Longmire (2012–2017): Season 4, Episode 1 - Down by the River - full transcript

Walt finds a body and investigates. Cady is worried about Branch. Vic wants to pursue Walt. And Henry prevails on Walt not to take matters into his own hands but to seek retribution against Nighthorse for Martha's death through legal means.

[rock music playing]

[knock on door]

Henry, hi.

What are you doing here?

I was looking for Walt.

Did I miss something
while I was in prison?

No. [chuckles] Shut up.
I was just, like, dropping by.

With beer?


so, do you have any idea
where he is, or...

If I did, I would be there
rather than here.

[Henry] Hmm.


[Henry] Walt's saddle's on the fence.

He normally puts it in the barn.


So that is odd. Excuse me.

Hey, it's me... Vic.

Um, just, uh, seeing
what you're up to and...

and I was hoping that,
um, this isn't too weird,

but I was wondering
if you wanted to, um...


[Henry] Vic!



This was in his saddlebag.
It is empty.

So he's out of tea.

This box used to hold Walt's wife's ashes.

The fact that the ashes
are gone is significant.


Walt once told me that he would
not scatter Martha's ashes

until he found the person who killed her.

Yeah, Miller Beck, which
we've known for months.


Miller Beck stabbed her, but
David Ridges hired him to do it.

And Ridges worked for somebody else.

Yeah, Jacob Nighthorse.

I think Walt is going after him right now.

[Vic] No, he can't be.
Nighthorse has immunity.

Walt can't arrest him.

He's not going to arrest him.

♪ The whole world's sitting
on a ticking bomb ♪

♪ The whole world's sitting
on a ticking bomb ♪

♪ So keep your calm, carry on ♪

♪ The whole world's sitting
on a ticking bomb ♪

♪ The sun may never rise again ♪

♪ The question ain't if, but when ♪

♪ The sea will boil and
the sky will fall ♪

♪ The sun may never rise again ♪

♪ The silent war has begun ♪

♪ We're staring down a loaded gun ♪

♪ No refuge found, no solid ground ♪

♪ The whole world's sitting
on a ticking bomb ♪

♪ The whole world's sitting
on a ticking bomb ♪

♪ The whole world's sitting
on a ticking bomb ♪


What the hell are you doing?!

- Helping!
- Get off of me!


This doesn't involve you!

Give me my rifle, Henry.

I cannot do that.

Suit yourself.
I'll just use this one.

I do not think this is
what Martha would want.

We'll never know.

If you fire that gun now,

you will kill everything that
you have ever stood for.

We have been given a second
chance, Walt, both of us.

I will not let you ruin it by
shooting Nighthorse out of the sky.

I was planning on waiting for him to land.

Let me have the gun!

Nighthorse is gonna pay for Martha.

He will!

If you go after him the right
way, through legal means.

It's too late for that.

If you shoot him now, I will
be implicated as an accomplice

and I will be thrown right back in jail.

You promised me that I
would never go back there.

We will get him, Walt.

[breathing heavily]

And he will pay for what he has done.


What are you two doing here?


Anything to declare?


[Henry] Okay, then.

Our work here is done.

[vehicle approaches]

- Hey, morning, Walt.
- Morning.

So, um, Henry was looking
for you yesterday.

Did he...

What happened to your face?

Henry found me.


Out and about.

Don't worry. We worked it out.

What's in the box?

Casino research.

Stuff my wife pulled
together a while back.

I was hoping you'd get
the paperwork started

on getting wire taps on
Nighthorse's home and office.

I think the casino's got
connections to organized crime.


It's a casino.


I don't know what Henry said, but I
didn't do anything stupid, so...

Henry didn't say anything.

Should he have?

Oh. Uh...


Why are you here?

Well, I was worried about Branch, but
now I'm kind of worried about you.

What's up with Branch?

I haven't talked to him in a couple weeks.

We kind of left things on a bad note,
but last night out of the blue,

he started texting me,
like, a bunch of texts,

and they're kind of crazy.

Here, read them.

Don't worry. There's
nothing too personal.

[clears throat]

"You deserve better than me."


"I can't be with you right now."

Uh, "I need to be alone."

"I want you to forget about me.

Don't remember me how I really am.

I'm a bad person. Remember
me how I should be"?

Sounds like he's been drinking.

Maybe. But...

I don't know.

- Did you call him?
- I texted him, but he won't respond.

I didn't say text him, I said call him,

as in two people talking
to each other directly.

Maybe I'll just go over and see him.

Wait. Wait.

The way Branch has been acting lately,

I'm not sure I want you
going over there alone.

[knock on door]



[Walt] Talked to a neighbor.

Said he saw Branch's truck come and
go last night around dusk, so...

I know where he hides a key.

Cady, I don't have any right
to go into his house.

Okay, so stay here.

And if you're gonna arrest the concerned
ex-girlfriend, go right ahead.

[chuckles] Morning, Hank.

Or, uh, closer to afternoon, actually.

Must be nice.

I just got back into town.
We, uh, had all the locks changed.

So, here's your new key.

Ah. Don't lose it.


Now, shall we get ready to open, hmm?

Malachi, I am confused.

You haven't forgotten our deal, have you?

I give you some useless information

about my friend Darius'
whereabouts a couple years back,

and you sign the deed
of your bar over to me.

That was if I go to jail.

No, it wasn't.

You're not the first Indian to,
uh, make a bad business deal.

But... you did put years
of sweat into this bar.

You know how to run it.

You'll still be the face of the Red
Pony, and I'll look after the finances.

Well, if Barlow comes in, please
have him call me immediately.

It's important.

Barlow hasn't come into the office yet.

His secretary doesn't know where he is.

But that could just be her, uh,

standing instructions on
what to say if I call, so...

- You find anything?
- No.

I checked Branch's bedroom.

Luggage in the closet.

Toothbrush by the sink is dry.

I don't think he slept here.

- Bed's been made.
- He always makes his bed.

From what I remember.

It's warm.


"I'm sorry. This was not
supposed to happen.

But when I look in the mirror,
I don't know who I am anymore.

I've let everybody down
and I can't fix this.

I can't undo what I've done.

Don't try to find me.
I deserve to be alone.

It's the white warrior's fault.

He made me do this.

Forgive me."

Oh, God.

What do you think he's done?

I'll find him.

I'll get Vic and Ferg to trace his phone.

We'll find him, okay?

You go home.

You try and get ahold of Branch's dad.

Try the house, try the office.

Maybe he'll respond to you.


What are you looking for?


He's got a shotgun.

Which is exactly why you
want to put one of these on.

Never wore one. Not starting.

So, this is where the phone
company pinged his phone?

More or less.

Stop changing the subject. Put it on.

In my experience, bulletproof
vests beget bullets, so...

Yeah, and in my experience,
when a cop goes postal,

you want to have one of these on.

She's right, Sheriff.

We're not going with you
unless you put it on.

I don't have time to argue.

[Vic] Oh, Jesus.

[breathing heavily]




[breathing heavily]

His, uh...

truck was parked about 100
yards or so down the bank.

His deputy's uniform and his hat were
in the truck along with his phone.

Box of shotgun shells in the back.


[Vic] Should we move the body?


Walt, I think we know what happened here.

Doesn't matter.

We still got to do the work.

We still got to write up the report.

Branch Connally was a
deputy in my department.

He gets the same thorough investigation
that anybody else would get.

I wasn't suggesting that we don't...

I want to know every detail about
every minute of his last days.

Every minute I didn't get to him.

Determining time of death is gonna
be hard because of the cold water.

I don't care.

We're gonna try.

I ignored everything,
everything leading up to this.

I'm not gonna ignore anything now.

Need me to take pictures of the body?


Give me the camera.

I'll do it.

Vic, you...

You got any of those rubber gloves?


Just never seen you use gloves before.


I've never lost a deputy before.

I'm gonna go back through Branch's
truck a bit more carefully,

see if the shotgun shells match,
check the call log on his cellphone.

After that, head over to his house,
take a look with fresh eyes.

I was... I was there earlier, but I...

Yeah. Of course.

So, who's gonna tell Cady?

[engine shuts off]

[breathes deeply]

Cady, I'm sorry.

It's Branch.

[breathes deeply]

We found Branch.

It's not good.

Oh, shit.

[Cady] Hey. I thought I heard you pull up.

What happened? What's going on?

Ferg, what happened?

Is he okay?

He... He's... [clears throat]

He's dead, isn't he?

[Ferg] He committed...

[clears throat]

He killed himself.

[crying] I'm so sorry, Cady.

Truth is that the Branch that we
knew was gone a long time ago.

I know this wasn't easy on you, Ferg.

I'm glad you were the one to tell me.

I was the last one to see him alive.

I had to go get the keys to his squad car.

[Cady] Just doing your job.

I mean, he knew... He knew that.
You were always a good friend.

No, I wasn't.

I was jealous.

And I wished for bad
things to happen to him.

Now it just seems so stupid.


It's okay.

It's okay, Ferg.

It's okay.

[Walt] 196.

Okay, that's it.

- Out, Walt.
- What?

Look, I said you could sit there as
long as you kept your mouth shut.

- Sorry. I will.
- No, you won't.

I-I don't blame you,
but it rattles my nerves.

Well, I need to know what happened.

I told you.

Birdshot to the head at
extremely close range.

I found wadding from a
shotgun shell in the wound

and, as you have so rigorously
pointed out, 196 pieces of shot.

All consistent with a
self-inflicted gunshot.


You sure?

Consistent with suicide.

I mean, I have more work to do
before I can confirm anything,

and all due respect, Walt, I had
planned on doing that work alone.

I need to run a couple more tests

before I can release the body
to the family, so if you can...

You can take your time, Doc.

I haven't found the family yet.

And I still need them
to I.D. the body, so...

Well, Walt, we know who it is.
I mean, I gave him that scar.

Well, technically, I guess
we gave him that scar.

You're not releasing him
till I find the family.



[mid-tempo music playing]

[Henry] You do know we serve food here.

[Walt] I'm not hungry.

How are you doing?

Well... checked three shells,

all from the box of number 4 game
loads that Branch had in his truck.

All came out to the exact
same pellet count.

Not one anomaly.

I meant how are you doing?

Better than Branch.

Walt, I know what it feels like
to have a death weigh on you.

I think about Hector every day.

I wonder if there is anything I can...

Six pellets are missing.

All these shells have 202.

Branch's head wound only had 196, so...

Six pellets are missing.

Probably washed away in the river.

And this proves what?

Are you trying to turn this suicide
into a murder to ease your conscience?

Or is this so you have another reason

to go after Nighthorse as
the most likely suspect?

[Ruby over radio]
Walt, I got Vic for you.

Go ahead.

[Vic] So, I'm at Branch's house.

And I found some business cards.

Branch started working for his dad.

[Walt] Doing what?

Vice Presidenting.

You find out, uh,
anything about the, um...

Well, you saw the note on the computer.

But I also found a bunch
of pills in a drawer

that I recognize from a
case a few months back.

He stole them from evidence?

Yeah, looks like it.

So, he was self-medicating.

Left a self-loathing note.
We've both seen this before.

I know we don't want to admit
it, but it looks like suicide.

Walt, listen, I... I know that you're gonna
try and take responsibility for this,

but you didn't even fire him.

After everything that he did,
you only suspended him.

I'm the one that he was mad at.

I'm the one that he had an
entire file of research on.

[cell phone chimes]

If he blamed anyone, it was me, okay?

So, what do you think that he
meant by "I can't fix this"?

Do you think he was talking
about us and the job,

or do you think he did something else?

[Walt] Vic, I got to go.

[Barlow] Mother Superior says,
"Well, Monsignor, it's usually $150,

but with the clerical
discount, it'll be $75."


Now, there's a PG-13 version
of that story for the family,

but it's not half as funny.



Gentlemen, if this is
your idea of a stripper,

I'm gonna have to kick all your asses.

- [laughter]
- It wasn't me.

Barlow, I need a word.

This is a private dinner.

If you need to talk to
me, you call my office,

and we'll get you put on my calendar.

[Walt] I tried that.

And my secretary told you I was here?

- I'm gonna have to fire her.
- [laughter]

You told me you were here.

I... Oh.

I am way too buzzed to
play Sherlock Holmes.

Whatever it is you came to say,
you just go ahead and say it.

Really, Barlow, please.
This... This needs to be in private.

Sheriff, anything you got to say to me you
can say in front of my partners-to-be.

It's Branch.

Yeah, I know. He's late.

It's not the first time.

He's not coming.

Why in the hell not?

Gentlemen, please.

He's dead.

Branch is dead.

He's been shot.

I found him.

He had his phone on him.


how I knew to come here.

But he...


Who shot him?

Well, it looks, um... self-inflicted.


No. No, no, no, no.



He's my son.

He's my son.

My only son.


[thud, tires screech]





[boy] Dear Hector, if you are not
dead, will you please help me?

Sometimes my uncle drinks too much,

and then he gets really
angry and he hits my mom.

I'm not big enough to make
him stop, but you are.

[woman] Hector, every day my son comes
home from school beaten to a pulp.

I tell him to fight back, but he refuses.

Please help my son
find the fighter within.

[man] Hector, all the money
I've been saving is gone.

I've been working every day
since I was 13 trying to save.

[woman 2] I just had a beautiful baby girl.

When my boyfriend saw her,
he knew she wasn't his.

[man 2] Please, justice for my wife,

who was mugged getting off
her shift at the hospital.

[boy 2] Hector, you're the only one who
knows how scared I am to go to school.

[woman 3] He can hit me all he
wants, but if he touches...

[woman 4] My son is missing, and I
know it's my ex-husband who has him.

- Hector.
- Hector.

- Hector.
- Hector.

- Hector.
- Hector.






[Walt] You're messing up my crime scene.

[Vic] The river already did that.

[Walt] You okay?

[Vic] I did it again.


Another man is dead because of me.

I'm toxic.

You should just stay away from
me 'cause I'm bad for people.

And really bad for possums.

Or is it opossum?

Possum, opossum.

I don't even know.

Doesn't matter. He's dead.

Vic, that's...

Did you know that I came
to Wyoming to start over?

Like, I-I left Philly to get
away from all of that shit.

But you can't... Can't start over.

There are no second chances.

Your shit just follows
you everywhere you go,

and you just keep making the same
goddamn mistakes over and over again.


Maybe the point is to keep trying.

Maybe getting it right just
one time is good enough.

- Come on. Let's get you out of here.
- Oh.


Did you know that my dad used
to call me "The Terror"?

He's right.

You know, I'm... I am the terror

because everyone who gets too close
to me either dies or they leave.

So, you know... Don't you touch me!

Uh! [screams]

[breathing heavily]


- Come on.
- No. No.


Gonna be fine.

[knock on door]

Did my dad send you?

I sent me.

I made you waffles.

Food eases sorrow.

Have you even spoken to your dad?


Have you?


Or should I say I talked at him.

[silverware clatters]

Branch's death has him
immersed in his work.

It's okay. I... need time
to be with my own thoughts.

I have been thinking about Branch, too.

How much he helped me.

I would like to return his bail money.

Henry, you don't have that kind of money.

And besides, I don't think
it matters much to him now.

My freedom cost a lot of people.

I would at least like to return the
legal defense money that was donated.

Do you have records of who
contributed and how much?

Not really. It was kind
of a pass-the-hat thing.

But I have copies of all the
affidavits that people wrote for you.

That should be close to a complete
list of the people who donated.

I have those files. I'll get them.


They can wait.


You know the hardest part?

Realizing how little I feel about
someone who once meant so much to me.



If you're looking for your possum, I
buried him by that tree over there.

Isn't the water cold?


What are you doing?

Looking for the missing birdshot from
the shotgun shell that killed Branch.

Planning on dredging the
entire river or just...

Hey, Walt, what's this gonna prove?

Don't know yet.

Yeah, I think you do.

If you find the pellets, it just
proves what we already know.

If you don't find them, it just
means that they're buried by mud

or they were carried
away by the stream or...

If it was me instead of him, I'd
hope you'd do the same thing.

Do you know who you sound like?

Look at you.

You've been up all night, and...

And you're planning on panning an
entire river for a couple of BBS.

It's like Branch's obsessive
behavior was contagious.

I missed something, Vic.

I didn't pay close enough attention.

I didn't see how bad things
had gotten for Branch.

You have got to stop
blaming yourself for this.

It's too late.

I'm not gonna miss anything more.

If I find the rest of the birdshot,

maybe this'll all make more sense
to me than it does right now.

And if I don't, at least I'll know
it wasn't through lack of trying.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Well, try to get clear of the crime scene.


Hey, Ruby said she didn't know
where either of you guys were,

so I thought you'd be down...

What's he doing?

Grasping at anything that will prevent him

from having to face the fact
that Branch committed suicide.


Shit! Jesus.

Guns make a lot of noise,
especially shotguns.

Anybody could hear my gun sure
as hell could hear Branch's.

Ferg, get out there.

See if you can find anyone who was
in earshot the last couple of days.

I'm supposed to just ask anyone
that lives within a mile of...


Ferg, why are you still here?

Nothing to see here.

Just, you know...

move along.

[organ music playing]


Are you sure he knows it's today?

I reminded him three times.

He should be here.

[door closes]

[Barlow] Branch Connally, my son...

did not take his own life.

He was a deputy of the Absaroka
County Sheriff's Department.

And that job took his life.

Branch emptied himself out...
trying to help other people.

Trying to help all of you.

Help the sheriff.

He sacrificed himself, even
when it went unappreciated.

He would've been sheriff
himself one day if only...

The, um...

The Connally family settled this county.

And a lot of Connallys...
laid down their lives for it.

But not before they left their mark.

Branch was supposed to have
built on what I had done,

j-just like I did from my daddy.

But now, uh...

it's the end of the line.

We, uh...

We all let him down.

But that's, uh...

that's the past now.

So, let's, uh...

Let's try to carry him in
our hearts going forward.


Did you notice who wasn't here?


[Walt] Lucian doesn't do funerals, no.



I'm not obsessing, Henry. I'm observing.

Nighthorse was Branch's biggest
benefactor during the election.

You'd think he would make an appearance.

Walt, do you think it might be a good idea

to take a break from your
crusade just for today?


When you brought Branch the
personal items from his desk,

do you remember seeing a bag
full of surveillance cameras?

Yeah, they were right on top. Why?

'Cause I don't remember seeing
them in Branch's house.

- Did you?
- Did I what?

See a bag full of surveillance
cameras at Branch's house?

No, why?

So, what do you think that means, Sheriff?

I don't know.

Maybe he put them somewhere
we haven't looked yet.

Or maybe there was incriminating
evidence on those cameras.

And Jacob Nighthorse
broke in and stole it.



How you holding up?

Oh, you know. [chuckles]


You want to get some breakfast?

Uh, I-I can't.

Branch's family invited me to a private
ceremony at the grave site, so...

Of course. Makes sense.

Not really, but I guess they don't
know that Branch and I broke up.

It's awkward because I've never
met Branch's mom before.

That's good of you to go, so...



How are you?

I'm fine.


That's not what I'm hearing.

What are you hearing?

That you're having a hard time
accepting the reality of this.

- You talking to Henry?
- Doesn't matter who I'm talking to, Dad.

You got to stop carrying
around all this guilt.

You couldn't have done anything.

Branch changed.

I didn't even recognize him at the end.

What he did, it was... It was really sad.

But it happened, and it wasn't your fault.

You know what?
Let's go to breakfast. Let's go.

No, no. You can't.

I-I don't think that you
should be alone right now.

Neither should Branch's parents.

They just lost their only son.

Now, sometimes we got to do
things we don't want to, Punk.

But what do I say to them?

You don't have to say a word.


- Hey. Are you following me?
- Not anymore.

Let me put this another way.

Why are you following me?

You know why.

Okay, I give you my word.

I will have no contact whatsoever
with Jacob Nighthorse today.

There. You satisfied?

For today, at least.

Good morning.

Standing Bear.


I heard you was out.

It's good to see you breathing
the air of your ancestors.

You have no idea.

I do, actually.

I did a nickel in Rawlins
back in the '90s.

Like to buy some oranges?

I also got some buffalo jerky.

Or maybe some dream catchers.

The turistos love them.

No, no, thank you. I am good.

I actually stopped to pay you back.

For what?

You contributed to my defense fund.

You ain't got to pay me back for that.

I donated that money.

Never meant to see it again.

Or you, for that matter.

Well, here I am.

And here is your money.

I ain't touching it.

Ain't often an Indian goes into
the white man's justice system

and comes out again.

Ain't often an Indian
gets any kind of justice,

especially now that Hector's gone.

You know, people still put
notes into Hector's jar.

Out there at the old wall.

If it makes them feel comfort...

that's good.

But it's a shame ain't no one
to answer those notes no more.

How about an orange for the road?

Keep the change.


[engine turns over]

[Ruby] As soon as I get
the messages checked,

I'll put on a pot of coffee.

[door closes]

- [sighs]
- [clicking]

[Vic clears throat]

- What the hell are you doing?!
- I wasn't, Vic!

- I am not gonna lose you, too!
- I wasn't!

The gun's not even loaded.

- What?
- See?


I couldn't stop...

thinking about the length
of the barrel of this shotgun.

Whether it was even possible for Branch
to pull the trigger with his hands.

It would be difficult.

But it would be possible.

Even if he couldn't, he could use his toe.

Okay, then, so it was suicide.

Will you move on now?


Branch was obsessed with his case.

[sighs] We thought he was
wrong, but he was right.

I owed it to Branch to keep
on digging, but, uh...

I think I have to stop
fighting this and just, uh...

just admit that what
happened happened, so...

Okay. So, then, you're not
gonna need this, right?

Shit. God damn it.

- No, wait, I'll just...
- I got it.

It's fine.


How'd the dirt get in the shell?
Never left the gun.

- There's dirt inside the shell casing?
- Uh-huh.

That would mean that somebody
put a spent shell back in the gun.

Someone tampered with that shotgun
before we got to the scene.

So, I went all over Branch's
house and the garage.

No sign of the cameras
or the bag they were in.

I'm sorry.
Am... I interrupting something?

Branch didn't die the
way we thought he did.

What we found down by
the river was staged.

And whoever did it made sure
all the evidence washed away.

I already know someone with a history
of staging fake death scenes.



[Walt] Doc...

I need you to change the cause of
death on Branch's death certificate.

- I can't.
- Well, you have to.

It wasn't suicide. It was murder.
I found new evidence.

It's too late, Walt.

Don't you even want to hear it?

Honestly, I don't really like discussing
tragedy after work hours, so, no.

Come on, Doc. You saw Branch's wound.

You think after he shot
himself in the face,

he ejected the shell,
picked it up off the ground,

and put it back in the gun?

'Cause there was dirt in the spent shell.

That's the only way
this could be a suicide.

Okay, even so, Walt, the
paperwork's already been filed.

There's nothing I can do.

So, you're gonna hide behind
some stupid bureaucratic process

'cause you don't want to do your job?

Wait a minute. Are you kidding me?

My job description says nothing

about being your unofficial,
unpaid forensic researcher.

Officially, that body was
supposed to go to Laramie.

I did the autopsy as a personal
favor out of friendship.

Now you're gonna walk in here

and you're gonna criticize me for...
for not breaking the law?

I'm sorry. I'm not asking
you to break the law.

Actually, that's exactly what
you're asking me to do, Walt.

I cannot legally alter
that death certificate

unless I'm ordered to do so by a court.

So, if you want a change,

you're gonna have to present
evidence in a court of law.

And if you want to prove that
Branch didn't commit suicide,

I'm telling you right now,

you're gonna need a little bit
more than just some dirt.

Hey, listen.

You two rummies don't
keep it down out here,

I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

What are you doing in Henry's office?

Oh, you know, just going over
the books, learning the ropes.

It ain't easy with you two crackers
out here making a lot of racket.

- Where's Henry?
- He's off the clock.

It's none of my concern.

Why are you walking around
like you own this place?

'Cause. Ever since your boy
signed the deed over to me, I do.


Next round's on the house.

[lid closes]



[telephone ringing]



Hey, it's me.

So, I have been to his house,
the office, the construction site.

There is no sign of Nighthorse anywhere.

It's possible I alerted Jacob to our
interest in him earlier tonight.

[Vic] How?


He overheard me talking to Doc
Weston at the Red Pony, so...


[Walt] Yeah, uh, was there something
else you wanted to talk to me about?

What? No. Why?

Well, it's, uh...

It's just that I-I saw you called
earlier and didn't leave a message.

Um, yeah, no, that was nothing.

[Walt] You sure?

Yeah. Get some sleep, Walt.




[vehicles approaching]

[gun cocks]

Tell me, Sheriff.

When General Custer looked out
over the field at Little Bighorn,

do you think he had a moment to reflect?

I suspect.

How do you think he characterized
his failure in his own mind?

You think he felt he had
underestimated the Indians?

Overestimated himself?

What do you want, Jacob?

I just want to talk.

No lawyers, no bullshit.

[Walt] No bullshit?

What do you call this display?

This is just... backup.

What do you want from me?

Your head on a pike.

Or barring that, prison.

For what?

What did I ever really do to you, Walt?

I believe you murdered Branch.

Why would I murder Branch?

Because he exposed your soldier.
David Ridges.


But you killed him.

[Walt] So, I take your
deputy, you take mine.

Or maybe he found something
out that Ridges did for you.

Like kill my wife.


So, that's what this is all about.

That's what this is all about.

Well, let me... put your mind at ease.

I don't kill women and children.

In fact, in my experience and
the experience of my people,

that's been more of a
white man's strategy.

You once said you intended to
fight the white man on his terms.

And I will.

Harnessing the power of the
almighty dollar with casinos.

You took our land.

You killed us with guns and disease.

You lied to us.

Shame on you!

But we were naive. We were gullible.

We never came together as
a people, so shame on us.

Look around you, Walt.

Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Sioux, Cherokee.

Could it be we are no longer a
beaten, drunken, vanishing people?

We are united.

We will not be harassed
and intimidated anymore.

These men have my back!

And I have theirs.

So, you're threatening me? Is that it?

I'm just giving you the warning
poor General Custer never got.

Don't overestimate yourself.

And don't underestimate us.


All right, let's go!

[speaks native language]

[engines turn over]