Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 3 - Miss Cheyenne - full transcript

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Who's responsible for that?

Hard to say.

The native American
brotherhood hunt in packs.

But I am confident
the novelty

of beating up the new guy
will wear off.

Malachi strand tried to make
a deal with me last week.

He said he could
make the beatings stop

if I agreed to vouch for him
at his parole hearing.

Under no circumstances are you
to make that deal, Walt.

Hopefully, I won't have to.

Cady's scheduled your bail
hearing for Friday at 5:00.

Now, if all goes well,

you'll be out
by the weekend.

if you need anything...

there is something.

It might seem small,
but it is important to me.

I need you to take my place
as a judge

for a competition
on the reservation.

The event is very sacred.

It is the miss Cheyenne nation

A beauty pageant.

It is not your typical
beauty pageant.

Contestant number
one -- micheala grey wolf!

Contestant number two --
lilly stillwater!

That's right.
Show lilly your love.

Contestant number three --
jeanine redcloud! Walt!

Contestant number four
-- Kendall marsh! Walt!

Contestant number five --
Candace akape!

All right,
that is contestant number 6.

Wa lt.

Vic, I'm a little busy.

Yeah, well, sorry to interrupt
the swimsuit competition,

but we got a body.

Sorry. Took me a while
to smooth things over

with the other judges.

So, what's the story?

High-school kid and his
girlfriend called the body in.

I tried to ask them
some questions,

but, like typical teenagers,
they wouldn't tell me

what the hell they were doing
out here.

I got a pretty good idea
what they were doing out here.

This property's been abandoned
for decades.

Become a popular destination
for teenage couples.

L-low romantic.

Victim's name
is Ben mallory.

He's 32 years old.

He took two stab wounds
to the left torso.

The blood on his shirt
and the mattress are both dry,

so I'm assuming
that he, uh,

got killed
sometime last night.

Sorry, did you know him
or something?


No, stabbing's
just a bad way to go.

Any signs of robbery?

No. His wallet and cash
are still on him.

But I did find this.

Prescription pills,

medical supplies,

and a durant regional
l.D. Badge.

It looks like Ben mallory
was a doctor.

Well, then, let's get
Dr. mallory to the hospital

for an autopsy.

You can talk
to Ben's co-workers,

find out what a doctor was doing
way out here.

I hope the suit fits.
I had to buy it off the rack.

Nothing in your closet
was really formal enough.

Whatever you think will help
our chances, counselor.



It's a little loose,

but it looks good.

How do you feel?

Like an Indian Al Capone.

I even have the scars.

don't worry about that,

because I came prepared.

Now, remember,
this is not a trial.

It's a bail hearing.

There is a judge
but no jury.

And we don't have to prove
that you're innocent.

We just have to show that
you're not a flight risk.

And how do we do that?

By showing that
you're a model citizen.

Which you are --
you've never even been arrested.


Ben mallory's associates said
that he'd only lived in durant

for three months.

Before that,
he spent two years

with doctors without borders
in west Africa.

Did Ben have
a wife or kids?

No. But his parents live
in South Dakota.

I just spoke to his mom
on the phone.

She said they'd get down here
as soon as they could.

Ben's secretary said
that he got a call

around 6:00 last night.

A few minutes after that,

he left the office
with his medical bag --

didn't say
where he was going.

She just assumed that he was
making a house call

on his way home.

That barn's a pretty odd place
to make a house call.

Yeah, but he's new in town.

He had no idea
where he was going.

It sounds like this caller

was trying to
lure him out there.

Did Ben have any recent problems
with colleagues or patients?

All the nurses said
that there'd never been

an incident at the hospital.

But one of them did say

that he also worked out at
the reservation clinic, so...

Uh, I can head out there
if you want.

You sure
you're up for that?

Driving and talking?

I think I can handle it.

Hey, there.

[Laughs 1 hey.


It's good to see you!

I guess you remember me.

Yeah, it's good to see you
up on your feet again.

You know, don't rush it,
though, boss.

You got to rest up
as much as you can.

Rest will have to wait.

Does a Dr. Ben mallory
work here?


What can you tell me
about him?

Not much.

Ben's a volunteer
with Indian health services.

Lot of those guys
come through here.

Cocky white dudes sent to
rescue us with their medicine.

But Ben's not too bad.

And the ladies,
they certainly don't mind him.

Looks like someone
murdered him last night.


Did he have problems
with anyone?

Uh, one guy got into it
with Ben last week.

They were both yelling
at each other pretty loud.

Can you tell me
who it is?

Uh, no, not offhand,

but I can check
the logbook.

Do you know what the patient
was yelling about?

No, I wasn't in the room.

But you were in the room
when I was brought in.


First time I ever saved
anybody's life before.

It was kind of wild.

Did I say anything weird?

Naw, by the time I jumped in,
you were already out of it.

Anyone else come in
around that time?

with a gunshot wound?

Like who?

You mean David?

You know him?

Oh, yeah.

He comes in all the time
to donate blood.

When was the last time
you saw him?

Mm, 'bout a month ago,
I guess.

You see him again...

Call me right away.

Yeah, sure thing.

Uh, hey, don't you want the name
of the patient

that was yelling
at Dr. mallory?

So, don't mention the fact that
you arrested Henry last year

during that fracking protest.
You sure?

I thought I'd lead with it.

Please don't try and be funny
on the stand.

Are you wearing make-up?

A little.

Court will come to order!

The honorable
Joseph mayhew presiding.

All rise.

All right, everyone,
settle in.

All right.

In the matter of the state
vs. Henry standing bear,

the defense is seeking bail?

Yes, we are, your honor.

I see that this is
a murder charge,

and if convicted,

your client could be facing
the death penalty.

My tentative judgment
is to deny bail outright.

Knowing this,
do you still wish a hearing?

Yes! Yes, your honor.

My client has been a business
owner for over 20 years,

and --
and this shows that --

I'll give you the weekend
to decide

if you want to waste
the court's time.

That's enough, miss.

I'm sorry, were we not
in the same courtroom today?

You heard what the judge said.
He's made up his mind.

Henry's not getting bail.

I heard the judge say
you had two days

to figure something out.

So order some food
and get to work.

You're not staying to eat?

I can't. Branch found a suspect
in our murder.

So I gotta go talk to him.

Every time an Indian
raises his voice,

it's just a matter of time
before the cavalry shows up.

Mr. grey wolf, why were you
yelling at Dr. mallory?

Because he's a pervert.

Did Dr. mallory
touch you or something?

No. My daughter.

She went to see him
a couple of weeks ago.

She was sick.
It looked like the flu.

But instead of taking
her temperature,

this doctor took off her pants
and gave her a pelvic exam.

Did Dr. mallory tell you
why he did that?

Oh, he said he was just
being thorough,

but he abused
his medical authority

to look up
my daughter's skirt.

So, yeah, I raised my voice.

Are you here to press charges
against me?

Not yet. We would like
to talk to your daughter.

If she was molested,
a report should be filed.

She's at a friend's
house tonight.

And frankly,
there's no need

for you to drag out
this ordeal.

The situation has been
dealt with.

"The situation
has been dealt with"?

Is that a nice way of saying
he murdered the guy?

Check Dr. mallory's

for reports of sexual abuse
by patients.

In the meantime,

we need to talk
to Dale's daughter.

Get her side
of the story.

I'll make some calls,
see if I can track her down.

No need. I know where
she's gonna be tomorrow.

How so?

I recognized her
from the pictures inside.

She's a contestant in the
miss Cheyenne nation pageant.

I was sort of surprised
to see you in the courtroom.

Back in school, I never
pegged you as a litigator.

So, how'd I do?
What'd you think?

I think that was
your first bail hearing.

I'm not really
a trial lawyer,

but there's a lot riding
on this case for me.

You've done a lot of these
bail hearings, though, right?

So, aside from
the client's record,

what else could I use as proof
to show that he won't run?

Is this why you called me?
To pick my brain?

You never minded tutoring me
in law school.


But I had
other intentions.

So, how about
I buy you dinner tonight

and you give me
your expertise?

Save your flirting
for the judge.

What questions you got?

Okay, are there any laws
that I should reference

in the bail hearing?

Or is there any way that I
could, like...? Cady...

Bail hearings
are about people.

If you want the judge
to grant bail,

you need to prove to him

that your client
is an honorable person.


Bring out his family --

preferably daughters.

The judge has three girls.

Henry doesn't have
any family.

That's bad.

So you gotta spin
some bullshit

about how Henry's got ties
to the community.

He does.

There's a whole group
of people

on the reservation
that depend on him.

I could bring them
all in to testify.


Judge mayhew hates
a long hearing.

Find one good witness
and put them on the stand.

But I can't guarantee
even that'll help.

Is there anything that
you can guarantee will help?

Prove Henry didn't do it.

That was the hospital.

The call that lured
Ben mallory to the barn

came through
the switchboard.

So the call
is untraceable?


There's no way to tell
if it's Dale grey wolf

or someone else entirely.

You know,
I've been thinking,

maybe Dr. mallory wasn't
at the barn on business.

Back in high school,

the only reason anybody
went up there

was to hook up
without being caught.

So instead of making
a house call,

he was making
a Booty call?

The guy at the res clinic

said he was popular
with the ladies.

Maybe Ben was meeting
one of them

up there to...
"Play doctor."

I'm sorry to bother you.

Are you, by any chance,
Ben mallory's mother?

I'm Dr. Sylvia mallory.

And this is Ben's father,
Dr. oren mallory.

I'm sheriff longmire.
I think you're here to see me.

Well, we were just
about to head inside --

I can't.

I know how hard
this must be.

Facing the loss of a child

is about the worst thing
a parent can go through.

I just can't go
through this again.

My oldest son, Andrew,
was murdered in Detroit.

They ever figure out
who did it?

The police have pretty much
given up at this point.

As far as they're concerned,
Andrew's just another one

of Detroit's
unsolved murders.

That was a year ago.

And now Ben.

Did Ben have any enemies?

Ah, no.
He made friends everywhere.

He always volunteered
for the places

that needed the most help.

He wanted to be
just like you.

Oh, he was a better man
than I.

Now, I spent my fair share
of time

working for reservations
and free clinics.

But I did it to pay off
my medical-school bills.

Not Ben.

Ben was different.

He was selfless.

Ben could afford
to be selfless.

He had you
to support him.

Yeah, well...

You know,
I keep thinking...

...what did I do
to deserve this?

I know
this is difficult,

but any information you have
may help.

Yeah, well,
please, no offense,


I'm finding it hard to
see the point to all this.

When Andrew was killed,
I spent hours with the police,

and nothing came of it.

I know what that's like,
more than you think.

I'm sorry I can't do anything
about Andrew's case,

but I can do something
about Ben's.

Now, I promise --

I promise --

things are gonna be different
this time around.

Vic, put in a call

to the Detroit
police department.

Ask them for a copy

of Andrew mallory's
murder file.


Since when did we
start investigating murders

in other cities?

I'm just taking a look for
oren mallory's sake. Okay.

In the meantime,

I got some information
on Ben mallory.

There are no allegations
of sexual abuse,

no malpractice suits.

The guy was a Saint.

Dale grey wolf,
on the other hand,

has two priors
for assault,

and he's obviously
got a temper.

So, depending on what happened
in that exam room,

he totally
could have snapped.

We'll know more after we talk
to his daughter.

"Contestant grey wolf,

"what are your thoughts
on world peace?

"Oh, and, by the way,

do you think your father
could be a murderer?"

Neena wapasha.

Is this your first time
judging, sheriff?

Yeah. I'm guessing you've done
quite a few of these.

About 15 between here
and my home in Oklahoma.

don't be nervous.

It's just like talking
to your own daughter.

You mean they're gonna
talk back?

Contestant number two --

lilly stillwater.

Hi, sheriff.
Hello, may.

Hello, sheriff.

Contestant number one,

micheala grey wolf.

Any relation?

My daughter.

Oh, she's cute.

Isn't this supposed to be
the talent competition?

Where are the batons?

Your idea of beauty pageants
is a joke.

Bouquets and bikinis.

The miss Cheyenne nation pageant
is a proud cultural honor.

These girls must prove
their knowledge and skill

at carving the animal.

The judges ask them
difficult questions

while they work

to see if they stay calm
under pressure.

I imagine that's hard
for some people.

Miss grey wolf.

What are the best spots
to shoot a deer?

A hunter should always aim
for the lung and the kidney.

A direct shot to either
will kill the animal quickly

so they won't suffer.

Where did you learn
your butchering skills?

From my father.

These knives
have been handed down

through my family
for generations.

Are you sick?

I know you recently
went to see Dr. mallory.

What did he have to say
about it?

He said it wasn't contagious.

Thank you.
Think we have all we need.

Good job, micheala.
Thank you.

So, what'd you think?

I think she's pregnant.

Whoever stabbed Dr. mallory
knew what they were doing.

Direct hits
to the lung and kidney

would have killed him
almost instantly.

And from what
I learned today,

micheala and her father
are both experts with a knife.

All this because Ben
gave micheala a pap smear?

Seems extreme.

Well, there's a little more
to it.

It looks like micheala
may be pregnant.

Wow. Okay.

Well, from what branch
found out,

Ben was pretty popular
with his female patients.

Maybe he and micheala
were having an affair.

That could explain what he was
doing at the barn that night.

Dr. mallory meets micheala there
for a little privacy.

Dale grey wolf finds out
about it and ambushes him.

That, or maybe Ben tried
to end the affair.

Micheala got pissed,
decides to kill him.

Before we go too far
with theories,

we need to confirm
she's pregnant.

We need to get a look
at micheala's medical files.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Just gonna take this.

Okay, so, um,
this isn't quite right,

but it's a great start,

so I'm gonna go get you
a-a clean sheet,

and you can take
another crack at it, okay?


We are so screwed.

It's gonna be okay.

Have you even read
these affidavits?

Most of the people are afraid
to sign their own names,

and of the ones who did,

the best one says Henry
was pretty good at darts.

You are not wrong.
These are terrible.

But it is early.

We'll give them
some pointers.


Good. Now, just relax.

It's gonna be okay.

Excuse me.


I'm so sorry.

I completely forgot
we were having drinks.

I didn't think
I was working tonight,

but Cameron said we've
got to log in some --

some hours if we're gonna give
Henry a fighting chance.

Who's Cameron?

Uh, cam-- Cameron Maddox?

He's, um, he's an old friend
from law school.

He's got a lot
of trial experience.

So I've brought him on
as my shadow counsel,

which is kind of like
an unofficial adviser.

He said I -- I need one
good witness for Henry,

so I threw this little
affidavit party

to see who the best
spokesperson might be.


You're gonna need
more food than that.

Hello, may.

Where did everybody
come from?

They made an announcement
after the pageant finished

for the day.

Lilly sang
the Cheyenne departing song.

You should have
heard her.

You trying
to sway my vote?

I don't care
which way you vote.

I just wish you could see
how far lilly's come

these past two years.

It wouldn't have been
possible without you and Henry.

Oh I don't know
how much I had to do with it.

She's a good kid.

Yeah. She is.


Nice to see you.

You were looking
for anything you could use

to get my daughter

And I guess
now I know why!

What the hell
are you talking about?!

You told the judges
micheala was pregnant!

Is she?!
Well, is she?!

You can answer me here...

Or at the station!

Station it is.

When I mentioned
to the judges

that micheala
might be pregnant,

I had no idea it was grounds
for dismissal.

Thanks to you, the other judges
forced micheala to take a test.

When it came back positive,

they threw her out of
the competition on the spot.

I tried to keep it a secret
until after the pageant.

That title meant everything
to micheala.

And to you.

So, who's the father?

What business is that
of yours?

Because we think
Dr. mallory might be the father.

And when you found out

that a white doctor
knocked up your daughter,

you decided to kill him.


You never told me
he was dead.

I didn't kill him.

It was micheala's boyfriend
who got her pregnant.

That doctor had nothing to do
with it.

So why were you really
yelling at him at the clinic?

Because he offered
micheala an abortion.

Dr. mallory said
it was "an option."

That's what he called it.

But it really was just
the latest ploy

white doctors are using
to wipe us out.

They've done it before.

In the 18805
they'd wrap newborns

in disease-covered

Up until the 19805,

they were sterilizing Indian
women without their permission.

A woman would go to the clinic
for an appendectomy

and leave
with a hysterectomy.

Now, every time an Indian girl
turns up pregnant,

they tell her to abort.

They say it saves
their future...

But all it really does is
destroy our tribe's legacy.


The Detroit p.D. Just sent over
Andrew mallory's case file.

Turns out he was stabbed
in the exact same places

as his brother, Ben.

No money was missing
off his body.

You think the same person
killed both of 'em?

Dale clearly had reasons
to kill Ben,

but there's no cause
for him to go after Andrew.

Dale isn't the only expert

when it comes to knives
and anatomy.

So, what,
you're thinking micheala?

She didn't have a motive
to kill Andrew either.

I was actually thinking
about a different woman.

Sylvia mallory.
She's a doctor...

Knows where a knife
can do the most damage.

Plus, oren mallory sounds like
he's got money.

With his sons out of the way,
she'd get everything.

Wouldn't be the first
wicked stepmother

to try and kill
her stepchildren.

All right.

Check into
the mallorys' finances.

See if there was money
worth killing for.

Also, check on
Sylvia's whereabouts

around the time
of Ben's death.

What about Dale grey wolf?

He hit an officer.
Leave him in the cell.

I see you had him
ditch the suit and tie.

He's a native American.

Dressing him up like a banker
just hides who he really is.

Shall we?

I'm afraid
you're on your own.

Believe it or not,

I do have cases of my own
that need attention.

Of course. Yeah.

Look, I am sure you'll be fine
on your own.

Besides, the judge gave
his tentative ruling.

So, don't forget --

you're already doomed.

Thank you
for that vote of confidence.


What's in the box?

Ferg had it sent over
from rawlins.

Files on men I put away
over the years.

One of them might have
committed the crime

that Henry's on trial for...

To get back at me.

You think your wife's murder
and Henry's arrest

are all retaliation?

Whoever did this wanted to make
sure I suffered every day.

You got anyone
in particular in mind?


You find out anything
about the mallorys?

Sylvia's office said she was
at a conference in billings

when Ben was killed.

But I haven't been able to find
anyone from the event

that can verify that.

Checked into oren mallory's

He's loaded.

Oren built up and sold

medical practices
all over the country --

Virginia, Oklahoma,
South Dakota.

His net worth
is about 22 mil.

And with both
his sons gone,

Sylvia gets everything.


Okay, uh...

Maybe, instead of looking

at who benefits
from the boys' death,

we should think
about who suffers.

Ben mallory's body
ready to be released?

So, in addition to being

the arresting officer
on this case,

you've known the defendant
a long time.

Based on your experience,

do you think he'd be a good
candidate for bail?

You mean will he stay put?

He's a Cheyenne.
We're originally nomads.

Look, Henry standing bear
has no wife and no kids.

Now, he can give you his word
he won't run,

but frankly, I don't think
his word can be trusted.

Why do you say that?

I watched him sign an intent
to waive his extradition.

Then later,
it was ripped up.

Which shows total disrespect
for the laws of this court.


This is not a trial,

Sorry. Point of clarification,
your honor.

This extradition waiver --
you said it was ripped up.

Did you actually see my client
destroy the waiver?


Was it in fact another party
who ripped it up? Yes --

then it appears my client has
no disrespect for the court.

It is the other party
that does.

I guess.

It was his best friend
that tore it up,

which is all
the more reason

to deny
Henry standing bear bail.

He obviously has

some questionable

And if you can't trust
the company a man keeps,

you can't trust
the man himself.

Court recognizes the defense.

Your honor...

I have 125 affidavits here,

each one of them a testament
to my client's strong character

and the community's reliance
on him.

I was up for seven hours
last night reading them.

To spare your honor
this task,

I have chosen one person
who can speak for them all.

Miss stillwater,
would you share with the court

a little of your history
with my client?

About two years ago,

my daughter lilly
ran away from home.

She was 15.

I started hearing rumors
that she had fallen into...


I tried looking
for her everywhere,

but it was like
she'd disappeared.

The tribal police
wouldn't help me.

No one would help me...

Until I called Henry.

Henry, along
with his best friend,

they brought my lilly home.

After that, he came
every single week to check in.

He got her started
in school again,

and he paid
for a good therapist.

Because of him,
lilly is now thriving.

She's even competing
to represent our tribe

in the miss Cheyenne nation

And Henry did all of this
even though he wasn't family?

We Cheyenne have a different
definition of family.

Family is not a matter
of biology, but of loyalty.

And if that's the way
you look at it,

Henry is the closest family
we have.

In your opinion,

do you think Henry will flee
if given the opportunity?

No. His name
is standing bear.

Would you mind clarifying?

Many people think when they see
a bear standing in the forest,

it means to run.

But the bear is just
standing guard,

looking to protect those he
loves from whatever may come.

Henry ls a standing bear.

And a standing bear
will never run,

no matter what.

Thank you,
miss stillwater.

Did you find out
who did it?

Not yet.

First I...

I thought Ben's murder might
involve one of his patients.

I looked at your first son
Andrew's case file,

and it turns out Andrew's murder
is almost identical to Ben's.

Are you saying they were killed
by the same person?

Well, I admit
it's hard to believe.

After all, there's nothing

really linking
the two boys together.

They live
in different places,

have different jobs.

In fact, the only things
they have in common

are the same father...

And the same stepmother.

If you're implying that Sylvia
had something to do with this,

you're wrong.

We were together
on vacation

when Andrew was killed.

And as for me, I...

I could never hurt
my sons.

I know that.

And I think the killer knew

that taking them away
would make you suffer.

I can't think of anyone

who would want to hurt me
like this.

I have dedicated my life
to helping people.


You said you worked
on the reservations.

I know that in the '70s,

about the same time
you were practicing,

doctors on the res were
sterilizing native women

without their consent,

sometimes without even
their knowledge.

Did you ever take part
in that?

This again.


No charges were ever filed
against me.

What I did was within my rights
as a doctor.

Most of the women I cared for
couldn't care for themselves.

I remember once a 32-year-old
mother came into the clinic

with her
15-year-old daughter.

Both pregnant,
both alcoholic.

It was a constant cycle
of poverty

and substance abuse.

Sterilization was the only way
of breaking that cycle.

Now, some saw it
as radical.

I saw it help women escape
the horrors of the reservation.

Despite what you may think,
I know I was right.

You never know
if you're right.

I told you before
I could solve this case.

But in order for me
to do that,

I need you to waive
doctor/patient confidentiality

and open up
your medical records.

Your son's murder did involve
a patient,

but I think
it was one of yours.

Before this hearing began,

I told you what
my tentative ruling was.

In murder cases,

I find it hard to justify
the granting of bail.

But, in light
of the testimony given,

I've decided to make
an exception.

Bail is set at $1 million.

I spoke
to the bail bondsmen.

He said they'd cover 90%
of the bail.

But we still need to come up
with $100,000

that we don't have.

Well, there's some money
in my retirement fund.

It's not a lot, but lt'll at least
get us started.

The important thing is that
bail was granted.

You did good, punk.

Thanks, dad.

Just get back here.
We'll figure it out.


Okay, bye.

So, I've been going through
the list of patients

that oren mallory
gave us.

So far, it doesn't look like
any of the women

have a connection
to Dale grey wolf.

It's possible
it's a distant relative

with a different
last name.

Could be an aunt
or an Uncle or...

Never mind.

Release him.



It's a good thing we waited
to have a drink.

Now we can celebrate
your big victory.

Not much to celebrate.
Henry's still in jail.

And even with dad's

and the collection jar
we passed around,

we're still short
about 50 grand.

What are you doing?

I am writing you a check
for $100,000.


No. No.

Branch, no, I'm not letting you
spend your money on this.

I will find some way
to raise the cash.

You can't bake sale your way
out of this, cady.

I don't know what to say.

Henry will really
appreciate it.

I'm not doing this
for Henry.

Besides, we both know
it's not my money.

I'm sure your dad will be
thrilled when he finds out.

He'll get it back.


Henry's not planning to run,
is he?

First runner-up...

With a total score of 112...

Jeanine redcloud!


What's wrong?

Where are the judges?

I think over there.

And now for the moment
you've all been waiting for...

With a total score of 151,

your miss Cheyenne nation 2014,

lilly stillwater!

Whoo, lilly!
All right, lilly!


Sheriff, where you been?

They just announced
the winner.

I'm sorry.

I've been
a little preoccupied

looking into the murder
of Ben mallory.

I think you knew him.

Or at least you knew
his father,

back in Oklahoma.


That's where I won
my crown.

That was the best night
of my life.

I was a young woman
with so much to be proud of.

Something worth passing on
to my daughters one day.

But you never had children,
did you?

I thought
it was just bad luck.

But a year ago,
I had a hernia operation.

During the procedure,

Found I'd been sterilized.

Oren mallory was the only doctor
who had ever operated on me.

An appendectomy.

I was 16.

He took away your ability
to have children.

So I took his sons.

I just...

I wanted oren mallory to feel
the pain he caused.

I wanted him
to know what it was like

to have all your dreams
for the future

Taken away by a stranger.


I thought I would feel peace
when I got my revenge.

I was wrong.


I feel emptier than before.

And the irony is,

oren mallory probably
doesn't even remember me.

He'll never understand --

he'll never understand
why his sons died.

Let me help you, neena.


Let me help you.

You need to tell people
what happened to you.

You tell them.

It will mean more
coming from you, neena.

You're never going back
in there.

You should not make promises
you cannot keep.

My freedom is temporary.

And it has limits.

No matter what happens,

you're never going back.

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