Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 2 - War Eagle - full transcript

[truck door closes]

You said you found something?

There was dirt in a shell inside the
shotgun Branch used to kill himself.

How does that happen?

Whoever fired the shotgun must've
ejected the shell, probably out of habit.

That created a problem.

Now it doesn't look like a suicide.

Because a dead man could
not eject his own shell.

So, Branch's killer picked up the,
uh, spent shell off the ground,

put it back in the shotgun.

[Henry] And then stages the scene.

[Walt] Yeah.


I need to see if the dirt from
here matches the dirt in the shell.

If it doesn't, that proves
that the body was moved.

You think Nighthorse did all of this?

I do, and he knows that I do.

He came by my cabin with a few
dozen friends, just as a warning.

- [static]
- [Ruby] Walt? Walt, you there?


Couple of spooked kids just called in.

They were out drinking and heard voices.

That might be outside my jurisdiction.

They said they heard Asian
voices, Walt, out by War Eagle.

Thanks, Ruby.

I'll head out at first light.

[Henry] First light?

Why not drive to War Eagle
now while it is still dark?

It's a two-hour drive, and I'm busy.

I could go with you, perhaps
hold your hand this time.

I wasn't that afraid.

- You whimpered.
- I was 12.


I'll do it.

I can't think what else to do
about Branch's murder right now

except get these soil samples analyzed.

You can do that a lot faster than I can.

My botanist friend at the university.

Can you call in a favor?


- What is this for?
- I need to deputize you.

Make sure the chain of custody is airtight.

I don't want Nighthorse wriggling
out from under a murder charge

on some technicality.

Whose badge is this?


As soon as Henry gets those, uh, soil
samples tested, patch him through.

Thanks, Ruby.

Those tests take weeks.

[Walt] Henry knows someone.

- So, where are we headed to again?
- War Eagle.

[Vic] And what is that,
a Cheyenne ghost town?

Ruby said it might be haunted.

It's a former World War II internment
camp for Japanese Americans.

[Vic] You been here before?

[Walt] Once.

[Vic] You hear voices?

Henry claimed he heard some whimpering.

I don't believe him, though.


Looks like those teens did
more than just hear voices.

What is it?

Amateur radio tower.

Receiver must be inside.

That would explain the foreign voices.

- You hope so.
- [Walt] Yeah.

Anyone there?

[radio chatter]


[man] Hello?

Those drunk teens must've
heard the HAM radio last night.

Someone's done a lot of
work since I was here last.

- [Vic] And when was that?
- [Walt] Seventh grade.

So, then everything here
is a historical artifact?


I guess so.

Except for this.


Maybe there's I.D. on the body.

There's no need.

That's Thorvin Hampton.

He's been, uh...

working here for years trying to renovate
this place, turn it into a memorial.

[Vic] Sorry, Walt.

Do you know the family?

I don't know if he's got any left.

Both our fathers were VFW drinking buddies.

Thorvin was an only child. I
don't think he ever married, so...

[Vic] Smart man.


So, there's no blood, no cuts, no bruising.

There's no visible signs of foul play.

Other than being locked inside this room.

What, you think he was killed
somewhere else and dumped here?


Thorvin was alive when
he was locked in here.

Check his fingernails.

[Vic] Splinters.

[Walt] Yep.

He tried to claw his way out.

- Maybe he had a heart attack.
- Or exposure.


When they put up these barracks
quick and cheap back in the '40s,

there was no insulation.

You know, maybe those drunk
teens break into the donation box,

steal the money.

Hampton catches them
in the act. They panic.

They overpower him. They lock him in here.

[Walt] Yeah.

[Vic] You know, I can
take the lead on this.

I'm sure you'd rather, uh, focus on
investigating Branch's murder anyway.

[sighs] I would.

But I can do both.

Why don't you go ahead and track
down those teens that called Ruby,

check their stories.

- You sure?
- I am.

I wasn't elected just to solve
crimes when it was convenient.



[indistinct conversations]

Hope you're not cruising
around on the company dime.

What are you doing out here?

Signing up for night classes.

Employees are like family to Malachi.

He doesn't want to see
them making bad decisions

or hanging out with shady characters.

Then I better get going.

I would not want Malachi to see me
talking to you and get the wrong idea.

[engine turns over]

Thorvin grew up in this house.

He must've moved back in
after his parents died.

[radio chatter]


[radio turns off]

There's a lot of classic
rigs in this place.

That's an '82 Cobra with the original mike.

You know your way around this equipment.

Remember when my dad used to
drive truck when I was a kid?


CB's how he kept in touch.


Looks like Thorvin was in
touch with a lot of folks.

[Ferg] CBers tend to be really friendly,

but there's a lot of crazy
loners out there, too.

Got in this argument when I was
in high school with a trucker

about whether Elway or Marino
was a better quarterback.

That's a pretty one-sided argument.

[Ferg] Not to this guy.

Scary thing is, he tracked me down
by monitoring my signal strength.

I didn't realize it

until he was right behind me
trying to run my car off the road.

What was your handle?

High Plains Drifter.

Well, High Plains Drifter,

why don't you see if you can reach
any of Thorvin's, uh, recent contacts?

Try to refrain from arguing religion,
politics, or AFC quarterbacks.

Anything I should be
looking for in particular?

Well, uh, looks like Thorvin's two
passions were radios and history.

See if either of them got him
into any heated arguments lately.

People don't like to be reminded
about that internment camp.

[Ferg] Why was Thorvin so
interested in War Eagle?

I don't know. I do know he was rounding 60.

And history gets heavier
the older you get, so...

[cell phone rings]






So, I talked to the two kids
who called Ruby about the voices.

Both admit to being high on
mushrooms and trespassing,

but they said they got scared and ran
off before they reached the barracks.

They also said that there was
a third kid named Caleb Jacky

who did make it all the way up to the camp.

[Walt] Vic, you still there?

Sean. Sean. Sean.

[breathing heavily]


Vic, you still there?

I think I'm gonna need some backup.


[indistinct shouting]

Sorry to drag you all the way out here.
I know you got a lot on your plate.

No, it was smart.

Last thing I want is another
deputy putting their life at risk.

Which way?

[shouting continues]

- [crowd cheering]
- [rock music playing]

Bring it on, bro!

[crowd groans]

[indistinct shouting]

[cheers and applause]

I've re-emerged from the
collective unconscious!

I am everything you fear!

I am Nightmare Fuel!

[crowd cheering]

Who else dares dip into the
dark recesses of the human mind?

I do.

[Rett] So, what did my
jackass of a son do now?

We were just trying to figure that out.

I'll take that, son.

So, uh, we talked to your son's
friends Bradley and Spencer,

so we know he was at War Eagle last night.

[Rett] War Eagle?

You said you were over at Spencer's
watching old Summerslam tapes.

I was.

But then I stepped out just
for, like, a minute or two.

Did you see anyone while
you were up at the camp?

Someone you were worried
might get you in trouble?


Stand up straight, look them
in the eye, tell the truth.

[sighs] We just wanted to explore
the old Jap internment camp

to see if it was really haunted.

We didn't see anything.

But we heard some voices, so we
ran out to Spencer's car and left.

That's it?

Yeah. That's it.

Because someone broke in to the War
Eagle donation box and took some money.

You know anything about that?

[scoffs] No.

What about the dead body that we found

locked in one of the barracks
buildings this morning?

A dead body?

I told you I didn't see anything up
there. All I heard were those voices.

Are you sure? You seem frightened.

Maybe you put the caretaker in some
kind of sleeper hold, dragged him inside.

[Rett] Wait a second.

Thorvin Hampton was the one killed?

You knew him?

[Rett] Well, he's hard to miss.

Walking up and down this county picking
at scabs that've been healed for decades.

Think Thorvin might've done
something to get himself killed?

Well, he was provoking people enough.

Hear him talk, you'd think
we built Auschwitz up there.

We were at war.

Heard of Pearl Harbor?

Japanese attacked us.

It's hard to know who
was a spy and who wasn't.

And those internment camps, they
were for their protection anyway.

You ask me, we don't have a
damn thing to apologize for.

Sounds like Caleb's father had more of
an interest in going after Thorvin Hampton

than Caleb did.

Find out what you can about the Jackys
and their interactions with Thorvin.

I'll go check the autopsy report.

Maybe the body shows signs
of a choke hold or something.


Should probably leave that here.

[bat thuds]

Hello, Ruby.

This is Deputy Standing Bear.

Could you patch me through
to the sheriff, please?

[Ruby] Walt. Got Henry for you.

What'd you find out?

[Henry] My friend from the
university ran a preliminary test.

The soil type from the creek
bed and from the shotgun shell

do appear to be different.

So, the body was moved.

Not necessarily.

Apparently different soil types can
exist just feet apart from one another,

but the dirt from the shotgun
shell does have pollen in it.

What does that mean?

It means that we have to wait for my
friend to run another series of tests.

I pushed, but it may take a day or two.

Also, you were right to be
concerned about Nighthorse.

Darius Burns followed me to the university,

which means Malachi's having me followed.

At Nighthorse's request, I'm sure.

Keep an eye out.

I already am.

[Alicia] Dear Hector,
they say that you're dead.

I don't want to believe that.

My name's Alicia Musgraves.

I'm the mother of a
beautiful boy named Louie.

I do everything I can to raise him right,
but I have this neighbor, Lane Potter.

He's come over and stolen
money from me twice already.

He says that no one will believe me,
though, because I used to be a junkie.

Lane Potter has taken $220 from us so far.

I don't want you to hurt him.

I just want him to stop.

I still believe that
you're out there, Hector.

Nia'ish, Alicia.

Mommy. Can I get this?

[Alicia] Sweetie, Mommy doesn't
have enough money for all this food.

[Louie] Okay.

[Alicia] I'm gonna have
to put some of it back.

Like, uh, the sprinkle
cheese, the applesauce.

We can put this back, too.

[Alicia] I'm so sorry, sweetie.

That is a crystal-clear
10-4 there, Sunshine Sally.

This here is High Plains Drifter.

[Sally] Hey, there, High Plains Drifter.

You're coming in big and strong.

I'm looking for a 10-35 on a
fella named Thorvin Hampton,

also known as, uh, Toe Tapper.

Ah, Toe Tapper.



So, it turns out our father, Rett Jacky,

did have a run-in with our
victim a couple months ago

in the parking lot of a restaurant called
General Custard's Last Frozen Treat Stand.

How bad of a run-in?

It was bad enough that we were
called in to settle things down.

I don't remember being called in on that.

Uh, no, you weren't. Um, it was Branch.

And according to Branch's report,

Thorvin Hampton complained that Rett
Jacky had been harassing him for weeks.

That's Branch's computer, right?

[softly] Yeah.

Find anything new?


Only his supposed, uh, suicide note,
which we now know he didn't write.

The weird thing about that note is
that it actually does sound like Branch.

I mean, crazy Branch, but...

Sounds like him.

That's because whoever
wrote it knew Branch well.

Maybe Nighthorse left us some prints.

I just talked with a local CBer

who appears to be the world's leading
expert on the topic of Thorvin Hampton.

[Walt] So, I gather you knew him well?

[Sally] Me and Thorvin were soul mates.

Or rather Sunshine Sally and
Toe Tapper were soul mates.

You two talked a lot?

We'd chew the rag until the morning hours.

About everything under the sun.

Did Thorvin tell you about his
plans for reopening the camp?

Talked about it all the time.

You know, back in the war, his father
was stationed at War Eagle as a guard.

How did Thorvin feel about that?

[Sally] Made him sick.

I guess his father and some other
soldiers would even go into orphanages

and round up little
Japanese babies for the camp.


What were they gonna do?

Drool on us to death?


Is that why he started
the memorial, out of guilt?

That and curiosity about his half-brother.

What half-brother?

His father slept with a young Japanese
woman at the camp named Birdie.

She got pregnant.

The old man never bothered to
tell Thorvin about his half-brother

till he was on his deathbed.

Did Thorvin ever find him?

[Sally] If he did, he would've told me.

We told each other everything.

Put it on the table.

Okay, uh, go over the registration records
for any male babies born at War Eagle.

See what you can find out.

Thanks, Vic.


Want you to head over to Thorvin's house.

He may have some more
secrets we don't know about.

Can you imagine?

Somebody comes up to you and
says he's your half-brother.

That his father got your mother
pregnant while she was in a prison camp.

Is that gonna be a happy family reunion?

Not likely.

[indistinct conversations]

[Alicia] Ready to go to class?

[Louie] Yes, I am. I
have my glasses, my lunch.

So, I went through the War Eagle records,

and there were 25 male children born
there during the time that it was open.

Any of them now living near
Idaho Falls or Pocatello?

[Vic] Um...

A guy named Francis Igawa. Why?

There was a road atlas open to
Idaho Falls in Thorvin's office.

Let's start there.

When you were talking to
Francis Igawa's daughter,

did she say that Thorvin Hampton
visited them in Idaho Falls?


She mention anything about what
it was about or how it went?


There's something I've
been meaning to ask you.

I thought I should wait
till we were alone first.

Really? What?


The bat thing.

What bat thing?

[Walt] At the Jacky place.

You've been through a lot lately.

Trauma is...

It's complex.

If you, uh... you need to talk about
what's been, you know, on your mind,

I can, uh, you know...

I can do that sort of thing.

Do you know what's on my mind?

We have access to the entire national
fingerprint database back at the office,

yet you're still sitting
there with a magnifying glass

trying to match Nighthorse's prints to the
ones you lifted off of Branch's computer.

If you don't want to
talk to me, that's fine,

but there are professionals who,
uh, specialize in this sort of thing.

Oh, so you're saying that I
shouldn't just rely on myself,

that I should utilize
all available resources.

The only reason I'm not
using a digital database

is because I don't want to sound alarms
and attract Nighthorse's attention.


Because Nighthorse has
successfully infiltrated

and manipulated the federal government

on behalf of a secret
Native American agenda.

I'm being cautious.

No, you're being paranoid.

We have Nighthorse's prints
from the last time we booked him.

As soon as we get back to the station,
I'm gonna run them through the database.



Which is exactly how I feel, by the way.


I remember Branch saying
something like that.

293 Oak Street, Idaho Falls.

Red door, pear tree.
This looks like the place.

If this is Thorvin's half-brother,
he might also be his killer.

We don't know how he might react.

I'll keep cover in case he
decides to flip out or flee.

[knock on door]

Mr. Igawa?

I'm Sheriff Walt Longmire from
Absaroka County in Wyoming.

This is Deputy Moretti.

You mind if we come in and speak to you?

Thank you. Yes.

The sake is ready to be poured.

Uh, thank you, but, um, you
don't have to put yourself out.


[door closes]

[Francis shouting in Japanese]



You okay? What's going on?

Uh, Shiori?

Hi. Uh, uh, Deputy Moretti.

We spoke on the phone.

Oh, right.

Sorry, I lost track of time.

- [clattering]
- [Francis shouting in Japanese]


I better check on my dad
before he hurts himself.


No, I don't know where it's at.


Try this.

Ah! [speaking Japanese]

[continues in Japanese]

Dad. They didn't steal anything.

I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

[speaking Japanese]

It might be better if we speak in my room.


[sighs] Forgive the mess.

I work graveyard as an ER nurse,

and when I get home,
I pretty much collapse.

Do you, uh, take care of
your father all by yourself?

I try to.

Well, we're sorry for upsetting him.

I should apologize.

My father's been struggling
with dementia for years,

and all of a sudden, he thought you two

were the neighborhood
bullies he grew up with.

How did your father react
when Thorvin Hampton came here?

Uh... polite and welcoming, as always,

but then when I stepped into the
kitchen for just, like, a moment,

he started having one of his fits.

Sort of frightened the War Eagle guy away.

My father's mind might be slipping,
but he's still as strong as a mule.

Do you know what caused the outburst?

[Shiori] It could've been anything.

A childhood memory, a
bluebird flying by the window.

You think your father would react badly

if Thorvin Hampton told
him they were half-brothers?

Wait, what?

I think you must be mistaken.

This man just wanted to ask
for donations for his camp.

Besides, he was white.

Thorvin Hampton's father was a
guard at War Eagle during the war.

Apparently, this guard had an affair

with a Japanese-American
woman at the camp,

and then the woman became pregnant
with your father, we believe.

What was this woman's name?



That explains so much.

How so?

My grandparents have always been
an off-limits topic for my father.

I mean, he wouldn't even
stand for me to bring it up.

- Did this Mr. Hampton send you here?
- No.

Is he afraid to come back?

No, uh, unfortunately, someone
recently killed Thorvin Hampton.

It appears that your father
is his closest living kin.

So, we drove out to notify him.


Uh, well...

I guess you could try to do that,

but I don't know how much he'll understand.

So, you did know Thorvin...
I mean, Toe Tapper.

[man] Everyone knows Toe Tapper, hombre.

Hell of a stand-up guy.
Shame what happened.

He ever mention anything about any enemies?

Anything about a half-brother?

Sounds like you need to get in touch
with Sunshine Sally over on channel 19.

If there was anything
haywire, he would've told her.

Yeah, I actually talked with
Sally Hoagland yesterday in person.

Thought you said you were out in Wyoming.

I am. Why?

Well, amigo, Sally resides in Florida.

You know, Sunshine State, Sunshine Sally.

You must've talked to someone else.

Is the Sunshine Sally you're
talking about really into turtles?

Yeah. She won't shut up about them.

Yeah, she lives out here
in Absaroka County now.

Lucky you, then.

Sunshine Sally is a
stone-cold smokin' fox.

She is.

[Ferg] Sheriff, you there?

What do you got?

I just found a picture of Sally
Hoagland taped to Thorvin Hampton's desk.

I think we need to reconsider

whether we want to believe a
single thing she's told us so far.


[Walt] When did you
move to Absaroka county?

[Sally] About six weeks ago.

We all lived in Coral
Springs, Florida, before that.

Your fellow CBers seem to
think you still live in Florida.

Well, you can't exactly
control what people think.

- Can you?
- [Walt] No.

But you can try.

Did Thorvin even know
that you'd moved here?

Or did he still think that
you were her living in Florida?

Did you move here to be closer to him?

Was he angry that you lied to him?


He had no idea.

I tried to approach him
a few weeks ago at a bar

just to, you know, introduce
myself to him as the real me.

We'd bonded so much over the radio.

But when I walked up to him,
it was like I wasn't even there.

I was just some old heifer in his eyes.

He wouldn't give me the
time of day, so I left.

And later that night,

we were back on the radio,
talking into the night like always

because he thought I looked like this.

I moved out here thinking
that he was my soul mate.

Turns out he was just another guy.

Did that make you angry?

Of course it made me angry.

But that doesn't mean I killed him.

I've never even been up
to that damn War Eagle.

How'd you know that was
where we found Thorvin's body?


[Vic] You mean you can't
get ahold of Walt, either?

[Ruby] He's not picking
up. Maybe I should try Ferg.


You're not exactly
talking in code out here.

[rock music playing]

Hey, babe, let me get
four top-shelf tequilas.

None of that usual
watered-down cat piss, okay?

Put it on my tab.

Under what name? Prince Charming?

[chuckles] Lane Potter.

And if you bring it to us with the
right kind of smile on your face,

I'll make it worth your while.

[Vic] I ran both sets of
prints through the database.

First of all, the prints you
pulled from Branch's computer

do not belong to Jacob Nighthorse.

They belong to Branch.

Second of all, Jacob Nighthorse
is not actually Jacob Nighthorse.

Then who is he?

Jacob Harold Blankenship.

And under that name in 1978,

he was arrested for assaulting
an FBI agent in Washington, D.C.

I never got that on any of
the background checks I ran.

That's because under Jacob
Nighthorse, his record is clean.

What about his record as Jacob Blankenship?

Well, it turns out that Jacob Blankenship
is a part-time political radical

and a full-time pain in the ass.

In the, um, early '80s,

he was pretty active in a group
called the American Indian Movement.

[Walt] Yeah. A.I.M.

It's sort of like the Black
Panthers for Indians, so...

Well, Nighthorse, or Blankenship,
whatever, he also had a partner in crime.

His name was Dennis
Wabash. He died in 1983.

Guess what Wabash's cause of death was.

- Gunshot wound?
- To the head.



So, what did you find
out about Sunshine Sally?

False identities, bad
histories, toxic grudge.


Sally Hoagland was
misrepresenting herself to Thorvin.

She also moved here without
telling him, maybe to stalk him.

She was tracking our
activities on a scanner,

so she knew Thorvin was dead
well before Ferg talked to her.

You think she's gonna make a run for it?

I got Ferg camped out at her
house, so if she tries, we'll know.

Why don't you check her background,

see if she's got any sort
of record back in Florida?

[Vic] What about Jacob?

Uh, I'll find out what he was
involved in in his Blankenship days.

Extremists tend to be made, not born.

[rock music playing]

[door opens]

[door closes]


[knock on door]


[knock on door]

Hey, shit bird, if you need
to go that bad, use the sink.


Hey, man, what do you want?

Listen, I'm sure whoever sent you,
it was just a misunderstanding.

[door closes]

Oh, shit.

[door closes]

Find anything from
Florida on Sally Hoagland?

Not yet.

What are you doing?

Are you searching Branch's
computer for prints again?

I'm searching.

- [Rett] Come on, move it.
- [Walt] Mr. Jacky.

Can we help you?

- What?
- Here.

- Dad.
- Get in there.



I would like to apologize, Sheriff.

I thought I had raised
my son to tell the truth.

But I was wrong.

He did steal money from that
camp's damn donation box.

And don't ask me where he thought
this idea was acceptable behavior.

If I recall, you're not exactly a
fan of Thorvin's plans for War Eagle.

Oh, I do have issues with
them reopening that camp.

But my son stole and
vandalized private property.

Now we know he's a thief and a liar.

I'm just praying to God
he's not a killer, too.

[grunts] Damn it, Dad, I told you not...

I didn't see anyone up there.
I didn't see anyone up there.

[Rett] Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.

But that's the problem
with being a liar, son.

People can't believe you either way.

Sheriff, whatever my boy has done,

I want him to suffer the full
consequences for his actions.

I just thank God his grandfather's
not alive to see this.

Jumping around in his goddamn underwear.

[Walt] How much did he take?

Uh, $87.

And one historical artifact.

I got the impression that Francis Igawa
was looking for a lighter in his kitchen.

So did I.

Any idea what it says?

Japanese? No.

I don't know any Japanese.

Do you?


But I did go out to sushi a few weeks ago.

Cool little mom-and-pop place that
operates out of an old gas station.

The menu's entirely in Japanese.

What are you doing?

I had to download this app to
be able to read the sushi menu.

It translates images into
text. Technology, right?

In the meantime, we
could use this opportunity

to talk about my feelings
regarding my past trauma.


- [ding]
- Oh, look. It's done translating.


Saved by the bell.

[clears throat]

"If this is my corpse,
bring the little birds

so it's admitted I said the name.

Private J. Igawa."

That is a huge coincidence

that the Jacky kid just
happened to find this lighter

after it's been sitting up at
War Eagle for the last 70 years.

Or maybe Francis Igawa left
it there a couple days ago.

[Vic] We've seen him.

No offense, but Mr. Igawa doesn't
even know what planet he's on.

Unless, of course, you think that he
understands more than he's letting on.

He understood that his lighter was missing.


This is Sheriff Walt
Longmire from Absaroka County.

Your father was upset about losing
something when we visited you.

- Was it a lighter?
- [Shiori] I think that's what it was.


I think we found it.

Does your father ever get out of the house?

[Shiori] Sometimes.

I change the locks and
try to hide the keys,

but he always seems to find a way out.


Does he ever get out to your car?

[Shiori] I'm doing the best I can.

I'm sure you are, but,
uh, there's a problem.

Soon after your
half-uncle, Thorvin Hampton,

came to visit your father,
Mr. Hampton was murdered.

Then we found your father's
lighter at the scene.

[Shiori] Sheriff, what are you saying?

I'd like to help your father

live out his days in a
facility rather than a prison.

Now, if you bring him up to War Eagle,
I may be able to help him do that.

Kind of tucked this
place away, didn't they?

Out of sight, out of mind.

Is this your father's?

Grandfather's, actually.

He took it with him when
he fought in World War II.

"You found my body, deliver this to Birdie

so she knows I died while singing her name.

Private J. Igawa."

My grandfather was James Franklin Igawa.

He and my Grandma Birdie were
married for just about three weeks

when they were forced to come here.

Six months after that,

Grandpa James was drafted by
the U.S. Army to fight overseas.

[Walt] Did your father tell you that?


I put it together through family
friends and public records.

I had to pull a couple of
double shifts at work this week.

Think he made his way out here?

Well, I think so.

Let's see if we can, uh,
walk our way through this.

If your father didn't mean to kill Thorvin,

that would really help his case.

Does your father have
a history of violence?

He's always had anger issues,
even before his dementia.

He believed his belt was the best way

to teach me how to be a good,
obedient Japanese daughter.

That sounds hard.

Is this where it happened?


Thorvin Hampton's body
was found right down here.

You have any trouble finding this place?

Not really.

I just followed the signs.

You mean these signs.

I took them all down earlier today,

but, uh, you remembered
how to get here anyway

because you've been here before.
In this room. With your half-uncle.

Are you gonna lock me in here
like you did Thorvin Hampton?

You never thought it was my dad, did you?

I considered it.

But what seemed much more likely
was that you drove out here,

brought your father because
he couldn't be alone.

You lured me out here under false pretenses

just so you could lock me up.

I guess some things never change.


Did you lock Thorvin in here?

What else should I have done?

Given him a donation?

That man's father ruined my family.

My grandmother killed herself out of shame,

and now he wanted to
make a museum out of it

so he could feel better about himself.

Maybe I should've given him a
picture of Grandma Birdie's headstone

so he could stick it on a
T-shirt and sell it as a souvenir.

Well, Thorvin Hampton's father
may have destroyed your family,

but Thorvin didn't do anything wrong.

[Shiori] Guess what.

These people didn't do
anything wrong, either.

They were just trying to live their lives,

just like I was trying to live my
life and take care of my father.

And now Thorvin Hampton barges in,

announces that he's my
dad's long-lost half-brother,

and leaves me to deal with the damage.

Did you come here to get revenge for that?

He invited us to visit,
for closure, he said.

So, after a couple of days
of dealing with my father,

I took him up on the offer.

God knows I needed something.

So, I-I drove us out here.


Did your father know where you were going?

[Shiori] Who knows?

Yelled the whole way and refused to
get out of the car once we got here.

So, I talked to this Thorvin guy by myself.

And he was so...

proud of himself,

of his courage to put this
shit hole back together.

He had no idea what this
place had done to my family,

to me.

So, he leads me in here
and shows me all this stuff

and says, "I can only
imagine what it was like."

And I thought, "You know, I can
show you exactly what it was like."

So then you locked Thorvin in here.

Just like the government did to us.

And you just left.

Well, first I had to track down my father,

who was off wandering into some field,
dropping his lighter, apparently,

but then, yeah.

Yeah, I-I left and
pretended it never happened.


Because I'm an American.

I don't like to live in the past.

[Walt] That's true of a lot of people.

But not Thorvin.

[handcuffs clicking]


It's so beautiful here.

[man] You know, I never even
met the guy face-to-face.

He was just a voice on the radio.

He was as good an amigo as I ever had.

[Sally] Maybe folks should get together
and have some drinks in his honor.

[man 2] Who y'all talking
about? Someone die?

[man 1] Toe Tapper.

[Sally] Thorvin Hampton.

[man 2] Oh, man, not Thorvin.

They don't make them like that anymore.

Jess. Where's Henry?

Men's room cleaning up.

Hooligans have been writing graffiti
on the mirror in permanent marker.

I got Ruby's note, said you'd heard
back from your contact at the university.

I did.

My friend identified the pollen
in Branch's shotgun shell.

It comes from arrowleaf
balsamroot, a common wildflower.


Grows out by my cabin.

Just about everywhere else.


Although, Martha tried to
put some in pots one time.

She overwatered the
seedlings, and they died.

My friend did mention
that arrowleaf balsamroot

is notoriously intolerant of watery soils.

Which means Branch was not shot
anywhere near the creek bed.

The entire scene was staged.

The evidence suggests that that is correct.

So our next step is to
find the actual crime scene.

Now, if you want to step away
from this, I'll understand.

I have never been one to
back down from a fight.

[Walt] Good.

Me either.