Man Seeking Woman (2015–2017): Season 2, Episode 10 - Man Seeking Woman - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, Mike, I heard from
Rosa you guys broke up,

and I know we haven't hung out in a bit.

Just wanted you to know
I... I got your back, bud.

Oh, yeah, thanks, man, appreciate it.

Yeah, hey, you know, I know it's cheesy,

but I brought you Josh's
patented cheer-up kit.

Mm-hmm, sweet, could you, uh,

bring it down and throw
it in the hot air balloon?

Hot air balloon?

- Mike!
- Mike!

Thank you all so much for coming!

Now that I am single,
I have decided to embark

on a journey most bold:

to have sex with every
woman in the world!


Do you really think you can romance

the legendary mountain women of Burma?

I shall be "mountain"
all the women of Burma.


Is it true you plan to visit
the queen in Buckingham Palace?

I'll be bucking her ham palace.

- Huzzah!
- The man's a hero!

What a swell guy.

Mike, I got... I got a question.

Aren't you at all upset about Rosa?

I mean, it seemed like
you were pretty into her.

Look, Josh, Rosa's cool,

but man just isn't wired for monogamy.

I mean, do you think
cavemen were in long-term,

committed relationships? Of course not!

They were in sex balloons!

I... I don't think that's right.

Oh, sure it is. Read Dan Savage.

Farewell, gents!

Thank you, Yang.

Soft hands, Yang.

You've been using my lotion, I see.

Jesus Christ.

Should have asked Mike about the ladies

of Lake Titicaca.

He would have had a good one for that.


So much for Columbia Journalism School.

200K down the shitter!

Okay, see you.


- Hey, Josh.
- Hey.

Don't mind me, just filling
the old water bottle.

I don't mind that because
I'm very pro-hydration.



You want to go hit
that donut truck again?

I can't, really, right now I...

I got monthly expense reports.

All right, well, would
have been fun to hang.

Yeah, well, uh, sorry
to keep you hanging.


Oh, my gosh.

Well, Mike and, uh, Rosa
both seem over the breakup.

Really? Already?

Yeah, no, he's already
off chasing girls, as per.

- Yep.
- And, uh, yeah,

she seems pretty good
whenever we hang out.

Wait, you're hanging out with her?

Yeah, well, I just mean,
like, we work together,

so she, like, asks me to have lunch

or texts me a funny
YouTube link or something.

You don't think she's, like,
putting out signals, do you?

- Definitely not, no.
- Yeah, no.

- She wouldn't be doing that.
- No.

- No way.
- No.

Why would she? She's a pal.

- That's it.
- That's it.

Just a colleague.

Jesus! Hey, watch where you're going.

- Jesus... what...
- Asshole!

The hell?



- Wearing a wire?
- No.

I can't be too safe.
I got a lot of enemies.

You got enemies, who? Who are you?

They call me "Spider." You
know what a spider spins?


What... what truth is that?

Rosa is into you, man!


No, okay, that's a very creative theory.

It's fun to think about.
I've done it myself.

It has been conclusively debunked.

All right, I tried to kiss
her, and she turned me down.

And then she dated my best friend, like,

I... I don't have a chance with her!

And the CIA had nothing
to do with Dallas, ha-ha!

- All right, I... I'm going home.
- Wait!

You don't want to miss
the big show-and-tell!

- Huh?
- Curtains, please, Dreyfus.


The mouse did that?

8:48 a.m. today: she's
touching your arm.

11:11 a.m.: another touch, same arm.

different arm, double touch.

Are you beginning to see the pattern?

Rosa touches my arm when
she laughs at my jokes.

Let's talk about those jokes, Joshua.

Let's venture down that
rabbit hole, hmm, hmm?

Yeah, well, uh, sorry
to keep you hanging.

Aha. Where's the joke, Joshua?

Oh, uh, I was doing a little
twist on the word "hang."

I heard the twist, but a twist
doesn't make a good joke, hmm!

If you can tell me one thing

that you said to her that
is even remotely funny,

I will walk away from all of this.

I will buy a suit. I
will join the rat race.

I will sign up for the
country-club dance, ha-ha!

All right, I think we're done here, bud.

Wait! Solve this riddle, Joshua.

If she's not into you,
why does she walk past

your desk every day?

To get more water from the water cooler!

Get more water from the
water cooler... well, then,

check the water cooler, man.

Check the water cooler!

Oh, my God.

Hey, uh, Vincent, how long has
this water cooler been empty?

That's been broken for months.

- Hi, Josh.
- Oh, God!

- Hey.
- Hi.

So I'm gonna go, uh...

Work at my desk.

So she wasn't filling
up her water bottle;

that was just an excuse
for her to walk past my desk

and talk to me.

Rosa's into me!

Hallelujah, the blind
man has learned to see!

Now we're gonna blow the lid wide open.

We're gonna take this all
the way to the Internet.

We're gonna sing it to
the "Washington Post,"

the AP, the CNN...




Are you okay?



Hey, Rosa.

Hey, Josh.

Do you maybe want to grab
a drink with me tomorrow?

I'd love to.


Sounds good to me.

All right, see you
tomorrow, Rosa, bye-bye.

It's inevitable.


- How's the trip going?
- Ah, cut it short.

I'm actually heading
back home right now.

Uh, why?

Honestly, I just can't
stop thinking about Rosa.

We flew through the Andes this morning,

and all I could do was
stare at her Instagram.

And I know I was putting on
some front like I didn't care,

but I totally care, man.

Oh, so, so you... you still like her?

I don't like her, dude, I love her.

Get rid of it. We got... we got to move.

Yeah, no, I'm, like, crazy
about her... like, obsessed, heh.

Anyway, keep an eye
on her for me, buddy.

- Well, uh...
- Love you, okay.

Why'd you dump that out?

So let me pose a interesting
hypothetical situation.

Let's say there's a guy,
normal guy who likes a girl...

You can't go out with Rosa.

- She's into me.
- Nope.

She's been flirting with
me like crazy and, like,

we're going out for drinks, so.

Josh, this would destroy
your relationship with Mike.

It is a tricky one.

It's not a tricky one!

This is... you should not do
this. It's a horrible idea.

Lot of... lot of moving
parts to consider.

You're really... you're not
gonna listen to me, are you?

At least listen to the
infallible prophet, Tiresias.

Josh, you must abandon this quest!

My God, Tiresias, you know, just because

you're an ancient blind
prophet doesn't mean you have be

such a downer all the time.

My prophecy is written in stone!

Are you doing that thing,
the... the blabbing hand?

I can't see it, but I
can feel it, you know.

We're not trying to hurt you.

I mean, it's just coming
from a bit of, like,

"you guys know better than I
do about my own life" place.

- We weren't.
- No, that's not it.

- We don't want you to get hurt.
- Yeah.

You know, 'cause when
you get hurt, we're hurt.

- Yeah, that's right.
- That's fair.

You know, we feel it, and I
don't want to go through that.

Thanks, guys.

Look, I would love
to say, "Go for Rosa,"

but I can't because the
gods have been super clear

that this will end in doom.

Believe me, you don't want doom.

And we don't want doom for you.

Neither of us do, so come on, kiddo!

This is some straight
talk from the Ti-ster.

You got to abandon this quest.

- Well said.
- Yeah, thank you.

- To good friends...
- Mm-hmm.

And good decisions.

- That's a very loaded toast.
- Well.

So you gonna listen?

- Yeah, maybe you're right.
- Mm.

Maybe you're right.



Thank you.

Tart. Sour apples.

- More margaritas?
- Ayya.



Sorry, sorry.

Rosa, oh, no, no, no,
before you say anything...

- Oh, my God!
- Before you say anything...

No, no, no, no.

What are you doing here?

I saw on Instagram
that you're at this bar,

and I... I missed you so much, I just...

You really shouldn't have.

Wait a second, are you,
like, with somebody?


Um, hey... hey.

- Wha... are you kidding me?
- Shh!

Last night when I was
baring my soul to you,

that whole time you were
skeezing and feeling up on Rosa?

There's a lot of moving parts...

- Unbelievable, man!
- There's a lot of moving parts.

Right, okay, uh...

We told him to abandon this quest.

Honey, if I had eyes, I'd roll them.

Mike! Wait, just let me explain.

Look, there's nothing to explain!

I... I told you I loved
her, and you betrayed me.

Wait a second, it's not like you had

some special claim on her.

You... you had your chance!

And what happened? You blew it.

Oh, my God, that is it, man. Let's go!

- You want to go?
- Yeah.

All right, let's go.

I summon Ultra Mike!

I summon Ultra Josh!

Red stone activation.

Melody recognized.

Sweet mama.

Fighting robots!


I will destroy you, Ultra Josh.

You are the one who
will become destroyed.

At any moment, these two
enemies will unleash a barrage

of violence that will
destroy them and the city.

She wasn't your girlfriend anymore, man.

Still a huge betrayal!

You want to talk about betrayal?

I was on track with Rosa

until you showed up and did your whole

"cool guy Mike" routine

to overshadow me like you always do.

Wait, what are you talking about?

Here comes the violence.


It's always been that
way, man; it's always been

"awesome leader" Mike and

"kid brother" Josh

who never gets the girl.


Dude, I had no idea you
were feeling all this pain.

Why didn't you just unburden
yourself and tell me?

Because you're my best
friend, Ultra Mike.

And I guess that's why
I bottled it all up,

because I'm scared to
death of losing you.

Shoot your lasers!

Let's go!

I feel the same way
about you, Ultra Josh.

You know what?

We can't let this thing
with Rosa get between us.

Our friendship's more important.

You're right, man.

So I guess there's only one solution.

We let her decide.

One shall stand. One shall fall.

Rosa, who is it going to be?

I don't want to date
either of you morons!



You've been fighting over me all day,

and it is extremely
patronizing, let me tell you!

I mean, Josh!

I'm not attracted to you!


I tried to make it work!
Your head is really big!

You're a nerd!

And, Mike!

You scare the shit out of me!


And these stupid robot suits?

Hit each other or something!


All right, um.

You want to get, like,
a smoothie or something?

Yeah, I could [bleep]
with a smoothie right now.

I'm doing a lot of goji berries
lately; you ever try those?

Yeah, no, they keep coming
up in my Twitter feed.

What are goji berries?

I guess they're, like, some
kind of berry, or something.

I just have to say this is
a sad day for robot fighting

and for this city.

You are a fiend for new berries.

Let's go get some smoothies, pal.



Hi... how you doing, Spider?

- Well, you know, pretty bad.
- Yeah.

- 12 bullets to the chest.
- Jesus.

- Baker's dozen down below.
- Ugh.

But it's all worth it
because you and Rosa

are finally together as a couple.

Yeah... that... uh... that
didn't actually work out.


Yeah, but Mike and I are friends again!

Who the [bleep] is Mike?

That's my best friend.

Well, that's kind of a
happy ending, I guess.

Mr. Spider, your test
results came in, and, uh...

- Uh
- Huh?

I'm afraid you're definitely gonna die.



I got you... uh... a... a gift bag, uh.

Oh, no, you don't have to do that.

Yeah, yeah, there's, uh,
some, uh, rocky road ice cream,

and, um... a bear, so.

Well, look, Josh, the
only gift that I need

is your friendship and your
presence in the room right now.



Ah, you guys, this
has been a crazy year.

- Yeah.
- Crazy.

- Wow.
- Crazy year.

We fought; we loved;
we laughed; we learned.

You know, guys, it wasn't always easy...


But we did it together.

We were together every step
of the way this entire year.


And that's how the four
of us got through it.

You're right.

It's been so great, Tiresias.

Yeah, thanks for always
being there for us.

Oh, speaking of being always there me,

what do you think I should text?

Oh! Um, how many dates is this?

Three... okay, four,

but the first one we
just made out in a bar.


Okay, well it should
be clever but romantic.

Dick pic, bro.

Or how about... how about
this, how about you just text,

"Hey, this is Tiresias.
Want to grab a coffee?"

Oh, simple, direct.

The gods are saying it might work.


Hey, you're pretty good at this.


Yeah, I'm getting better.