Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Lost in Oz - full transcript

When Guph swaps the populations of Emerald City and the Nome Kingdom, Dorothy and her friends are faced with the challenge of escaping the Deadly Desert without the aid of magic. Meanwhile ...

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Previously on Lost in Oz.

The time has come for Nomes

to take a magical home for our own.

Guph is coming for the belt.

If we don't find it first,
Guph will use it

to take Emerald City for the Nomes.

Let's get this belt to Glinda.

And I banish all Emeraldos
to the Nome Kingdom.


We've been transported
across the Deadly Desert

to the Nome Kingdom.

My friends, my friends!

I know you must be afraid.

These are fearful times for our people,

but rest assured, my
most trusted advisors

are already hard at work
finding us a way home.

Did you hear that?

Glinda's most trusted
advisors are on the job.

She's talking about us, mate.

I can't believe the entire
population of Emerald City

is stranded in the Nome Kingdom.

I can't believe a bunch of Nomes

are gonna be living in my house!

Do you think they're
in my room right now?

Touching all of my stuff?



Guys, we've escaped from
the Nome Kingdom before,

we can do it again.

Do you remember how difficult it was

for just us to escape?

Ooh, how did we do that?

Nome's right,

there's no way we can
bring a whole population

across the sands of the Deadly Desert.

Of course there's a way.

We just haven't thought it up yet.

Enough with your Dorothy Gale optimism.

Face it, Guph won.

Game over.

Hey, look at this crew.

We've got a Nome King, powerful witches,

magic experts, a chief advisor,

we've even got a patchwork doll

who eats impossible
missions for breakfast.

They're delicious.

The way I see it, we split into groups

and each take one problem.

We're gonna need like a million groups.

No, we only need three.


First, we need a way out of here.

Patchwork, Scarecrow, and Reigh,
you check out Crush Canyon.

I'm sorry, Crush what now?

Me, my mom, Ojo, Toto,
and Roquat will search

for any kind of transportation

to get us across the Deadly Desert.

Why bother?

Anything we find is gonna need magic.

Exactly. And the witches

will search for any
magic that's still here.

You can count on us, Dorothy.

If we each solve one problem,

we're gonna get out of here.

I know it.

Emerald City is ours!

No longer will you toil
in the dark magic mines.

You will frolic in the
gleam and glory of the city

that was built with our magic!

King Guph, King
Guph, King Guph, King Guph!

Manager Nome.

It's Sheldon.

My name is Sheldon.

Less talking, more magic.

You get magic.

And you get magic!

And you, and you, and you!

You will never work for magic again!

Now, go and make Emerald City your home!

Well, how did I do?

High five, my good sir.

High five!


The last time I was here, I
was able to build a sand boat.

Now there's nothing left to work with.

We'll find a way
home, Dorothy, together.

We're never gonna
find a way out of here.

Guph took all the good stuff!

Toto, good boy.

You found one of the flying decks.

Can it fly us all the
way back to Emerald City?

Yeah, if there was any magic

to power it across the desert.

It looks like Guph really did take

all the magic out of this place.

There's probably some magic
down by the incinerator

that didn't burn up.

Roquat, that's a great idea!

Wait, I wasn't serious!

We'd have to be totally desperate

to go anywhere near that thing.

Pretty sure this is the
definition of totally desperate.

The Nomes were so desperate,

they even drained the
magic from these crystals.

I can't believe I was one of them.

Each of these ornaments is a life.

Thank you for saving me, Mifgit.

It's good to have you back, Mom.

I found something. It's verdantium.

But there's only enough to
conjure a tiny seedling.

Glinda, are you doing that?

The Geode Throne.

It's a magic amplifier.

Clever, the Nomes make
the most of their magic.

It's like I tell my patients,

a little magic can go a long way.

It won't go any way if we
can't find the way out of here.

Well, canyon's blocked.

Too bad.

Let's head back to the Throne Room.

Easy, big fella,
everyone is counting on us.

Okay, you guys check out
the horrifying machine.

I'll stay here and wish
none of this was happening.

The Crush Canyon Crushers.

Built to pulverize all intruders.

I really hate the Nome Kingdom.

How crude.

There's no way around this one.

So what do you think these things do?

Guys, I found something
that may or may not help us!

Ugh, this ancient technology
belongs in a museum.

Which one do I push?

Oh, that was easier than I anticipated.

I totally remember what these do now!

Turn it off, turn it off!

Five switches, two positions each,

that's 32 possibilities!

Guys, I got an idea!

Quick! Do it!

Now would be preferable!

Well, they don't come any
closer than that, do they now?

Are you guys okay?

I'm fine.

But where's Scarecrow?

Oh no!

Scarecrow got pulverized

and it's all my fault!

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself, Reigh.

Getting pulverized isn't so bad,

when you're made of straw.

Is this mine or yours?

Well, sharpen my teeth
and call me a chugginmugger,

we have a way out!

Let's go tell the others.

Did you notify the Nome
Farm of their King's arrival?

I tried, sir, but there
was no one to notify.

You mean to tell me

no one is caring for the magical crops?

What was that?

Ah, that's a moldy hoagie, sir.

Sanitizer! Sanitizer!

What in the fairylands is going on?

They're making Emerald
City their home, sir,

just like you told them to.

I did not tell them to act like

a bunch of ungrateful Emeraldos.

You there, stop!

I need a squad of troopers to,

ah, I order you to listen, oh.

Oh, so that happened.

Oh, hello, hello, stop!

Stop, I command you to stop
doing what you're doing!

All Nomes are to report
to the farm at once!

Told you we'd have to be desperate.

Dorothy, hand me
Grandpa's surveyor's scope.

Something down there looks out of place,

some kind of black cube.

Roquat, could that be some magic?


I used to throw out a lot
of really magical stuff.

Let me see that.

No way!

That's a whistle box!

And it's huge!

Good luck with that.

It's impossible to open.

You're ready to pucker
up and whistle, Munchkin?

Just be careful!

And be quick!

Don't worry, Mom!

I've flown Glinda's castle!

I've got this!

Uh, maybe don't fly directly over

the boiling, angry lava pit?

What's that mean?

It means we gotta
hurry and get that magic!

There's the box!

We'll never open this thing.

Not with that attitude.

Pretty heavy for a little guy.

I am made of solid rock.


I'm okay!

Just a little sandy.

Get back up here.

There's not enough fuel.

We're out of magic.

Ojo, you're up.

I hope I remember the tune.

Nice one, Ojo. First try!


It's working.

Going up.

They got it.

Look out!

- The magic!
- Roquat!



I got him.

Just get us out of here!

Dorothy! No!


Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Roquat, I can't hold you.

Drop the box.

But all the magic.

Roquat, let it go!

Go, go, go, go!



Don't you ever do that again.



What are you all smiling about?

We lost everything.

But we didn't lose you.

How did everyone do?

We found a little magic. You?

We found a lot.

Really? That's great!

Then it melted in a lava pit.

Of course it did.

Well, we found a way out of here.

But without any way to
cross the Deadly Desert,

we're still stuck.

We're never gonna stop Guph!


What? What is it, West?

I felt something.

I feel like there's magic right here.

Follow it, West.

A witch's strength comes
from her intuition.



No, colder.




Huh? What?

It's Roquat.

The sand.


Did you know leaves have like

a million little rivers in them?

What else can we microscope?

Anything tiny.

Shoe sand from the park.

You okay?

What do you see?

Hey, where'd the sand go?

That is the sand, kiddo.

It's all the stuff
that creates our world,

just broken into teeny tiny
pieces over millions of years.

The whole world is found in sand?

Pretty awesome, isn't it?

Super awesome.

It's the sand.

The sand?

That's not magic.

But sand is made of everything
that creates our world,

just broken into teeny tiny pieces,

so there might be some magic in it.

Come on, we need to go to the desert.

I see tiny bits of halsianite.

Hey, is that lardonium?

Glinda, look, there's
metamorphium in the sand too.

So there's magic in the
sands of the Deadly Desert?

Maybe it'll be enough for West.

What do you mean?

What do you guys expect me to do?

Bring the Deadly Desert back to life?


Bring the Deadly Desert back to life.

Then we can cross it and
get back to Emerald City.

You guys can't be serious.

Come on.

It's worth a shot.


You can bring the sand back to life.

That's a lot more sand.

I have an idea.

We'll need Agent Pugmill.

I tried to be nice,

to give you free reign of your new home,

to be generous with magic,

but without rules, you're no
better than the Emeraldos.

You abused magic, so
no more magic for you.

Anyone have a problem with that?!

That's what I thought.

Now, get to work!

Those magic crops aren't
going to harvest themselves.

Watch your feet.

Thank you, Agent Pugmill.

At your service, Your Goodness.

West, this geode will
amplify all the magic

that you can activate in the desert.

What happens then?

You make your vision a reality.

You got this, West.

Go West!

Try not to damage my throne, okay?


West is bringing the
Deadly Desert to life!

I don't know if I can handle all this!

West, this is your magic.

You're the only one
who can lead the spell.

We're right here here with you, West.

Now this is the most
magical thing I've ever seen.

Oh my.

Does this mean we can
cross the Deadly Desert?

It's not deadly anymore.

We'll go back to Emerald City and
make sure it's safe for everyone.

Then we'll bring them all home.

Magic to the people!