Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 8 - Cowboy Bill - full transcript

As Ferg works on the Cowboy Bill case, Vic and Walt try to find Shane Muldoon. Cady's office is trashed.

You took a big risk out there.

Whole point of training
is to be ready for something like that.

I was ready.

You got a little lucky.

Could have easily gone the other way.

[FERG] But it didn't.

I made a judgment call.

The right call, it turns out.

Well, except Eddie Harp is dead.

Eddie was a murderer.

Still, I would have liked
the chance to talk to him.

Eddie might have been the key
to proving Nighthorse is dirty

and to finding Malachi.

Come on.

Eddie wouldn't have given you jack shit.

Pardon my language.

Long day.

I think it'd be for the best if you took
a short leave of absence.


Because you just took a man's life.

I also saved a man's life.

Even so.

That kind of thing can affect you.

Why don't you take a couple of days off?

- I'm fine.
- Are you?

Did that gunshot mess up your hearing?


No, sir.

Then go home.


I don't want to see you in this building
for at least three days.

Got it?

Uh, Nighthorse's lawyer is on the phone.
He says it's important.

This is Walt.


You do?

Okay, sure.

I'll be there in an hour.


Nighthorse wants to make a deal,

wants to tell us where
to find Eddie Harp.

Ferg just shot Eddie Harp.

Well, obviously,
Nighthorse doesn't know that yet.

If he claims to be able to tell us
where Eddie Harp is,

he's basically admitting he's guilty.

Seems so.



Evening, Jacob. Where's your lawyer?

I didn't think you'd want
to talk to me without him.

Well, there are things
he's better off not knowing.

I'm hoping, as a condition of our deal,

that you'll keep
some details confidential.

Our deal was simple.

You tell me where to find Eddie Harp,

and I will recommend to the warden
that you stay in solitary confinement.

- So, where's Eddie?

- Well, I don't actually...
- Jacob.

There's no bargaining to do, here.

You tell me where Eddie is,

or I will have the warden move you
into the general population.

What I can tell you...

is how to get to the guy
who can get you to Eddie.

And who would that be?

Shane Muldoon.

I thought you had nothing to do with him
and his heroin operation.

I thought
that was just Malachi going rogue

without you knowing anything about it.

That's true.

And yet,
you're still in contact with Shane.

We have other business together.

How long has this other business
been going on?

Only a couple of weeks, actually,
and it's not what you think.


I'm not a perfect man.

Never claimed to be.

I've broken the law from time to time.

But I have never, nor will I ever
peddle drugs to my people.

Shane Muldoon sells heroin.

Any business you conduct with him
funds his drug operation.

How are you any less guilty
than he is, Jacob?


I needed a loan.

Until recently,

Barlow Connally provided

an important source
of funding for my casino.

Tucker Baggett was aware
of my arrangement with Barlow

and kept the money flowing.

But when Tucker died,
I found myself in a bind.

In the short term, I needed cash.

Shane had it.

That's fraud.

That's business.

But if you betray Shane,

you'll be losing another
source of income.


But I'll be alive to figure out
how to solve that problem.

So, do you want to know how to find
Shane Muldoon?


Hello, Walt.


I, uh, I thought you'd want to know
Eddie Harp is dead.

What is that?

That's proof that Eddie was the one
pretending to be Hector.

We, uh, found it amongst his belongings.


So... Hector is dead once again.


How did you find Eddie?

My old deputy, actually.

If we'd waited another day,
we'd have found him anyway.

What makes you say that?

Because after months
of insisting he wasn't,

Nighthorse just confessed that he was
working with Eddie and the Irish Mob.

And in exchange for letting him stay
in solitary confinement,

he told me how to find Shane Muldoon.

I was hoping you'd let me use
your computer to do that.

I don't want Shane to be able to trace
anything back to the sheriff's station.


Send him here.
I will cook him some more fish.



What are you doing?

I was trying to help Nighthorse
prove his innocence,

but I guess you can
close that window now.

Sorry, Henry.

I know you and Nighthorse were friends.

He and Shane are friends.


Although I must say,
it does not seem all that nefarious

that Nighthorse would know
how to contact an old friend.

I'm supposed to go to a blog
about the, uh, Irish Rebellion of 1798.

Nighthorse gave me a message to post
in the comment section.

And Shane Muldoon will write back
to arrange a meeting.


Not the way you usually contact
an old friend.





What happened?

Well, don't look at me. I came in
this morning, this place was trashed.

Although I get the feeling
it has something to do

with you putting your hands
on an Indian boy.

What does that mean?

[MANDY] I don't know.

But I'm pretty sure it's not "Good job."

I don't understand.

I'm a hero when I shoot
an abusive husband,

but I'm a villain when I try
and help a sick child?

What's there to understand?

The first time, you shot a white man.

And the second time, you acted like one.

Look, Cady, what you
do is your business.

You want to go around,
kidnapping little Indian boys,

that's your call, but when it starts
to blow back up on me...

How does this have
anything to do with you?

Last night, I was at the bar,
and two of my friends

got all up in my face about you.

Look, I just...
I don't think I can work here anymore.

You're quitting?

I don't think you're gonna need me.

I mean, after this, I doubt
the phone will be ringing off the hook.


- Oh, hey, Walt.
- Hey, Bob.

I brought some...
Some wood samples over for you

to check out your cabinets.

I thought you were gonna
come by the house yesterday.

Yeah, you know,
I'm... I'm sorry about that.

I... when we made the plan,
I forgot it was visiting day

over at the rehab center.

- I had to go see Billy.
- I understand.

So, what do you think?

I trust you. You choose.

Oh, now, come on, Walt.

You know, it's your kitchen.

It's... It's your hearth.

Uh, it puts a tremendous amount
of pressure on me.

Okay. Okay. Relax.

Just take it easy, Bob.

Um... that one.

Are you sure?

Nope. You choose.

So, what did Nighthorse say last night?

He told me where to find Shane Muldoon
in Wyoming.

Just go to this web address.


Comment section.

You tell Nighthorse that he
incriminated himself without having to?



That's my comment.

"Sitting Bull"?

[SIGHS] I guess
that's Nighthorse's nickname.

I need you to keep refreshing that page

and tell me the second
that Shane Muldoon posts a response.

You think Shane Muldoon knows
that his boy Eddie Harp is dead?

I don't know.

How do you think he's gonna react
when he finds out?

Shane went to great lengths
to protect him,

staging a photo of Eddie dead
with a bullet in his forehead.

So we have to assume
he'll take the loss pretty badly.

You think he's gonna retaliate?



[GASPS] Archie!

Oh, shit.

Am I in trouble?


No, of course not, Mrs. Joyce.

Well, in that case, entrez, monsieur.



Oh, so, um, is Meg here?

I went by the hospital,
and they said she had the day off,

but she's not at her place,

and she hasn't been answering
any of my calls.

Oh, well, Meg does that sometimes.

What, disappear?

A girl needs a little alone time.

Are... Are you worried?



I mean, uh, no, I wasn't.

Um... should I be?

Have you tried Reggie?



Meg's ex-boyfriend.

If anybody knows where she is,
it'll be him.



Oh, hey, sheriff.
Uh, you said you wanted to see me?

Yeah, yeah. Come on in.

- Good to see you, Zach.
- Nice to see you.

Take a seat.

- Okay.

So, uh, we never got the chance

to talk about you working
for my daughter.

Yeah, sorry about that.

- I didn't mean to go behind your back.
- Well, Cady's an adult.

She's allowed to hire
whoever she wants to hire.

Sure. Still, you know?

So, um...

did you two get along?

[SIGHS] Uh... yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

Well, you'd know it if you didn't.

Okay. Yeah. Well, I suppose. [CHUCKLES]


I'd like to hire you...

to look after Cady.

I think your daughter
can look after herself, sheriff.

I know it.

But, um, I've stirred up
something with somebody...

who might try to hurt me
by hurting the people I care about.

And I'd feel a whole
lot better if I knew

Cady had somebody keeping an eye on her.


Does... Does she know that...
That I'll be doing this?

No. No. If she knew
you were looking after her,

she'd... she'd send you away.

She's, uh...
She's got an independent streak.

Yeah, I hadn't noticed.

Uh, okay.

So... So you want me
to guard your daughter

without her knowing
that I'm guarding her.

Yep. And I'll pay you.

Uh, you got a picture
of the guy you're worried about?

I do.

[ZACH] Good.

That's, uh... That's
the back of his head.


I've known you to work with less, Zach.



[CADY] Is there some kind
of symbolism in this?

Some older cultures drew
people and animals upside down

to indicate they were dead.

So, that's supposed to be me.

I think this is just supposed
to scare you.

It's working.

- Cady.
- What?

That boy is back with his parents.

When people understand that,
this emotion will pass.


What happened here?

- Hello, Zach.
- [CADY] I totally forgot.

I still have to pay you.

No, no, no, no. Don't worry about that.

You clearly had other
things on your mind.


Is this because of, uh...

I helped Catori kidnap Tate? Yeah.

Uh, well, um, I was just gonna come by

and... and say that I really enjoyed
working with you.

And, you know, we should...
We should do it again sometime,

if... if you had... you know, if you had
any other private detective type work.


But, uh, it looks like you might need
some of my other skills right now.

What other skills?

I... You know,
I do a little finish carpentry.

Well, I know how to operate a broom,
so we can make quick work of this.

- Thanks.
- Okay.


[RADIO ANNOUNCER] The bank robber known
as Cowboy Bill struck again yesterday,

this time in the Southern Colorado town
of Pagosa Springs.

Officials say
a quick-thinking police officer

foiled this latest robbery attempt,

but, once again,
Cowboy Bill rode off into the sunset.


[REGGIE] Yeah?

Can I talk to you for a minute?


Oh, hey. How's it going, Archie?

- Have we met?
- You're Meg's new boyfriend, right?

How do you know that?

Oh, she showed me some pictures
of a trip you took.

[POPS LIPS] Uh, yeah.
I'm actually looking for her.

Her mother said
that you might know where she is.

Oh. How's Beverly feeling?

She seems great.

That's what she and Meg
want you to think,

but that cancer's
been pretty hard on them.

They're really struggling for money.

- I do what I can to help, but...
- Uh-huh, so have you seen Meg?

No, I'm sorry. I haven't.

You really gonna use those pliers
instead of that socket wrench on that?

Oh, yeah.

That doesn't make sense. [CHUCKLES]

I'm not much of a mechanic.

I work at a bank.

Well, worked, I guess.
I got laid off six months ago.


You a teller?

Loan officer.

Powder River Junction Bank.

But now you're unemployed?

I had a job interview yesterday.

It's out of town, but a job's a job.

Is that in Pagosa Springs?

Cody. Why?

Oh, just Pagosa Springs seems
like such a nice place to work.

It's a little far.

A job's a job, right?

Well, if you see Meg,
let her know I'm looking for her.


Hey, Archie.

Can I give you some friendly advice?

It's real sweet that you're running
around town looking for her,

but Meg likes her space.

Don't suffocate her.


Hey, it's Ferg.

Can I come see you?

You've heard of Cowboy Bill, right?

I think I might know who he is.

Anything yet?

A history professor from Florida
has recommended a new book

about "The Troubles," but nothing
on the Sitting Bull thread yet.

You think this is just bogus

and Nighthorse is trying to buy himself
more time in solitary?

Well, if nothing comes through soon,
I'll assume that's the case

and send him into general population
at Tri-County.


[VIC] Wait! There's a response!


What does that mean?
Is that a... Is that a threat?

[WALT] "Tomorrow. Extinction."

I'm gonna find out.



What are you doing back here?

I need you to fire me.


Well, for unemployment.

They won't give it if you quit,
so I need you to fire me.

Are you joking?

No, I need like a letter or...
Or a pink slip or something.

So, you completely abandon me,
and now you want a favor?

Cady, are you sure that the light bulbs
are in the kitchen?

- 'Cause...
- Uh, hi.

- Hi. I'm Mandy.
- [ZACH] Oh, hi.

- Oh, hey. Zach.

I can show you where
the light bulbs are.

Thought you didn't work here anymore.

- Did you fire me?
- No.

Okay, then.
I guess I still work here. Come on.

I'll show you where they are.

Uh, I'll be... I'll be right back.


[ZACH] Hey.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Cady have another job for you?

Uh, kind of.

So, what's all this,
uh, with Cowboy Bill?

And why do you want
to speak to me about it?

Thought this would be something
you'd want to run past Walt.

I can't. I'm on leave for a couple days.

How come?

I shot a guy.


- He had a hostage.
- Are you... Are you okay?

- I'm fine. It's just...
- All right.

I need to run this by someone, you know,
and just make sure that I'm not, like...


- So I'm... I'm the crazy guy.
- Come on. Okay, okay, no.

- I didn't say that.
- No, It's... It's... It's cool, okay?

You just... You tell me why you think
this guy is Cowboy Bill.


First of all,
Reggie is really nice and polite.

Oh, well, that's your guy.

- Just listen.
- [ZACH] Okay.

Which is how everyone has described
Cowboy Bill.

Reggie also has worked at banks, right?

- So he knows how they operate.
- Okay.

But he's currently unemployed.

Now, his last job
was at the Powder River Junction Bank

that Cowboy Bill hit
just a few weeks back.

Okay, well, so far,
that's all pretty circumstantial.

Right. So I did a background check.

Turns out Reggie lost his job just a
month before all the robberies began.

And he was conveniently
out of town yesterday

when the latest Cowboy Bill robbery
went down.

And I-I think I have motive.

Which is?

He's trying to win
back his ex-girlfriend

by helping her financially.

And how do you know all this?

Meg, his ex, is my girlfriend now.

I see.


Also, the bank that he hit yesterday
is in Pagosa Springs,

which is a place
that I took Meg on vacation.

So, you think she's involved?


- No?
- [FERG] No.

I mean, I'm sure she just told him
that's where we went.

Okay, so you ran
a background check on this guy

because you're a little jealous,

and now you think
he's the FBI's most wanted?

- Is that...
- Yeah, I know.

I sound paranoid, right?

But it's not nothing, though, right?


But it's barely something, okay?

And it's certainly not enough to...
To have him arrested.

Look. Listen to me.

Whatever you believe to be true,
assume it isn't,

and... and you search for the truth.


And do not speak to Walt about this
until you're sure

that you're not just being paranoid.

[SIGHS] Yeah.


[WALT] I don't know how
you did it, Jacob.

But somehow, you tipped Shane off.

Now he knows something's up,
and for all I know,

he's gonna come after Cady
and Vic and Henry.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- He threatened me

- when he responded.
- Did you write "Sitting Bull"?

- I did.
- And what exactly was his threat?

He wrote, "Tomorrow. Extinction."



Well, I can help you
get rid of the threat,

but, uh, I'm gonna need more from you
than just solitary confinement.

I don't believe this.

You set me up,
endanger everybody in my life

just so you can get a little leverage.

I'm done playing games with you, Jacob.

Your days in solitary are done.

So you're gonna risk your life
and everybody else's,

just to get back at me?


What do you want?



[MEG] Hey! I got your messages.

I'm sorry I couldn't play hooky.

[FERG] It's no big deal.

Where you been?

Uh, me, I was, uh, helping my mom
with some financial stuff,

but I'm home now.

Do you want to come over?

Uh, it's okay. I'm about to turn in.

Okay, um...

Talk to you tomorrow?


Good night.

- Good...



Extinction wasn't a threat.

It was code for Shane's meeting place.

Right there. Ten Sleep.

Yeah, according to Nighthorse.

Do you trust him?

Not at all.

He just manipulated me
into giving him bail.

But if I don't follow this up,
I may never get to Shane.

Yeah, 'cause you'll be dead.

Walt, this feels like a setup.

Maybe, but it might be
a rare opportunity.

Okay, have you thought about what you're
gonna do if you find Shane Muldoon?

- I'm gonna talk to him.

Everyone knows you're a great talker,
but I don't think you're gonna take down

the Boston Mob by yourself.

I know.

These envelopes give up Shane Muldoon

and detail all of his criminal
activities that we know about.

I'm gonna send them to 12 different
FBI field offices around the country.

But not until Shane gives me Malachi.

And, uh,
I don't plan on doing this on my own.

You're coming with me.


[MAN] Yesterday at the Pagosa Springs
Savings and Loan...

- Can I get a room?
- Okeydoke.

Write your license plate down here,
give me your credit card.

We charge you ahead of time.

[MAN] Cowboy Bill had slid his note
across the counter.

- I saw the look on the teller's face.
- Here you go.

And I don't know, I could just tell,

so I shouted out, "Hey,
what's going on over there?"

And the guy turned and ran.

- There it is.
- Whole thing lasted about five seconds.

Welcome to Pagosa Springs.

- That was Frances Adams...
- Thanks.

...reporting from Pagosa Springs
where Cowboy Bill is still at large.

We'll have more on this as it develops.

It's an OIT.

What does OIT stand for, anyway?

Out in the boonies?


It's, uh, Old Indian Trick.

If you're worried about a meeting,
you show up early.

12 hours early?

Well, some warriors
would show up days early.

How many hours have you spent
just like this, sitting, waiting?

A lot.

God, what if this is it?

What if Nighthorse is bullshitting us,

and "extinction" means
exactly what it sounds like?

I mean, our last act on Earth
is sitting in a car, waiting.

I don't know that the
last thing you do is

any more important than all the others.

No, no, I know that, but it...

It is your last chance to do something,
you know?


Isn't there anything
that you haven't done

that you're hoping you
do before you die?


I don't know.

The idea of dying
doesn't worry me too much.

I mean, back when Martha was alive,
I never would have done this.

Oh, but you'll risk your life now?

And mine?

I wouldn't put your life at risk.

Except I already did, um, by accident.

The first time I threatened Shane.

I didn't think that Shane would try
to get back at me by hurting you

or Cady or Henry or...

But, um, he's done his research.

I'm pretty sure he... he knows
what you look like and where you live.


That's why I have you here with me.

I'm not trying to put you in danger.

I'm trying to protect you.

I'm not gonna lose you, too, Vic.

It was basically just random good luck.

I was getting a cashier's check
to buy this float boat,

but I was out of uniform.

And Cowboy Bill had just slid his note
across the counter,

and, uh, I saw the look
on the teller's face.

And so I shouted out,
"Hey, what's going on over there?"

Guy turned and ran.

The whole thing lasted
like five seconds.

- What time of day was it?
- [OFFICER] Early.

From what I've read,
he's always right there when they open.

That's true.

You know, if he keeps hitting banks
first thing in the morning,

I'll bet he's staying at motels
pretty nearby.

Yeah, we showed the police sketch
of the guy around town,

but no one seems to
recognize him so far.

So, did you or anyone notice
any new details about him?

Uh, a woman did see
a guy in a cowboy hat drive away.

She got a partial license plate.

Really? That's huge.

Don't get too excited.
It was just the first two numbers.

She didn't even know what state.

Were those numbers 2-4?

Yeah. How did you know that?

Uh, up in Wyoming, the first two
numbers on every license plate

tell you what county the car is from.

24 is my county, Absaroka.

And your suspect is from Absaroka?

He is.

Holy shit.

That's him.

Seems so.



Cady Longmire here?

Yeah, uh, Cady?

[CADY] Yeah.

Oh, hi, Mr. Drywater.

God, I'm so sorry about the mess.
Please, come into my office.

- No, that's okay.
- It's fine, really.

I know we have a few things to go over.

No, we don't.

I decided not to work with you.

But I wanted to tell you in person,
out of respect.

Can I ask why you changed your mind?

Um, people.

Anyway, thank you for your time,
and good luck to you.


Could this day get any worse?

Uh, actually, yeah.

Yeah, it can.


Whoever vandalized this place,
they didn't break in.

- Well, I didn't let them in.
- No, no.

But somebody did.


Of all the windows that were broken,

the only one that would have enabled
somebody to break in stayed intact.

You see?

You see all this glass outside?

These windows were
broken from the inside.

So, who other than you
has a key to this place?

I'm checking out.

Cool. You can just jet.

Um, actually, can I get a receipt?

You sure you need one?

Yeah, please.




Anything else I can help you with?


This guy stay here three nights ago?

I don't know. Maybe.

What about this guy?

Isn't that just the same guy
but with a fake beard?





- Walt.

Is that him?



Well, it certainly is.

Where's Nighthorse?


You broke your promise, Shane.


You said to stay out of your county.

Ten Sleep is in Washakie County.

Well, your boy Eddie Harp
was in my county,

selling heroin, murdering
the competition.

Eddie Harp is dead.

He is now.

Drop the gun, Shane, or you'll be next!

You lied about Eddie being dead,

and you lied
about staying out of my county.

Eddie was meant to operate
only on the rez.

I'm sorry if he exceeded
his instructions.

Well, I'm not here to
argue the fine print

of our previous agreement, Shane.

I'm here to make a new one.

Well, since Ms. Moretti
has her gun pointed right at me,

[CHUCKLING] I guess I'll listen.

I got Nighthorse and Eddie.

They committed crimes in my county.

There's one person left
I need to bring to justice...

Malachi Strand...

And you're gonna give him to me.

You haven't told me
what's in this for me.

An exit strategy.

In my line of work,
there's only one way out.

You keep telling yourself
you'll be the one to find another way.

No one ever does.

Just ask Eddie or these guys.

You gave Eddie a way out.

He squandered it.

He never wanted an exit strategy.
He was too loyal.

It's a rare thing to find
a person like that.

And a tragedy to lose 'em.

But you're different, Shane.

You're practical,
and you know your history.

You know the value of strategic retreat.

Like Churchill at Dunkirk.

I get the feeling I'll be more like
the Nez Perce.

Retreating over 1,000 miles
right through your state...

only to end up surrendering
and being taken prisoner.

I won't send you to prison.

All you have to do is give up Malachi.

The person who deals
with Malachi Strand...

is dead.

Well, you're a resourceful guy, Shane.

I'm sure you can track him down.

You have until 9:00 a.m.
to give me Malachi.

Or what, exactly?

Or I will send my
information to the FBI.

Not just your identity,

but proof of heroin trafficking,
racketeering, and murder.

That should be worth
a couple of life sentences.

But you won't get Malachi.

That'd be bad for me.

A whole lot worse for you.



Oh, hello.

Gloria Dodd?

If you'd like to give me information
about your charity, mail it to me.

Oh, wait! Um...

I'm Deputy Ferguson with the Absaroka
County Sheriff's Department.

Oh, I'm sorry. Please come in.

[FERG] Thanks.

Ms. Dodd, do you drive a Dodge Dart?


Were you driving it two days ago?

No. Two days ago, I had company.

I was cooking all day.

I see.

Do you know anyone
that might have access to the vehicle?

Like your son?

Oh, no. He's gone.

- I'm sorry.
- Did something happen?

Your car was seen fleeing a robbery
in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.



Here it is.

There really must be some mistake.

I've never even been to Pagosa Springs.

How long has your license plate
been missing?

I have no idea.

Someone must have stolen it.

How well do you know your neighbors?

Pretty well.

You know this guy?

Well, I wouldn't exactly call him
a neighbor, but sure, I know Reggie.

I appreciate you doing this, Ms. Holder.

Don't worry.

I understand all of your objections,

and I'll try to make sure
you don't regret it.

Okay. Good night.

That was, uh, ADA Holder.

Nighthorse's bail
hearing is at 9:00 a.m.


We did it.
We got Nighthorse out of jail.

That's fantastic.

Any response from Shane?

[SIGHS] Not yet.

Oh, man.


What are you doing?


We're alive, so I'm celebrating.

I still have to drive home.

So then have just one.


To all the things we didn't do
before we died.

Now we can do them.




Oh! Meg's not here.

You mind if I come in?

[REGGIE] Who is it, Bev?


Wig looks good on you, Reggie.

Got a beard to go with it?

- What are you doing here?

Well, when I couldn't find you
at your place,

I thought Mr. Sensitive
might be over here,

ingratiating himself
with the whole Joyce family.

We're just telling old stories.



Well, I'm gonna need to ask you
some questions, Reggie.

Look, man, I know that you and Meg
are a thing,

and I don't want to interfere with that,
but we have history.

Right, Bev?

Oh, don't bring me
into your love triangle.

That's not what I need to talk
to you about.

What, then?

Actually, we should do this
down at the station.

Are you arresting me?

- Seriously.
- Don't worry, dear.

He was going to arrest me once, too.
It all worked out.

Are you taking me in
for having an ongoing,

platonic relationship
with my ex-girlfriend?


For bank robbery.




Your key's not gonna work
because I changed the locks.

- Oh.
- Clearly they worked

the other night, though.

[MANDY] Yeah, no duh. They always work.

I'm talking about when you let in
whoever it is that you let in.

I don't believe this, Mandy.

I took a chance on hiring you.

You took me to a sweat.

You... called me your sister.

Yeah, I did, but you're not.

Right? I mean... I mean, not really.

Look, you come here, and you help
people, and you feel all noble.

But you can leave whenever you want.

I live here.

These are my people.

- I have to face them every day.
- So you just let them come in here

- and trash my office?
- [MANDY] No! I didn't...

Look, they were... they were pissed,
and there were tons of them,

- and I didn't have a choice.
- You always have a choice, Mandy!

Yeah. Right.

I guess I'm just not
as strong as you are.

Here. I put it in writing.

You're officially fired.


Look, Cady, I'm really sorry.

But you should know
that people are really mad,

and I don't think even you
are strong enough to get through this.


Did you get a response from Shane?

[VIC] No, still nothing.

And there's just an hour left.

Do you think that Shane and Nighthorse
are just playing with us?

Well, Shane has a lot to lose if he is.

All right, you, uh... you call me
if something shows up on that website.

- Will do.


Sheriff Longmire? Agent Decker, FBI.

Come in.

So, uh, what can I do for you?

- Well, you can let me shake your hand.
- Okay.

I don't know what you did,
but I know we have you to thank for it.

- For what?
- For Shane Muldoon.

Oh. You know him?

Well, we didn't until last night

when he walked through our door
and turned himself in.

I guess when you got his lieutenant,
Eddie Harp,

created some political problems
for Muldoon back at home,

and I guess in the end, he... he felt he
was safer with us than back in Boston,

so thank you, Sheriff.

Did he say anything to you
about Malachi Strand?

Yeah, I'm afraid we can't really talk
about the details of the investigation.

I'm sorry.
I'm fully aware that finding him

is really important
to you and Mr. Standing Bear,

but we have to be really careful.

And I'm also aware that it's
really a drag for you local guys

to do all the work and get frozen out.

- It is.
- Yeah. Well, I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna talk to my boss
and see if we can...

We'll see if he can arrange a briefing
for you next week.

It seems like the least we could do.


I just wanted to say thank you, Sheriff.

All right.

All right. Take care.

You, too.






Okay, Reggie. Let's try this again.

Where were you May 8th?

I told you, I don't know.

That was a long time ago.


- Archie!
- Uh-oh.

- Hey, Meg.
- What the hell is wrong with you?

- Whoa. Calm down.
- Me calm down?

I'm not the one who arrested someone
because I'm jealous.

- That's not it at all.
- Oh, really?

- Then Reggie is a bank robber now?
- Yes.

Trying to impress you and win you back.

That is insane.

Is it?

Look, how do you explain the fact that
on the day of the most recent robbery,

Reggie here is unaccounted for?

I was at a job interview in Cody.

That's totally uncorroborated.

Then a witness spots an Absaroka County
license plate fleeing the scene,

a plate that was stolen from a woman
that lives a quarter mile away from him.

Not to mention Cowboy
Bill's last robbery

took place at a bank
where he used to work.

That's a coincidence!

After four or five coincidences,

it's more like a web of bullshit.

Okay, well, an Absaroka license plate
hardly seems like enough to hang him on.

Yeah, well, it's just not that common
in Pagosa Springs.

You remember Pagosa Springs, right?
You and I went there?

In fact, that's when you asked me
a bunch of questions

about whether different counties share

information about crimes
with one another.

- I'm sorry, so I'm in on this, too?
- I don't know. Are you, Meg?

Is that the whole reason you're with me,

is to help him get away
with robbing banks?

I know you lied to me yesterday
about where you were.

You weren't helping your mother
with financial stuff.

- I was at her house! You weren't!
- [MEG] Are you freakin' kidding me?

You want to know
where I was yesterday, Archie?

I was helping my mom
with financial stuff in Idaho Falls.

I was getting a reverse mortgage
on my mother's house.

I had to go so far
because everyone within 200 miles

has turned me and my mother down!

My mother who has cancer, Archie,
and who might be dying!

But she is definitely
running out of money!

- That's where I was!
- I'm sorry, Meg. It's just...

Shut up. I'm so angry now,
I could punch you in the face.

And then you'll arrest me
for, like, being a serial killer!

- Meg. Don't...
- Shut up!


Uh, Ferg? Can I have a word?


[FERG] This is an unemployed,
desperate guy

who is trying to get back
into the life of someone he loves

by helping her pay medical bills.

He stole a license plate from a neighbor
who lives in town who knows him,

then checks into a Pagosa Springs motel,

and the first thing the next morning,
he robs the bank.

And the interview he said he had?
The bank denied it?

Well, they haven't responded yet.

You realize the banks
were closed yesterday.

Look, Ferg, I'll set aside the fact that
you're still supposed to be on leave.

I'll admit that you've built a very good
character profile of Cowboy Bill,

but your case has holes.

- I think this is the guy, Walt!
- [WALT] I know.

Maybe that's what blinded you.
And it's my fault.

How's that?

Because, Ferg, you learned from me.

You're doing what I do.

If I think I'm right,

I focus on the evidence
that supports my gut instinct.

And I do not work hard enough

looking into the stuff
that might contradict it.

Okay. I'll call the bank again.

I'll check on Reggie's alibi.


Let's go re-interview some witnesses.

Like who?

I hate to say it,

but I think we probably need to talk
to Meg and her mom.

We can start with something easier,

like that woman
whose license plate was stolen.

I'll meet you outside.





Uh, the last time we were dealing
with the Irish Mob,

uh, Agent Towson showed up.

He was the lead guy on the case.

Yeah, I was... I was just thinking
the same thing.

And then this guy Decker shows up?

I mean, unless, of course,
Towson got fired

- 'cause he screwed up so badly.
- Well, that's possible.

Still, that visit this morning
was strange.

Listen, Ferg and I got to talk
to a woman about a license plate.

Why don't you call and find out
if Towson's still with the bureau?

If he is, see if he'll tell you anything
about Shane Muldoon turning himself in.

[VIC] Okay.


Like I told Deputy Ferguson before,

I have no idea how long
that plate's been missing.


You ever park your car out on the
street in front of your house?


You always keep your garage door locked?


Nobody broke in here, so your plate
must have been taken somewhere else.

Um... unless, uh...

I saw a picture of your... your son
inside the house.

Does he visit often?

Well, no.

He can't.

He's dead.

[GLORIA] What? No, he isn't.

He's just... He's in a
drug rehab program.


Pine Mountain Rehab Center.

He's... It's a 30-day program.

He's on his third run.

Honestly, I wonder sometimes
how well those programs work.

When was the last time you visited him?

A week ago.

Thank you. Appreciate the call.


I'll tell him.


Well, Reggie...


...that was the bank manager from Cody,

the one you said you interviewed with.

He backed up my alibi, didn't he?

He did better than that.

He wanted me to tell you
that you got the job.


if you ever need a loan.

[FERG] You were right.
I totally screwed this one up.

Reggie's alibi was just corroborated.

No, Ferg, you were onto something.

- Should I stop Reggie from leaving?
- Reggie's not Cowboy Bill.

So, what was I onto, then?

The license plates.

In three of the Cowboy Bill robberies,

the license plate numbers
were reported by eyewitnesses.

Every one of those plates was stolen.

One was from Wyoming, one from Utah,
and one from Colorado.


I just spoke to the three car owners.

Each of them has a relative
at the Pine Mountain Rehab Center.

So, Cowboy Bill was stealing plates

from the parking lot
of the rehab facility?

- You think he works there?
- No.

No, you called it earlier, Ferg.

He's unemployed,
and he's running out of money

because he has a family
member there, too.

- [VIC] Walt, you there?


So, I finally heard back
from Agent Towson,

and he's still the lead guy
on the Irish Mob,

and he has no record
of a Shane Muldoon turning himself in.

I guess we now know
that Agent Decker was Shane's mole.

Are you at the station?

[VIC] Yeah.

Go into my office,
take those 12 envelopes from my desk,

and mail them... now.





Oh, Bob.

[VIC] Walt?!

You there?


Walt, are you there?

What is it, Vic? Something happen?

There's a Cowboy Bill robbery in
progress in Cumberland County.

It's a hostage situation,
and they're requesting backup.


On my way.





Sheriff, thanks for coming.
This is a real shit show.

Where's Sheriff Wilkins?

Vacation. The guy's got amazing timing.

We should probably find some cover.

Catch me up.

- You sure that's Cowboy Bill in there?
- He came in just as the bank opened.

Cashier hit the alarm,
and I guess Cowboy Bill pulled a gun.

There's about 20 people in there.
We have him on the phone.

Why don't you give me that?

Hey, it's Walt.


- I'm going in.
- You can't do that.

- You might get shot.
- Half of me hopes I do.





It's Bill! Cowboy Bill.

No, that's Bob.


I'd know Bob anywhere.

I'd recognize him if he was running
from bulls as a rodeo clown.

- Stay down.

And I'd recognize him
even if he was shit-face drunk.

I don't recognize you now, Bob.

I know it's you under that fake beard,
but the Bob I know,

no matter how hard up
or desperate he was,

he'd... he'd never scare anybody...

or hurt 'em.


My boy asked for one
more month of rehab.

One month!

He's keeping clean, Walt. [SNIFFLES]

How could I deny him one more month?

I failed him.

- I failed him every step of the way.
- Bob.

You know that I would rob Fort Knox
if it meant that Billy could get well.

I know.

But it's over, Bob.

We got the place surrounded.

Give me that gun, Bob.

Give me the gun.


Is it over? Is it over?




It ain't loaded.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry if I scared
any of you fine folks.

I apologize.

How much is it?


Another month of rehab?


I can cover that.


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan