Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 4 - In the Pines - full transcript

After a wilderness leadership trip takes a dark turn, Walt and the team must track down a killer and missing teenaged campers. Branch, meanwhile, continues his unsanctioned pursuit of his shooter.

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Call the cops!

Excuse me.

We got to get going.

What the hell
happened here?

This kid's name
is Marshall jeffords.

He's part of a bighorn horizons group.
A what?

Wilderness leadership,
uh, courses for young people.

You mean one of those "ropes
and trust falls" kind of deals?

It's more than that.

It changed my life.

Anyway, Marshall found
their group leader,

Adam Kaufman, dead.

He's at their campsite,
about two Miles in.

You call bighorn horizons? Yeah.

The only good signal
is over by the trail map.

They're en route.

That's branch's truck.
Did he go on ahead?

I didn't see him.

this is the sheriff.

I'm sheriff longmire.

You think you could
show us the way?

You mean I gotta go
back up there?

Been here two weeks.

Last night was solo night.

We all had to be out here
completely alone.

Not supposed to come back
to camp till 24 hours is up.

It's intense, right?

So, what made you
come back early?

I didn't.

Time was up by my count.

Others should be back
by now.

They told me
I was gettin' away

from seeing dudes
get whacked.

This how you found him?

W-when I found him,

he -- he didn't have that pen
sticking out of his neck.

You did
an emergency tracheotomy?

Man, they showed us how to do
that back at the office

before we even got up here.

I figured he -- he passed out,

hit his head on a rock
or something.

I even did mouth to mouth

and, uh, t-t-t-that
heimlich maneuver.

I mean, we 100 Miles
from nowhere.

I had to try somethin'.

There's nothing
you could have done, Marshall.

He was already dead.

Suffocated...After he got hit
on the head.


Ma'am. Ma'am.


Still trying to figure out
what happened here.

We need your help.

I understand your company
put these trips together.

Uh, yes.

Now, we can't seem to locate
the last six students.

I need to talk to them.

Marshall says
they're soloing.

Any idea where?

They're supposed to stay
within whistling distance.

Yeah, they should, uh,
they should whistle back.

Well, that's one.

You know this area well?

I used to lead these trips.

Work with deputies moretti
and ferguson.

See if you can find
the others.

I'll take Marshall
back to the station.

you ready to go?

Hell yeah.

Ruby, this is Marshall.

He could probably use
something to eat.

What I really need
is a nap.

I ain't slept in a week.

Well, there's a cot right
around there, to your right.


Have you heard
from branch?

No. I assumed
he was with you.

If he calls in,

I need to talk to him
right away.

Should I be worried?

Is there a problem?

I'm not laying there.
That's a jail, man.

Not if I leave the door open.

Come in.

Sean, uh, Vic's not here
at the moment.

Um...You really shouldn't
use that door.

It's -- it's private.

I know,
but this is private.

How so?

I understand if I want

to get a restraining order
against someone,

I need to talk to you.

Who do you need
a restraining order for?

You know,
I'm not sure yet.

That was in my mailbox
this morning.

Not gonna say anything?

Oh, that's right.
You're not much of a talker.

It's a couple
of weeks back.

We were in Arizona,
on a case.

I assume Vic told you
about that.

She told me about it.

I just wanted to see
how you'd react

when you saw the picture.

Little tactic I learned
from my wife.

Huh. What'd Vic say
about the photo?

Did she know
what that means?

I-I-I haven't talked to her
about it yet.

Just lead to an argument.

She'd probably think
I had someone following her.

Did you?


Who do you think
took the photo?

Ed gorski.

I gather
you know about gorski,

so you can understand,

why I'd be
a little sensitive

about Vic's relationships
with her superior officers.


You don't have anything
to worry about from me.

Okay. Great.

So I guess the restraining
order's just for gorski then.


Oh, my God.

Two of the bighorn
horizons students

came back in to camp.

Ferg and the Taylors are out
looking for the other two.


Something wrong?

Uh, no. No. No.

Just, uh...Just worried
about those missing kids.


Sheriff's department!

What the -- oh, my God! What?

Oh, no.

This kind of thing
never happened on my trip.

How well
did you know Adam?

He thought he was
the great santini.

He was always like, "out here,
you will find your edges,

and those edges will carve out
who you really are."

Some of us could handle that.
Some of us couldn't.

Like who?


Who's Wolverine?

He's not on my list
of students.

His real name is trey Campbell,

but e-everyone called him


He was always talking
about comic books

and -- and horror movies
and playing with his knife.

And he's always
fantasizing about death --

who might be attacked
by a bear first,

what it would feel like to have
your entrails ripped out.

How'd Wolverine get on
with your group leader?

That boy was not
equipped for bighorn horizons,

and Adam --

he didn't have much patience
for him.

Two days ago, Wolverine
just refused to go on.

He sat down on the ground
in protest,

and Adam was like, "fine."

And he just left him there.

And he hasn't
been seen since?

You guys think this Wolverine
guy is capable of killing Adam?

Sheriff's office.
This is Ruby.

Walt, ferg.

I thought I saw him.

Deputy ferguson left word.

He said he found
another campsite,

but he wasn't down
at the trailhead.

He went back out.

See, he marked the way
to the campsite for you.

We'll call as soon
as we're in range.

So, this is gonna
sound weird,

but...You seem
quiet...Er today.

Sean came by.

Sean came by today.

'Cause someone sent him
a photograph of you and me

checking into a motel

on the way back
from Arizona.

Did he freak out
at you?

He's worried about you,
and so am l.

still following you.

There was a "32" on the back
of the picture.

That mean anything
to you?


Vic, you said gorski
had dropped the charges

and left town.

I thought he did.
Maybe I was wrong.

What exactly did he say
to you?

You know...Right now, I think
we got bigger problems.

Look at this.

Help! Over here!

Over here!

I found the girl!

Is she alive?!
I don't know!

This way.

She's down here.

She's right there.

Hey, I don't see
any harness up here,

but I think there may be one
at the main campsite.

Just see if you can find me
that carabiner.

Aren't you worried
about rope burns?


I don't see one anywhere.



Need some slack, ferg!

Is she dead?

She's breathing!

How are we gonna get her up
from down there?

One of you two,
throw down your cuffs.

Grab hold of the rope!

I got it.


Doc says the girl
has a punctured lung

and a pretty bad

They're not gonna know anything
more for a while,

so you should go home.

Are you sure?
I can stay.

Ferg will let me know
when she wakes up.

I -- I feel
like you and Sean

could use a couple hours
together, so...

Right. There is that.

Let me know if you need me.

I won't need you.

Oh, I'm, uh,
not gonna be finished

with Adam Kaufman's autopsy
for another 24 hours at least.

Actually, I'm here 'cause
I, uh, I just brought in

one of the students from
the bighorn horizons trip.

She's in
pretty bad shape.

It's the same assailant
as Kaufman?

Ask me again
after she wakes up.

She might be able to I.D.
Someone for us.

Oh, by the way,

I should also have the results
from the DNA test

by the end of the day.

What DNA test?

Well, deputy connally
brought in some hair samples

and a bag of ash, wanting
to know if they matched.

I assumed
it was sheriff's business.


Oh. Well.

Sheriff's been wondering
where you are.

Well, he can stop wondering.
I'm here.

What's with
the slumber party?

Long story.

Sheriff's office.
This is Ruby.

Yeah, hi, there, Ruby.

This is Dave
from securecounty monitoring.

Uh, we're showing
some unusual activity

from a parolee in your county.

Has he gone outside
of his parole perimeter?

Yeah, he has.

And who's the parolee?

A guy named...Standing bear.

Henry standing bear?

Yeah, Henry.

So, can you send someone out
to check on him,

or should we send a car over?

If there's a problem with Henry,
I can go check on him.

We can send a deputy over
right away.

It was the middle
of the night.

I was almost asleep,
and then I heard footsteps.

I thought maybe it was a bear,
but then I heard a voice.

He just kept whispering my name,
over and over.

Did you recognize
who it was?

Well, he kept putting on
a creepy movie-villain voice,

so I was pretty sure
it was Wolverine.

I thought he was going
to rape me...

So I just got up and ran.

I forgot how close I was
to the edge, and I fell off.

Why did you think
he was going to rape you?

He was always staring at me,

making inappropriate
sexual remarks.

One time, I caught him
going through my bag.

He said I was stealing
his underwear,

but I think he was stealing mine.

Did your leader know about
your issues with Wolverine?

Oh, Adam insists

that we work out our problems
amongst ourselves.

Are you
a little afraid of Adam?

I know everybody else
kind of is,

but I think Adam's
really a big softie.

Will you tell Adam
that I didn't quit,

I didn't give up?

Need a ride?

Just out for a stroll.

Not supposed to be
taking strolls, Henry.

People put up money
to post your bail.

Wouldn't be good
to jeopardize that.

Do not worry.

When the red light goes off,
I step back.

But do you realize every time
that red light goes off,

alarms ring and the monitoring
company calls our office

you're skipping bail?

Get in.

For 300 years,

we have been confined to smaller
and smaller pieces of land,

and now I am confined
to a reservation

with a radius
of one mile.

Well, at least
you can walk a mile

without getting dizzy
and needing to sit down.


I forgot...

I am not the only one
to have had a bad month.

How are you?

Good as can be expected

after getting shot
by a time-traveling warrior.

Are you making fun
of me?

I'm dead serious.

So, Henry...

Where do people
get peyote around here?

Are you planning
to go back in time

to interrogate
your attacker?

Branch, peyote
does not help with pain.

I'm not asking for me.

It's for a case.

Well, most peyote dealers
are licensed.

You cannot arrest them.

I'm interested
in the customers.

Most of whom
are spiritual men.

I have no interest
in creating trouble for them.

Henry, you owe me.

I owe you?

For what?

For putting up 100k
for your bail.

Officer moretti responding to
a possible domestic disturbance.

Roger. Requesting backup?

Did I say that? No.

Philadelphia p.D.

Open your mouth.


Is that jaeger?

You're shaking.

Because I could have
shot you.

You know
I'm gonna have to file

an official complaint,


Detective gorski,
I would like to file

an official complaint...
Against this zipper.

Wow. You're really serious.


- Good morning, Walt.
- Ruby.

Charlie Taylor came in
about 20 minutes ago

with, uh, Mrs. mcgill.

It's Wolverine's mother.

I put her in your office.


So, that gentleman said that
there had been a fatal accident,

that, uh, that -- that trey's
group leader was dead

and that trey
is still missing?

Yes, ma'am.

So, what are you doing
to find him?

And how cold does it get
out there at night?

Oh, God.

I only sent him here because
he never leaves the house,

and I just wanted him
to have

some sort of
fresh-air experience

with other kids,

but he is not equipped
for this at all.

Mrs. mcgill,
there's no reason to believe

we won't find your son.

All those kids out there
were missing.

they're all showing up.

The other campers tell me

that, uh, trey
is quite an artist.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

He has an avid imagination.

You know kids today.
They make things up

when they don't have problems
of their own.

And I can assure you, my son
has everything that he wants.

Does he have
a lot of friends?

I mean, he -- he prefers
just keeping to himself.

I-I'm the same way.

What's his relationship like
with his father?

Oh, we divorced
a long time ago.

He -- he moved away.
Any pets?

Yeah. We had a cat.

Trey, uh, ever shown
any signs of a bad temper?

Get in fights, or...?

You know what is amazing

is all that sugar
that he has eaten,

he has never had
one cavity.

And I don't know
if it's genetics

or just
really good hygiene,

but, um, but I always
made sure that he flossed.

I just think that that is --
that's so important.

You know, I'm sorry.
I should just...

Get this real quick.




Mm-hmm. I will.

You know, I should just let you
keep up with your search,

and I'll, uh, wait at the hotel
for an update.

Ma'am, who was that?


Who called you?

Uh, my ex-husband.

You said he was
out of the picture.

He's worried about his son.

Your ex-husband lives
right here in Wyoming?


That was a 307 area code.

May I see your phone,

Stop it!

Mrs. mcgill!
Stop it!

No! No!
Stop! Stop.

Was that your son?

Was that trey?

Where is he?

Where is he?

Me too.

Geez, you guys, who died?

Shut the hell up,

Just having a little fun.

At least I'm not the one

who went to jail
for stabbing some banger.

Hey! Hey!


Take it easy, Marshall.

Now, you talk to deputy moretti
about that juvenile record.

Ferg, take trey
into my office.

I'll be right there.


You look like hell.

Uh...L wasn't really

on top of my game
yesterday morning.

Sorry I didn't call in,
but I --

but you were too busy
running the same DNA tests

on David ridges
Iran three weeks ago.

I talked to Dr. weston,
and guess what?

The DNA's a match,

same as it was three weeks ago,
so there.

You have your confirmation.
David ridges is dead.

Are you ready
to move on?

Actually, no...

'Cause neither
of those samples

was David ridges' DNA.

Whose was it?

They're mine.

I conducted a test.

I put my own hair and blood

on some animal remains
and set it on fire.


Positive DNA match
to myself.

So, you're proposing that
David faked his own suicide

with nighthorse's help,

dripped some blood
on an animal carcass,

and cremated it?

And now I have proof that
your DNA can show up in ashes

and you can still
be alive.

Let me reopen
the David ridges case.

We'll reopen the case after
I finish up with those kids

and after you take
some actual days off.

You're overworked.

So are you.

Take "yes" for an answer,


How would you say

your bighorn horizons
leadership experience has gone?

This is about Jane,
isn't it?

I heard you guys
yelling in the woods.

is Jane alive or dead?

'Cause if she's dead,
it's not my fault.

How is it not
your fault?

I was just playing around.

Look, all I did
was sneak up on her tent

and whisper her name.

The freaking out
and the running off a cliff

was her idea.

I don't know what she thought
I was gonna do.

Why didn't you
go for help?

Uh, actually,
I did try. I yelled.

But Adam,
the great leader,

had spread everybody so far
apart, nobody could hear me.

And he abandoned me
the day before,

so I had no idea where I was
or where anybody else was.

Then I realized everyone
would blame me, so I stopped.

And hid.

Indeed, until I could find
someone with a cellphone.

Then I called my mom.

Where is she,
by the way?

She's supposed to
pick me up.


She was tired
from the trip, so...

is Jane alive or dead?

She's alive...
But Adam's dead.



How'd he die, anyway?

with his own leatherman?

Did a bear claw him open

and eat his stomach
full of power bars?

Was he hit on the head
with a rock?

Come on, man. Tell me.

Why don't I
just show you?

That's private.

I have your drawing

depicting the way
your leader was murdered.

I also have
a bunch of campers

who all believe
you could have done it.

Yeah, well, sure.

Those guys all think
I'm a sociopath.

I don't know.
Maybe I am.

But not all sociopaths
are killers.

Lots are c.E.O.S
or politicians.

At least I'm not a hypocrite
like Adam.

How was Adam a hypocrite?

He -- he wasn't trying
to test our limits.

He was trying to break us...
'Cause it made him feel

like he was better than us,
but he wasn't.

And he didn't practice
what he preached.

He would lecture us
about only packing in

what we absolutely
needed to survive.

Know what I found
in his pack?

Weed and condoms.

Jane said she caught you going
through her pack, as well.

Oh, I went through
everybody's stuff.

It's a great way
to get to know a person.

But you're missing
the point.

Mr. perfect didn't have
a first-aid kit.

He had prophylactics
and cannabis.

So, was he planning
on surviving in the wild

or having a drug-induced
sex orgy with 18-year-olds?

I understand Adam
was pretty hard on you.

Yeah, of course he was.

'Cause I was the only one
who saw through his bullshit.

But I didn't kill him.

So, uh, any leads
on who shot you?

Well, you were the last one
to pull a gun on me.

Oh, come on.
I already explained it to Vic.

You read the report.

Relax. I'm kidding.

I get why you were mad.


And, to put your mind
at ease...

...I do have
some other leads.

Well, that's good.

it's good to see you.

This is cool, you know?

We should -- we should do this
again -- just hang out.


How about right now?

I believe
you have already paid.

So, Wolverine was telling the
truth about Marshall jeffords.

He spent time in juvie
for stabbing another kid,

and he's also the one
who found the body, so...

So you think Marshall
killed Adam

and covered it up
by calling it in?

Sometimes, the most obvious
solution is the right one.

But why did he attempt
an emergency tracheotomy?


Look, Walt,

as much as I don't trust
this Wolverine freak,

he was telling the truth
about Marshall,

and the list of what
everyone had in their packs

in his journals
was totally accurate.

Except for the condoms
and pot

that he said
was in Adam's pack.

We have to remember that
Wolverine is a sociopath.

Among other qualities,

are pretty good liars.

That kid's playing games
with us.

Sounds familiar.

Gorski took that picture.

Why are you suddenly
so sure?

Because of what he wrote
on the back.

I'm still listening.

It's an apartment number,

That's it.
That's how I know.

What, you want
all the details?

You brought it up.

32 is the number
of the apartment

where we used to meet.

I was young,
and it was like

this fun, secret game
that we were playing,

and the more dangerous it got,
the more he liked it,

the more I didn't,

and it got to be too much,
so I ended it.


...for gorski,
it's like it never stopped.

I did end it, Walt.
I got married.

But gorski's
still playing.

What does Sean have to say
about all this?

I haven't been home.

You think avoiding him
will make things easier?

I am not avoiding him.

It's not unusual for me
to miss a night at home.

I have pulled many 24-hour
shifts in the past years.

In fact, I called him,

and he is on his way here
to pick me up.


Where are you going?

I don't want to be around
when your husband gets here.

The last thing he needs is
to find you here with me.


Adam Kaufman.

Maybe the killer
was the one who found him.

Come on in.

Hey, sheriff.

Who is it, babe?
It's the sheriff.


Hey, sheriff.
How are you?

Okay. Well, can I
get you something?

No, sir.

Well, uh,
what's the latest?

I have some, uh, questions
about your program.

All right.
Uh, whatever you need.

How well do you screen
your students?

We have a rigorous
application process.

Yeah, kids don't usually go
on these trips

they're pretty driven.

Huh. What about
criminal background checks?

Did you know
that Marshall jeffords

has a juvenile record?

We didn't know that.

Do you think Adam Kaufman
is an ideal leader

for a kid like that?

I'm hearing
from the students

that Adam pushed them all
way too hard.

If anyone could handle someone
like Marshall, it would be Adam.

He's one of the best outdoor-ed
teachers I've ever known.

I've led with him.

I've seen him
work wonders with kids.

Well, you seem to think
pretty highly of Adam.

So why were his students

spread so far apart
on their solo outings

that their screams for help
couldn't be heard?

Why did he pack condoms
on a trip

where you're only
supposed to pack

what you're planning
to use?

Was he having sex
with these students?

I told you Adam
was becoming a liability.

Excuse me, sir.


Adam lost control out there,
and someone snapped.

Now, those kids
were the only ones

that knew about the location
of his campsite.

Except for you.

I bet you know
where all his spots are.

Did you know what he was up to
out there with those kids?

Did you go check on him and
catch him in the act, or...?

Adam would never take advantage
of his students.

Did you go out there,

You know, I went and talked
to h.R. About that transfer

that they offered me
last year.

The job in Australia?

I don't think gorski would
be able to follow us there

if we relocated.

But...I don't think
that you would want to come.

I know that you think

that there's something going on
between Walt and I,

but there's --
I -- I --

I don't think
that there's anything

going on
between you and Walt.

But I know there's nothing
going on between us.

You're happier in this picture
than you ever are with me.

I'm sorry for storming out
like that, sheriff.

It's been a hard
couple of days, you know?

I get it.

Adam found the edges
in people,

carved out
who they are.

He got to people.

That's what
all his students said.

Adam got to you.

Well, you know, it's not just
about the bad publicity.

Uh, I mean, this could open us
up to lawsuits,

and, uh, I -- I just --

I just really don't want
to lose the business.

Or your wife.

I think you should go.

Adam wasn't just out there
to lead students.

He was out there to meet
someone in secret.

The pot and the other evidence
I couldn't find...

It was for a rendezvous...
With Susan.


You love your wife.
I can see that.

That's why you followed her
that night, and...

...that's why you removed
every trace of the affair...

After you killed Adam.

"Leave no trace."

That's the golden rule
of the outdoorsman.

She doesn't know,
does she?

She loves me.

At least,
I think she does.

Adam was a...Sickness.

She -- she couldn't
shake it.

Even after we got married...
We move out here,

and I'm thinking we're gonna
have all this --

just us, together.

And then I saw them...

And I knew
that wasn't gonna happen.

Well, she's told me
what she's done.

Now, do you want me
to tell her what you've done,

or...Should I stay here
and let you?

You know, when I said
I wanted to hang out,

I thought there'd be...

More drinking or --
or something.

Yeah, I wasn't totally
straight with you.

Remember how I said

I had some other leads
on who shot me?


A-are we on a stakeout?

We are.

And I'm not really supposed
to be on the rez

without official permission,
so...L needed your car.

You could have just asked.

So, uh...
Who we staking out?

The guy who lives there
is a peyote dealer.

He --
is he the shooter?

Wait here.

What the hell
are you doing?!


Hey, what's going on
in here?


This is a walk
down memory Lane.

Did you know that a lot
of politicians and c.E.O.S

are sociopaths?

I got another word
for 'em.

But why are you thinking
about c.E.O.S and politicians

and sociopaths?

Because they're smart.

They're organized.
They're planners.

They don't mind playing games
with people's lives.

All the guys in this box

hate me enough
to have my wife killed,

but some of them aren't smart
enough to plan it all out.


But some of them are.

You know, Walter,

when you find out which one
of 'em did it to you,

I want you to do me
a little favor.

What's that?

I want you to hurt him.

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