Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 8 - Harvest - full transcript

Longmire investigates the death of a farmer who was about to be evicted from his land, Branch and Cady investigate a lead in Denver on behalf of Henry, and Vic contemplates her future with the sheriff's department.

I'm surprised you didn't try
and sew this yourself

with fishing line.

I ran out.

Well, you're a lucky man.
The bullet just grazed you.

No serious damage.

Now you just need to go
and buy some lottery tickets

and take some time off work.

And, deputy moretti,

if you, uh, still have
a headache in 24 hours,

come back and see me.

A grade two concussion
is a really serious injury.

Ripped by mstoll

It'll be all right.

A little needle and thread,

it'll be back to normal.


Walter, where are you?

Taking that trip to Denver
that got interrupted.

Walter longmire,

you just got shot.


Just once, though.

Yeah, hilarious.

Anyway, ferg called.
Denver will have to wait.

How you feeling?


Did you get any sleep
last night?


I was afraid
you were gonna stop breathing.

We need to talk

about what happened.

What's there to talk about?
It's over.

Where are you going?
To work.


Is that your brain injury

I still have a job, Sean.

Yeah, and that's the problem.

I'll let you go into work

if it's to put in
your two weeks' notice.

One of the guys from
the prison road crew found it.

The inmates I questioned
say some serial killer

is roaming the countryside,

biting off body parts
and eating them.

That's pretty farfetched,

But, uh, still, I had Ruby
run the details through vicap,

you know, just in case
there is a serial killer

with cannibalistic tendencies.

That's not necessary.

It's not?

These teeth marks
are from a small animal.

Something must've gnawed
this foot off

and dragged it out here,

which means the rest of the body
can't be too far away.

Good thing
we got some extra help.

Oh, you have
got to be shittin' me!

Hey, did you quit yet?

No. I'm too busy
wondering why my husband

was snooping around
on my laptop.

What are you talking about?

You opened up a document

that I started writing
a week ago --

a private one
called "dear Walt."

That's a clever title.

It's for work, Sean!

So you think I snuck
into your computer

and looked at it?

It was at home --

It was at home, so you're
the only one who could have.

You okay?

I have been better.

I was wondering --

I mean, maybe it's not my place
to ask about her...

Cady's doing fine, Bob.

How about you?

I haven't had a drink
in months.

That's good.

You know,
I built that thing.

me and a couple other guys.

You worked construction?

Yeah, I used to be
a pretty good carpenter.

I used to be
a lot of things.

Hey, Walt!


Give me a hand, ferg.


Oh, no.

Oh, you know him, Bob?

Yeah, that's George linder.
This is his farm.

He hired me
to build the barn.

Hell of a nice guy.

Does he have a family?
Back when I knew him, he did.

His wife's name is dawn.
Had a little girl named Cassie.

If they're not around,
maybe they split up.

Tough marriage?

Tough life.

Guys, Walt has a dead farmer
out near shawnee road.

He could use some help.

Why don't you
go ahead and go?

You sure
that's a good idea?

Could be gruesome.

Might trigger feelings of...

Acute distress
that'll hinder my performance.

What did you say?

That's what you think,
isn't it?

but I never said it.

Get over here.

I wrote it

in those exact words
in a document on my computer.

Have you been on my laptop?
You tell me.

you know me better than I do.

That laptop
was at my house, branch!

Did you break into my home?!

You were missing.
I was trying to find you.

And opening up a document
on my computer

is gonna help you do that?!

Are you gonna rat me out

like your friends Bobby donolato
and ed gorski?

How is that working out
for you?

This macho
intimidation bullshit

may work on drunk girls
at frat parties,

but it doesn't work on me,
so get the hell out of my face!

What have we got?

A farmer
named George linder.

Branch couldn't make it?

He's not feeling 100%.



So, Walt,

if the raccoons had enough time
to take off the foot,

he must've been out here
for awhile.

Three to four days,
I'd guess.

I'm gonna go out
on a limb here

and assume
that he wasn't nibbled to death.

Uh, he was shot in the back.

He was probably trying to run
away from someone,

or somebody surprised him.

I haven't found
any casings yet.

Does this, uh, George linder guy
live here alone?

No. Apparently,
he has a wife and a daughter.

And where are they?

I don't know yet.

It's not clear
if the family's still together.


Why don't you go ahead
and call the hospital?

Make arrangements
for an autopsy.

Do you need the number?

No. I got it.


Can we talk?

Why am I guessing
this isn't a personal visit?


So, um...
Here's the deal.

My dad was gonna go
to Denver with me

to help with Henry's case,

but, um, he got called away
on this murder,

so I have a backup plan.

Most professional
private investigators

cost about $75 an hour.

I'm looking to hire one

to do 24 hours of investigation
in Denver.

Covering expenses and travel,
that will come to about $2,500.

So you want me to loan you
more money to help Henry's case?

And hopefully, um,
give a p.I. Recommendation.

The trial's in six weeks,
and I really need

to track down
this Darius guy.

He's my only
alternate suspect.

What do you think?

I think
I'm a little offended.

I'm sorry. I --

why are you asking me
for money?

Why not just ask me to help?

You feeling okay?


It's just a little

looking for a bullet casing
in an alfalfa stack.


That's close enough! Why were there
convicts crawling all over my land today?

'Cause I asked them
to give me a hand.

Isn't this
George linder's farm?

George farms here.
The land's mine.

And you are?

Nick holman.
Is there something wrong?

I wouldn't be here
if there wasn't.

Is that George?


Someone shot him.

Well, I suppose
that could've been anybody.

George was always sparring
with suppliers and creditors

just about every other day.

Money problems?

George was pretty handy.

But he didn't have
the business sense

that God gave a 2x4.

He ever spar with you?


George paid his rent...

But he paid it.

What about his wife
and his daughter?

They live
around here?

Oh, yeah.

Dawn and Cassie,
they live here with George.

Well, give them
my condolences.

Well, either George's
wife and daughter

are out of town
and don't know he's dead

or they do know he's dead
and they've already left.

Or maybe a psychopath
is holding them hostage

and blown
their heads off.

You think
you should take a break?

After what you
just went through?

No. But I do think

people should stop acting like
they can tell me what to do.

I'm not telling you
what to do.

I'm offering you a break,
if you want it.

The last thing I need
is another deputy

whose mind
is only halfway on the job.

Who's that?

What do they want?

Are you
George linder's wife?

Yes, I'm dawn.

Are you here
to evict us?

No, ma'am.

No, I'm here
because someone's been shot.


Well, I'm afraid
it was your husband.

Hey! Hey!

Lock the doors
and windows, Cassie,

and get the rifle!

Do you want me
to get the colt, too?

Here. Ma'am, what are you doing?

Getting ready!
For what?

Nick holman!

We just talked to him.
He said to send his condolences.

Well, you give him
a message from us!

He may have gotten George,

but there are still
two more of us left,

and he is not getting us
off this land

without a fight!

George and I met while working
for Nelson holman, Nick's dad.

Mr. holman leased us this house
and all of this land

so that we could start
our own farm.

Mr. holman
sounds like a good man.

He was.

And we thought Nick was, too,
until Mr. holman died.


Where are you?!

You know what?
I'll go find her.

So, what happened when Nick
took over from his dad?

He decided that his dad's farm
wasn't enough.

He wanted ours, too,

but the will said that he had
to honor the terms of our lease.

Of course,
Nick found a loophole.

Our contract didn't say anything
about guaranteed water rights,

so he started charging us
as much as he could for water.

We're paying double our rent
just to water our crops.

That has to be tough.

Me and Cassie drive out
twice a month

to clean rich folks' homes

from teton village
down to Aspen.

We make ends meet.


I'm sorry for your loss.

We're farmers.

Losing just becomes
a way of life after a while.

- Hey, Ruby.
- Hey.

Hey, Ruby?

Where's branch?

Oh, he went off to Denver
with your daughter.

Said he was gonna help her out
with Henry's case.

Oh. That's surprising.

Oh, you got visitors.

Glad you finally
showed up, sheriff.

Hello again, Nick.

Hey, Ty.
What are you doing here?

I'm George linder's
insurance agent,

and Nick was insistent
that I come by and make sure

that George's life-insurance
policy was being expedited.

George also just died,
so maybe show some respect.

How about this --
you show some respect,

and I'll conduct business
over here in the real world.

What sort of business?

The deadline for georges rent
is midnight tonight.

Now, I'd like to direct
the life-insurance payout

to the rent
rather than evict the family.

So, if you could
inform me now

what recommendation
you'll be making

on georges
death certificate,

I can start the paperwork
on the payout.

I haven't got
any autopsy results yet.

Until then, I won't be
recommending anything.

Vic, could you
show Ty out?

Nick and I need to talk.


You think
you might find the decency

to give dawn linder
a grace period on the rent

until all this
is figured out?


My father
used that word a lot.

He died a broken, decent man
at the age of 59

with $200
in his bank account

and tens of thousands of dollars
in debt.

I sure as hell
don't plan on doing the same.

Farming's changed.

20 years from now,

there will be 20 farmers
in all of Wyoming.

I aim to be one of 'em.

Are you willing to kill a man

and take his farm
to make sure that happens?

Dawn linder
certainly thinks so.

Well, I'm sure she does.

Did it ever occur to you
that maybe dawn

got tired of being
on the losing end of things

and finally took matters
into her own hands?

Excuse us.

So, this is where Henry found
the guy who killed your mom?

Yeah, Miller Beck.

So, here's the plan --
we have to try and prove

a connection
between him and Darius,

prove that maybe Darius
hired Miller Beck

and then killed him
to cover his tracks.

Where do you want to start?


Hey, you know this guy?

Yeah, Miller Beck, right?

But, uh, isn't he dead?

He is.

Did he come in here a lot?

Miller and his pals
would come through,

mostly try to score junk
in the men's room.

I'll show you.

We've got a lot of our old
regulars up here.

Uh, here he is.

Who's that guy with him?

That's tug renton!
He's dead, too!

Not the greatest life expectancy
with these guys.

You ever see this guy
with Miller Beck?

Uh, I don't know.

Uh, it's been a while now,
and I sort of, uh, donated

most of my memory
when I was in my 20s.

Can I get your info and anybody else
who may have known Miller Beck?

No, actually, that's --
that's fine, yeah.

Just follow me.


Are you, uh,
looking for that guy?

Yeah, you know him?

Well, I'll only tell you
under one condition.

What's that?

You let me
take your photo.

I've never seen
a real cowboy before.

So, you know him?


George linder
was insured for...


That's a lot of rakes
and shovels.



So, Dr. weston

that the victim died

three days ago --
as I thought.

And he found
a single .38-caliber slug

lodged about a half inch
from George linder's spine.

Half inch away?


So the spinal cord
wasn't severed.

You thought it was?

If the spine was severed,
that would explain

why the victim didn't move
after he was shot,

and he didn't move because
there was no blood trail.

I really need those alibis
for dawn and Cassie linder.

And Nick holman.



People have shot
their spouse for less.

Yeah, well, sometimes the way
your husband chews his oatmeal

is motive enough.


You and your husband
have been through a lot.

Yeah, we have.

He's also demanding

that I give you
my two weeks' notice

and, uh, quit my job.



I just tell you that Sean
is demanding that I quit.

And that's
all you have to say?

Well, I recall
you're not someone

who likes to be told
what to do.

I also don't like being treated
like a replaceable part.

I understand this is a --

this is a big decision
for you.

And what is it for you?


Well, this department has lost
and hired deputies before.

I'm so glad that we could have
this little heart-to-heart.

George linder's daughter,
Cassie, just called.

Something's going on
over at their farm.

you ever seen this guy?

I smell






What the hell?!

Have you seen a native guy
with long hair?!

Get off of me!

Has anyone seen an Indian
with long hair?!

Hey, hey!
What's happening?!

Did you see Darius?


David ridges --
he was here!

This girl, she -- she took
my picture, sent it to my phone!

He was standing
right behind me!

Can I see the picture?

It disappeared.

It's my mom.
I think she might kill him.

Kill who?
Nick holman.

She grabbed our rifle
and went after him!

Get in the car!

Hey! Stop right there!




You almost killed her!

She almost killed me!

He's trying to steal
our equipment!

No, it's mine!
I'm not stealing anything.

Like hell!
It's ours!

No, it is not!

God, I've been
trying to tell her!

George sold it to me so he
could pay his rent last month.

I agreed to lease it back to him
on a monthly basis.

Okay, it's now past midnight,
so rent is overdue!

I'll write you
a damn check!

It'll bounce.

I got tired
of the late payments,

so I told George to set up
an automatic payment plan.

If you had any money,

it would've been
deposited yesterday.

That's impossible.

According to the bank,

you're completely dry.

Which reminds me --

your water bill is due
in 10 days.

This is not the time.

Oh, yeah,
that's right, sheriff.

Yeah, we must be decent.

Okay, how about this?

I won't press charges
for the threat on my life!

Hell, I won't bill dawn
for the hole in my windshield!

Maybe I'm a decent guy
after all! Huh?

How about that?

Did you find David ridges?


I couldn't find
the girl either.

The girl who sent you
the disappearing picture?

Yeah, it must've been one
of those apps that lets you send

texts and photos
that erase themselves.

Like snapchat
or something.

You don't believe me.

I hope that you can see
why it might be

a little difficult
for me to believe

that a dead man photo-bombed you
in a self-erasing picture.

So, then,
I'm hallucinating?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Branch, you see
David ridges everywhere.

This is the bar where the guy
who murdered my mother

used to hang out.

We're supposed to be
figuring out

who else
could've been involved.

Your mother's dead, cady.

I'm still alive.


I hope you find
what you're looking for.

What are you gonna do now?

You heard Nick.

The water bill's due
in 10 days,

and our checking
account's empty.

That means I have to harvest
as much as I can.

It's gonna be pretty hard
to keep this farm running

if Nick keeps taking
your best equipment.

The starter's
not kicking in.

Maybe you could, uh,
jump the posts on the solenoid.

All we have to do

is sell enough of the crop
to pay this month's bills.

And then once dad's
life insurance kicks in,

we should be okay.

So you know about
the life-insurance policy.

Yeah. Everybody's
got life insurance, right?


When you and your mother

first heard
about your father getting shot,

you went for a rifle
and a colt.

Now, this is the rifle.

I was hoping I could also
take a look at that colt.

What caliber
was it again -- .45?

Um, no.

Uh, a .38.

Your father was shot
with a .38.

Did you ever find
that colt?

I've been a little busy.

If you know about the insurance,
your mom does, too.

You think she knows
where that colt is?

Thank you
for all your help, sheriff,

but I've got work to do.

I got in late last night,
and I didn't want to wake you.


I'm sorry that I accused you
of going through my computer.

It was a mistake,
and I overreacted.


But what?


Today is a new day.

How come you always
get to be on top?

How come you always let me?

Let you?

You have to fight your way
to be on top.

So, is this how
our marriage is gonna work?

I have to pretend
to be weaker than I am?


I think we're both
done pretending.


Hey, Vic.

I was trying to get ahold
of my dad.

Um, is he with you?

Is something wrong?

When we found George,

you weren't sure if he and dawn
were still married.

Old George,
he was a gentle soul.

Dawn's a bit
on the harsh side.

Sort of a natural-born judge.

How about executioner?

What do you mean?

Could dawn kill someone?

Yeah. Sure.

If they were coming
after George and Cassie,

she might get angry enough
to do it.

You ever see this anger?

When George, um...

When George what?

Old George tried to kill himself
a few years back.

Dawn was pissed off.

At him, at the doctors --

George was suicidal.

That damn Nick holman was
squeezing him for more money.

George came to me
and the other boys and said,

"I can't afford
to keep you on any longer."

Then he swallowed
a bunch of sleeping pills.

Dawn found him,
called the ambulance.

She just couldn't imagine
what George was thinking,

trying to off himself
like that there.

She should've just asked me,
I guess.


You've got just a few weeks
before you get out.

don't you even think
about giving up.

I appreciate
the sentiment, Walt.

But what do I have
to look forward to?

It's not the worst idea,
you know?

Cutting your losses and...

Sailing out
into the great unknown.

Now you listen to me, Bob.

You're not the first man
that's thought that way.

Plenty others
have stared over the edge

of that particular cliff.

But if you do
something stupid...

I promise you,
I will dig you up myself

and kick your ass
up and down durant square.


Thanks for picking me up
at the train station.

So, you left your car
in Denver?

I was kind of in a rush.

Did you find out anything
about this Darius guy?

Nope. But branch thinks
he found someone else.

Let me guess --
David ridges?

Ding, ding, ding.

We were at a bar,

and -- and he starts
suddenly going on

about how some person texted him
a picture of himself

with David ridges
in the background at the bar.

Was there a picture?


Has he hallucinated before?

When I went to visit him
in the hospital

after he was shot,

he thought
that I was David ridges.

Okay, and what'd he do?

He attacked me.

Did you tell Walt?

I was hoping
that it was just the medication,

but then this happened.

I don't know. I --

when I look him in the eyes,

all I see is this dark, mean,
unstable man.


Please just have him call
the sheriff's office.


Where's Vic?

Not here.

How'd those alibis
check out?

dawn linder refused to give us

the numbers
to any of her clients.

She was afraid
that she'd get fired

if a sheriff's deputy called,
asking about a murder alibi.

And Nick holman?

He said he was too busy
to talk nonsense.

So we've got three
murder suspects without alibis.

there's a fourth suspect

we haven't been talking about.

George linder.

The dead guy?

Turns out, he tried
to kill himself a few years ago.

Maybe he tried again
and succeeded.

Someone found him.

Shot him in the back
to make it look like murder.

I get why someone
would try and make a murder

look like a suicide,
but the other way around?

Well, suicide would cancel
George's life-insurance payout.

An unsolved murder wouldn't.

So, which one of them do you
think found and shot him?

I don't know.

But both the victim's family
and Nick holman

had their eyes
on that insurance money.

We need to get a warrant

and search both of their
properties for a colt .38.


Thanks for coming out
on such short notice.

I'll take any excuse
to get out of the office.

Have you determined the nature
of George's death yet?

Not yet.

But there's bound to be
good news for you either way.

Appears George was shot
with his own gun.

Suicide would invalidate
his policy,

so your company wouldn't have to
pay out the $220,000.

It can't be suicide.

How could George
shoot himself in the back?

So you read the confidential
autopsy report.

It's a small town.
People talk.

Uh-huh. Well, um...

That must mean that George
was actually killed

by a family member.

Now, dawn is the main
beneficiary of the policy.

When she's arrested,

that should save you
a lot of money.

Dawn didn't kill George.

How do you know that?

Dawn and Cassie
were out of town.

That means
it must've been your friend...

Nick holman.

He's always had his eye
on taking over this farm.

He seems pretty comfortable
taking George's property.

Maybe he took George's colt,
as well...

And shot him with it.

Maybe George
had an accident?

Maybe he dropped the gun.

See, if it was an accident,
the colt would be here.

It wasn't.

It's not at his house

I'll tell you what I did find
at his house.

George's cellphone.

You were the last person
he called.

Phone records say the call
lasted for 12 minutes.

Were you trying to talk him
out of another suicide attempt?

He swallowed sleeping pills
the first time.

We haven't run a tox screen yet
to see what it was this time,

but I could call the hospital
right away and ask for one,

and --


It was the sleeping pills

George, wake up!

I'm calling the ambulance!

Too late.

I took all of them.

You're a good friend, Ty.

You were right.

I did it all wrong
the last time.

What did he mean?

When he first
tried to kill himself,

I tried to talk some sense
into him.

What'd you tell him?

That if he killed himself,

dawn and Cassie would never
collect on the insurance policy.

What I meant was that suicide
wouldn't solve anything.

But he heard
something different.

I want you to shoot me.

After I'm dead,
so it looks like a murder

and my girls can get
that money --

just like you said.

Get rid of the pills and the gun
when you're done.

I'm asking you as my friend.

This is the only way I...

This is the only way
I can save the farm.




Do you know how often
my company has denied claims

because of some loophole?

Do you know how many times
I've taken from people

so much more
than I've given back?

George linder was
one of the most decent,

honorable men I knew.

And now...

His family was gonna lose
everything he stood for.

I decided I was gonna be

the friend
I always claimed to be

and help him save his farm.

That's some kind of story.

But a little farfetched
for my taste.

You can tell dawn and Cassie
all about it if you want.

But I think
I'm just gonna declare this

an unsolved homicide.

I don't want to read this.

I didn't want to write it,

I did.

So now you have to open it.

This is about branch?

You need to read it
all the way through.

There's no way
he should be carrying

a badge and a gun right now.

He's a time bomb
just waiting to go off.

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