Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 9 - Counting Coup - full transcript

Branch has proof that David Ridges is alive, and Longmire connects him to Jacob Nighthorse. Meanwhile, Sean makes Longmire serve divorce papers to Vic, and Henry faces another setback related to his trial.

We've been trying branch's
cellphone since yesterday.

He's not answering.

So...Where is he?

What makes you think
I would know?

Well, you two
were pretty close.

I mean, you do
kidnap people together.

I had no idea what branch
was doing that night

w-when I met him
for a drink.

You went along with it,

I wasn't gonna leave that
Indian guy alone with branch.

Look, I-I seriously thought
that branch was gonna --

look, I told Vic what happened
the very next day.

I'll swear before a judge
right now

that what I said was true,
but if I do, you two --

you need to give me some kind
of protection or something.

Are you afraid of branch?

You know, he...
He came by a few nights back.

He offered me a check for more
money than I've ever seen,

and all I had to do
was change my story --

tell Vic that what I said about
the kidnapping wasn't true --

but I said no.

How did he respond?

He said, "you got to pray

that Vic doesn't tell anyone
for both your sakes'."

And after that, he took off.

I have no idea
where he is right now.

Ripped by mstoll

you really think branch
will come after you?

You -- you don't get it.

When a guy like branch falls,
there ain't no helping him.

And when things
don't go his way...

There's no telling
what he might do.


The crazy dogs
led me to you.


You've been chasing ghosts.

The only way you can catch
a ghost is to stop running.

Stop and look
all around you.

get your hands up!

You can't shoot me.

I've counted coup on you
three times.

I've already taken
all of your power.

Stay where you are.

First time, I touched you
with a feather.

And I took your courage.

The second time,
I went inside your dreams

and I took your peace.

The third time,
I took a picture of you.

Your soul is now mine.

One more step,
and I shoot.

You can't even
pull the trigger.

The next time I see you,
I will take your life.

May I help you?

Yes, I'm here
to see the sheriff.


Excuse me.

Mr. poteet, come in.

Straight through.

You get ahold of branch?

Not yet.
Who is that guy?

Sam poteet.

Why is he here?

'Cause I asked him to be.
Keep trying branch.

I hope
we can make this quick.

I'm starting a new job
at lanton plumbing,

and I don't want to be late.

We just need to ask you
some questions

about your recent abduction.

You've already identified
one of the men.

Is this the other one?

He works for you.

Can you think of a reason

that he might want
to kidnap you?


Well, branch
was recently attacked

by a white warrior
named David ridges.

He may have thought that
you were also involved.

Why would he think that?
You tell me.

After all, you're the one
who sits behind the moon.

This is starting to seem
like you're more concerned

with protecting your deputy
than helping me.

No, my deputy broke the law.

No, this department
is behind you

if you want
to press charges.

No, I trust that the universe
will see to my justice.

I'm sorry, but there's
no smoking in here.

Burning sage...
Purifies the spirit,

gives us strength
for the battles ahead.

You're gonna need that

to face this man
who works for you.

He's been all hollowed out

and filled
with...Bad medicine.

Best of luck, sheriff.

Is there any way
we can make him press charges?

What kind of charges?

Maybe we should try
calling branch

from an outside phone line.

We could have cady call,

but considering
what she's been through

and what happened --
whoa, is cady okay?

Yeah, yeah, she's fine.

Ferg, uh, call
the highway patrol.

Put out an apb on branch.
He's in cady's vehicle.


Not until one of you
tells me what's going on.

Ferg, now's not really
the time.

When is the time?

I know you haven't noticed,

but ever since branch
started going crazy,

I really stepped it up
around here.

And that's not easy with you two
shutting doors in my face,

treating me like I'm not even
a part of this department.

I do everything you ask,
and I do a good job,

but if you want me
to keep doing it,

you can't just throw me in the
corner at this little kid's desk

and ignore me.


Now sit at your big, new desk
and call the highway patrol.

I really thought
I'd find one person in Denver

who'd at least seen Darius and
Miller Beck in the same room.

Then I would have had something
to build our defense on.

I suppose
malachi and Darius

are more careful
than we realized.

So now what?

Now we go back
to the murder book.

Let me see that.

Seems a little light.

The prosecution assured me
this is everything

they're planning on bringing
against us in the trial.

Yeah, but what are
they not bringing?

The prosecution tends
to leave out any information

that can disprove
their case.

We need to search
through every page of this,

see if there are any holes
in their argument.

I will bring coffee.

Cady longmire.

What? When?

Keep the judge there.
I'm coming right down.

We have to go to the courthouse.

They're trying to advance
our trial date. To when?

To two weeks from today,
and we are nowhere near ready.

I've never heard of a trial date
being advanced that much.

Hey. Hey.

It's gonna be okay.

We're gonna get
a continuance.

I know you will.


Just --
please don't say it.

I understand I, uh...
I overreacted.

I'm angry with myself.

All the signs were there

that, uh...
Branch wasn't okay.

He wasn't ready
to come back.

I should've forced him
to take some time off,

but, uh...Instead,

I gave him just enough rope
to hang himself.

All you did
was treat branch

the way you would want
to be treated.

Problem is, he's not you.

What's that?

Well, it's something
to take your mind off branch.

It's from Vic's husband.

From Sean?


Why did he send these
to me?

Why do you think?

He wants you to deliver
divorce papers to his wife.

Walt! Walt!

Where's Walt?!

Walt! Walt!

I found ridges.
He's alive.

He's alive.
He called my phone.

Just -- just slow down.
Where you been?

He -- he was
on pike's bridge.

I-I tried to bring him in,
but he jumped in the river.

I followed him on the road
as long as I could,

but then the river, you know,

it turns away from the road
into the woods.

Just stop, branch.

Came back here for ammunition
and backup.

I figure ferg and me
could lock down...

One side of the river bank.

Vic could cover the other.

Branch, we need to talk about
what you did to Sam poteet.

You just couldn't keep your
mouth shut, could you?

don't you dare
put this on me.

I'm not the one who decided
to go bat-shit crazy.

Hey, get off her!
Get off her!

Get off her!

Get the key, ferg!


What are you doing?

He's alive.

I'm gonna head over
to see nighthorse.

When he hears that,
uh, ridges has been spotted,

he, uh -- he might
be ready to talk.

You really believe
what branch was saying?

Take a look at him, Walt.
The guy is messed up.

Maybe so.

But just because branch
isn't right in the head

doesn't mean
he's not right.

So, what are we supposed to do with him?
I don't know.

Walt just went to go
see nighthorse.

You don't have to whisper.

Some of us
are trying to work.

I understand
why you had to tell Walt.

I want you to know
there are no hard feelings.

Speak for yourself.

Look, Vic,
ridges is still out there.

His car's on the bridge.

If you would just go out there,

Look, I don't know
what your deal is,

but I know
that I am not driving

all the way out
to pike's bridge

just to find out
that the car has disappeared

like every other piece
of evidence about ridges!

The car's still there.

I took his keys
out of the ignition.

Now, you can stand there
and just say that I'm crazy,

but later, you'll have to
explain to Walt

how you could have caught
the guy who shot me,

but you just...Let him go.

I can go check it out.

No, I'll go.

Anything to get me
out of here.

Let me out
and I'll come with you.

We can track him down

Not a chance.


We need to talk.

You'll have to
come up here, then.

Very busy day today.

We're about to finish phase
three of our construction.

I'll make this quick, then.

It's time you admitted
you lied to me

about David ridges.

again with this?

It's getting boring,

I got hard evidence
that ridges is alive.

One of my deputies saw him,
even talked to him.


This wouldn't be
the same deputy

who recently kidnapped
a good Cheyenne man

and force-fed him

Where did you hear that?

Word gets around.

So it looks like

all you really have to prove
that David is alive

is the word of an obviously
unstable criminal, really.

I wouldn't call that
hard evidence, Walt.

Now, this game you're playing
with discrediting branch --

having him drugged
with peyote,

sending ridges in
to mess with his head --

this ain't gonna work
much longer.

I know you lied to me
about ridges.

He is alive.

And it's only a matter of time
before I prove it.



Uh, he's not here
right now.

He'll be back soon.

Dad, I thought
you were bringing a lawyer.

I don't have time
to waste.

Open that cell.
Release my son.

I can't do that --
not until Walt gives the okay.


Does your dad still own
that roofing business?

Because I swear to you,
if you don't open that cell,

your father will never get
another construction job

in this state again.

You can't do that.
Try me.

Your honor, the state's request
to advance our trial date

is completely out of line.
This is nothing

but the prosecution's attempt
to derail our case.

You don't need to get
emotional, miss longmire.

The state has a valid reason

for requesting
that the date be moved.

Which is?
Witness availability.

Our key witness,
detective fales,

leaves the state
in a month's time.

We need to hold the trial
before then

in order
to get his testimony.

Your honor,
the d.A.'S office

could easily record
fales' testimony.

Well, you might find it hard

to cross-examine a video,

Well, the state's request for an
earlier trial date is granted.

Well, in that case, we'd like to
formally file for a continuance.

There's no reason this case
even needs to go to trial.

We'd be more than happy
to make a deal.

Under what terms?

Your client pleads guilty,

we take the death penalty
off the table.

We can offer a life sentence

with a possibility of parole
after 25 years.

Miss longmire will have
to consult with her client.

There is nothing
to discuss.

That deal
is not an option.

It is an option.
Your only one, actually.

This trial's happening
in two weeks.

What, exactly,
were you planning

on presenting in court?

What we talked about --

that malachi hired Darius burns
to kill Miller Beck.

No, you have no proof

that Darius even has
a connection with Beck.

I hate to say it, cady,
but you've got nothing.

Other than the fact
that I am innocent.

Where's branch?

I got him a burrito.

His dad came
and picked him up.

How did Barlow even know
he was here?

Well, everyone we arrest is
allowed to make a phone call,

and technically,
we never arrested branch.

And Vic didn't file
a complaint,

and you said
that Sam poteet guy

wasn't pressing charges,

so we had nothing
to hold him on.

He assaulted an officer.

So did you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I know you were just
defending Vic.

But, um --

Barlow threatened
my dad, Walt.

Where was Vic
during all this?

She left
before it all happened.

She went
to check out that car

that ridges' abandoned
on pike's bridge.

We have an unstable,
violent cop

and the person
who told on him,

both out there right now.

Does Vic know
branch is out?


Walt, what's wrong?

Barlow managed to get branch
released while I was out.

I thought, uh...

I thought branch
may come after you, so...

You get rid of one stalker,
here comes another one.

I wouldn't let that happen.

But, uh, still,
with branch out,

be better if someone
stayed home with you, so...

You mean, like, my husband?

Well, I didn't know
if he was traveling, so...

No, he's around.

Okay, good.


So, how did it go
with nighthorse?

Well, he's sticking
with his story.

Well, a ghost didn't drive
this car, so...


Even though
I know he's lying,

we still can't prove
that ridges is alive

and working
with nighthorse.


The history on this phone

says that ridges
did call branch.

But he also called
someone else.

Call the judge
on your phone.

Tell him we need
an arrest warrant.

You know,
I got a dry-aged t-bone

for dinner tonight,

but looks like
we might

ought to put in
on that eye of yours.

I'm fine.

Hey, dad?

I need
to borrow the car.


I got a job to finish.

No, you don't.

You don't believe me,

Son, don't take this
the wrong way,

but frankly,
I don't care.

The way I see it,
there are two possibilities.

Either you're imagining
all this,

in which case your judgment
can't be trusted,

or this David ridges
is still alive

and trying to kill you.

In either case,
I can't allow my only son

to put himself back
in harm's way again.

Now, come on in.

After you've had a shower
and some sleep,

we'll work this out

Come on.

What's my pronghorn
doing here?

I seem to recall paying you
good money for it.

Yes. And then
you threw it away.

Oh, so you've been
dumpster diving.

Is that, uh, really what
it's come to, Hank?

I think you know exactly
what position I am in.

After all,
you put me in it.

Your man Darius forced deena
to steal my money.

You threatened --
wah, wah, wah, wah.

That's the trouble
with most Indians.

They're always whining,

trying to blame someone else
for their own misfortune.

"This man stole my money.
This man took my land.

This man moved up
my trial date."


You know, if I pitied myself
the way you are now,

I'd still be
in a 6x3 cell,

whining about
who put me there.

Instead, I've decided
to make my own luck.

I suggest
you do the same.

Oh, on the bright side,

my offer to buy the bar
still stands.

All cash.

Uh, jenine,
call malachi strand.

Tell him we have
an un-invented guest

that needs to be removed.


So sorry,
but this is a private party.

Feel free to grab a couple
of beers for the road.

Jacob nighthorse,

you're under arrest
for conspiracy,

aiding and abetting,

and accessory to the attempted
murder of branch connally.

Jenine, call my lawyer.

You are both
gonna regret this.

I doubt that.

You have no evidence
David is alive.

Nothing, except the fact

that you two spoke 17 times
in the past 2 weeks.

Ridges is awful talkative
for a dead man.

I imagine it gives you great
pleasure to see me in here.

Your lawyer's on her way.

Till then, you have
the right to remain silent,

and I suggest you use it.

You might be interested
in a few things I could say.

I would have been
a few weeks ago,

but I'm a little tired
of your denials.

I might be willing
to revise my statements,

if you were to give me


I realize there are laws
against fraud

and making false statements.

You agree not
to prosecute me for those,

I'll tell you
what you want to know.

Fact is, I was just trying
to help a friend

get out of trouble.

I had no intention of helping
him commit any crimes.

Well, if that's true,
I'd consider making a deal.

What do you want to know?

Well, you can start

by telling me
about David's fake suicide.

David called me one night,
said he needed help.

I didn't know he was involved

in your daughter's accident
at that point.

He just said that
he had made some decisions

that he couldn't outrun,
that he had a plan to disappear,

but required assistance.

I know what that's like,

to be moving through
the world alone, no tribe,

so I agreed to help.

I'm going to take with me
everything that is bad,

and return with
the true strength and honor

of the crazy dogs.

After that, we just waited.

All that was left was to explain
what happened to the body.

David stole some blood that
he'd donated at the res clinic

and poured it over the deer.

After it was done, he promised
me that he would leave Wyoming.

But David didn't go.

Those legends he talked about,

the -- the -- the crazy dogs
and the time travel --

I thought all of that was him
just trying to sell his story.

But after he killed Hector,

I realized that David actually
believes in it -- all of it.

He's convinced that
he's a time-traveling spirit,

sent to count coup
against his enemies.

"Count coup"?

Indian warriors believe that
the greatest glory in battle

doesn't come
from killing your enemy,

but from getting close enough
to touch a living enemy

and getting away
to tell the tale.

Last time I talked to David,

he told me he was gonna touch
branch three times

before he killed him.

I mounted an argument against
it, but David no longer listens.

You didn't think ridges
was capable of all this?

I admit that my desire
to help the man

may have blinded me
to his growing madness,

but then I'm sure
you know what that's like.


...do we have a deal?



I may not like you,

but you've always been
a man of honor.

Surely you're not going
to go back on your word.

David called you 17 times
in the last 2 weeks.

Next time he does,
you find out where he is.

If you give me his location,
I'll make your deal.

You hungry?

I can fix you a sandwich.

No, thanks.


Seems weird, you trying
to take care of me.

I mean, you never even
held my hand as a kid

when we crossed the street.

No, I didn't.

I always walked
ahead of you.

Laid out a path
for you to follow.

I wasn't gonna coddle you.

And I trusted
that you were smart enough

to see the dangers around you
and make your own choices.

Yeah, well...

You were always there
to tell me

when I made
the wrong ones.

you realize it or not,

I have always looked out
for you.

I just hope, one day,
you can tell me

what it is
that's tearing you up inside.

'Night, son.

Ferg, take nighthorse's
cooperation agreement

to the d.A.'S office.

Have them file it immediately.
On it.

So, nighthorse gets off the hook
for everything?


He gets out of a couple hours
of community service

for making false statements,

but we get a murderer.
What now?

We wait.
All right.

Call me at home the second
you hear anything.

Uh, uh, uh...

Before you go, um,

I need to talk to you
about something.

All right.

Uh...One of the less-desirable
parts of this job

is that we have
to serve legal papers

when the county is short
of process servers.

Do you want me
to serve someone a subpoena

on the way home?



I'm required to give you this
on behalf of the court.

So, uh...The other day,
when you said you --

you might be leaving
the department.

Well, I didn't say what I,
uh -- what I wanted to say,

uh, 'cause I didn't think
it was my -- my place

to, uh -- to get
in the middle of things.

Um, and you have the right

to make any decision
you want, um...

But the point is, Vic...
I want you to stay.

You got a pen?

What's so important that
you need to get me out of bed?


I've been thinking over
your offer to buy this place,

and I will sell it to you
under one condition.

Tell me where Darius was
when Walt's wife was murdered.

Or I can just burn this place
to the ground.

Now, now, hold on, Henry.
This is crazy.

You don't want
to lose your bar.

You need this place.

You are the one
who needs this place

to launder your dirty money.

Tell me where Darius was

and I will sign the deed
over to you right now.

No deal?

Oh, well.


Oh, shit.

Henry, you all right?

He did not do it.


Darius burns --
he did not kill Miller Beck.

How do you know that?

Malachi strand told me.

You can't be sure
anything malachi says is true.

This time, I can.

If he had not told the truth,

the bar would be
in ashes right now.

Did you start this fire?

I thought
if I could get malachi

to tell me
where Darius was

when Miller Beck
was killed,

then cady could
link them together

and we might have had
a shot in court.

But my gamble
did not pay off.

Turns out,
Darius was in Connecticut,

doing a job for malachi
when Miller Beck was murdered.

Well, malachi might have
told you that,

but we still need
to confirm it.

Cady already did.

When I go to prison,
malachi will own this place.

I should have
just let it burn.


The fireman are hungry.

I promised
I would make sandwiches.

Sheriff, it's for you.


Hey. I just spoke
with David ridges.

Hey -- hey, bud.
What are you doing here?

Just tying up
some loose ends.

I got some time
on my hands.


I warned you
what would happen

if Walt found out
about Sam poteet.

Look, I -- I'm sorry.
I had to tell Walt.

I-I-I can't take that back.
Think about this, branch.

If I turn up murdered,

you're the first person
that Walt's gonna suspect.

I don't care
what Walt thinks anymore.

Please don't kill me,

It's not much fun when the
barrel's pointed at you, is it?

don't worry, Travis.

I'm not gonna waste
a shell on you.

But you're gonna
have to do something

to make this all up to me.

Give me the keys
to your car.



Sheriff, you there?

What is it, ferg?

Looks like branch took off
from his dad's house.

Travis Murphy just called

and said branch held him up
with a shotgun

at the gas station
and took his car.

Travis says he has no idea
where branch went.

Where's Vic?

She locked herself
inside of your office.

Well, keep her there.

Where are you right now?

I'm heading out
to horse creek.

There's a medicine woman
who's got a trailer there.

According to nighthorse,

ridges got pretty banged up
when he jumped in the river.

He went there
to get patched up.

You want some backup?

but under the circumstances,

you should stay there,
watch out for Vic.

Lock all the doors
in case branch shows up.





Stand up, ridges.

Turn towards me slowly.

What do you want?

I'm looking
for David ridges.

I was told
he was hiding out here.

If he is,
he's doing a heck of a job.

I haven't seen him.

Who told you he was here?

Ripped by mstoll