Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 4 - Four Arrows - full transcript

Walt moves on after a standoff with Barlow. A tourist is found dead in a luggage bag left behind a tour bus heading to the casino, causing more tension between Walt and Nighthorse. Henry looks to help an abused mother and her son.

[country music playing]

♪ Trained my mind on only one track ♪

♪ Hit the ground running
and never looked back ♪

♪ Steered my eyes to
the mission ahead ♪

♪ And I burnt that bridge ♪

♪ Never did listen to
the innocent voice ♪

♪ Dismissed my heart
Never gave it much choice ♪

♪ Surrendered my soul
to the mission ahead ♪

♪ And I burnt that bridge ♪

♪ Oh, I can't help ♪

♪ But think I'm losing it ♪

♪ Am I losing it? ♪

♪ As I watch ♪

♪ I watch ♪

♪ My bridges burn to ash ♪

♪ Maybe my heart's
trying to give me a hint ♪

♪ Maybe it's time I
start listening in ♪

♪ Maybe I'm too far into the thick ♪

♪ And I can't turn back ♪

♪ Oh, I can't help ♪

♪ But think I'm losing it ♪

♪ Am I losing it? ♪

♪ As I watch ♪

♪ I watch ♪

♪ My bridges burn to ash ♪


[Martha] You've reached
the Longmire residence.

Sorry we're not here to take your call.

Please leave a message. We'll
be happy to call you back.



[male voice] Record greeting.


This is Walt.


This is Walt.


[rock music playing]

[indistinct conversations]

[man] 18 gaming tables and over
800 state-of-the-art slot machines.

It's opening day at Four
Arrows Resort and Casi...

Ruby, send Ferg down.

[vehicle door closes]

- Walt!
- Ferg.

That's nice. Where'd you buy this from?

I didn't.

You got it.

We weren't expecting you till Monday.

Well, I figured with the casino opening,
you could use an extra hand, so...

The resort's only half-done, so
all the hotels are overbooked.

Even the campground's full.

- Oh, hey! Whoa.
- [horn honks]

Coming through.

So, how you doin'?

[grunts] Right now?

I'm carrying most of the weight, so...



- Hold up.
- Yep.

[groans] Who locked the door?

Walt. Hey.

Um, we weren't expecting you till Monday.

[Walt] So I've heard.

[Vic] Sorry.

I, um... I wasn't, like,
sitting at your desk.

I just needed some room
to spread out, so...

You don't need to apologize, Vic.

I left you in charge, so...

Here you go, boss.


Well, I guess this should be for you, boss.

- Is it Monday already?
- [chuckles]

I'm sorry.

Who are you?

[Vic] This is, uh, Eamonn O'Neill.

He's on loan from Cumberland
County. I sent you his résumé.

You approved him.

[Eamonn] You survived the feds.


Well, they were just doing their job, so...

Well, at least you're no longer suspended.

[Walt] Never was.

Just a voluntary leave of absence.

- Vic?
- [Vic] Yeah?

There's been an accident.


Hello, Walter.

Uh, well, out on Route
10, by mile marker 20.

- Okay.
- Yep.

We got it.



Thank God you're back.

- [up-tempo music plays]
- [indistinct conversations]

Hey, let me get a burger
and bottle of water.

It's roasting out there.

[Henry] Merwin Tall Grass.

I did not peg you as a Ghost Dancer.

My grandfather made me learn.

He said if we danced long
enough, we'd fall into a trance,

and when we woke up, all
the white men would be gone.

[Henry] Your grandfather did
not count on Jacob Nighthorse.

His casino makes white men multiply.

As long as they bring their cash.


I'm spreading the word about a new group.

We have started a chapter of
Man Up at the community center.

I am on the recruitment committee.

[Merwin] Man Up?

I heard that's like A.A. for wife-beaters.

They do many things for the community,

though domestic violence
is certainly a focus.

Why would you be asking me
to join something like this?

I am asking everybody.

Sure, man. I'll check it out.

Mondays at 8:00.

[horns honking]

[Lucian] Come on through! Come on through!

Come on! Get it out! Get the lead out!

Come on!

Okay, grease monkeys and roughnecks,
stay on that side of the road!

Holy rollers, keep that circle going!

Go through! Go! Go! Go!

Move it! Move it!

Yes, indeed!

Get your butt moving over here! Come on!

Use the right foot, brother!

Half-naked girls, get off the road!

- Get off the road!
- Aah!

[Lucian] Come on, now, girls, this ain't
no place for your bachelorette party.

Move it! Move it!

Come on by! Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Well, I'm glad you could make it.

Lucian, what are you doing here?

I'm just helping out the department.

Your acting sheriff looked
a little overwhelmed,

what with you gone and these
degenerates come to town.

[Vic] Damn it, Lucian!

He has been sitting by the
scanner since you've been gone.

- We don't need your help!
- [Lucian] Oh, righty-dighty,

'cause you got your little studly over
there on loan from Cumberland County.

- What's he got I don't got?
- The ability to listen.

[Lucian] Come on! Come on through!

- Hot cops! Whoo, whoo!
- Come on! Move it! Move it! Move it!

Move it! Move it! Move it!

Anyway, Walt, I got
everything under control.

There ain't nobody hurt
and definitely nobody shot.

What... What the heck happened?

Seems these dewy young ladies
driving down here from Minneapolis

on a last, final prenuptial
hoo-hah or something.

Yon casino bus tries to pass
them on this double yellow.

Another car's coming in the other lane.

Bus tries to come back
into the his own lane,

hits the RV party thing, and
runs it right off the road.

It's like a strip club
threw up on a Barbie camper.

The driver of the RV?

Sober as a Mormon. All them
other girls bear out that story.

What about the casino bus driver?

[Lucian] Here's where it
gets interesting, Walt.

Bus driver gets out the
bus, opens the doors,

pulls out all the luggage on
the ground, and then skedaddles.

He's an ugly mutt.

Randolph Hale.

These charters don't care
who they hire anymore.

My bet... There's a record on him.

Probably afraid of getting
arrested, heads for the tall grass.

Lucian, we appreciate your help.

We got it from here.

Well, if I'm off work...
Ferg! I'm devoid of a drink!

Where's my drink? Give me my drink!


Off the road, off the road, off the road!

Stay off the road!

I filed a report with your boss.

Insurance better cover this because
that maniac almost took off our fender.

There's a service station
three miles up the road.

Get them to check it
before you head out of town.

Yeah. We're gonna go to the casino.

Um, I've been the designated driver
for two days, and I need a drink, so...


What you got there?

[Vic] Oh, Jesus.

Ferg, put out an APB on that
bus driver... Randolph Hale.

He can't have got far, even if he hitched.

Late teens, early 20s.

There's no I.D. or wallet that I can see.

Vic, get this girl to the
morgue, find out who she is.

I'm going to the casino to have
a word with... Archer Loftus,

who seems to have misplaced his luggage.

I'll go with Vic, then?

She can't carry that bag by herself.


- [drumbeats]
- [indistinct conversations]


What are you doing here?

My new boss, Malachi, generously
offered my catering services.

What is your excuse?

I'm here on business.

I hoped this day would never
come, for Martha's sake.

It is what it is.

[horn honks]

[indistinct conversations]

Put it on my bill. [laughs]

Hey, I'm gonna have to
catch up with you later.

Good talking to you.

Nice meeting you.


You just couldn't stay away, huh?

What is it now? You want to
check the smoke detectors?

I'm not here to make trouble.

I just need to talk to one of your guests.

Archer Loftus.

Came in on the charter
bus about an hour ago.

I was hoping you could help me find him.

You know, I'm not doing a
damn thing for you, my man,

not until you give me something.

What's that?

An apology.

You're kidding.

Shall I call Malachi and
have you escorted out of here?

I'm sorry that my deeply held belief

that you are a dishonorable,
untrustworthy person

led me to falsely accuse you
of killing Branch Connally.

And your wife.

And my wife.

I now know it was Barlow.

The rich, white man turns
out to be the bad guy.

What a shock, eh?

Now will you help me?

Let's go to my office.

For the record, Walt, that was the
worst apology I've ever received.

- It was honest.
- Yeah.

Well, if it makes you feel any better,

Barlow is still screwing
me from beyond the grave.

- I thought he was your partner.
- He was.

But with his money tied up in probate,

I can't complete construction of the hotel.

I need the revenue from
this casino more than ever.

- Do you understand me?
- I think so.

Well, let me make it clear.

If I allow you to question my patrons,

anything you learn is
kept inside your office,

away from the public
and especially the press.

Can't afford to have people scared off,

thinking this place
attracts criminal activity.

You have my word.

Well, if Loftus has checked in to
the completed wing of the hotel,

I'll have him brought here.

It's been my experience that free chips
and a meal voucher add a little incentive.

Thank you, Jacob.

Don't thank me.

I'm not paying for it.

Cade Tall Grass, yes?


What are you doing out
here all by yourself?

I had to get some things.

My mom's sick.

Your dad was not around to take you?

[Cade] He took the car to work.

[Henry] It is a long walk.

Hop in. Let me give you a ride.

[Walt] Archer Loftus.

This is you, right?

Yeah, that's me. Why?

You came in on the charter bus from Oden?


Work on the oil rigs over there.

Couple days' leave, came here.

So, when do I get my chips?

You own a black duffel bag, Mr. Loftus?

No. A red Samsonite upstairs in my room.

A woman's body was found in a black
duffel bag with this tag on it.

You're saying it isn't yours?

A woman's body?

You mean like a dead woman?

With my name on it?

Holy hell.


I knew it! This whole trip was a setup!

"You've been doing such good work, Archer.

We want to reward you for
your loyalty to the company.

We'll give you a bus ticket and some
chips and a dead woman's body in a bag,

get rid of your ass once and for all."

Settle down, Mr. Loftus.

I've called OSHA half a dozen
times on this company's ass.

They got us wildcatting out there.

Long hours, skipping breaks,
no rest for the hands.

That's because the company only
gets paid when the kelly's turning.

How do you know that?

Oh, I spent a few years working
rigs, mostly roughnecking in Alaska.

Prudhoe Bay.

Then you know when time
is money, men get hurt.

Five in the last eight months.

You think someone at the oil company
is trying to frame you, Mr. Loftus?

Would I put my own return
address on a dead body?

Who else would?


Must be 20 men on that bus happily
take a grand to screw me over.

Loose tooth?

If I can get it out, I'll
get a dollar under my pillow.

In my day, the tooth
fairy left only a quarter.

Well, your mom was cheap.

I know who the tooth fairy is.

You are a sharp young man.

[Cade] You can drop me here.

My dad doesn't like visitors,
especially when Mom's sick.

I hope your mom gets well soon, Cade.

Any word on the missing bus driver?

No, not yet. But Lucian was right.

Randolph Hale has a warrant out...
failure to pay child support.

[Walt] Any credit-card activity?

No, but, you know, since
the guy is a driver by trade,

I put a call out on the CB to check
to see if any truckers spot him.

Did you find the guy with the duffel?

Well, he says he's being framed.

Uh, how's Vic coming
with the I.D. of the girl?

She's still at the coroner's with Eamonn.

What do you think of, uh, Deputy O'Neill?

He's not bad.

Vic seems to like him.

Let's hope Vic's having
some luck getting that I.D.

I'll check in later.

Thank you.

[camera shutter clicks]

[Vic] Blunt-force trauma
to the back of the head,

no sign of sexual assault,
no identifying marks.

What girl this age doesn't have a tattoo?

Oh, you have a tattoo?

Wouldn't you like to know?

[Eamonn] What about implants?

Excuse me?

[chuckles] The girl.

Breast implants, they have serial
numbers. Maybe we can trace them.

Yeah. Okay.

[clears throat]

I am no expert, but they
look pretty real to me.

I don't think your boss likes me.

Oh, come on.

Walt just had to kill
a guy in his front yard,

a guy that murdered his own
son and killed Walt's wife.

I think he's got bigger
things on his mind than you.

Yeah, I know. You're right. I
just... I like it around here.

I wouldn't mind sticking around,

but that's not likely if
Walt thinks I'm an ass.

He'll forget all about it
if we get him a positive I.D.

[slot-machine music playing]

Oh, wait! Hey, hey.

Don't sneak up on a man like that.

Lady Luck is skittish.

Lucian, I need your help.

My help?

Why don't you just drag that
new deputy away from Moretti?

I'm too busy hitting the jackpot.

Unless he is, too.

We found a woman's body at
the scene of the accident.

She was in a duffel bag

with a luggage tag on it saying
it belonged to an Archer Loftus.

Dirty business, casinos.

If this oil worker didn't do it,

then someone else on that bus
may be trying to frame him.

You were out at that accident.

You can help me track down
all the passengers on the bus.

Walt, you dismissed me, remember?

Why don't you just get on the damn P.A.
and wrangle everybody who was out there?

I promised Nighthorse I
wouldn't take this public.

You promised Nighthorse.

Now, why would you do that?

I owe him.

Owe him what?

I accused him of something he didn't do.

Accused him of what?

Killing Martha and Branch.


But that would be my brother.

Save it.

I believe there's some young
bachelorettes need questioning.

Focus on the bus.


Greedy, greedy, greedy.

[rock music playing]

♪ Tell everybody that
wants me Don't taunt me ♪

♪ Don't haunt me to tell my tale ♪

♪ Tell everybody to get up and dance ♪

♪ Or shut up and get off the stage ♪

Hey, Henry.

Hello, Ferg.

This is Randolph Hale.

He's a bus driver.

You haven't seen him
here tonight, have you?

That is not a face I would forget.

Just keep an eye out, give
us a call if you spot him.

- Jess.
- [Jess] Yeah?

[Henry] If this man comes into the
bar, call the sheriff's department.


♪ No one's gonna push when
you're back's to the wall ♪

♪ Know how to walk... ♪

So, you came here with Archer Loftus?


But you're part of the
group from Oden, right?

Well, me and Loftus were on the same
bus, but it's not like we're friends.

That dude's a whiner and a
narc, and everybody knows it.

He have any friends in the group?

[scoffs] I don't think he
has any friends on this earth.

Oh, one more thing.

Um, do you remember seeing an
attractive young woman on the bus?

- Dark hair?
- Yeah.

Shit, yeah, I remember her.

You see her talking to anyone?

Couple guys tried to chat her
up, but she just blew them off.

How'd they handle the rejection?

I don't know.


Listen, can I go back in?
I only got a couple days.

I don't want to waste it talking
to some dude in a parking lot.


Oh, hey, Sheriff.

[dance music playing]

[indistinct conversations]

Excuse me, uh, Chelsea.

How do you know my name?

You're so Sherlock-y.

Well, it's kind of hard to miss.
Uh, written on your glass, so...

Do me next.

- [laughter]
- Um, well, I'm sorry to interrupt,

but I need to ask if, uh, any of you

saw someone tampering with the
luggage at the crash site this morning.

Why? What happened?

Well, a crime's been committed.

We just need to talk to
everybody that was there.

Any of you notice anything
or anyone odd or...

By "anyone odd," do you mean
anyone acting like an asshole?

Yeah, yeah, I think that would qualify.

Okay, let's start with the bus driver.

Okay. Let's.

The whole accident was his fault.

He wouldn't even apologize for it,
and when I asked for his insurance,

he got really squirrelly and
wouldn't look me in the eye.

Never trust a guy who
won't look you in the eye.


When was the last time you saw him?

Uh, we were in the
middle of a conversation.

He said, "I have to
pee," ran into the woods,

and I never saw him again.

A trucker called in on the CB

and said that this guy was
here about 20 minutes ago.

Oh, I've been on since noon.

- Nobody like that's been in.
- Where the showers at?


[bell jingles]

[bell jingles]

[water running]

Randolph Hale?

I'm looking for Randolph Hale!

You're looking for who?

Sorry to bother you.

Randolph Hale? Sheriff's department.

Stop! Stop right there!

[bell jingles]

[bell jingles]


I know you're here!

[door opens]

All right. You're okay.

You need help.

The boy wrote to me.


Cade, what did you do?

[Henry] Do you know the
story of the Bear Helper?

He'll meet you tomorrow
at noon on the playground.

Bring only what you can't live without.

[sobs softly]

[Hale] You know, I am
tired of being harassed.

I haven't done anything wrong.

And you can tell my ex-wife,
if I'm in jail, I can't work!

And if I can't work, I can't pay her!

This Randolph Hale?

In the flesh.

I'm Sheriff Longmire.

And I'm freezing my ass off.

Your deputy wouldn't let me
go back and get my clothes.

I went back. Somebody swiped them.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Ferg, why don't you go to my office
and get Mr. Hale a fleece jacket?

I think I have one in my black duffel bag.

Sure thing.

So, uh, do you know why we
brought you in, Mr. Hale?

Yeah. Because my damn
ex-wife's a bloodsucker.

I told her, as soon as
I'm paid, she's paid.

I get my check next week.

I'm not so sure.

You fled the scene of an accident.


Damn it.

I only ran because I
knew this would happen.

It ain't easy for a man my age out there.

Let... Let me... Let me
just set the record straight.

I didn't run out on my family.

My wife, she kicked me out.

Now the boyfriend, he's moving in,

but she still wants her check
the 15th of every damn month.

Know what? Women, they look at
you, all they see is a meal ticket.

How long you been working
for the bus company, Mr. Hale?

Little over a year.

[Walt] You load all the bags?

Yeah. Every single one of them.


That's a lot of people and a
lot of luggage to keep track of.

You remember all those
folks and who brings on what?

In my line of work, you just
remember the jerks and the heavy bags.

- What do you consider heavy?
- I don't know, 50, 60 pounds?

You remember this bag?

I told you. I only remember the heavy ones.

Well, this was a lot
heavier before we emptied it.

What do you think it weighed, Ferg?

120 pounds.

120 pounds.

I can't lift 120 pounds. I'm on disability.

What was in it?

You recognize her?

I-I ain't never seen her or
that bag before in my life.

And yet another person on your bus

remembers an attractive,
young woman with dark hair.

- And that bag was on your bus.
- [telephone rings]

You loaded every bag.

I guess now you're wishing we were holding
you for skipped child-support payments.


Jacob Nighthorse for you.


So, is this your idea of keeping
Four Arrows out of the press

and away from bad publicity?

What are you talking about?

Turn on Channel 11. Or 2 or 7.

They're all reporting that a murdered girl
was found on a bus headed to my casino.

I haven't spoken to anyone.

Did the mother and father call it in?

No. The Absaroka County
Sheriff's Department did,

seeking any and all
information about her identity.

You just couldn't wait, could you?

You just had to sabotage
my opening weekend.

What do you mean, you released
that information to the press?

Well, the autopsy didn't give us anything,
and you weren't coming up with anything.

Okay, Walt, maybe we should
have checked with you first,

but since you've been gone, we've gotten
used to do doing things a different way.

Well, I'm back.

And you had no business going around me.

[Eamonn] In Cumberland,
when we hit a dead end,

we do whatever we can
to identify our victim.

And frankly, any department would.

Except one where the sheriff has a
special arrangement with the casino owner.

- [knock on door]
- [Ruby] We got an I.D.

Her name is Delia Garrett from Minneapolis.

Her friends saw her photo on
the news. Heading right down.

[door closes]

Well, maybe this wasn't
the right time to be right.

It has to be you.

What do you mean?

I'm sorry.

I-I have the wrong person.

[Henry] Wait.

Hector sent me.

Walt, Eamonn was just doing his job.

I know that the FBI has been grilling
you about protocol for the last six weeks,

so you're extra sensitive about this,

but just because he didn't do it your
way doesn't mean that he is wrong.

This isn't about protocol.

This is about common decency.

A mother and a father found out their
daughter was dead by seeing this...

An autopsy photo on TV.

Walt, you got visitors.

She was supposed to come with us,
but she canceled at the last second.

She say why?

She said she was sick.

But you didn't believe her?

[Sarah] Delia had money problems.

I thought maybe she just couldn't afford
the trip and didn't want to tell us.

[Logan] That's so stupid.

I would have loaned her the money.

Can you tell me the last
time you spoke to her?

Yeah, um, I can tell you exactly when.

We went to pick her up in the RV,
and she wasn't there, so I called her.


She was at work, but she was sick and
said that we should leave without her.

7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Can either of you think of a reason
why Delia would be in Absaroka County?

Oh, my God.

Do you think she changed her
mind and tried to catch up to us?

She knew everywhere we'd
be stopping along the way.

Well, does that sound like her?

She was impulsive.

I mean, don't get me wrong, she was
great, but she wasn't like the rest of us.

- How was she different?
- She would just disappear,

and then we'd get a postcard from, like,
Turkey or Uganda or some random place.

She brought a guy back once.

He didn't speak any English,
and he was just really weird.

I don't really know how to explain it,

other than she just didn't think
about the consequences of her actions.

So, it's possible that she got on a bus

and, uh, followed you here,
picked up a stranger on the way?

Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me.

[Walt] What about this?

It's backpack-y, kind of like
something Delia would have.

That was found on the bus that,
uh, crashed into you yesterday.

Your friend's body was found inside it.

Oh, my God. That's horrible.

I knew something like
this was gonna happen.

You can't just do whatever you want!

Why don't you two just wait here?

I'll drive you back to your RV.

I want to speak to, uh,
the rest of your friends.

Maybe Delia contacted one of them.

I won't be long.

Ferg, find out all you
can about Delia Garrett.

Call her family, her employers.

See if she got any new or
unusual men in her life.


Here's a better picture
of that girl, Randolph.

Now do you recognize her?

I told you before, no.

Was she like your wife?

Did she expect a free ride?

- Vic?
- [Vic] Yeah?

Call the bus company, uh, find
out where that bus stopped,

see if there's anywhere that,
uh, Delia could have gotten on.

Bus 85678, originated in Green Bay.

Before it picked up them oilmen in Oden,

it passed through Minneapolis,
Sioux Falls, and Sturgis,

whereupon some church people got on board,
coming on down here to gamble for Jesus.

Six of those oilmen said they
noticed a young brunette hottie.

The churchies said they noticed nothing,
probably didn't want to admit it.

56 people on that bus. So far, I've
talked to 54 of them at the casino.

One of those two empty seats
could have been Delia Garrett.

Bus did stop in Minneapolis.

Lucian, show this picture to those oilmen.

Confirm that, uh, she
was on the bus with them.

Got it.

Ferg, get some clothes for the bus driver.

I got to take those girls back to their RV.

I want, uh, Randolph Hale ready for
some more questions when I get back.

Got it.

- Right. Okay.
- So...

Vic. With me.

Hold down the fort, Ringo.

[Vic] Who's that?

[Logan] That's Noah, Nikki's fiancé.

He saw Delia on TV and came right over.

From Minnesota?

- That was quick.
- He was already here.

He was supposed to be the
big surprise for the bride.

Sarah arranged for him
to meet us at the casino.

She wanted everything
to be perfect for Nikki.

Noah knew Delia?

Yeah. We've all been friends since college.


So, you want to talk about
what's been going on with you?




You okay?

I'll be fine, I guess. Um...


- These are something.
- [Chelsea] Yeah.

Sarah had them made up for us.

She thought of everything.

Well, I was surprised to see Noah here.

In my day, the... well, the groom didn't
see the bride before the wedding, so...

Nobody follows those dumb rules anymore.

We all knew he was coming except for Nikki.


You know, I, uh... Well, I don't get
the impression you're his biggest fan.

I'm kind of Sherlock-y, so...

He's fine.

Is there something you want to tell me?


I never told anybody before
because I couldn't be sure,

but... I picked up Delia up one
morning, and Noah's car was on her block.

She lives in this shitty
nowhere part of town,

so he wouldn't just randomly be there.

Now he's here, and she's here.

I don't know. Maybe she came to meet him.

Maybe something went wrong.

I don't know.


I probably just watch
way too much 48 Hours.

- What is it, Vic?
- Hey.

So, um, Lucian showed the photo
of Delia to the oil workers,

and they didn't recognize her.

They were all talking about someone else.

Apparently, they all had a crush on
a girl from the church group, so...

- Okay.
- Okay.

So, what do we do now?

For starters, you could check
the luggage compartment for me.



What happened, Ursula?

The last time I saw
you, it was not this bad.

My husband got it in his head
I'd been talking about him.

[winces] He went crazy.

But I swear, I hadn't.

I am so sorry.

It's funny.

When Hector asked if I
knew about the Bear Helper,

I thought he was talking about the story.

But he was talking about you.

Who's the Bear Helper?

A long time ago,

a Cheyenne woman and her child
were fleeing from Crow warriors.

It was winter, so they
were alone and scared.

And she became more afraid when... when
she noticed a bear was following her.

But then the bear said to the woman,

"I am following you to cover your tracks
with mine so the Crow will not find you."

When she and her child got to a wide river,

he carried them across to safety.

[chuckling softly]

My tooth fell out!

Will Hector take his teeth?

I never wanted him to hurt my dad.

What exactly did you ask of Hector?

To help my mom.

Then that is exactly what he will do.

Right this way.

I don't want to make
your weekend any worse.


I just need to get a few
statements before you all head home.

Ruby, could you show them to my office?

Thanks, Ferg.

Right this way, please.

Okay, so, I got some background on Delia.

Both of her parents
died when she was young,

so she was pretty much on her own.

Uh, and she was hard up for money.

She only had $240 in her checking account.

But I talked to her boss.

He said she took four days
off to come on this trip,

said she was excited, that, uh,
this was her best friend's wedding.

Vic, you find anything in
the luggage compartment?


Other than the smell of vomit, no.

- What were you expecting to find?
- More than that.

Uh, run the fiancé's
credit cards... Noah Minton.

See if he was here all weekend.

As soon as you get the
information, bring it in to me.

Hey, Walt, if it would help, I can work
on the groom while you question the girls.

Thanks, but no.

Listen, Eamonn, I appreciate
you filling in while I was gone,

but I won't be needing you anymore.

Let your boss know I owe him a favor.

Sarah, thanks for coming down again.

I thought, uh, Nikki may
need some emotional support.

It's, uh... It's quite a lot to take in.

- Yeah.
- No. Of course.

I was hoping you could, uh,
give me some insight into Delia,

who she was, what she was like.

Who may have wanted to harm her.

I understand that, uh, Nikki and
Delia were freshman roommates.

So, Noah, I assume you've known
Delia as long as your fiancée.

Yeah. I guess I did.

You had any recent contact with Delia?

Just the usual stuff, you
know, with the wedding and all.

[Walt] Well, I heard that you
were the surprise of the trip.

I guess your affair was
the surprise of the wedding.

- [sobs]
- What?

Did you arrange for Delia
to come down here and see you

because you knew your
fiancée was on the road?

Oh, my God.

Maybe Delia threatened to tell
Nikki, and that's why you killed her.

[scoffs] No, I don't know what
the hell you're talking about.

Well, you knew enough to dump the
body where you wouldn't be suspected.

And you had access to the
girls' itinerary, right?

Yeah, he did. I gave it to him.

What did you do, Noah?

These girls never saw the bag that
Delia was stuffed into, but you saw it,

because you bought it.

No. This is insane.

I don't know what you're talking about.

My deputy just ran your credit cards.

You had a recent purchase from a nearby
Walmart hours before the body was found.

What? No.

Hey, baby, say something.

Tell him there is no way
I could ever kill Delia.

Stop it. You're hurting her.

You stay out of it.

This trip, this entire wedding has
been nothing but the two of you.

Did they shut you out, Noah?

Is that why you turned to Delia?

Delia think this was
more than a one-time deal?

- Yeah, it was more than one time.
- [Noah] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I didn't do this. I don't know
why you're trying to blame me!

- Grow up, Noah, and take responsibility.
- Shut up!


Vic, could you take Noah outside,
please, and see that he doesn't leave?

This was supposed to be perfect.

[Sarah] I'm sorry. He
didn't deserve you anyway.

Can we go now, please?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

So, Sarah, you said that, uh,
Delia canceled at the last minute,

so why didn't you have
any gifts made up for her?

Champagne flutes or T-shirts?

Well, unless you knew she
wasn't coming all along.

Why are you asking us this?

You just said Noah did it.
He bought the bag at Walmart.

[Walt] Oh, I'm sorry.

I thought we were all lying.

Isn't that the game we're playing here?

I lied about the credit-card charge.

No Walmart. [clears throat]

Noah lied about the affair.

And you, well, you lied
about who killed Delia.

It was you.

You already admitted that you knew
about Delia and Noah, so you had motive.

They betrayed your best friend here,

and if you didn't order
a gift basket for Delia

because you knew that she
wasn't coming on your trip,

well, that gives you
intent and premeditation.

The only thing... The only thing that
was premeditated was talking to Delia.

We just wanted to get
her to admit anything,

so when Nikki and I showed up in the RV

and she just got on like nothing was wrong,

like she could be screwing Noah
and she could still be our friend...

We didn't mean for any of
this to happen. I promise.

She tried to leave, so I grabbed
her, and she started pushing me.

Nikki pushed her off, and I-I-I
have no idea how it happened,

but she hit her head and
she landed on the floor

and she wasn't moving and
she was bleeding so much.

So, we drove and we got a bag.

And she would even admit anything!

And after you got hit by the casino bus,

the two of you, you took
advantage of all that chaos,

took somebody else's luggage tag,

put it on your new bag,

and dumped the body.

[Nikki] Sarah, how did this happen?

I did everything right.

[Nikki sobs]

What I don't understand is why they
didn't just call off the wedding.

Some people just don't
know how to end things.

I just want to say goodbye
and thank you. I enjoyed it.

Good luck to you.

Let me walk you out.

Walt, Mathias is on the phone.

He needs to talk to you.

I am so sorry. I don't
know what the problem is.

You're a really good cop.

Oh, I know.

Walt's just jealous... of you and me.

Let's look at the bright side.

I'm only one county away, and, uh, well,
now I got your number and you got mine.

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

We, uh, certainly have each other's number.

[vehicle door closes, engine turns over]

[Mathias] Hey, Standing Bear,

Merwin Tall Grass filed a report
that his wife and child are missing.

How can I help?

You can tell me where they are.

And why would I know that?

Tall Grass reported that you were paying
a little too much attention to his wife

at the casino opening.

I was paying attention to
the bruises he gave her.

I hope for her sake she and
her son are very far away.

A neighbor reported seeing you
drop the boy off near his house

a day before his mother
and him disappeared.

We need to search your apartment.

I have no authority off
the Res, but Walt does.

Come on, Henry.

Just let us take a quick look
inside, and we'll leave you alone.

I told you, they are not
here. You should trust me.

I do.

Then why are you still insisting
on going up to my apartment?

'Cause right now, a whole
lot of people don't trust me.

[door closes]

[mid-tempo music playing]

Buy you another?



I wanted to thank you for
your help on this case.

Work keeps me on the
right side of the grass.

Sorry to hear about them
pretty girls going to jail.

News travels.

I know I haven't said it, but...

I'm sorry about Barlow.

After you shot Barlow,

I cogitated on all the ways I
could have been a better brother.

Maybe if I'd done more...
spent more time with him,

Branch would be alive,

Martha would be alive.

You believe that?

I'll tell you what I believe.

My brother would have been a good man

if somebody had been there to
shoot him every minute of his life.