Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 7 - Episode #6.7 - full transcript


[HORSE WHINNIES] ♪ Summer wind ♪


♪ Is blowing in ♪

♪ Can I hide in your breeze awhile? ♪

♪ Can I soar out with you, my friend? ♪

♪ Till I reach the tide side ♪

♪ Where the dirt and water collide ♪

♪ Let the ♪

♪ Let the sun ♪

♪ The morning sun has just begun ♪

♪ Can I bathe in your heat and light? ♪

♪ It's washed in red ♪

♪ It must go down again ♪

♪ None too soon can you arrive ♪

♪ Well, I'll wait for you
through the night ♪

Can you give me five minutes?
I need to check one thing.

♪ ...sun ♪

♪ Fill me again ♪

♪ Let the sun light me up ♪

♪ Don't let it dim ♪


♪ Summer wind is blowin' in ♪

♪ Can I hide in your breeze a while? ♪

♪ Can I soar out with you, my friend? ♪

♪ Till I reach the tide side ♪

♪ Where the dirt and water collide ♪

♪ Let the sun ♪

♪ Fill me again ♪

♪ Let the sun ♪



[WALT] Okay.

I know it's early, but I, uh...

What's going on?

What's going on with you?

You first.

Uh, okay.

I just got Ian Whitmore's
autopsy report back.

He didn't die from arrow wounds.

- He didn't?
- No.

You know how Ferg counted
16 arrows in the body?

Well, the report said
there were 17 puncture wounds,

but I couldn't find
the 17th one at first

because it was so much smaller than
the other ones... like syringe size.

When I saw that, I asked
for a tox report.

Turns out that Ian died
from a heroin overdose.

Sound familiar?

- Like Joey Takoda.
- Yeah.

Morning, Zach.

What brings you around?

- Uh...
- I asked him to come in.

I went to return his notebook,

and he told me
that he'd gone ahead and tracked down

the owner of that silver Suburban
that Hector was driving, and...

Well, go ahead. Tell him, Zach.

Uh, okay, yeah.

It's, uh... [CLEARS THROAT]
It's a rental.

Or at least it's leased to a company
named Emerald Urban Landscaping.


[FERG] The address
for Emerald Urban Landscaping,

it's the same address as a Boston bar
called the Shamrock & Plough.

Which is also the same address
as a now-defunct travel agency called...

Manifest Destinations.

Are you telling me
that the Irish Mob are back

and they're working with Malachi?

Seems so.

While using a copycat Hector
as their enforcer and their assassin.


You got something you wanted to tell us?

[HENRY] Well, I do.

We have all been looking
for the wrong Hector.

I went to a hunting store in town
to see if Darius bought any arrows.

But the only person who made
a purchase of arrows recently

was a white male with red hair.


So, Irish Mob,

assassination by heroin injection,

- You know who this sounds like?
- [WALT] Yep.

Eddie Harp.

But Eddie Harp's dead.



Is it Halloween already?

No, sir. No.

Uh, I'm Sheriff Walt Longmire
from Absaroka County, Wyoming.

Well, what's a cowboy like you
doing up here in New England, sir?

Is that hat made out
of beaver or rabbit?

Well, it's, uh... it's beaver.

I always wanted a hat like that.

I love them old Westerns, you know?

Well, so I heard.

Um, I was hoping to talk to you
about your son, Eddie.


As far as I'm concerned,
we don't have a son.


Not since he dropped out of med school.

Why did he drop out?

Bad influences.


A man is responsible
for his own choices.

And if he can be that easily influenced,
then it's a sign of bad character.

So I gather
there were people in Eddie's life

that you two didn't care for?

You make it sound
like he just started smoking.

That's not it at all.

He chose evil.

- He went to work for these people...
- He went to work for murderers.

They killed me brother.

And Eddie, he went to work for them
like family didn't matter to him at all.

That's when we cut him off.

And then we had to leave Boston.

He and his new friends,
they were causing so much trouble

with our... the police,
with our neighbors.

We didn't feel safe.

- So...
- We moved to this sinkhole!

Money goes in, and bills come out.

I had a good job in Boston.

I had a career and a family.

Because of Eddie, we lost all that.

But at least we can look
at ourselves in the mirror.

Eddie, wherever he is, he can't do that.

Sheriff, whatever bad thing it is
you think Eddie did,

I'm telling you now, he did it.

Uh, I-I'm sorry about that.
Keith gets...

There's no need to apologize, Mrs. Harp.

Would you happen to have
a photograph of Eddie anywhere?


I had to get rid of his
pictures long ago.

When was the last time you heard
from your son?

In person?

Oh, about... 20 years.

You said "in person."

- Mm.
- Has he called or written to you?

He sends checks.

Oh, well, that must be helpful.

Oh, I don't cash them.

Keith wouldn't like that.
He wouldn't allow that, no.

But it makes me feel that I...
I-I don't know,

that maybe there's still
some good left in him.

When was the last time
he sent you a check?

Um, last Thursday, I think, yes.

Eddie sent you a check last week?

- You seem surprised.
- I am.

A little bit.

Um, did you throw that check away?

Oh, no, no.

I keep them all.

Would... Would you like to see them?

If you don't mind.

No. I'll go get them for you.





- Mathias. What brings you here?

Is he here?

I'm sorry, is who here?

The little boy, Tate Dawson.

Parents got home from work,
and he was gone.

Said I should talk to his teacher,
Catori Long, but she wasn't home.

Then they said I should talk to you.

I haven't seen Tate at all today.

What about Catori Long?

I haven't seen her, either.

All right.
Well, I'm gonna need to look around.

- Okay, but they're not here.

- Hello?

Cady, I couldn't just let him die.

[CLEARS THROAT] Hey. Uh, how are you?

Long time, no see.

- Cady, it's Catori.
- Yeah, I know.

Well, can you talk?

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, look, I really need your help.

- I'm... I'm on my way over.
- No, I couldn't ask you to do that.

- Is someone there?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, no.

Is it the Dawsons?

No, it's, uh... It isn't. It's...

It's worse, unfortunately.


Oh, my God.

- It's the cops.
- Uh-huh.

You know, why don't we just, uh,
meet up later?


- Who was that?

- A friend.
- Mm-hmm.

So, did you find
any kidnapped children in here?

Not yet, but when you talk
to Tate or Catori,

you will call me.


So, Eddie Harp has been sending
three or four of these checks

to his parents every year
for almost 20 years.

This one arrived last Thursday.

So he's alive.


That picture you saw of his dead body
was fake.

Seems like it.

There's over $500,000 here.
His parents never cashed any of this?

No. They considered it dirty money.

Good for them.

Greater Boston Savings and Trust
has a branch in Sheridan.

I'll head over there and see what they
can tell me about Eddie and his account.

Vic, find out what you can about that
new shell corporation the mob's using,

Emerald Urban Landscaping.

Okay. All right.

But I was thinking,

even though Greater Boston
is a Massachusetts bank,

they got branches all over the place.

That makes this interstate.

Why don't we use the FBI to find Eddie?


Okay, look, I know that you don't like
working with the Feds...

Or anyone, for that matter...
But there's only three of us,

- and you've got me chained to a desk.
- It's not that.

We could use the help.

But when we told the FBI
we had Eddie in custody,

somehow, his people found out
and ambushed Ferg.

Then Henry and Nighthorse went
down to Cheyenne

to meet with the Feds about Malachi,

who now seems
to be in business with Eddie,

and they got ambushed, too.

So you think that the Boston Mob's
got someone on the inside?

I just think we should do some of
our own legwork without the Feds.

At least to start.



[CADY] Catori, what is going on?

I am so sorry.

- Except I'm not.


You understand
that this is basically kidnapping.

I am trying to save Tate's life.

And he's with me willingly.
I didn't abduct him.

His parents seem to think that you did.

It's not like that.

I know his parents work,
so when they were both out,

I stopped by,
and I told Tate they wanted me

- to take him to the hospital.
- Oh, I see.

You just...
You just lied to an 11-year-old.

I didn't want him to feel scared.

Well, have you taken
him to see a doctor?

No. Not yet.

I mean, I realize how this looks.


I didn't know what to say to the
doctors. I was hoping you could help.

No, I can't.
I cannot help you commit a crime.

It is not a crime.

What his parents are doing,

letting him sit there just getting
sicker and sicker, that's a crime.


He needs penicillin.

If I help you with this, you turn
yourself in to the tribal police

as soon as he has medication, okay?

I can't hide you.

I have no problem facing
the consequences of my actions.


Yeah, I... I'm not, um, here to sign up
for a new checking account,

- Mr., um...
- Plerson.

- Mr. Plerson.
- Yeah.

I'm actually here to ask you,

uh, about the checking account
of one of your customers.


Oh, I'm... I'm afraid we can't share
that information.

Guy who wrote these checks
is a suspect in two brutal murders.


- Wow.
- Yeah.

So, I'm gonna need you to tell me
everything you can about him.

Sure. Sure. Let me... Let me...

Let me pull that information up
for you here.

Thank you.

Uh... Huh.

Edward Harp's account was closed.

How recently?

Uh... 2004.



But he's still writing checks
from this account.

Yeah. Maybe he had some leftover checks,

but there's no money in that account
to cover them.

- Uh... Gary?
- Gary, yeah.

Gary, think you could print me out
a copy of that photo?

In color?

Sure. Sure.


Hey, Walt! Walt!

Oh, hey, Bob.

Congrats, man.

I heard you won your court case.

Yeah, thanks. I, uh...

- Well, I sort of forgot to celebrate.
- Ah.

Well, I have some pretty good news, too.
I just come from the rehab clinic.

Looks like Billy's gonna stay
another 30 days.

- Voluntarily, so...
- That's great news, Bob.

- Yeah.
- Great news.

I think he's about to turn a corner,
like that.

All right.

Listen, Bob. I, uh...

You said you haven't had
much work lately.

Well, I got a little...
Little carpentry I need done.

I need some doors
for my kitchen cabinets, so...

I mean, I'd pay you.

Uh, why don't you, uh, come by later,
and we'll... we'll talk details?

- I appreciate that.
- Okay.

Okay, then.

Yeah. Thanks.


What was that about?

Well, I came to ask you for a favor and,
uh, ended up doing one for Bob, so...

What kind of favor
were you going to ask me?

It's a work thing.

You remember that drug addict
that got attacked by Hector?

- Rusty Ames.
- Yeah.

Now that his heroin dealer is dead,

I'm guessing he's gonna be looking
for a new one.

And it would not surprise me
if that turned out to be Eddie Harp.

You have confirmed
that Eddie is actually alive?

I did.

I think he's been putting on a Hector
mask and killing off his competition.

Trying to corner the
local heroin market.


So I'm guessing if we can follow Rusty,

he might lead us to Eddie.

Makes sense.

The only problem with that is, uh,

Rusty's already seen me and Ferg,

so we can't follow him.

And Vic's not ready
to go back out in the field.

Which leaves Ruby.

Are you sure she's up to it?

I will get someone to cover me
this afternoon.

Thanks, Henry.

[CATORI] That rash on Tate's neck,
everything on the Internet says

it should have gone away by now.

But everything on the Internet assumes
he's taking antibiotics.

I'll drop you up front, and you can
go inside and talk to someone...

- Catori, pull over right now.
- What's wrong?

Pull over right now. I don't know.

Maybe nothing. Just stay here, okay?

I'll be back.



Hey! She's that lawyer, isn't she?

Excuse me, I just need...

- We saw you on Facebook.
- Excuse me?

The Tribal Council meeting,
there was a video.

You were trying to take
Micah and Elena's boy away.

- That's not true.
- [MAN] Hey, that lawyer is here.

Yeah, Cady Longmire.

If you'll let me go
into the hospital, I...

- Did you kidnap Tate Dawson?
- No one kidnapped Tate.

I think there's been a misunderstanding

- about the treatment that he needs.
- Treatment you say he needs!

I-I don't think you fully understand
scarlet fever.

Oh. Why don't you
educate us, O wise one?

- Where's my boy?
- Mr. Dawson.

No, no, no, he... he needs to come home.

He needs to be under my roof
in his own bed, so where is he?

[MAN] Hey!

There's someone in that car!

It's her! It's that teacher!

[RUBY] Perfect timing.
Vic's on the phone.

Why isn't she at her desk?

Broke her shackles, I guess.

Vic, where are you?

Don't be angry, but state troopers found
this truck I was looking for,

and you weren't around,
and Ferg wasn't there.

I know I was supposed to stay
at my desk, but...

That's right, you were,
but not as punishment.

- For your own health.
- I don't think it's healthy

to be so bored,
you feel like you're gonna puke.

- Vic.
- Walt, shut up, okay?

Just... get here.
You gotta see this truck.




I didn't do anything.

That's not true.

We got witnesses who saw you get out
of the same car as Catori Long.

That's not a crime.


Unless she's got
a kidnapped kid in her car.

Does she?

Does she?

What do your witnesses say?

I don't have to answer your questions.

And I don't have to answer yours.

No, sadly, you do not.

But let me take this opportunity
to let you know

exactly how deep
the shit is that you are currently in.

Because I believe your teacher friend
does have Tate,

and I believe you're helping her.

All she wants to do is just help
one of her students.

I know you think that.

But that's not what his parents think.

The only help anybody wants from you is
to help getting Tate Dawson back home.

This boy, Tate, he could die.

I hope that's not true, because if it is

and he dies before he's returned
to his parents,

you're gonna be accessory
to a second-degree murder.

Do you understand?


May I leave?

Have you reconsidered?

No, I need a ride to my car.


Hey! Can I give you a lift?


Yeah, that'd be awesome, man.

Hop in.



Where you headed?

Uh, I gotta go see the doctor.

So, the hospital in Durant
or the rez clinic?

The new clinic.

New clinic?

Yeah, I guess some do-gooder doctor
set up one of those mobile clinics.

I have not heard of this.

Yeah, it moves around a lot.

I heard it's out by Southgate right now.

You going that far?

As a matter of fact, I am.


[WALT] So, this is the truck?

I'm a little underwhelmed.
What am I missing?

I was researching the mob's new shell
company, Emerald Urban Landscaping.

I found another record of a truck
they rented, so I put out an APB.

Check it out.

Look at the addresses on the crates.

Four Arrows Casino,
care of Jacob Nighthorse.

- So, what's the mob sending to him?
- I don't know.

Driver took off
right after he got pulled over,

and I didn't want to open anything
until you got here.




Arts and crafts?

- Is that...
- Heroin.

Jacob Nighthorse's name written
all over it.

Hey, Ruby.

Um, is my dad here?

What's wrong, honey?

[CADY] I just need help looking
for someone.

- [FERG] Who?
- Hey.

Um, her name is Catori Long.
She's a schoolteacher.

- Okay. I can help you find her.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Any idea where to start looking?

Uh, yeah, on... on the rez.


- You can't help me, can you?
- No, no, no.

[STUTTERS] I could in theory.

I just... the rez makes it
a little trickier.

- Have you thought about Mathias?
- I can't really do that

because I'm trying to find her
before he does.

I am so screwed.


Maybe not.


I might have someone who might be able
to help in a less... official capacity.

He's, uh, kind of a private eye.

Thank you.

Are you okay?

[RUSTY] Not really.

Why do you think I'm
going to the doctor?

I think that's it right there.

This is a medical clinic?

Yeah, I know, right?

Do you need me to wait for you?

What's your deal?

I do not have a deal.

This is just a long way from anything,

and I thought you might
not want to walk.

Look, thanks for the ride, man, but
you and I, we're... we're good, okay?

- Okay.
- I don't need you to stay.




Thank you.

So, my assistant said
that you wanted to talk,

but she didn't say what about.

Yeah, I, uh... I didn't tell her.

I-I guess I felt I needed
to come by and do this in person.

Do what?

Thank you.

Your testimony in court,
you... you saved my job.

More than that, my reputation.

Oh, well, I think you, uh,
may have overestimated

the, uh, prosecution's case.


No, I didn't.

I was dead to rights.

I mean, it was all lies, but they had me
until you spoke and told the truth.

I was under oath.

Well, you could have withheld
information, but you didn't.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out
why you would help me, Jacob...

after all I've done to you,
all the things I've accused you of.

You're familiar with Occam's Razor,
I assume?

The simplest explanation is usually
the right one.


Maybe it's just as simple as I saw
an injustice happening

and, uh, chose to put an end to it.

[CLEARS THROAT] You know, uh,

I came up
with an even simpler explanation.

You want me on your side.

You wanted to do me a favor
so I would do you a favor down the line.

And... what favor

would I need you to do for me, Walt?

I don't know.

Look the other way

when you try to traffic
20 kilos of heroin.

You are a broken record!

Pulled over a truck this afternoon

filled with crates of antiquities
headed to your casino.

And in every crate, under a false
bottom, was a brick of heroin.

Of course there was.


Put down the phone.

Get me security.

Put it down.


Jacob Nighthorse,
you have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

Apparently you have forgotten, sir,

that this casino
is on sovereign territory.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed to represent you.

You understand your rights
as they've been explained to you?


Oh, hey. It's, uh, Cady, right?

Yes. And y-you're Zach.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry. Ferg didn't tell
me that you were... you.

Okay. I'm a little confused.
So, Ferg told you something about me,

- now you're here?
- Sorry, yeah.

He said you might be interested
in working as a private detective,

but, um, I-I didn't realize
that you were... you were the Zach

that, um, worked for my dad.

Yeah, for, like, about a week.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Uh, you... you should...
You should come in.

- Okay.
- Yeah, no, I'm... I'm being...

- You sure?
- I'm being rude.

- Okay, sure, thanks.
- Come in.

Yeah, I should, uh...
I should put on a shirt, 'cause...


I mean, who answers the door shirtless?

- That's...
- I was doing...

Yeah, no, it's okay. I, um...

- I was in the middle of, uh...
- I'm sorry that I surprised you.

Ferg just didn't give me a phone number.

[ZACH] I should tell you

that, uh, I am not a licensed
private investigator.

Uh, in fact,
my only official police experience,

um, was that brief time
I worked for your dad,

and... and he fired me.

Beggars can't be choosers.

No, we cannot.

Look, um, it's... it's not...
It's not a big job.

I'm looking for a woman, Catori.

She's a client,
and I think she's on the rez,

so my dad and Ferg
can't really get involved.

I think she's in a
little bit of trouble.

What kind of trouble?

- Kidnapping.

Okay, I-I think I should
pass on that one.

- What?
- Uh, yeah.

No. No, Zach.

I really need your help.
She's not dangerous.

She's just trying to get
a very sick boy help.

No, it's just... [SIGHS]

The thing with your dad, okay?

It's, uh... It's kind of awkward.

- I just...

Listen, Zach, I will pay you $500 a day.



I really need your help.

not hearing me, Walt.

Again, I'm being set up here.

I don't know how many times
I have to tell you.

If someone was setting you up,

they'd have worked harder to make sure
you got caught.

They'd have called in a tip

or the driver would have made sure
he was pulled over for speeding.

There was none of that.

My deputy found that truck on her own.

And the drugs were carefully concealed
under a shipment of antiquities.

Holy shit.

Don't get too comfortable.

You won't be there for long.

As soon as Vic and Ferg get back
from searching your casino

for Eddie Harp, your heroin distributor,

I'm taking you to Tri-County.

Oh, no. Hey, no, you can't do that.

[WALT] I have to.

We don't have the proper facilities here
for holding a drug trafficker.

Look, Tri-County Jail is like
Malachi's personal fiefdom.

If I go in there,
I'll be dead within 24 hours.

Just stop.

Stop pretending
that you two are enemies, Jacob.

Malachi, Darius, Eddie Harp, you...

It's clear you're working together.

That is not true!
That is not close to being true!

I don't know what you think you have...

I told you what I have.

I got 20 kilos of heroin in a mob truck
addressed to you.

Will you listen to me for one minute?

Just think about this.

If I really wanted to get away
with trafficking drugs,

why would I ever have given
that testimony that cleared you?

It would have been in my best interest
to get you fired.

I would have piled on,
like everybody else,

and got you fired.

So, I'm begging you, here.


Do not send me to Tri-County.

You know, I got in a lot of trouble
over the years

for not following proper procedure.

I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

Hey, hey, Walt. No.

Walt, please!


[MAN] New patient forms
right by the door!

I am not a patient, but I am curious.

About what?

This whole place. What is it?

Well, I'm part of a
network of physicians

trying to provide health coverage
where it's needed most.

Where people can't get to it.

But we already have a clinic on the rez.

And the doctor's only on call part time.

I'm not faulting IHS,
but that's not enough

for the people who live around here.

So, you have a doctor
here 24 hours a day?

No. It's just me and sometimes
my physician's assistant.

We can only handle 60
or 70 hours a week,

but we make sure that we stay open
when the other clinic isn't,

and we move so that people
who don't have a car can get here.

So, if you are all about access,

then why do you set up shop
out in the middle of nowhere?

[LAUGHS] I'm sorry, can I
help you with something?


The gentleman who was just here,
Rusty Ames,

do you mind if I ask you
what he was here for?

No. But I'm certainly
not gonna answer you.

I know all about doctor/patient privacy.

I just... [SIGHS]

Well, I'm a friend of his mother,

and she's concerned about Rusty.

He has had some problems
with substance abuse.

Well, I can't tell you
what he was here for.

But I can tell you that among
the many services that we provide here,

therapy for drug addiction
is one of them.

Like methadone.

So, I have Catori's cell number.

I guess you could start by tracing that
since she's not answering my calls.

And, I don't know,
she lives in a pretty remote area.

Not a ton of neighbors, so if you wanted
to break into her house, you could...

Well, if... if Catori's hiding,

then she's probably not
gonna be in her house.

No. Right. Of course.

But maybe you could find, like,
some credit card bills,

and then you could see if she's made

- any recent purchases.
- [STUTTERS] Um, I should...

I should have probably mentioned this.

I'm not gonna break the law,

which, so far, pretty much rules out
everything you've suggested.

What can you do, then?

Well, in truth, phone calls,
credit card bills,

they very rarely tell us
anything of interest.

I think a better approach to policing
is just to focus on Catori.

What's she afraid of?
Who does she trust?

What kind of person is she?

According to Henry,
she's pretty amazing.

- She's overcome a lot.

She's a beloved teacher at Red Rock...

Stop the car. Stop.
Get down. Stay low. Stay low.

Okay. What's going on?

That's your office over there, right?

Yeah. What... What's happening?

[ZACH] You're going to have to
come back to my place.

- [CADY] What?
- It's gonna be safer for you there.

- Safer? Okay.
- Yeah, just...

No, no, no, no, no. Stay down.

All right.


- Switch seats, okay?
- Switch seats?

Yeah, come and sit over here.

- Okay. Uh-huh.
- Keep down.

Keep low, keep low.


Stay down.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

Simply too dangerous.

They will carve my client up
like a Virginia ham in there.

Jacob should have thought of that
before smuggling drugs in my county.

You cannot prove that.

Well, I'm pretty sure I can.

All right.

While I do not acknowledge
there is any merit

to this whole drug trafficking...

I will settle in the short term
for some form of house arrest.

Well, it's not up to you.

Oh. So, then, you're actually trying
to murder Jacob Nighthorse?

- No.
- That's what you'll be doing

if you send him into the general
population of that prison.

There's over 100 members
of the Brotherhood in there.

They're all connected to Malachi Strand,

who my client didn't just fire,
but banished from his ancestral land.

So the question is not if Nighthorse
will be killed in there,

but when.


[WALT] All right.

I'll make you a deal.

Make no mistake...
this offer is not made

in the spirit of compromise or mercy.

So far, it sounds like
kind of a shitty deal.

I still have some clout
with the assistant district attorney

and with the warden at Tri-County.

I will recommend that your client
not be placed in the general population,

and instead,
he will be held in solitary confinement

for his own safety.

In exchange for what?

I want him to tell me
where to find Eddie Harp.

That's the deal.

Take it or leave it.


[VIC] Wow. Nice place.

So, what are we looking for?

[WALT] Well, the warrant is for heroin,
native artifacts,

and any documents relating
to Nighthorse's finances.

So, basically anything?


So, I'm thinking about moving back.

Back where?

[VIC] To the trailer park.

I feel like I should
get out of your hair.

You're not, um... You're not in my hair.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, well, even so,

it's not like I can leave my RV
parked outside of your house forever.

I'm sure I'm driving down
the property value.

I don't care about that.

- No, I was kidding.

About moving?

No, about the property value.


Uh, well,
if Nighthorse has anything important,

it's not in here,
so I'm gonna go check the other rooms.



Walt, Henry.

I have been following Rusty,
but I am afraid he may be a dead end.

It looks like he's trying to get clean.

You may need another way
to find Eddie Harp.

Call me.

Hello, there. Can I help you?

Hey, yeah. I'm, uh... I'm Zach.

I saw you at the sheriff's office
the other day.


I'm a friend of Cady Longmire's.

She is a good friend to have.

Well, not exactly a friend.

She hired me to do a job.

I'm... I'm trying to help her find,
uh, Catori Long.

- Catori is missing?
- Yeah.

She's trying to get some sick kid to a
doctor, so she... she kidnapped him.

Does that sound
like something she would do?

The kidnapping part? No.
The getting him to a doctor? Yes.

Well, I-I tried to speak
to her co-workers at the school,

but nobody would speak to me,
so do you have any idea

where she might be hiding?

She will not be hiding.

She will be trying
to get that boy medical attention.

- Okay, well, there's an angry mob

that's blocking
the entrance to the hospital.

There's another one blocking
the entrance to the rez clinic,

so, I mean, where else would she go?

Would she go out of state, or...

If she's already gone this far,
I imagine she would do anything.

[WOMAN] Hey, Henry?

- You got a phone call.
- Coming.

I do know of another
place she might go...

Where there will not
be a crowd waiting to stop her.


Hello, jackpot.

Not really.

What, no drugs?

No false bottoms in any of these crates.

Just a bunch of artifacts.

Well, they were all shipped from Utah,
just like the crates on the, uh, truck.



What's wrong?

This packing material is different than
what was in those crates on the truck.

These crates are different, too.

So what?

So Nighthorse is insisting
that he's been set up.

I'd feel a whole lot better if I could

find more evidence to
prove he was lying.

I'm telling you the truth, I swear.

I've spent my life building something
to pull our people out of poverty.

I've done some things in that pursuit
I'm not proud of, but heroin?

Come on.

That would undo it all.

And yet Walt seems to have
20 kilos of evidence that you did this.

Yes, he does, but it's not true.

It's not true.

Why would I go to the FBI with you,
open myself up to them

if I was running a drug operation?

Do you have an alternate explanation?

[NIGHTHORSE] Yes. Malachi! It's obvious!

He can't get to me directly,
so he frames me.

And he sends you in here,
where he thinks he can have you killed.

This is how the white
man always beats us.


They get us all twisted up
in our own little tribal wars.

We used to fight over beads,
then it was guns...

Anything they could
give us to divide us.

Now it's their drugs and money.

They sit back and watch
while we rip each other apart,

and then they swoop
in and finish us off!

- It's happening again.
- Jacob, you are being dramatic.

Am I? Think about this.

Walt only agreed to keep me in solitary

if I can give him information
that I don't have.

Without it, he's gonna release me
back into the general population,

and you know
I will not survive in here, man.

I'm... I'm...


I'm not gonna make it.


You... You've got
to help me convince Walt.

He trusts you.

I got you your bar back.

I need you to return the favor.

This is a waste of time.

Catori's not answering her phone.

She's probably not
checking her messages.

I think we should go.

Look, you and Henry made it pretty clear

that this woman cares more about
that kid than she does herself.

So if her goal is to get Tate medicine,
she'll be here.

I'm betraying her.

She trusts me. She's...

All she's trying to
do is get medication,

and... and we're setting her up
for an ambush.

She also broke the law.

Look, if... if you want to leave,
we can leave.

But I think she's gonna check
her messages, and when she hears you say

this is the only place
that isn't guarded by protesters,

then she'll show up.

And then what do we do?

What, do we physically restrain her?

We tie her up?

I'm her lawyer.
I'm supposed to help her.

Well, you could be helping her avoid
a second-degree murder charge.

[SIGHS] I am inclined to believe Jacob.

Not me.

I do not think you are lying. I just
feel that he is telling the truth.

Can I see this evidence?

Someone fit 20 kilos into this crate?

Actually, no.

That one was from Nighthorse's house.

This one came from the truck.

The heroin was under here,
one kilo per crate.

You realize this pot is a fake,
probably made last month.

Well, the heroin
underneath was authentic.

The crate from Nighthorse's house

holds an old and valuable
hair pipe breastplate...

Part of a collection of recovered
black-market artifacts

that the government has repatriated
into tribes across the country.

Nighthorse made an arrangement
to display many of these in his casino.

- Is that what he told you?
- It is.

He also said that there was a shipping
invoice in his files that confirms this.

I found it.

I also found the same kind of paperwork

in the crates with the heroin.


Did you find correspondence
between Nighthorse and the government

arranging for both shipments?

Not yet.

Is it not possible that someone,
like Malachi,

took advantage of these
and used them as cover

to smuggle that heroin?

Right into Nighthorse's casino?

Henry, um, I know you feel
indebted to Nighthorse.

He helped you get the Red Pony back,

and now here you are, pleading his case.

I am just saying... do not let
your emotions blind you

to the inconsistencies in this case.

Do not do to Nighthorse what was done
to you in your trial.


I told you she'd show up.

Yeah, great.

- Cady.
- What?

Come on. Let's go.

I know.

- Take a deep breath.

- Catori, we're taking him.
- [CATORI] No!

No, just... just wait!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Excuse me, but, uh, who are you?

- I'm her lawyer.
- Cady! They have penicillin.

Yeah, my physician's assistant
is bringing it out right now.

Charlie! What's taking so long?

- Just please, wait.
- [CADY] We can't.

The longer he's here,
the worse trouble we're going to be in.

[MAN] Sorry about that.

Couldn't find my keys to the closet,
but better late than never.


Ah, are you two friends
of Tate the Great?

Yeah. But we're all leaving.

Cady, I will go with you.

I will face whatever I have to face,
but not until Tate gets his medicine.

- Catori.
- And I know the Dawsons are worried

about an allergic reaction,
but I made sure they have epinephrine.

Standing by.

We'll be outside.

We're leaving in five minutes.

Hey. You sure about this?

I'm about to return a kid to his parents
healthier than when he left.

If they throw me in jail for that,
so be it.

Hey. Okay?


- Hey.
- [WALT] Vic.

Uh, did you ever find any correspondence

between Nighthorse and the government

about the artifacts we found
in that truck?

No. The only repatriation paperwork

was for the, uh,
artifacts at Nighthorse's house.

Something's not right.

What are you looking at?

Shipping invoices.

Jacob doesn't sign for anything.

- So?
- So, it's possible

that someone else is bringing
the heroin in, signing for it,

and then removing it from those crates

without Nighthorse knowing
anything about it.

Nighthorse is a criminal, Walt.

- You know that. I know that.
- [WALT] No.

No, we think that, but
we don't know that.


He always has other people do
his dirty work for him.

Him not signing for those crates
is him just covering his own ass.

I think all the evidence suggests
that Nighthorse is working

with Malachi and Eddie Harp,
but I don't know that.

We don't know anything. Ever.

I mean, not really.

But some things, we just know.


How can I accuse a man of something
as serious as drug trafficking

if I have doubt?


- Goodbye, Tate.
- Bye.

See you at school.


Okay, Tate, let's go see your parents.

Come on, kiddo.

[ELENA] Oh, my God. Tate.

I was so worried. How are you?

Mr. Dawson,
I'm really sorry about all of this.

Are you?

I am.

But I want to tell you something.

The doctor gave Tate penicillin,

so the thing that you were worried
about, anaphylactic shock,

it... it didn't happen.

Tate is not allergic to penicillin.

So I want you to take these.

You don't have to go to a doctor,
to a hospital.

You can give him these
under your own roof,

and he will get better.



It's an old picture,
but I can fax it over to you.

Okay. Uh, what's the number?

Got it. Thank you.

- Ruby?
- Yeah?

Can you fax something over
to the, uh, Sublette County Sheriff?

- Sure. Got a number?

Yeah, here.

- Hey.

- Zach.
- Hey.

What are you doing here?

I, uh... I got... I got you something.

I remembered you were a fly fisherman.

- [CHUCKLES] Awesome.
- Yeah.

That's a Parachute Adams.


The workhorse.

What's this for?

I just wanted to say thank you
for the referral.

[WALT] What referral?


Cady, uh, needed a hand with some stuff,
so I hooked her up with Zach.

Fax transmission successful.

Thank you. Thanks, man.

Hey, who's that guy?

Uh... Eddie Harp.

Psychopath we think
killed your neighbor.

It's a pretty old picture,
but it's all we got.

- Uh, how old?
- About 20 years.

I-I know where he is.

You do?

I-I-I just saw him like an hour ago.


- Holy shit. Do you hear that?

I'm not deaf.

Eddie Harp, you're surrounded.

You need to step outside immediately...

- Jesus. Who is that?
- [WALT] ...with your hands in the air.

I don't know, but it sounds like

an old Western posse coming
to string us up.


- Who's Eddie Harp?
- That would be me.

Eddie, come on out of there.



We've disabled your vehicle.

Eddie, come on out of there.

Well, this is a pickle.

This is how you deal with pressure?

You shoot up?!

You useless junkie!

- I am so sorry!
- No, you're not.


You're weak.

Bad character, man.

- Look at you.

What kind of doctor lets himself get
blackmailed into a situation like this?

Pull yourself together!


Eddie, come on out of there.

Get up.

We're gonna get through this, okay?


You ever see
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?


Well, when they were surrounded,
you know what they did?

They went right through the front door,
side by side.

We're gonna do the same thing.

Only, not side by side.

You're gonna go first.

[CHUCKLING] Oh! Look at this.

Cowboys and Indians. I love it.

Where's Ferguson?!

I guess this is a little much for him.

[WALT] Let him go, Eddie!

Who's Eddie? Eddie Harp?

That guy's dead.

You're not gonna get away this time,


You gonna kill me?

You don't want to kill me, sheriff.

You want to know what I know...
And who... and where to find him.

Well, that piqued your interest.


Stay where I can see you, Squanto.

Oh, was that offensive? My bad.

You're right, Eddie.
I don't want you dead.

But you don't get to walk around
a free man anymore.

Not after all that you've done.

Yeah. I got to be an Indian.

That was fun, being Hector,
playing with bows and arrows.

And now I get to be a cowboy
and ride off into the sunset.

In fact, I think I'm gonna take
your horse, sheriff.

- I don't think so.

Here's the deal.

You give me your Bronco,
and I don't kill this guy.

You're not gonna kill the doctor.

He's not a doctor.


He's a junkie who practices medicine
in exchange for heroin.

Even so, you're not gonna kill him.


I know you still got
some good in you, Eddie.

[GUN COCKS] And how do you know that?

I talked to your parents.


And any son who still sends money
to his parents the way you do

can't be all bad.

They still miss you, Eddie.

They want to see you again.


They don't want to see me.

They don't even cash
those checks I send.

They have so much contempt for me.

Those poor, sorry dirt farmers
won't even take my money.

You know why I keep
sending those checks?

'Cause one day, my dear,
old dad's gonna be so desperate,

that son of a bitch is gonna go
into a bank with one of those checks,

finally ready to eat shit and cash it,

and they're gonna tell 'em,
"There ain't no money, Keith."


Can't you just imagine
the look on his sanctimonious face

when he realizes
that all his judgmental superiority

wasn't worth a goddamn cent
and that I was right?





Corrected & Synced by Bakugan