Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 6 - No Greater Character Endorsement - full transcript


♪ It used to seem to me ♪

♪ That my life ran on too fast ♪

♪ And I had to take it slowly ♪

♪ Just to make the good parts last ♪

♪ When you're born to run ♪

♪ It's so hard to just slow down ♪

♪ So don't be surprised to see me ♪

♪ In the brighter part of town ♪

♪ And I'll back in the high life again ♪

♪ All the doors I closed one time
will open up again ♪

[LUCIAN] If somebody's reading this,
letter, well, then... I guess I'm dead.

I suppose by now
everyone has figured out

that I, Lucian Connally,
killed Tucker Baggett.

If you examine the Colt .45 Peacemaker
that's always on my person,

you'll find it's the murder weapon.

You can find the slug
that actually killed Tucker

up in my air vent, along with his bag.

That should be enough to clear
anybody else of the charges,

because I, Lucian Connally, am guilty,

though I am not sorry.

And given the choice between
fading away in a prison cell

or writing myself an ending
with a little more... style... well...

♪ I used to be the best ♪

...that ain't no choice at all.

♪ And I hope that you're
still out there ♪

♪ And you're like you used to be ♪

[LUCIAN] You'll find money
I put away in a can

that's hidden in my closet.

♪ And we'll dance till the morning sun ♪

[LUCIAN] Should be enough
to pay for my cremation.

♪ And we'll let the good times come
and we won't stop until we're done ♪

♪ And we'll be back
in the high life again ♪

♪ All the doors I closed one time
will open up again ♪

[LUCIAN] I don't have
no family anymore...

so you can take
whatever else I've got to the dump,

unless there's something
that somebody wants or needs.

Then give it to 'em.

♪ And we'll drink and dance
with one hand free ♪

♪ And have the world so easily ♪

♪ And oh, we'll be a sight to see ♪

♪ Back in the high life ♪

[LUCIAN] This was not the ending
that I was hoping for...

but it was the ending that I expected.

♪ All the eyes that watched us once ♪

♪ Will smile and take us in ♪

[LUCIAN] See ya on the range.

♪ Back in the high life ♪


[CADY] Dad?


Since when do you drink Maxwell House?

They're Lucian's ashes.


I'm really sorry, Dad.

Are you holding up okay?


what's with the RV parked outside?

It's Vic's.

She's living here now?




I just heard from Dave Milgrom.

you're not answering your phone.

And I guess Judge Drood
decided not to call a mistrial.

Dave told me they've called in
another prosecuting attorney,

and your trial is set
to resume tomorrow.

I'm thinking of retiring.


You know, Lucian...

he said he stayed on the job too long.

- Maybe I have, too.
- Dad, you can't give up.

The criminal case is off the table,
and even if this civil case

doesn't go your way,
you have grounds for an appeal.

And how long is an appeal
gonna take, Cady?

I'm not gonna spend the rest of
my career defending my career.

I'm done.

- No. No, you're not. Dad...
- You know...

you know, a little while ago,
you told me that I should retire.


- So, what's changed?

Dad, if you want
to leave your job, that's fine.

But only if you leave it on your terms.

Don't let them push you out
with a bunch of lies.

Don't let them win.



♪ Once you get started,
there's no turning back ♪

♪ In this existence, defend and attack ♪

♪ No white flag, no mercy,
so cover your ears ♪

♪ What are you scared of?
There's nothing but fear ♪

♪ Put on your helmet,
prepare to dig in ♪

Sheriff's department!

We've had some complaints
about the noise!

You need to turn it down!

♪ Look to the future and bury the past ♪

♪ This world's gonna eat you alive ♪

♪ It's a sign of the times ♪

♪ One chance the strong will survive ♪

♪ So put your armor on ♪

♪ It's a sign of the times ♪





Thank you for seeing me.

I was hoping that maybe
we... we could talk?

Sure. Let's talk.

Um, do you think we could go inside?

- Maybe talk in private?
- Ooh.

I've got a lot of valuable stuff
in there, Cady.

Stuff that could break...

if you were to take me by surprise again
and start swinging.

So I think whatever we have to say
to each other, we can say it out here.

Jacob, I'm just so very sorry.

[JACOB] That's good.

I'm glad that we got that covered.

I also want to say thank you.

For what?

For not firing me.

Choosing not to fire you
was not an act of kindness.

It was self-interest.

For better or worse,

you're still my best option

for helping my people
with their legal issues.

And as long as you continue
to do good in that capacity,

you'll continue to enjoy
my professional support.


Anything else?

Um, I actually was going to ask
for your help.


It's more along the lines
of a personal favor.

And the hits just keep on coming.

I know that you're testifying
in my dad's civil case.

And I was... I was hoping that...

maybe you could show some mercy.

You know that both professionally
and personally,

I've had nothing but trouble
with your father.

I'm being called into court
to speak the truth about that.

Are you asking me to lie on the stand?


But this trial
is no longer about a wrongful death.

It's about a judge and a mayor

trying to kick my dad out of office
and personally ruin him,

so the Connally Estate can take his land
and build a massive development on it.


maybe you can't
affect the outcome of this case.

But there's a chance
that you could save his job...

or at least his home.


You okay?

Sorry to bother you.

I know you wanted some time
to deal with Lucian and everything.

But I thought you needed to see this.


I'm not 100% sure of cause of death,

but I'm gonna go with "arrows."

16, to be exact.

His name's Ian Whitmore.

An anonymous neighbor
called in a noise complaint.

When I got here, music was blasting.

The door was open, so I walked in.

I followed the noise...

and found Ian in here.


Did you see this?

"Hector Lives." Yep.

You know, all those other Hector attacks
were connected to drugs.

But I searched the entire house,

and I didn't find anything drug-related.

You have a glove?


No teeth are missing.

Call Vic.

Have her do a background check
on Ian here.

And why don't you talk to the person
who called this in,

as well as any of the neighbors
who might have seen something.

Ask them if they spotted
a silver Suburban.


Just because.

So, when the paramedics show up,

do I move the body...
with the arrows, or take them out?

To be honest, I don't know.

You take any pictures yet?

- Yeah.
- I need your phone.



Cady Longmire?

[CADY] Yeah.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

Oh, no. That's okay. Come in.

- Catori Long.
- Hi.

I'm a 6th grade teacher
at Red Water Elementary.

So, it says here that you can help
with health care and insurance?

Yes, absolutely. Come and have a seat.

[CATORI] Great.

[CADY] What can I help you with, Catori?

Well, uh...

I don't need the help.

One of my students does.

- Okay.
- His name is Tate Dawson.

He hasn't been to school now
for two weeks.

Why? What happened?

There's been a scarlet fever outbreak
at the school.

Five students were diagnosed
by the nurse and sent home.

Four of them are back
now and doing fine.

They got the antibiotics they needed.

- But Tate hasn't returned.
- Is he okay?

Well, I stopped by his house yesterday
to drop off some homework, and...

I've never seen such a sick child.

Scarlet fever can be fatal, right?

[CATORI] And I didn't want to seem nosy
to his parents,

but I did ask if they
liked Tate's doctor.

And his dad said he
hadn't seen a doctor.

Do you think it's an issue of finances?

Do they have insurance?

I don't think they do.

Is there any way
that you can help them get health care?

Yeah, I think I can.

Well, can you come
with me to their house

and let them know
what's available to them?

I did not do this.

I told you, someone else
is acting as Hector now.

I know.

But have you ever run across
the guy in this picture?



Is his name Ian Whitmore?


How do you know that?

Educated guess.

Remember when I borrowed your Bronco
to look into the other Hector incident?

Well, the victim of that attack
was a heroin addict named Rusty Ames.

Apparently, Hector came after Rusty,

wanting to know
where to find his dealer, Ian Whitmore.

Well, if this Ian's a dealer,
he didn't keep any drugs in his house.

Normally I would say
Hector confiscated the drugs,

but that was the old Hector.

This one feels very different.

I'll talk to Mathias
about interviewing that heroin addict.

I need to find someone
who's seen this new Hector up close.

What are you doing?

Putting in a dead bolt.

If you're being hunted by Hector,

you need to take precautions.

He's a whole different kind of violent.

[FERG] Anybody there?

Somebody, anybody?


Is anyone in the office?

Hey, Ferg. It's Vic.

- [SIGHS] Where is everybody?
- Uh, I have no idea where Ruby is.

I'm a little late getting to the office.

Okay. Well, listen.

I've been trying to find out who called
in a noise complaint this morning.

I've cold-knocked on a bunch of doors.

I'll check the caller
ID on Ruby's phone.

Uh, what time did the call come in?

- About 8:20.
- I've got the number.

Do you want a reverse phone directory,

- get an address for you?
- That'd be great.

All right, hold on a second.

Why didn't you just call me
on my cellphone?

I would have come in sooner
and just done this for you.

Walt took my phone.

And kept it? That's weird.

Okay, I got it.

Your noise complaint came
from Brady Dukes at 428 Sartin Road.

[FERG] Great. Thanks, Vic.




Hey, Ferguson.

Uh... I was looking for Brady Dukes.

- He lives here, right?
- Yeah.

Well, I mean, not right now 'cause
I'm subletting the place from him.

Oh. Okay.

[ZACH] Yeah.


did you call in a noise complaint?


Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Uh...

you know, I thought about just going
over there and dealing with him myself,

but I was, uh... I was pretty worked up.

I mean, the same song playing for hours.


I didn't trust myself not to lose it.

[FERG] Yeah.

Why didn't you leave your name
when you called?

I didn't want you guys to not take it
seriously 'cause it was me.

I left the department
under strained circumstances.

- Yeah, I get it.
- Yeah.

Can you tell me anything
about your neighbor?

Yeah, his... his...
His taste in music sucks.

- So...

- there's... there's that.

Um, listen, I...


I've been wondering
if he might be a drug dealer.

- Why's that?

Because people show up
at his house at all hours.

They never stay very long,
and they all look like they're tweaking.

You ever seen a silver Suburban
parked out front?


Why? What's...
Is something going on over there?

Okay. You didn't hear this from me.

Your neighbor was murdered.

- Shit.
- I think the loud music

was used to cover up
the sound of the crime.

Shit, man.

So what, so some guy
was getting murdered over there,

and I was just... I
was just sitting here?

You wouldn't have known.

I could've... I could've
gone over there.

If I had just gotten up,
it might not have happened.

Zach, you can't
beat yourself up over this.

All right.
Well, um, thanks for the info.

[ZACH] Yeah.


It's good to see you, man.


What makes you so sure
this was a Hector incident?

Well, "Hector Lives"
was written at the crime scene.

Anyway, I appreciate
you taking me out to talk to Rusty.

I was half-assuming
you wouldn't help me.

You've never been willing
to pursue Hector before.

I've never had anybody file a report
against Hector before.

Who filed the report?


[WALT] Hector did this to him?


Apparently, Hector got angry
that Rusty couldn't tell him

where to find his drug dealer,
Ian Whitmore.

Henry thinks Malachi
is behind this new Hector.

You talked to Henry about this?

Henry and Nighthorse were run off the
road by Hector a couple weeks back.

Well, I understand
Malachi going after them.

He's angry about the banishment.

But why would Malachi use Hector
to punish drug users and dealers?

Those are his people.


[ELENA] Hi, Ms. Long.

- Good to see you again.
- You too.

- This is my friend, Cady Longmire.
- Hi.

Just wanted to see how Tate was,

and bring him something
from his classmates.

Oh, look at that. Well, come on in.



[ELENA] Tate, look who's here.

Tate the Great! [LAUGHS]

[WEAKLY] Hey, Ms. Long.

Micah, you remember Ms. Long,
Tate's teacher.

I do. Hi.

How ya doing, Tate?

Sorry I couldn't finish
the homework you brought.

I was too tired.

[CATORI] Don't you worry
about that, okay?

Oh, hey. I got something for you.

It's from the class.
Everybody signed it.

[ELENA] Oh, look!

Everybody's thinking of you.



Open up.

He's not there.

Hasn't been around in
a good, long while.

Yeah? What's a good, long while?

Couple weeks.

That's when I talked to Rusty
at the station.

Far as I'm concerned,
that junkie can stay gone.


There's a key under the ashtray there,
if you wanna let yourselves in.


[MATHIAS] Rusty?

[MATHIAS] Hello?




Nothing. He's not in here.

What kind of user leaves
his drugs behind?

A dead one?

Maybe Hector paid Rusty another visit.

Rusty asked me to put him
in a witness-relocation program.

I had to break it to him
I don't have the resources for that.

Maybe he's just too scared to come home.

I don't blame him.

This new Hector means business.


So, I run a legal-aid clinic on the rez.

- Mm-hmm.
- Ms. Long told me

you haven't been able to get Tate
the medical attention that he needs.

I came along to see
if I could help you find ways to get it,

in case you don't have health insurance.

Yeah, we don't,
even though we both work full-time jobs.

That's not a problem, though,

because there's this thing
called the Kid Care CHIP program

where your child
can get medical treatment for free.

I can actually take care of
most of the application.

All that you would need to do
is fill out this section right here,

and I could get Tate admitted

to the Durant Regional Hospital

Um, we are aware of
the Kid Care program.

We're treating him here...

Hot soup, lots of liquids, Tylenol.

- I think Tate needs antibiotics.
- We've done our research.

We know all about the drugs
they would prescribe,

and we know they can be
just as harmful as the illness.

It's just penicillin.



can cause anaphylactic shock.

- It could kill you.

Are you refusing treatment
on religious grounds?

No, not religious... historical.

Both Elena and I and our families
were abused by a Western society

that claimed to be "helping."

I was removed from my home
when I was a baby,

and by the age of 5,
I lived in 44 different foster homes.

[ELENA] And after my mother
gave birth to me,

they sterilized her against her will

at the very hospital
you're threatening to take our son to.

- Well, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson...
- When you accept "help"

from the white man, they take something
from you that you can never get back.

My son has been able to sleep under
the same roof every night of his life.

And I plan to keep it that way.




[ZACH] Uh, Ferguson, it's me.

Uh, somebody just went
into the dead guy's house.

There's a red Camaro parked out front.

Who is this?


[WALT] Yeah.


- Um...

[ZACH] Hello?

[WALT] Hello.


[JACOB] 16 arrows?

Sounds like he was killed by Comanches.

Not Comanches.


How do you know that?

Because "Hector Lives"
was carved into this guy's skin.


What would you suggest I do?

Double down on security?

Actually, I think you should
let your entire security team go.

- What?
- You and I both know

that Hector is trying to get to us.

I think the best way to lure him out
and catch him

is to drop the security detail
and appear to be unprotected.

We will have Walt here, lying in wait,

- and when Hector attacks...
- Okay, hey.

Setting aside the fact that I'm...

I'm not so interested
in letting go of my security

when I find out this new Hector
is more dangerous than ever,

I don't love the idea of putting my life
in Walt Longmire's hands.

He knows I'm about to
testify against him.

I don't see a lot of incentive
for him to be protecting me right now.



So you know,

for your own protection, you're
welcome to stay at my home anytime.

Thank you for the offer.

But I cannot live my life
in hiding anymore.

I didn't tell you about Zach

'cause I didn't know it was him
that called in the complaint.

I only knew once I went over
to the house that he's renting.

Once I did know, I couldn't call you.

[WALT] Actually, you could.

I had a cellphone.

Yeah, but I didn't.

Can I have it back?

Why does Zach now think he can call you
with information about the case?

[FERG] Well,
it's a good thing he did call.

We wouldn't know anything about this guy
who still appears to be in the house.





- What are you looking for?
- Whoa.

Um, hey, now.
I'm just... I'm looking for my friend.



You think you're gonna find him
in that drawer?


What are you really looking for?

All right.

You're under arrest
for breaking and entering!

I have a key!
Me and Ian are business partners.

Ferg, let me have your phone.


Let me show you
where your business partner is.

Oh, shit.

[GROANS] Uh...

Someone else was looking for Ian, too.
Looks like they found him first.


Any chance they might
be looking for you,

- as well?
- You guys... You guys...

You gotta... You gotta...
You gotta help me.

You gotta protect me.

- You gotta start talking.
- Okay. Ian, uh...

he'd, uh... he'd sell
the occasional, um...



Which means you, too, right?

You're business partners.

I'm like a... I'm a passive investor.

- Come on, you're wasting our time.
- I'm telling you the truth!

- What do you wanna know?
- Who are you scared of?

Who do you think did this to Ian?

It's that goddamn Indian!

[SIGHS] We never should have started
selling on the rez.

- What Indian?

He was dumb. He was big.

He... He got all up in our shit
a couple weeks ago.

He said either
we start pushing his product

and we start forking over, like,
a huge percentage of the profits,

or... [SIGHS]
or we're done selling on the rez.

- What did you say?
- We just said...

We said what anybody would say.

We said, like, you know,
"Screw you, Chief.

It's a free country."
And we... we're not stupid.

We... We moved the operation
to Ian's house, and we...

we told the rez customers to come here.

So you ignored the Indian?

Oh! I'll bet he stole the stash, too.

Is that what you were looking
for inside, your heroin?


Can you describe
the man who threatened you?

Was he wearing a black hood?

No. I told you, he was an Indian.

Is this him?

No. He's, uh, bigger, younger.


That's him.

Thank you.










Whoa, whoa! Hey, Henry!

Take it easy! Agent Decker, remember?

From Cheyenne? [SIGHS]

- Sorry. I did not know it was you.
- So you pull a gun?

That's kind of an intense response.

You okay?


I am fine.

[DECKER] Yeah,
sorry I caught you by surprise.

I got your bartender to let me
stay behind after she closed up.

Power of the badge, right?

- I see.
- I get it, why you're jumpy, though.

Ever since you and Mr. Nighthorse
came to see us about that Malachi guy,

we've been looking into him, and, uh...

seems like a pretty bad character.

So, my team and I, we've
been looking into

these two sets of books you have
for this place,

and we just need to
clarify a few things.

It must be important
if it cannot wait until the morning.

Actually, it is.

I think we're pretty
close to finding him.

- Malachi?
- Mm-hmm.

Where is he?

I'm afraid I can't tell you that.


Catori, is everything okay?
Did something happen to Tate?

He's gonna die if I don't do something.

And I can't stand by
and let that happen.

I just don't know what else we can do.

- We've already informed the parents.
- I want to get a court order

and have him legally removed
from his home.

I want to take custody of him myself.

- Catori, you can't.
- Just temporary custody.

Just enough for him to get
the treatment he needs to stay alive.

Can you help me do this?


- Hello?
- So, your trial starts again today?

- Yep.
- How are you feeling?


Well, this might brighten your day.

The Feds are stepping up
their search for Malachi.

They paid me a visit last night.

- Really?
- Apparently,

they have brought the DEA
into the investigation.

They are finding evidence that Malachi

- is still active in the drug trade.
- Me too.

The heroin dealer that Hector killed
was threatened by Darius.

He was told to stop selling on the rez,

unless it was Darius's product,
which means Malachi's product.

So, you are thinking that the new Hector
is Darius?

I am.

But just because
we think we know who Hector is

doesn't make him any easier to find...

- ...or any less dangerous.

I know.

But better to know
someone is coming is for you.


See ya, Henry.




Oh. Uh, hey, Sheriff.
Uh, Ruby let me in.

- She said it would be okay.
- It's fine, Zach.

- It's fine.
- Yeah.

[WALT] What's going on?

I don't know if... if Ferg told you,
but I've been...

He did, uh, eventually.

And that was me on the phone.

Yep. Yeah, I figured that out, too.

I'm sorry that I... that I hung up.

I just... I panicked, and...

You're not in trouble, Zach.

You... You didn't do anything wrong.

Did you?

[CHUCKLES] No. No, sir.

[WALT] Well, because you made
that noise complaint,

we found the victim
sooner than we might have.

And the call you made yesterday
led us to someone who knew the victim,

so we got some good information.

Well, I'm... I'm glad to hear it.

[SIGHS] Okay.

I haven't been, uh...
totally honest with you, Sheriff.

There's this, uh... It's all...

What's this?

Uh, dates, times,
and license-plate numbers

of all vehicles that stopped
by the victim's house

for the past couple weeks.


Including the length of the visits.

Down to the minute.

I always suspected
something was going on.

Why didn't you give us this before?

'Cause it makes me look kinda crazy.

You ever see a silver Suburban there?


It was the last one that I saw
before I called in the noise complaint.

- The last one?
- Yeah.

And this was the license-plate number?

Yes, sir.


You always were a good cop, Zach.


Sheriff, I...


- Hey.
- Ferg.

Zach here has, uh,

given us vehicles
and license-plate numbers

of people that were going in and out
of Ian's house before his death.

I'd like you to track them down.

Maybe we can get some leads
into our Hector impostor, Darius.

I'd go with you,
but I need to be in court.

Okay. Um, do you want me to bring Zach?


It's probably better
that you go with Mathias.

I'm assuming a lot of these people
are clients of Ian's from the rez.

Can we hold on to your notebook?

Yeah. Yeah.

Thanks, Zach.

Ferg, if you find out who owns
that silver Suburban from the last page,

you call me immediately...

Even if it means
interrupting me in court.



Ladies and gentlemen,
I want to apologize

for the delay in these
court proceedings.

Now, I'm not sure what you might have
heard or read in the papers,

but you may have read
that Tucker Baggett was shot dead,

apparently by the defendant's friend
and former boss.

Objection! That is unbelievably
prejudicial, bordering on corrupt!

Overruled, Counselor.

I am not an attorney or a witness.
You don't get to object to me!

I shouldn't have to, but I do.
And I want it on the record.

Counselor, sit down.


Anyway, the delay was meant
to give the plaintiff's new attorney

a chance to get himself up to speed
on the case.

All right. Mr. Bishop. Are you?

- Up to speed?
- I am, Your Honor.

[JUDGE DROOD] You may call
your first witness.


[CADY] Hey.

Is there a reason you have a gun?

I've decided to be
a little more cautious since the...


That's sort of why I'm here.


Do you know something about Darius,
where he might be?


But as you know, I have a history
of taking on clients like him

that aren't exactly trustworthy.

And I don't want to make
that mistake again.

Do you, by any chance, know Catori Long?

She teaches 6th grade
at the Red Water Elementary School.

I've known Catori for quite some time.

What kind of person is she?

I went to school with her brother,
who is in prison now.

Her parents were not model citizens.


But Catori managed to get out.

She went to college.

She could have gotten a job anywhere,

but she came back to the rez

and dedicated her life
to teaching our children.

I can think of no greater
character endorsement than that.


I think that covers it. [CHUCKLES]

Thank you, Henry.

Do you mind if I ask what this is about?

Yeah. Um...

Catori's trying to get
temporary custody of a child

to help him get medical attention
and save his life.


I can certainly understand not wanting
to lose any more of our children.

Exactly, which is why
I'm trying to get this case

in front of the Tribal Courts
as soon as possible...

Tomorrow, hopefully.

Cady, I do not think you understand
how the Tribal Courts work.

You will be lucky
to get in front of them in a month.

But a child's life is at stake.

And you are white.

If you want a judge
to hear this case quickly,

you are going to need the help
of the Tribal Council.


How do I do that?

Well, you do know somebody on
the council who could help you.

- I do?
- Not too long ago,

you were beating him about the head
and shoulders with a large stick.


[FERG] Okay.

So, of the 30 cars that Zach identified
in front of Ian Whitmore's house,

25 of them are registered
to people on the rez.

You sound judgy.

What? No, no. I'm just counting.

- Mm-hmm.
- Just... fact.

Hey. I think that's one of the cars.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

I remember a description
of a blue Oldsmobile.

YEAH, THERE IT IS: blue Oldsmobile.

Is it the same license plate?

I don't know. Flip around. Let's see.

[MATHIAS] All right.



[FERG] Oh, shit.

No license plate.

Well, that's illegal.




Huh. I think
that might be one of our guys.

Mr. Nighthorse,
do you recognize this bumper sticker?

Yes, I do.

[QUINN] These were bumper stickers

designed to oppose the building
of your casino, correct?

- Yes.
- Would you tell the court

who designed and distributed
these bumper stickers?

- Martha Longmire.
- The wife of the defendant?

[JACOB] That's right.

So, Walt's not a fan.

I guess not.

[QUINN] In fact,

when Walt Longmire lost the battle
against your casino,

did he not begin
a campaign of harassment against you?

What does any of this have to do

with the wrongful death
of Barlow Connally?

We waited more than a couple of days

to get to the bottom
of the murder of Tucker Baggett.

We can wait a touch longer
for Mr. Bishop to get to his point.


My point is simple.

When Walt Longmire

doesn't get what he wants,

he increases the pressure.

Now, Mr. Nighthorse, isn't it true
that over the past five years,

Sheriff Longmire
has officially questioned you 16 times?

- 17, actually.
- Oh, yes. My mistake.

Not 16, but 17 times.

And how many of those times have
resulted in an arrest or conviction?


- That's right.
- And when Walt Longmire couldn't get

any of these charges to stick,

he went so far
as to accuse you, at gunpoint,

of killing not only his deputy,
but also his wife.

- Yes?

- The gunpoint...
- Yes or no, sir.


[QUINN ECHOING] Frankly, Mr. Nighthorse,

I'm concerned for your life

if Mr. Longmire isn't stripped
of his badge and gun immediately.

No further questions, Your Honor.

Uh, uh, hang on a second there,
Mr. Milgrom.


Thank you.

What just happened?

I think juror number 12
has written a note for the judge.


Sam Poteet.

I guess we're about to find out

why he wanted to be on this jury.



Uh, Cady. What are you doing here?

If we're gonna get a hearing,
we need to make an appeal

in front of the Tribal Council
this afternoon.

But first, we have to get your house
ready for Child Inspection Services.

Do you have batteries in your smoke
alarms or carbon monoxide detectors?

I don't have smoke alarms
or carbon monoxide detectors.

- That's okay, because I do.
- Oh. Okay.

Guess who won that round.

- You?
- No.

The judge decided that the jurors
can submit written questions

if they feel there's something
an attorney is overlooking.

He's gonna read Sam Poteet's question.

I'm gonna try to get access
to Sam's phone and e-mail records

to prove that he and Nighthorse
have been in communication.

[JUDGE DROOD] Mr. Nighthorse, I have a
two-part question from juror number 12.

"Was Mr. Nighthorse in business
with the plaintiff, Barlow Connally?"

Yes, I was.

"Given that,
did Barlow's association with the casino

make him a target for Sheriff Longmire?"

- No.
- No?

- Why not?

Because the sheriff had no idea that
Barlow was even involved in the casino.

Barlow's loans to me
were kept confidential.

How do you know Walt
Longmire didn't know?

[JACOB] Because Barlow told me.

He wanted to take
advantage of the influx

of tourists that my casino would bring.

But he never wanted Walt to find out
his long-term plans,

because, in fact,
Barlow was angling to ruin Walt.

He wanted to take away his land

and turn it into this massive
development project he'd cooked up.

Why should we believe you?

You're the one with all
the new customers.

Was this actually your plan?


I was never okay with Barlow's agenda,
and I did not participate in it.

As we've talked about,

I've had more than my share
of run-ins with the sheriff.

But, ultimately...

I believe Walt Longmire
is an honorable man.

And I'm not about to destroy
a man's name and livelihood

for the sake of making a profit.

Truth be told,
I've got a bit of a problem, actually,

with people getting their land
taken away by rich white men.

That's all well and good,

but you have no way of proving
Barlow Connally's intentions.

The hell I don't.

I've got e-mails, Your Honor,

that prove all of it.

I'd like to see these e-mails.

How 'bout we get those submitted
into evidence?

[FERG] I got a witness,
says your car was parked on Sartin Road.

Nah. No, nuh-uh.

It's a pretty distinctive car,
hard to mistake.

It's... nah.

[FERG] So, do you remember
going to an Ian Whitmore's house?

- Nah.
- What about Hector?

- Have you seen Hector?
- No, nuh-uh.



That was helpful.

Guy is even more wasted
than Mr. Blue Oldsmobile in there.

Even if they slow-danced with Hector,
they wouldn't remember.

Follow me.



- Aw. Look at Rusty.

This is the guy your
boss is looking for.

He can tell us about Hector.

I hate to wake him.

He looks so peaceful.

Well, there's gotta be something big
in those e-mails Nighthorse referred to.

Quinn Bishop just requested
a meeting with us in a couple hours.

You know what that is? That's...
That's a settlement conference.

It can't be that easy.

I feel like you should be
a little more excited.

You know, this is a good thing.

It doesn't feel like it.

Well, you know,

sometimes good things feel weird.


This is to inform you that...


Excuse me, Trevor.

What are you doing here?

This is Catori Long.
She's a teacher at Red Water.

We're working together and hoping to get
an audience with the Tribal Council.

Well, I'm afraid
the agenda is set for today.

I understand, but this...
This case is time-sensitive.

The life of a child is at stake.

[SIGHS] Okay.

I'll see what I can do.

- Jacob?
- Yeah?

Thank you.

I haven't done anything yet, Cady.

No, for what you did at my dad's trial.

I heard the prosecution
wants a settlement conference.

I haven't found
the owner of the silver Suburban,

but I thought
this was worth the interruption.

Mathias and I found Rusty.

I got Mathias to wait
before we questioned him about Hector.

All right.

How's the trial going?


[WALT] So, Hector beat you?

It ain't right.

I can't even walk into my own house.

That's how damn scared I am.
I asked you to help me, man!

[WALT] And we want to.

We want to stop this Hector.

But you're the only person
who can identify him.

Take a look what he did
to his last victim, Rusty.

- You see that?
- No, no, no, no, man.

You told us he was wearing a mask.

- Can you remember anything else at all?
- I don't know.

Did he drive a silver Suburban?

- I don't know.
- If you help us find him,

we can throw him in the jail,
and you can go home to your drugs.

- I remember he talked a lot.
- We need physical descriptions, Rusty!

Did you see his shoes?
Or were they boots, maybe blue boots?

I don't know.
He had my head against a wall.

I couldn't look down.
He was talking in my ear!

- Was he big? Small?
- I don't know... neither.

- He was more scary than big.
- What does that mean, Rusty?

I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know,

I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know!

- I don't know, I don't know!
- Come here.

What are you doing?!

- What are you doing?
- Come on.

He had your head against a wall.
Was it like that?

Yeah! I guess so, yeah!

Okay. Was he my size?

Maybe a little bigger?

No. He wasn't as big as you.

He was... He was, like, face-to-face
with me when he was coming after me.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure!

I don't think I'll ever forget that
motor-mouthed psycho as long as I live!


So, what do you think?

If I know two things about Darius,

it's that he's big and
he's not a talker.

I know he's our only lead right now...

but I don't think Darius is Hector.



[CADY] So, without your help
intervening on Tate's behalf,

we're afraid that he might die.

Thank you for the chance
to make this appeal.

Why aren't the child's parents here?

What do they have to say?

They don't support
getting treatment for their son.

Do they even know you're here?

Not to my knowledge.

So, do you know for certain
that the child is gonna die?


Are you 100% certain that without
treatment, this child will die?

No, I'm not 100% certain that he will,

just like you can't be
100% certain that he won't.

It's not up to us to decide.

But you are deciding, right?
You're judging.

You're... You are siding
with the values of Western medicine,

making a prognosis
about this child's future,

and ripping him from his home.

It's just temporary custody.

[JACOB] So you say.

But things don't always work like that.


I was 7 when I was taken from my home.

White man said it was
for my health and safety.

My health and safety were never at risk.

And I imagine this is a story
that many of us here can tell.

The "wisdom of the white man" has so
often been detrimental to our nation.

But it's staggering
how hard we've had to fight

for the right to raise our own children
in the way we see fit.

I don't need to hear any more.

Shall we vote?

[HUGO] Those in favor of bringing
this case before a tribal judge?

All those opposed?


[QUINN] Sorry I'm late.

Got a little lost. This would
have been a lot easier in town.

- Well, easier for you, not my client.
- Anyway,

I think we can all agree that
this trial has dragged on way too long.

So we'd like to propose a settlement.

How much?


Exactly the amount
covered by the county.

So I wouldn't have to pay a penny
out of my own pocket?

- That's right.
- Where do I sign?

Nowhere! You don't sign anywhere.

You take this, you're admitting
you did something wrong.

I know this man, and
he did nothing wrong.

And I know if you're willing to accept
that small a settlement,

those e-mails Nighthorse handed over
must be incendiary.

And you don't want them
read in court, do you?

- You want to risk continuing the trial?
- I do.

I want the jury hearing every word
of Barlow's correspondence,

read slowly in multiple languages.

And when it's over
and that jury rules in our favor,

I'm gonna make you and the Connally

Estate pay the entire
cost of this trial,

including the exorbitant legal fees
Walt Longmire has had to pay

defending himself against this bullshit.

We'll see you in court.


hang on.


So that's it.

He dropped the whole case.

- Told you I was good.
- Did you?

- I must not have been listening.

So, what are you gonna do to celebrate?

Go to work.



Corrected & Synced by Bakugan