Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 4 - Episode #6.4 - full transcript

[WALT] Hockey's a thing
I'll never understand.

I mean, uh, who can explain

that, uh, two-line offside,
uh, pass rule, right?

I mean, for a sport
that's basically a bar fight,

you know,
hockey's got a ton of rules, Vic.

Then there's the puck.

You know, that thing moves so fast,
I don't know how anybody follows it.

- [WOMAN] Sheriff, your ETA?

[WALT] Here. Keep your hand on there.

Right there. Come on.

That's it, right there.

Just for a sec.

Okay, Vic. Okay.

I'm just past County
92, ten minutes away.

[WOMAN] Copy.


Come on, Vic.

You stay with me. Come on.

Come on. Come on, Vic.

- Come on, Vic. You stay with me.

Come on. What else, huh?

Let me see, uh...

I know.

You remember The Pirates of Penzance?

Um, I am the very model
of a modern major-general.

I have, uh, information
vegetable, animal and mineral.

I know the kings of England.

I quote the fights historical...

from Marathon to Waterloo,

in order categorical.


Hey, Vic!

Come back to me!

Come on. You hear me?

Come on, Vic. Say something, Vic.

Come on.

[WEAKLY] Walt.

Stop talking.

I got you, Vic.

[DOC WESTON] Come on!

- What's her condition?
- She's still conscious.

Still bleeding pretty heavy.

- Where are they at?
- Yeah, yeah, upper thigh.

- We got to move it, Doc.
- Let's get the table prepped.


[MAN] I got a pulse.

It's gonna be okay, Vic.


Hey, Doc.


She's pregnant.




Hey. Walt.
I got here as fast as I could.

How is she? How's Vic?

I asked you to watch her
and keep her safe!

I tried, okay? She tricked me.

I went in to check her RV,
and she took my car!

- And you just let her drive away?
- No!

I called the station,
but Ruby couldn't find you,

and I had to figure everything out
on the police scanner.


[DOC WESTON] Sheriff.

Deputy Moretti's out of surgery.
I need to talk to you.


[FERG] ...were all over the crime scene.

And, uh, Marshals took Chance's body
for the autopsy report,

so we don't have to worry about that.

Uh, they're gonna want statements
about the shooting from you and Vic,

when she wakes up.

Nobody talks to Vic until I say so.

[FERG] Um, okay.

Um, the Marshals
are gonna want you and Vic

to hand over your sidearms
for the ballistics report.

[WALT] Fine.

And, of course, the press is going crazy

about who shot Chance Gilbert.

We don't talk
about ongoing investigations.

[FERG] Yeah, that's what I told them,
but you know reporters.

Look, it's been a rough night,

but the good news
is that Vic's gonna make it.

And you guys are, like, heroes
for taking down a federal fugitive.

Anyway, Walt, why don't you go home,
get some rest?

I'll call you as soon as she wakes up.

I'm not going anywhere.

Okay, well, you got to eat something.

Got a breakfast sandwich here.

It's probably cold by now, but...

it'll just take me a second
to nuke it down the hall.

Just leave it.


Thanks, Ferg.

Call me if you need anything.





I know that you have much bigger things
on your mind right now,

but it's about my mom.

Um, I just got a call from the police.

Wait. I am the police.

The entire department's
in the building right now,

so... who called you?


Why don't you hang back for a second?

- Morning, Mathias.
- Morning.

I understand you have
a Mrs. Beverly Joyce in custody.

Not exactly.

Oh, her daughter thought, uh,
she'd been detained.

She asked me to come
and smooth things over.

The daughter's a... friend of mine.

Well, your friend's mom tried
to rob the casino.

Come on, now.
I'm sure that's not what she was...

An older white woman goes belly-up
on a blackjack hand,

starts screaming her head off,

calls the dealer a,
quote, "Indian giver,"

then scoops all of her chips
into her purse

and takes off running.

Where's Mrs. Joyce now?

Locked in a car.

- In the parking lot?
- Nope.

Right there.

Grand prize on the Big Wheel.


Listen, um,
I know this isn't my, uh, jurisdiction,

but would you consider letting her go

if I can get her
to leave the chips behind?

This would mean a lot
to your friend, huh?

Please, Mathias.

Well, the casino doesn't want a scene.

So if you can get their money back,
we're good.


What seems to be the problem, officer?

Good morning, Mrs. Joyce.

I'm Deputy Ferguson,
and I'm just wondering if you could...

I know who you are, Archie.

I was teasing.

I saw you come in with my daughter.

You know,
she talks about you all the time.

And now I can see why.

It's like I'm talking to Cary Grant
crossed with Raymond Burr.

Thank you.

Um, Mrs. Joyce.

I think there's been a misunderstanding.

A misunderstanding about what, dear?

Why you're locked in this car.

I'm glad you brought that up.

Honestly, this car?

Not so hot.

For a supposed grand prize?
Well, what do you expect?

Indians! A bunch of dirty scalpers!

[WHISPERS] Mom, you are not allowed
to talk like that!

And you need to unlock the door
and get out of the car right now.

Oh, honey.

I don't know if you've noticed,
but we are surrounded by a war party.

Mom! What is wrong with you?!

[FERG] Okay, okay, guys!

Everybody calm down a little bit, okay?
Mrs. Joyce, take a breath.

Mother, Archie said that
they are going to put you in jail

if you do not give
them back their money.

Their money?!


These are my chips, fair and square,

and no one...

Not you or Big Chief Casino
or Deputy Dreamboat here

shall rend us asunder!

- Please, Mrs. Joyce!
- Mom!

- Sorry, Archie.
- This is so embarrassing.

I'm just gonna write her a check,
so can you block the window?

Don't let her see.

How much is it?

It's $3,056.

Okay, um, so she has to think
that she can keep the chips.

It's the only way she's gonna get out
of the car.


This is not how I imagined
introducing the two of you.

[RUBY] Uh, the sheriff's department's
in a bit of a crisis at the moment.

We're a little understaffed.

Of course.

- How is Vic doing?
- Oh, well, her surgery went well.

Walt's at the hospital,
waiting for her to wake up.

- You want me to get a message to him?
- No.

- I can find someone else.
- [TRAVIS] Hey!

A little help here!


I will find another ride to Cheyenne.

Thank you, Ruby.

People are never there
when you need 'em, right?

I am here now.

What can I get you?

Just grab another whiskey.

Or, uh, just give me the bottle.

I'll stop bugging you.

- We do not offer bottle service.

I bet you would if I had
a sheriff's uniform on, right?

That's all it takes
for the waters to part in this town.

I guess now is the time
I am supposed to ask what is wrong.

I'm the one who should be at the
hospital when Vic wakes up, not Walt.


I said it. [CLEARS THROAT]

- I think that is a legal matter.
- That...

That is a moral matter.

Sure, I don't, uh,

I don't have a ring on my finger.

I'm not kin. I don't have a badge.

I'm the one who's been taking care
of her this whole time.

And now, when the shit hits the fan,

it's, "Travis who?
Oh, sorry. Your name's not on the list."

I was unaware that you and
Deputy Moretti were... involved.

Well, that's the price I pay
for discretion, I guess.

Hit me.

You know what my problem is?

- There's just one?
- I'm a giver. Give, give, give.

And I keep waiting for somebody to say,

"Hey, thanks so much, giver guy.
You're the best."

But nobody does that, because
nobody wants to give anything back.

So I got to change things up.

I got to stop giving
and start taking what I want.

I mean, what do you think?

I might try to not make everything
about myself.

[SLAMS BAR] Exactly.

I mean, this is about Vic's needs,
all right?

And right now, what she needs is me.


I need to be there for her.

I'm gonna go right back down there,

and I'm gonna tell Walt
and that doctor what's what

and who's who and who's...

Who to... what to...

Hit me. [SIGHS]

Only if you give me your car keys.


- I can't do that.
- Why not?

Because I don't have a car.

The sheriff's got that, too.
It's part of the crime scene.

All I got...[SIGHS]

are Vic's keys.

It's crazy, right?

I can go anyplace in
her life with these.

But I can't even tell her how I feel.





Is he dead?



Yeah, he's dead.


Hey, uh...

- Want some water?
- Yeah.


That's good.


It's good to see you awake.

It was, um...

It was kind of touch-and-go there
for a while.

They said they got all the bullet out
of your leg.

Um, you're gonna be fine.

But it nicked an artery,
so... it was pretty close.

Thank you for getting me here.

[WALT] Sure.

Doc Weston told me that...

people that lose as much blood as you
don't usually make it.

Um... but because of your condition,

you had more red blood cells than usual,

and that helped you hang on
till we got you to the hospital.


But you lost too much blood...

...for the baby to survive.

I'm really sorry, Vic.

I should have told you
that I was pregnant.

That's okay, Vic. It's...

That's really none of my business.

I think I didn't because it...
It didn't feel real.

It was still so soon...

so early, but...

...I guess now
the decision's been made for me.

Do you want to be alone?


Listen, it's up to you,

but sometimes, um, it's a good idea
to mark something like this.

If you want,

I can help arrange
a private ceremony or...

No. No, no.

I don't... I don't...

I don't want anything like that.


tell the hospital
that they can take care of it.


They can do whatever it is they do
in situations like this.

I just don't want to think about it.


I'll let 'em know.

It's gonna be okay.

I just feel terrible
that I don't feel more terrible.

Is that wrong?


Not if that's the way you feel.


[MAN] Is that Chance Gilbert's blood?

[RUBY] Walter. Good morning.

How's Vic?

Well, she's awake.

Doc says she'll be good in a few days.

Meantime, could you get those
reporters out of here?

Yes. Sneaking up here like rats.

I already told them to stay outside.

By the way,
the marshals are in your office.

Oh, goodness, please!
Ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations, Sheriff.

We were kind of ticked when you got
to our escaped fugitive before we could,

but, hey, you saved one of our own
while you were at it,

so all's forgiven.

Well, right place, uh, right time,
I guess.

But I can't take credit.

Deputy Moretti shot Chance Gilbert.

Wow. That answers question 1.

I'd appreciate it
if you could keep that to yourselves.

I have the feeling that the press
thinks I shot him.

I'm fine with Chance's family
thinking that.

Vic's been through a lot,
without them coming after her.

We can't exactly lie to the press,

[HAMMOND] Well, these things take time.

Weeks of painstaking investigation,
big case like this, blah, blah.

We can hold off the press for a while.
No problem, Walt.

- Appreciate it.
- How's your deputy doing?

She's gonna pull through.
She's pretty tough.

We'd like to get a statement while
the events are still fresh in her mind.

Sure. Can you give her a couple of days?

Yeah, of course we can.

If you could turn over your weapons
for the ballistics report.

Here's Vic's and mine.

I fired it, but I didn't hit Chance.

[HAMMOND] It was a hell of a night
out there.

All those hidey-holes in the ground.

Had the bomb techs going till dawn.
Those Gilbert people were nuts.


Those nuts been up to anything unusual
since the news of Chance's death?


Our job was to locate and apprehend
Chance Gilbert,

and, thanks to you,
mission accomplished, Sheriff.

Are you telling me
that nobody's watching the family?

[HAMMOND] We may be the Feds,

but we don't have unlimited resources
to be watching over

otherwise-law-abiding citizens
24 hours a day.

Those law-abiding citizens
held my deputy hostage.

They tortured and beat her
with a baseball bat.

Last night, she killed their leader.

You're telling me they're not gonna have
a problem with that?

[WOMAN ON TV] Details are trickling in,

but we can confirm
that escaped fugitive Chance Gilbert

was captured and killed
last night by the

Absaroka County Sheriff's Department.

The latest
in a string of deadly shootings

involving that county's troubled
sheriff, Walt Longmire,

who is currently
facing a wrongful death lawsuit.

We're also hearing about other injuries,
but so far,

no other fatalities have been reported.

Back to you.


The marshals are pulling out.

There's nobody watching Chance's family.

I'm headed there now.

[FERG] You need backup?


I want you to check
the family's social media,

see if there's any, uh,
any new declarations or revenge threats,

anything to do with Vic.

Head over to the hospital,
keep an eye on her

until we can figure out
what's going on with the family.

Okay, Walt. I'm on it.

[SIGHS] Thanks for everything, man.

I don't know what I would have done
if she had gone to jail.

It's all right.

- How's your mom doing now?
- Napping.

She's done stuff like this before,
off and on,

but never this bad.


chemo brain.

Oh, no.

I'm so sorry, Meg.

- I didn't know your mom had canc...
- No, no, no, no.

Just don't say the "C" word.

I would have told you.

I didn't want it to be
the first thing you knew about me.

She doesn't like being treated
like a helpless victim.

I wish you could have met her before.

She was so clever and creative.

Do you see those pictures over there?

So, I was obsessed
with those Madeline books

and anything having to do with France.

So my mom made these handmade costumes,

and then we would walk around town
pretending we were on vacation in Paris.

- Wow.
- It's kind of funny,

'cause the farthest
I ever got away from home

was when you took me to Pagosa Springs.

We didn't have any money.

My mom worked herself to the bone
at the grocery store.

She would take me hunting,

rather than ever have to accept
any kind of handout.

Ohh. Wow.

That's a Savage 99.

With the shell counter
and the schnabel forestock.

- Oh, that's beautiful.
- They don't make 'em like that anymore.

That's my grandpa's gun.

- Oh, damn it!
- What?

She's hiding chips.

That's why she wouldn't undress
for her nap.

The agreement I made
with the Tribal Police

is that I have to take all the
chips back to the casino.

[SIGHS] I know.



Hey, everything's gonna be all right.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Whew. It's a lot, you know?

It's just, it's so nice to have
someone like you, who cares about me.

And I just...

I don't want to mess it up.

You're not messing anything up.

I hope the two of us showing up together
does not send the wrong message.

I do not want the FBI to think
we are coordinating our stories.

No matter what we say, they'll
just assume the Indians are lying.

You want some?

- You sure? It's hours to Cheyenne.
- I am more of a Twizzler man.

Oh, Henry.


You know...

I owe you an apology.

I shouldn't have involved you
in my dealings with Malachi.

You were punished for my mistake.

What could I do with that guy? [LAUGHS]

I mean, what could I do?

It was banish him or kill him.

There was a third choice.


What we are doing now...
Turning him over to the FBI.

But then the Feds might have
suspected you of colluding with him.

They still might.


[DR. SANDERS] Wonderful. Yeah, yeah.

I'll see you guys here, what,
in another couple weeks or so?

- All right, sounds good.
- Okay.


You really shouldn't be out of bed.

So you heard, then?

I did.

I was really sorry to hear about it.


Can we talk?

[VIC] I guess I just have
all these thoughts

going around in my head,

and I'm a little confused.

About what, exactly?

Um, I was told that the baby died
because I lost too much blood?

Yes, and in situations where the fetus
is not viable outside of the womb,

the priority always goes
to saving the mother.

Is there something else?


Could you tell me the sex of the baby?

Vic, the... the hospital was told

that your wishes
were not to preserve anything.

Did... Did we get that wrong?

No, no, that's, um... that's right.

I guess I just thought
that maybe you would have seen it

on one of the ultrasounds
and not told me

because you thought that I wanted it
to be a secret or something.

No, it was too early to tell.



W-What about, uh...
Maybe I could have the prenatal file?

Sure. I can make you a copy.


I know it may seem like
getting more details

will help with the grief,

but from my experience,
when something like this happens,

surrounding yourself with people
who have gone through a similar loss

is actually more helpful.

If it's okay,
I would like to give you some literature

for a grief-counseling group.

A lot of couples and single women
have gone through this.

And your hormones will be...

Let's just say you'll experience
some intense emotions

and possible depression
for the next few weeks.

And that's totally normal.

Just try not to make any big decisions
for a while.







Don't move.

Turn around where I can see you.


I might have killed you.

You missed your chance, then.

How'd you get in here?

I had, uh, Vic's keys from her RV.

Now, I heard that that Amon guy used
to work here.

How come I can't find his file?
I've been through all the A's.

"Eamonn" is spelled with an "E."


With an "E"?


That's crazy. What is he, Amish?

Travis, you're drunk.

No shit.

I bet Ee-mon is sober, though, right?

I bet Ee-mon is so great.

You... You tell me
what makes Ee-mon so great, huh?

Is he smarter than me?

He a better bull rider than me?

He... He better-looking than me?

He's quieter.

Did he get to go to the hospital
to see Vic?

Is he the real dad?

Does everybody in this town know but me?

Eamonn wasn't at the hospital, Travis.

Are you gonna tell me?

Tell you what?

All I know is
that Vic made it out of surgery,

but the, uh...


What happened?

Baby didn't make it.


So, Eamonn was the father, huh?

- I don't know.
- Oh, come on.

To hear Vic talk about it,
you know everything

that happens in this town.

Come on. You know.

Or is it you, huh?

Is that the secret
of the whole goddamn universe?

Are you the dad? Come on! Huh?!

Are you the father?! Tell me!

- Tell me!
- Stop it! That's enough! You stop it!

Now, I don't know
who the father was, Travis.


Come on.

- Why don't you sit over there a minute?

Come on.

Come on.



I'm sorry.



How is she?

She's okay.

Travis, I shouldn't have blamed you
for what happened to Vic.


That wasn't your fault.

We both know
if she decides to do something,

nobody can stop her.

God knows I've tried.


Will you please pick one?

There's nothing but talk radio
and preachers out here.

[WOMAN] ...more on the shocking death
of escaped convict Chance Gilbert

following a shootout
with the sheriff of Absaroka County.

I love how everybody gets worked up
over one dead white lunatic,

but couldn't care less
about organized crime on the res.

The FBI spent hours interviewing us
about Malachi.

That suggests they care a little.

When an FBI agent
drops your statement into that envelope

and then ties a string
around that little figure eight,

it's never gonna get
looked at again, man.

I hope you are wrong.

I'd settle for country music
at this point.

Maybe we could just try silence.





How about those Cubs?





Will you page Dr. Sanders again?

Oh, wait. Never mind. Here she is.

Here's your file, Vic.

I wish there was more.

But one new thing did come up.

During the emergency procedure,
before your transfusion,

the baby's blood type was determined.

I know it's not much,
but it's something.

Thank you very much, Dr. Sanders.

- I appreciate it.
- Of course.

- Take care.
- Mm-hmm.

[WALT] Vic.

Ferg called and told me
you were checking out.

- That's a bad idea.

At least I'm not ripping out my tubes
and running down the hallway half-naked

like some people I know.

I got my official release.

I got my meds.

I know how to dress my wound.

They woke me up, like,
every two hours last night.

I just want to go home and sleep.

All right.

[FERG] Vic.

Don't forget your stuff.

Why don't you go home
and get some sleep, Ferg?

It's my turn.


Hi, Meg.

What's up? How's your mom?


Okay... calm down.

Just don't do anything till I get there.


- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah.


You got what you wanted.

You're home.

Now, there's, uh,
there's something else you have to do.

No, I already took my pain pill,

and the antibiotic's
in another four hours.


You need to call Travis.

He's worried about you.

I'll go get the rest of your things.

Excuse me.

You work here?

Well, I don't call it work per se,
but, yes, I keep it all humming.

Name's Joe-Mega
'cause I used to be a mega-partier,

but now I'm just mega-blessed.

All right, Joe, have you seen
anything or anybody suspicious

in the last few days?

Well, we do celebrate diversity here
at the Chrysalis, but...

Oh. Wait, now.
There was that graffiti incident.

That the kind of thing
you're talking about?

Yep. That's the kind of thing.

Do me a favor, Joe.

Call the sheriff's station

if you see or hear anything out
of the ordinary.

Yes, sir. I will peel my eyes.

Not to worry.

Thank you.

And I told her,
"That is not the gambling money.

That is your cancer-treatment money."

She starts freaking out at me

because I say the "C" word
and was treating her like a child.

And I was like,
"Mom, you are acting like a child.

You were hiding those chips."

And so I'm going to work
and I'm taking her keys.

Then I came back for my break,
and she is gone.

I'm really sorry
to put you through this again.

It's okay. It's okay.

Now, besides the wig and the purse,

what else is missing?

Oh, nothing.

Can you put out an alert or a miss...

- A missing persons report or something?
- Look, look, look.

95% of people who go missing
show up within 12 hours.

She probably just needed to calm down
after your argument.

We see this sort of thing all the time.

- You do?
- Are you kidding?

All the time.

Now, does she have any favorite places
she likes to go?

Um, yeah, I mean,
she loves secondhand stores

and pet stores and, um...

she has, like, a real thing
for these potato skins at Dairy Queen.

That's great!

These are good places
to start, all right?


The Savage 99. Did you move it?

Oh, my God.

She took Grandpa's gun.








[VIC] You moved my house.

Well, you said you wanted, um,
peace and quiet.

That trailer park is anything but.


Do you think Chance's family
is coming after me?

Well, they have before.

They know where you live, so, uh...

Why don't you eat your eggs
before they get cold?

You need protein.




Being here will, uh, give you some time

to... think about your statement
for the marshals.

I, uh... I held them off
for a couple of days.

I can hold them off more, if you like.

No, it's okay. I'll
talk to them tomorrow.

You sure?


Eat up.



Yeah, Walt, a Joe-Mega just called

from over at Vic's trailer park,
said you talked to him this morning.

I did. What does he want?

He reported a strange-looking package
that just got delivered for Vic.

Call him back.
Tell him I'll be there in 20 minutes.

So, did you, by chance,

tell your mom you wrote a check
to the casino?

Um, it might have slipped
while we were fighting.

You don't think she went back, do you?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I hope she didn't do anything stupid.

- Does she keep that rifle loaded?
- No, I mean, not, like, loaded loaded.

There's always one in
the chamber, though.

- What makes you think it's a bomb?
- It's just a feeling you get.

You know, some packages say
"Happy birthday, sweetheart,"

and some say "Call the police."

- Who delivered it?
- I don't know.

I wasn't in the office when it came.

Now, I'm somewhat of a handwriting...

I won't say expert, but enthusiast.

You see how the writer
pressed down real hard

and everything slants left?

Now, that suggests deep insecurity
and hostility.

And the red ink... ohh.

Frankly, that's just a
little on-the-nose.

- You have a cellphone?
- I do.

But I am trying to break myself
of the habit.

I'm gonna need you to
fall off the wagon.

I want to get some pictures of
this thing before I move it.

Yes, sir.


What's going on? Did you get something?

No, it's just... other sheriff business.

There's no sign of your mom inside.

Okay, well, at least
she didn't commit another crime.

Yeah, um, I was thinking...
That Savage 99,

with the shell counter
and that forestock,

that's worth quite a bit.

What if she's trying to sell it?

No. No, that's my grandpa's gun.

She'd... Well... maybe.

She's always been unpredictable,

and now she's got this chemo brain,
making her do crazy things.

Hey, Ruby, it's Ferg.

Can you check all the local pawnshops

for anyone trying to sell
a Savage 99 hunting rifle?

And, Ruby...

find out if any hospitals have admitted
an older female gunshot victim

in the last five hours.





You wanted to see me?

Whoa. What happened to you?

Nighthorse and I drove to Cheyenne
to talk to the FBI about Malachi.

Malachi clearly knew we were there.

You saw him?

He sent Hector after us.

Well, we know that can't be true.

It was someone dressed as Hector,

wearing a black hood and a red sash
around his neck.

He ran us off the road.

- Did you get a license plate?
- It happened too fast.

And you're sure Malachi's behind this?

Malachi already wrote "Hector lives"
in stones

to make us think he was dead.

If he used the idea of Hector
to mislead us,

why not send a man dressed as Hector
to terrorize us?

Then Malachi is closer than we think.

It would seem.

And using Hector as a hit man.

We have got to find him
before he tries again.


Your head's already got a target on it.

You and Nighthorse need to lay low.

I'll keep an eye on him,
let you know if anybody reports

any new Hector sightings.


You're packing, right?


[DONNIE] Heard you got shot.

[VIC] Uh, yeah,
but it's not that big of a deal.

And, um, you don't need to mention

that I, uh, personally dropped off
this evidence, all right?

What you looking for, exactly?

Simple blood type.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

I can do that in, like, 30 seconds.
Except I can't right now

'cause I'm in the middle
of this other thing.

But, uh, when that's done,
I'm all about you.



Paternity test?

Donnie, you know that I cannot discuss
an ongoing investigation.

Of course not. Got it.

Well, if you want to wait,
I only got the one other thing.

No, no, no. I can't.

Um, just, uh,
let me know whenever you know.

All right?

- Absolutely.
- Okay.

Great to see you back
at work again so fast.

Thank you.


I have called over the area,

and Mrs. Joyce has been seen
trying to pawn that Savage 99.

[SIGHS] That's fantastic, Ruby.
Which pawnshop?

All of 'em.

Okay, thanks.


[RUBY] Walter.

Everything okay?

I need a red pen.

I told her, "That's a helluva rifle,

but not that helluva rifle."

Would you say Mrs. Joyce
was acting confused or strange?

She was offended when I offered her half
of what she wanted.

Yeah, she's trying to
start a bidding war.

She's not a bad person.

- I never said she was a bad person.
- Well...

You know, I really don't need you guys

coming in here giving me grief.

[MEG] Okay, I was asking one question,
and you totally freak out.

All I'm trying to do
is help that little old lady.

[MEG] Cool. Okay.


- What are you doing?
- Ohh.

Drive, driver! Drive!

No! Jamie, stay right where you are.

- Come on! I'm just doing my job!
- What, delivering pizzas?

No, it's a ride-sharing service.

It's called Uber.

There's Uber in Absaroka?

Not officially, no.

I didn't want to go through all
of the red tape, background checks.

That's not illegal, is it?

- Damn it, Mom! Unlock the door!
- Hang on, hang on, hang on.

- Jamie, give me your keys.
- Oh! You're after her.

Oh, that makes sense,
'cause she's crazy!

She's had me driving all over the county
for, like, three hours.

- Hello, handsome.
- Hey, there, Mrs. Joyce.

Um, I'm gonna have to ask you
to step out of the car

and hand over your weapon now,
all right?

- So, the jig is up?
- Pretty much.


[MEG] And I'll help you.

Why did you run off like that?

I want an explanation.

I have the right to remain silent.

You are not under arrest!

Well, why not?

Aren't I a terrible mother?

You work yourself to death.
You take care of me.

You got no friends,
no time for a personal life.

Mom, it's okay.

I thought if I could get you back
that $3,000 somehow...

This place made me the best offer.

It's only $1,200.

But I-I-I-I...

Mom, come on.
Hey, you can't sell it. Come on.

Oh, tell me about it.

Nobody in this county
knows a blessed thing about firearms.

Come on.

Let's get you guys home.

Um, the fare came to $134.

First ride's free.

Aw, son of a...



Walter! Is that glue?

You better open a window.

- You can get high on that stuff.
- It's okay.

I'm just repairing this for somebody.

Well, anyway,
Donnie, the lab tech from the hospital,

- dropped off these blood test results.
- Who ordered a blood test?


Okay, uh, thanks, Ruby.

You can just leave them on the desk.


[WALT] Hey, Vic.


[WALT] You want to eat?

Uh, sure. I'll be right over.

[WALT] Not hungry?

[SIGHS] Not really.


You want to talk?

Not really.


Mind if I do?



You said something back at the hospital.

Um, you said that the, um...

The baby didn't seem real.

I'm not sure that's true.


When I first found out I was pregnant,
I thought it was the end of my life...

My job, my freedom.

And then I realized,
for the first time in my life,

I wasn't alone.

My baby was with me all the time.

And somehow I...

I don't know, call me crazy,
but I knew it was a girl.


Don't know how, but...

And, um...

I don't know what to do
with all of that now.

How do you get over loving someone
so much that you never met?

She's gone, and, um...

I don't know anything about her.

Is that why you, uh,
drove the RV into town

and tried to find out
who the father was?

- You didn't open that, did you?
- No.

Do you want to?

I don't know.

I don't... I don't know. Um...

before all this happened, I, um...

I didn't want anything
to do with the guy.

I was gonna do it all on my own.

But the last day or so,
I've just been thinking that...

That if Travis was the father, that...

maybe it could help fill in some
of those blanks, you know?


I didn't even call him.

What kind of a person does that?

Yeah, I'm just letting everybody down.

- No. That's not true.
- Yeah, it is.

I should have never
gone after Chance alone.

That was just stupid and selfish.

And I wasn't thinking
about the baby once.

And don't...

Please don't tell me
it's gonna be okay again.

Please don't tell me it's gonna be okay,
'cause it's...

Why isn't anyone mad at me, you know?

You, Travis...
Somebody should be mad at me.





My baby is gone.

And she's gone because of me.

I did this.

I did this.


You're here because of her.

She saved your life, Vic.

I can't be mad about that.


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan