Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 5 - Help Wanted - full transcript

Walt suspects a chain robbery when a late veterans husband is shot during a break in and a warehouse full of pharmaceuticals is robbed. The sheriffs department is scouting for new recruits.

[Walt] Thanks for coming, everybody.

I really appreciate your time.

So, what did you think of the book?

Of Mice and Men, it's Nobel Prize winner
John Steinbeck's classic American novel.

It was published in 1937
to wide critical acclaim.

Thank you, Monte.

But I was hoping to get people's
personal reactions to the book, so...

[Shelby] I hated it.

It was too sad, and everybody was so mean.

Okay, um...

[clears throat]

Zachary, how about you?


Uh, sorry, I'm a slow
reader, so I didn't finish.

[door opens]

- [Ruby] Hey.
- [Ferg] Hey.

[door closes]

- Ruby.
- [Ruby] Hm?

What's Cady doing here?

- Why don't you ask her yourself?
- Hey. Shh.

I'm helping with the deputy search.

- [Ferg] Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

My dad hired me to do
some background checks

on the people he's interviewing in there.

Are they in there right
now? [clears throat] Vic.

- They all in there right now?
- Yeah, all eight of them.

Did you meet them yet? [groans]


Did you meet them yet? I
mean, did they seem all right?

It doesn't really matter
what I think, you know?

Walt's gonna hire whoever he wants anyway,

probably someone that doesn't threaten him.

I am hungry.

I'm gonna go to the Busy
Bee and get some food.

Anyone else want anything?

[Ruby] Mnh-mnh. Thanks.

Let's focus on the end of the
book, where George shoots Lennie.

Spoiler alert for Zachary, huh?

Well, I'll say the big
maroon had it coming.

By the time I got to the end, I was
so sick of John Malkovich's voice

that I was actually
rooting for him to get shot.

[clears throat]


John Malkovich played the
character in the movie.

We're talking about the book, so...

[scoffs] Of course.

Okay, uh... as a deputy, how would you
handle this George/Lennie situation?

Well, at the academy, I was trained
to take cover at a safe distance.

Ideally, I'd create a barrier
between myself and the shooter.

I would command him to drop his weapon.

[knock on door]

Walt, sorry, we've got a situation.

[Walt] Excuse me.

There's been a shooting at the
home of Brandi and Greg Collette.

[Ferg] The Collettes?

Aren't they the military family that you
and Vic got called in on a while back?

Yeah, Brandi Collette had a PTSD
episode, fired a weapon at us.

Thankfully, Greg had it
loaded with blanks, so...

Not this time. Greg's been shot.

By Brandi?

I don't know.

Actually, Ferg, you stay here.

Tell the applicants I'm
sorry to cut things short.

I'll see them at the shooting range.

How is he?

Bullet passed underneath his left clavicle.

He's lost a lot of blood, but all
things considered, he's a lucky guy.

Where's his wife, Brandi?

Didn't know he had a wife.

- Sheriff, we got to go.
- I'm coming with you.

[monitor beeping]

[siren wailing]

[radio chatter]

Greg, did Brandi do this?

No, she didn't.

Okay, if it wasn't Brandi, who was it?

Some guy kicked in my
door while I was sleeping.

Did you get a look at him?

Sort of. Uh...

He had a, um... a hoodie on.

A red bandana covered his face.

White guy, sounded
young, maybe drugged out.

What did he want?

I don't know, okay?

I was gonna let him take whatever he
was looking for just so he would leave.

And then he found Brandi's
engagement ring, and...

Couldn't have that.

So I tried to grab it,
and he pulled out a gun.

I didn't care. I just... I went after it.

Then he shot me, and then... And
then he ran away with the ring.

So, where was Brandi
during all this? She okay?

She's dead, Sheriff.

She killed herself two months ago.

I had no idea.

I'm sorry.

You, uh...

Can you describe that
engagement ring for me?

Green agate, set in silver.

Brandi found the stone while we
were camping near Delaney Rim.

[exhales sharply] It's got her name.

It's engraved on the inside.

I'm gonna find that ring for
you, Greg... and whoever did this.

Sheriff, I think you're
gonna want to hear this.

[Vic] A second robbery?

[Ruby] Yeah, at the Tall-T
Warehouse and another gunshot victim.

Hand me that mike.

Vic, where are you?

[siren wailing]

[tires screech]

Have the doctor call me as
soon as he's out of surgery.

[siren beeps, wails]

[siren wailing]

Who called this one in?

The victim, a security
guard named Lee McKinnon.

Sheriff's department!

[Lee] I'm over here!

They got me in the leg.

They? How many?

Three, I think, maybe four.

They're gone now.

I was going around checking temps,
and that's when I heard something.

And I came around the
corner here, and I saw them.

[Walt] What did they look like?

They were all in black, ski
masks, looked professional.

So I pulled my sidearm, and before
I knew it, we were exchanging shots.

[Vic] Did you hit any of them?

I sure as hell would hope
so. They were all right there.

They were taking boxes
off our Casper shipment.

[Walt] These all pharmaceuticals?


If you see any painkillers,
you can grab me some.

Paramedics are on their way.

- [Lee] Aah!
- [Walt] How's that leg looking?

You stitch that yourself?

Aah. Uh, no, one of them did it.

[Lee inhales sharply]


[siren wails]

Two armed robberies in one day?

They got to be connected.

[Walt] Maybe.

Lee McKinnon shot those
robbers at close range.

Call the hospitals and the local clinics.

See if any gunshot victims have shown up.

Have Ruby call every pawnshop in the area.

See if anyone brought in a green
agate engagement ring set in silver.

You looking to propose to someone?

It was, uh, Brandi Collette's ring.

Greg got shot trying to stop
someone stealing it, so...

Green agate must be worth
a lot more than I suspected.

Brandi killed herself two months ago.

Shit. Okay. I'll call Ruby from the road.

Ferg, I want you to thoroughly
process these crime scenes,

this place and the Collette home.

Tell me the differences
and the similarities.

That should tell us if these
two robberies are connected.


Call Cady for me.

On it.


I need a ride.

Yeah, that's right.

Is Greg Collette out of surgery?

Anybody there to be with
him when he comes 'round?

When are the visiting hours?

Okay, thanks.


So, uh...

You dig up anything on these
candidates I ought to know about?

Dad, do you feel like maybe
you're rushing this a little?

You've been through a lot.

Thanks, but I'm good.

Now, what have you found?

Well, two of your applicants
have minor criminal records,

and one of them has a medical
history that's a little disconcerting.


Now, I hope you never need to
use your weapon on this job.

But if you do, I hope you don't miss.

Treat this like the real thing.

All right.




Not bad, Theo.

Thanks, Sheriff.

Monte, I get the feeling you
may have done this before.

Yes, sir.

Something wrong, Zachary?

You said to treat this
like the real thing, right?

Well, in reality, at this distance,
that bear's no threat to me,

so I prefer not to shoot it.

Actually, that's not a bear.

That's an escaped killer in a bear suit.

He's got an AK-47 aimed straight at you.

[shell clinks]

Nice shooting.

[Vic] Walt.

So, if Lee McKinnon did hit
one of those warehouse robbers,

they didn't go to a hospital or clinic.

Nobody's been admitted with a gunshot wound

except for McKinnon and Greg Collette.

What about Brandi's ring?

Ruby's still making calls, but I
just got off the phone with Ferg.

He said 12 boxes of pharmaceuticals
were stolen from the warehouse,

all from the same Casper shipment.

Zoloft, Children's
Advil, and pseudo-ephrine?

- Pseudoephedrine.
- [Vic] Pseudoephedrine.


Meth cooks use it.

So I've been thinking, home
invasion, stolen pills, ring a bell?

Yeah. Unfortunately.


Cady, uh, tell the candidates that
didn't check out they didn't make the cut,

except for the medical case.

I'm not quite ready to cut him loose yet.


[hip-hop music playing]

I'll do the talking.

You head inside and look for the
missing drugs and Brandi's ring.

[Vic] Let's hope for their
sakes we only find drugs.

- Boys.
- [music stops]

Yo, Bae, that's trespassing
without a warrant.

You're on probation.
We don't need a warrant.

You still peddling stolen drugs these days?

- You mean magazines?
- No!

- Come on!
- I don't.


Like you said, we're on probation.

Selling drugs would wreck
that shit. So we're clean.

- Who's taken over your drug trade?
- No one.

You've cleaned up Absaroka County, Sheriff.

And yet someone just robbed
a warehouse at gunpoint,

stole entire cases of pseudoephedrine,
Zoloft, and Children's Advil.

And someone ripped off jewelry from
a grieving widower after shooting him.

I'm thinking the two of you are
about stupid enough to do both.

Look what I just found under
one of the couch cushions.

[chuckles] Well, that's a
violation of your probation,

which means I'm calling your
probation officer right now

unless I believe every single
word that comes out of your mouths.

We're not lying.

Our proby's a hard-ass. We
wouldn't risk peddling Z-loft.

What about the pseudoephedrine?

There's no money is pseudo, not
unless you cook that shit up.

And what if you can?


You can flip a package of
pseudo for three grams of meth,

maybe sell it for 100 bucks to
some dumb-ass casino tourists.

But we don't know how to
cook that redneck shit.


And, Sheriff?

That's actually my nana's gun.

[Walt] Your nana's gun?

You tell your Nana to come down
to the station and pick it up.

So, those idiots are right
about meth's street...


street value.

Each one of those cases of pseudoephedrine

could be worth tens of
thousands of dollars.

What did you find at the crime scenes?

Found some slugs at the warehouse
and at Greg Collette's home.

I figure we should run
ballistics on all of them.

Even though the robbery at the Collette
home looks like a random smash-and-grab,

I decided to make some calls
on Greg Collette anyway,

see if he has any enemies
or any recent run-ins.

- Is that why you brought Travis in?
- Uh... no.

Uh... he brought himself in.

Said he wanted to talk to you in private.

I have no idea what about.

Anyway, Greg Collette did have a big
blowup at the V.A. clinic in Sheridan

directed at a psychiatrist...
Dr. Donna Sue Monaghan.

Nice work.


Uh... hi.

What are you doing here?

I'm honored to apply for
the job of deputy, sir.

I-I know me and this department may
have gotten off on the wrong foot,

but I really do believe that
I'd make a strong candidate.

Aside from pulling a
gun on one of my deputies

and later helping him kidnap
and drug a Cheyenne man.

Well, to be fair, I did come clean
on both of those errors in judgment.

So I do have honesty going for me.

Also, I've, uh, attached this article.

It says that a lot of cops
would have become criminals

if they hadn't turned to law enforcement.

So, you're saying if I don't hire
you, you're gonna commit more crimes.

[laughs] Not any felonies.

As you can see, I, uh... I've
never done any real jail time,

and I've never been convicted of
anything other than the misdemeanor.

You actually stapled your
rap sheet to your résumé?

My greatest weakness happens
to be my greatest strength.

I know where the bad guys are.

I know how they think,
and I'm a quick draw.


[pen clicks]


I'm in the middle of
an investigation, so...

All right.

I'm gonna drive to Sheridan,

talk to that psychiatrist that
Greg Collette had the run-in with.

Uh, I want you to see if
anyone's buying or stealing

the other ingredients you
need to cook meth in bulk.


Well, I think that went
better than expected.

[indistinct conversations]

[door closes]

[man] Come on.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Sheriff Longmire.


Monaghan, let me help you with that.

[Donna] Oh, thank you.

- What happened?
- [sighs]

Well, it was either a temper
tantrum or a breakthrough.

It's hard to tell sometimes.

And the name is Donna.

Donna. Right.


Well, I do have another patient
in about five minutes, so...

Of course. I'll get right to it.

Do you know a Durant
man named Greg Collette?

Yes, he reached out to me a few
months ago about his wife, Brandi.

She was, uh...

She was having some pretty terrible
flashbacks after coming home from Iraq.

Yeah. Yeah, I experienced
one of them firsthand, so...

Well, then you know that she was in
need of immediate psychiatric care.

But, unfortunately, like too many veterans,

she wouldn't come here for treatment.

So at Greg's request, I took the
mobile unit down to Durant to see her,

but she refused evaluation, so...

How did Greg react to that?

Well, he was thankful for my efforts.

[chuckles] I'm sorry.

Why are you asking me all these
questions about Greg Collette?

Because someone broke into his
home this morning and shot him.

Well, is he okay?

I hope so.

Anyway, I understand that you and
Greg had a bit of a confrontation.

Well, I... Yes. [stammers]

It was about three months ago. He, uh...

He drove down here and demanded that I
give him some anti-depressants for Brandi.

What did you say?

I said the only thing I could say... No.

Without an evaluation, I didn't know
if Brandi was suffering from PTSD

or a traumatic brain injury or both.

You know, there was no way of knowing
what kind of medication to give her, so...

And did that make Greg angry?

Yes, it made him very livid.

He, uh, told me that if I
didn't give him the pills

that, um, Brandi would kill herself.

But there was really
nothing that I could do.

At that point, my hands were tied, so...

Well, Greg was right
about Brandi, you know?

She did kill herself.

Do you actually think that
I don't know that, Sheriff?

Do you imagine that that
doesn't keep me awake at night?

Did you know that 22 veterans
kill themselves every day?

You know, I had no idea when I took this
job that it was gonna be so impossible

for me to give these people
the kind of help that they need.

A soldier does not hesitate to get
the shrapnel removed from his leg.

But if it's the brain that's injured,
you can't get them to set foot in here.

They think that it makes
them weak or something.

And just...

So what do they do? They... They suffer.

And they self-medicate.

And sometimes, like Brandi
Collette, they kill themselves.

And if they actually do work
up the courage to come in here,

well, then they find
that we are so underfunded

and that the red tape is so damn thick,

it's all just starting to feel like
some, you know, sadistic joke, but...

I'm sorry. Excuse me. It's
okay. It's okay. I've got it.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

It's uh...

It's been a long week.

So... [clears throat]

I really do have a lot more patients, so
if you don't have any more questions...

Where were you this
morning just after dawn?

I was on the road back from
Cumberland County in the mobile unit.


I'm just trying to piece together
all the information that I can.

All right.

Thank you.

[Donna] Of course.

Deputy Ferguson here has
examined two crime scenes,

one victim at the Collette home invasion,

one at the Tall-T Warehouse robbery.


All right, Greg Collette was shot with
a .38 by a single robber in his home.

Later that same morning, Lee McKinnon
was shot with a 9mm in his leg

while confronting a group of three
to four professional-looking thieves.

Now, McKinnon returned fire with his .38,

leaving these bullet holes
in the warehouse boxes.

So, you think these crimes are related?

They got to be related.

This is small-town Wyoming, right?

What are the odds that there are
two heist crews working out here?

Wait, you're saying that these
perps completely altered their M.O.s?

Why would they suddenly change
things up between crimes?

Maybe they want to
throw us off their scent.

[Walt] Zachary, what do you think?

I think these two .38 slugs
are maybe from the same gun.

Both got six lands and
grooves and a left twist.

[Premo] What does that mean?

That means that Zachary noticed
the same thing as Deputy Ferguson.

We're doing some further ballistic
tests, but there's a good chance

that Lee McKinnon's gun was used
at the Collette home invasion, so...

And did you recover McKinnon's gun?

No. McKinnon told us the robbers
took it after he was shot.

But Collette was shot first.

How would he be shot with
the security guard's gun?

[Travis] Easy.

The guard was in on it.

See, the security guard, he rips
off this Collette fellow first,

and then he goes to work his shift,

and then he stages a fake robbery to
make it look like it's a crime spree.

I mean, he's a security guard,
right? I hate those guys.

Fake wannabe rent-a-cops.

What are you doing here?

Just winning you over. I mean,
you never said no yesterday.

Okay, then. No.

Come on, you got to at
least give me a chance.

No, I don't.


So, uh, there's another
way of thinking about this.

Maybe the warehouse was robbed first
before the Collette home invasion.

Warehouse thieves shoot Lee McKinnon,
steal his gun, hit the Collette house.

Well, then why did the 911
calls come in a different order?

If this security guard McKinnon
really is an inside man,

after the warehouse robbery, he lets
his cohorts shoot him in the leg.

Then he would have waited to
call 911 to let his crew get away.

Meanwhile, they use Lee McKinnon's gun in
another robbery in another part of town.

Didn't Trey and Jelly have an inside
partner in their prescription-drug ring?

Yes, they did.

Paid off a pharmacist to give them
the names of people with prescriptions.

All four cases of stolen pseudoephedrine

showed up in the Dumpster
behind Durant Pharmacy

right after you and I
questioned Jelly and Trey.

That's got to be enough for an arrest.

No. Everything we have
is still circumstantial.

Unless one of our shooting
victims can give us an I.D.



Are they taking half-decent
care of you in here?

Uh, no complaints so far, you know.

Uh... [clears throat]

Marc, this is Sheriff Walt Longmire,
who I was telling you about.

Sheriff, this is my friend
Sergeant Marc Van Zandt.

Actually, it's retired Sergeant Van
Zandt. Nice to meet you, Sheriff.

Greg tells me you're
hunting down the asshole

that shot him and stole Brandi's ring.

Well, I'm certainly working on it.

Did you know Brandi?

[Marc] Yes, sir. Very well.

If it was anyone other than Brandi
driving our supply truck through Basra,

I don't think I'd be here.

So when Greg called me and
told me about the robbery,

I drove up from Fort Collins to make
sure they were taking care of him.


We're doing everything we can, so, uh...

I got a couple of suspects
I think might be involved.

Greg, if you feel up to it, you want
to take a look at their mug shots?

Yeah, sure, let's...

Here you go. [clears throat]

Only a mother could love them, huh?

[Greg chuckles] Yeah. Yeah.

You recognize either of them?

I don't know.

Like I said, I was sleeping
when they busted in.

They had their faces covered.

I wish I could, but sorry.

No, no, makes sense. Um...

If you could hear the robber's voice,
you think that may make things easier?

It might, right?



Hey, who you taking me to see?

It's a guy named Greg Collette.

He was also shot during
a robbery yesterday.

[Walt] Mr. McKinnon, thanks for joining us.

I was hoping that you and Mr. Collette here

could go through some of the
details of your assailants with us.

That way, we might be able to
piece together a description.

Do you recognize either of these two men?

You know, it was dark, and
the fellas kept their masks on.

I don't think I could really
recognize any of the people involved.

Not even the one who sewed
up your gunshot wound?

How long did it take for you
to call 911 after you got shot?

Pretty hard to pin down. Um...

You know, I think I blacked
out in there somewhere.

I don't even remember being sewn up.

[Marc] Fog of war.

Excuse me?

Well, in a crisis, our brains can
only handle so much information.

Our memory of the details
gets all fogged up.

I saw it happen all the time in Iraq.

There was something weird
going on in there, wasn't there?

Lee McKinnon seemed awfully
nervous around Sergeant Van Zandt.

[Ferg] Do you think he was in on it?

[Walt] I don't know.

McKinnon's injury isn't severe.

When's he scheduled to be released?

[Ferg] Tomorrow.

[Walt] I got a job for you.

[rock music playing]

Okay, so, it had nothing to
do with his physical health?


Okay, thank you so much for your help.

Big crowd.

Casino overflow.

Well, thank you for covering for me.

No problem. Something come up?

Just a friend in need.

Has Malachi put you on retainer?

Yeah, he offered me six figures.

I turned him down, of course,

so that I could do some background
checks on my dad's deputy applicants.

Is he one of the candidates?

Yeah. Why? You know him?

I have encountered Theo
Pemberton several times,

and each could be described as "harrowing."

Okay, good to know. Thank you.

Your shirt's ripped.

So it is.

I should go change.

♪ Love don't satisfy me ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm leaving
with a smile on my face ♪

♪ You know I ain't that easy ♪

♪ Sometimes it's just so hard ♪

♪ I'm just looking for
something to please me ♪

♪ You know I want it ♪


[woman] Hello?


Anyone there? Hello?


♪ Some good loving with me ♪

♪ Some good loving with me ♪

♪ Some good loving ♪

♪ Back-door screen is slamming ♪

[Vic] Hmm.

So, I take it round two with Walt
didn't go as well as expected?

You know, I really don't
need any shit right now.

No shit. Just beer.

Did you really think he
was gonna hire you, though?

I thought he'd give me a chance.

- You have a record, Travis.
- Misdemeanors.

Dumb mistakes. Or maybe
you don't have any of those.

You know, I might not come
from money like Branch did.

But I'll tell you one thing... I'm
a much better person than he ever was.

And Walt hired him.

But would you have made a better deputy?

You know, me and Branch, we played
football ever since we were little kids,

and he was always the starting QB.

And me, I was just a blocking back.

But when we graduated from high school,

guess who went on to
play Division I football.

It sure as hell wasn't Branch Connally.

And why's that?

Because I played harder than he did

and because I cared more about helping
my team than padding my own stats.

You know, that's... That's the thing
that pisses me off about this the most.

I can accept going out there
on the field and losing.

What I can't accept is not even
being given a goddamn chance.

♪ Don't let the sweet still love me ♪

♪ Just got to try again ♪

♪ Next time, nothing will stop me ♪

♪ You know you want it... ♪

[Vic] Any word on Brandi Collette's ring?

Not yet.

God help me if I find whoever stole it.

So, I've, uh, been thinking
about this warehouse robbery.

Maybe the pseudoephedrine
wasn't actually the target.

You think they were after the Zoloft?

Yeah, well, I Googled it last night.

Zoloft is prescribed a
lot for people with PTSD.

If somebody knew about
Brandi's Collette's condition,

they might have assumed that she
was on Zoloft while she was alive.

And a cabinet full of pills
after she wasn't, so...


Yo, Sheriff, your narc sucks.

You guys stop by to pick up your pseudo?

You guys couldn't break us,
so you sent your undercover pig

to try and peddle off some baggies
of Z-loft on us at like half-price.

I didn't send anybody to do that.

Well, Dwight Brisco sure as
shit looked and acted like a cop.

We've already sent this asshole's
photo to everyone that we know.

So Mr. 22 Jump Street's
act is totally defunct.

[Walt] Oh, I see.


Dude, that's his new phone.

Which I can search, according
to the terms of your probation.

If you've got any questions
about the legality of all this,

we can call your probation officer
right now and go over the details.

It's nice weather, huh?

Once you slide that bag my way,
I will take it and walk away.

You will find an envelope full of
money under the bench, as discussed.


You seem to be in a hurry to
sell off those pills for cheap.

Most street dealers I know make their
money just selling a little bit at a time.

I'm not a dealer. I'm an idiot, and a...

And a broke vet with too many bills.

Think that makes it okay
to peddle illegal drugs?

I was desperate, okay?

Every single job I apply for, every
single job, you know what they tell me?

They say I don't have the right
education or the right experience.

Apparently, my military service, well,
that's just a black mark on my résumé.

They all think that I've got PTSD,
TBI, or some other alphabet soup

that's gonna have me shooting
up the place or something.

So, your solution is to steal
some Zoloft pills and sell them?

I didn't... I didn't steal them.

I found them.

- Yes, like Columbus found America.
- No, seriously.

I heard about this church on highway 12,

and they had a stash of free
anti-depressants for vets in need.

So I went to the church,
I dug around. I found some.

Hey, everybody assumes that
I'm this traumatized vet anyway.

I might as well profit from it.

So, who's distributing
these pills for free?

I don't know.

I just kind of assumed it was Hector.

Hector is dead.

No, he's not, man.

You ask anybody on the Res. Hector lives.

You do surveillance like this often?

Whenever Walt tells me to.

Yeah, and he sounds like a boss
that you don't want to cross.

[Ferg] What do you mean?

Didn't he hunt down and gut the guy that
murdered his wife Charles Bronson-style?

He was under federal
investigation for it, right?

And cleared of any wrongdoing.


Hey, sorry, Ferg.

I just want to know what
I'm getting myself into.

You know what I mean?

My instructors at the academy,
they were really by-the-book.

Here, you can drive whatever you
want. You can wear whatever you want.

Hell, it's like the sheriff cares
more about books than physical fitness.

- You know what I mean?
- That's the third time.

- Third time what?
- Third time that truck's driven past us.

Is it a blue pickup with
Colorado plates, right?


Yeah, we've been made. [sighs]

What, you think someone's
trying to get at Lee McKinnon?

Well, if they are, they're not gonna do
it with me sitting here in my uniform.

Look, I'm gonna drive off,

but I'm gonna leave one of you here
to see if that truck comes back.

Yeah, I got it.

Uh, don't take this the wrong way,
Monte, but you look exactly like a cop.


Zachary's got this one.

[Zachary] All right.

- Got to let him out.
- Sorry.

Push it up.

[Ferg] Zachary.

Take this.

Pretend you're getting
signatures for a petition.

All right.

[engine turns over]

[Vic] So, this Dwight Brisco guy said he
got the anti-depressants from inside here?

He also said Hector's still alive,
so I'm not sure how reliable he is.

So, you're taking this
search pretty seriously.

Of course I'm taking it seriously.

Two people have been shot.

I was talking about the deputy search.

Well, can't get it wrong again...

and hire another deputy who can't
handle the strain of the job.

I noticed you've been pretty
quiet about the whole thing.

What do you think of the candidates?

I think I should just leave that up to you.

I haven't been the best
judge of character lately.

[notes play]

[piano key clicks]

So, we're looking for
a patriotic Robin Hood?


[boy imitating airplane]

Gather up all the pills that you find.

[indistinct talking]

Bible study?

Support group for Army wives.

Quack from the V.A. organized it.

[Rebecca] Gareth wasn't even eating.

He believes that tapeworms
were living under his scars

and feeding off of everything that he ate.

How is Gareth now?

Uh... better.

He came with me today,
and he's eating again.


I still... I still don't feel
comfortable leaving him alone with Eli.

That's okay.

But, uh... he's better.


[Walt] You think these had something
to do with Gareth's recovery?

- What?
- [Walt] I found them in the chapel.

I'm guessing these are
the same anti-depressants

that were recently stolen
from a local warehouse.

Our husbands need those pills.

Our families need those pills.

Don't you wonder how you got them?

Why should we?

Do you think civilians wonder
where they get their freedom?

No, they just assume it's always
gonna be there... for free.

[Rebecca] Whoever stole
those pills is a saint.

I'd like to thank them.

You should say your thank-yous now.

There's a good chance that
person is here in this room.

Look, I don't see any
criminals in here, Sheriff.

Just some good people in need.

[Vic] So, this looks like it's all of them.

We'll take them back to the station.

You, me, and Dr. Monaghan.

Is this really necessary?

Dr. Monaghan, you've already made it clear
that you're passionate about your work

and that you also feel
frustrated and helpless.

Providing you with clear motivation

to get the pills to the men
and women you feel need them.

Now we find you at the very church
where these pills are being given away,

not to mention that the gunshot victim

at the warehouse where the pills were
stolen received very capable first aid.

As if trained by a medical
professional, right?

Yes, I got the implication.

Look, I understand your suspicions,
okay? But I am not involved in this.

Although, in all honesty,
you know what? I wish I was.

Because it's been such
a roaring success so far?

No, because if I was involved,

I could make sure that these people are
actually getting the right medication.

You know, it takes hours of testing
to make a proper diagnosis, okay?

You don't just... just, you
know, do a couple Google searches,

kick back some anti-depressants,
and hope for the best.

You actually have to know
the person's medical history,

their family history,
you know, what kind of...

So, you don't support this
kind of psychiatric vigilantism?

No, I don't. I understand
it, and I sympathize with it.

But, no, I don't support it.

I think it's dangerous and
short-sighted and reckless.

As reckless as breaking
in to Greg Collette's home?

You know, I have a colleague

who specializes in aggressive behavior
disorders, and I can give you his number.

Doctor, you know where Greg lives.

Come on, Sheriff, you
seem like a smart man.

I mean, really, do I strike
you as the sort of person

who is gonna throw her medical license away

and bust into a patient's
house guns blazing?

I mean...

Well, I've seen things on
this job surprise me more.

You put someone in a bad enough corner,

they'll do just about
anything to get out of it.

[knock on door]

You're gonna want to hear this.

Excuse me. I'll be right back.

So, guess who showed up at Lee
McKinnon's house after he was released.

Sergeant Marc Van Zandt.

He was driving a blue pickup
truck with Colorado plates.

That Zachary identified.

McKinnon let the sergeant in before
he even had a chance to knock.

He was inside for just under five
minutes, and then Van Zandt left.

So, obviously, Lee McKinnon
isn't just a victim in this.

It's starting to look like Lee
McKinnon and Sergeant Van Zandt

were in on this heist together.

Is everything okay?

Why would Lee McKinnon
and Sergeant Van Zandt

break in to Greg Collette's house
and steal Brandi's engagement ring

if Greg's a friend?

- [sighs]
- [footsteps approach]

Seems that the only thing that's
clear right now is the why.

Whoever did this did it to help.

Which brings up another why.

Why do we got to break our
backs to solve this thing

when all the person was trying to do
is get medicine to people who needed it?

It's not like anyone was killed.

Not this time.

What do you mean?

We've confiscated all their pills.

What's gonna happen when they hit again?

Because they will.

What's going on?

My damn engine crapped out.

Well, what do you want me to do about it?

Well, you can start by doing
exactly what I say when I say it.

Or you can take your
chances with that grenade.

Shit, man! Is that thing for real?

You tell me.

- Hands on the wheel!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Keep your eyes forward!
Don't look at my face!

You're gonna drive us about a quarter
mile down this road, you understand?

- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Let's go!

We need to hurry this up.

Take few more cases,
and that's it, all right?

[Walt] Stop right there.

Keep your hands where I can see them.

Get them up.

Off the truck.

Back up.

Move to the van.

Move it!

Turn away.

Keep them up.

Keep them up.

Wrist in that hook.

One each.

On the hook.

Do it!

I figured you guys would
still want these pills.

You wouldn't hit the warehouse again,

so I've been riding every Zoloft
shipment the last couple of days.

You need to know, Sheriff, we
never meant for anyone to get hurt.

Is that right? Tell that to Greg Collette.


I thought you were Lee McKinnon.

I'm sorry, Sheriff. I...

Lee McKinnon didn't have
anything to do with this.

Why'd you go to McKinnon's
house after he got released?

We went to his house to make
sure we had our stories straight

and to thank him for not turning us in.

Lee was supposed to be
on break at that hour.

When he came up on us, I panicked,
then I fired, then he fired back.

That's why you got shot
with Lee McKinnon's gun.

Yes, sir.

[Marc] After Greg left the warehouse,

I cleaned up all his blood,
I took care of McKinnon's leg.

Gave me an opportunity to talk to him,
explain why we were after those pills.

He agreed not to talk.

So, the home invasion was just a
cover-up for your gunshot wound.

No drugged-up robber. No fight for a gun.

No stolen engagement ring.

I just thought that if I could make sure

that the other soldiers
got what Brandi didn't,

if they got the help that she didn't...
I'd have something to live for.


So, it was just you two at
the warehouse robbery, right?

Yes, sir. That's right. It was just us.

Except it wasn't.

Greg just got shot.

I don't think you drove
yourself home from the warehouse

and staged that break-in by yourself.

Marc didn't drive you.

He was busy sewing up Lee.

- So who helped you?
- I did.

Put your gun down and let these men go.

I don't want to shoot you, but I will.

I can set down my gun down.
I can't let these men go.

Look, just take his gun and leave.

We agreed nobody else gets hurt.

I'm not leaving you
behind. Put your gun down.

Put it down!

And the other one.

Put it down.

Then move over there.


He hasn't seen your face. He
can't identify you, so just leave!

Leave now!

Rebecca, what are you doing?

I'm not going anywhere without those pills.

Gareth won't even talk about
seeing someone at the V.A.,

and I'm terrified he's gonna
end up just like Brandi.

Eli needs a father.

Eli needs his mother, too.

If you shoot me, my deputies will find you,

arrest you, and put you away
for the rest of your life.

Now, you haven't crossed that line yet.

You can still have a
life with your husband.

Not without those pills, I can't!

Turn around and get on your knees.

Get on your knees.


Get on your knees.

When I lost my wife...

I just about gave up on everything.

You can see how losing
Brandi has affected Greg.

Do you think Gareth will be
able to make it without you?

Shut up!

Did you ever read Of Mice and Men?

There's a scene at the end of the book.

A man named George shoots
and kills his best friend.

It's beautiful.

George kills Lennie to
save him from being lynched.

When I read the book, I didn't realize
how any act can become an act of love.

- [gun cocks]
- Rebecca, no!

You think if Gareth could see
your act of love right now...

he might go get the treatment he needs?

Maybe he doesn't even need to see it.

He just needs to hear about it.

If you set your gun down, Rebecca,
we could call Gareth right now.

It'd mean more if he
heard it from you, I think.

[gun clicks]


[Walt] Sorry to keep you
waiting. [clears throat]

It's been a long week.

It's been a long year.

Anyway, um, clearly, you're the
two best candidates for this job.

I'm not sure either one of you has
demonstrated what I need to see.

[Monte] Really?

So, you're not gonna offer
the job to either of us?

[Walt] No, I'm not.

Maybe I rushed into
this process too quickly.

Maybe... Maybe I'm holding
you to unrealistic standards.

Yeah, well, maybe you don't
know what the hell you're doing.

I don't know if you realize this.

I was doing you a favor by
even applying to this job,

going through this
whole ridiculous process.

It's no wonder your last deputy
ran against you as sheriff.

If I wasn't so afraid I'd end up dead
like him, I'd do the same damn thing!

It's a joke.

[door slams]

Um... before I leave, um, can
I ask you what I can improve on?

Well, it's not so much there's
any one thing you need to work on.

- It's just...
- It's the assault, isn't it?

It must have come up in
your background checks.

I get it.

Last deputy didn't respond
too well when he got shot.

No. No, he didn't.

You mind talking about
what happened to you...

four years ago?

Yeah, uh...


My brother Phil and I were walking
home one night after a movie

when a dark sedan pulled up.

The next thing I remember, I
was waking up in a hospital room.

The nurse told me I'd been shot
three times and that Phil was dead.

I'm sorry.

That must have been hard.

Yeah, I went through every stage.

Anger, guilt, denial, back to anger again.

Then I ran into one of
my brother's work buddies,

and, um... he introduced me to tai chi.

And it saved me.

How so?

I like to put it like this.

I went to church a lot as a kid.

And we were always taught
to love our enemies.

Tai chi taught me something new...
To love the enemy inside me, as well.

So I don't look at peace as
the absence of conflict anymore.

I see it as the acceptance of conflict.

I finally finished your book.

Glad I did.

[Walt] So, what would you have done?

To keep George from shooting Lennie?

I think George shot Lennie 'cause he
felt it was the only option he had left.

I'd like to get there before
things ever got that bad.

[door slams]

How about Monday?

For what?

First day on the job.

Yeah, Monday works for me.

So... was that the last test in there?

To see which one of us
could handle adversity?


Thanks, Sheriff.

[slow country song plays]

♪ The clouds move over Pontiac skies ♪

♪ Their silent thunder matches mine ♪

♪ I know this feeling from long ago ♪

♪ I wondered was it gone ♪

♪ But now I know ♪

♪ So when it hurts ♪

♪ You'll know it's the right thing ♪

♪ What am I supposed to do now? ♪

♪ Without you ♪

♪ Without you ♪