Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 3 - High Noon - full transcript

Cady gets a new job offer while Vic worries Walt wants her to lie for him. Nighthorse continues his egotistical posturing and Barlow implodes with his own malice.


[camera shutter snapping]


Cheese and rice, man.

- Just about gave me a heart attack.
- That's good.

Who are you?

My name's Bob Barnes.

I, uh... Working out here
for the forest service.

We're surveying the whole county

trying to eradicate
non-native species of weeds.

As a Native myself, I appreciate
the spirit of your work.

But as the owner of this property,

I'm gonna have to ask you to stay off it.

Of course, sir. I meant no harm.

Sorry to disturb you.

You're positive this was
on Nighthorse's property?

I am.

That guy is intense.

- You saw him?
- He kind of snuck up on me.

You see anything else
unusual on the property?

Yeah, near his garden. He had this...

this wooden stake stuck down
in the ground, and then it had,

like, a long, thick,
leather strap attached to it.

- What kind of garden?
- I'm not sure.

There was nothing growing, but
the soil was freshly turned.

I think he just planted it.

Vic, you there?

[Vic] Hey, Walt, I'm just
pulling up to the station.

I need you to get those warrants in order.

[Vic] Nighthorse?


- Thanks, Bob.
- It's me who should be thanking you,

Walt, for getting me this job.

It's helping me to get my footing.

It's volunteer work, Bob.
Doesn't even pay, so...

True, but it gives me structure,
a sense of responsibility.


A man's got to work, Bob, and in your case,

it's court ordered, so...

[Ruby] Walt, it's Ruby.

How close are you to the
Sinclair station east of town?

Not far. What's up?

[Ruby] A trucker just called in
a reckless driver in a black SUV

heading south on 232 and
swerving pretty badly.

Okay, I'll check it out.

[tires squealing]

[siren wailing]

[horn honks]

[tires screech, metal crunches]

Leave me alone.

[grunts] You all right?

Am I?

I don't know.

I can't feel my... anything.

[Walt] Come on, Barlow.

Let's get you out of there.


- [grunts]
- Easy does it.

Big step.

I got you. I got you.

Who's got you?

I'm not sure.

You taking me to jail?

Well, I ought to.

I, uh, think maybe you've
been through enough,

so I'll just take you home, Barlow.


Well, on the...

Oh. There you are.

Come on. Buckle up.

I was buckled up.

You de-buckled me. Get out of the way.

Okay, you do it.

I've got it. How's your head?

I'm all right.

[engine turns over]

This doesn't look like my seatbelt.

[rock music plays]

[Cady] All set?

[man] Thank you. Great meal.

[Cady] Um, I-I think
there must be a mistake.

I don't think so.

- The... The tip is too big.
- Well, how much is it?

It's $50,000.

[chuckles] Let me see that.


I see what I did.

It's not a tip.

It's an offer.

For what?

My name's Kevin Morris.

I work for a Boston-based
law firm called Dow & Morris,

and we just opened an
office here in Durant.

My job is to find and hire
the best lawyers in this state.

Starting with you, "Caddy."

Me? Why?

Your work on the Henry Standing Bear case.

Word gets out.

You're smart. You're young.

You know the community.

And we'd much rather have you
arguing beside us than against us.

You know...

Think it over.

Give me a call.


Mr. Morris.

Um, it's Cady.


My name... You pronounced
it wrong. It's Cady.


[Cady] Yeah.

I think you're spelling it wrong.


Aw, shit.

Left the keys in the damn car.

You got a spare? Or maybe there's
a window open here we can...

- [grunts]
- [glass shatters, alarm blares]

Sheriff, I want to report a break-in.


I thought you might want to sober up.


Or maybe go the other way.

Thanks, Walt. You ought to join me.

Go grab a glass.

Well, I'm not a whiskey man, so...

Well, beer, then...
There's beer in the fridge.

Any Rainier?

No. No Rainier.

Just some imported shit.

[chuckles] I'll pass.

[Barlow sighs]


You know, uh, Barlow, um...

I don't usually like to discuss
details of investigations,

but, uh, there's something
I think you deserve to know.

I don't think Branch killed himself.


He's not dead?

I mean, I have reason to believe
that someone murdered him.

If somebody killed Branch,
got to be Nighthorse.

Why do you say that?

[Barlow] Well, he's been trying
to get at me in all sorts of ways.

He planted those old Indian
bones on my golf course

to try and stall my development.

But I don't go down easy.

When he saw he couldn't get at me, he...

went after the thing I loved.

If someone went after my daughter, I...

I don't know what I'd do.

- We got to get him.
- I will.

I will.

But I need to do it legally,
and you need to stay out of it.

Now, are you gonna be
okay here on your own?

You worried I'm gonna shoot myself?

Connallys aren't cowards, Walt.

We don't kill ourselves.

Where are the keys to your other car?

I don't want you driving,
not in your state of mind.

You're grounded as far as I'm concerned.

Oh, they're, uh, in the
other room in a desk.

- I can... Oh.
- Come on. Take it easy.

Just... Right there. Take a seat.

Okay, they're in there. [sighs]

- Here you go.
- You're the sheriff.

[sighs] Ooh.


Arrowleaf balsamroot.

That's those sunflower-looking things?

[Walt] They are.

[clears throat] Well...

for a man of few words, Walt,

this is one long warrant application.

I wanted to be as
thorough as possible, so...

Mm-hmm. Well, I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna give you a search warrant.

- Thank you, Your Honor.
- But not for Jacob Nighthorse's property.

I'll give you a warrant for my home,

because those sunflowers grow
like weeds along the driveway.

In fact, they grow practically everywhere.

Not along the river where
we found Branch's body.

Well, that may well be, but
that's not evidence enough

to cast suspicion on Jacob Nighthorse.

You mean Jacob Blankenship.

Ah, I almost forgot.

The mysterious legal-name change.

It speaks to a pattern of deceit.

[chuckles] It speaks to an Indian wanting

to sound a little more like an Indian.

Look, you clearly have a significant
bug up your ass about this, Walt,

but I can't let you disturb a
citizen based on this thin evidence,

particularly since you've played
so fast and loose with protocol.

I mean, for all I know,

you could've put that
dirt in the shotgun casing.

I fully documented the chain of custody.

When you deputized your best friend,

the recently released prisoner,
to transport the evidence.

We're shorthanded, Your Honor.

[Mayhew] Well, then hire a new deputy.

But your request for a search warrant
on Jacob Nighthorse's property is denied.


Not in the mood to talk now, Vic.

Well, that's nothing new,
but you don't have to talk.

We can, like, go get a burger or something.

I need you to look into Nighthorse's alibi

for the window of time
around when Branch was killed.

You are his alibi.

You're the one that told
me that he was out of town.

I saw him get off a plane.

How do I know he was where he
said he was? Could've been an act.

Check his flight details.

Have Ferg look into his credit cards.


Anything else?

The burger... Thanks, but not tonight.

[engine turns over]

[engine revs, tires squeal]

[Catherine] This is a
confidentiality agreement.

It says that you can't disclose
the firm's trade secrets,

client list, et cetera.

Go ahead and sign here and initial there.

Okay. Before Ms. Longmire gets
bored and changes her mind,

I thought she might be curious
about her compensation package.


That's not the salary we discussed.

We haven't talked about salary.

You said $50,000.

That was your year-one bonus,
assuming you meet certain benchmarks.

We wouldn't expect you
to live on that salary.

- Is... Is there a problem?
- [Cady chuckles]


No, there's no problem.

Would you like to review
your health-plan options?

Yes, I would like that very much.

Good morning, Ruby. How are you today?

Mathias, why don't you take a seat?
I'll tell the sheriff that you're here.

That's okay. I want to surprise him.

Oh, I like what you've
done with your hair, Philly.


I need to see your guns.

[Walt] What? My guns? What for?

Oh, what does it matter? You
haven't done anything wrong.

So, just let me take a look at them.

- You got a warrant?
- Nope.

And you know I couldn't
get one even if I wanted to.

Why would you want to,

except for the simple
pleasure of annoying me?

Someone fired off two .30-caliber
rounds at Jacob Nighthorse last night.


Right there at his home.

Nighthorse doesn't live on the Res.

What's this got to do with you?

Wondered the same thing
when Nighthorse called me

since I have no authority in your county.

Did you really accuse
Nighthorse of killing Branch?

Then you could understand why
he didn't feel too comfortable

about calling you in.

I didn't shoot at anybody
last night, Mathias.


Then let me check out all your guns.




Well, I tried.

There's nothing else I can do,
then, except call in the feds.

[man] Mr. Nighthorse!

[reporters speaking indistinctly]

The bullet went right by my head.

Missed me by less than two feet.

[camera shutter snaps]

Now, coming, as this did, on
the heels of repeated harassment

by Sheriff Longmire,

it's pretty clear to me that the
sheriff was behind the shooting.

Walt Longmire has tried to
connect me to several crimes

that I had nothing to do with.

So, I'm hopeful that, by shining a light

on the activities of his backward, corrupt,

and prejudiced Sheriff's Department,

we may be able to rein in
the worst of their excesses.

But... But barring that, I
just want to say right now...

- [telephone ringing]
- ...if I end up dead

in the coming days or weeks,

the first person you should
look at is your sheriff.

Sheriff's Department.
This is Deputy Ferguson.

[Henry] Hello, Ferg. This is Henry.

[Ferg] Hey, Henry, you want
me to get the sheriff for you?

[Henry] Maybe.

Depends on how you
answer a question for me.

Do you know where he was last night?


I was off duty, so, no, I
don't know where Walt was.


Is he gone?

- Who?
- Mathias.

Yeah. He's gone.

[Vic] Good.

I don't want to have to
answer any of his questions.

I don't want him to
ask me where you've been

or where you were last night or
when the last time I saw you was.

Why not?

Because I don't want
to have to lie for you.

- Vic, listen...
- No.

I don't want you to have
to lie to me, either.

Look, I get it... It sucks that
Nighthorse is getting away with this,

and it's actually kind of brilliant

because you shoot at him, and
now his house is a crime scene

and you don't need a search
warrant anymore, but, Jesus, Walt!

He has got great lawyers. And now
Mathias is calling in the feds.

You might've blown your only
chance you had to get him,

and you might even lose your job.

I know that you have a
.30-caliber rifle, and I just...

I cannot get in the middle of
one of these situations again.

- Vic.
- Not even for you.

- Listen to me.
- What?!

I will never ask you to lie for me.

I know you can't verify
where I was last night.

No one can.


I need you to take a breath
and go find Bob Barnes.

Bob? Why?

Because what you just said about
Nighthorse's house, you're right.

We have a way in now.

And Bob knows where we need to look.



Come on, we got to get over
there before Nighthorse's lawyers

or the feds find some way to stop us.

What are you doing here?

My job.


Mathias reported a crime.

I'm out here to investigate it.

I reported that crime to Mathias, not you.

He doesn't have any authority off the Res.

Then I withdraw my report.

Nothing happened here,
and you can be on your way.

Well, someone's, uh, taking
shots at residents in my county,

- that's a public-safety issue.
- Aw, please!

I don't care if you file a report or not.

I'm compelled to investigate.

You and I both know you did this.

Actually, based on how quickly you
pulled that press conference together,

I'm inclined to think maybe you did this.

- I shot at myself?
- Sure you did.

Create a false pretense which
allows you to harass me in the media.

"A false pretense which
allows you to harass me."

That is a perfect turn of phrase.

I'm gonna pass that along
to my lawyer right now.

Is he in your truck?

Yeah, it's Jacob.

You'll never guess who just
showed up to search my property...

without a warrant!


Show me where you spotted
the arrowleaf balsamwood

and that new flower bed.


You never said anything
about people getting shot at.


I thought you got me
this job to help me out.

I didn't know you were
gonna put me in danger.

- You weren't in any danger.
- Oh, come on, Walt.

Why didn't you come out here and
look for that flower yourself?

I'm not exactly welcome
on Nighthorse's property.

So you send me out here
to trespass for you?

You're not trespassing, and I
would never send you into danger.

I honestly had no idea anyone was
gonna be firing a weapon out here.

Now can you please show me
where you saw that flower?

How's about I just point it
out through the window for you?


Get photos of everything here.

I want a match on the location

of every one of these
flowers on the property,

then get some soil samples.

What exactly are we looking for, Sheriff?

Shotgun shells, buckshot, traces of blood,

anything that proves this is the
real place where Branch got killed.

You think he was shot here?

Won't know for sure till
you get some samples.

All the documents our client has
in connection with this pending suit

are on these drives.

I'm gonna be prepping
motions for discovery.

I need you all to backstop me.

Cady. We're lawyers.

We don't raise our hand. We interrupt.

Right, sorry.

It's just that we represent
Connally Enterprises?

No, we're suing Connally Enterprises...
Barlow Connally, specifically.

Do you know him?

Well, um, I used to date his son, so...

[Kevin] Great.

You should be able to offer
some real insight into this.

I just feel a little weird.


- Yeah.
- We're filing motions.

It's not like you'll be facing
off against Barlow in court.

Oh. Good.

And besides, if you recuse yourself

from every case in Absaroka County
where you know someone on the other side,

you won't be able to practice law at all.

This is life in a small town.

All right, next.

Whoever fired that shot
must've been in this area, so...

[Vic] Hmm.

It's almost like you
know exactly where to go.

There aren't too many
spots it could've been.

Nighthorse would want to
suggest the shooter needed cover.

If it wasn't Nighthorse,

the highway's a few
hundred yards to the east.

Someone could've walked
in from there, so...

There's horse shit all over the place.

Maybe the shooter rode in.

Nighthorse got a horse?

I think so.

Just do what I said and
call me back in an hour.


Yeah, bye.

The company suing Barlow
is Big Pines Timber.

[Kevin] Yes.

Big Pines Timber is
owned by Jacob Nighthorse.

Yes, we represent all of
Nighthorse's businesses.

- You look confused.
- I am.

The document that I just read said
that Nighthorse is suing Barlow Connally

for breach of contract, but
those two are sworn enemies.

What contract could they possibly have?

They may not like each other, but
they have a number of business deals

through shell corporations...
or they did have.

This lawsuit might bring that to a close.

I quit.

What? Why?

Because of Barlow Connally?

Look, I told you, you're
just support on this.

All right, look, if you're
really that uncomfortable...

I am, but not because of Connally.

Because of Nighthorse and the casino.

I can't work for a firm
that represents the casino.


What's so funny?

Only that the casino is
the reason you're here.

Your success on the Standing Bear case,

y-your connections to
the Native community,

your support of their causes...

You are the perfect person
to handle Reservation issues.

That's true... to a point.

I mean, you have to understand,

my mother, she spent her last years
on this planet fighting the casino,

and for me to stay here and work for them,
it's a betrayal, and I'm... I'm sorry.

- I can't do it, so...
- Well.

Well, this is, uh...


I know. I'm so grateful.

I was really excited about this job.

- If you'd just told me...
- It's your responsibility

to research a company you plan to work for.


I must've just gotten excited.

Anyway, I'm really
sorry I wasted your time.

[Kevin] And our money.

These were valuable, billable
hours you put in today.

I realize that.

Then, why haven't you
packed your stuff and left,

or are you trying to
waste more of our money?

- Okay.
- Not the pad.

That belongs to us.

This is mine.


Normally, I wouldn't think it necessary
to remind another lawyer about this,

but clearly you're a
little green, so I will.

Everything that you read and
wrote in here today belongs to us.

You signed nondisclosure agreements
that couldn't be clearer on that matter.

So, you cannot take your
notes and you cannot discuss

anything you learned in
here today with anyone.

So, if this whole act of yours
was designed to get you access

to private information about the
casino your mommy didn't like,

know that we will prosecute you,

and it is very hard to defend a
civil lawsuit on a waitress' salary.

You can close the door behind you.

Henry's friend from the
university rushed the tests

on those soil samples
from Nighthorse's house.

None of them matched the dirt
we found in the shotgun casing.

It's a totally different
mineral composition.

And no traces of blood, lead, or gunpowder.

The only thing that was the same
was arrowleaf balsamwood pollen.

That was the head of the TSA unit at
the White Plains airport in New York.

So, Nighthorse did land there
the night of Branch's murder,

and he took a helicopter
out to the Foxwoods Casino.

They're sending me the security
footage now to verify that.

So, Nighthorse has a better
alibi for Branch's murder

than I do for shooting at Nighthorse.


[clears throat]

Too soon?

Okay, so, uh, he has an alibi.

Doesn't Nighthorse usually get
someone else to do his dirty work?

Yeah, he does, but David Ridges is dead,

and according to Henry,
Malachi's out of town, so...

[Ferg] Hey, Sheriff.

Uh, while we're on the subject,

I've been wondering about something...
about those surveillance cameras

that you think were
stolen from Branch's house.

Why would Nighthorse take them?

- I mean...
- You're thinking Nighthorse was the one

who brought them to us
in the first place, so...

Right, if he thought those cameras
had incriminating video on them,

why would he willingly turn them over?

- It just doesn't make any sense.
- I know.

I know it doesn't make any sense, Ferg.

- Don't raise your voice at him, Walter.
- It's okay.

Here you go.

[sighs] What does Barlow want?

He left his phone in his wrecked SUV.

You never filed any
paperwork about a wrecked SUV,

so I didn't know what he was talking about.

I can get that phone for him.

Anything else?

They're on hold.

[clears throat]

- Tell them I'm not here.
- Walter.

[Vic] Ruby.

- Who's on hold?
- [door closes]

- Hey, honey.
- Hi.

[Vic] Hey. You just missed your dad.

Good. Actually, I, uh, kind
of wanted to talk to you.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Really? Why?

I need some professional advice.

From me?

Have you ever been working on a
case and you got good information,

but the way you got that
information wasn't exactly legal?

[sighs] This wouldn't happen to have
anything to do with your dad, would it?

It might.

Well, you're gonna have to
tell me what this is about.

See, that's the problem. I-I can't.

Then, I can't help you. I
can't help anyone break the law.

[Cady] I'm trying not to break the law.

[sighs] Look...

All I can say is that I
may have found something

that would give Nighthorse
motive in Branch's murder.

I think he was caught between two people.

What two people? Do we know them?

Okay, now I feel like
you're not really hearing me.

Right, you can't tell me.

I signed a confidentiality agreement,

so anything that I say to anyone
can get thrown out in court,

and I know my dad wants to do
this by the book, so what do I do?

You find another source.

I mean, you know the information already.

You just need to find a
different way to get it.

A different way that you
can explain to a lawyer

that doesn't violate whatever
confidentiality agreement

you may have signed.

Can you find another source?

[rock music plays]

[Henry] So, this is a bit on the nose.

- What?
- A cop drowning his troubles

and pouring out his soul
to the local tavern keeper.


Except you're not really
the local tavern keeper here.

Malachi is.

Also, you are not pouring out your
soul, and you are not drinking.

I need a new boot.

This is why you are upset?
Your boots are not comfortable?

When I was eight or nine years old, my...

my mom got me some boots... nice ones.

I loved them.

Six months in, my feet had grown.

My toes hurt.

Actually had bruises on them.

I kept wearing those boots.

You never were the brightest child.

I'm doing it again.

With Nighthorse.

None of the evidence fits.

Nothing says he killed
Branch except my gut.

I want to believe it.

- At a certain point...
- Your feet start to hurt.

So, if it was not
Nighthorse who killed Branch,

who else could it be?

And if the murder was not connected
to Ridges, what was it about?

I have absolutely no idea.

[Barlow] Hello, there.

[sighs] Surprised me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

- I was out back shoeing a horse.
- Oh.

Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

Ah, good to see you, hon.

- What happened?
- Oh, that.

I had a little fender bender.

Your dad actually helped me out with it.

- Do you want to come on inside?
- Yeah.

Want a cup of coffee or
anything? It's right here.

No, I'm... I'm good. Thank you.

[Barlow] So... what
brings you around, Cady?

Oh, um, I found some things
I thought you might like.

A picture and just some things
that Branch left at my house...

Nothing special.

A mug, golf gloves.

Nothing, really.

I appreciate it.

But I'm pretty sure he'd want
you to hang on to this stuff.


Are you sure?

You meant so much to him.


So, how are you holding up?

[chuckles] I wish I could
say I was keeping it together,

but it hasn't been easy.

You must really miss him.

Especially since Branch just
started working with you.

Must've been nice to have
him right there beside you.

Yeah, it was kind of a dream come true.

I bet.

What was he doing for
you anyway, work-wise?

I would've thought he'd told you that.

To be honest, Branch and I
hadn't really been communicating.

We broke up a month before he died.


I didn't realize.


So, you and Branch weren't together?


I-I'm sorry I didn't
tell you at the funeral.

It just didn't seem like the time.

And it's not exactly true

that there wasn't any
communication between us.

He sent me a bunch of texts
the night before Dad found him.


But what?

[Cady] I don't know.

They... You know, the
texts were kind of crazy.

Yeah, he... He sent me some texts, too.

I just figured he'd been drinking.

So I didn't do anything.

- If only I...
- Barlow.

If you've spoken to my dad, you know
that Branch did not commit suicide.

There's nothing you could've done.

Well, maybe he didn't kill himself,

but I still think I could've stopped him.

Stopped him from doing what?

I think Branch got himself all worked
up, emotional, and confronted Nighthorse.

Why? I mean, what would
Branch know about Nighthorse?

I don't know.

Probably something about
this David Ridges business.

Well, it's... probably not any comfort,

but now that my dad knows
that he didn't commit suicide,

he won't rest until he figures it out.

[Walt] Aah!

Ruby said you'd be
here... dodging the feds.


I was just getting Barlow his phone back.

Really just a one-person job, so...

Yeah, well, I needed to talk to you, so...

Cady came by.

She said that she found out
something about Nighthorse

that would explain why
he'd want to kill Branch,

but she can't reveal it
without breaking the law, so...

I am just gonna ask you... Did you
find out something about Nighthorse

when you shot at him and
you're making your daughter

- launder the information for you?
- Vic, listen to me...

Before you deny it, I found this
on the hill at Nighthorse's house.

It was on the ground

right around where the
shooter would've been standing.

I will... I will lie for you.

It's what I came here to tell you.

I'll say whatever you want me to say.

I just need you to tell me
what the hell's going on.

I told you already.

I will never ask you to lie for me.

The last person to accuse me
with an empty beer can was Branch.

He was wrong then just
like you're wrong now.

I was at home that night. That's the truth.

- Why wouldn't you just tell me that?
- Because you weren't ready to listen.

Everything I said
would've seemed like a lie.

Well, if that's the case, then someone
left that can there to frame you,

someone who knows that you drink Rainier.


So, what did Cady discover?

[sighs] That Branch was
caught between two people.

What two people?

She refused to tell me.

So, tell me what you
found out about Branch.


Thanks, Vic.

Some secrets you don't keep.

- This one I have to.
- Why?

- Who are you protecting?
- Myself.

Dad, I signed a confidentiality agreement.

I got a job at a new law firm.

- You got a job?
- Yeah.

- That's great.
- It is great.

It's the best job I'll
ever find in this county,

and I already quit.

I had to. The firm wasn't
what I thought it was.

I-I didn't like who they represented.

They represent Nighthorse.

[laughs] I can't say.

Anything that I say to you,

they'll presume that I'm violating
my agreement, and they will sue me.

And you found something.


I tried to get the
information a different way

so that I wasn't violating my agreement.

How'd you do that?

I went to talk to Barlow.

What did you think you
were gonna get from Barlow?

Dad, please don't make me
do the wrong thing here.

Why does everybody keep saying I'm
trying to make them do the wrong thing?

Because I know how much this means to you.

It means a lot to me, too.

Cady, what did you and Barlow talk about?

You can tell me that.

We talked about his car accident

and about the crazy texts that Branch
sent both of us the night before he died.

We talked about David Ridges,

and I came clean about the
fact that Branch and I broke up.

And we talked about everything except
the thing I wanted to talk about.


Branch sent all those texts to Barlow, too?


He said he thought Branch had been
drinking and went after Nighthorse.


- [knock on door]
- [Walt] Barlow.





[engine shuts off]

[boards creak]

[horse snorts]

[piano notes play]

- [hinges creak]
- [Barlow] Door was open.

You really ought to keep
it locked, even out here.

I could've shot you, Barlow.

Nah, you got good instincts, Walt.

I had no idea you played piano.

Well, I don't play it much anymore, so...

You rode over?

Well, you took my keys. [chuckles]

Your horse need water?

[Barlow] No, she's fine.

How about you?

You twist my arm, I'll take a bourbon.

[Walt sighs]


So, to what do I owe this pleasure?

[Barlow] Well, I'm not sure
it's gonna be a pleasure.

I came over here to confess to something.

But I'm sure you already figured it out.

Out of bourbon.



Tell me what you did, Barlow. [sighs]

Well... it's not like I planned it.

I just found myself there with
a gun in my hand, and, uh...

I shot at Nighthorse.


Son of a bitch killed my
son. You said so yourself.

Well, you, uh...

caused a real problem for me, Barlow.

Nighthorse thinks I'm
the one that shot at him.

[Barlow] Well, that's what I'm
doing here. I want to come clean.

I'm prepared to face the consequences.

Well, I understand wanting to take out
the man that killed the person I love,

but that's not what happened here.

Now, why would I make that up?

[Walt] Well, I know you shot at him.

But you're lying about why.

You're a pretty good shot, Barlow.

You wouldn't have missed him twice
if you were trying to hit him, no.

No, that wasn't about revenge.

You were trying to miss him, pin it on me.

That's why you left the Rainier can behind.


I think that beer's gone
straight to your head.

[Walt chuckles]


You even used a gun the
same caliber as my rifle.

Even I was starting to think I'd done it.

[can clatters]

You're crazy.

[Walt] Why frame me, Barlow?

Unless you're trying to take my focus
off investigating Branch's murder.

Why would I want to do that?

Because you don't want me to
find out who was really behind it.

We already know who was behind it.

Well, whoever it was knew Branch well.

Knew where he hid his key.
Knew how to get into his house.

He typed a suicide note on his
computer that sounded like Branch.

With one exception.

They didn't know that Branch and my
daughter had broken up a few weeks ago.

I understand Cady came by
and broke the news to you.

You think a father could kill his own son?

You really think I'm capable of that?

Well, I didn't before today.

But you told Cady you got some texts
from Branch the night before he died.

Well, uh...

I looked on your phone, and
not only did you get no texts

from him that night, but,
uh, over the past year,

you barely texted at all.

Well, I'm just like you.
I'm not much of a texter.

Well, actually, you are.

You wrote all those texts
to Cady from Branch's phone.

You did everything you could
to make it look like a suicide.

You drove Branch's truck back to his house.

You wrote a note on his computer.

You got his uniform,

staged that whole thing down by the river

where the water would wash
away anything you overlooked.

How'd you get yourself
home from there, Barlow?

I didn't see any signs of
your horse down at the river.

I guess you could've used that, uh,
mountain bike I saw at your house.

Oh, anyway, I...

I got to hand it to you.

You thought of everything.

Really, your only mistake...

was the shotgun.

After you shot Branch,
you ejected the shell,

just... just out of instinct.

You didn't realize when you
put it back in the weapon

there was dirt inside
the shell. And pollen.

Pollen from flowers I
found on your property.

Well, I got to hand it to you, Walt.
You are one sharp son of a bitch.

You seem to have an answer for everything.

Well, not everything.

I still don't know why.

Why you would kill your own son.

Because he wasn't my
son, you son of a bitch.

That's why!

Now, he might've had my genes,
but he didn't have my character.

He had no... no sense of loyalty about him.

Even after he started working for
me, he was still working for you!

Working for me?


On what?

Well, if you don't know, I'm
sure as hell not gonna tell you.

You took those cameras from Branch's house.

All this while, I thought...

Branch found out something about
Nighthorse on those surveillance cameras,

but it was you.

It was you.

He was surveilling Nighthorse, but
he found out something about you.


Oh, he was a smart boy. Yeah.

He discovered it weeks before you did.

And my daughter figured
it out earlier today.


Branch got caught between
you and Nighthorse.

You two aren't enemies.
You're... You're working together.


Your real-estate developments,
your golf course...

None of that pays off
without a lot of people.

People that Nighthorse's casino will bring.

That Indian had a lot of
good ideas, not much capital.

My wife and I... were in your way.

You know what the definition
of a conservationist is, Walt?

That's somebody who's
already got his own land

and tries to squash everybody else's chance

of getting some of their own.

You and your wife were living out here

and just killing everybody else's chance
of making some money for themselves.


and Nighthorse...

killed her.

That's what Branch thought to begin with.


David Ridges killed your wife.

On whose orders?


I had worked too hard and too long

to let you and that bitch
wife of yours stand in my way.

Why didn't you just kill me?

Oh, no.

That would've drawn too much attention.

So, when you couldn't get at me...

you went after the thing I loved.

[Barlow] Oh, come on, Walt.

Martha had cancer.

She was already dead.

Now, what did I do?

Shorten her life by a few
weeks? Maybe a few months.

I'll see you rot for this for
the rest of your miserable life.

No, you won't.

This is my county.

There's no way that I'm
gonna let you lock me up.

Nobody is taking me from my rightful home.

Drop the gun!

[pistol clicking]

[sighs] You just shot a defenseless man.

You invited me to your cabin and
then you killed me. [chuckles]

You're not gonna die, you son of a bitch.

I won't let you.

Not gonna let you... Get up!

- Let me go.
- Get up!

- Aah!
- Come on!

They're gonna sew you up,

and you're gonna have to
live with what you've done!

I... [breathing heavily]

I'm not going to a hospital.

You just let me die, Walt.

You know you want to.

I killed my own son.


I killed him! [grunts]

[Barlow laughs]

Good luck explaining this one, Walt.


I'll be ready.

And you'll be in hell.


[breathing heavily]