Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 9 - Running Eagle Challenge - full transcript

Vic gets a surprise visit from her father. An FBI agent helps Walt pin down the mole working for Malachi. A tough race enables Vic to move forward.


♪ You're runnin' hard, baby,
you're running fast ♪

♪ I can't keep up,
can't even keep up with your past ♪

♪ You'll never stop...
to take in the view ♪

♪ Must be a whirlwind
that's living inside you ♪

♪ No destination...
Just keep on blowin' ♪


Travis, you want a cup of coffee?
It's Vic.

- That particular caterpillar has flown.
- What?

[CHUCKLING] It was as brief
a metamorphosis as I have ever seen,

but Travis Murphy
has left his cocoon behind.

Okay, enough with the metaphors,
Joe-Mega. Where the hell is he?

He's moved out.
I have a new renter moving in next week.

Okay, okay. But where did he go?

He did not say.

Though, to be fair, I did not ask.

Well, you forgot your pastries.



[GASPS] Oh, shit!

Shit! Shit!


[GRUNTS] Go out! Go out! Go out! Go!

Shit! Shit! Go out.







These things don't quit
till you rip their guts out.

Everything okay?

Not really.



this, uh, deadbolt I installed

works a whole lot better if you lock it.

Next time, maybe you can
also install a doorbell.

I'm serious, Henry.
You need to be more careful.

I may have created a bit of a situation.

What's all this?

I volunteered to help with
this year's Running Eagle Challenge.

Turns out that means
I have to do all the work.

What sort of situation have you created?

I threatened Shane Muldoon
so that he would lead me to Malachi.

Now I've lost track of Shane,

and I think someone from the FBI
is helping him.


An Agent Decker.


The guy that Nighthorse and I

- have been dealing with.
- Yeah.

Well, I think he tipped off Eddie Harp

when you were driving back
from your meeting in Cheyenne.

That's how Eddie knew where to find you
and run you off the road.

Now that I think of it, the night Decker
came to talk to me was odd.

- How so?
- He was inside the bar after closing,

waiting for me.

I actually pulled a gun on him.

I'm sorry, Henry.



I told you that I would find Malachi.

Shane was my best chance.

Now he's gone.


you're going to give up?

Come on.

You knew it was never going to be easy.

Do you really believe...

that Nighthorse didn't know anything
about the heroin?

At first, I thought he was innocent,
but now...

I am not so sure.


If Nighthorse
hasn't lied about everything...

- That is a big "if."
- ...then whoever is signing

for his shipments
and intercepting the drugs is dirty.

I mean, Shane has an inside guy
at the FBI...

And perhaps Malachi has one
inside the casino.

Johnny Runs Far.

That's the name
that was on those shipping invoices.

Maybe you can make some inquiries
about him.

I'd ask Mathias, but now I'm concerned

that Malachi might have someone
inside the Tribal Police, too.

At this point, you're the only person
I can trust to do this.


[THERAPIST] I want to welcome
a new member to our group.

Why don't you introduce yourself,

[VIC] Uh, hi.
Um, I actually go by "Vic."

And this is all really new to me.


Well, Vic, you're with friends here.

How long has it been
since you lost your child?


um, I just... just over a month.

And is there a partner in the picture?

No, just... just me.

Okay. We're in no rush.

Maybe someone else
wants to start us off this week.

I'll go.

I know I haven't been here in a while.

I really thought I was good.


I had a little setback.

I was at the drugstore,
trying to pick out a birthday card

on one of those racks that...
That spins, you know?

[CRYING] And I accidentally stopped
on the baby shower cards.

And there was this... this one little

card that had this
little baby owl on it.

It was just a stupid drawing.

And then... then this
kid, the stock boy,

he came up and asked me how I was.

And I said, "Fine."

- I'm not fine.

[SOBBING] I'm not fine.



How long ago did she lose her baby?

Last year.




Hello, Jacob.

Where is everybody?

The community's enthusiasm for me
has dropped off.

Aiding and abetting a kidnapping
will do that.

You here to fire me?

No. I still believe
in what you're doing here.

But, um...


I'm afraid I'm gonna have to reduce
your funding.

I know I committed $750,000
to get this operation up and running,

but, uh...

How much have you spent so far?

I don't know. Um... $200,000 maybe?

Oh. You're gonna have to manage
the remainder of the year on...

$100,000 more.

Jacob, I don't know if I can do that...

I mean, even if
I don't pay myself a salary.

Well, I don't know what to tell you.
I know it sounds harsh,

but there it is.

Is this 'cause of me and what I did?

Or is this because my dad arrested you?

Neither, Cady.

It's me.

My financial forecasting
was overly optimistic, it turns out.


- Mr. Nighthorse, we need to go.
- What's up, Tony?

Not sure.
There's a guy in a truck outside.

I don't know
if he followed us here or what,

but he's been watching us
this entire time.

Is he in a silver Suburban?

No, sir. It's a Chevy Avalanche.

Sir, we really should go.
Just to be on the safe side.



I'm sorry.



[WHISPERS] Oh, shit!

Are you thirsty?

[ZACH] Um...

[CADY] Hey, Zach.


Here they are. [CHUCKLES]

- What are you doing here?
- Um...

And why, for two days, did you help me

repair and clean up
my office for no pay?

I'm in a pretty tricky situation here.

Mm-hmm. Well, you're also kind
of acting like a stalker.

- Um.
- Should I call the police?

- No. No, no. That would not be good.
- Mm.

Look, in order to, uh, to tell you
the truth of this situation,

then I'm... I'm gonna have to
throw someone else under the bus.


Your dad.

He hired me to look after you.

He started something. He's worried about

retaliation, probably
against him, but...

- Hm.
- ...maybe against you,

- so that's why I'm...
- Mm.


Why didn't you tell me?

He said that
you would not appreciate my help,

and, uh...

he also said
that you have an independent streak.

He's right.

It's not working out so great for me.

- Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
- Oh.

- You know.
- I'm sorry you had to be all sneaky.

But I'm kind of glad
you were here watching me.

I mean, to be honest,
not even knowing my dad's situation,

I don't feel all that safe here.

A toast to starting over
without having to be stubborn or sneaky.

Actually, I don't drink...





Ferg, have you seen Vic?



Okay, uh, I need you to do
a background check

on a guy named Johnny Runs Far.

It's a long shot,
but he might lead us to Malachi.

[MAN] So, this is it?

This is the entire Absaroka County
Sheriff's Department?

- Yup. And I'm the sheriff.
- So...

...you're the guy who sent me this.

I am.

I'm Agent Vance,
from the Bureau in Boston.

Sheriff Longmire.

This is Deputy Ferguson.

How long you been sitting on this?

'Cause the only way
this report makes any sense

is if you've met Shane
Muldoon in person.

- You're good at your job.
- It also means you let him go.

My evidence only implicated Eddie Harp.

All I had on Shane was a sense
that he and our local casino owner

had known each other for a long time.

It's... well,
it's pretty hard to prosecute that.

So you engaged the head of a nationally

organized crime syndicate
all by yourself?

When my deputy here was ambushed
by the Irish mob,

I began to suspect
there was a mole in your department.

Recent events bear that out.

What do you mean?

Agent Decker told me that
you guys have Shane Muldoon in custody.

Another agent told me that you don't,
so someone's lying.

Do you honestly expect
me to believe that

Agent Decker is working for the mob?

Are you sure you just didn't
misunderstand what he said?

I mean, maybe he was just excited
about this report you sent us.

Well, I mailed that package
after Agent Decker visited me.

Have you talked to Decker?

What's he saying?

Agent Decker hasn't shown up for work
for a couple days.



- Delivery.

No shit.

And who are you with?

The Red Pony. Are you Johnny Runs Far?

- Nope.
- Is he here?

Nope, and neither are you.

Johnny's supposed to
sign for this order.

No, I sign for everything
that comes through here.

- I was told Johnny Runs Far...
- You were told wrong.

He's not even in today.

He's off on Tuesdays.

- He was not at home.
- On his days off,

he works at his uncle's shop.

But why stop at his home
if your delivery's for the casino?

That is a good question.

I really did not think this through.

Thank you for your time.


- Dad?
- Hey!

There she is.


Look at you.

Hope you're hungry,
'cause you are looking too skinny.

- How did you...
- Bummed a ride on a private jet

full of rich fishermen.

Just thought I'd drop by.

And, surprise...

I'm warming up a couple of cheesesteaks
with extra peppers from Pat's.


How's that strike you, huh?

- So, I have a confession.

I didn't come out here
on a fishing trip.

That doesn't surprise me,
since you don't fish.

I know about what happened, Vic...
About the shooting.

A buddy of mine in the Department
of Justice tracks police injury stats.

He called me up last week
and gave me the news.

I want you to come home.

Just like that?

Just hear me out.

I know there's some things...
Bad feelings, maybe...

About how you wound up out here.

I mean, we all do what
we have to do, Vic.

But, come on, be honest.


This is not where you're meant to be.

And where am I meant to be?

Not living in a trailer, for one.

Not risking your life
for a power-mad sheriff

- who couldn't care less.
- You don't know him.

Oh, I've read up
on trigger-happy Walt Longmire.

That is the kind of man
who winds up mixed into a new bridge.

I've seen hundreds of cops like him...
Guys with a death wish.

There's no need
for you to go down with him.

Okay, first of all, Walt is the best cop
that I have ever known.

And, second,

there aren't hundreds of us.

There's three of us
for a county the size of Delaware,

and we got big-city crime here.

We got homicides and drugs,
and right now,

Walt needs me
to help him deal with the Irish mob.

The Irish mob is back east, Vic.

Actually, it turns out
that Indian casino money pays better

than running numbers in the hood, so...


If it's so dangerous and difficult,

has he ever given you a raise,
ever talked promotion?

I'm betting not. You know why?

Like you said,
it's a three-man department.

The only place for you to go
is into his chair

or, more likely, into the morgue,
and I won't stand for it.

You got shot, for God's sake.

Why are you still here?

Listen, there...

There's a new
police-community relations bureau

staffing up with a lot of money...
a lot.

It would be so great
to have you back in Philly.

Hey, it's not giving up
if you're making a smarter choice.

You were right, Sheriff.

Agent Decker is gone.

He last used his credit card a couple
days ago at a burger joint in town.

A waitress said he was there

with a guy who matches
your description of Shane Muldoon.

And then, Decker dumped his wallet

and his cellphone in the men's room
and disappeared.

Any idea where he might've gone?

No. How 'bout you?

Your little three-man operation seems to
have more answers than the entire FBI.

Actually, there is someone who might be
able to help us find him...

- Malachi Strand.
- Who's that?

He's a former Tribal Police chief
and head of Casino Security.

Also a heroin dealer

and the man who tried to murder
my best friend.

- Jesus.
- He's in hiding.

Your guys in Cheyenne
have been looking for him.

Haven't shared much
of what they know with me.

Well, maybe a hot shot from the East
Coast can get them to loosen their lips.

Let me see what I can find out.

[WALT] Sounds good.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Did you hear from the FBI?

That was them.

So, um...

is everything okay?

You... You weren't here this morning.

Yeah, um...

Travis disappeared,
just took off without a word, so...

Were you out looking for him?

No. No, I-I was actually
at a, uh, therapy session.

- Oh.
- Not... Not about Travis.


it's grief counseling for...
For a bunch of people who lost babies.

I probably should've gone
right after the shooting.

Most police departments
would've required it, but...


Well, that's a good thing.

No, no, it... it wasn't. It was...

Some of these people have been in there
for over a year, and they're still...

...just total wrecks.

You know, I-I don't think that talking
about it is... is helping them at all.


I-I don't want that to be me in a year.

I can't not be able
to look at a damn baby owl.

I... [SIGHS]

I can't get stuck like this.

I won't make it, you know? I... I...

I don't think I'm strong enough
to get through this, Walt.

You are, Vic.

You are strong enough.


Trust me...

Talking isn't for everybody.

Maybe you just need to...
get out of your head for a bit.

You ever hear of the, um,
the Running Eagle Challenge?

Isn't that like a rez race for kids?

No, no, it's more like
a, well, a triathlon for women.

I just think a physical challenge

might be better for you right now.

Sometimes, if the body leads,

well, the mind and heart will follow.

So, what, like a... a...

swimming, biking, and running, or...?

Well, there's... there's running,

and there's canoeing,
and there's horseback riding.

Um, I can do one of those things.

Well, it's a challenge.
It's not supposed to be easy.

Can I say "no"?





- Hello?
- If you're gonna keep watching me,

you might as well just
do it from in here.

- Hi.
- Come on in.

I mean, it's not like
you're interrupting anything.

I'm just sitting here, sulking.

Well, you know, you lose all that money,
it's... it sucks.

Well, it's not really about the money.

I mean, it's kind of about the money,
but it's more.

I don't know. I just...
I don't think it's possible to get past

what happened to that little boy.


No matter how hard I try,
no matter how much I want to,

I don't know what it's like
to be Cheyenne, you know?

I don't know what they need
because I don't share their history.

Well, I mean...

you can get to know them.

Just give yourself some time.

I don't know if that's up to me.

I don't know if they'll give me time.

God, do you know what it's like to think
you've finally found your calling,

and then realize that the world's
not gonna let you follow it?

Yeah. Yeah, actually, uh...

...I do.


You really love being a cop, don't you?

I do.

I mean, I...

I... I did.

Well, I think you're really good at it.

- I'm impressed by you, too.
- No, you're not.

- I am.
- No, you're not.

- Yes, I am.
- No, the only thing

you've ever seen me do is, uh...
Oh, yeah...

- Get involved in a kidnapping...
- Yes.

...and then lose all of my clients.

And you were very good
at both of those things.

- Now, look, look...

What I saw was you helping someone

when it would've been a lot easier
to just give up.

And, uh...

and that impressed me.

- What was that for?

I don't know. Being the one good part
to a really shitty week? [CHUCKLES]



Henry. I was just coming to see you.

About Johnny Runs Far?

No. No. I want to get Vic entered
in that race you're putting on.

The Running Eagle Challenge?
Not possible.

- I know it's late entry...
- Late is not the issue.

The event is Native only.

Well, can't you make an exception?


Walt, this is not a fun run.

It is a very intense competition
for people who are in recovery.

Well, Vic is in recovery.

I do not mean to minimize
the trauma of being shot,

but I am not talking about
physical recovery.

The people in this competition
have overcome drug addiction.

Vic wasn't just shot.


She had a miscarriage, and, uh...

well, she don't know
how to deal with it.

But I think that her competing
in this challenge,

it would help her.

- At least a little.
- Vic was pregnant?

- Yeah.
- Whose baby?

I... I don't know.

Was it yours?

- What? No. No!
- Okay.

- No.
- O-Okay, then.


So will you do what you can to get her
entered in the competition?

I will see what I can do.

Good. Thanks, Henry.

So, why did you come here?

To tell you that I believe Johnny
Runs Far will lead us to Malachi.

You talked to Johnny?

No. But I did learn that Johnny's boss
is supposed to sign for all shipments.

If you look at the invoices
for those artifacts,

all the deliveries were made
around lunchtime,

when his boss was on break.

Johnny was conveniently
the only one there to sign for them.

- Do you know where Johnny is?
- Working at his uncle's shop.

[MATHIAS] The shop we're looking for
is west of your daughter's legal office.

You expecting trouble
from this guy, Walt?

We're arresting him
for possible heroin trafficking,

so I wouldn't rule it out.


[WALT] Johnny!

[MATHIAS] Johnny Runs Far!


Anybody in there?

He took off.
He was in there a few minutes ago.

Supposed to be getting me a beer.

He got a call on his cell and took off.

He tell you when he'd be back
or why he was leaving?

No, but the fact that
a bunch of cops just showed up,

I kind of figured it out.

TV's on, oven's on. Nobody's home.

He got a call.

- Someone told him we were coming.
- Who?

Hey, Vic, it's me. Um...

when was the last time
we scrambled our police-radio band?

[MAN] Hello? Anybody home?

Give me a call when you get this.

Hey! Sheriff Longmire.

- Can I help you?
- I hear you got Irish mob problems.

I'm sorry. Uh, are you with the FBI?

[LAUGHING] Oh, hell no.

I'm Victor Moretti.

Oh, uh...

I guess word of my visit
hasn't spread like wildfire.

Welcome to Wyoming, Chief Moretti.

You can call me "Vic."

I don't think I can do that, sir.

[LAUGHS] I named my eldest son after me
and my youngest daughter.

If that makes me an "ass pomposo,"
as they say in the old country,

so be it.

Oh, brother, I pity you having
to work with the FBI on this mob stuff.

I'm sure you'd like to make an arrest
sometime this decade.

- I would.
- You know,

we got Irish in Philly since forever.

I could have our organized crime unit
send you whatever we have,

see if anything shakes loose.

- I'd appreciate that.
- Great.


there's something you can do for me.

What's that?

I want you to let my daughter go.

- Go where?
- Home, to Philly.

She wants to leave this place.

Don't fight her on it.

Vic's an adult.

She'll do what she wants to do.

Interesting leadership style, Sheriff,

letting your deputies run off the leash.

Is that how she ended
up out there chasing

some federal fugitive all by herself?

Actually, she wasn't
supposed to be there.

But she was there, and she got shot.

I'm betting she was there
because you'd run off on your own again,

and she thought it was her job
to come rescue you.

Well, she saved my life that night.

That doesn't make me feel
even a teeny bit better.

I don't want her puppy-dogging
behind you in harm's way anymore.

You got that?


I've said my piece.

I know I come on strong,
but that's life in the big city.

I know you'll do the right thing here.

Chief Moretti.

Your daughter is very important
to my department.

You should know that.

Well, then, you better start looking
for her replacement right away.


- What's his name?
- He doesn't have one.

Now, you take that brush,

and you brush him head to tail, okay?

- I thought I was learning how to ride.
- That is learning how to ride.

You got to get all the dirt and burrs
off before you put the saddle on him.

Now, he needs to be comfortable,
or you won't be.

Come on.


[WALT] Nice and strong.

- That's the way.

Go with the grain.

And you always
keep your other hand on him,

just to let him know you're there, okay?

That's good.

That's good.

Keep brushing.

Good job.


So, your dad came by the station
last night.

What did he say?

Well, he was pretty upset
about you getting shot.

Is that all you guys talked about?

Pretty much.


Just curious.


when do I actually
get to ride this thing?

[WALT] You feel ready for a trot?


I don't know, Walt. Am I ready?

[WALT] Yeah, you're ready.

- Okay, lean forward in the saddle.
- Okay.

- Give your knees a squeeze.
- Okay.

Now give him a little kick.

[VIC] Okay. Come on.

[CLICKS TONGUE] There we go.

- Oh, wow. Okay.
- That's good. Stay with me.

- Okay. Is this right?
- Well... no, it's...

- Okay.
- Get a... a little more hip action.

Get in rhythm with the horse.
That's good.

Squeeze up on your hips when he's coming
up, down when he's going down.

- Okay. Okay. Okay.
- There. That's good. Just like that.

Great. Keep it going, Vic. That's great.

Good job. Good job.

- Look good up there.

- I wouldn't go that far.
- You do. [CHUCKLES]

Okay, now we're gonna come to a stop.

When I tell you, you sit back in your
saddle, pull gently on the reins.

- Okay.
- Okay, do it. Do it.

- Okay. Oh.
- Good. That's good.

- Wow.

Just remember...

The more relaxed you are,
the more relaxed he is.

If you get angry or upset,
he will, too, okay?

He gets his confidence from you.

Before you know it,

he'll know what you want
almost before you ask him.

So the horse is telepathic, huh?

Like that guy you're looking for,
Johnny Runs Far.

Well, I don't think Johnny's telepathic.

I just think Malachi's been listening
to the radio traffic.

That's why I asked you
about scrambling our radio frequencies.

And now Johnny's gone.

Shane's disappeared.

Decker, too.

Seems like all the roads that
were leading to Malachi are dead ends.

Maybe not.

There you are.

So, I know you were hoping
for better news,

but I drew a big blank
on this Malachi guy.

No one in Cheyenne has any record
of anyone looking for him.

Right. So Decker
must have been protecting him, too.

I guess so.

Well, we might have found
a different way to find Malachi.

By using the heroin that we seized
as bait to draw him out.

[VANCE] Wait, wait.

- You still have that heroin?
- Yep.

Over a million bucks' worth,

and it's not in Malachi's nature

to leave that kind of
money on the table.

Well, where is it? The heroin?

It's in an off-site facility. It's safe.


Everyone just assumes it isn't,
'cause we're so small-town.

I say that we use that to our advantage.

This is...

unbelievably reckless.


- How exactly do you see it playing out?

Well, right now,
the drugs are too secure,

so we start off by making them
a little easier to get to.


[VANCE] Do you think Malachi
will be stupid enough

to break into your evidence lockup

- to steal back that heroin?
- Nope. He'll send someone.

- And you'll just jump them.
- We thought of that,

but everybody we've had in custody
has kept their mouth shut, so, no.

We wait for them
to lead us back to Malachi.

You don't think they'll be looking
for a tail?

[VIC] Oh, absolutely,

which is why we can't follow them.

Well, then, how are they supposed to
lead us back to Malachi?

[VIC] We'll bury a fully
charged cellphone

in one of the bricks of heroin.


So, this is all very clever,
in a lo-fi kind of way,

but are you sure Malachi knows
where you store seized evidence?

We found out earlier that his group
are monitoring our radio traffic.

Hey, Sheriff, it's Ferg.

You still want me to transfer
the contraband to the DEA?

Yep. I told them to expect the heroin
tomorrow afternoon, so, uh...

why don't you and I meet at the evidence
lockup around 9:30 in the morning?

Copy that.

See you tomorrow.

[VANCE] Okay,
so assuming they steal your heroin,

do you have the ability
to track cellphones?

Not with the precision
that this is gonna require.

We were hoping
that you could help us with that.



Will the computer alert us
when something happens?

[VANCE] Sort of.

If that flashing blip ever starts to
move, we'll know they've taken the bait.


Nothing like the thrill of the chase.


- Hey, Punk.
- Oh, hey, uh...

Can I talk to you outside?

So, I know that you paid Zach
to secretly guard me.

Oh. Cady, I'm... I'm sorry. I just...

No, it's okay.

Zach explained it, and I get it.

I appreciate you looking out for me.

Well, you're welcome.

I think you should hire Zach.

- Well, I did before.
- I know.

And then you fired him
because he hit a guy...

A guy who, it turns out,
was spying on you.

- Cady...
- Dad, he wants to be a cop

more than anything,
and I think he should be.

He's really smart, and he's thoughtful,

and he cares about what
happens to people,

and if I could keep him employed,
I would.

I just... I don't have
the budget anymore.

Dad, look at this.

You're trying to police a huge county
with three people.

- What if one of them quits?

Dad, this is crazy,
and it's wearing you out.

You need help here,
and... and you have it.

It's just waiting for you, right there.

I know you think that he let you down,

but isn't it possible
that you just gave up on him too soon?

So I just go like this?

Yeah, that's good.

Except, if you only paddle on one side,

you're gonna go in circles, all right?

Okay, so then...

every stroke, I just
switch sides, right?

- Like that.
- Well... I-I mean, you could,

but it's pretty inefficient.

That's why I use the "J" stroke, right?

So, you use the paddle like a rudder...

Hey, hey, they did it!
The cellphone is moving.

Someone just stole your heroin.


[WALT] You still getting
a signal on that?

Do you think I would just sit here
silently if I lost it?

Our cell reception
can be pretty spotty on the rez.

[VANCE] I still have a signal,

and it hasn't moved in 15 minutes.


Almost forgot... no radios.

Can you e-mail that location
to the others?

I already did.



[VIC] Walt, look what I found.

[VANCE] Unbelievable. The drugs are
here, but not the guys who stole them.

- Did everybody stay off the radio?
- You would've heard.

How else could they have known
we were following?

Even if they did,
why'd they abandon their heroin?

[FERG] Walt!

Agent Decker?


I think I need to talk to my lawyer.

- [VANCE] Excuse me.

Thank you.

This is good.

Can you hear
anything they're talking about?


And I don't read lips, either.

- I should just stay here.
- What? No, no.

The race starts in an hour.
You got to get going.

Yeah, but with all the FBI
swarming around...

[WALT] I can handle that.

Vance told me that
he'd get authorization from Boston

for us to interview Agent Decker,

but he said that could take hours.

All you'd be doing here
would be waiting around.

You need to go.

[SIGHS] You and I both know
me running this race is ridiculous.

No, it's not.

Not if it helps you
with what you're going through.

And if it helps you, it helps me.


Wish me luck, then.

[WALT] Good luck.


Hey, Ferg.

Vic ever say anything to you
about leaving?

- Leaving where?
- Wyoming.

What? No.


- Wait. Did she say something to you?
- No, no, no, no.

Forget I mentioned it.




Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,

to the fourth annual
Running Eagle Challenge!


Racers, to the starting line.


Racers, on your mark!

Get set...




Is Decker talking? [DOOR CLOSES]

Yeah, Decker knows how we work.

He's trying to be cooperative
so we make him a deal.

All right, that's good.
Let's bring him in here.

Yeah, uh, I can't.

I didn't get clearance.

But I was authorized to provide you with
a summary of what he's told us to date.

So you won't let him talk to me,
but, uh, you'll tell me what he said?

[VANCE] Most of it.

Agent Decker claims he's been working
with Shane Muldoon for years.

He's given Shane intel
on our investigations.

In exchange, Shane paid him.

Occasionally, he'd give Decker
information about criminal activity.

Right. So he'd look good to the FBI,
you guys would all trust him.


Anyway, after you met with Shane,
he decided to run.

He met with Decker at the burger joint.

He asked Decker to buy him some time
to get out of the country.

That's what Decker was doing with me
when he came to my house,

told me that Shane had
turned himself in.

Uh-huh. Decker knew
that visit would blow his cover.

That's why he ditched his phone
and his credit cards at the restaurant.

He was planning to skip town, too.

Now, apparently, Shane offered him
the heroin as a thank-you and a bailout,

assuming Decker could
get his hands on it.

What about Malachi Strand?

What was his role in this?
What did Decker tell you about him?


Damn it, Ferg. This is not how to do it.






[MAN DISTORTED] Come on! You can do it!

You can do it! Come on up.



- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

There's nothing I can do.

[RUBY] That's not true.

You can read your mail.






Think you need to take a leak?

I'm good.

[WALT] I don't think so.

Come on.
I'll show you where the bathroom is.

Come on.

Right down there.

Straight through.

First on the left.


Hey! Hey, what's your problem?

You see that? Shane Muldoon, your pal.

- Oh, shit.
- He never made it out.

You know who did that? Malachi Strand.

- Wait. That's impossible.
- Now, I'm not sure

how much you know about Malachi,

but he runs one of the most brutal gangs
operating in the federal prison system.

So when you get there, you can be sure
you'll be next on his bucket list.

- [STAMMERS] I... I...
- Those guys, your old coworkers?

They don't care about Malachi.

They're all about the big players
in Boston.

But I want to find Malachi
and bring him in.

And if you help me do that,

you may even save your own ass
in the process.

Now, they're shipping you out of here
in the morning.

If you want to talk before then,

you let me know.



Okay. Come on, go.



- Come on!

- Okay.

Okay. We're doing it.


Come on, Walt's horse.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!







[SIGHS] Shit.







What are you doing here?

Well, I came to support the racers.

This event is fully
funded by the casino.

Did you just tunnel out of prison?

Your friend Walt got me bail.


Walt told me about your deal.

You admitted to working
with Shane Muldoon and Eddie Harp.

[NIGHTHORSE] Yeah, well, I told you that
I've done some things I'm not proud of.


These people will not be happy
when they hear you have investors

from outside the tribe.

[NIGHTHORSE] Yeah, I'm aware.

Think they'll care less about that once
they hear that they won't be getting

their profit-sharing checks this month,
maybe next.

What do you mean?

My bail was set at a million dollars.

I did not have that.

You used casino profits
to pay for your bail?

Brother, you know that Walt was gonna
feed me to the wolves in that prison.

You will be facing
more of them out here.

- Are you here

- to take back their prize money?
- I wouldn't do something like that.

- Sounds like you already have.
- Henry...

...you have a lot of goodwill
with these folks.

I'm... I'm counting on you.

I'm gonna need your help
smoothing this over with the community.

I am not a magician.

And I cannot be an advocate
for someone who works for the mob.


Look at that family, Jacob.

I will not be a part
of screwing over people like that.



"Hey, Vic, do you want to learn
how to ride a horse today

and run a race tomorrow?"

"Sure. Why not?

I mean, you don't care
if your horse takes

off and I die in the
wilderness, do you?"


Oh, hey.

It's okay, boy. [PANTING]

We still got at least a good four miles
before we...


[VOICE BREAKING] No, please stay.




Come on.


I need to use the bathroom again!


Can you really get Malachi?

That's up to you.

Well, I'm not giving him up for nothing.

Well, you're not in a great position
to negotiate.

You either tell me where he is

or you take your chances
with the Native American Brotherhood.

Well, I don't know where he is exactly.

Then we're done.

Wa... no, no, wait, wait.

I've been meeting with Malachi off
and on for the past few months,

and... and Shane didn't trust him...
For good reason, it turns out.

Where you been meeting him?

There's a burger joint just, uh...

right outside your county
near the Crow rez.

- Buffalo Betty's?
- Yeah.

When was the last
time you met him there?

Uh, yesterday.

Talked about the heroin.

Told him I'd cut him in to half
the money if he helped me get it.

He knew where you were keeping it.

- 'Cause he heard us on the radio?
- Yeah.

Did you and Malachi arrange a time
to transfer the drugs?

Yeah, sort of.

Same place in two days.

- What time?
- 11:00, 2:00, 3:30, or 6:00.


always likes to keep you waiting.


Okay. I get it, all right?

I'm not strong enough. You win.

I give up.




Oh, it's you.


Thank you for coming back. [SNIFFLES]

Thank you. [SNIFFLES]

Thank you,
'cause I was getting really scared.



We made it.


You see?

I knew you could do it.

I almost lost your horse.

I'm tired.


I'm leaving.






I don't want to hear another word.

I'm packing you up
and getting you out of here,

since you are in no condition
to make the decision yourself.

- I'm fine.
- No, you're not, Vic, trust me.

You can't see it like I can.

Please, tell me what you see.

[SCOFFS] You look terrible!
Where the hell have you been?

I have been through a lot, Dad.

And I didn't tell you about it
because I didn't want you flying here

and trying to control everything
like you're doing right now.

Is that what I'm doing?

You have never been able to treat me
like a grown woman...

Probably because you never treated me
like a girl.

- That... That's not true.
- You named me after you.

I'm not one of my brothers.

I know.

You're actually tougher
than all of them.

- Vic the Terror.

That's not what I mean, Dad.

Tough or not, girls are different.

I mean... [SIGHS]

I mean, we're the ones
who can get pregnant.

And I...

I did.

[VOICE BREAKING] And then I got shot...

...and I lost the baby.


I lost my baby, Dad.

[SIGHS] Oh, sweetheart, I had no idea.

I... I know, and I'm sorry for that.

[VICTOR] No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry
you felt like you couldn't call me.

You can talk to me about anything.
You know that, right?

I'm tough enough. I can handle it.

I don't need you to handle it.

And I don't need you to be tough...
Not like that.

I need you to let go just...

just a little...

and trust that I know what I need to do.

You raised me.

You did.

I know what I need to do next.


[VANCE] Sheriff, I know you think

we're a bunch of bureaucrats
who just make deals with criminals.

Oh, I get the feeling
you think that, too.

I do. But I'm not letting it happen
this time.

A guy who betrays his brothers
like this... he doesn't get a deal.

- He's going to prison.

Only seems right that he would.

I envy you, Sheriff.

Just you and a couple loyal deputies.

It's all so simple here.

Not really.

Well, thanks for your help.

Good luck to you.





You got a second?

Sure. What's up?

I'm not really good at
this sort of thing.

- Uh-huh.
- Um...

I don't want to seem ungrateful...


...but it just sort of, um...

- ...feels like it's time...
- Please...

before you say anything,
just think about it a little longer.

Or at least pretend to, for my sake.

Just let me get this out, okay?


I want a raise.


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan