Longmire (2012–2017): Season 6, Episode 1 - The Eagle and the Osprey - full transcript


♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪

♪ It's a silent world
without all the screaming... ♪


♪ You don't even
have to breathe the smoke ♪

♪ Just stop breathing ♪

♪ Oh, no, they don't shed a tear
if their eyes never open ♪

Please don't shoot me.

[MAN] I need my money,
but it's not just about the money.

This ATM ate my card!

I know. You said that.

I just don't know what else I can do.

I was robbed.

Stop that guy!

There's been a robbery!

♪ Yes, it's a silent world ♪

[GUARD] He's getting away!






[VIC] You didn't just rob
a bank, did you?


I might need to.

What are you doing?

Making contingency plans.

- By burying guns and money?
- Yep.

So I guess you're getting ready
for the zombie apocalypse.

Nope. Tucker Baggett.

He's coming after my home.

What does that mean?

That whole wrongful death suit,

it's him just trying to ruin me
so I have to sell my land.

He wants to build a golf course here.

Well, I'm not letting that happen.

So you're gonna hide in
the woods and shoot at him?

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I can't just sit here and take it.

I got to do something. It's my home.

It's all I have.

It's not all you have.

You have your daughter.

You've got Henry.

And you have me.

You have your job.

Which you're not doing
very well right now.

I came to get you.

There was a bank robbery
in Powder River Junction.

We should have been there
15 minutes ago.



So help me fill this in.




[MANDY] Good morning.


Why... Why am I...

[MANDY] Sleeping outside?

You were a train wreck last night.

What do you mean?

Well, you passed out in the sweat,

which is pretty normal for a newb,

and I would have taken you home,
but I don't know where you live.

And then when I tried
to bring you inside,

you woke up and started hitting me.

And then you just started talking crazy,

so I dropped your pain in the ass here.

Come on. You need coffee.

Hey, Mandy.

Is it normal to see things
during a sweat?

Like hallucinations?

Don't you mean visions?

What did you see?
Like an animal, or something?


Uh, I don't know.

I saw an owl.

That must be your spirit animal.

Wow, dude.
That is not normal for a newb.

Usually, I mean, the only thing
I've really seen are, like,

weird colors and stuff.

Thank you for bringing me back here.

I'm really sorry for hitting you.


That was nuts.

So, what did you see?

Uh, did I have horns or fangs
or something?

You were just you.

But you were... You were cleaning blood.


My friend Henry was hanging.

Hanging what?

No, hanging. Like from a noose.

He wasn't dead, but...

That is dark.

You... You need to talk to someone

that can interpret that shit.

I don't know much,
but I know that shit's not good.


[FERG] What took you guys so long?

Where's the victim, Ferg?

He's on his way to the hospital.

- In what condition?
- I don't know.

The paramedics were gone
by the time I got here.

But the shooting happened over there.

Ferg, finish taking the statements
from our witnesses.

Don't let anybody take any photographs.

He had, like, shark eyes, you know?

Like, they were dead and emotionless.

It was chilling, but we get trained
for situations like this,

so I kept my shit together.
Pardon my French. [CHUCKLES]

[CLEARS THROAT] Sheriff's department.

I understand you had a robbery.

It was Cowboy Bill.

From the news.

- Who got shot?
- No.

Al Chambers got shot,
our security guard.

The paramedics took him
to the hospital already.

Their response time was impressive.

We're here now,
and we got some questions

we need to ask, off-camera.


You sure this is
where it's supposed to be?

That's what Jim said
when he called it in.

And Jim couldn't wait for us?

Well, he was late for work,
but he said it was here.


Let me see if the registration
is still in the truck.

No need. I know that truck.

Well, who does it belong to?

Henry Standing Bear. Go call it in.

All right.



It was just like they've
been saying on the news.

Pretend I haven't seen the news,

and why don't you tell me
what it was like?

So, we had just opened.

Cowboy Bill was, like,

the second or third customer of the day.

I could tell something
wasn't quite right,

then he pushed over the note.

Do you have the note?

Um, I guess I probably left it
up at the counter,

but I remember what it said.

It said, "Don't look at me.
Don't say a word.

Don't hit the panic button.
This is a robbery.

Put all of the 50s and 100s

from your cash drawer into this bag.

- No 20s."
- That's a good memory.

I don't think I'll ever forget it.

He was calm and polite,

but I could tell
he was capable of violence.

So you looked at him.

No, not really.

Just a couple glances,

but I couldn't exactly describe him.

So how could you tell he was
capable of violence?

Did you see a gun?

Yeah. Definitely.


Anything else you remember?

He was wearing gloves.

So he wouldn't have left any prints.

So, what'd he touch?

Um, nothing, I guess.

Except for that note.


If I go on eBay later

and see you trying to sell
the Cowboy Bill robbery note,

well, you're gonna be
in a lot of trouble, Paula.

Oh! [CHUCKLES] Here it is!

I guess I put it in my pocket
without realizing.


- Could I make a photocopy of this?
- No.

That's evidence in the possible murder
of your co-worker.



Look, if there's anything else
I can help you with...

There is.

I want to see the bank security videos

and, uh, I need to close my account.

[MAN] Somebody just yelled "robbery."
I'm following the security guard.

[AL] Stop!


[MAN] Holy shit!

Sir! Sir! Do you have a phone?

Then call 911!

You're holding a phone.

Why didn't you call 911?

I didn't want to miss any details.

So you have details on the shooter?

You mean Cowboy Bill?

No. I'm not one of those
heartless journalists

who would walk away
from the man bleeding on the ground.

I stayed to help.

You're a journalist.

Well, a blogger. And, uh, a podcaster.

And a true-crime novelist.

Would I be familiar
with any of your work?

Well, I haven't been
published yet, but, uh,

the blog has been live
for a few months now,

and I've already got over 200 clicks.

A day?

Total. So far.

But after you post
your videos from today,

I imagine that'll go up.

I hope so.






Took out all your money?


Looks like a lot of cash.

Not really. All she had left were 20s.

So, nobody saw the shooting.

The street was basically empty
when the shots were fired,

and I just got off the phone
with the hospital.

Al Chambers, the security guard,

went into surgery 20 minutes ago.

Hey, Walt!

How you doing, Sheriff?

Sawyer. What can I do for you?

I just wanted to stop
by and tell you guys

about a Facebook message
I got this morning

from one of my college
buddies back east.

He says, "You made the news
this morning, bro!

A real-life outlaw in your county.

Hope you're not tied
to any train tracks or anything."

Then he attached a link to a blog.

"This armed attack
represents an escalation

in Cowboy Bill's
string of bank robberies.

It's the first time
he's resorted to violence.

But by the time
the Absaroka County Sheriff

and his deputies ambled in,

the critically injured
security guard was long gone.

And so was Cowboy Bill."

Did you say a security guard
was critically injured?

Is it Al? Is it my husband?

Did somebody from the bank call you?

I saw online
that Cowboy Bill shot someone.

Please tell me!

Was it my Al?

[SOBBING] Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!




Have you seen Henry?


He's not in the kitchen.

Yeah. I'm sorry, guys. I don't know.

Henry hasn't been around
for, like, a couple days.

Why are you looking for Henry?

Uh, we found his truck
on the rez, totaled.

And no sign of Henry.

When did you find his truck?

Early this morning.

If you find him, will you call me?

Why are you looking for Henry?

I don't know.

I had a... I had a dream. Like a vision.

I was doing a sweat ceremony,
and I just had this feeling

like he's in trouble, so...

What did you see exactly?

I saw him hanging from a tree.

Do you know what that means?

It means you shouldn't have helped
Darius get released from jail.

What does that have to do with anything?

Darius works for Malachi,
and Malachi wants to hurt Henry.

I thought Malachi was missing.

He is.

Cady, I need you to help me find Darius.

I can't do that.

Sure you can.

He's a client.

You must have an address
or a phone number

- where you can reach him.
- You arrested him.

Don't you have that?

He wasn't at home.

And the number he gave us is fake.

I need you to give me
the real one, Cady.

I can't.

You're Henry's friend.

And I'm Darius' lawyer.

Well, call me if you change your mind

about which one of those
is more important to you, hmm?






Shut the hell up, bro.

I can't even understand you.






He dead yet?


Talking in his sleep all night, though.

Crazy shit.

Like he's hallucinating.

[DARIUS] That right, Henry?

You losing your mind?

Ever eaten one of these burgers before?

From that little place on the highway

just outside the Crow Rez?

Want a bite?



You probably shouldn't.

Too salty.

You need water.

Oh, your body temperature
is way up there.

You ain't even sweating much anymore.

That's some serious dehydration.


Don't worry.

Won't be too much longer.

Give me a call tomorrow afternoon...

if he's still hanging on.

So, what I'm wondering
is why I heard this

from a friend in Boston
before I heard it from you.

I've never been
in the habit of telling you

about every crime
that takes place around here.

Yeah. Well, this is national news.

And I feel like an idiot
not knowing what's going on.

But you do know what's going on.

You were right there at the crime scene,

putting your foot in your mouth
in front of the victim's wife.

Don't you try and turn this on me, Walt.

Don't you mess with me.

I told you I was gonna
slow-walk your suspension,

see how your trial went,
but if you succeed

in making this county
a punch line in the national news,

I'm not waiting for any verdict.

We can't help
what the news writes about us.

Sure you can.

You can quit "ambling" and do your job.

Now find the man
who shot one of my citizens,

and by the end of the week.

Or I will not just speed up
your suspension,

I will make it
a permanent removal from office.



[GROANING] I... I want...


What's that?


Thirsty? Want some water?



Okay, thanks.

Al Chambers is out of surgery.

Seriously? Let's get over there.

He's the only one who saw the shooter,
so the sooner we talk to him...

Doctor said it might be better
if we gave him

a day or two before we bother him.

In that case, let's comb through
the police reports

of Cowboy Bill's, uh, robberies.

All of them.
The most recent one was in Utah.

Seems pretty much identical
to all the others.

Hits small-town banks after they open,

hands the teller a note,
and asks for 50s and 100s, no 20s.

Yeah, what's that about?

It says online that banks

put those exploding dye packs
in stacks of 20s.

I don't know if it's true,

but it seems like
he's done some research.

He's never hurt anybody.

Never even shown a gun. Until today.

But he didn't show a gun to the teller.

He didn't? She said he had a gun.

Look at the tape.


Cowboy Bill has his hands
on the counter the whole time.


That's not what Paula Walsh said.

So you think she's lying
or being dramatic?

All I know is that shooting a guard
is out of character

for the Cowboy Bill
I've been reading about.

So... So what's changed?

Why has he suddenly turned violent?

Maybe he's desperate,
needs the money worse than ever.

This guy doesn't seem desperate.

He's, um... He's careful,
he's calm, he's polite.

He takes the time to doff his hat
before he leaves with the money.

Maybe he's not our Cowboy Bill.

You think he's a copycat?

Cowboy Bill never made off
with that much cash

in any of these robberies,
and copycats...

For them, it's about
the attention and the drama.

And Cowboy Bill has been
on every single news station

west of the Mississippi at this point.

Actually, east of the Mississippi, too.

That's how the mayor heard about it.

Vic, call the FBI. See if they, um...

See if they have information
that's not in the local police reports.

Me? They hate me.

Well, they kind of hate all of us, so...

Ferg, call the hospital.

Um, tell them I need to speak
to Al Chambers today.

They said it'd be better...

I know what they said.

I can't wait 24 hours.



Thank you.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I thought he'd fall backwards.

Seen too many movies, I guess.


You keep getting yourself
into complicated situations, don't you?

Do you have water?



I think you misunderstand me,
Standing Bear.

I knew these men.

They're bad men.


The kind of assholes
who'd sit in the desert

and watch a man die.

Will you untie me?


But I don't know you.

Oh, I know you're Cheyenne,

and from time to time,
you show up here on Crow land.

But you're always being chased
by bad people.

I got a sense you're not bad.

So I thought I'd help you out.

But then I thought, "If I set him free,

it might just bring more trouble."




I decided to leave it up to the spirits.





I need water.

If you have the pure heart
of a righteous warrior,

the spirits will help you get free.

Help me!

Good luck, Standing Bear!

I'm rooting for you.



Come back!

[GASPING] Come back!

Come back!

I should have seen it. It's my job.

I'm supposed to stop the bad guys
from taking the money.

Well, you did everything right, Al.

But I didn't.

What do you think you did wrong?

I shouted out that there was a robbery.

You're not supposed to do that.
It's in all the training.

All the training in the world
can't prepare you

for when the real thing happens.

That's right.

The most important thing is
to remember as much as you can.

- I guess.
- So, what do you remember, Al?

[SIGHS] Just...

There was this asshole
complaining about his ATM card,

and suddenly, I look over,
and Paula's waving her hands at me

and pointing at this cowboy guy walking
out the door, and I followed him.

You said you yelled "robbery."

How do you know that's what happened?

Well, as I was following him,

I remembered all these stories
about Cowboy Bill.

Me and Paula, we've been joking around

for weeks about him coming in.

Anytime anyone came
in with a cowboy hat,

we were all like,
"Oh, no, it's Cowboy Bill."


So I just realized it all
a little too late.

Did you get a look at his face?

No. Not really. I just saw his back.

Come on. Think.

What about when he shot you?


I don't know. Uh, I was...

- You were scared.
- Yeah.

- Who wouldn't be?
- Yeah.

You should take it easy
on that stuff, Al.

It's gonna cloud your memory.

Now, what else?

You know, I think I told you guys
everything I know.


I know you're under a lot of pressure,

but I think he's done, Walt.


[MAN OVER P.A.] Blue team to I.C.U., please.

Blue team to I.C.U.

[WOMAN] Dr. Flores, dial 182, please.





[DARIUS] Leave a message at the beep.


Darius. Hi. It's Cady. Again.

Um, I know that I've called
a couple times,

but I think you're gonna want
to call me back.

I, um, uh...

You know that money
that the Tribal Police

confiscated when they arrested you?

I convinced them to return it.

So just give me a call and let me know

the best way to get it to you.

Okay, bye.

So all the banks that
Cowboy Bill has hit

are within a day's drive of Provo, Utah.

Okay. So?

So I don't know.

Maybe that's where Cowboy Bill lives.


Hey, Sheriff. You got a minute?

- No.
- No.

I think you do. It's about Henry.

Vic, can you excuse us?

Or I could just stay.

I know you and Henry
haven't been getting along,

but I think he could use your help
right about now.

Why's that?

'Cause he's missing.


I have a case I cannot afford to drop.

Besides, I'm the last person
who would know where he's gone.

I know, but your daughter could help.

- So ask her.
- I did.

She won't.

Because of her ethics, or something.

Lawyer stuff.

Mathias, what's going on?

Cady has a client named Darius Burns.

She wouldn't work with a guy like that.

She would, and she is.

And against my advice,
she sprung him from my jail.


So I think Darius
is still working for Malachi.

You think Malachi is still alive?

Yeah. I do.

And he's got good reason
to be pissed at Henry.

Because Henry blackmailed him
into signing the Red Pony over?

Among other things.

Henry and Nighthorse also
banished Malachi from the rez.

And now you can't find Henry.


Henry's in real trouble, Walt.

Can you get your daughter
to tell you where to find Darius?

- Vic.
- Hmm?

I need you to take
over the bank robbery.

What's going on?

What's going on is that, uh,
this bank robbery

became the most important case
in my career this afternoon.

Now I have to drop it to go
take care of something else.

What happened to Henry?

I don't know.

I need you to cover for me
while I find out.

So, we have basically nothing
on Cowboy Bill,

but I've got to find him,
or your career could be over?

I know.

But if I don't find Henry, he might die.

So for the next couple of days,
I need you to be me.

Don't do this. What if I screw up?

You won't.

I trust you, Vic.




[HECTOR] I got your note, Standing Bear.

You said you needed help?


You weren't kidding.

You don't look so good.

I feel nauseous.

That's the dehydration.

When it gets really bad,
you'll get muscle spasms.

Your heart will start to race,
and your vision will get blurry.

And that's when you'll know
you're screwed.

It gets worse?

It can always get worse.


I am sorry for what happened
to you, Hector.

Why are you sorry?

I got you involved
in something complicated.

I got you killed.


I chose a violent line of work,
Standing Bear.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I never thought I would hear you
quote Aeschylus.

Who's Aeschylus?

I heard that in a Lil Wayne song.


Am I going to die?





But not today.

Hector. Where are you going?

You needed help.

I helped.






Yeah. Hi.

This is, uh, Sheriff Longmire,
Absaroka County.

I, uh, I need you to, uh,
trace a phone number for me.

A cellphone.


I don't understand what the big deal is.

Just ask her already.

We've only been dating for a little
while. I feel like it'd be overstepping.

How is that overstepping?

She has been taking care of
the guard, doing her job.

You are just checking to see
if he has told her anything

about the shooting he hasn't told us.
You're not asking her to lie.

I'd be asking her to
betray a confidence.

She could lose her job.

Well, if we don't find Cowboy Bill,

Walt could lose his.

Do whatever you think
is right, all right?

I'd just hate to think that
if the mayor gets Walt fired,

there's something I could have done
to prevent that.



Yeah. Sheriff Longmire.

Uh-huh. Hold on.

Go ahead.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, my...

[LAUGHS] Morning.


- Thought you might want a pick-me-up.
- Aww, you're so sweet.

No, I just also wanted to say sorry

if I've been a little, uh, distant.

You weren't distant last night.

Well, I might be tonight.

I've been under a lot of pressure
with this whole Cowboy Bill thing.

Why are you under pressure?

I mean, we all are.

Um, did Mr. Chambers give you
anything useful?

And he's really our only lead.

That's a bummer.

- Yeah.


If you hear anything...

Why would I hear anything?

Well, I mean, you know,
if you are in Mr. Chambers' room

and you hear him say anything
or you make conversation...

Um, you know I can't do that.

And, honestly, it kind of
creeps me out a little

that you're even asking me to.

Creeps you out? No. No, Meg.

I'm not asking you to do
anything unethical.

You totally are.
That's exactly what you're doing.


I didn't think it'd be such a big deal.

I mean, you did it before,
when you gave me the name

of Dr. Monaghan's patient.

Somebody's life was at stake, okay?

If I had known you were gonna
hold it over my head,

I might have thought twice before I did.




You alone?

Thought I heard another car.

No. It's just me.

All right.

Hand it over.

Well, Darius, actually, before we, uh...

I give you anything, we have to talk.


Let me start by saying
that I'm your lawyer,

so anything that we talk about
stays in complete confidence.

I can't tell anyone what you say to me.

It's something called
attorney-client privilege.

Yeah. I heard of that.

So I wanted to ask you
about Henry Standing Bear.

I don't want to talk about
nothing but my money.

To be honest, I don't even want
to talk about that.

Just hand it over,
and you can be on your way.

[STAMMERS] About that, I, um...

You don't have it.

You're just here to smoke me out.

No. No, Darius, I... I swear.

Give me my money, bitch!

- [LONGMIRE] Don't take another step.



Step away from my daughter, Darius.

Dad, what are you doing here?

It's all right, Cady.

I just need to ask Darius here
a few questions.

I knew I shouldn't trust you.

All you white people
say you're here to help,

but really, you're just here
spying for the man.

Darius, you have to believe me,
I had no idea...

I'm not an idiot.

I know when Sheriff Longmire shows up

five minutes after his daughter,
that ain't no coincidence.

She didn't know I was here, Darius.

I traced her phone.

I also know that we're on the rez,

and neither of you can do
a damn thing to stop me

from walking out the door.

Why don't you tell me where Henry is?

I'm not sure I know a Henry.

I do know you're not gonna shoot me...

Not with all the legal troubles
you're having.

Be better for you
if you tell me now, Darius.

'Cause I'm gonna find Henry.

Then you'll be in a world of trouble.

You're assuming I know
where this Henry guy is, Sheriff.

And you're assuming
he'll still be able to talk.


You shouldn't be working
with guys like that, Cady.

You shouldn't illegally
be tracing my cellphone.



This is my fault, Dad!

I did this to Henry!


Take it easy.

It's gonna be okay.

No, it's not.

You heard Darius.
He did something to Henry.

I never should have let him out of jail!

Darius is just trying to scare us, Cady.


Henry can take care of himself.

No, he's in trouble.

I know he is.

He came to me in a dream.

You saw him in a dream?

I don't know how to explain it,
but I know he's in trouble.


I believe you, Cady.

But Darius isn't as smart as he thinks.

I got an idea where he's been,
and where to look for Henry.


I saw a bag in his front seat
from a burger place

that's over by the Crow reservation.

Mathias told me that Malachi had
been banished from the tribe,

so he could be operating from there.

The Crow Reservation is huge, Dad.

How are you gonna find anybody there?

I have a contact.

I'll start there.

Meanwhile, you need to go home.

And lock the door.






Mingan, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

I-I can't...

I can't help anyone.



For strength.


[ECHOING] Mingan!



- Meg.
- I need to talk to you.

No. Me first.

I want you to know that I was wrong.

I never should have asked you
to spy for me.

And I won't do it again.

Al Chambers told me something.

Well, I-I don't want to hear it.

Well, you need to,
because he lied to you.

- What?
- Yeah, I went into his room

to grab his lunch tray,
and he started talking

about how he felt guilty

because he didn't
tell the truth to you and Walt.

- About what?
- About who shot him.

He's just going along
with what everybody's saying

- in the news and social media.
- Wait, are you saying that Cowboy Bill

did not shoot Al Chambers?

I'm saying that's what he's saying.

Well, then, who did shoot him?

He doesn't know.


Hello, Marilyn.

You always seem to turn up
the same time as Standing Bear.

Where is he?

Before I answer that question,

I need to know if you're
the eagle or the osprey.

Marilyn, I can't afford
to waste any time.

I think Henry's in trouble.

You think?

Tell me where to find my friend.

The eagle and the
osprey are not friends.

You see, the osprey's good at fishing,

and Bald Eagle, not so much.

The eagle takes advantage of the osprey.

I'm not an eagle.

I don't know that.

All I know is, you and Standing Bear

come flying in here
around the same time.

Sometimes he comes first, sometimes you.

I can't tell who's catching the fish

and who's taking advantage.

But I know you always
bring trouble here.

Trouble brings us here.

Please. Tell me where to find him.

What's in it for me?

What do you want?

Food. Clothing. Shelter.

A little walking-around money.




It rained?




No! No!



We are running out of time!
We have got to talk to him now!

I said no!

If we question Al Chambers again,

he's gonna know
Meg betrayed his confidence,

and I promised I wouldn't
put her in that position.

So we're supposed to proceed with

the security guard's original version,

even though we know that's a lie?


Look, originally, we all thought
this was a one-man job

because that's how everyone says
Cowboy Bill works.

But now that we know
we're looking for an accomplice,

let's go back in the notes,
look at all the security footage

and... and see if anybody fits the bill.

The shooter was outside!

So two accomplices!

Maybe more! I don't know.


I'm just saying, maybe we can afford
to look a little bit longer

before I destroy my relationship.



You go take a look
at the bank security cameras,

and... and I'll go through
the crime blogger's video again.

But if we don't find
anything by morning,

I am going to talk to Al Chambers,

even if it gets Meg in trouble.

I'm not letting Walt get fired.

You really shouldn't be around here
with all that cash on you.

This place is dangerous.

Just look what happened
to Standing Bear.

You still haven't told me
what happened to him.

It'll be evident when we get there.

Where is there?

Near where the river used to flow,

past the rock that looks like a dog.

Got it. Thanks.


The good thing about crappy land...

Nobody tries to take it from you.

The bad thing is, people discover

it's a good place to hide
and to do bad things.

Marilyn, is Henry all right?

You tell me.


What the hell happened here?

Where's Henry?

Last time I saw him, he was right
there, tied to those stakes.


You untie him?


Looks like he didn't need my help.


He got help from the spirits.

It's clear your friend
is a warrior, Sheriff.


Unfortunately, we're eight miles
from civilization,

and tough as he is,

he didn't look like
he was up for a hike.


[BROOKS] Somebody just yelled "robbery."

I'm following the security guard.

"I'm following the security guard."

[AL] Stop!


- Holy shit!
- "Holy shit!"

Holy shit.


Find something?


Look at this guy across the street

right after the shooting.

The guy in front of the store.

He's staring at the camera, right?

Okay, and then...

He's walking away.

Why is he not gawking,
running toward the victim?


Rained about 20 minutes last night.

Must have been enough to loosen
the earth around the stakes.

- Whatcha doin'?

What you hoping to find in there?




The last I checked,
local sheriffs aren't supposed

to be collecting evidence on the rez.

Won't hold up in court.



Never hurts to know what's going on.

What you looking at there, Sheriff?





Henry. Henry, wake up!

I'm here.

Wake up, Henry! Come on!

Marilyn! He's over here!

Bring the water!



Wake up, Henry.

All right.




You're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna get you out of here, okay?

I'm gonna take your shade.



Hector lives.

Forget about that, Henry.

I-I need water.

Uh, I am not even sweating anymore.

Yeah, Marilyn had our water.

But don't you worry. We're gonna
get you back to my truck.

[GRUNTS] I'm gonna carry you.

You cannot carry me.

No. I can't carry you.

But I can drag you.


- Hello?

[ED] Fish have been hitting
them big foam uglies

like crazy the last couple days.

Or if you like
a more natural presentation,

I just got some hoppers in.

Buddy, you might as well be
speaking Klingon to me.


You shopping for someone else?


Came in to, uh, ask you a few questions

about the bank robbery.


Yeah, that was quite a... Quite a thing.

Uh, Cowboy Bill, right here in Absaroka.

You see anything?

Uh, just the ambulance lights.

That's all?


From inside the store?

That's right.


See, the funny thing about that...

This picture was taken right after
the security guard was shot.


See, and that's... that's you.

And you're staring right at the action.

So I'm gonna need you to try
and answer my questions again,

no matter how difficult that might be.



Are we there yet?


I heard yelling, so I grabbed my gun,
and I went outside.

That was your first instinct?
To grab your gun?

Yes, ma'am.

We may not all wear a uniform,
but that don't mean

we don't care about our fellow citizens.


Okay, so, um, you went outside.


I don't know.

Someone was shouting
something about a robbery,

and then I saw a man running and...

And another guy chasing him.

So I fired at the first guy.
I figured he must be the robber

and the guy with the gun
was a cop or a security guard.

- But it wasn´t.
- No, ma´am.

After I shot the man
I thought was the robber,

I saw him hit the ground,

and that's when I recognized
the bank uniform.

I was so confused.

I mean, who was chasing him?

A blogger.

Why would a blogger have a gun?

He didn't.

It was a cellphone.

He was filming the entire thing.

That's how I got this picture of you.


I'm so sorry. I...

I know I should have spoken up sooner.

I just...

I guess I'm not as
brave as I think I am.






You should really get a cellphone.


You think I'd get a signal out here?


Marilyn said there was rain last night.

If we can find some shade,

maybe we can find some rain
that hasn't evaporated yet.

- Aah! Shit!


What happened?

Snake bite. It's a rattler.

I need to get you to a hospital.


Deputy Moretti.
So sorry to keep you waiting.

No, you're not.

So, how can I help you?

Are you a man of your word?

Well, of course I am.

Then get off Walt's back.

Oh, any trouble Walt's in,
he's gotten there himself.

That's bullshit, and you know it.

But, regardless, you
told Walt to find out

who shot Al Chambers, and he did.


I don't remember hearing any reports

about Cowboy Bill being arrested.

Because Cowboy Bill
didn't shoot Chambers.

A fly shop owner named Ed Nardo did it.

He was trying to be a hero,
and he made a mistake.

And just so you know, my original idea

how to handle this was to come in here

and punch you in the face.

But Walt asked me to be like him.

So I decided to take the
honorable high road instead.

That's one more thing
you should thank him for.


Your boss is going to lose the trial,

and he's gonna lose his job,
and you're gonna be on your own.

You sure you want to
talk to me like this?



♪ Carry me home when the light
in my eyes does fade ♪

♪ Carry me home when the shadow
comes to take me away ♪

♪ Lay down my bones ♪

♪ Knowing I'll be in a better place ♪

♪ Release my soul, carry me home ♪


♪ Carry me home ♪

♪ There's no sorrow down in the ground ♪


♪ Carry me home ♪

♪ Don't you weep, for
I am freedom-bound ♪

♪ Lay down my bones ♪

♪ There is peace
within the light I've found ♪

♪ Release my soul ♪

♪ Carry me home ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Carry me home when the light
in my eyes does fade ♪


♪ Carry me home ♪

♪ When the shadow comes
to take me away ♪

♪ Lay down my bones ♪

♪ Knowing I'll be in a better place ♪

♪ Release my soul ♪

♪ Carry me ♪

♪ Home ♪

Corrected & Synced by Bakugan