Longmire (2012–2017): Season 5, Episode 1 - Episode #5.1 - full transcript



[Cady] [echoing] Dad! Dad!

Dad, Dad, Dad.

Stop, stop!

- Aah!
- Dad, Dad, it's me.

It's me, it's me, it's me, it's me.

I'm on your side.

I'm on your side.

Dad, Dad, it's me.

[Walt] Cady.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, what happened?

Where is she?

- Oh, my God.
- Where is she, Cady?

I got to stop the bleeding, okay?

Shh, shh, don't speak.
Just stay right there.

Don't move, don't move.

I'm right here.

[Walt] Where is she?

Where is she, Cady?

Dad, I'm right here.
I'm right here, okay?

[Walt] Cady, I... Cady.

- Cady.
- Stay with me.

- Cady.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Where is she?

Where is she?

She's dead, Dad.

Mom's dead.

She's gone.

But I'm right here.

- Cady.
- I'm right here.

I'm right here,
and you're gonna be fine.

Okay? Stay here.

Stay with me.




[echoing] Dad! Please wake up!

Please, Dad!

Please wake up! Don't leave me!

Please don't leave me, Dad!

Please don't leave me, too.

Sit down, Standing Bear.

I would rather stand.

Yeah, I would, too,
if I had a bullet in my ass.

.30-caliber bullet
from Walt Longmire's rifle.

He fired at the man he
thought was Hector.

Bullet hit this rock and ricocheted
into your butt as you ran away.

You dripped blood under these leaves.

Same blood I found soaking
the seat of your truck.

Which was stolen.

No, it just wasn't
where you had stashed it

after it broke down,
'cause I found it.

I fixed your punctured fuel line,
by the way.

If you were so certain
you had me dead to rights,

why am I not in jail?

Oh, jail's still on the table...

for the assault and
murder of Tyler Malone.

But I'm gonna give you another choice.

You can work for me.

Well, not so much you as Hector.

Doing what?

Whatever I ask.

[cellphone ringing]

Don't answer.

She will wonder why I am not picking up.

And you'll lie to her.

You've gotten pretty good at that.

I believe you are overplaying your hand.

Is that so?

Even if I did what you say,

you have no authority
to prosecute felonies,

and the feds have never been
interested in helping you.


But I'm gonna have
something this time...

I've never had before.


Now let's roll up that sleeve, hmm?


Where is he?

Lady, I don't know
what you're talking about.

[monitor beeping]


I just had to do that
once before you die.

I'm not dying.

I know.

[footsteps approaching]

[clears throat]

- Hey.
- Oh.

Thank God.
You're awake.

He's, uh... a little stunned
from the surgery still.


You feeling okay?


Okay enough to answer some questions?


What the hell happened?

I got, uh...

And if you say you got shot,
I am gonna punch you.

Beyond that, I... don't know.

The bullet went through
and through, Dad.

But it only hit soft tissue,
so there's minimal damage.

They say you took a pretty
hard blow to the head.

Five stitches.

Who was it, Walt?

I don't know.

Did you not hear them come in?
Were you... were you asleep?



What were you doing?

I was... I was with someone.

Donna was there?

Who's... who's Donna?

[Walt] D-Donna's, um...

She's his girlfriend.

[clears throat]

Is she here, too?

No, I don't think so.

You haven't found Donna?

Walt, we didn't know we were supposed
to be looking for her, okay?

How long have I been here?

13 hours.

Then he's still here.

- Who's still here?
- Walker Browning.

You're gonna lay down. Dad, Dad.

Stop it.

- Stop it.
- Shit.

- Come on.
- Nurse!

Walt! Hey.

Help, Nurse!


Sit down.

- Dad.
- Come on.

Dad, where are you going?

Room 119.

- Dad, stop it.
- Yeah, Ferg.

Dr. Donna Monaghan.

Yes, the psychiatrist.
You need to find her.

Walt, why do you think
that Walker is here?

I handcuffed him to the bed.


Uh, no. My name's Ruth.

He was right here.

Room 119.

Would you like to sit down?

You don't look well.


Where's Walker Browning?
He's supposed to be in that room.

He was released yesterday afternoon.

- Who released him?
- The sheriff.

This is the sheriff.

This is Sheriff Wilkins?

[Cady] Dad, stop. You can barely walk.

As long as I can do that,
I have to find her.

If Walker was released
yesterday afternoon,

would that have given him
enough time to get to your cabin?



Come on.


So, what time were you attacked?

I wasn't wearing a watch.

[exhales deeply]

No, I know, I'm just...

I'm just trying to make sense
of the timeline is all, you know?

Walker had a lot to do in...

not a lot of time.

Damn it.



Okay, this is ridiculous.

- No, I got it.
- No, you don't. Here.

- I got it, Vic.
- It's fine.

Here, hold on. Just give me your foot.

Give me your foot.


All right.



Maybe you should stop
flattering yourself.

Maybe this isn't all
about you, you know?

What? Me getting shot in my house?


And Dr. Monaghan disappearing.

Maybe this is all about her,
and you're the collateral damage.

Think about it, Walt.

One of her patients attempts suicide
and then sets her van on fire?

Stopped at the hospital.
Why aren't you there?

Because he refuses to listen
to anyone who cares about him.

Any sign of Donna, Ferg?

Uh, no answer on her home phone.

She wasn't scheduled to work today.

I asked the Sheridan P.D.
to stop by her house.

My boots.



Also, Doc Weston told
me to give you these.

[straining] Put out an APB on Donna.

Have Ruby call every
hospital in the state.

[exhales deeply]

[breathing heavily]

I don't think I can be any more clear.

Is there a reason you're
not doing what I asked?

Actually, yeah.

I think somebody should
be looking for Zach.

When was the last time you saw him?

When I fired him.


Well, the last time I saw him,

he'd started drinking again
and he was in a pretty dark place.

Oh, come on. You think that Zach shot
Walt and kidnapped Dr. Monaghan?

My belt.

What do you think, Walt?

Well... I don't know.

I don't remember the actual...
actual event.

- Well, then you don't know...
- I don't!


I don't remember!

I don't know if it was...
it was Walker Browning or...

one of Donna's patients,
or the guy I just fired.

I don't know.

Then let's go see if we can't
clear some things up, okay?

- Yep.
- Okay.

[door opens]

Did you hear him break in?


So, they kicked through the front door.

You got shot there?

Or is that where Cady found you?


I guess, uh, the shooter
must've hit me in my room

and I crawled out here.

You got shot through the door?

I guess so.

So it's not that you can't
remember who shot you.

You didn't even see him?

[high-pitched ringing]

This must be where you
were when you got hit.

I'll see if I can find the slugs.


Found one.

Hey, Ferg, you got an evidence bag?


What'd you find?


All right.

I'm gonna go see what
kind of slugs these are.

.30 caliber.

My rifle's gone.

I was shot with my own rifle.


Bet that's what he used to smash me
in the back of the head, too, so...

[Ferg] Walt.

We got two bullet holes, we got two
slugs, and we got one blood spot,

so at least we know that Dr.
Monaghan didn't get shot.

[Vic] Hey, Walt.

I know you said that you didn't hear
a car approach your cabin,

but isn't it possible that one
did and you didn't hear him


I don't want to get too personal, but...

Walker didn't drive here.

We don't know it was Walker.

- He drove away.
- In a getaway car?

Sort of.

He took my Bronco.

So, he shoots you... but not Donna.

And he drives off in your
truck with her in tow.

This is really starting to seem
like she was the target, Walt.

Who else knew that she was out here?

Just you and me.

That's why I don't think
this is about her.

Somebody tried to hurt me.


[door slams]

So, what now?

Check and see if anybody's
responded to the APB.

And try and track the Bronco,
figure out which way they went.

And I have to make a little trip.

[indistinct shouting]

[Man] Come on, hustle!

All right!

[Man #2] Come on, now! Let's go!

[Man] Batter up!

- You see him?
- He's right there.

[Walt] Hey, Jim.

You know, Walt, sometimes I wonder
who's looking after your county

when you're over here in mine.

Where's Walker Browning? I know you
released him from the hospital.

This is not really a
good time right now.

I'm gonna sing the national
anthem here in just a minute.

- You let a criminal go.
- Did I?

What crime did he commit, anyways?

From what I understand, you guys
didn't charge him with anything.

- He was trying to murder Gab Langton.
- Well, that's not the story I heard.

And what story did you hear?

Well, the story I heard
is about a sheriff

with a bug up his ass
about an oil company

trying to pin a rape and murder case
on a couple decent oil workers.

When he couldn't make that stick,

then he stalks them into the
woods and ambushed them.

That's a lie. Walker and Trot
Simic were trying to kill Gab.

- They'd have killed me, too, if I...
- Yeah, if you hadn't shot first.

You really think I'd
lie about this, Jim?

I think you've been under a lot of
pressure these last couple months, Walt.

I think it's clouded your judgment.

He did this to me.

He shot me, and he abducted this woman.

Now I need to find her.

I know you got a blind spot where
the oil companies are concerned, Jim.

But I never thought you'd go this far.

God damn it, Walt.

Your self-righteous habit of
accusing people without any evidence

is gonna get you into a shitload
of trouble someday, and soon.

Like the next time you come into my
county without a proper warrant.

[gate closes]

[piano playing]

[playing continues]


When we get to the Newett oil field,
you keep the work site office occupied.

I'll take a look around for Walker.

Vic, where are you going?

Do you really think

that Walker Browning
is gonna escape captivity, shoot you,

and then head back to work?

- He's gone, Walt.
- So where are we going?

We're expanding our search
for Dr. Monaghan

to include people who actually had
something to do with Dr. Monaghan.

Jesus, Walt, we both saw that smoldering
van after one of her patients torched it.

The least we could do is try and
figure out who that patient is

and get an address for him.

- Fine.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Did I give you the impression
that I was asking permission?

Because I wasn't.

[cellphone rings]

[cellphone beeps]

Yeah, Ferg?

I found Walt's Bronco.

I'm right here, Ferg.

Where's my truck?

It's about a quarter
mile from your cabin.

The keys are still in it.

What about my rifle?

No. No sign of it.

But it looks like there was
another car parked here.

I'm thinking the shooter stashed his car

and snuck up to your place on foot.

Hey, Ferg, is there any sign
that Donna was in the Bronco?

Nothing obvious.

I'll have it towed to the print shed
so I can take a more thorough look.

At least there isn't any blood.

That's a good sign.


We need to see Dr.
Monaghan's patient files.

You know we can't do that.
We've got HIPAA restrictions.

We understand that doctor-patient
privilege normally applies,

but Dr. Monaghan is missing.

- Have you heard from her?
- We weren't expecting her today.

We think that she was abducted
by one of her patients.

- This is important.
- And so is the privacy of our patients.

Look, if you're telling the truth,

you won't have any trouble getting
a judge to write you a limited warrant.

- We don't have time for that.
- [chuckles]

You had time to drive all the
way over from another county.

And what does that mean?

If Donna really was missing,

I would expect to see
the Sheridan police.

Really? Okay. 'Cause she
disappeared in our county

two days after her car was firebombed
in our county, so, you know.

- Oh!
- Call an ambulance!

Come on!

What are you... what
are you waiting for?!

- It's... it's dead.
- Well, then go find another one!

Walt? Walt?

Are you okay? Walt!

[door closes]
You are a genius.




Come on.

Give me a hand.

Walt, come on, man.
There's, like, tons of files.

Walt! You know, I could use
a little help over here.



Walt, wake up.

Walt, are you okay?

Are you okay?

You're not gonna kiss me again, are you?


The paramedics are on their way.

No, no. No, that's, uh...

- Okay.
- That's not necessary.

I'm, uh... I'm fine.


I'm fine.

Thank you.

We're gonna come back with
a warrant, ma'am, okay?

I'm taking you to the hospital.

I'm fine.

No, you're obviously not fine.
You passed out.

A few minutes ago,
you thought that was brilliant.

A few minutes ago,
I thought you were faking it.

I just need something to eat.

- Did you take the pills?
- They make me drowsy.

I can't go to sleep.
I have to find Donna.

- Walt.
- Just take me to the arson inve...



Did you?

[tires screech]

Damn it, Walt!

You know, I know that this isn't
a normal missing person for you

and that you care about her
or love her or whatever.

And maybe I don't care about
her as much as you do,

but I care about you, okay?

And don't, okay?

I'm not jealous.

That kiss...


It wasn't me making a move, okay?

It was me... moving on.

All right?

And if you really, really
want to help Donna,

you're gonna have to
take care of yourself,

and if that means being drowsy,
then so be it.


Now open your mouth.


Open your damn mouth.


Show me.


You are like a frickin' four-year-old.


[knock on door]

It is open.

[door opens]

[Vic] Okay, watch your step.

Walt, what are you doing here?

- He said he called you.
- He lied.

I meant to call.

His house is a crime scene.
He can't sleep there.

You should be at the hospital.

I was.

Not when I stopped by.

He checked himself out
because he's invincible.

So, can he stay?

I got to get back to work and start
going over some patient files.

- Of course.
- I'm going with you, Vic.

Go. I will keep him restrained.

Thank you.

So, the last time you were here, I drew
you a map to the Crow Reservation.

Is that what got you shot?

I think so.

I ran into Walker Browning out there.

How did he know where to find Gab?

I don't know.

Did he get her? Is she okay?

She's fine.

She got away.


...Trot Simic is dead.


Who shot him?

I don't know.

I thought I had him, Henry.



Uh, no.


He got away, too.

And now he's got Donna.

Who is Donna?

She's a... psychiatrist.




...I have been busy, too.

I will tell you about it
some other time.

Hey, Ferg, what did you do
with the prescription records?

Uh, they're, um... right next
to the, uh, bipolar cases.




- Yeah?
- I found a blonde hair in Walt's Bronco.

Yeah, no, I mean, we sort of figured
that she was in the Bronco, so...

It was in the way back.



Could be mine.

I was back there with Tyler Malone.

Should I tell Walt about it?

No. No, don't.

Um... he doesn't need the extra stress.


Find a lab, run it against mine.

And if it's a match,

then there's no need to worry him, okay?

[door opens]

- [Walt] What do you got there, Ferg?
- What?


How did you sleep?

Lot better than you two, looks like.

- So, uh...
- Here.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Anybody got a line on Walker
Browning's whereabouts?

No. We've been going through Dr.
Monaghan's patient files and notebooks

trying to find that patient that she
mentioned after her van got torched.

We found a few suicide attempts

and a bunch more that Dr. Monaghan
seemed to be worried about.

We're focusing on patients
that live in Absaroka

since that's the hospital they went to.

Yeah, but, unfortunately,
we can't, uh, check them

against the date that you saw Donna
at the hospital visiting her patient.

Why not?

'Cause I didn't get them.

We're missing the last three weeks.

And they're the ones we need.

Sure, yeah, but we, um... we still have
a really good suspect list.

Um, Kyle McCormick, Duncan Butler,
Tamar Smith, Jesse Cruz.

I say we split up and go interview them.

[Walt sighs]

The arson investigation
turn anything up?

As of two hours ago, nothing.

[door opens]
Check again.

We got to make sure
we got our ducks in a row

before we start running
down Donna's patients.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, Punk.

Is that what all this is?
These are Donna's patient files?

Not all of them.
We're missing the last few weeks.

Please tell me you got these
from a Special Master.

What's that?

Uh, the guy that the judge
would normally appoint

to, uh, decide which
files we can look at.

Normally. Yeah.

So, not in this case.

Okay, I guess you'll just have to claim
that you're not in your right mind.

Yeah, he's not.

You know, under the circumstances,

I'll pay whatever fines they impose.


Dad, you have a major
civil suit pending.

If they find out that you're
illegally seizing files...

Cady, they don't even
know that these are gone.

Good. Then you can give them back,

and you can get a judge
to appoint a Special Master.

Then what? Wait?

Donna's missing.

You know, once I found myself
in similar circumstances,

and someone once told me that I could get
the same information a different way.

A legal way.


Walt, we haven't been
to Dr. Monaghan's house yet.

You know,
maybe the missing files are there.

Okay, Ferg, um, go to the hospital,

see if you can convince
someone to give you

the name of that suicidal patient
that Dr. Monaghan visited last week.

Vic, we'll go to Donna's.

Was there something else?


Not really.

No, I was just checking
to see if you were okay.

What happened to your eye?

I was, uh... it was an accident.

I'm fine.

Good. So am I.

[door closes]

[handle rattles]


Doesn't anybody lock their
doors in this state?



Nothing. It's just not what
I expected from Donna.

You been here before?


I brought her by after the van
fire to pick up some things.

How long's she lived here?

I'm not sure.

This is a really nice place
for someone working at a V.A. clinic.

Where'd she get her money?

I don't know.

How well do you really know Donna, Walt?

These look like the ones
you found in her office.

[door creaks]

[Vic] It's clear.


[Walt] Hey!


- Okay, Vic?
- Yeah.

Get up!
Come on.

- Who the hell are you?
- I could ask you the same thing.

I'm the sheriff. Let me see some I.D.

Look, I don't have any.

You don't have a wallet?

- Go ahead.
- Easy.

You can pat me down.


What are you doing here?

Visiting my mom.

I didn't know that Donna had a son.

Neither did I.

Hi, there. Sorry to bother you.

Uh, my name is Deputy Ferguson

with the Absaroka County
Sheriff's Department.

That explains the outfit.


Uh, anyway,
I'm one of the lead investigators

on a missing-persons case.

I'm really hoping you can
help me with something.



Now, our missing person interacted
with someone here a few days ago.

A patient who had recently
attempted suicide.

I'm hoping you can tell me...

- Can't.
- No?

I mean,
I think if you'll let me explain...

Then I would just be
wasting both of our time.

this was one of Dr. Monaghan's patients,

and Dr. Monaghan is our
missing person, so...

So take it up with someone
in administration.

The doctor can be in real danger.

Above my pay grade, Detective Ferguson.


Hey, listen.

I don't know what you've
been telling everybody,

- but I never met you before in my life.
- Excuse me?

So, stop going around telling people

that I'm the one that gave
you the name Tamar Smith.

I'm sorry. I think you have me
confused with somebody else.

Right, because I'm not the one who gave
you the name of Dr. Monaghan's patient.

I don't know how you got it.

Tamar Smith?


[door opens]

It took you guys that
long to Google a name?

That's not how we do it, Andy.

It's Andrew.

Right. Andrew Price.

We're still waiting on the San
Francisco P.D. to confirm that.

They sending it via the Pony Express?

Well, it'd be a lot quicker

if you hadn't left your
wallet in California.

Look, man, I'm telling you,
Donna Monaghan is my mother.

Can't you just call her?

Why don't you have the
same last name, Andrew?

I kept my father's name.

Well, if you're her
son, why did you run?

'Cause I thought you were someone else.


I'm in a little financial trouble,

and not all my investors
are very patient.

What kind of financial trouble?

The kind where you don't have the money.

Look, starting a nightclub isn't easy,
and financing is, well, creative.

Right. Like stealing
from your supposed mother

when she's not around.

Uh, what's that quote?

Family are the ones who,
when you have nowhere left to go,

they have to take you in.

Robert Frost.

Uh, actually, it's home, not family.

Either way, Donna never mentioned you.

Oh, I get it now.

You're screwing her.

Funny. I mean, you're
not really her type.

She does like to mix it up, though.

Unpredictability has led her
to be attracted to all sorts of guys.

Oh, I'm real sorry.
You're... you're not the first.

But I'd be careful, though.

My pops is still all
messed up about her.

When'd you see your mother last?

Uh, we rang in the New Year together,

She gave me a list of resolutions,

a list of ways I could be a more
successful, more miserable person.

She calls it being a realist.

I say it's her being a bitch.

Well, you seem angry with her.

You think I'm exaggerating.

You just wait.

Donna's missing.

Like I said, she does what she
wants whenever she wants.

Not this time.

She's been abducted.

Well, if I were you,
I'd check the previous guy.

- What previous guy?
- I don't know, man.

But there's always a previous boyfriend.
She does tend to overlap.

Not everyone takes too kindly to that.

[knock on door, door opens]

- [Ferg] Sheriff.
- Yeah?


Lock him up and see if
anything he's saying is true.

And I need you to look into
Donna's ex-husband, any other, um...

- Boyfriends?
- Uh-huh.

- Do you have something else?
- Yeah.

I got the name of Donna's
suicidal patient.

Good afternoon, sir.


Are you Tamar Smith?

Yes, sir.

- Did I do something wrong, sir?
- No.

No, we just need to ask you
a few questions, Tamar.

About what?

About Dr. Monaghan. She's missing.

We're talking to the last people
who might've seen her.

How do you know that I even know her?

The V.A. clinic felt compelled
to give us a list of her patients.

When was the last time
you saw Dr. Monaghan, Tamar?

About three or four days ago.

When you did last see her,
was that at the clinic in Sheridan?

No, ma'am. I don't go to that clinic.


It's a little scary.

There's a lot of crazies there.


Where do you see her?

Dr. Monaghan makes house calls.
She has a mobile unit.

Really like a van.

That mobile unit was
firebombed a few days ago.


Someone broke a window

and threw a Molotov cocktail inside.

That was just this past Tuesday
between 3:00 and 3:30 in the afternoon.

Where were you then?

Do you know anything about that?


Okay, Tamar, we're gonna need
to take a look around inside.


So, I'm still waiting for you to tell me

where you were between
3:00 and 3:30 on Tuesday.

I was in the hospital, sir.
I had an accident.

Well, I'm glad you're okay now.

Are you okay?

Not really.

Dr. Monaghan would tell
me to talk it out.

Hold on a second.

Here's the thing.

You make me nervous, sir.

You look a lot like my
commanding officer.

And he was pretty...


I'll reach out to the hospital and
confirm what time she was discharged.

You gonna pass out again?

- What?
- Jesus, Walt.

Sit down. You look terrible.

And you're having a hard time
focusing on what I'm saying.

I'm fine. I... I just wasn't
listening to you, Vic.

- I, uh...
- Oh.

I was thinking about Molotov cocktails.

What about them?

Throwing a Molotov cocktail into a van
is a different act than overdosing.

One's aggressive, the other's passive.

Different people.

Donna always said it was a patient.

Um, I assumed it was the
same suicidal patient

she was visiting at the hospital, but...

She also said that they missed
a couple of appointments.


Their last four appointments.

One of the things that I took from
Donna's house was her calendar.

Maybe we can figure out which patient
missed her last four sessions.



Are you kidding me?

I told you,
you have to take those files back.

This is serious.


What am I missing?


I can't remember anything.

I, uh... I should be the one to...
to help her,

to know everything that happened,

but... it's like a fog that won't lift.

It's not your fault.

You were shot and you have a concussion.

You were there.

- What did I miss?
- I don't know.

When I walked in, you were on the floor,

and then I-I ran into your room
and I found a bloody sheet,

and I brought it back to
try and stop the bleeding.

And then I called 911.

Did I say anything?

Where is she?

You kept saying, "Where is she?"

I thought you meant Mom.


I'm sorry.

If I'd known,

maybe I could've gotten Vic and Ferg
to start searching for Donna sooner.

It's my fault.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Donna.

I just... I didn't know...

That I'd like it.

You were protecting my feelings.
I get it.

And I appreciate it.

And I'm also pretty sick of it.

'Cause I do the same thing.

You know, I-I keep secrets from you

because I don't want to disappoint you.

What secrets?

Not now.

What secrets, Cady?

I got a job.


I'm working for Jacob Nighthorse.

[footsteps approaching]

Not now, Vic.


[door closes]

I'm not working directly for him,

but he's funding a legal-aid
operation on the Res,

and he asked me to run it.

That's why I came to your cabin.

I came to tell you, Dad.

I think this job is the perfect
opportunity because...

Because you're my daughter.
He's using you.

- Thanks for the vote of confidence.
- Think about it.

I did.

This casino is here
whether we like it or not.

And if I can use those
funds to help people...

I think Mom would've liked that.

I know this hurts you, Dad.

Just like the idea of someone
taking Mom's place hurts me.

But I think it's time we
move on with our lives

without secrets.

You said you took a bloody sheet
from my room to stop my bleeding.


Are you sure there was already blood
on the sheet when you used it?


I have to get back to work.

So do I.

[door opens]

- Hey.
- Vic.

- Donna was shot.
- What?

There were two blood
spots in my bedroom.

We missed the second one
because it was on a sheet

that Cady used to stop my bleeding.

Shit, okay. Well, then I
think I know who shot her.

Duncan Butler. He missed
his last four sessions with Donna,

just like the guy that she mentioned
after her van was firebombed.

Good work, Detective.

[Walt] Are you Duncan Butler?

Look, I turned my music down,
for Christ's sakes, all right?

Why don't you just go
tell the Reynolds to lay off?

You were here three
days ago playing music?

- No, I was at work three days ago.
- Oh.

Well, can your wife verify that?

She can tell you I wasn't here,

and my boss can tell you I was there.

And where is "there"?

Continental Meats in Sheridan.

[Walt] Oh, Sheridan, huh?

Well, you wouldn't happen
to know a Donna Monaghan?

She works out that way.


Well, she's not the psychiatrist

you've been seeing the last two years?

God damn it! She's not
supposed to talk about that.

- You seem like you're angry with her.
- Yeah, wouldn't you be?

That shit's supposed to be confidential,
and she goes and sics the sheriff on me.

She didn't sic me on you.
She didn't tell me anything about you.

Well, if she didn't tell you,

then you must've broken some laws
finding out I see her.

You know what, I'm calling the ACLU.

When you talk to them,
make sure to mention

that we're investigating someone
who set a van on fire.

- Is that what she told you?
- Like I said, she hasn't told me anything.

Because Donna Monaghan is missing.

Do you know anything about that?

Shit. Get around back.


All right. Let's go get her.


Come on.
Drop the gun!

- Whoa, whoa.
- Drop the gun.

Come on.

Look, if she's missing,
we got to go find her.

Who's next on your list?

- Right now, there's just you.
- What?

Look, I didn't firebomb her van,
all right?

I sure as hell didn't kidnap her.

Then you won't mind if my deputy and me

take a good look around your home.


Hey, but every minute you're in there
is a minute we're not looking for Donna.


Well, thanks for your help.



His boss at Continental Meats confirms

he was in the middle
of an eight-hour shift

when Donna's van got firebombed.

He was also working when she
and I were attacked, so...

So, I guess that leaves
the mysterious Andrew Price.

What do you think our next step is?

Well, I think my next step is sleep.


I mean, that's good.

You're finally talking some sense.

- I'll give you a ride to Henry's.
- No.

No, I need you to head upstairs,
see if anybody confirmed Andrew's story,

or see if the APB's generated any leads.

- Okay.
- Have Ruby call Henry to come pick me up.

Get some rest, Walt.


I said nothing.

Yeah, but it's in how you said nothing.

- Speak.
- We should not be doing this.


Trying to find the man who attempted to
kill Gab and me at the Crow Reservation

and might have Donna?

I am not saying that Walker
Browning should be ignored,

but maybe given your physical state
and the lawsuit you are facing...

Look, you can drive me and keep
your thoughts to yourself,

or you can set me out right here.

But you cannot drive me and
judge me at the same time.

[gear cranks]


You're gonna make me get out here?


But I do not know which way to turn.
I have never been here before.

Barracks another half mile further on.

The active rig should be right here.

[engine idling]

Hey, shut it off.

[engine quiets]

Shut it off.

[engine stops]

Who are you?


What's going on here, Doug?

Doing my job.

You work for Newett Energy?

I do this week.

I'm a private contractor.
Shutdown engineer.

Newett determined these
wells were unproductive,

so they called us in to
plug it and close up shop.

When'd they make that decision?
[cellphone ringing]

Called us two days ago.

Two days ago.

You know Walker Browning?

No, never heard of him.

- Hello?
- Hey, I got a job for you, Hector.

Now is not a good time.

I'm not sure you understand
how this deal works.

I'm with the sheriff.

Oh, great. Put him on.

I got some blood samples I'd
like to share with him.

Look, Henry, you don't get to
choose what's a good time or not.

I need Hector now.

I'm probably an hour away.

I'll see you in 45 minutes.

[cellphone beeps]

[cellphone beeps]

We got to get over to Newett headquarters,
figure out where they relocated Walker.

I cannot do that.

- Why not?
- I have someplace I have to be.

Do not make me leave you out here.

[truck door opens]

[distant] Dad!


[telephone ringing]



[Coroner] Hey, I'm calling
from the Cumberland morgue.

- Sheriff around?
- Speaking.

Hey, uh, I had a note
that you were interested

in any blonde Jane Does
in the 45 to 55 range.

Yeah. Why?

'Cause I got one.