Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 5 - Episode #6.5 - full transcript

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music plays]

[inhales, exhales]

[telephone rings]

[answering machine beeps, clicks]

[Walt] This is Walt.

[answering machine beeps]

[Dave] Good morning, Walt.

Uh, this is your wake-up call.

I... I know you know,
and you wouldn't forget

something this important or...

God forbid... be late, but, uh,
I just wanted to remind ya...

Your trial starts today.

I... I hope you slept well.

I didn't. I'll see you at 8:50.


Are you scared?

Well, I want to say "no," but...

you did see me bury my money, so...



I wish there was something I could do.

So do I.

[Western music plays]

This is an auspicious sight.

First time you've been on time.

[Walt] I've been on time.

Well, agree to disagree.

[inhales] Now, remember what I said.

When you're in court,
you want to look like

nothing bothers you.

Tucker's gonna say a lot
of upsetting things about you.

Don't let it get to you.

But don't look like you're trying
not to let it get to you.

There's a difference. People can tell.

The best thing really is
for nothing to get to you.

Just breathe...


Okay. See, you cannot do that.


What... You look like
you want to kill him.

I don't want to kill him.

Well, tell it to your face.

Now let's go.

[dramatic music plays]

[Tucker] Ladies and gentlemen,

righting wrongs is why I do this job.

But I can't do it alone.

I need your help.

Now, in the coming days,
folks are gonna tell you

that Walt Longmire is a legend.

I say never meet your legends.

They disappoint you.

Except for Buck Owens, of course.

- [laughs]
- [door opens]


Now, a lot of you told me
during voir dire...

What's the score?

...that you know Walt Longmire.

So, you know that he is
a man of few words.

But beware... Like my mama
always used to say to me,

"Never trust a man
who doesn't talk much."

What is he hiding?

Beneath Walt Longmire's stoic facade

lies a lawless man protecting

and serving his own self-interests.

And anybody who confronts
this sheriff ends up dead...

Like my client Barlow Connally.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please,

do not allow this sheriff
to continue to abuse his power

and ruin the lives of ordinary citizens.

Because believe me, I have the evidence.

I have a preponderance of evidence

that proves Walt Longmire's wrongdoing,

and I'm gonna walk you
through every single detail.


I'm not gonna make you
suffer through it twice.


[thud] No.

- I'm gonna yield the floor now.
- [suspenseful music plays]

I'm gonna yield the floor
so Walt Longmire's elite,

East Coast lawyer can show us
what he has cooked up

in defense of this indefensible man.

[dramatic music plays]

Is there a problem?

No, I just want to make sure
we've covered everything.

If you're satisfied with your statement,

just need you to sign it.

[pen clicks]

[Vic sighs, clears throat]

One more thing that I was...
I was wondering.

What's that?

If you could tell the media I was
the one that shot Chance Gilbert...

Wait, I'm... I'm not looking for
the credit or anything,

it's just that... [inhales]

Walt is in the middle of a trial,

and right now they're
implying that he shot Chance,

and he doesn't need
that rumor used against him

when they're already painting him
as a trigger-happy outlaw.

Well, you're gonna have to talk
to Sheriff Longmire about that.


He explicitly said that
you were not to be named

as the shooter in the press.

He seemed more concerned
with your safety than his own.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I gave the sheriff his sidearm back.

I assume you want yours, too?

- [papers rustle]
- Yeah.

[Hammond] One Glock 19 in working order.

[dramatic music plays]

Get some rest, Deputy.

I've been in your shoes.

I don't think that you have.

[dramatic music plays]

[door closes]

[Tucker] As the sheriff
of Cumberland County,

I imagine over the years you crossed
paths with your counterpart.

I have.

So why don't you tell us about
your most recent

run-in with Sheriff Longmire.

A few months ago, Walker Browning,

who's a respected citizen in my county,

called to tell me
that his buddy Trot Simic

had been shot dead by Sheriff Longmire

on the Crow Reservation.

Now, does Sheriff Longmire
have Crow DNA in him?

I mean, why else would he be
way over in the Crow rez?

I expect to avoid prosecution.

You see, a body on the rez
goes to the Tribal Police,

and they're too undermanned
to do anything about it.

[Tucker] That's clever.

So, what happened when
Mr. Browning accused

Walt Longmire of murder?

Well, Walt shot him,

and then he handcuffed him
to the hospital bed.


You're telling me Sheriff Longmire
shoots Mr. Browning's friend,

and then he shoots and arrests
Mr. Browning?

He didn't arrest anybody.

He just handcuffed him to the bed.

So I drove over to Absaroka County

and released an innocent man.

I'm glad it ended well.

- That wasn't the end of it.
- It wasn't?

- You're doing that thing.
- I know.

- [Wilkins] No, sir.
- [dramatic music plays]

[echoing] Sheriff Longmire
then unlawfully pursued

Walker Browning into my county...
No evidence,

no warrant, no nothing.

I put out a restraining order on him,

- but do you think that stopped him?
- [Tucker] It didn't?

[Wilkins] It did not.

If I hadn't physically intervened,

I'm not sure what would have happened.

I mean, just last week
I hear he gunned down

Chance Gilbert in cold blood.

[echoing] Objection! Hearsay!

[Tucker] Your Honor, this testimony

goes to the character of Walt Longmire

and to a pattern of behavior
we are trying to establish.

[normal voice] The devil's finest trick
is to convince you he don't exist.

[Judge Drood normal voice]
I will allow it.

Tucker Baggett cannot destroy my career

and my life with these lies.

Well, the good news is
I cross-examine Wilkins in the morning.

I'll correct some of those
gross mischaracterizations.

I mean, they are gross
mischaracterizations, right?

I mean, you didn't kill that
Trot Simic guy in the rez, did you?

- No, I did not.
- Great.

There any other witnesses to that?

Just the guy who says I did it.

And a hawk.


All right, Matlock.
You got to put me on the stand.

We've been over this.
It's not a good idea.

[Lucian] Why not?

No one can testify to
Walt Longmire's integrity

- more than me.
- What do we got to lose?

Oh, there's always more to lose.

But take a seat. [exhales sharply]

Let me ask questions that might come up.

Hit me.

So, how long ago did you retire?

Well, I still do some work around there

just, uh, here and there unofficially.

How long has it been since
you worked officially?

- 10 years, give or take.
- Give or take what?

Five years.

[Dave] So this is
a 15-year-old reference.

Whose side are you on?

All right. Let's try
a different line of questioning.

Your deceased brother, Barlow...
Did he leave you money?

- I don't care about the money.
- No further questions.

- I told you this isn't gonna work.
- Well, why not?

I know that Walt Longmire
was born into integrity,

and my brother was born a jackass.

He was ruthless and greedy.

I know the truth about
everybody in this county.

Yeah, but the truth doesn't matter.

It's about perception.
The perception will be that

you don't really know Walt anymore.

You're just defending Walt
and impugning your brother out of spite.

Well, here's my perception,
Mr. Lawyer Man...

If I was on that damn
jury, I'd hang him.

He'd be guilty.

So somebody got to do something.

- [dramatic music plays]
- [Walt] Lucian's right.

Somebody's got to do something.

[door closes]


[microwave beeps]

[knock on door]

[microwave whirs]

- Hey, Punk.
- Dad.

Hi. Come in.

I... I'm just nuking dinner.

[clears throat] Are you okay?

Yeah. I, uh... I stopped by your office,

but you weren't there, so I, um...

I've been kind of
avoiding the office lately.

Uh, sit down.

No. Is that why you were in court today?

I was in court to support you.

Well, I appreciate that, but, uh,

I'm not sure that that's doing
anybody any good

at all right now, so...

Listen, I know you and I
have had our differences lately,

but, uh, none of that changes the fact

that I still trust you most of all.



[envelope rustles]

[Walt clears throat]

Dad, this is a quitclaim deed.

What is this for?

I'm transferring
everything I own to you.


I can't let Tucker Baggett
take my home and my land

when I lose this case.

Property cannot be in my name.

Dad, it was one bad day.

- Dave Milgrom's a great...
- I didn't want to think

that it'd come to this point, either.

But it has, okay?

[dramatic music plays]

[Cady] Dad, wait.

[Walt] Please, Cady...

Don't come to the trial anymore.

I don't want you to see me like this.

You should go to work,
help the people you can help.

[door opens, closes]

[rock music plays]

♪ Mama, I've been
knockin' at your door ♪

♪ Ain't nobody home ♪

♪ Nobody home ♪

I can't have these.

[Walt clears throat]

Now start pouring.

♪ Ain't nobody home ♪

Start pouring, please.

Nope. Whiskey, please.

♪ Tell me, Mama, what I got to do
to get into your groove? ♪


♪ Get into your groove now, bad mama ♪

[telephone ringing]

[Walt grunts]

[Henry] It's a beautiful day
at the Red Pony, a continual soiree.

This is Henry.

Hey. Henry's taking too long.

♪ Oh, my God ♪

♪ Oh, my God ♪

♪ Can't you see I'm gonna let you go? ♪

♪ Don't ya know? ♪

♪ Don't ya know? ♪

[Walt] Keep 'em coming.

♪ I'll do anything I got to do ♪

[blows raspberries]

[eerie music plays]

♪ To you ♪

♪ To you ♪


♪ To you ♪


♪ Yeah ♪

♪ To you ♪





[sighs, groans]

[retches, coughs]


[exhales sharply]




[telephone ringing]

[clears throat]


- Vic?
- No, it's Mathias.

You need to get out here to the Res.

I can't. Uh...

Call Ruby, have her send the Ferg.

I... I have to be in court.

I don't want the Ferg,
and I don't want to talk on the phone.

It's got to be you, got to be now.

[cellphone beeps]

[dramatic music plays]

[telephone beeps]

[indistinct radio chatter]

What is it?

Follow me.

You need a Kleenex or something?

Yeah, I didn't think
this one would wreck you.

[dramatic music plays]

Hope you got an alibi.

I didn't do this.

Okay. Where were you last night?

I was at the Red Pony...

drinking whiskey.

Too much, from what I can smell.

[Walt] There's no blood on the ground...

Just on his shirt.

I don't think Tucker was shot here.

This is not your crime scene, Sheriff.

Now, you better get moving.

You're gonna be late for court.

Though, I think somebody's
gonna be later than you.

[dramatic music plays]

This just doesn't make sense.

Why didn't the judge call a mistrial?

If a lawyer dies, it should be
an automatic mistrial.

[sighs] I got to admit,

I've never had anything happen
like this before.

I mean, an attorney murdered
during the trial.

That's mob stuff.

Can I use your phone?

Do you think it is?

Mob stuff?



Vic, uh, why aren't you picking up?

Um, I'm, uh...

I need you to call me back.

[cellphone beeps]

You realize she can't call you back.

You don't own a cellphone.
She'll be calling me back.

[vehicle approaches]

Longmire. We need to talk.

- No, just Walt.
- [car door opens]

What is this, a scene from Goodfellas?

Murdering the lawyer who's suing you.

That is some third-world-level

I didn't kill Tucker Baggett.

Bullshit. And before you get any ideas
about rubbing me out, too,

you should know my driver's armed.

Sawyer, I didn't do this.

There's absolutely no evidence.

[laughs] Since when
has that stopped you?

Here. I typed up
your resignation letter.

It's short,

but, then, you are a man of few words.

Sign it.

[suspenseful music plays]

- Now.
- Stop the car.

Walt, this'll be easier for everybody
if you step down voluntarily.

- [Sawyer] Walt!
- [tires screech]

[Sawyer] Walt!

Walt! [car door closes]

[dramatic music plays]

Hey, Walt. How was court?

Mathias. What are you doing here?

Questioning your deputies...

Or rather, deputy... about
the high-profile murder on my rez.

I told him I didn't know anything.

Where's Philly? She wasn't upstairs.

Vic? I don't know.

That's interesting.

You got her address?

She moved.

[scoffs] W-Where'd she'd move to, Walt?

You realize you have no authority

to investigate off the rez?

You realize that
not cooperating makes you

look like you have
a reason not to cooperate?

I never cared what I look like, so...

[Mathias] Okay.

I'm trying to give you every chance

to show you got nothing to hide, Walt.

Well, I appreciate that.

I hope you appreciate I don't want you

questioning my deputies
when I'm not here.

You got your keys, Ferg?

- Uh, yeah.
- Good. Let's go.

[dramatic music plays]

[engine starts]

[Walt] Okay, Joe-Mega.

If Vic does turn up,
please call me immediately.


[cellphone beeps]

Well, she's not at the trailer park.

- Sure she didn't call in or anything?
- [sighs] Yeah, no.

Look, Walt, I want you to know
I didn't tell Mathias much.

I just arrived.

He didn't have time
to ask me many questions.

He just wanted to know
the last time I saw you.

I told him it wasn't since
your trial started.

This is it.

[smacks lips]

So, are you really a suspect
in Tucker Baggett's murder?

[Walt] Yep.

Can I have those gloves?

Do you think Tucker Baggett was killed

- in his own home?
- [blows]

I don't know.
But he wasn't killed on the rez.

[Ferg] You sure this is a good idea?

I mean, this is Mathias' investigation,

and you are his suspect.

[Walt] Yep.

And I'm still the sheriff.

[exhales sharply]

[door creaks]

[suspenseful music plays]

No sign of forced entry.

Alarm's not going off.


Right here.

The bullet that hit Tucker Baggett

was a through-and-through.

There's no exit hole here,

so the slug's probably
lodged in this chair.

Tucker had a black rolling bag,
a leather shoulder bag.

See if you can find them.

Look for a computer,

calendar, cellphone, anything.

I'm not seeing any bags or briefcases.


here's Tucker's revolver.

[gun clicks]

Seems like Tucker didn't get to use it.


No slug.

Whoever moved the body
was smart enough to take it.

[vehicle approaches]

Ferg, take pictures.

[car door opens]

- Of what?
- [car door closes]


No, no. Use your cellphone.

[cellphone beeps]

[door opens]

[camera clicks]

[camera clicks]

[Walt clears throat]

Just what the hell
are you two doing here?

Investigating a crime.

The one you're a prime suspect in?

- Just doing my job in my county.
- Not anymore, you're not.

The mayor asked me to take over,
do this job for you.

You're officially off the case
and under investigation.

Now, I don't have to tell you folks
how bad this looks,

finding you here,

cleaning up a crime scene,
tampering with evidence.

Not tampering... just looking around.

You see anything you like?

Check it out.

All right, you know the drill.

Get out here, hands against the wall.
Come on.

Well, you look about
as bad as I expected.

[door closes]

- Need a little help?
- No, thanks.

There's some breaking news
might make you feel

a little bit better...

I was over to Connally
Enterprises today.

It seems, with Tucker's passing,
they need to name a new executor

for Barlow's estate.

And guess who they chose.

Little old me.

Does that mean you're rich?

Only in headaches and paperwork.

It does mean this, though, Walt...

As executor, I can choose
not to pursue a suit against you.

- I can drop that case.
- No, Lucian. You can't.

Why the hell not?

'Cause they'll say
that you and I colluded.

I killed Tucker, you,
uh, get to become executor,

- then you drop the case.
- Oh, come on, Walt.

Who in the hell's gonna believe
you killed Tucker?

Well, the mayor, for one.

He's already taken me off the case,

replaced me with Jim Wilkins.

- That liar?
- Yep.

Well, you have to find other suspects,
Walt. I mean, come on.

Tucker was a lawyer, for God's sake.

He got to have enemies
from here to Hell's Half Acre.

Check his office files
for past lawsuits...

I can't! Lucian, legally, I'm powerless.

I know that feeling.

Where you going?

I just want to be alone.

[door slams]

[insects chirping]

[engine shuts off]

Where you been, Vic?

Sorry. Have you been trying to call me?

About 100 times...
I killed Ferg's battery.

Oh. I must have, um, misplaced my phone.

You know, maybe I left it in your cabin.

Vic, where have you been?

- Out.
- I gathered.

When'd you leave?


Need to be more specific.

Um, okay.

It was, um...

after I spoke with
Marshal Hammond in the morning.

I went for a drive.

This is starting to feel
like an interrogation.

- What's going on?
- Tucker Baggett was murdered.

Someone shot him.

[dramatic music plays]

And they think you did it.

Oh, God.

And you don't have an alibi
because I wasn't here.

[Walt] Actually, Vic,

it's you that doesn't have an alibi.

What are you saying?

I want to take a look at your gun.

I assume the Marshal's
returned it to you.

[Vic] Yeah.


[dramatic music plays]

[gun cocks]

Was he shot with a 9-millimeter?

Don't know.

Whoever did this knew enough

to take the slug from the crime scene.

They also knew to move
the body to the rez...

Things a cop would know to do.

Meaning the two most obvious suspects
in this murder are you

and me.

[Lucian] Keepin'
banker's hours, I guess.


What's he doing here?

Said he has a surprise.

Ah, you don't have to
get feisty with me, Walt,

because right here,
I got suspects galore

in Tucker Baggett's day planner.

[Ferg] Really?

I didn't see that at his house.
How'd I miss that?

'Cause you were searching
in the wrong place, Ferguson.

I found this one here
at the other office...

The one at Connally Enterprises,

where he was working as a CEO.

- How'd you know to go there?
- 'Cause it's the same damn office

where I was made executor
of that estate yesterday.

I just went back.

They just let you waltz right in?

Ferguson, nobody notices old people.

Once you're past
the 18-to-49 demographic,

nobody gives two eggs out
of the same hen about you.

There are a couple things
scrawled on Tucker's last day.

Here's a Post-It Note with the name

Allen O'Brien written on it.

"Allen" with an "E."

I'll try and track him down.

[suspenseful music plays]

Over there, you find something else?


- [scribbling]
- Well, do tell.

Well... Tucker whited someone out.



Ain't got my glasses on...

Oh, goodness.

Alex Graham.

Now, what are the odds
of seeing that name

on the same day that Tucker's shot?

I don't know. But I can ask.

[exhales sharply]

Uh, Alex?

It's Walt Longmire.

Yes, it has been a long time.

Uh, are you in town?

[suspenseful music plays]

[music ends]

[exhales sharply]

[knock on door]

Imagine if Barlow had seen us meeting

in a hotel room like this.

[chuckles] He'd have shot us both.

Hi, Alex.

You want to grab a coffee in the...

Oh, I have coffee. Come on in.

[door closes] [Alex] I was so sorry

to hear about Martha.

Did you get my note?

- I did.
- Oh.

Well, I meant every word of it.

[mugs clink]

Oh, why don't you take off your coat?

- No, thanks.
- [mugs thud]

What were planning
to meet Tucker Baggett about?

[liquid pours]

You know, sometimes people like
to just talk for a while

before they go leaping
into the thing that they...

[inhales] really want to talk about.

Thanks. Well...

I guess I've never been
too good at that.

No... slow as molasses,
but always in a hurry.

[exhales sharply]

I just want to get my due.

What do you consider your due?

Well, I was married to
that son-of-a-bitch Barlow

for a long time,

and I deserve something for those years.

- Didn't he pay you alimony?
- Not enough.

And I wasn't named in the will.

I think I deserve more...
like that house.

I found it, I designed
it, I furnished it.

Now I just want to sell it
and get my half.

What did Tucker say to that?

Well, he turned me down... on the phone.

But, you know, I don't
like to hear "No,"

so I decided to come out here
and make a personal appeal.

I can be, uh...

more persuasive in person.

Were you able to persuade Tucker?

I never got the chance.

He canceled on me.

Apparently, he had to go to court.

Something about a sheriff...

who shot my ex-husband.

You know that Tucker's dead now, too?

I heard.

Poor thing.

Why are you still here, Alex?

[exhales sharply]

[hushed] I just wanted to
spend a little time here.

[normal voice] You know,
there are things about

this little town that...

I used to like.
[suspenseful music plays]

Also occurred to me
that the new executor

will be named who's gonna
oversee Barlow's estate.

So I was hoping that he might be

a little more sympathetic to my request.

Thanks for the coffee.


Are you sure you don't want to stay?

Sorry, I'm, uh...

I'm in enough trouble
with your ex-husband.

[door opens, closes]

[Ferg] Vic? What are you doing?

Aren't you supposed to be home resting?

Don't start with me.

I had to come in.

I got to prove that Walt didn't
kill that asshole lawyer.


Why is Wilkins on this case?

I guess the mayor saw it as
a conflict of interest

for Walt to investigate Tucker's murder.

[telephone rings]

Yep. I'm here.

Did you find any prints
at the crime scene?

We didn't have time to look.

Go ahead.

Okay, perfect.

Thank you so much.

Okay, look... I found an Allen O'Brien

who's a possible suspect in this case.

I'm gonna go talk to him.

[clears throat]

You're okay here?

Yeah, sure.

[door opens]

[dramatic music plays]

[door closes]

- [radio crackles]
- [Vic] Walt, where are you?

I'm heading back to the station.

Vic, why are you on the radio?

You didn't go into work, did you?

I did, and you can yell at me
about that later,

but right now you can't come here.

Wilkins is parked out front.
I think he's looking to ambush you.

Walt? Hello?

I'm here.

As long as you're there,
I need a background check

on an Alex Graham from Park City, Utah.

Alex Graham? Who's he?

[Walt] She. Barlow's ex-wife.

She was supposed to meet with Tucker
on the day he died.

According to her, they never met.

Uh, but she showed up here
out of the blue, and now he's dead.

You think maybe she's our guy?

[Walt] She had an ax to grind.

She was cut out of Barlow's will.

Check when she arrived

and see when she's scheduled to fly out.

Then check her phone records

and her financial situation.

Okay, but you cannot come here.

I won't... not till I have an alibi.

[softly] Alex Graham.

Alex Graham.

I did not see you during that time.

[Walt] But you had
the keys to my Bronco.

[Henry] I did.

So I couldn't have gone anywhere.

Unless you borrowed a
car or took a taxi.

I am only projecting
what Sheriff Wilkins would say.

Do you think I killed Tucker Baggett?

Do you?

Walt, do you remember that night?

Most of it.

Some of it.

In parts.

Did you check your gun?

I don't need to check my gun, Henry.

You saw me right out there.

I saw you sit down, but
later, I went out.

How? Your truck was totaled.

Yes, but as you pointed out,
I had your keys.

You took my Bronco?


A few nights ago, a Silver Suburban

driven by a man dressed like Hector

ran Nighthorse and I off the road.

The other night, I heard of another
Hector incident on the rez.

I had to see if I could find out
who is doing this.

Why are you just telling me
about this now?

You have had a lot on your mind lately.

Henry, is there really another Hector,

or are you trying
to make me think there is?

Is it still just you?

Did you put on a mask
and go kill Tucker for me?

I did shoot somebody for you once...

but not this time.

[dramatic music plays]

When did you shoot somebody for me?

When you were on the
Crow rez with Gab...

and Walker Browning.

You shot Trot Simic?

It seemed the only choice.

I guess I should thank you.

And I should apologize...

because I cannot supply you an alibi.

I will only make you look more guilty.

[dramatic music plays]


[Vic] You've been here over an hour.

- What do you want?
- I want to talk to your boss.

He didn't kill Tucker Baggett.

And how do you know that?

Because I was with him.

You spent the night with him?


My RV is parked at his cabin.

[sighs] So you're living with him?

What I am saying...

is that he was home
all night at his cabin,

so he couldn't have killed Tucker.

Okay. I'll make a note of that.

[clears throat]


Something else you want to tell me?


You're loitering.

[dramatic music plays]

[music stops]

[exhales sharply]

[knock on door] Busy!

It's me... Walt.

Get on in here.

Behold... my millions and millions

and millions of sheets of paper.

Are you still looking for
the Anson Hamilton treasure?

That all has been put on
the proverbial back burner.

But you did not come here
to talk about treasure.

I can deduce that, 'cause
I've been sheriff myself.

So what's on your mind?

I checked my gun,

and I can't tell if I fired it
two nights ago at Tucker.

There's three rounds missing,

but I can't recall the entire evening...

too much whiskey.

Let me see your gun.

Give it to me.

The last time I'm sure I fired it
was at Chance Gilbert.

I can't remember how many times.

You did not do this, Walt.

How do you know?

I know your character,
just like I told your lawyer.

Desperate men do desperate
things, Lucian.

And the thought of Tucker
getting his due

has crossed my mind.

Forget your mind, Walt.
I know your soul.

You got to start looking
for other suspects, Walt.


What about that Allen...

Allen O'Brien.

Allen O'Brien... What about him?

We haven't found him.

What about Barlow's ex-wife?
What about her?

I don't know yet.

She's a... She's a hard one
to figure out, so...


You know that she did not
come to visit Branch not once?

I know she's the
stepmother and all that,

but I find that shameful,
and I don't think that's right.

Do you? That ain't right.

With Wilkins in charge of this,

I can't even look
for evidence against her.

Forget the evidence, Walt.

You got to start with motive.

It's like I taught you
all them years back...

Only two reasons to kill somebody...

Love, money.

Well, if she did this,
she did it for the money.

She told me she wants half
the profit from the sale

of Barlow's home.

So you'll know before I do
if that's all she's after.

- Why's that?
- She told me she wants to meet with

the new executor of the estate.


Well, appreciate the heads-up.

I'll be sure to go to that
meeting armed. [gun cocks]

Here's your piece, Walt.

It ain't missing three rounds no more.

[suspenseful music plays]

Hear me...

You did not do this.

[footsteps approach]

Thanks for letting me know
the coast was clear.

What made Wilkins leave?

He's lazy.

I think he just gave up.

Oh, and I looked into,
uh, Barlow's ex-wife.

She flew in when she said,
but on a one-way ticket.

Don't you find it strange
that she'd hang around

if she'd just murdered someone?


strange is the new normal
around here, so...


Who's that?

One of the Allen O'Briens.

Ferg brought in a bunch.

[door closes]

[indistinct conversations]

[telephone ringing]

[Walt] Ferg.

One second.

You learn anything?

Yeah... a lot of Irish
settled in Wyoming.

- This is the 13th of 20 Allen O'Briens.
- Hello?

Problem is, none of these Allen O'Briens

have any connection to Tucker
or even heard of him.

- Let me know as soon as you...
- Okay.

Thanks. That was ADT.
There's been a break-in.


Barlow Connally's.

The new normal, right?

Vic, you're not coming.

Take over the Mr. O'Briens here.

- Ferg, with me.
- Yep.

[alarm blaring]

[suspenseful music plays]

Alex, put down the gun.

Put it down.

Ferg, tell ADT to shut off the alarm.

I know this woman.

I remembered where Barlow kept the key.

I just couldn't remember the alarm code.

- [alarm stops]
- Okay.

- [sighs]
- Alex, why are you here?

[cellphone beeps]
- It's amazing, isn't it?

Barlow kept 35 guns in this house,

and not a single picture of Branch.

You know, Barlow wouldn't allow me
to see Branch after the divorce.

I don't know what he told him.
Probably that I cheated...

- [tape tears]
- ...and ran off.

I never cheated.

Alex, what are you doing here?

I am collecting my belongings.

Excuse me.

You know, Walt, I could really
use a hand with these boxes.

Fine. Deputy, you look strong.

Perhaps you can help.
My U-Haul's around the side.

Okay. Great. Just stand there.

And if the new executor
has a problem with this,

I'll be in Park City.

Alex, stop.

What were you doing with that gun?

Barlow's gun collection
would be a good place

to hide a murder weapon.

Were you returning it
after shooting Tucker?

I never killed anybody, all right?

- [suspenseful music plays]
- And this stuff is mine.

Barlow took everything from me,

including my stepson.

Did you know that I sent
Christmas gifts to Branch

every year and that every year,

they were returned to me unopened

until finally I just gave up,

because Barlow and Tucker had
told the court that I was unfit,

that all I ever cared about was myself.

All of it was lies,

and you know what happens.

I understand... believe me, I do.

But I'm gonna need Ferg to bag that gun

and for you to come with me.

Walt, I am so sorry.

I wouldn't let Moretti call and warn you
I was here this time, Walt.

Damn near had Mathias throw her
in the cell for obstruction,

but it's not my county.

That's right.

And it's not your station,

so get out.

Actually, per the mayor of Durant,

I'm 100% authorized to be here.

I'm investigating the murder
of Tucker Baggett.

I got some questions for you.

"Who is this beautiful woman,

and why is she in custody?"

She's a suspect in a murder.

- Tucker Baggett's murder?
- He says.

Well, it's not his investigation.

I'm sorry he bothered you, ma'am.
You're free to go.

Why, thank you, Sheriff.

You're coming with me, Walt.

No, I'm not.

- You have no grounds.
- Yes, I do.

I have a Cheyenne eyewitness
who saw that Bronco

on the Res the night Tucker was shot.

Now, you can explain all of that
to me and the mayor.

He's waiting on us.

Let's go.

[suspenseful music plays]

You know what, Moretti?

You might as well come along, too.

Excuse me.

You better go, Philly.

[footsteps depart]

[Wilkins] So, I'm not so sure I'm buying

that alibi you handed me this afternoon,


Deputy, I selected Sheriff Wilkins

as an unbiased investigator,

and I'm here representing
all the county commissioners,

and we just want to know
the truth about this whole mess.

So please answer the question.

Why are you lying for Walt Longmire?

Deputy, you really want to be
covering for a murderer?

I didn't do this.

You had the strongest motive, Walt.

I'm gonna have to ask you for your gun.

What good's that gonna do?

You don't even have a slug
to compare it to.

And how do you know that?

'Cause you dug the slug
out of that chair?

Jim caught you
tampering with the crime scene.

He frisked me on-site.
Didn't find anything on me.

You had time to dig the slug
out of the chair

after you murdered Tucker

and before you took the body to the rez.

Unless that was somebody else
driving your Bronco

around the rez in the night.

The bartender at the Red Pony tells me

you were wearing a fancy suit
the night Tucker was murdered.

Where is that suit, Walt?

I bet it's got Tucker's blood on it.

- I want to see that suit.
- And I want your gun and badge...

- [knock on door]
- now.

I'm sorry. Do I have the right room?

I'm looking for people being interviewed

illegally without the
benefit of counsel.

Oh, here they are.

Sheriff, Deputy Moretti.

Now, please.

[Sawyer] Don't think this is over, Walt.

I will not sit back and let
a murderer police my county.

I would've thought you,
of all people, would know

not to talk to the cops
without a lawyer present.

Cady, how did you know to come here?

Mathias called me.

So, are you representing me now?

I was going to get you a good
criminal-defense attorney.

I thought I had more time.

But I guess I don't.


You weren't here the night of,
uh, Tucker Baggett's murder,

so you have no idea
if I was here or not.

Why'd you lie?

'Cause you can't go down for this.

You didn't do it.

Do you know I didn't do this...

because you did?

When I gave your gun to
the marshals, it was empty.

When I checked it last night,
there was a new clip in it.

But there was one bullet missing.


You said you wished there was something

you could do to help me.

Now I find a bullet
missing from your gun.


So, what did you do?

I just...

went for a drive.


I don't know.

What do you know?

I just drove and drove

and... and lost track of time.

So, I got, uh, tired

and pulled into a campground.

[dramatic music plays]

This family, they pulled in,

- and they piled out of their car.
- [laughs]

And at first,
they were all walking really calmly.

And then, uh...

And then this little girl,
she was like 6 years old,

she just started speed-walking.

And then they all just broke out
into a, uh, race for the bathroom.

[laughter echoes]

That family, that little girl,
they were so happy.

They were...
They were having so much fun.

[clears throat]

I just watched them.


Them and... and her, and I just, uh...

I was thinking.

And I don't...
I don't know how long for.

Eventually, I, uh...

I needed some air,

so I...

I got out of the RV.

It's the first moment of peace
that I have had.

[suspenseful music plays]

I finally...

saw a way out.

[dramatic music plays]

[breathing shakily]


Um, but I couldn't go through with it.

That's why a bullet
was missing from my gun.

Because I ejected it.

I couldn't do that to you.

I... I couldn't be the...

thing that brought you more pain.

So what do I do? I lie,
and I just make the situation worse.


No, the only way my situation
could be any worse

is if you weren't here right now.

I swear to God.

Now, you can never, ever do
anything like that again.

You promise me.

I promise.

Hey, Sheriff. You wanted to see me?

Yes, Mathias.

Uh, I did.

I just wanted to thank you
for giving Cady

a heads-up about Wilkins yesterday.

Yeah, well, I don't
like the way he's been

reverse-engineering the evidence
to fit the crime.

So you believe me?

When I called you out to the Res,
you were shocked.

You weren't acting.

So yeah. I believe you're innocent.

But Sheriff Wilkins doesn't.

He thinks a cop committed this crime.

You gotta admit, Walt,

between taking the slug
and moving the body,

someone knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, I don't have
any other viable leads.

What about Alex Graham or Allen O'Brien?

Either of those come up
in Tucker's records?

What records?
We haven't found any records.

The home was cleaned out.

What about his other office,
the one at Connally Enterprises?

He didn't have an office there.

Tucker only worked from home.

- Really?
- Yeah.

So I don't know about this
Alex Graham or Allen O'Brien.

All I know is you and your friends
are the only people

with an apparent motive to kill Tucker.

So, good luck with that.

[door closes]

[dramatic music plays]

[Lucian] One box of...


They told me at the retirement home

that you were here, so...

Yeah. I'm glad to see you.

I could use your help
with this here inventory.

Barlow was like a high-end hoarder.

I mean, he was either
a shoddy bookkeeper

or some stuff is missing. I don't know.

Well, we did catch Alex Graham stealing

some of Barlow's stuff yesterday.
She said it was hers.

She couldn't get
what she wanted legitimately,

so she stole it?

Or killed for it?

I don't think it was Alex.

I think it was Allen O'Brien.

Who's that?

He was on a Post-It Note
in Tucker's day planner.

You remember, there was an Allen O'Brien

supposed to meet with Tucker
on the day he died?

Oh, yeah, him. Did you find him?

[Walt] We found 20 of them.

Then it dawned on me.

I know which Allen O'Brien it is.

Which one is it?

Well, it's Sean O'Brien's brother.

Help me out here.

He's a cattle driver.

First shows up on page 121
of Lonesome Dove.

"'Since you've not
bothered to murder us,

I'll introduce myself, ' he said.

'I'm Allen O'Brien
and this is young Sean.'"


Well, that's a hell
of a coincidence, Walt.

[chuckling] Yeah.


You know, you were the one
who gave me Lonesome Dove.

You said it was one of
your favorite books.

Hell, I ain't read it in years. [sighs]

Is that really true?

Is it really true that you found
that day planner

at Tucker's office
at Connally Enterprises?

Yes. And you are still welcome,
by the way.

Except Tucker never worked out of
Connally Enterprises.

Has no office there.

So you didn't find it there.

I think you took that day planner
from Tucker's home office.

After you killed him.

The crime does seem like
it was committed by a cop...

Former cop.

Only a professional would know
to remove the slug

and to dump the body on the rez.

Did you use Allen O'Brien
as a pretext to see Tucker?

How many books have you read
in your lifetime, Walt?

Can you remember them all?

Allen O'Brien is the 20th
most important person

in Lonesome Dove.

That's a novel of 800-plus pages.

Well, it was a good book.

[Lucian sighs]

Yeah, it is.

This is a good book.


I just wanted to do one last
good thing in my life, Walt.

One thing of dignity.

I mean, God knows
I've punished enough men,

put 'em in jail, shot 'em.

I wanted to help someone.

Someone good.

I wanted to help you, Walt.

So yeah.

I called up Tucker Baggett.

I was posing as one of Barlow's
old friends named Allen O'Brien.

Told Tucker I needed his help,

was going through a nasty divorce.

- [suspenseful music plays]
- [door closes]

You're not Allen O'Brien.

And you're certainly
no friend of Barlow's.

Hello, Tucker.

I apologize for the subterfuge,

but I know you wouldn't
have seem me otherwise.

You went there to kill him?

No, sir.

I went there to talk to him,
man to lawyer.

I really thought I could convince him.

I'm asking you to drop
this lawsuit against him.

And why would I do a thing like that?

Because you can.

Because Walt's a good man.

I mean, look at your house.

You don't need no more money.

And the world needs more men like Walt.

Listen to me, Tucker.

Great Hunkpapa Lakota Chief
Sitting Bull always said,

"There's two dogs inside of me.

One of them's mean and evil,
and the other's good.

And they're fighting each other
every day."

When somebody asked Sitting Bull,
"Which dog is winning?"

he said, "The one I feed the most."

My brother Barlow fed that mean
and evil dog every day, Tucker.

And I know you got that good dog in you.

I know you're feeding that good dog.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass.


It behooves me to ask you,

why are you doing this?


Well, because I can.


Let the record show I tried.

[gun cocks]

I never dreamed they'd try
to pin this on you, Walt.

I'm sorry for it.

Then again, I didn't consider that

there'd be a man
of literature on the case.


I tried to cover my tracks.
I guess I missed a few.

I still think I did a good thing.


Since when is killing a
man a good thing, Lucian?

When it saves you, Walt.

He had you down.

He was bulldogging you.

You said yourself
somebody had to do something.

You said that.

And you agreed.


Do I need to cuff you, Lucian?

You ain't gonna handcuff me, Walt,

'cause I ain't going to jail.

Sure as hell ain't gonna die there.

Alzheimer's, reverse mortgage.


getting old is crappy enough.



Lucian, wait up.

No, and I know you ain't gonna
shoot me in the back, neither.

- I said stop!
- Fine.

We'll just stand here and shoot it out
like men here and now.

I'm not gonna shoot you, Lucian.

I'm gonna shoot you, then.

- No.
- I'm gonna pull on you, Walt.

- You're not.
- Yes, I am.

And you know I am, right now.

- Uno, dos...
- Damn it!



[Lucian] Shit!



Oh, shit.

- [breathing heavily]
- [grunts]

Damn it.


- Are you happy?
- [Lucian chuckles] I'm...

I'm getting there.

Now you gotta...

You gotta finish it, Walt.

Figure I've stayed too long
in this damn rodeo.

Too long on the job,

too long in the life.

Allen O'Brien said,

"This goddamn country

has burned up my tears."

So give me some dignity, Walt,
and finish me.

Finish it!



Shit, I knew it.


[breathing heavily]




Yeah-hoo! Yeah-hoo!



- [Lucian] Yeah-hoo!
- Hey!



- [screams]
- Lucian!




[Walt] Lucian!

Lucian, Lucian.


Oh, Lucian.


Oh, Walt.


I couldn't...

I couldn't let them take you down.

[laughs weakly]

Why are you smiling?

I didn't think nobody'd ever
come to my funeral.

I wouldn't miss it, you bastard.

I wouldn't miss it.

[somber music plays]

[mid-tempo music plays]

Corrected & Synced by Bakugan