Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 3 - Episode #6.3 - full transcript

[VIC] Travis?


- Hi.
- Hey.

I feel like I´m eating for ten.
What do you have for breakfast?

[TRAVIS] Um...

I-I don´t know. Uh...

You are no better than I am.

Hey, uh... folic acid.

Thank you, but I need calories,
or I´m gonna pass out.

Oh, well, y-you don´t want that.

These are, uh... These...
These are full of sugar.

Um... how about one of these?

You look, uh, really nice today.

Thank you.

It´s the only thing left that fits,

and I am sure in the next two weeks,

I won´t even be able
to get into this one.

Know why you´re hungry all the time?

You´re not getting enough iron.

Um, why don´t you, uh, come by tonight,

and I´ll... I´ll cook us up
a steak dinner?


Shit. I am late for court.

Oh. Uh...

Seven o'clock?



[VIC] Walt?


What? You´ve seen me dressed up before.

I´m the one who should be gawking.

I didn´t even know you owned a suit.

Oh, yeah.

Um, you didn´t need

to be here for me today.

This is just jury selection.

Oh. Um... I´m not,
actually, here for you.

Uh, the D.A. is bringing murder charges

against Chance Gilbert, so...

When did that happen?


I guess they found new information

or new evidence against him.


I guess if you´re here,
you helped them find it.

If Chance wants to be
on death row, I say send him.

Is there a reason you didn´t
tell me about this?

Yeah. Sometimes it´s...

Sometimes it´s hard to tell you things.


No. No. No. No.

What have I said about
you being seen together?

We don´t want potential jurors

thinking you´re still... going at it.

- We never were.
- Vic´s my deputy.

It doesn´t matter.

I don´t want anything going wrong today.


Good luck.

He´ll need it.

We win or lose this case

depending on who gets selected today.

Good morning, fellow citizens.

You are here for voir dire
in the case of

the Connally Estate vs. Walter Longmire,

which is basically a fancy way of saying

we´re choosing the jury.

Now, my name is Judge Drood,

which rhymes with "screwed,"

which you´ll be if I catch any of you

trying to weasel out of your civic duty.

Now, for today´s proceedings,

you´ll be in the very capable hands

of attorney for the plaintiff,
Mr. Tucker Baggett.

And for the defense,
we have Mr. Milgrom.

But first, a few general questions.

How many of you are familiar
with Sheriff Walt Longmire?

Whoa. My goodness.

Ah, you´re one popular guy, Sheriff.

Well, let me rephrase that.

How many of you have had
a run-in with Sheriff Longmire?

Oh, boy.


Your Honor, can I say something?

Oh, go right ahead, sir.


Please... call me Trey.

As someone who´s been a victim
of abuse at the hands

of law enforcement,
I´m psyched to finally see

the wheels of justice turning.

And I´m honored to be
part of their lubrication.

Your Honor, is this voir dire
or auditions for 12 Angry Men?

I, for one, appreciate civic engagement

from our youth, Counselor.

Don´t you?

[QUIETLY] This is gonna be a long day.

[JUDGE MAYHEW] Counselor,
your client has pleaded

not guilty to criminal possession

of a Schedule II controlled substance,

and you´ve requested
he be released on bond.


Deputy Moretti?

I don´t see Chance. Am I late?

Uh, no. He´s serving as his own counsel,

so the judge scheduled him last.

You don´t have to be here, you know?

No, I-I know.

Chance is gonna waive
his rights and enter his plea.

It´ll take five minutes.

It´s important for me to see this.

I understand.

Oh, wow. Didn´t take long
behind bars to break him, huh?

Juror Number 12, welcome.

Thank you.

Now, it says in your questionnaire

that you´re a plumber.

[SAM] That´s right.

So, let me ask you this, then.

Um, if you were renovating
a house and you found

a rusted pipe behind a wall,
would you feel it your duty

to disclose that to the homeowner?

Sure. It could bust
and cause a lot of damage.

Good. So, honesty and transparency

are important to you?

Objection, Your Honor.

To which? Honesty or transparency?

Your Honor, I´m merely asking this juror

his opinion of home maintenance.

Should a rotted fixture be removed?

[DAVE] He´s making thinly-veiled

accusations against my client
and leading the juror.

Your Honor, I believe our
Native American friends

can think for themselves,
but if Mr. Milgrom believes

otherwise, why, I´ll... I´ll withdraw.

[JUDGE DROOD] Thank you, Mr. Baggett.

Now, Mr. Milgrom, any questions?

That juror´s lying about not knowing me.

Ask him if I´ve ever
accused him of being Hector.

Let´s... not get into that.

Juror Number 12, who employs you?

Lots of people.
I´m an independent contractor.

You ever worked for Jacob Nighthorse?


Mr. Nighthorse will be
called by the prosecution

to testify against my client.

You really think you can be
impartial to his testimony?

I do.

[DAVE] Uh-huh.

You know, I-I-I noticed you
didn´t raise your hand earlier.

You don´t know Sheriff Longmire?

Can anyone ever really know
another man´s soul?

Let me phrase that another way.

You ever have a run-in with the sheriff?

I´ve never been arrested.


Ask him if he was ever drugged
or kidnapped by Branch Connally.

Mr. Milgrom, it´s time to move on.

Um, opposing counsel was granted

substantially more time
with these jurors.

Mr. Baggett didn´t waste time
whispering to his client.

Let´s take a 15-minute break,

come back and make
some decisions, please.




Here we are again, Mr. Gilbert.

Let´s make this quick.

In the case of
Wyoming vs. Chance Gilbert,

do both parties agree
to waiving the reading

of the formal charges?

We do, Your Honor.

Excuse me, Your Honor.

I would like to hear the charges

that are leveled against me.

Mr. Gilbert, an arraignment
is to be gotten through

as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You will have ample time
to pontificate at your trial.

I appreciate that, Your Honor,
but nevertheless,

I would like to hear the charges.

[JUDGE MAYHEW] Chance Gilbert,
you are charged with murder

in the first degree for
the death of Matthew Coates.

Because Mr. Coates was a census taker

in the employ of the federal government,

you are subject to
a 20-year enhancement.

Add to that another
enhancement for the use

of a firearm during
and in the furtherance of...

Should I really go on, Mr. Gilbert?

There are 15 pages here.

I suppose I heard enough.

Those are serious charges, Your Honor.

[JUDGE MAYHEW] Yes, they are.

And if you´re found guilty,

you could be facing the death penalty.

Would that be by lethal
injection or a firing squad?

I hear you´re bringing them
back here in Wyoming.

[JUDGE MAYHEW] Whatever floats
your boat, Mr. Gilbert.

Now, might I bother you for a plea?

I am an honorable man

who takes responsibility
for his actions.

I plead...


[DAVE] We´ve got one
peremptory challenge left.

It´s between Number 3 and Number 12.

Number 3 is a small-time drug dealer

who´d sell out his own grandmother.

But Number 12, Sam Poteet...
He´s hiding something.

You think he´s here
as a spy for Nighthorse?

I wouldn´t put it past him.

Only you can know
which man hates you more.


We should strike Sam Poteet.


I need a coffee.

You sure about that?

[SIGHS] Funny.


Sheriff Longmire.

Would you mind if I said
goodbye to an old friend?

Make it quick.

Thank you.



Look at us...
Two prisoners of conscience,

both at the mercy of a system that will

never, ever understand us.

Where are they taking you?

Um, death row.

So you´re committing suicide
by the U.S. Justice system?

Yeah. Fortunately,
I found someone to help me

when you didn´t.

You see, there´s still
a few people left in this world

who are willing to aid
a man of principles.


Honor... it´s a funny thing,
don´t you think? Honor?

Sometimes it tells you
to stand up and fight,

and sometimes it tells you
it´s time to go.

[RUDOLPH] Speaking of that,
get up. Let´s go.

[TUCKER] The guarantee of a fair
trial by a group of one´s peers

is what makes this country great.

Rarely have I had the honor
to convene such a group

of thoughtful and patriotic men
and women such as yourselves.

You´re good-looking, too.


Your Honor, I believe this, uh,
jury selection is satisfactory.

Unless, of course,
Mr. Milgrom has an objection.

- I do.
- Well, of course you do.

We´d like to strike Juror Number...

Just... a moment, Your Honor.

Why not?

I thought you said Number 12 hates you.

Sam Poteet is a White Warrior.

Whether I share his principles or not,

at least he has them.

I´ll take my chances
with that over a punk like Trey,

who couldn´t even spell "principles."

Besides, Sam´s the only one

who didn´t laugh at Tucker´s joke.

We´d like to use our remaining
challenge on Juror Number 3.

Aw, come on!

Juror Number 3, you are excused.


I still get paid, right?

Walt! Walt!

I need you.

It´s Chance. Now.

[JUDGE DROOD] Everybody keep your seats!

- Keep your seats!

Sit down, everybody! Keep your seats!

Vic! What the hell happened?

I don´t know, but it´s bad.

Wait, wait.

[CHANCE] Stay down, little sheeple,

and no one will get hurt.

- Stay down!
- Get back!

Stay down, little sheeple!
Little sheeple, stay down!

No one´s gonna get killed!


Stay down!

Shit. He´s getting away.

Stay down!

There´s another exit. Come on.

There he is!



[VIC] What the hell?



Take them off. See your faces.
Off. Off. Come on.

[MAN] Hey!

[EUBELL] Rudy. You okay? Come here.

Sit here.

What the hell happened?

Asshole dragged me
into the middle of all this.

Next I know, I´m lying on the ground.

Must've cold-cocked me.

You see where he went?

All I could see was legs.

[GROANS] Shit.

Walt! Walt! Over here.

Ferg, these men in gas masks...
Find out who they are

and why they helped
Chance Gilbert escape.

Chance must have come through
here and ditched the mask.


Let´s get a look
at that security footage.

[WALT] Sheriff´s department!

Hello? Sheriff´s department.

Did a man in a gas mask
come through here?

He came through the front,
left through the back.

You didn´t think to stop him?

- I was mid-ink.
- We´re gonna need to see

your security footage... now.



Here you go.


[WALT] Whose motorcycle is that?

I don´t know. Never seen it before.

The plates have been removed.

Can you rewind, please, to yesterday?



Great. Someone dropped
it off for him last night

when it was too dark for
the cameras to pick it up.

- Okay. Let´s go. Thanks.
- Yeah.

We need to track down
Chance´s family immediately.

They weren´t in court today.

Maybe ´cause they were
planning his escape.

I need you to call the Federal Marshals.

Have them meet us at Chance´s compound.

I want roadblocks on every route
leading out of Absaroka.

Stop every motorcycle. Search every car.

He might have switched vehicles.

- Stop right there!
- Hands up!

- Stay where you are!
- Helmet off!

[WALT] We need to scour
every inch of this county.

Chance Gilbert is not
getting out of Absaroka.

[MARSHAL] One, two, three.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

It´s clear back here.


[MARSHAL] Come on. Come on.

- Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.


- Truck is clear.

[RUBY] What do you mean,
they can´t do it? Yeah.

I need more coverage there.

Tell them to go south.

Yes, right now.


Any luck?

- No.
- Which is why we should

still be out there looking.

[WALT] The Marshals are
handling the foot search.

We can be more use here.

Why don´t you call the Tri-County jail,

uh, see who´s been to visit
Chance since his last trial.

You mean besides me?

And me. Yeah.

Then set up an interview
with his cellmate.

Walt, you need to see who was under

one of those gas masks.

So, Bob, how´d you
get mixed up in all this?

Like I told Ferg,
I-I answered a Craigslist ad.

It said to come for
a job interview at 1:00 p.m.

at the corner of Court Street and Main.


And it said to wear
a red bow tie, black suit...

and a gas mask.

That seemed normal to you?

The ad said that
it would be a dangerous job,

but lucrative.

What do you think that meant?

I don´t know.

I wasn´t too keen
on the... the "dangerous" part,

but I haven´t worked.

I haven´t worked since
I got out of jail.

And Billy´s... Billy´s
rehab bills are killing me.

I don´t know. I just...

The "lucrative" part sounded good.

You ever seen this man?


So, there´s no job?


I´m sorry, Bob.

Chance Gilbert here
used you all as a, um...


- Flash mob.
- ...flash-mob distraction

to cover his escape, so...


All right, Bob, you can go.


Bob, I bet you can still
return that suit.

Oh. Thanks.



I left a message for the warden
at Tri-County.

His secretary says he´s tied up
with the Feds, so...

All right.
Then let´s talk to the guards.

I want to know how Chance got that gun.

Rudolph and Eubell are on the way.

Good. Meantime, talk to the FBI.

Ask them to help you
get a subpoena for the, um...

The I.P. address of the computer
that posted the Craigslist ad.

On it.

It has been hours since he got away.

We´re losing the scent.

He could be halfway to Canada by now.


[EUBELL] I´m okay, sweetheart.
I can´t talk now.

I´ll call you later. I love you.

But I got to go.

- I´m so sorry.

My daughter saw me on the news.

My daughter used to worry, too.

Uh... which of you uncuffed Chance?


- Hey, easy.

He had permission to wear
civilian clothes to court

since he was acting as his own attorney.

[EUBELL] Had to get back in his jumpsuit

before he got on the bus
back to Tri-County.

You should feel right at home
in there, you piece of shit.


He spit on my hand.

I should have knocked his damn head off.

So, what did you do?

Well, what could I do? It´s America.

You try that one more time,

you won´t need to wait
on death row, asshole.

[CHANCE] Watch your language, Officer.

Drop your gun on the floor.

- Drop your gun!

Now, if you´ll excuse me, Officer.

He dragged Rudy out.

I just... I-I couldn´t
get off a clean shot.

Officer Rudolph,
that how you remember it?

[RUDOLPH] I wish I didn´t remember it.

I mean, he disarmed me in a bathroom.

It´s humiliating.

I still can´t figure out how he did it.

Well, Chance is smarter than most, so...

Just catch that son of a bitch, Sheriff.



Well, whoever helped Chance escape

needed him out of jail to do it.


He must have wrapped the gun in plastic

and submerged it in the water.

That´s how he likes to hide his weapons.

How do you know that?

The gun he used
to kill the census worker

was wrapped in plastic, duct-taped,

and hidden in the river
behind his compound.

Chance told me where to find it.


Is that how you got him
moved to death row?


That´s how I helped him
break out of prison.

I got him a new hearing so he
could escape from the courthouse

with the help of his creepy family.

God. How could I be so dumb? I just...

Vic, nobody could have seen that coming.

You did.

When Chance asked you
for help, you said no.

That´s because I thought he´d
suffer more if he was locked up.

Why don´t you get a copy of the...

The footage from the security
camera in the hallway?

Maybe you´ll recognize
one of Chance´s family members

coming in to use the bathroom.


Little cramped in there?


I just met with the judge.
I got us a temporary postponement

until the fugitive´s caught.

Thank you.

Catch him quickly, jurors might remember

how much you matter to this town.


So, is this still
a crime scene, or can I...

Oh, yeah.

I´ll go, uh, check on
that camera footage.

Okay, so, you were
right about the coffee.

[VIC] Tri-County just sent over the file

on Chance´s cellmate, Hawk Robinson,

and the visitors logs.

The last time anyone
from the family saw Chance

was right after the original
verdict was read.

So, who visited?

Ida Gilbert, that crazy
bitch sister-in-law.

No one since then?

No. Just you and me.


Why don´t you scroll through,

see if you recognize
any of Chance´s family.

All I´ve seen are prisoners and lawyers.

Okay. I´m gonna take the hard drive home

- and do it from there.
- Vic, uh, wait.

Um, with Chance on the loose,

I don´t think you should go home.

Chance isn´t gonna come after me.

I´m the idiot who helped him escape.

You´re also the person
that got him locked up

in the first place.

I´d just feel better if you stayed here.


♪ I´m a low down soul ♪

♪ Out in a lonesome land ♪

♪ Just a low down soul ♪

♪ Out in a lonesome... ♪



[MAN] She´s not here.

Hey. Can I help you?

- Let´s go!
- Hey!

What the hell are you doing?!

- Hey!



Sheriff´s department.

[TRAVIS] Hey, Walt? It´s Travis.

Uh, do you know where Vic is?

Yeah. She´s right here. Why?

Uh, somebody just broke into her R.V.

and painted a bunch
of graffiti on the side...

In blood, I think.

What did they paint?

"He remembers your lies."

What the hell does that even mean?

That sounds like Chance.

Wait. Chance Gilbert?

He´s in jail.

No. He escaped this morning.

Oh, shit.

Well, I´m following the shitheels
who did it right now.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

They... They just pulled off a...

A forest road off of Highway 16.

All right. They´re stopped.

There´s a whole bunch of cabins here.

- I´m pulling over.
- What else can you see?

Is there a motorcycle?

Uh, yeah, there´s a couple
that I can see from here.

- You want me to go in?
- No.

Wait there. I´m on my way.



Don´t bring Vic.

I didn´t plan on it.




For a second, I thought you brought Vic.

She let you take her truck?

Well, she didn´t say no.

So, uh, what´s the plan?

Well, I need to see
if Chance is in there.

If he is, I´ll call the Marshals.

And if he isn´t, I don´t
want to tip the family off.

He might be, uh, on his way.

Let me do that.

My mom made me learn.


So, why are you dressed like this?

To throw them off.

If I´m not back in 30 minutes,
you call Ferg.

He´ll send in the Marshals.

But under no circumstances
are you to follow me in.

You got a family to think about.


I don´t even know that the baby´s mine.

So it could be Eamonn´s?

Who´s Eamonn?

- Nobody.
- No. Come on.

He was obviously somebody at some point.

I need you to focus, Travis.

I need you to keep an eye out for me.

Right. Wait.

Walt, what happens when they
realize that it´s you?

Let´s hope they don´t.





It´s Chance!


Where´s he going?




Why´d you turn around?

When I rode in,
they thought I was Chance,

so that means he´s not there.

I´m calling the Marshals in
to stake this place out.

You stay here till they arrive.

You call me if anything changes.

[TRAVIS] Where are you gonna go?

Back to work.

I know where Chance isn´t.

I still don´t know where he is.



[CHANCE] Victoria!





I thank you.

I couldn´t have done this
without you, Victoria.



[HENRY] He had to step out.

But he asked me to stay with you.

Walt Longmire... part sheriff,
part helicopter parent.

Vic, is everything all right?

Walt, Chance´s family
is all over Facebook and Twitter

saying they saw him last night.

They didn´t. Where´s Vic?

I´m right here.
Where were you last night?

I got a lead I needed to check out.

Yeah, so did I.
Ferg´s FBI contact called.

That Craigslist ad was placed
by anonymous sneakmail.

They traced the I.P. address back

to a computer at Tri-County jail.

[WARDEN] Prisoners aren´t
usually allowed on the Internet.

A few highly supervised inmates
have limited access

if they´re taking vocational training.

Chance Gilbert
did not have that clearance.

Says here his cellmate,
Hawk, was taking GED classes.

[WARDEN] Hawk´s got the brain
God gave a pigeon.

He dropped out months ago.
No classes, no Internet.

I´d still like to talk to him.
Maybe he overheard something.

Okay, I´ll... I´ll
bring him to the infirmary.

It´s easier for a prisoner
to tell the Aryan Nation

he´s been to see the doc
about a torn shoulder

than to admit he´s been
talking to the cops.


[WALT] Hawk, we want to talk
to you about your cellmate,

Chance Gilbert.

[SIGHS] I can´t believe he deserted me.

- Were you two close?

Can you stop crinkling that paper?

I can´t take the noise.

I have misophonia.

It´s a real condition. Look it up.

I can´t imagine why Chance wanted out.

Chance ever say anything about escaping?

No, he barely said a word.

All he did was read. He was the best.

[VIC] We saw in your file that
you took vocational classes.

Do you use a computer?

I had to quit. The clackety keys. I...

Can you think of anyone
else who would have posted

an ad online for Chance?

- Nope.

Stop that.

You said he read a lot.

What kind of books?

Dead-president books,
shit we had to read in school.

You recall any of the titles?

I don´t know. There was a ton.

Jefferson. Paine.

I-I think The Federal Papers?

Federalist Papers?


Uh, he used to underline them
and scribble in them,

note all up and down the sides.

You know, where I came from,

the nuns would beat you for that shit.

- Could you see what he wrote?
- What'd I care?

Except for when I could hear the pen

scratching and scratching.

Thanks, Hawk.

Vic, let´s go by the prison library.

If he was writing in his books,

he might be communicating with someone.

What... What´d you call her?

Vic? Like Victoria?

- Yeah.

Well, Chance didn´t talk a lot,
but he did talk about you.


He hated you.

Who stocks these shelves?
Half the books are upside down.

You should stay at the station
till Chance is caught.

I can run by your place
and pick up some of your things.

Chance doesn´t know where I live.

I think he might.

What? How?

The Federalist Papers should
be... should be right here.

[AARON] They´re in Fiction!

I thought they were essays.

[AARON] Fiction!

Freedom is an illusion!

You remember Aaron Two Rivers.

The guy who does everything backwards.

Yeah. He´s a heyoka.

He follows his own logic.

I follow the thunder god´s logic.

He locked me up to find liberty,
but it´s cracked like a bell.

Thanks, Aaron.

We´ll look in Fiction.


Here it is.

So, why do you think Chance
knows where I live?

Uh... Travis called me last night

and said he caught
some of Chance´s family

vandalizing your motor home, so...

Why didn´t you tell me that?

Here it is.


Uh... margins are clean.


A page has been torn out.


We´re also looking for works
by Jefferson and Thomas Paine.

Jefferson is here in Parenting.
He´s a Founding Father.

And Paine is in Medicine.

That just makes common sense.

Vic, will you look in Medicine?



Found the Paine.

What´s on page 76?


There is no page 76.

None here, either.

So then Chance was leaving
notes for someone.


We´re searching for
a fugitive... Chance Gilbert.

Do you remember him?

He thought justice was perverted,

so he perverted justice.

Did any other prisoners
check out these books?


And by "no," do you mean "yes"?

No other prisoners
checked out these books!

Okay. Jesus.

Can you at least check the log?

I´ll check for you.

That guy is nuts.

[VIC] Thanks.

You can´t judge a book
by its cover, Sheriff.

The color of its skin is not
the content of its character.

He´s right.
Chance Gilbert´s the only one

who´s checked these out.

I always tell the truth,
but no one ever listens.


What are you doing here?


Guarding Vic.

- Where is she?

She´s back at her desk.


I guess I am not yet at 100%.

Perhaps I was not the best
choice for guard duty.




Pull up the bathroom
surveillance footage.

I´ve already gone over days of it, Walt.

Not a single family member
of Chance´s came or went.

I´m not interested in the family.

I think they know less
about this than we imagine.

But I believe that Aaron Two Rivers

was telling us who helped Chance escape.

I thought he was just babbling nonsense.

[WALT] He said
that none of the prisoners

checked out those books...

but that we shouldn´t trust appearances.

Get me a list of all the prison
guards who work library duty.

Officer Rudolph,
according to your supervisor,

you spend a lot of time
overseeing the prison library.

Yeah. So?

Well, he said that you
specifically requested

that assignment.

Well, it´s quiet.

Men don´t usually shiv each other

over the latest Nicholas Sparks.

You read romance novels?

Are you surprised?


According to the library database,

you tend to check out,
uh, political books,

manifestos, studies of the Waco siege.

Your sympathies seem to lie pretty close

to Chance Gilbert´s.

You spied on me?

[SCOFFS] This is exactly

the kind of intrusion and overreach

that´s ruining this country.

Right. But you´re
doing your best to fight back

against that, aren´t you?

My deputy pulled up
a slew of online petitions

that you signed,
including one calling for

the freeing of prisoners of conscience.

That´s how Chance Gilbert
describes himself.

You think I let him escape.

[WALT] I´m saying that
you may have thought

he was unfairly imprisoned,
and you had plenty of time

in the library to find and remove

- the notes he left for you.
- Notes?

This is bullshit.

Did you uncuff Chance in the bathroom?

Yeah. So he could...

Then turned your back on him?

So he could change his clothes.

We followed standard procedure.

I uncuffed him.
Eubell led him into the stall.

Then half a minute later,

Chance charged out
and pulled a gun on me.

Officer Eubell led him
into the first stall?

Yes. And then he went to wash
his hands when Chance...

Officer Eubell.

You led Chance into the first stall.

Why not the handicapped stall?


The handicapped stall is big, roomy.

But you led a man
Chance´s size into a stall

that you can barely turn around in.

What does it matter what stall he used?

Well, it matters if there was
a gun hidden in the toilet tank.

How could I have known that?

You could have known it
if you put it there.

Are you kidding me?

We have you on tape
entering the courthouse bathroom

the day before Chance´s escape.

What does that prove?

I´m sure every guard
that escorted a prisoner

to the courthouse that day
used the bathroom.

Maybe. But you´re one of the only guards

who entered the bathroom that day

and also works regularly at the library,

where you can intercept Chance´s notes.

I don´t believe this. This... [SCOFFS]

I´m even betting that you
asked him to spit on your hand

so you had an excuse to run the water

to cover the noise of him
lifting the toilet lid

to get the gun that you planted.



How about this?

If Chance hurts or kills
anybody while he´s out there,

you´re gonna be facing
a lot worse sentence

than you are right now.

´Cause aiding and abetting
a murder is much more serious

than facilitating an escape.

You want to call your daughter back...

tell her goodbye forever?


What you need to understand
is that I did all this

so I could stay with my daughter.

That bitch was gonna destroy my family.

And what bitch are you
referring to exactly?

Your wife?

No. No. I love my wife.

I made a mistake...

with this woman, Sharon.

It was just a few months. But
when I tried to call it off...

She threatened to call your wife.

So I had to keep seeing her
to keep her quiet.

And I just couldn´t take it anymore.

So, Chance overheard me bitching
about it with one of the guys.

He approached me in the library
and proposed we...

swap freedom for freedom.

He´d tell me how on page 76
of the books he checked out.

So, Chance would get his freedom
in exchange for what?

If he took care of Sharon.


Don´t tell me you don´t know.

Every other detail of this
escape was meticulously planned,

from the setup of my deputy

to the Craigslist ad,

to the motorcycle stashed in the alley.

All right! He´s gonna kill her
with the gun from the toilet.

Which you hid, so it´s your gun.

It´s actually Sharon´s.
I took it from her house.

Chance is gonna break in,
make it look like

she was shot with her own gun.

So, Walt, you want me
to book Mr. Eubell here?

Accessory to murder?

No, it´s not too late!
He hasn´t done it yet.

Sharon was just visiting her mother.

She just called me from
the road about an hour ago.

Sharon´s last name, address,
and phone number... now!


Stay right there. Stay right there.

Sheriff´s department.
Get down. Get down.

Come on.

- What the hell is going on?
- You´re gonna be fine.



[SHARON] This is unbelievable.

Literally. I don´t believe it.

I mean, I just...

How did Sharon take the news?

Let´s just say that Eubell
is safer in prison.

[SHARON] Let him try to kill me!

The Marshal´s taking
her statement right now.

I am fully certified to use it.

You okay?

What´s that smell?

[SNIFFS] I don´t smell anything.


We got four officers here,

another three staked out
at the family´s camp,

and a man posted at Chance´s old place

just in case he shows up.

Now, we´ve moved your Bronco,

all other vehicles to the next street.

We left Sharon´s car where it is.

In case he comes,
he´ll think she´s here.

Chance isn´t coming.

How do you know?

Because he was already here.

He made a fried bologna sandwich.

He must have come straight here.

He never left the county...
Just laid low,

hiding where he knew
nobody would look for him.

Yeah. Making fried bologna sandwiches.

I guess all that time
in prison made him homesick.

You don´t like a bologna sandwich?

What kind of American doesn´t
like a fried bologna sandwich?


[MARSHAL] So, what made him leave again?

Sharon was coming back.

I bet he never intended to kill her.

He just needed a place to hide.

Mm, if that´s the case,
where is he hiding now?

- [MAN] We've got a vehicle.
- Shit. Car!

It´s okay. It´s okay.

I called a ride for my deputy.

You did what?

[WALT] There was no time
to argue before.

A woman´s life was in the balance.

And now maybe your life is in danger.

I need you safe.

[EXHALES SHARPLY] You called Travis.

[TRAVIS] Hey, Vic.

Come on. Let´s...
Let´s get you out of here.


I´m on duty.

You´re gonna go with him

and keep out of sight
until this is all over.

That´s an order.

You seem to have things under control.

Why don´t you call me
if anything changes.

Will do.



I thought, uh, we could stay
at my place for a couple days.

Or if it´s too small,
then, um, I-I found a hotel.

It´s got adjoining rooms.

Or we could, you know,
always stay at my mom´s.

It´s cheaper.

Just take me home, Travis.

Walt said I couldn´t do that.

It´s too dangerous.

We could always swing
by your place, though, if you...

If you want to grab some stuff.



Hey, uh... whoa, hey.

Let me make sure it´s safe first.

I´m the one with the gun, Travis.

Did you tell Walt I was pregnant?

Somebody had to.

Damn it, Travis.

That was not your secret to tell.

That´s your boss.

I don´t understand
why you didn´t tell him yourself.

For exactly this reason...

Because now he´s not
letting me be a cop!

He´s trying to keep you
and the baby out of harm´s way.

I can make those decisions myself!

I don´t need Walt or you
dictating my life.

In fact, I don´t need
you in my life at all.

Why are you like this?

Why do you push away anyone
who wants to help you?

You don´t have to keep proving
how... how strong you are.

All right?

Walt and I are only
trying to protect you

because we care about you.
Don´t you get that?

What do you want me to do?!

Next time, just say "Thank you"! Okay?


Thank you.

You could also say "I´m sorry."

I-I´m sorry for what?

For blowing off our date.

What date?

Last night.

Uh, I cooked us a steak dinner.

You said that my iron was low.
That wasn´t a date.

That was like
a nutritional consultation.

I bought tiramisu.

Oh, Jesus, Travis!

Thank you.

[SIGHS] And I´m sorry.

Will you please, um,
check my R.V. for me?

Hey, uh... I´m just trying
to be here for you.






[CHANCE] Sheriff Longmire,
as I live and breathe,

how the hell did you find me?

Common sense.

First, you hid
where nobody knew to look.

I figured next you´d go
where we already looked.

Now let me out of here, Chance.

It´s a panicky kind of feeling,
isn´t it, Sheriff?


To be a man caged, with no way out?

Now, I would call that
cruel and unusual punishment.

Don´t you think?

Where´s that Marshal who was
posted out here? You kill him?

Well, he interrupted me
collecting supplies

for my little journey.

I had to deal with the problem, sir.

What´s another murder, right?

He´s not dead, Sheriff.

He´s in a bunker, just like you.

Now, I never wanted to kill
anyone... no Marshals,

no mistresses,
and especially no sheriffs.

I only wanted to be left alone.

What about that census worker?

He wouldn´t leave me alone!


Well, Sheriff, that
really hurt my feelings!

[CHUCKLES] But I guess
we both must live our truth,

no matter how cold,
no matter how lonely.

Yeah, it can get pretty
cold and lonely down there

[LAUGHS] if nobody finds you.

[VIC] Chance!

Put your hands up!

[CHANCE] Victoria?!

Recognize that voice, Sheriff.



Is it you, Victoria?


You here to see me off?

Drop your gun!



[CHANCE] What´s going on?!

Victoria! What are you angry about?!

You lied to me!

You told me you wanted to die.

I said I wanted to live free or die,

and I chose to live free!

I´m not leaving here without you.

Come on! Don´t push me, Victoria!


I don´t want to kill you!
I don´t want to hurt you!

- I don´t want to hurt anyone.

That´s bullshit!

- Saw that look in your eye

when you came at me with a baseball bat.

Crossing a line, Victoria!

You´re trespassing again!

You´re violating my freedom!

You lost the right to freedom.


A man has the right to live free!


So do I.



I´m sorry.


I had to come.

I know. I know.


Stay with me, Vic. Come on.


Let´s go.


Thank you.

Corrected & Synced by Bakugan