Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Haverim (Friends) - full transcript

Izzy Bachar, a police internal affairs investigator, discovers just before retirement that his long time friend Barak, a senior police officer, is accused to be corrupt. Life as he knows it breaks into pieces.





Take a deep breath.


I want to take your blood pressure.

- They already took it.
- I know. Just to be on the safe side.

On your finger.

We're waiting for the CT scan results,

you can wait here with him.

What happened to him?

They say he fell.

Is that what they told you?

Doesn't look like a fall.

Okay, you can get dressed.

Everything okay?

Yes, for now, and stop smoking.

You aren't a kid anymore.

Or next time it won't only be
chest pains, okay? Good.

Wait here, I'll be back in a minute.


What happened to that kid?

What business is it of yours?

I'm from the Internal Affairs Department.

Which station are you from?

Tel Aviv Central.

What happened?

We caught him stealing an electric bike,
we chased him, he ran,

climbed a wall and fell.

Why, is there a problem?


Oh, sorry, hon. I'll put it out.

It's alright.

I'm such a doofus.

I forgot you quit,
I lit up automatically.

It's okay, it really doesn't bother me.



It'll be fun,
I heard there's going to be...



Come on, make an effort for Dudu's sake.

I'm making an effort. I'm here, aren't I?

- Hi, how's it going?
- Hi, Eti.

Hi, Bentzy.

It's Izzy.

Watch out, guys.
IAD is here. Watch what you say.

- Shaul, don't start.
- No, Izzy's the man.

What's new, Izzy?

I'd love to chat, but I have to pee.

Why'd you run away like that?
I wanted to say thank you.

For what?

You dealt with my son-in-law's case
a few months ago, no?

Nir Atzmon, Tel Aviv Central?

You recommended an indictment.

He almost beat a 15-year-old to death.

Your daughter has odd taste
in men, you know?

His hearing's tomorrow.

What hearing?

Your people decided to close his case.

They decided on disciplinary action.

Didn't Eti tell you?

Good thing I ran into you.
Otherwise you wouldn't know.

Everything okay?


How do I get there?

That scooter over there.

You go in through the back.

Sammy will be waiting across the street
with the taxi.

- Cheers!
- What's up?

- How's it going?
- Thank God.


- Where've you been?
- Hi, Barak.

How's it going, bro?

- Fine, what's new?
- How are things?

What a shirt.

- Nice, right?
- Eti dressed you.

How are you, Atalia?

I'm fine, but you're behind
enemy lines here.

- The things we do for our friends.
- Yeah.

You know Izzy's retiring too.

- Retiring? How old are you?
- Yes. I'm fifty,

but the State Attorney's office
has a plan.

A hundred percent civilian IAD
until the end of next year,

early retirement for all ex-police
in the department.

As DA I thought you'd be in the loop,
don't you read the newsletter?

What newsletter?
I don't have time to eat lunch.

No, I...

- So where's Eti?
- Mingling.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome
the Central District Chief,

Deputy Commissioner Dudu Eini!

Look at that scoundrel.

He's nervous, poor thing.

Just hope he doesn't pass out
like he did at Maayan's Bris.

Good evening, everyone, and thanks for...

DJ, turn the volume up a little, man.

He loves a microphone.

Well, as you already know,

a week ago I had a meeting
with my friend,

the Minister of Homeland Security,
Yehuda Carmel,

where I was informed I will not be
appointed commissioner.

I accept that decision with love.

I believe that whomever is appointed

will be worthy of leading
the Israel Police forward.

So tonight is the official opening
of the celebrations

of my retirement after...

Thirty-two. Thirty-two years.


I'm retiring, it's scary.

But I'm not dead yet.

I'll visit all the units and say goodbye,

but in the meantime let's have a toast,
so grab a drink, everyone

Does everyone have wine?

- Yup.
- Good.

Vodka & Red Bull also works.

To you,

to your families,

to the Central District

and to the Israel Police.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!


Police, halt!



Police, halt!

To Balfour Street.

Drop the gun or I'll shoot!

Drop the gun!

Drop the gun!

On the ground!

We don't have Ibiza

Not much on our Visa

But we have the breeze-a of Eilat

And Lake Kinneret...

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Izzy, so glad you came.
- You think I'd miss it?

Eti, my flower.

- My flower...
- Your speech was so moving.

- Thanks.
- Thanks, honey.

- Amazing.
- Yeah.

Really moving.

I didn't know that you
and Yehuda Carmel were friends.

Did you switch sides?

Fuck that motherfucker.
Here comes your pal to dance on my grave.

Hey, Shaul. Thanks for coming.

The Three Musketeers
of Tel Aviv Special Investigations Unit.

The good, the bad

and the rat.

Got plans for retirement, Dudu?

Maybe get a skipper license, like Izzy.

- Should I start calling you Captain Izzy?
- Funny, Shaul.

Shaul, let's go get you some water.

Maybe we should buy you a little hat...

- Shaul.
- Ölike Popeye.

- What?
- Dudu, we have to...

- Sorry, we have to go, okay?
- Go? There's karaoke.

Because of me?
Just messing with you, Izzy.

We have another event tonight.
Bye, Limor.

Couldn't you have held off a bit longer?

I hardly had time to say hello to people.

You told them we have to go.

Because you were about
to punch Shaul in the face.

You forget I work with these people.

Why didn't you tell me about Nir Atzmon?

What's that now?

Isn't it messed up that you're going
behind my back with Shaul?

Hiding things from me?

Behind your back? You're crazy.

Besides, what do you want from me?

Your people decided
to close the case, right?

And why'd you tell him
about my skipper license?

Do you keep him updated
on everything I do?

For God's sake, Izzy.

Are you two seeing each other again?


You and Shaul,
are you seeing each other again?






Got it.

Keep my posted. Bye.

What is it?

Shooting in Bat-Yam,
some Arab got dropped.

Thanks for the ride.

Are you stupid?
How could you say such a thing?

That son of a bitch, Shaul.
I can't stand him.

Let it go, it's history.

She made me look like such a fool
in front of him.

What did you expect her to do?

Shaul's her commanding officer.
He gave her an order.

And he's going to be commissioner.

She's got her rank, her promotion,
she's got a career.

It's not the first time IAD
cover up a case because of politics.

The system will always
look out for its own,

didn't you teach me that?

And if it were'nt for the thing between
her and Shaul, you wouldn't even care.

I would care.

I remember the look on your face

when you found out
that cop is married to his daughter.

Don't play innocent.

At least I didn't cheat on her.

You decided to forgive her. Right?

- Am I right or what?
- You're right.

Then cut the crap.

If I knew you'd chew me out like this,
I would've taken a cab.

You mean a boat. Popeye.


What's the matter? Mommy didn't walk you?

Good doggie.







DATE OF BIRTH: 11.3.1990






It's Tal, right?

I'll send someone. Bye.

Tell me, how come you closed
Nir Atzmon's case?

What do you want?

You know very well that not you
nor I make those decisions.

- Next time he'll kill someone!
- Izzy, lay off.

Did you see what he did
to that kid? Did you see?

We're releasing a psychopath with a gun
and a badge out on the street.

I'm not just going to let this slide.

Fine, don't let it slide.

But right now, take yourself over to Lod,

Int'l Crimes arrested a cop last night
and I need you to check it out.

Why me? Send one of the kids.

You're acting like a kid,
so I'm sending you.

Hi, I'm looking for Tal Ben Harush.

Tal Ben Harush?

Hi, I'm Izzy Bachar, Internal Affairs.

- What's up?
- Shooting in Bat-Yam.

We arrested the gunman,
he wouldn't identify himself, no ID.

We checked his fingerprints
and this is what we came up with.

Sargent Eliran Khen,
Patrol, Rishon LeZion.

- Any weapons?
- Colt 9mm.

Not police issue,
serial number erased, it's in the lab.

And this belongs to him.

Did you check this phone?

When we found out he's a cop,

we stopped everything
and called you guys.

What were you doing there, anyway?

The victim is a target of ours,

we had intel about a potential hit
so we deployed.

This is what happens when you deploy?

He's here, you can enter.


Eliran, good morning, my name's Izzy.

I'm from Internal Affairs.

In case you didn't know,
when a cop is suspected of a felony

with a sentence of over
one year in prison

we automatically take over
the investigation.

You've been arrested on suspicion
of attempted murder.

Everything you say
can be held against you.

Not answering my questions
can strengthen suspicions against you.

Want to talk to someone?
Family, a lawyer?

Show me your ID.

Listen carefully.

My life is in danger,
you have to get me out of here. Now.

Calm down.

This is the safest place in the country
for you right now.

Not for me.

What do you mean?

I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

I'll cooperate, turn state's witness,
whatever you want,

just get me out before he finds out
I've been arrested.

- I have to inform your station.
- Don't talk to anyone at my station.

Don't you understand me?

If he finds out what happened,
he'll have me killed.

Who'll have you killed?

My station commander, Barak Harel.

- Barak Harel will try to kill you?
- Yes.

Sounds like I should take you
to a mental hospital.

Take me anywhere you want,
just get me out of here.

This is from the incident in Bat-Yam.


The guy is at the hospital
in critical condition,

the shooter was arrested,
foreign national.

I hear Int'l Crimes has intel
that says Johnny Suleiman is involved.

- Johnny Suleiman?
- Yeah.

Did you hear anything about that?


Last thing we need right now
is a gang war in our sector.

Leibo, drop that, get your men
and go find Johnny.

At home, at his girlfriend's,
at the shop.

Got it.

Barak, you have a call from IA.

IA? What do they want?

Patch them through.


That way.


Where are you?
I've been trying to reach you.

- Call me back. I told you I'm sorry.
- Izzy.

- Izzy.
- Talk to me, Eti.

I don't want to fight.

What are you doing here?
Came to see the beach?

Very funny, Izzy.

Give us an update on the guy.

Why're you looking at him?

He may be your boss, but I'm his.

Spill it.

Okay. Eliran Khen.

Five years on the force, positive record,

served in the infantry,
lives with his parents in Rishon,

goes to law school...

A year ago we received a complaint
against him. Extortion.

But it was recanted
before we started investigating.

I understand he has information
on Barak Harel.

So he claims.

Barak is my friend, it's a conflict
of interest so I backed off,

updated Padova, that's it.

Did you say anything to Barak?

What do you think, I'm stupid?

Okay, Baranes and I will handle
this case personally.

The cover story is that Eliran
was arrested by the traffic police

for a DUI, and attacked the officers.

We've coordinated
with Int'l Crime and Traffic,

that's how it was reported
to his superiors

and that's what you'll say
if anyone asks.

- So Barak already knows?
- Yes.

- Am I missing something here?
- No, nothing.

You actually believe that crap?

You came all the way
from Jerusalem for this?

- You don't think we should check it out?
- What's to check out?

We've got a crooked cop
who realizes he's going to jail,

so he's making up tales
in order to save his ass.


You said you'd back off,
so let us do our work, okay?

Thanks, Izzy.

Eliran, I'm Attorney Ronit Meinzer,
IA Chief of Investigations.

This is Avner Baranes,
head of our National Unit.

I just want to let you know
that Tarek Ismail,

the guy you shot last night,
died in the hospital half an hour ago.

You're now suspected of murder.
It's no joke.

Did Barak Harel send you to kill him?

No, Barak doesn't know about it.

- A guy named Johnny Suleiman sent me.
- Is Johnny Suleiman a cop?

- Of course not.
- Then what do I care?

You saw the sign outside,
"Internal Affairs Department."

You said you have information
on Barak Harel,

so speak up
or I'll send you back to Int'l Crimes.

Barak Harel runs a crime syndicate
within the police department.

He works with the Shmaya brothers,
Tamir and Gili, from Rishonim.

You know who they are?

- We know.
- What does Barak do for them?


We help them with collecting money,

moving things around, security,
we deal with their competitors.

Whatever they need.

I'll tell you everything,
but I want to turn state's witness.

Eliran, you killed someone.

And before we even consider discussing
something like that,

you have to give us something big,
like murder.

Gabi Ganashvili's assassination
at the hospital two years ago.

The Shmaya brothers ordered the hit.

Barak was the go-between,

he paid the gunmen 10,000 dollars
and supplied the guns.

- How do you know?
- I know. I can prove it, too.

Are you "the gunmen"?

Get me a state's witness agreement
and we can talk further.

Remember, every day without a cigarette

makes the next smoke-free day easier.

Every time we say "no" to a cigarette,
it makes it easier the next time.


How's it going?

It's okay. Has Eti calmed down yet?

Calmed down?
She's giving me the silent treatment.

She'll get over it. Don't worry.

Listen, I got a call from IA.

You have one of my men in custody,
Eliran Khen.

You know what the story is?

I heard he attacked a traffic cop
who stopped him.


- No more details?
- No, it's not my case.

Why? Everything okay?

Sure. Just wondering. Sounds weird.

He's an exemplary officer.
I don't get it.

Alright, bro...

- Thanks. We'll talk.
- Okay, bye.

...more and more decisively.
This way, day after day, "no" after "no,"

we'll attain a healthier,
smoke-free life.

Excessive use of force,

even more so when the victim
is a minor in police custody,

is an extremely serious offense.

However, we heard what
the defendant's superiors had to say,

we were impressed
by the number of citations

of merit and awards he's accrued
over the course of his service.

We also heard Deputy Commissioner
Shaul Katz's character testimony,

which paints a picture of the defendant
as an outstanding officer.

We believe that the defendant's
outstanding record

and long-term contribution to the force
and the public should stand in his favor,

and therefore sentence the defendant
to a severe rebuke

and a suspended demotion in rank
for a duration of two years.

Well done. Fine work.


Justice has been served.

- Bravo.
- Ignore him.

- You pulled it off. Bravo.
- Ignore him.

Say, Mrs. Atzmon, does he lose
his temper at home, too?

- Does he ever slap you around?
- Izzy, do yourself a favor and beat it.

Here are photos of what
your husband did to a 15-year-old.

Son of a bitch...
You're lucky there're people here.

I thought you only beat on little kids.

- I'll tear you a new asshole.
- What'll you do then?

Go crying to your father-in-law,
you loser?

Get him out of here. Enough.

So, that's it?

That's all he gets? A rebuke?

He got off scot-free.

You promised it'd be okay.

Well it's not, you just wasted our time.

You're right. I'm sorry.

You can sue him in civil court.

I can't believe
I took the day off for this.

You're Sammy,
Johnny's brother, aren't you?


We're detectives.

We're looking for your brother.
Is he here?

No, I think he's at home.

He's not there.

If we find him here, you're in trouble.

He's not here, I swear.
See it for yourselves.

When'd you last see him?

Yesterday afternoon, I think.

Will you come to the station with us?

What for?

We have a few questions. Let's go.

Leave that rag here.

The security camera footage shows
two assassins in police uniform,

arriving at the late
Gabi Ganashvili's hospital room.

They overpower the police sentry
and shoot Ganashvili three times.

You know the story.

Central District SIU has been
sitting on the case for two years.

By the way,

the Behavioral Sciences Department
stated back then,

that the gunmen are cops,
not civilians in disguise.

- See the way the cock their guns?
- Yeah.

Okay, so what can

this Eliran Khen guy tell us
that we don't know?

He's willing to testify that Barak
gave him the money and the guns.

Barak also liaisoned between him
and the men who ordered the hit,

Tamir and Gili Shmaya.

We know them, drugs,
gambling, money laundering.

And registered CIs of Barak's.

So he'll basically confirm
the intel we have.

Exactly, and remember,

we only stopped investigating last time
because Dudu Eini intervened.

Yeah, look at that,

Eliran Khen shows up out of nowhere
just as Dudu Eini retires.

You know what I always say,
timing is everything.

We have to ask the State Attorney
to start a state's witness process.

He doesn't like to do it for murderers.

Gary, we can't miss this opportunity.

Okay, I'll talk to him.

But I need something,

solid evidence that Eliran Khen
isn't jerking us around.

- Fair enough. We'll get it.
- Okay. Is that it?

- No, there's one more thing.
- What?

Izzy Bachar happened
to find out about this,

he's friends with Barak
from his days on the force.

Okay. Do damage control
and keep him away from now on.

No, I've done that already.

I'm thinking of letting him
in on the case, tap his phone.

He'll obstruct the investigation
and we can leverage that.

You don't really think
Izzy will obstruct the investigation?

Last time, someone on the inside
burned my source.

And you think it was Izzy?

Who else?

Izzy's a cop.

Gary, it's in his DNA

to cover up for his cop buddies.

What do you say?

Didn't you say we're going
to the station?

We have to make a stop first.

Stop the car.

Stop the car, I'm not kidding.

Stop the fucking car! Stop the car!

- Tase him.
- Stop, dammit!

There's something here.


Got the guns?
Is everything on your laptop?

Izzy! Come here a sec.

We want to talk to you.

- I'm just heading home.
- It won't take long.

Shaul called and told me
what happened at the hearing.

What good did that do, Izzy?

Didn't I tell you I wouldn't just
let it slide?

And you think your solo performance
impressed anyone?

I'm amazed how you can't let go
of your champion-of-justice act.

There's something sexy about it
when you're 25 or 30,

but at your age it's pathetic.

Ronit, with all due respect,
I don't give a fuck what you think, okay?

Anything else?

The Gabi Ganashvili murder.

- Ring a bell?
- Yeah.

At the hospital, murderers dressed
as cops, it was on the news.

Eliran Khen claims
that Barak was behind the murder.

- He provided the guns and the money.
- Sure.

Right now Eliran Khen will tell you
his mother shot JFK if he has to.

Forty-five minutes ago,

I found these guns stashed
in Eliran Khen's parents' back yard.

I'm taking them to Ballistics.

Compare them with the slugs
from the Ganashvili case.

I have a feeling they'll match.

Izzy, this isn't the first time
Barak's shown up on our radar

in connection with this murder.

What do you mean?

We investigated him covertly
two and a half years ago.

This was taken
before the Ganashvili murder.

It's Barak meeting with Tamir Shmaya.

Nice show you put on TV.

You shouldn't have thrown
the grenade, Tamir.

Don't do this to me,
Ganashvili will talk.

Don't worry, he'll keep his mouth shut.

And even if he doesn't,
it's your case, right?

I have my limits.

We need to solve this problem
another way.

Only your men can do it.

Let me see what options we have.

I'm counting on you to deal with it.

What about it?

Did you know that Barak
is connected to Tamir Shmaya?

- He's been his informant for years.
- They're talking about the murder.

I don't know what they're talking about.

It's legit to play around
with intel sources.

I don't have to tell you that.


What do you want from me?

Listen, Izzy,
I made a mistake this morning.

I want you to work on this case with us.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

You know Barak best, you're an asset.

Ronit, Barak Harel is, first of all,
an impeccable police officer.

Furthermore, he's a good friend

who stood by me during
the hardest moments of my life.

I'm not going to investigate him.

So, you don't want to get involved
because he's your friend?

Not such a champion of justice anymore?

Okay, folks, I have to go.
I have a dog to walk.

Izzy, wait a minute.

Listen, if you don't take this case
some other investigator will,

someone who cares much more
about his career than about Barak.

I don't get it, are you

threatening me that you'll frame him?

Barak is a friend of yours,
you say he's helped you out.

Now this is your chance to pay him back,
maybe even save him.

If you think he's so clean,
what's the problem?

Here's what we've got on Barak,
read it, sleep on it.

You can decide in the morning.

Yeah, don't worry. We'll talk.

I'll tell you all about it. Okay, bye.

Tamir, this is from the parking lots.

What's he doing here?

Did you talk to Johnny today?

No, why?

- Aren't you guys friends?
- Sort of.

Everyone's looking for him
after what happened in Bat-Yam yesterday.

- Did you know it was him?
- No, how would I know?

Leibo dumped him here,
but he isn't talking. Yet.

I don't know where he is, I swear.

You do know.

And you're staying here until you talk.

Don't tell them anything,
I've got your back.

I'm thirsty. Water.

- Gili, are you coming?
- What?

He's thirsty.

When he tells us where Johnny is,
he can drink as much as he likes.

Come on.

Don't worry, I'll get you some water.


Here, I saw you ran out.

What's your deal, Izzy?

Now you're talking to me?

That whole circus was because
I didn't take a few calls?

- You should've told me.
- No, I shouldn't have.

Why? Do you tell me
about everything you people do?

Listen, Izzy,
I realize this is rough, okay?

But you have to leave
all that IAD crap behind.

You did your part.

Not a lot of people
did their part like you.

You're retiring at fifty
with a great pension plan.

You're healthy, knock on wood,
you quit smoking. I wish I could.

But you have to realize
everything is over.

Instead of getting upset over bullshit,

why don't you think about
how you'll sail us to Corfu this summer?

Captain Izzy.

Yeah, Captain Izzy.


- Yeah?
- Okay.


I'm going to take a shower.

Right, and do me a favor.

- Put the groceries away.
- Okay.


- Izzy?
- Ronit. I'm in.

- What a picture!
- Look at us. Kids.

- Hello, honey?
- Are you investigating Barak?

- Dudu told me, so don't even try to lie.
- Eti...

You're out to get him.

I'm not out to get anyone,
I'm doing my job!

Then lynch your friend by yourself.

Your friend, he's a murderer,
you know that?


Are you with us?


Are you sure, Izzy?
This isn't too close to home?

The wiretap stays on him, right?

Come here.

Into the panic room, kids.

- What're you doing here?
- We need to talk.

Is it the bullshit
with the Shmaya Brothers again?

IAD are on my back.

- You have a friend there.
- How's it going?

You asked me to give you a signal, right?

It's called intelligence work.

And if it's illegal,
half the police belong in jail.

What if I record someone

who knows everything about the
Ganashvili murder and about Barak?

- Eliran!
- Mom!

Eliran Khen is going to be
state's witness. For IAD.

I want you
to report there tomorrow morning.

- What're you doing here?
- Working with you.

- Motherfucker...
- Izzy.

What're you doing here?

I need to talk. Can you stop by tonight?

House arrest, my ass.



Go fuck yourself.

Why are you helping me?


What's with you?

You just waited all those years
for a chance to screw me over?

Because I moved up
and you got stuck in IAD?

They won. We lost.

I'll fight you to the bitter end!

You're going to ruin our life, Izzy.