Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 5 - Wanted Man - full transcript

Walt teams up with Lucian Connally (recurring guest star PETER WELLER) to narrow the field of suspects in the aftermath of his wife's murder. And while the team tries to track down a witness who could help Henry's case, Branch's behavior causes trouble.

Character is fate.

The philosopher heraclitus
said that.

I think he meant,

man makes his destiny through
his choices and his values.

Be careful, Walt!

I'll try, Martha.

I'll try.

So, as the arresting officer
of July 27, 2010,

is it your opinion
malachi strand

should be granted
early parole?

My opinion is that
as the tribal police chief,

malachi strand was in fact
the most dangerous criminal

on the entire
Cheyenne reservation.

Where are those federal agents
the b.I.A. Promised?

I got tired
of waiting for 'em.

So you're going to arrest
malachi in his own station

without any back-up?

Not entirely
without back-up.

Mr. strand has expressed remorse
for his record.

As a matter of fact,

he has convinced
a number of people here

of his rehabilitation and
fitness for reentering society.

I don't doubt that.

Malachi can be
very convincing.

Well, if it isn't
the long face of the law

and his little sidekick...
Deputy Hank.

This is
a federally issued warrant

to arrest you
on extortion charges.

Henry and I are here
to serve it.

You two should probably set
your weapons down now.

You really think I'd walk
in here to arrest you

without federal back-up?

You're bluffing.

Am I?

We understand who
malachi strand used to be.

What we're trying to determine
is, who is he now?

How's he changed?

A few weeks ago,
malachi tried to extort me

into giving
favorable testimony

by threatening the life
of my friend.

If malachi is released,

his abuse and corruption
will only continue.

Malachi's character
has not changed.

And jail is the only proper fate
for a man like him.

Ripped by mstoll

Ruby, as soon as
there's a ruling

on the parole hearing,
I want to hear it.

Whose parole hearing?

Malachi strand.

Ruby, how many vacation days
do I have?

All of them.

Vacation days?
I'm taking the day off.

As far as I can tell,
the best way to clear Henry

is to find the person that
actually killed Miller Beck.

Since when is finding a murderer
not police business?

It's not our police business.
It's Denver's.

I don't think our taxpayers
should be paying for me

to pursue a personal matter.

So you think
one of these guys

is behind
your wife's murder?

I think they had motivation,

maybe even opportunity.

Malachi was in prison
when the murders happened,

but, uh...Not this guy
or this guy...

...or this guy.

Now I need to figure out
where these three were,

so you're in charge.

I'm sorry.
In charge of who?

You told branch
to take time off

and ferg's at
that certification course.

Well, I got my radio
if you need me.

Things have been pretty quiet
around here, so...

Walt, newt Cunningham called.

Apparently, someone stole one
of his Rhode Island red hens.

Well, I stand corrected.

I told you I don't know
anyone named David ridges.

My friend tom and I know
that you're a white warrior.

Just like ridges.

My name is Sam poteet.
I work in a hardware store.

I never even heard
of a white warrior.

Then why did my friend tom here
see you all painted up

with your buddies,
dancing around ridges' ashes?


Why are you even looking
for this ridges guy

if he's not alive?

Let's call one
of your white warrior friends

so he can explain it
to you.

I know of
the bow string warriors

and the kit fox warriors.

And the golden state

I don't know
any white warriors.

Where's ridges?!

I don't know!
Like hell you don't.

Hey, if he knew anything,
he would have told you by now.

Hand me my thermos!


What are you doing here?

Taking that vacation
you suggested.

So, did you get through
all the discovery yet?

Let us discuss this
in my office...

So we can speak in private.

Basically, their entire case

hinges on Miller Beck's teeth
being in Henry's possession.

But if we find Hector,

he can testify how Henry
actually got the teeth.

So I think we need to get
Hector's face out there,

put up some "wanted" fliers.

If we want people
to talk about Hector,

we need to offer a reward.

With whose money?


We still have all the money
donated for Henry's bail fund.

And my bail has been paid for,

so that money
should be returned.

Henry, these people
want to help you.

That doesn't just stop
because you're out on bail.

Plus, Omar and Ruby have
already offered to pitch in.

I still have some money
set aside from the cabin.

I did not ask to be
the object of charity.

I didn't ask you to keep
self-incriminating evidence.

But here we are.

So...What do you propose?

We pull together a reward
for locating Hector.

Now, it doesn't hurt
to get people talking.

While you two look for Hector,
I'm gonna track down some men

that may have actually killed
Miller Beck.

If we go with my theory

that Martha's death
wasn't a random mugging...

...that would mean

someone actually paid
Miller Beck to kill her.

And then killed Miller Beck
to cover any tracks.

Who are they?

Murderers, drug dealers,

and sociopaths I've arrested,

each one a little smarter
and more ruthless than the next.

Every one of those three men
was out of prison

at the time
of your mom's murder.

And I'm gonna pay
each of them a visit,

see if they have connections
to Denver or Miller Beck.

Wait. You mean
you're going alone?

Well, if something happens
to me,

we know who
our chief suspects are.

What are we doing?

What, you scared?

You could have bailed out
at any time.

Man, I-I didn't even know
what you were doing.

When you grabbed that guy,
for all I knew,

a bunch of Cheyenne drug dealers
were gonna come after us

with Uzis
a-and tomahawks.

And then I realized
you were taking him hostage.

I just wanted to make sure

that, you know, you didn't
screw up your entire life.

By what?

Killing him?

How crazy you think I am?

Look. I'm not gonna
screw up my life.

I thought the same thing

when I pulled
that gun on you.

Now look at me.

That's the thing.

Guys like you get caught.

Guys like me don't.

Let me out!
Let me out!

It tastes like...Purple in here.

What the hell
did you give him?

Peyote tea.

He'll still be hallucinating
by the time they find him.

So no one will believe
a damn thing he says.

Walk him up.

Are we -- are we just gonna
leave him out here alone?

I'm sure the spirits
will take good care of him.

O kay.

Calm down.
I got you.

They say...

They cracked you open
for real this time.

Now you can let
all that dark stuff out.

You're violating
the castle doctrine, sheriff.

Castle doctrine doesn't apply
if I'm in your yard, chance.

You just passed
through my front door

and you entered my home's
zoned perimeter,

which means we are both standing
within my domicile

and I'm legally entitled
to stand my ground.

Isn't that right, sheriff?

Unless you got a warrant.

I'm just here to talk.

You have a gun?

Then I feel threatened.

This isn't necessary.

The last time
you came around,

you shot and killed
my baby brother,

tried to put me away
for murder, right?

I'm sanctioned
by the constitution

to put a bullet
in your head.

I'll just step outside.

You knew a man
named Miller Beck.

I'm under
no legal obligation

to answer any
of your questions, sheriff.

How about this car?

Expired Colorado plates.
Is this yours?

Is that a threat
to dispossess me of my property?

So it is yours.

Wrong again.

Then you can't claim defense
of property if I take this.

That's the letter
of the law.

He's gonna be
in everyone's sights now.

I printed out
about 100 of these.

And newt Cunningham called again
about his missing hen.

Ah, yes. The case
of the missing chicken.

Where's Walt?

Taking a little r&r.
I'm in charge.

I need someone help.

Someone on the rez found
a Cheyenne man named Sam poteet

tripping on peyote
in their backyard.


Sam claims he was abducted
and drugged

by a couple bleach boys.

White guys.

Do these bleach boys
got names?

Tom and Jerry.

I know.

I called the hardware store
Sam poteet works.

Turns out this is
the fourth shift he's missed

in the last two months.

So he's making up a story
about a kidnapping

to avoid getting fired?

or he's just tripping.

Either way,
I still got to follow up.


Well, we got a binder...

With mugshots in it...

...that you can borrow.

Well, when this guy
sobers up a little,

I'll have him take a look.

Ruby, I need you to run
a Colorado license plate number.

Baker, Charlie, Baker,
32, Charlie.


And, uh, any word back on
malachi's parole hearing yet?

Not yet.

What do you want?

A favor.

I'm busy.

It's dangerous.

You might get shot.

I'm listening.

They keep pouring in.

I asked Ruby to send
all the reward-seekers here

so that if they actually
have seen Hector,

you can help me
question them.

And if they haven't,
they might still be thirsty.

I have lucked
into a brilliant attorney.

How are
the interviews going?

We might actually
have something. Come here.

Can you tell Henry
what you told me?


So, I was hiking up
near summer pass by the caves.

I heard this rustling

and I figured it was just
some animal.

But it was
this Indian guy.

And it looked like
he might have had a gun.

Can you give us
a physical description?

Uh, he's pretty skinny,

about medium height,
looked like he had long hair.

Uh, that's not Hector?

No, that is nearly
his opposite.




Whoa, that's good.

All right.

Hold that.

Who is it?


I didn't order no pizza.

I did.
Let me handle it.

No, not again.

Come on, Jamie.

This is creeley dorn.

I put him away for
manufacturing crystal meth

seven years ago.

He's been out
for a while now.

You know
where I can find him?

Uh, I have no idea.

Y-you know, I don't deal
with the hard stuff.

So, um,
knowing any meth guys

would be
categorically impossible.

Jamie, I'm not trying
to tie you to anything.

Walt, why you trying
to pussyfoot around it?

This is your snitch boy.
Get to snitching.


Uh, but -- but I need you both
to recognize,

if I do know
where this guy is,

it's only because
I delivered pizzas to him,

w-which is what I do
for a living.

Okay. I might know
where to find him.

But he doesn't really
look like this anymore.

I am off to investigate
a stolen chicken.

If I don't make it back,
tell my husband that I love him.

Looks like my kidnap victim
is doubling down on his story.

He I.D.'D
one of his abductors.

Which one?

This guy.


Better get some info on him
and go have a talk.

No, I know this jackass.

I'll handle it for you.


What the hell they making?
Christmas cookies?

I don't know,
but I don't like the look of it.

I'm looking
for creeley dorn.

You know him?

You recognize his face?

Rome is burning!

Dónde está?

Rome is burning.

What's that?
Some kind of code?

Or an alarm.
Check that corner.

Hey, Walt,
it's a damn security camera.

Creeley's not in here!



Come on, creeley.

You got a key?

You got a warrant?


Have a seat.

Possession with intent
to distribute, Walt.

We got him dead to rights.

Looks like prison didn't
do you much good, creeley.

Actually, prison was just
the break I needed.

Big leagues at last.

You know I was the best
damn cook in that joint?

We're all proud of you.

What are you cooking these days?

Not a damn thing.

dangerous business.

I moved myself
up to management.

So what are they cooking?
More gutter meth?

Meth's old news.

That's cheese heroin.

You never even heard of it,
have you?

Heroin, sleeping pills,
a little strawberry flavoring.

The after-school set
loves it.

Yeah, my little cheese bags
are blowing up everywhere.

You still have delusions
of grandeur.


Drive out to salt lake
or Denver.

Tell me what you find.

Let's start with Denver.

You know this man?

Miller Beck?


I don't fraternize
with customers.

How'd you know
he was a customer?

looks like the type.

What'd he do?

He died.

I'm trying to find out
who killed him.

What, you think I did it?

I think you're capable.

The two witnesses
who testified against you

both showed up dead two weeks
after you were released.

Come on, sheriff.

Lex o.D.'D and p-magnet,
he -- he died in a car crash.

At least,
that's what I hear.

Besides, you're the one
who arrested me.

Wouldn't that put you
at the top of my bucket list?

Maybe I was.

Maybe you sent Miller Beck
to kill my wife instead of me.

Come on.

Stand up.

What happened?
Is there trouble?

I just need to speak
with Travis.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
Travis is sleeping.

Ma'am, this is official
police business.

And this is
mothering business.

And you're doing
an awesome job.

He needs his rest!


Morning, sunshine.

So, which one are you?
Tom or Jerry?


don't you lay a hand
on my son.

Would you please
close the door?

Now, what's going on?

Did you really abduct
a Cheyenne man

and force him
to take peyote?

'Cause there's a man
named Sam poteet

who identified you
from your mugshot.

Wait, wait.

You're saying that --
that some Indian guy

got high on peyote and picked
my mugshot out at random?

That -- that's why
you're busting in here?

Can you tell me
where you were?


Did she hurt you?

What are you doing?!

When a uniformed officer
breaks into my house

to harass my undressed child,
I document it.

Ma'am, this
is totally unnecessary.

Identify your badge number.
Can you just --

I captured that.
I got it.

Okay. Stop.

Maybe, uh, maybe the two of us
can go down to the station

and just talk about this.

Would you two
just give me a second, please,

to get dressed, or do you
want to film that, too?

I will not apologize
for protecting my child.

So, you're saying
that you saw Hector

steal how many pineapples?

Approximately four.

Arnie, you should be
ashamed of yourself.

Selling out Hector to these
people for a little bit of cash!

Miss Chapman, I just --
leave! Leave!

Can I help you?

Yes, you can.
Stop the search.

Hector is a good man.

Who are you to put his face
on a "wanted" poster?

What do you even know
about him?

I know that he beats people up
for money.

Because sometimes

that's the only way
justice can be served.

Vigilantism isn't justice.

Sometimes on the rez,
that's all you get.

Do you remember,
standing bear,

when that young Cheyenne woman
was raped by those two men?

I remember.

But I'll bet you don't.

This young woman went to the
police chief, malachi strand,

to report the rape.

But everyone knows
that malachi

only investigates crimes
if you pay him.

So the young woman dug up
every penny she could find.

Malachi took the money
and found the two men.

Do you remember
what happened next?



That's right.

Because the two rapists
paid malachi even more money

to drop the charges.

That was it.

Until Hector
found out about it.

And he tracked those
two rapists down

and he beat them

Then he dragged them
to that young woman's house

so she could know
that justice could be done

even on the rez.

I had no idea.

The rez needs Hector.

don't take him from us.

Adele, we do not want
to put Hector in jail.

I know back then

he was the only one
willing to help you.

Right now, he might be
the only one who can help me.

I thought Martha
died of cancer, Walt.

You never told me
she was murdered.

So you think
this here Miller Beck

you've been talking about
from Denver,

this here junkie scum
killed her?


Now Denver's saying

that Henry killed Miller Beck
in revenge?


So, what really happened?

Well, I think someone
with a grudge against me...

...paid Miller Beck
to murder Martha

and killed Miller Beck

after I started
getting too close.

And you think one of these
here jokers is behind it all?

Well, that's the theory.

Creeley dorn,
his drug distribution

stretches all the way
to Denver.

Chance Gilbert, he still has
his younger brother's car,

which is registered
in Colorado.

What do you think?

I think that...

I am sorry for your loss,

I never said that to you
and I should have.

Martha was...


I made a pass at her once.

She told me it was twice.


I believe I was
a bit inebriated.

I do miss
our Christmas potlucks.


So, who's next?

Stanley keene.

Stanley keene.

Wasn't expecting
to see you here.

Thought I'd finish up
some paperwork

so I can hit the ground
running tomorrow.

I'm been doing fine,
by the way.

Thanks for visiting me
in the hospital.

I don't do hospitals,

just like you don't do
old folks' homes.

Where you taking me?

Back to the big leagues.

Is that your chicken thief?

A Cheyenne guy claims

two white dudes kidnapped him
and forced him to take peyote.

Our friend Travis here
was l.D.'D by him.

What's going on?

I mean,
defaulting on your home,

that's one thing,
but kidnapping?

When did this happen?

Last night.

then it can't be Travis

'cause he was hanging out
with me.

He pulled a gun on you
last year.


And we got drinks
at the red pony last night

to bury the hatchet.

I had a few too many,
Travis drove me home.

Bigger fish, Walt.

Why didn't you just tell me
this in the first place?

I just wanted to get us
out of that house.

Can you blame me?

So did he resist arrest?


Not this time.

Then I guess that's it.

I'm on my way out,
and I owe Travis a ride.

Want me to call mathias,

tell him that his suspect
has an alibi?

No, I can do it.

Easy enough.

Let's go.

It's so good
to see you again, Walt.

Stanley, I wanted to ask

if you knew this man...
Miller Beck.

Doesn't ring a bell.

So, this is business,

I thought maybe you might
want to talk about Martha.

What about her?

I heard she was killed.
Why didn't you tell me?

How did you know
about my wife's murder?

I'm in jail, Walt.

Not on some other planet.

I'm profoundly sorry.

I know the pain
you must be in.

I was so heartbroken
when Rebecca passed.

It's an unbearable thing
to lose a soul mate.

Rebecca pound
was not your soul mate.

She was a woman
you stalked and assaulted.

And I did my time
for that.

And finally,
the moment I'm released,

who's there to meet me
at the gate?

Not her. You.

With a restraining order?

Telling me I can never
go near her again?

Never see her again?

But you were wrong
about that one, Walt.

There's no denying
true love.

You tracked Rebecca down
to laramie, murdered her,

and spread her body parts
across four different counties.

Because you gave me
no choice.

You made Rebecca believe

that our love
was this filthy thing.

Rebecca would have been
so happy with me!

We'd be together now
if it weren't for you!

If it weren't for you!

If it weren't for you!

Any luck finding Hector?

According to today's
eyewitness accounts,

we should be able
to locate Hector

in three different

one stolen dune buggy...

And a produce dumpster
at the piggly wiggly.

Well, I will take that to Walt

and see if there's something
he can use.

Henry, can I ask you something?

Branch come here
with this guy last night?

He did.

They close
the place down?

No, I believe
they had one drink apiece

and left by 7:00-ish.


Did you ever feel you created
more evil than you stopped?

Well, I always figured
it was a neck-and-neck race.

You let your highest self rule
and your truest self grieve,

and the world
will still strip away

all you ever hoped
to achieve.

If you do the job right,

by the time you put down
your sheriff's badge,

you're a wanted man.

I always figured that I'd die
by violence and die alone.

That's the price we pay
for our ideals.

And I made my peace
with that.

What I didn't
make my peace with

everyone around me
paying for those ideals.

You Wyoming people
and your unlocked doors.

What the hell
are you doing?

Why didn't you just tell me

right off the bat
that you were with branch?

I-I don't know.

'Cause I was hungover
and naked and then my mom --

I just, I needed a little room
to breathe.

That's all.

Besides, going down
to the station meant

you and I could spend
a little more time together.

It must have been
some hangover.

Just how drunk were you
when you drove branch home?

You can't arrest me for dui
after the fact.

Can you?


I was just curious
how many cocktails

a couple of real cowboys
can throw back in one night.

Double digits?

Let's just say it was
a long fade to black.

That's interesting,

Because your bar tab
at the red pony says

you each had one drink and
you left at a quarter to 7:00.

Which means
that your alibi is shit.

What are you doing?

I'm taking you in
on kidnapping charges.

Damn it.
He was right.

Guys like me get caught
and guys like him don't.

Who was right?


I didn't even know
what was going on at first.

And then I just went along

to make sure that branch
didn't kill that guy.

I've known branch
since we were kids

and he's a connally
so he's always had a temper,

but I had no idea.

No idea what?

That he was psycho.

And now he's got a gun
and a badge.

I mean, you got to do something
to stop him, right?

Missed me, didn't you?

Everything ached.

Any luck narrowing down
the suspect pool?

Not really.
All three guys we talked to

seemed more suspicious
than before.

I'm running some
background checks right now.

Meantime, I'm catching up

on these, uh, reportings
of Hector sightings.

Something else?

What should I have done
in Philly?

About what?

Bobby donolato, the dirty cop
that I turned in.

Should I have
just kept quiet?

Has there been another incident
with ed gorski?

No. No.


Just look
at all that's happened

since I turned Bobby in.

The I.A. Investigation,
Bobby's own suicide,

Sean and I having to move,
gorski stalking me --

none of it
would have happened

if I'd just
kept my mouth shut.

Maybe not.

Or maybe you just stopped
a bad situation getting worse.

Doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter --
why not?

I don't think
you had a choice.

Looking the other way
and keeping quiet,

that's not who you are.

Did you check
on that chicken?

Uh, no.
The chicken, mnh-mnh.

It was stolen from
newt Cunningham's farm, right?

is the wrong word.

Um, whoever took the chicken
left behind 20 bucks,

which is pretty much
blue book value.

Sounds like Hector.

So you think Hector took the
chicken and left behind money?

It'd be in his character.
He's always followed a code.

Cady told me that,
uh, a woman came in

begging her
to stop the search.

Adele Chapman.

She lives here.

Why mark her house?

Who comes in and asks you to
stop looking for a wanted man?

Someone who knows where he is.

And both these locations

are close to the caves
at summer pass,

where that hiker claimed
he saw an Indian.

Well, yeah, but
the hiker's description

didn't sound anything
like Hector.

Long hair, thin build,
medium height.

You know who this is,

It's David ridges.

You admitted it yourself,

There's a chance
he could still be alive.

I don't think it's Hector
hiding up there.

I think it's ridges.

There's only one way
to find out.

Such a fine feeling
being free.

Ain't that right, Hank?

Sort of a blessing.

You just come and go
as you please.

Well, some of us, anyway.

What do you imagine
you are doing?

To sweet freedom.


Thanks for holding my seat.

The brotherhood, Hank.

It wears many faces.

You have not even served
half of your sentence.

How can you be
out on parole?

I guess the word
of Walter longmire

doesn't hold the same sway
that it used to.

Funny how things
work out.

I'm free,
you're going back inside.

Times be a-changing.

Why, Hank.

Why in the world

would you put this noble
specimen up for sale?

It's not because
of money troubles, I hope.

Now that I think of it,

you're gonna have to
sell this place

before you go back inside.

You know,
maybe it'd be better

if you keep it with
your people, your brothers.

We are not brothers.

Oh, lighten up, Hank.

We'll talk about it
when the time comes.

In the meantime,
I'll go ahead

and take these stuffed critters
off your hands.

This ought to add some color
to my study.

I'll have the boys come by
and pick up the rest later.

I'm not
getting shot again.

I need Hector alive.

What if it's not Hector?

Then I need
David ridges alive.

Walt, blood.


You're too late, law man.

What the hell happened
to his head?

He's been scalped.

I was outside the cave
when he shot me.

One in the chest,
two in the legs.

I dragged myself back
in here.

But the snake
followed me in.

Who's the snake?

Was it him?


That is the snake who killed me.

Why would David ridges
come after you?

I don't know.

Doesn't matter.

If it wasn't him,
it'd be someone else.

It was always going to end
like this.

I always wanted to die
as a warrior, law man,

under the big sky,
on my people's land.

Not in some cave
like an animal.

This is between me
and my ancestors now.

Ripped by mstoll