Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 2 - Episode #6.2 - full transcript

[HENRY] "There has been an accident.

I have to get home."

That is what she said.

I think her name was Anne.

She had lost her keys,

so I drove her home from the bar.

She was worried about her child.

All of the lights were out,

so it looked like nobody was home.

Do you think that they
went to the hospital?

[HENRY] But when we went in...




...there he was, sitting in an armchair.

It was Malachi.

And then Darius
and two other men appeared,

blocking my way out.

Then... I blacked out.

I think Darius hit me
with the butt of a rifle.





[HENRY] When I came to,

Malachi had taken me
to the Crow Reservation.


Malachi and Darius left
three gunmen to watch me die.

And then, somebody shot them.


After that, I am not completely sure

what is real and what is not.

I think you should come
stay with me for a few days

when you get out.

I want to go home.

Right now, it´s too dangerous
for you to go home.

I can´t find him.

I can´t find Malachi.

What about Darius?

[WALT] Gone.

Almost everybody involved
in your abduction has vanished.

You said "almost everybody."

I haven´t spoken to the person
whose stakes you were tied to.



You will not go see Nighthorse.

You will not create another scene.

That is the last thing
you need right now.

Besides, Nighthorse and I
banished Malachi together.

He is in as much danger as I am.

[WALT] Really?

Then why wasn´t he abducted?

Because he has round-the-clock
security protecting him.

You cannot confront Nighthorse, Walt.

You know what?

I will stay at your house
for a few days.

As long as you stay away
from Nighthorse.



- Ferg?
- Morning!


Hey, that´s enough! [GRUNTS]

Keep away from me!
If I see you one more time...

I can go wherever I want!

Right now you´re coming with us.
Just cool off.

I´ve had enough of this
douchebag following me around.

Everywhere I turn,
there he is, right behind me.

I´m not following you, asshole.

Anyone has a right
to search for that treasure.

He´s trying to leech off me.

That poem was published for everyone.

To decipher for themselves!

But you keep stalking me,
trying to cash in

- on every discovery I make.
- That´s enough!

So you two are out here,
disrupting the peace

of my county, hunting for
the Anson Hamilton treasure.

Yeah. Thousands of people have been

looking for it for two years.

Paths are bound to collide.

Sheriff, he´s been on my heels
for the past two weeks.

Then, today, when I saw him
trailing me in town,

I couldn´t take it anymore.

Lewis, have you been following Cullen?


I guess we just drew
the same conclusions

from the clues in the poem.

Well, if either of you two
end up in this station again,

it´ll be in handcuffs.


All right, then. Let´s go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You´re staying with us for the next hour

so everybody can rest easy
that no one´s being followed.

- Ha!
- I don´t have to follow you!

I´ll just meet up with everybody
else at Dobb´s Ridge Base Camp!


[WALT] Ferg?

Would you get Mr. Lewis here
a cup of coffee, please?

[FERG] Sure thing.


Walt, we just got a call about

a farmer way out on Tampico Road.

His body was found dead in his field.

[SOFTLY] Okay.


Took the package to the porch,

and I looked over, I saw something.

Didn´t seem right.

At first I thought it was a goat, but...


Any idea how long he´s been out here?

Not yet.

Ferg, you should go see
what you can find in the house.

[FERG] Come on.
Let´s get you some water.

He shot one of these off.

Wonder if he hit anything.

[VIC] I hate these little
family graveyards.

They creep me out.

Someone´s been digging
over here by Rena´s grave.

So, the farmer hears
grave robbers, comes outside,

fires off a shot,
they shoot back and run?


This hole´s not even a foot deep.

Looks like they ran off
before they got to anything.

I´ll see if I can find any casings.

[FERG] Walt!

You got to see this.

This goat farmer, Dub Kayson,

he´s got cash hidden
everywhere in the house.

In boxes, in drawers, under clothes,

in suitcases in the closet.

So, a crazy, paranoid old man
is hiding his cash

because he doesn´t trust the banks.

Well, whoever killed him
knew him well enough

to know he hid his money.

Yep. Not well enough
to know where he hid it.

Not necessarily.

Maybe we should check
what´s buried in the cemetery.


No need to disturb the dead

until we have more information.

Ferg, why don´t you get
the names from those tombstones

bundle up all
the loose cash in the house,

get it back to the station.


[VIC] What if he hadn´t
gotten a package?

How long you think it would have taken

for someone to find him?

You ever think about that?

At least you got family close by.

Your daughter?


Why don´t you call the hospital,
get Dub to the morgue,

and, uh, find out if he has
any living next of kin?


What are you gonna do?

I have an errand I need to run.

Hi, Dad.

[WALT] Hi.

Got a new sign.


Can I come in?

Well, I was, uh, just about

to go see Henry at the hospital, so...

He checked out.

Oh. How is he?

He´s better.


Did you need something, or...

Have you ever been
to Nighthorse´s house?

Yeah, I have.

Then I presume you recognize
these stakes from his garden.

[CADY] I do.

Why do you have them?

When I found Henry, he was
strapped to these stakes.

So, shouldn´t they be in evidence?

At the station, in a sealed bag?

I found them on the Crow Res,
where I have no jurisdiction.

Then I used them to make
a sledge to carry Henry.

They´ve been tampered with,
illegally seized,

so they´re useless in a court of law.

You and I both know where they came from

and what they prove.

Dad, why are you bringing them to me?

Why don´t you confront Nighthorse?

Because I know myself
well enough to know that

if I bring these to Nighthorse,
I will probably kill him.

Now, I know you think I have
a blind spot when it comes

to Nighthorse, but if he´s
really clean in all of this,

why didn´t he turn Malachi
over to the authorities

if he caught him money laundering?

He let Malachi go unpunished,

apart from taking the Red Pony
and giving it to Henry.

But then Henry is kidnapped
and tortured...

and left to die.

Tied to Nighthorse´s stakes.

I just want you to know
who you´re working for.



- Yellow, red, 20.
- [WALT] Ruby.


[VIC] Okay, then. Thanks.

So, the name on the tombstone... Rena...

Belongs to Dub Kayson´s wife.

She died seven months ago.

Are there any living family members?

I haven´t found any yet,

but I´m heading over to the courthouse.

Maybe find one on file.


How much cash was there?

Uh, about 40 grand.

I mean, how much
do people pay for goat milk?

Maybe he´s running more
than just a goat farm.

Why don´t you check and see
if he´s got a record

and then run his bank accounts.

- Yeah.
- Excuse me? Hi.

Uh, my name´s Jay.

I need to talk to someone
about my brother.

- I think he´s missing.
- What´s his name?

Uh, Adam. Adam Purcell.

- When was the last time

- you saw him?
- Uh, a little over two days ago.

Um, I came home late Friday
night when he was still asleep,

and he left early Saturday
morning, before I woke up.

- So you and Adam live together?
- Yes, sir.

Any chance he took off
for the weekend, you know,

maybe met up with a friend
or some girlfriend?

No, no, we always know
exactly what the other´s doing.

That´s why we always have
our phones, but he left his.

Kept waiting for him
to come back for it.

When he didn´t, I got worried.
I went out to our spot,

but he wasn´t there,
and there was no sign

that he´d been there.

Your spot?


Adam and I have been after
the Anson Hamilton treasure

for the last two years.

We´re a team. We crack clues together

and take turns doing fieldwork.

We chose a campsite,
but he wasn´t there.

I heard there was a, uh,
a base camp for treasure hunters

out by, uh, Dobb´s Ridge.

Is that where you and Adam go?

No, we don´t work
with those other hunters.

Our spot´s a few miles
from Dobb´s Ridge.

Listen, Sheriff, you got to find him.

You got to send out a-a search
party or a helicopter.

I´m not sure I´ve got
those kinds of resources.

Maybe he moved to another
campsite or went exploring.

I´m an outdoorsman. Sometimes
you lose track of time.

No, no, no,
he is lost out there or worse.

I know him.

He´s my brother.

All right.

All right, let´s go to Dobb´s Ridge,

check with the other hunters,
see if they´ve seen him, okay?

Ferg, while we´re waiting
for Dub Kayson´s autopsy,

why don´t you run,
uh, Adam´s credit cards,

see if there´s been any activity, okay?


Let´s go.

You have a picture of your brother?

[JAY] Yeah.


Well, I have every right
to be here, Sheriff.

[CHUCKLES] Uh, I didn´t follow anyone.

Uh, we all share notes here.
We´re all friends here.

Uh, these are my pals, um...

- Gina.
- And Gary.

Yeah, Gina and Gary, my friends.
Uh, they´ll tell ya.

Gina, Gary. How long you two been here?

[GARY] About a week.

A couple times a year,
the two of us come out here.

Great way for me to spend some
quality time with my daughter.

Either of you two, uh, seen
this man the last couple days?

He´s a fellow hunter.

I´ve seen him before, but not
in the last couple of days.

- I´ve seen you around, too, right?
- Yeah.

Why don´t you ever
come over and join us?

[LUCIAN] Well, I´ll be damned, Sheriff.

You must be the first lawman
since Wyatt Earp

come looking for gold.

I assume that´s what you´re doing.


No? ´Cause I hear you maybe needing it

with that court case of yours.

Hey, Jay!

Why don´t you keep showing
Adam´s picture around?

I´ll be right there.

How´d you get involved in this
whole wild goose chase, Lucian?

Well, Walt, I done overheard
an orderly in my old folks´ home

talking about the hunt
and everybody collecting

up here at Dobb´s Ridge,
and you know me, Walt.

I cannot resist a call to adventure.

Why are you all here
at Dobb´s Ridge, anyway?

A hollow tree nearby?

Oh, no, no, no, no, Walt.

See, they´re all fixated on a...
On a new verse of that poem.

Quote... "Once gold was found
in a three days´ walk."

So, first, let me show you this map.

See... they all get their eyes
sighted on South Pass

where in 1862, they found gold.

Second of all, they map off

three days´ walk from that epicenter.

Figuring a man can walk
20 miles in a day, three days,

that turns into 60 miles.

Set up camp here, you´ve got
easy access to about, I´d say,

oh, 14,000 square miles.

[CHUCKLES] So, this
Anson Hamilton treasure hunt´s

been going on for years.

Why the sudden surge in interest?

Because that fool millionaire
has dropped another clue, Walt.

The treasure´s buried underground.

Lucian, um, is there any way
you can find out if anybody

left camp on Friday or Saturday night?

Only if you tell me why.

A man was found dead here,
shot inside this search area.

Name was Dub Kayson.


Owns that goat farm?

Anything else you know about him?

I´m guessing he´s about as broke
as a Wyoming goat farmer.

Somebody thought
he had something valuable.

They started digging
in his family cemetery.

That makes sense.

They was looking for
something underground.

The treasure´s underground, Walt.

What, you think one of these
treasure hunters here,

they killed them?

That why you´re passing
around that photo?

Your chief suspect?

Well, I´m here for a missing person.

Possible missing person.

He´s been gone a couple days,
left his phone behind.

His brother there´s worried about him.

Somebody left the house
without their cellphone.

That sounds like a job
for Walt Longmire.


Um, it´s for you.

Deputy Vic Moretti?
She called you on my phone.

- Thanks. Hey, Vic.
- So, I found what I guess

you could call a will for Dub Kayson.

Um, it´s handwritten, so I don´t
know how binding it is,

but he... he only mentions one
name in it, a, uh, Cody Branson.

Uh, he leaves everything to Cody.

Um, there´s no information
on him, though,

so I´m, uh, trying
to track down an address.

- Thanks, Vic.
- Oh, and Ferg wanted me

to let you know that everything
is fine with Jay´s brother.

He said that he ran the credit card,

and it was just used
at Hammond´s Hardware.

That´s good news. All right.

I´ll see you back at the station.


seems your brother isn´t lost.

He´s shopping.



[SECURITY GUARD] Excuse me, miss.

Hi. Uh, I´m Cady Longmire.
I, uh... I work for Jacob.

Yeah, I´ve seen you here before.
What can I do for you?

Well, I-I think I left my sunglasses

in the back when I was
here for a meeting.

Do you mind if I look for them?

That should be fine.


Cady. It´s good to see you.


[CADY] You had Henry tortured?!

- Aah!
- And kidnapped?!


Tied to your stakes!


I trusted you!

I trusted you!

I trusted you!

[GUARD] Get the hell off!

- [SOBS]
- Stop. Stop.

- Let her go.
- Yeah.

Henry was tortured?

Tied to your stakes.


If my stakes were found with Henry,

that´s because somebody stole them.

How could anybody
get past your security?

Through the woods on my property line.

Think about it.

Why would I use my own stakes?

´Cause you didn´t think
anyone would find Henry.

But my dad did.

Oh, that´s where you got this?
From your dad?

[SNIFFS] Of course.

For what it´s worth,
an alternate theory...

To me, this smells more like Malachi.

The guy you didn´t
turn in to authorities

when you had the chance.


And what does Henry think?

Have you asked him what happened?

Well, maybe you should.

You know, before you go
swinging a big stick again.

So, this is the address
for a Cody Branson.

I don´t know if it´s the Cody Branson

that´s mentioned in
Dub Kayson´s will, but if it is,

I still don´t know who the hell he is.

Or, apparently, where he is.


Can I help you with something?

Are you Cody Branson?

How do you know Dub Kayson?

My mom was married to him.

So he´s your stepfather?

No, I told you...
He´s the guy my mom married.

That´s it.

So when was the last time
you saw him or talked to him...

This guy your mom married?

Don´t know exactly.

Probably ten, 11 years ago?

Cut off all ties with him and my mom

when they kicked me out.

Why´d they kick you out?

´Cause I wouldn´t assimilate.

Dub did everything he could
to make the two of us white.

He looked down on our heritage,

made my mom change her Cheyenne name,

even tried to force me to go to church.

I said no way,
but he got my mom to convert.

Is that when they kicked you out?

When you refused to go to church?

Nah, kicked me out when
I dropped out of high school.

Said the only way
I could stay in the house

was if I stayed in school.

What'd your mom have to say about that?

She didn´t fight him, so I left.

Didn´t talk to the bastard
again until my mom died.

You said you hadn´t talked
to Dub in ten or 11 years,

but your mom died seven months ago.

So you spoke to him then?


Asshole didn´t even ask me what
I wanted to do with her remains.

He just buried them on his land,
right next to the family dog.

- Jake.

- [WALT] That upset you?
- Hell, yeah.

She should be with us, with her tribe,

with her blood.

That´s a nice truck you got there.

Bought that beauty a few weeks ago.

Got a new job at Four Arrows.

You working at the casino
on the weekend?


So, what are all these
questions about, anyway?

Dub Kayson´s dead.

We found him out at his farm
this morning.

He was shot.

Anything you want to say about that?


You think Dub was involved
in anything illegal?

Something that might be
a motive for his death?

Was any of my mom´s stuff left?

Or did he sell it all?

What kind of stuff?

Native artifacts.

My mom had some
pretty valuable heirlooms.

I wouldn´t put it past
that son of a bitch

to sell it all on the black market.

[VIC] Did you see the gun rack
in Cody´s truck?

Yep. It was empty.

Want me to get a search warrant

for his apartment, look for the shotgun?


If Cody killed Dub, why´d he do it now?

His mother´s been dead for months.

He just got that new truck.

Maybe he had no way
to get out to the farm before.

It´s a long trek.

[VIC] And if their relationship
was so strained,

why did Dub include Cody in the will?

Do you think Cody forged the will?


What are you doing?

You recognize that car?

- No.
- Yeah.

Well, I do.






Get out of that car!

- Walt!
- Come here!

- Walt!
- Malachi´s car! Where is he?!

- Who´s Malachi!
- You tell me where Malachi is!

- I don´t know!
- Walt!

- You know!
- I don´t!

- You know where he is!
- Stop!

- Why are you driving his car?
- This is my car!

You tell me where Malachi is!
You tell me now!

This is my car.





I didn´t realize you´d be here.

Your father is holding me hostage.

Come on in.

How are you?

Are... Are you feeling better?

Getting there.

Although, Walt´s bedside manner

is not unlike a barbed-wire fence.

I am obviously not here for my health.

I said I would stay on one condition.

Which is what?

That he not harass Jacob Nighthorse.


Well, he didn´t have to.
He got me to do it.


He told you to go after Nighthorse?

Not exactly.

But he got me to do it.

Knows me better than I thought.



Henry, do you think
there´s any possibility

that Nighthorse was involved
with what happened to you?


I actually think Nighthorse
is the next target.

So it was only Malachi
behind this whole thing?

And he used Darius to do it?



And that´s my fault.

I´m the one that got Darius
released from jail,

and if he were still behind bars...

- Cady.
- What?

None of this is your fault.

It is.

I keep making these stupid,
impulsive choices.

Just today, I let my dad whip me
up into a frenzy about Jacob.

I think I got thrown off
by something that I saw.

What did you see?

It was a vision from a sweat.

I saw Nighthorse,
covered in blood, on Dad´s land.

And you took that as a sign?

Well, I´d seen other things,
and they´d been true.

I mean, Henry, I-I saw you.

Henry, that was real.

You were in trouble.

So Nighthorse and the blood,
and I just...

A misinterpretation, perhaps?

Maybe Nighthorse was trying
to get your attention,

telling you
something was wrong... with me.

So Nighthorse was just trying to help.

And what did I do?

I beat the shit out of him
with a wooden stake.

I let my dad´s obsession
with Jacob get to me.

Go easy on your dad.

The bad thing about your father?

He does not stop.

The good thing about your father?

He does not stop.

If he had stopped, I would be dead.

Well, I know he´ll be happy
about one thing.

And what is that?

After today, I don´t think I´m working
for Nighthorse anymore.

- Hi, there.
- Hey.


I talked to the hospital,

got an update on Dub Kayson´s autopsy.

They dug a slug out
of Dub´s body, and it suggests

he was killed with
a .375-caliber H&H rifle.


I will get this added to, uh,

the search warrant for Cody´s apartment.

Anything else?

Time of death,
anywhere from 24 to 72 hours

before you found him.

Why are you paying this lawyer
all this damn money?

Just settle the damn civil suit
and move on.

County´s insured a couple
hundred thousand

against sheriff´s excesses.

It´s a perk I´ve taken advantage
of once or twice myself.

Eat some crow and get on with your life.


I tried to settle.

Tucker Baggett wasn´t interested.

Any of your fellow
treasure hunters unaccounted for

Friday or Saturday night?

Nah, I think
they´re all afraid of the dark.

Ain´t none of them
leaving that camp after sundown.

So, uh, if you´re heading
back to camp, do me a favor.

Take a look at those rifles,
see if anybody uses a .375.

So, that goat farmer
was shot with a .375?

You got any other clues?

[WALT] Possibly.

We might be dealing
with a family drama...

An estranged stepson
who´s angry that his mom

was buried on Dub´s property.

When we found Dub´s body,
we also found that somebody

had been digging
by the mother´s tombstone.

A grown man trying
to pull Mommy out the grave?

Sounds like you need
an APB for Norman Bates.

- Hey, Sheriff.
- Ferguson.

Oh. Hi...


So, uh, Jay´s brother,
Adam, is still missing.

I brought Jay over to their apartment.

Adam wasn´t there. Jay´s a wreck.

Did you check with Hammond Hardware?

I did, and his card was used there,

but when I showed the employees
the picture of Adam,

nobody remembered seeing him.

Ain´t nobody
remembers anything these days.

It´s all the drugs.


I asked for the security footage

and, uh, watched the entire transaction.

Turns out it was a woman
that used Adam´s card.

Jay was able to identify her.

It´s Adam´s ex-wife.




Publisher´s Clearing House? [CHUCKLES]

About damn time.

Jackie Purcell?

That´s me.
Can I help you with something?

We need to ask you
a few questions about Adam.

Well, first off, Adam´s my ex-husband.

We can´t afford the divorce,
but whatever he´s done,

it´s not my problem.

And second, you can ask me
whatever you want,

but you´re gonna have to do it
while I fix the toilet.

We have a record of you using
your ex-husband´s credit card.

[JACKIE] I wasn´t buying lingerie.

Much more exciting.

Flush valve.

Do you use the card often?

[JACKIE] Adam knows I´m using it.

I tried to get a new card
when we got separated,

but after living with him
for a couple of years,

my credit rating went to shit,
so we share the same one.

Just call him. He´ll tell you.

Well, we can´t right now.

Oh, right. Must be his turn
to look for that damn treasure.

Well, he appears to be missing.

He´s always missing.

I´m sure he´s just somewhere
where there´s no cell reception.

Now you know how I felt
for a few years there.

I take it you´re not a big fan
of this treasure hunt.


It became an obsession
for him and his brother.

Destroyed our marriage.

[SIGHS] At first,
it was just a fun excuse for him

and his brother to knock around
in the woods, like they did

when they were kids.

Then it just became
something irrational.

How do you mean?

It was like one of those old movies...

You know, like, gold fever takes hold.

But it really did mess him up.

When did you and Adam separate?

About six months ago.

Does Adam carry a rifle?

He didn´t originally.

He used to just carry bear spray.

But when they thought they were
getting closer to that treasure,

they became less afraid of bear

and more paranoid
of other treasure hunters.

He started carrying around
my dad´s old Winchester 70.


Winchester Model 70 comes in a .375.

Could be the murder weapon.

Adam could have shot Dub Kayson
while searching for the treasure

and then gone on the run.


Our missing person and our murderer

could be one and the same.


[WALT] Okay.

I know you´re all here to find
the Anson Hamilton treasure.

I´m asking you to postpone
your hunt for one day

for the sake of a missing person.

I want to conscript you all
to act as a search party.

We´re supposed to throw away
a day while his

missing brother goes out hunting
without any competition?

I thought I told you I didn´t

want to see you in my station again.

I meant it.

We´re gonna be looking
in the same search grid

where you´ve been
searching for treasure.


You know, Wyoming law
states that after 14 days

of occupation, campers must move
outside a 5-mile radius

from their previous location.

I´m sure there´s more than a few of you

who have been here longer than 14 days.

Sheriff, I´m happy to look
into it further, if you´d like.


Come on, guys. We should help him out.

Come on!


Deputy Ferguson will take
this group here to search

the area where Adam
was supposed to set up camp.

The rest of you will
come with me and Jay.

Let´s go. Come on.


[JAY] At what point
do you start thinking

something really bad has happened?

36 hours? 48?

[WALT] We´re gonna find
your brother, Jay.

[JAY] I just don´t understand
why we´re searching over here,

so far from where
our campsite was supposed to be.

We recently found a man
shot and killed near here.

What does that have to do with Adam?

Maybe nothing, but the body
was found in the search grid.

You think there´s any way
your brother could shoot a man

in the heat of this treasure hunt?

How could you ask that?

Have you been talking
to my sister-in-law?

Jackie´s the one person

who would utter a bad thing about him.

My brother´s a saint.

I had to ask,

since his disappearance
coincides with the shooting.



You okay?

Uh, just irritated.

I´m supposed to be serving
a search warrant right now.

Your, uh, your breathing seemed off.

You... You sure you´re all right?

I´m just breathing, Travis.

It just sounded irregular.
I´m just making sure.

Y-You been taking your vitamins, right?

And y-you´re good with your folic acid?

Yeah, the, uh, pill organizer you got me

has been a real godsend.

Okay, you know what?
Excuse me for giving a shit.

You need someone to help you.

And look... [SIGHS]

we just need to be careful,

you know, considering your age.

- My age?
- Yeah.

Well, to be honest,
I have no idea how old you are.

I´m just guessing we´re not
dealing with the freshest eggs

in the dairy aisle here.


How are you still single?


What is this place?

You think the person who lived
here might have seen Adam?

The person who lives here is
the man I found shot dead,

and I think the shooter
was digging over there.

Look, I´m sorry to bring it up
again, but I think this is

the one place that Adam may have been.

You know the line
from the Anson Hamilton poem?

"This land swallows
man and beast the same."

Well, maybe Adam
interpreted that as a cemetery.

I´m telling you there is no way
that he came here, shot anyone.


This hole is deeper than it was
last time I was here.

Somebody came back,
dug up what was buried here.

Oh, my God.

Do you think it was the treasure?

From the flat in the bottom of the hole,

it was clearly some kind of box.

Can I borrow your phone?


Remember, Vic, this is
gonna be a little cold.

[SOFTLY] Yeah.




- Vic.
- Walt?

Yeah, seems like somebody came back

to Dub's family cemetery
and dug up a box

from beside the mother´s tombstone.

- Cody?
- Hard to say.

Could be a hunter that found
the Anson Hamilton treasure

but never told anybody.

Either way, add a box
to the search warrant

for Cody´s apartment
and serve the warrant now.

I found something.

I´ll talk to you soon, Vic.

I am so sorry. But...

We haven´t even gotten started.

I know. I´m sorry. It´s just, it´s work.

I got to go.

Why not tell him you were
in the middle of an ultrasound?


Travis... this is important.

No, no, wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Listen to me.

Does Walt even know
that you´re pregnant?


It´s none of his business.


[WALT] What´d you find, Ferg?

[FERG] Actually, that 16-year-old girl,
Gina, found it.

- [WALT] You recognize that?
- [JAY] Yeah, I do.

It´s Adam´s.
But what´s it doing buried here?

I think your brother,
Adam, might have used it

back at that farm and buried it
because he didn´t want

anybody finding the murder weapon.

Now I think he´s on the run or hiding.

Just a minute ago, you were on the phone

saying the shooter was
somebody named Cody.

That´s right. That´s before I found

the buried murder weapon
that belonged to your brother.


I know Adam wouldn´t do
something like this.

At least, not on purpose.

[WALT] Now we know that your
brother was here at some point,

let´s look for any signs
as to where he might have gone.

Got a broken sapling here.

Looks recent.

I think somebody came this way.

[FERG] Walt.

Hey, Walt!

- Adam.
- Jay!

Jay, wait! Jay! Wait!

Looks like Adam might have
hit his head on the way down.


When you´re ready, we´ll take
you and your brother back.

Does this look like
everything Adam packed in with?

Except for the rifle.

I don´t see the box he dug up.

What box?

Somebody went back
to Dub´s cemetery, dug deeper.

You did it.

- It was you!

You followed him!

You followed him,
like you follow everyone!

- You followed him to that farm!
- Get off!

And you pushed him off that cliff

and you stole the treasure!

You killed him!

[CRYING] You murdered my brother!


I don´t have the damn treasure,

and there is no way
that I killed someone.

I wasn´t even
anywhere near the crime scene!

Ask that asshole I was
fighting with in the square.

He´s my alibi! You know,
the guy I was following!

I thought you said
you weren´t following him.

Okay, so maybe I lied a little,
but I am not lying now.

Cody here wouldn´t
let me search his apartment,

and when I insisted, he got aggressive.

No, I just told you to get
the hell out of my house.

So I´m arresting him
for resisting the search.

You have no right
to go through my things.

I´m gonna leave him here
while I go search the apartment.


What the hell´s
this guy doing back here?

We now have two dead bodies
and multiple suspects.

One theory is that Adam shot Dub Kayson,

then, uh, later returned
to the scene to keep digging,

only to be killed by Lewis,
who was after the treasure.

Or Adam shot Dub, like you said,
but Cody went back

to the cemetery after we spoke to him.

He figured he could grab the box

with his mother´s remains.

Well, if that´s true,
then how did Adam die?

Did he just slip and fall
after he buried the gun?

Or did Lewis kill him,
thinking he had the box?

I don´t think Lewis has the treasure.

If he did, why would he
go back to the camp?

Well, we got to find that box.

So I´ll start
by searching Cody´s apartment.

Excuse me!

I believe I got something here

y´all are looking for right here.

- [THUD]
- That´s heavy.


Did you dig that up
from the Kayson family cemetery?

Aw, hell yes.

See, at first, I thought
that, uh, Anson Hamilton

was a little too romantic
to be putting treasure

in a graveyard underground someplace.

But then I remembered the poem...

Quote... "The land here swallows

both man and beast the same"... Unquote.

So, then, I thought,
"Hell, I´ll go looking."

Folks who win the lottery
are folks who play the lottery.

Plus, Walt, if that was the treasure,

you might need it for your civil suit.

But it turns out you´ll
have to find some other way

to pay that lawyer,
´cause all we got here...

is one native cloth.

I believe it´s Cheyenne.

An urn.

Maybe there´s human ashes in there.

Ceremonial knife
and some other Indian trinkets.

So, if Lucian dug up the box,

that means that Adam
didn´t go back for it.

And Cody didn´t go back for it, either.

I still think it´s possible
that Lewis mistakenly

pushed Adam over the cliff
thinking he had it.


Uh... Lucian. Hi.


So, I just spoke with Cullen,

the gentleman who was here
with Lewis yesterday,

and he confirms Lewis´ alibi.

So Lewis was in town
all weekend, following Cullen.

When Adam would have been killed.

[VIC] So, then, there´s only one answer.

Adam´s death was an accident.

He slipped and fell when he was
running away after he shot Dub.

Shit happens.

Come on, Cody.

Am I free to go now?

Not yet. Why don´t you take a seat?

So, uh...

Somebody dug up your mother´s remains.

- What?
- Yeah, it, uh...

That shouldn´t have happened.

I´m sorry about that.

Um, we were able
to recover them for you.

I think you´ll, uh, find
some family heirlooms in there.

There was also this cash
that we found at Dub´s house.

Now, we don´t think he sold
any of your mom´s belongings.

It just seems to be
his entire life savings,

and, uh, seeing as you were

the only person mentioned in his will...

Well, I guess that, uh,
belongs to you, too.

Maybe the man your mom married

wasn´t as bad as you think he was.

Let´s go.

Okay, Lewis, you can sign
for your personal effects here.

We have a wallet...



two cellphones.

Eh, you can keep that phone.

I can´t crack the passcode,
so it´s useless.

I´m sorry?

That phone´s not mine.

Well, why do you have it?

I found it out in the woods
when we were searching for Adam.

- Hey.
- Thanks.

It just, uh, seems so hard
to believe it was an accident.

[WALT] I know.


I guess I should thank you.

What for?

Helping me find him.


Well, it would have been easier
if you hadn´t lied.


You said your brother
left his cellphone here.


Let me see it.


Let me see your brother´s phone,
the one he left behind.


Well, I must have put it
somewhere around here.


You´re not gonna find it.

You don´t have it.

Because I do.

Lewis found it during the search

near where we found your brother
in the ravine.

Adam never left his phone behind.

You didn´t discover
your brother was missing.

You knew he was missing.

In fact, I think you knew
where he was all along.

Kept trying to lead me
back to that spot...

because you hid him,
just like you hid that gun.

Wanted someone else to find him

so we´d think the death was an accident,

you weren´t involved.

What happened, Jay?

Kill him over the treasure?

- No!
- Were you fighting

because he killed Dub
while searching for it?

He didn´t kill that farmer.

His gun is the murder weapon.

It´s not his gun.

It was our gun.

He didn´t kill anybody.

I did.

It was me.

And it was an accident, too.


We were convinced
that treasure was buried

in that farmer´s cemetery.

"The land here swallows
man and beast the same," right?

"If water you find, you´ve gone too far,

but if you touch ash,
the door is still ajar."


I went to that grave site
Friday night, and I...

I started digging.

Then the farmer came out
and started shooting at me,

and I, uh...

I shot back.

[VOICE BREAKING] And I guess I hit him.

And I couldn´t believe what I had done.

And I ran.

And I buried the gun,
then I came back here to Adam.

I didn´t know what to do,
but I figured he´d know.

But he said we should call the police,

tell them what happened.

But if we did that, then...
Then it would all be over.

Everything we had worked for.

So we started fighting.

It was bad.

He, uh, picked up the phone
to call the cops.

I guess that would have been you guys.

And I grabbed the shovel, and I, uh...

[WALT] And what, Jay?

I hit him.

And that was it.

And you dumped his body over the cliff.

I wanted it to look like an accident,

like a terrible, terrible accident.

Which it is.



We were right, though.

About the treasure.

It was there.

Adam would´ve been happy about that.


Where´s Henry?


Hello, Walt.

What are you doing here?

I´m here to cut out the middleman.

Your daughter came to see me today,

brought one of these.

[CHUCKLES] Showed it to me.

Got me wondering, you know...

who she got it from.

You know where I got ´em from?


He does.

Malachi stole these from my property

so that he could frame me
for what happened to Henry.

That´s the truth. I want Malachi found.

Oh, now you want him found.

You´re the one who let him go.

Yeah, well, that... was an error
in judgment on my part.

You´ve never had one of those?

Malachi´s gone.

I looked for him everywhere.

Maybe this´ll help.

These are the books that prove
Malachi´s money laundering.

I´m handing them over to you

so that you can get the FBI
to help us find him.

We need a bigger search party.

Why are you willing
to hand them over now?

Well, it turns out...

I´m actually
more afraid of Malachi, Walt,

than I am of you.

If we don´t stop him...

he´s gonna kill me.

And me.


take these.




What´s this?

Open it.

[SOFTLY] Okay.

[WALT] It´s a ring.

It´s an engagement ring.

What´s it for?

It´s for Vic.

Either you give it to her or I will.

I-I don´t know if she´s
in love with you or what,

but she needs somebody
to take care of her.

And if you´re not gonna
step up and be there for her

and this baby...

then I will.


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan