Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 6 - Reports of My Death - full transcript

A dead body Longmire discovers on a park bench may be the long-missing heir of a large fortune, and Henry breaks his house arrest to investigate Malachi Strand and Jacob Nighthorse.

It is my fault
Hector is dead.

I am the one who asked him
to help with Miller Beck.

Hector's dead
because David ridges killed him.

So nighthorse lied?

David is alive?

I think nighthorse sent
his former employee

to kill the only man
who could prove you're innocent.

Branch and I tried
to talk to him,

but we didn't get
very far.

Turns out
he's hired malachi strand

as a new head of security.


Malachi did not mention that

when he came in yesterday
and offered to buy my bar.

This whole thing's starting
to feel like a conspiracy.

I just need
to find a way

to get at malachi
and nighthorse.

Figure out
what they have planned.

I know of one guy
who is working for malachi.

When malachi was in prison,
the man was...

Staking out my bar,
saving malachi's seat.

This man tell you
his name?

He comes back,
you call me.

We'll track him down.

You mean
you will track him down.

Ripped by mstoll

Rough night?

I got you coffee and a Danish
if you can stomach it.

Come on, buddy.
Wake up.

Wake up.

He's okay.

He's all right.
A few too many.



What's going on, sheriff?

I just need your help
to get this drunk guy

back to the station
without making a scene.

Let's pick him up.


Uh, he's not drunk.

Of course he's drunk.

Get him back across the street.

One, two, three.

We can't walk him.

This guy's dead.

Just keep it together,


Come on.

Come on, ferg.

Excuse us, ladies.

I got all the weight.

Pick him up.

Lift him up, ferg.

Morning. Morning.

why are we doing this?

Because this dead man is worth
$100 million.

Uh, t-this bum?
Are you serious?

According to his I.D.,
this is welles vanblarcom.

As in vanblarcom mining?

Didn't his mom die
like eight years ago

and leave him a bunch of cash
in her will?


He's been missing
for 30 years.

Most people figured
he was dead, so...


He is.

My God,
I read all about this.

It was all over the news,
even in Philly.

Which is why none of you can say
a word about this.

This is national news.

We need to notify
the vanblarcoms and make an I.D.

Before the press gets
any wind of it.

Are we gonna bring the family
into the station?

No, if they show up here
or at the hospital,

people will start
asking questions.


We take the body to them.


We're carrying him
back down the stairs?

Table for one,
or will malachi be joining you?

Malachi wants his heads.

I'm afraid
that will take some time.

They're attached
with hex bolts.

I need a special wrench
to take them down.

Come back at 5:00.

I'll be here at 2:00.

Have them ready to go.

So, it looks like
welles vanblarcom didn't have

much family.

Just a brother, a sister,
and a nephew.

Their combined net worth was
$500 million.

How does one family even get
that much money?


Grandfather was a miner
who struck it rich.

Family's practically
Wyoming royalty.

That would explain
the castle.

Can I help you?

Sheriff longmire.

I'm here to see
penny and Graham vanblarcom.

Hello, penny.

Hello, Walt.



This is
deputy moretti.


I'm sorry
about all this.

Are you sure
it's him?

Well, we found an I.D.
And his social security card.

Both match
your brother's.

We need you to identify him
before it's official.

I don't know
how much help we'll be.

We were both so young
when welles ran away.

Oh, my God.

I-I suppose it's him.

He looks an awful lot like
the sketch.


What sketch?

Eight years ago,
when our mother died

and left welles' inheritance,
we had this sketch made.

It's a projection of
what welles would've looked like

30 years
after this picture was taken.

We gave copies of the sketch

to different p.I.S
all across the country,

even offered
a huge cash reward,

but, uh, they never showed up
with anything.

It's funny how he was missing
all these years

only to be found dead

a few Miles
from his childhood home.

Maybe he was trying
to come home finally.

Wish he would've come back
a lot sooner.

Would've meant a lot
to our mother.

She never stopped hoping
that he'd come back.

She even set a place for him
for dinner every night.


What is with
all the birds?!

Mom loved them.

She even left money in her will
to maintain them.

She left
all sorts of provisions

for us to keep this place
like a shrine,

but the birds,
they were her pets.

I know she would want welles'
body buried in the family plot.

Would you mind taking his body
to the -- to the mortuary?

Unfortunately, uh...

Who is this?

...when a body's found
on public land,

we're required
to do an autopsy.

I promise
to keep the matter private.

Thank you. How did
you get this number?

It's a reporter asking about
our brother's death.

How'd they find out?

I tweeted it.

Standing bear!
It's 2:00.

I'm a little busy.

The bar sink is broken.
The heads are on the table.

You sure
this is everything?

I don't want
to have to come back.

A sentiment
we both share.

You know,
I never thought of you

as the garden
party type,

but you seemed
real comfortable

with the monopoly twins
back there,

especially penny.

My dad looked after
their stables.

I'd go in sometimes.

Penny would come down
to sketch the horses

while we worked.

Sketch the horses?

Sounds like
she had a crush on you.

What were you like
at 12?

Chatty, I bet, right?

Sheriff, how long ago
did the vanblarcom heir die?

Had he been in Wyoming
this whole time, sheriff?

Sheriff, are you getting any
sort of reward from the family?

No comment.

Nothing. I got nothing.
If you hit conference call --

we tried calling Vic
to warn you.

the phones got overloaded.

Calls from the reporters,

and now the whole system has
shut down.

keep an eye on the door.

So, the missing vanblarcom
heir finally showed up?

Where you been?


Got that transcript
from malachi's parole hearing.

Also talked with my friend

who works
with the county assayer.

He's got maps of all the caves
near where we found Hector.

I figured we'd pick him up,
head over to the caves,

start looking
for ridges.

I got my hands full here.

You go.

As soon as things die down,
I'll join you.

Hey, you know,
I can go with branch

till you can catch up.

I'm fine on my own.

Take her.


"It is a beautiful day

at the red pony
and continual soiree.

No one is able
to come to the phone,

so please leave a message."

Not much of a soiree, Henry.
I'm outside.

The door is locked,
and we had a meeting,

so call me, please.


- Ruby.
- Hmm?

Ferg and I are heading
to durant memorial.

The autopsy shows that welles
died of a drug overdose.

Seems like you've got

quite the crowd out there,

You came by early
to talk.

We're ready to talk.

We found these cameras
this afternoon that were hidden

outside my office
and at the construction site.

We thought
you might like them back.

What makes you think
they belong to me?

Well, seems you've taken
a keen interest

in, uh,
Mr. nighthorse's activities.

See, I have a habit
of getting a warrant

before I plant any
surveillance equipment, so...

There's only one store in town
that sells these cameras.

Last week, a man came in
and bought a whole bunch.

Name on the receipt was,

Branch connally.

I'm gonna need
to talk to your deputy.

He's busy.


You might want
to reevaluate

some of your employees,

You're only as good
as the people you hire.


Get branch
on your cellphone.


Hey. Please.

I told you all to wait
in the foyer.

You haven't told me

Who are you?

Welles vanblarcom,

and reports of my death are
greatly exaggerated.

I'll admit you look
somewhat like this police sketch,

but if I'm gonna believe
you're welles,

I'll need to see
some proof.

My word's not good enough
for you?

Not when the man we found had
two forms of l.D. Saying

he was welles vanblarcom,

I gave those to him.

I got sick
of people trying to find me.

I don't even go by welles

Everyone just calls me


Were you and the dead man

I just met him at a bar
one night in Cleveland.

He looked a little like me.

I thought,
"if I give him my I.D.,

I could disappear
for good."

How do I know
you're not just some imposter

trying to lay claim
to the vanblarcom inheritance?

Because I don't want anything
from them.

Money messes people up.

I just came here because I want
that man's real family

to know he's dead.

Can you give me his name?

But you're a cop.

I'm sure you have ways
of figuring it out.

I do.

But before I start
looking into it,

I need to be sure
that you are who you say.

Now, the fastest way
to prove you're welles is

to do a DNA test.

Not a chance.

I've spent decades
trying to keep myself hidden.

I take a DNA test,
and I got the press all over me.


Let's go see
your brother and sister, then.

They might be able
to identify you.

They're strangers to me,

and I prefer
to keep it that way.

I know my rights.
You can't hold me here.

Maybe not.

But I can
tell those reporters

that you're
the real welles vanblarcom,

and you'll never have
another moment's privacy.

Or we could just take a ride
and talk to your family.

Hypothetical question.

Um, say a client that you
represent was released on bail

and he's not exactly where
he's supposed to be.

Henry bolted,
didn't he?

You need to find him

before the monitoring company
realizes he's gone.

Otherwise, all that bail money
is out the window, okay,

and he's in jail every day
up until the trial.

That -- that can't happen

because he barely made it out
alive last time.

Maybe I should call my dad.

No, no, no.
Bad idea.

Listen, you're protected by
attorney-client privilege, okay,

but anyone else you tell is
required by law to reveal it,

or they could face
jail time.

And you really shouldn't
even be telling me this

unless you're trying to bring me
officially onboard the case.

Can't afford you.

So tell me, where would I find
Henry if he were missing?


Look up.

I'm Penelope.

I guess
I'm your brother.

our family's wealth ,

you can understand
why we might be skeptical.

Perhaps you could answer
a few questions, like...

Where were you born?

In a hospital,
I imagine.

Cut that out.

What was our mom's
full name?


What was my nickname?

Welles was the only one
who called me by it.

How dare you?

You're not our brother.

I'm not your brother.

But I'm telling you the guy
in the morgue isn't, either.


You're not tweeting that.

Hey, man.


where are you going?

Far from here.

Look, all I wanted was
to do right by that poor man.

So if you'll just
excuse me -- look.

Whether you're welles or not,
I got a dead man in the morgue,

and so far,
you're the only person

who knows who he is.

You're staying
till this thing is settled.

Where? In your jail cell?
Are you arresting me?


No, there's, uh, too many
reporters at the station.

I know a place.

It's not a hotel.

There's a couch
you could sleep on.

Just nothing fancy.

that's the last one.

Looks like we're live.

It's fancy.

I didn't know the department
had money for gear like this.

They don't.
I bought them.

Cameras will switch on
if anybody comes through here.

Better find a campsite.

I'm sorry. A campsite?

We're gonna
sleep out here?

Who said anything
about sleep?

You got to sleep

What are you doing out here,

I said
I was fine on my own.

Go back.
Take my truck if you want.

I don't feel very comfortable
leaving you out here

when there's a murderer
on the loose.

Especially one that is
so hell-bent on killing you.

There's some extra gear
in there.

Did the tox screen show

what kind of drug
he overdosed on?

It was an opiate
of some kind,

but it was too pure
to be heroin, so...

...we're running
some further tests.

Excuse me.

So, someone else is
claiming to be you.

I'm not sure
if I believe him,

but says you died
of a drug overdose.

I don't see any track marks
on your arms.

How is it you can disappear
for decades...

And show up
a few Miles from home

right in front
of my station?

Where were you before?

Thought you'd be
working the vanblarcom case.

Hobnobbing with millionaires,

not hanging out
with the homeless.

I'm doing both.

Has the high school donated
any clothes recently?

Yeah, every summer, we get

all their unsold sweatshirts
and jerseys and socks.

You name n.

Thought these looked

I wore the same colors

when I played football
for the team.


You remember giving these socks
to this man?

Yeah, I remember him.

He came in...
A few days ago with his friend.

Which friend?

You mind if I sit,

I want
to ask you some questions

about the man you came
into the shelter with.

Oh, you mean welles?

You two are friends?

Sort of.

Met him in Cleveland
awhile back.

He's a nice guy,
but when you're on the street,

it's really easy

for a guy like him to get hurt,
you know?

So started looking out
for him.

You're a long way
from Cleveland.

What brought you two
out here?

Welles just found out
he came into some money.

Said he'd cut me in on it
if I made the trip with him.

I said okay, but I don't know
how much I believe him.

Guy's kind of schizo.

He ever tell you
anything about his family?


I asked him
about them once, but...

He got real dark,

started screaming some gibberish
about his mom.

Got the feeling something bad
happened between them.

considering his drug habit,

family might've found him
hard to handle.

welles never did drugs.

Hell, that was
part of his problem.

Wouldn't even take
the crazy meds

the, uh,
the shrinks gave him.

Is welles
in some kind of trouble?

You're the second person
to ask me about him.

Who's the first?

Some private investigator
came around two days ago,

asking if I'd seen welles.

Was a -- a big guy.

Have a birthmark
on the side of his face?


Anyway, I told him, uh,
told him I...

I hadn't seen welles
in a few days.

Woke up two mornings ago
and...Was just gone.


Welles is...
Dead, isn't he?

Drug overdose.

Then somebody killed him.

Looks that way.

What, you come here to gloat?

I searched for welles vanblarcom
for years.

He turns up dead
on your doorstep.

When did you first start looking
for welles?

Eight years back.

Family hired me

along with a bunch of other
agencies around the country.

We didn't have much to go on,

Just this sketch showing
what he would've looked like

30 years later.

I was given a different sketch
by the family.

it's not uncommon

to have
a few composites drawn up.

The family probably gave
different sketches

to different investigators.

I looked for welles
for about a year and a half.

Tracked him
all the way to Cleveland,

but then the trail
went cold.

The family was only paying me
for travel and food,

so I didn't make
enough money

and, you know,
had to call it quits.


So, why were you looking for him
two days ago

at the homeless shelter?

Well, you know how it is, Walt.

It's hard to give up
on the cases you don't solve.

I pursued welles for so long,
and then the other day,

I see a guy looks
just like my sketch.

I really thought
I'd seen him.

Apparently, I did.

Mind if I keep this?


And hey, congrats.

I'm just glad to see

a local boy get
that big bonus from the family.

Well, sheriff's department
doesn't get rewards

for doing its job.

Cady, I am sorry
I did not pick up earlier.

Dead battery.

I just charged it
and saw you called.

37 times.
Where are you?

There was something urgent
I needed to take care of.

No, you can't just take off,

When something comes up,
you ask me for help.

You ask my dad.

I am tired of everybody else

doing things for me.

I need to take matters
into my own hands.

A good man is dead now
because of me.

I'm sorry.

I can't imagine
how hard that must be, but...

There are a lot of people here
that care about

what happens to you.

None of us wants
to see you back in prison.

I am sorry.
I will come back now.

See you soon.

You've reached
the longmire residence.

Sorry we're not here
to take your call.

Please leave a message.
Pick up, ferg.

We'll be happy
to call you back.

Pick up.

Sorry, sheriff.
I didn't know it was you.

The caller I.D. Said

I confiscated a phone
from Carter vanblarcom.

How's my house guest?


You find out anything new
about our victim?

Well, I'm not sure

if he's a dead heir
or a dead imposter.

Either way,
it looks like he was murdered.

Really? By who?

I'm having trouble finding
anyone that knew him.

He had one buddy
at the homeless shelter,

and there's
a private investigator

who thinks he saw him.

Other than that,

the only person who seems
to have met the victim is

sleeping in my house.

What if this John guy really is
welles vanblarcom?

I mean, maybe the dead guy tried
to blackmail him --

you know, threaten to expose him
if he didn't pay up.

John could've killed
our victim

and then made up this story
about swapping identities

to cover his tracks.

You're getting the idea.

You're babysitting
a murder suspect.

Keep your eyes open.

On it.



Good morning.
Uh, good evening.

You're here late.

Yep. You know,
the phones are back up.

I wanted to be sure I've got
all these messages written down

before I went home.

Where are all the reporters?

Well, some of them are
probably drinking.

Some are sleeping,

and some are posting
their articles.

if you'd been given this sketch,

would you have known
to follow our victim?

Probably not.

They don't look
all that similar.

What about this one?

That looks
just like him.


Now that the phones are
working again,

would you mind calling
the phone company?

Have them pull the records
on Fred tavish.

That's that private investigator?

Uh, and in the morning,
call durant financial.

I want to take a look
at his bank records.

Okay, Walt.

Hello, deena.

Oh, my God.
I-l can't believe this.

Come in.

Hi, baby.

I tried calling you.

When I didn't hear back,

I thought maybe you were
angry or something.

Deena, just --
just stop for a second.

I do not know
if you heard,

but I spent a little time
in jail.


Henry, what did you --

being there...Gave me
a lot of time to think

about what is really
important to me.

So, deena...

I have a question
for you.


Oh, my God.


Where the hell is
my $40,000?

You're just cruel.

And stealing from me
was not?!

Betraying me again?!

Get out! Now!

You were
the only other person

who had the combination
to my safe.


Are you sleeping with that guy
who just left?

Darius? Oh, please.

You want to hurt me?

Do you want to hit me?

Go ahead!


I would not hit you.

But if you do not tell me
why you did this to me,

I will not be the only one of us
going to prison.

You're hurting me.

Son of a --


I am hurting you?

Forget about the fact
that I cannot afford a lawyer

or that I cannot pay
my own bail!

How do you think I feel knowing
that the woman I love

stole from me?!

That wasn't
part of the deal!

What deal?

I got --
I got into money trouble.

The kind of trouble
that you leave town for.

And I...

I met Darius
at a 9-ball tournament

at backseat billiards,

and he offered to...
Help get me right.

In exchange for a favor?

Not that kind of favor.

He just asked me
to get in contact with you

and just keep tabs
on the business at the red pony,

and that's it.

And he asked you
to steal from me?

Baby, he didn't ask.

I didn't mean
to hurt you, Henry.

He didn't give me
any choice.

There is always a choice,

In this case,
we both just made the wrong one.

Where's my deputy?

Hiding all the knives.

What did you tell him?

That you're
a murder suspect.

This is
a nice life you got.

If I had had this,
I wouldn't have needed to leave.

You still don't
believe me?

You haven't done much
to convince me, so...

I don't really care whether
you believe me or not, Wally.

That's what your dad
used to call you.

Wally. Right?

I remember.

He used to bring you around

when he was working
at the stables.

You're lucky.

Your dad worked.

He worked hard.

You work.

You appreciate the value
of things in your marrow.

I needed
to get away from my life

if I was ever gonna know
that feeling.

You never felt
the urge to come back?

Not even
when your mother was sick?

I tried calling once.

But by that point...

Her cancer was
pretty advanced.

And she was so doped up
on pain killers,

she didn't even know
who I was.


I decided
to stay off the grid.

But you were never really
off the grid, were you?

Took some money
with you.

Well, I'm not stupid.

You recognize this man?

Large amount of money was
deposited in his account

around the same time
he stopped looking for you.

He didn't get that money

from your brother
and your sister.

Did you give it to him?
He found me in Cleveland.

I paid him to leave me alone
and keep quiet.

He definitely knows
what you look like?

I'd say so.


I made breakfast.


No, thanks.
I'll pass.

if you want to head back...

No, it's fine.

I'll wait
till Walt can get here.

You think
I can't be out here on my own?


I said it's okay.

What do you think
I'm gonna do?

I don't know, branch.

Kidnap a guy
and force him to take peyote?

Travis tell you that?

So, you're not gonna
deny it?


Maybe now you understand
why I am not so excited

to leave you
out here alone.

You think
I'm losing it.

But you have no idea
what it's like to know the truth

and not have
anyone believe you.

The only way to prove
that ridges was alive

and that he shot me was
to break a couple of laws.

Travis and I didn't hurt
that guy.

We just used the peyote
he already had on him.

And let's not forget
I was right about ridges.

Oh, come on!

We both work for a man

who doesn't stop
until he has answers.

don't you compare yourself
to Walt!


I forgot you two have
a special relationship.


I'd understand if you felt
you had to tell Walt.

But this isn't about me trying
to save my job.

This is about me trying to find
the man who shot me,

who scalped
and murdered Hector,

and, for all we know,
may be coming back for me.

So you do
what you got to do.

But I'll tell you now --
my conscience is clear.

I got to pee.

Walt longmire
to see penny and Graham.

That's good.

I'll compare these samples
to the body at the morgue.

But the man I brought in earlier
is, uh, refusing

to submit to the tests.

Can't you make him?

I can't force a man to inherit
money he doesn't want.

A Mr. tavish is here
to see you.

What are you doing here?

I got your text.

"Fred, it's penny.
Come right over."

Actually, uh...
That was me.

These things are
pretty handy.

So, uh...

When was the last time
you saw Fred?

Six, seven years ago,
I guess.


you respond pretty fast

to people
you're so out of touch with.

they were good clients.


So, you didn't think
you'd been called here

to receive a bonus?

Even though you already got one
years ago

when you actually found

and he paid you
not to say anything.

You found welles?

See, here's what
I don't understand, Fred.

You knew
what their brother looked like,

so why were you hunting down
this guy?

Now, look, I --

he doesn't even look
anything like

the sketch you were given
eight years ago.

Unless you were working
off this sketch.

How would I have
gotten that?

From penny and Graham.

Well, they just told you

I haven't talked to them
in seven years.

to your phone records,

you've had four calls
from this house

in the past week.

Your drawing skills have
really gotten better, penny.

I didn't know
it was your work at first.

I thought
it looked like a police sketch.

But the perspective was

Almost looked like a --

like an image
from a security camera.

Like the one
at your front gate.

The victim came to this house,
didn't he?

His image was caught
on the camera.

You drew it
and gave it to Fred tavish.

Yes, all -- all right.

I gave Fred the sketch,
but that man was harassing us,

and I hired Fred to find him
and make him stop.

Why didn't you call me?

Is that
what people do?

Well, people that don't have
something to hide.

I don't have anything to --

why would I have
something to hide?

Fred never found
the man.

You were the one
who found him dead.

And you identified him
as your brother,

even though you knew
he was an imposter.

Ever since
our mother passed,

we've been the victims
of con artists.

I just --
if I said he was my brother,

it would put an end to it.

I just wanted it all
over with.

How badly did you want it
to be over?

Enough to hire Fred
to find a man and kill him?

You told us
it was an overdose.

So, how does
an accidental overdose

of a homeless addict become

It's murder when the victim
doesn't take drugs.

When the drugs in the system are
the same given

to cancer patients in pain

and the drug is an opiate,

it can be confused with heroin
in a tox screen.

My wife used it
during her cancer treatment.

I assume your mother used it
during hers.

And seeing as how this, uh,

this place is preserved
like a shrine,

I'll bet I can find it
in her medicine cabinets

when I search the house.

Did you give those drugs to Fred
to kill that man?

I didn't kill anybody!
Fred, just sit down.

Fred, sit down.
Penny called me.

She said some bum came
to their door,

claiming he was welles.

She kicked him to the curb,

but then she realized
that she could use that guy

to get her hands
on welles' money.

So she decided to offer
the homeless man a million bucks

to sign paperwork saying
that he was welles

and forfeiting
his inheritance.

Only problem was
he wouldn't go for it.

The guy was convinced
he really was welles,

and he wanted
all the money.

I thought that was that,

and then she came back in

and jammed the guy
with a needle.

Penny told me I could
still get paid

if I would dump the body
where it could be found.

That way,
she could I.D. Him later

and get welles' money.

So, $50 million wasn't enough
for you, penny?

You think
it was about the money?

It was never
about the money.

Our brother just took off.

Your brother just wanted to be
left alone.

No, he abandoned us.

He turned his back
on our family, on everything.

He knew
how cruel our mother was,

and he left me
to take care of her.

I nursed her.

I gave her her medications.

I took care
of her damn birds.

I gave up my life
for that woman.

And he got all her affection.

He --
he got double the money we did.

Just wasn't fair.

It's not fair
to take your revenge

on an innocent man,


Thank you.
I appreciate your understanding.

No problem.
Take care of yourself.

You're lucky I was here
to stall him for half an hour.

I am also lucky
that I could fit

through the window
in my office.

It is more narrow
than I recall.

Where were you?

You said that you were gonna be
right back.

I need
to talk to your father.

I have good news.

I broke up with deena.

Deena came here?

I also managed to get a picture
of malachi's guy.

Henry, this picture wasn't taken
at the red pony.

No, it was not.


I'm your lawyer,

so you don't get to have
private conversations anymore.

What's going on?

His name is Darius.
He works for malachi.

I found out
he blackmailed my ex-girlfriend

into stealing my money.

He approached her
a couple of months ago

at backseat billiards.

Backseat billiards?

That's in Denver.


Malachi strand has people
working for him in Denver.

Is this the guy
that had mom killed?

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