Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 7 - Population 25 - full transcript

After a car accident, Vic and her husband Sean are captured by a survivalist who is also a suspect connected with sheriff Longmire's wife's murder, and Longmire is forced to work with Ed Gorski to get them out.

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that's your wake-up call.

Be careful.

And step on the grass.

And stop.

And ta-da!

A convertible? What for?

It's a five-hour trip.

There's no reason
the ride can't be...

Romantic, huh?

Uh, it's a little loud.

I know, but it's the only one
I could find.

And convertibles
are surprisingly hard to find

in Wyoming.

So, where are we staying,

Jackson hole is
all you need to know.

You're all packed, right? Yeah,
I think I have everything.

Well, not everything, remember?
No gun, no badge.

No cellphone. I know. Well, cellphone,
that was -- that was your idea.

Yeah, but when we made the plan
for the trip,

there wasn't a lot going on
at work, so...

Vic, if you'd rather
go to work

than spend a weekend with me,
I'm not gonna --

that is not what I mean,
and you know it, Sean.

It's gonna be great.

It's just...

Work stress doesn't disappear
in a few seconds.

It takes a few minutes,

cruising in a convertible,

to some '8os hair metal...


Oh. Classy.

Vic here?


Have you spoken to her?

She and Sean are taking
a three-day weekend.

Why don't you get
a fresh shirt?


What's going on here?

Uh, I'm trying to find out
what Darius' last name is.


While you've been away,
there's been

a pretty significant development
in Henry's case.

Uh, this is Darius.

He works
for malachi strand.

He operates
out of Denver,

so he might be connected
to Miller Beck.

If we can prove malachi
had Darius kill Miller Beck,

Henry's off the hook.

I created a list
of all the dariuses

in Colorado and Wyoming,

but I could really use some help
following up on all this.

Darius have any connection
to David ridges?

♪♪ Won't you open up the door? ♪♪

♪♪ It feels like
the first time ♪♪

♪♪ It feels like
the very first time ♪♪

♪♪ it feels like
the first time ♪♪

Can we, uh...

Pull over
so we can put the top up?

What? What's the point
of having a convertible

if you can't feel the wind
in your hair?

Come on.
It'll only take a few seconds.

I'm f-freezing, and these curves
are making me sick.

I think
I'm gonna throw up.

You gonna hand me
another book?

Pull me off
my investigation

to do something
you could have Ruby do?

Ruby's not an investigator,

You are!
Damn right I am!

And I'm trying to find
a guy who shot two men!

But I guess since it didn't
directly affect you,

it's a low priority.

It affected me plenty!

Now, we only got
so many people here.

We need to put our resources
where they can do the most good.

Which you decide.

That's right, branch --
which I decide.

Ridges killed Hector.

That has a direct impact
on Henry's trial.

I would've thought that would've
mattered to you. It does.

But I'm not gonna hunt down
David ridges and kill him,

which seems to be the only plan
you have right now.

I'm going to Denver
for a couple of days --

try and make some sense
of this new Darius information.

I expect you to be here
helping us out, investigating.

Now, you think
you can do that?

Honestly, Walt?

I don't know.

How's your knee?

It's not good,
but I'm gonna live.

I'm gonna go for help.

We're gonna starve
before another car comes by.

You think
the bear's coming back?

I thought we said no guns.
That was your idea.

I don't see anything,

but we can't risk
that thing coming back.

We need to call someone.

W-we can't.
We left our cellphones at home.

Are you serious?

With all that's going on at
work, it would have been harder

for me to relax
if I didn't have all this stuff.

It's fine.

Damn it.
The cellphone's almost dead.

Well, give it to me.
I'm call AAA before it dies.

Eh! There's no signal.

if I go up that hill...

With your knee
and a bear out there?

I saw a mailbox
a couple Miles back.

I'm sure whoever lives there
has a landline.

No, no, no, no. don't go. We'll stay
and charge the phone at the car.

I can get there and back
before we can find a signal.

Take the gun, at least.

You keep it.
I'll be right back.


I hate to bring up
a sore subject, but...

I need to talk to you
about deena.


I am drawing a blank.

Look, I'm -- I'm heading down
to Denver.

We got
some interesting leads --

Darius, malachi,
Miller Beck --

but we still need
to connect them.

So I need to know
everything deena told you

about how Darius approached her
in Denver.

Emotions were a tad high.

I did not get much,

other than the name of the bar
where she met Darius.

I hate to ask you,

but can you get in touch
with her?

I believe that bridge
is fully incinerated.


Let's talk about
Miller Beck.

You said you followed him
before he was murdered.

Yes, and I told him
to get his affairs in order.

Where'd you
follow him to?

To a bar
not far from I-25.

Ronaldo's rec room,
I believe was the name.

You think
I need a reservation?

Perhaps a tetanus shot.


Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hi! Hi! Ah!

No! No! No! No!



Hey, hey! Can you hear me?
It's Sean.

I had to -- I had to climb up
to get a signal.

I can hear you.
There's been an accident.

Nobody's hurt,
but Vic is gone.

Sean. Take a breath,
tell me what happened.

Vic went down the road
to get some help,

and soon after, a car came
from that same direction.

And as it passed,
I could see the driver,

and it was ed gorski.

I'm afraid
he might have kidnapped her.




Hey, it's me.
Who's there?

Hey, sheriff. It's ferg.
What's up?

I need you to run
a license plate --

Victor tango November
1-2-7-6 X-ray.

Not sure of the state --
probably Pennsylvania.

Is it Darius?

The driver is ed gorski.


Ed gorski, as in...

Ferg, just run the plate.

I got reason to believe
gorski abducted someone.



Radio me back
when you know something.



Where's Vic?

If you hurt her,
you're a dead man.

You cowboys.

You think every problem
can be solved with a gunfight.

I'm not gonna tell you
anything about Vic

until you put down your weapon
and turn around.

What'd you do to her?

I didn't do anything
with her,

and I got nothing to do
with any of this.

But I do think
she's in some trouble.

Thanks for this.

If you had
nothing to do with this,

why are you out here?

I've been keeping an eye on her.
You mean stalking her.

The language of most
stalking laws is pretty vague.

I like to think of myself
more as a guardian angel.

Doesn't look like
you're doing a very good job.

So, what happened to Vic?

I don't know.

But I do know
what happened to Sean.

Hey. Thanks for stopping.

So, it's kind of
an emergency.

We got in a car accident,
and then my -- my wife --

You get
a license plate number?

The plate
had been removed.

Where's the last place
you saw Vic?

Heading up a driveway
back that way.

How far that way?

About 2 Miles.

chance Gilbert's place.

So, where you headed?

I don't know, actually.

My husband
wanted it to be a surprise.

Oh, one of those.


I -- so, the phone.

Can I use it?

Only after we feed ya.

It's the least we can do.

Besides, these two
failed to tell you something.

What's that?

We don't have a phone.

They were dishonest.

What did I tell you
about that? Huh?

Technically, I never said
that we had a phone.

Hey, Derek.

don't you lawyer me,

Sorry, sir.

I don't trust
phone companies.

They're all crooks
in cahoots with the NSA.

So I just simply cut
the line.

Snip snip snip.

Yeah, a lot of people
are doing that.

Do you have a cellphone
that I could borrow, then?

Reception sucks.
Dead spots all over.

What did you say
your name was, again?


Mustard or Mayo, Vic?

We're out of Mayo.

Oh, sh--

uh, mustard it is.

Classic yellow.

I'm -- I'm good.
Thank you.

You don't like
a bologna sandwich?

What kind of American doesn't
like a fried-bologna sandwich?

Come on.
It's not that.

It's just,
if you don't have a-a phone,

I should get back
to my husband.

take him a sandwich.

Make one for the road,

You know,
we ate on the way, so...

Thank you,
but I-I should just go.

Are you sure?

You are?
Yeah. I should go.

Thank you so much
for your hospitality.

It's a free country, Vic.

We've been expecting you,
deputy moretti.

I'd feel a lot better if you'd
give me one of my guns back.

I wish I could, but I can tell
you don't trust me.

And I feel like
you wouldn't be able

to resist the temptation
to arrest me

on your trumped-up
stalking charges.

And right now, we can't afford
that distraction.

Vic is in real trouble.
Is she?

Or is this just
another one of your games?

Like sending her husband
a photo of Vic and me.

What makes you think
I sent a picture?

You wrote "32"
on the back.

Vic told me that was a little
secret between the two of you.

Did she describe room 32 to you?

I wasn't interested in anything
but the fact that it proved

you never left Wyoming,
like you were told to.

So, ed, apart from
stalking my deputy,

what else you been up to?

You made
any friends?

I-I found a dentist I liked,
thanks to you.

I wouldn't say
we're friends.

How do you know
chance Gilbert?

The names out here, you just
don't get 'em back east.

So it's just a coincidence
that Vic disappears

in his part of the county
at the same time as you appear?

I'm just looking out for Vic.

I have no idea
who this chance is,

but clearly you do.

He's a survivalist --

end-of-days type.

Like a crazy cult leader?


The guy's smart.

He served as his own attorney
in a murder trial

and got himself acquitted.

I killed his brother
a few years ago in a standoff.

He's angry about it.

Oh, great.

You think he abducted Vic?

I think you did.

Maybe with chance's help.

And this guy, chance --
is he violent?


And what about the other guys,
the ones who took Sean --

who are they?

Some are family.

Some are
like-minded disciples.

Okay, stop.

I didn't have
anything to do with this.

You believe me now?


I didn't think so.

I think I'll be keeping
your sidearm.

So, who's ed gorski?

Come on, ferg.

When Walt mentioned his name,
you knew who he was,

and now he's supposedly
kidnapped Vic?

Who is this guy,
and why is it such a secret?

There was an incident at a motel
awhile ago.

I think gorski is
someone Vic knew in Philly...


And was maybe
having an affair with.

What kind of incident?

He was beaten up
pretty badly.

I didn't know if it was
Vic's husband who did it, or...

I didn't know
what happened.

But gorski never filed
any charges.

Ed gorski was a cop in
Philadelphia, but he got fired.


Right after
Vic showed up here.

how do we find out information

when the subject
won't cooperate?

Check her pockets?

Or maybe it makes more sense
for your mom to do that.


Look at that.

A cop losing her gun.

Shame on you.

What are you doing here,
Victoria moretti?

Walt longmire send you,

I told you
that my husband and I had --

yeah, you and your husband,
you had what?

We had car trouble.

You had car trouble.

We almost ran into a bear.

Right down the road
from my house?!

A grizzly or a black bear?
I want to know.

Look, I don't know who you are
or what you want.

You're such a liar.
You don't believe me?

Now, why should I
believe you?

My husband is out there
right now with our car.

Well, I'm not saying you haven't
thought everything through

and you don't have
a good cover story,

but I'm not buying it.

Gorski looks to have been pulled
into an L.A. investigation.

A cop named Bobby donalato
committed suicide

during the hearing process.

Then gorski and two others
were kicked off the force.

And the whistleblower

that started the whole
investigation process was...

Officer Victoria moretti.

Did you know
about any of this?


Seems like gorski's got

a pretty legitimate ax to grind
with Vic.

If he's got her,
we better find him quick.

This guy hates catalogs.

This guy hates
the government

and everyone
he thinks represents it.

So, where does the sheriff's
department fall in his mind?

Pretty firmly
on his list of enemies.

Maybe you can answer this
for me, Walt.

How does a woman like Vic
end up with someone like Sean?


I mean,
he didn't even put up a fight

when those guys abducted him
on the road.

Probably the smartest thing
in the circumstances.

They were armed --
he wasn't.

I know, but how do you not
get in one punch -- or try?

Not everyone can be a cop.

My point exactly.

There's no way Vic belongs
with someone who isn't a cop.

I just don't get it.

You mean you don't get
why she's not with you.

That's not what I'm saying.

I'm...An acquired taste,
no question.

I get why she needed a break
from me, but Sean?

Mr. milquetoast?

It's just baffling to me.

I don't know.

He probably looked
pretty good

after a couple of months
of you.

Vic and I
were good together.


I heard you were married
and didn't tell her.

Bad timing.

I married the wrong woman,
then I met the right one.

I made the wrong decision. No.

You didn't make a decision
at all.

You tried to have it
both ways.

Well, that's not
gonna be a problem anymore.

I got a divorce.

But Vic got married.


Sure hope Sean makes it
out of this in one piece.

What the hell?

Is that the car
you saw pick Sean up?


Seems like we're probably gonna
have to call in some backup.

It'll mean more
coming from you.


Sheriff, you said
this guy was violent.


And the last thing we need
is another Ruby Ridge.

The only way
we get Vic and Sean out

is if chance doesn't know
we're here.

You a baseball player?

Little league?

Sean?! Oh, my God!

What the hell did they do to you?
Are you okay?

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Oh, bravo!

A couple
of committed thespians.

Sean! Sean!


All right.

So, she's
deputy Victoria moretti,

and you're Sean Keegan.

Different last name.

Hey, Vic, I can't tell you
I know you that well,

but he doesn't seem
like your type.

I think I know your type.

I didn't take his last name,
but we are married.

Just shut your mouth!

I'm not talking to you
any longer.

Hey, Sean, who did you call
before we picked you up, eh?

The feds? State troopers?

Did you call the sheriff,
Walt longmire? You can tell me.

I didn't call anybody.

I thought you said

you and your wife
had some car trouble.

We did.

And you sent her
all the way over here, then,

to borrow a phone?

And you already had one.

That makes no sense.
Come on, Sean.

The phone was dead.
We had to charge it.

I told you
to shut your mouth!

I'm trying to converse with
your undercover colleague here,

officer Keegan.

I'm not a cop.
But you called one.

I didn't call anybody.
All right.

You see,
I'm gonna check your history.

And if it turns out
you've been lying to me,

this is not gonna go well.

I-I don't understand
why people bother

to -- to lock their phones.

The NSA are listening in
on every damn call anyway.

Now, I need you to give me
your pass code, Sean.

I forgot.

Come on.

don't try to be a hero.

The pass code, Sean.

Seriously, when I'm stressed,
I forget things.

I'm stressed, too.

Maybe we should
bring the helmets, huh?

All right?

Thank you.

Last chance.

What the hell
are you doing?!

Shut her up!

All right. Mnh-mnh.

No! No!

I can't concentrate!


Sean! Sean!


You think you're smarter
than me. You're not.

You're not even close.

'Dear Walt,

"it is with great regret
that I write this report

"about the conduct
of my colleague

deputy branch connally..."

Hey, ferg.

The highway patrol found
gorski's car -- abandoned.

And Walt's bronco was nearby,
parked by a wrecked convertible,

but no sign of Walt.

The trooper's
gonna canvass the area,

but he says
it's pretty sparsely populated.

Tell me
where they found the cars.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Quiet! Quiet!



For God's sakes,
stay put!

She must be in there.

They'd never risk
shooting a patrolman

unless they had
something to hide.

You better hope
Vic's alive.

Or that won't be the last man
that goes down today.

Oh. This isn't good.

You clearly have
a concussion.

A concussion is the least
of our problems right now.

Did you not hear
those gunshots?


I heard one...Gunshot.

But, you know,
that could just be one of those

psychotic hillbillies taking
target practice, you know?

Oh, baby.
Oh, you need a doctor.

Sean! Sean!

I'm fine.

No, you're not fine!

But it's okay.

This guy just wants
this pass code, right?


So, uh,
why don't I go...

Negotiate with him --

tell him
I'll give him the pass code

in exchange
for setting you free.



Honey, they didn't blindfold
either one of us.

They have no intention
of...Letting us go.

That stupid pass code
is the only thing

that's keeping us alive
right now.

We have something
they think they need.

If you gave them my cellphone,
would they find anything?

Yeah, I, um...
I called Walt.

What do these guys want?

Why does he keep asking
about Walt?

Because I think this is the guy
that killed his wife.

Walt had his picture
on his wall,

and he came out to question
chance a couple weeks ago,

so he knows that Walt is
honing in on him.

I just...
I walked up the wrong driveway.

I had no idea
he lived here.

But it's okay.

If you called Walt, he will --
he will be here.



Walt. Walt. Walt.

I counted
20 of 'em -- all armed.

But I didn't see
Vic or Sean.

I thought I knew
why chance was overreacting

to Vic's appearance,

but I just got
a second reason.

They got a dead federal agent
in an underground freezer

on the West Side
of the compound.

They killed an FBI agent?

No, he's a census officer --
went missing two years ago.

It was a federal case --
not my jurisdiction.

Chance probably thinks
we're onto him.

Probably thinks that's why

I came to talk to him
two weeks ago.


So, we can't call
for federal backup,

or a lot of people will die,
as you said.

And we can't walk away
if Vic is in there.

So we wait.

After dark,
we go in and find her.



I'm looking for a friend
of mine -- blond lady.

She in there?
She's government.

And I know who you are.
You're the sheriff.

You killed my dad.
Is she in there?

Tell us where she is.

All we want is to get her
out of there safely.

And her husband.

They're on trial.

Chance doesn't like
to deliver a sentence

without due process
being served.

That's the law.

Whose law?


You two have something
to say before the trial begins,

like an opening statement
of some sort?



Um, I'll tell you
what you want to know.

The pass code is 1325.

You'll see
that I called the sheriff,

but he's not looking
for you.

Well, thank you, Sean.

I appreciate it.

Now, why can't you be

more like your fake husband,
here, eh?

No! No! No! No! No!

Listen up, everybody!

The court, in appreciation
of the defendant's cooperation,

hereby pardons
Sean Keegan.

No, but you have to let my wife go, too!
Get him out of here!

No, Sean!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! don't!
Get that away from me!

Get that away from me!

Get him out!
Get him out!

Let my wife go!

He's got a pardon.


The court is in session.

Deputy Victoria moretti,

you are being accused
of the following.

First, as a representative
of the U.S. government,

you are being held accountable
for the murder of my brother,

committed by your superior,
one Walter longmire.

Secondly, you're accused of
trespassing sovereign territory.

Third, by misrepresenting
yourself and your intentions,

you're in violation

of all international
diplomatic statutes.

And finally, espionage.

This is bullshit.

Where is Sean?!

When I defended myself,

I didn't get to put
the U.S. government on trial,

but I fared okay.

Now that you're on trial,

you don't get to question
our legitimacy.

Did Walter longmire
send you here?



Let me rephrase this.

What does Walter longmire
know? Hmm?

H-he knows
that you had his wife killed.

That's why he was out here
a couple of weeks ago?


And he believes I-I killed
this Miller...Miller Beck guy?


Multiple murders
across state line.


Are the "feds" coming?

God, I hope so.

What did you say?

I said, "God, I hope so,"
you crazed nutjob!

Listen, you pious bitch.

Every person in here

has made
a courageous, informed choice

to separate themselves
from a corrupt society

and to live here with their own
wits, skills, and laws.

Yeah, so one can argue
that crazy people

are those
just like yourself,

who blindly follow others.

You see, in here,
we're all united.

But out there,
you're all divided.

So, uh...

Do you have any more names
you want to call me? Huh?

Before the jury
announces the verdict?

Chance! Chance!

Walt longmire's here.

Go. Move.

Did you put a bullet
in him?

No, sir.
He got my gun.

what the hell does he want?

He wants to settle
out of court.


Hey, show yourself!

There are a couple of ways
this thing ends, chance.

Now, you can kill us,

but the feds will
send an army after you.

You may take down
a few of them,

but they'll kill
all of you.

There's another way.

How about I let
all your people go...

You let all mine go?

Everybody goes free...

Except you...And me.

I'll stand in
for all my people's crimes.

You stand in
for all of yours.

What are you proposing,

A duel?!

what Thomas Jefferson said?

"The tree of liberty
must be refreshed

"from time to time...

With the blood
of tyrants."

" Patriots and tyrants .“

what do you say,

I'm thinking.

Give one of your cars
to Vic and Sean.

I'll send them out
with one of my guys here.

My people are safe...

I'll let yours go.

And you and me
can settle this.

Give me your word

that my people can leave
as free men and women.

You got a deal.

Somebody get me
the keys to the granada.

And get Sean.

you can't do this!

It's okay, Vic.

You'll be all right.

Here's the granada keys,

You --
hold it right there.

I'll take those.

Toss him the keys.

Go with him, Vic.

Everybody head out
to our backup position.

You heard me! Get out!

Now! Come on! Move!

I saw your guys
gun down that highway patrolman

in cold blood.


They saw you do the same thing
to my brother.

Did you kill
that federal census agent?

When did you find out?

This afternoon.

That's not why
you came poking around,

a couple of weeks ago?


I wanted to know
if you killed my wife.

Did you?


I don't suppose you'd let me
arrest you quietly?

I've been fighting my whole life
for my right to freedom.

I fled a fascist country

to find my freedom
here in America.

I'm not giving up now,

You see,
I've been fighting too long.

So, how do we do this,
now, eh?


I guess
we count it off.




Stop here.

Goodbye, Vic.

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