

He didn't make a great impression.

And I checked him out. He's trouble.

He's just fine.

What were you doing there, anyway?

Checking out Eliran Khen's background,

the complaint against him.

Waste of time.

They're trying to keep me busy
until I retire.

Is this what we're here for?

- Let's go.
- Come on.

- Did you bring the bait?
- You think I'm an idiot?

- Will we catch anything?
- Sure, there're some fat bream.

- Nice.
- Plenty of them.

- Good.
- Sure.

- Hello?
- Hey, Tal. It's Avi, duty officer.

Johnny Suleiman killed himself
in Givat Olga.

No kidding.

Eitan wants you there
first thing in the morning.

Someone from the Hadera police
will be waiting for you.

First thing in the morning?
What's the rush?

No idea. Say you're from Int'l Crimes

and they'll take you to the scene.

Okay, bye.

- Tal?
- Yes.

- Did you move anything?
- Nothing.

- Forensics were here?
- Yes, they ruled out foul play.

Can we clear out?

The building manager's driving me nuts.

What is it?

Did he leave

a note, something on Facebook, maybe?

No, nothing.

- Where's his phone?
- He didn't have one.

Security cameras?

Broken, and the security guard
didn't see anything either.

- Nice.
- That's it, sweetie.

Call your sister "sweetie".

You really think he bought
new clothes at the mall,

sat down for a joint and a movie,
then hit pause

and jumped off the balcony?

I want you to send the body
to the medical examiner.

The family is on their way
to the hospital to claim it.

Fuck them. Don't release anything.

Eitan, I'm at the scene in Givat Olga.
Johnny Suleiman was murdered.

You've got a great case here.

We'll sue the police for damages
and also Nir Atzmon, personally.

We'll tear them a new one.

Won't the trial take years?

No, they don't need the trouble,

they'll cut a deal long before
it reaches the court.

And I'll deduct my fee
from the damages, as we said,

so that's no problem.

Don't worry, he'll find a way
to rip you off.

You and the kid
will have plenty left over.

Just one thing we have to discuss.

Just so you know,

we're up against powerful people.
There may be pressure.

I want you to be prepared.

- What do you mean by "pressure"?
- Nothing.

Don't worry, they won't mess with you.

He's just trying to make you think
he's worth the money.

Don't you ever get tired of
sticking your finger in their eyes?

Never. It's a hobby.

Learn to play piano. That's a hobby, too.

- Their future is at stake.
- You're just stressing her out.

Izzy, Eliran's hearing is over.

- I have to go. Is that it?
- I think so. Good luck to us.


Look, Machluf followed Barak to the beach

and spotted him there with Izzy
and Dudu Eini.

I checked with Dudu's office,
it's on his schedule.

He goes fishing with Izzy
and Barak every week.

It's obvious obstruction.

That's why we've got nothing
from the wiretaps.

- I want a tail on Izzy.
- My people?

No, it's too tricky.
I want private investigators.

Here they are.

- Eliran!
- Mom!

My darling.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- I'm fine.
- What have you done?

- Why is he handcuffed?
- He's under arrest, ma'am.

Ready, Eliran?

I'm dying for my mom's cooking.
Can you take off the bracelets?

Leave his legs cuffed.

- Anyone got a smoke?
- Yeah, wait a sec.

- Did you see his bank statements?
- Eliran's? No, not yet.

I've seen this before. He's a gambler.

So what?

It's Ruslan Menachemov.

- Let's go, he's calling.
- Get over here.


- Come here.
- Hook it up.

Let's go.

- Ready?
- One sec.

Act natural, okay? Everybody shut up!

What's up, Ruslan?

All good, bro. Are you at home?

Yeah, finally.

- Better than protective custody, no?
- Much better.

You were looking for me?

Yeah, I need to talk.
Can you come by tonight?

- What's up?
- I can't tell you on the phone, bro.

Let's meet at the hangout.

At the hangout?

Don't you want to chill out?

I wish. I'm under fuckin' house arrest.

You think your buddies from the station
will check up on you?

House arrest, my ass.

Come over, we'll have some beer.

Smoke a spliff or two.

Want me to pick you up?

No, I'll meet you there. 10 p.m.?

Sounds good, bro. 10 p.m.

Good thing you called us.

It's a hangout in the dunes
where we used to chill.

Why, what's there?

A cop needs some privacy
if he wants to get high.

So it makes sense
that he wants to meet there?

Yeah, I guess.

Okay, meet him at the hangout.

We'll prepare accordingly.
Mark the spot on the map.

- Cool.
- And you'll need to wear a wire.

Fine. Can I get some food
and some sleep now?

I'm wiped.


Take him. Check the room
carefully first, okay?

Keep an eye on him and take his phone.

Are you crazy?

- You're sending him into a trap!
- Okay, Izzy, we get it.

We'll have men everywhere, okay?

We'll arrest Ruslan before he can blink.

- He'll get away, I'm telling you.
- How? He's under constant surveillance.

Besides, he has no reason to run.

True, but he has a reason not to die.

No deal with the state will help him,
don't you think he knows that?

Thanks for the in-depth
psychological analysis, Izzy.

Very impressive.

You can go now. We'll manage.

This will all be over soon anyway.

Okay, I isolated the cellular footprint
of the location of the building

in Givat Olga-Hadera

and cross-referenced it
with the list of phone numbers flagged

- as Abu Kamal family numbers.
- Okay.

What was the time range?

Give me from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. yesterday.

Give it a sec.

There. Whose number is that?

There you go.


I have a suspect
in Johnny Suleiman's murder.

I pinpointed a cellphone near the site
that belongs to Imad Khirbawi.

I have a witness who saw
two Arab-looking men leave the building

and get into a rented car.

Right. Nice work.

We know that Johnny killed Tarek Ismail
without permission

and this is their retaliation.

I know it's all still circumstantial,

but I'm sure we'll get something
from the autopsy

and a proper forensics report.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- I'll deal with this.
- What do you mean?

Close the door.

Eliran Khen is turning state's witness.
For IAD.

State's witness?

How'd that happen?

I understand he has information
on something serious

happening within the police force.

- They're working with him now.
- Okay.

- What's that got to do with us?
- They're forming a task force.

They want a representative from us.
They want our help, but mainly,

we want to stay in the picture.

A representative?

I want you there tomorrow morning.

What about the Johnny Suleiman murder?

I'll take that from here.

What's the deal, Eitan?

Tal, it's Yiftah's decision,

since you're already involved
in this investigation.

- Yiftah's decision?
- Yes.


Do I bother you so much

that you're sending me
to work with the rats?


When you told me
You were going back to Galit,

I understood. I stepped aside.

You have kids,
I don't want to ruin your life,

but now this?

At least be man enough
to stand behind your actions

and don't hide behind Yiftah.

Listen, it's hard for me too.

- Is it, poor thing?
- Yes, it's hard.

Go fuck yourself.

Baranes from two.

- Yes, Machluf?
- Ready for the meet?

Ready. We'll grab them
the second Eliran shows up.

They're lovely, down-to-earth people,
they're no snobs.

Fifteen thousand shekels
for a wedding dress.

Fifteen thousand shekels.

- Soon enough you will see.
- Who, Shani?

She doesn't even have a boyfriend.
We're in no hurry.

Okay, it will happen.

What do you say, Izzy?
Don't you want to be a grandpa already?

- What?
- What's with phone all the time?

Excuse me, I have to go make a call.

It's that pest again.

What now, Izzy?

What's happening?

Everything is alright,
Everyone is at their posts.

What about Eliran?

Shuki from team leader. How's our guy?

Still in his room, sleeping.

Hear that, Izzy?

Everything's alright, he's sleeping.

Can you have Shuki wake him up?

- Izzy, we've got time.
- We haven't got time.

He needs to be ready to roll in an hour
with the wire on him.

He's had enough sleep.

Thanks for the advice. Bye.

- Hi, Izzy.
- Move...



Are you telling me he's been

wandering around free
for over four hours?

- Hello, love.
- Are you investigating Barak?

- Dudu told me, so don't lie to me.
- Eti...

We didn't want to involve too many people

until we find out what we have.

I'll tell you what you have.
A pile of shit.

This makes us look very bad.

Fucking hell...

Tal Ben Harosh
They sent her to work with you?

She's trouble.

Are you idiots?

You just let him get away?

Is this how you usually work?

At this point,
Eliran could say anything about anyone.

Just do me a favor.

If you hear something,
give me a heads up.

This is Eliran's brother?

Elior, a platoon leader
with the paratroopers. We spoke to him.

They look alike.

Second time you pop up out of nowhere.

I'm quick like that.

You think he sent Leibowitz
to kill Eliran before we get to him?

God, Izzy.
It's about time you woke the hell up.

- So you're investigating me?
- I don't know what's going on yet.

- Listen, IAD is on my back.
- You have a friend there.

It's complicated.

You aren't helping him.

Don't lie to yourself,
this is all about your ego.