Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 2 - Of Children and Travelers - full transcript

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Chilly out there.

Better get in.

What did you do that for?

So if you kill me,
they can find you.

What the hell happened?

It can be hard to make friends
on your first day of jail.

Yeah, well, we're gonna
get you out of here.

Your public defender
should be here any minute.

His name's
Colin kilpatrick.

He's supposed to be

But dad wanted me here for his
eyes and ears anyway, so...

And how is Walt?


Here, lady.

Hey, boss.

Uh, a dry rob Roy for me

and a caramel appletini
for the girlfriend here.

Here you go.

Five bucks.

This, uh --
five bucks.



Uh, beautiful day.
Red pony.

Hey, it's me.

You're gonna need to ask
for the rest of the night off.





She's young, Walt.

I'm guessing late teens.

She's got bruising
around her neck,

so I'm thinking someone
probably strangled her.

There's drag marks
leading down from the road.

What was she thinking?

What do you mean?

I made a lot of bad decisions
when I was her age,

but I never hitchhiked.

How do you know
she was hitchhiking?

How else
would you explain this?

Reflective tape.

was in her waistband.

It's passcode protected.
I already tried to unlock it.


No purse, no wallet.

The only thing she had
in her pockets

was a matchbook
and some mints.


Polina vasof.

Born orenburg, Russia,

What's a 17-year-old
Russian girl

doing hitchhiking
in absaroka county?

I'll be up in a minute.

I don't mind.
I'm fine.

See you inside.


So, the manufacturer is willing
to unlock the victim's phone,

but only after they do
the same thing

for every other
police department

that's already put in
a request.

I have been thinking,

pretty teenage girl
born in Russia, hitchhiking.

Maybe she was caught up in one
of these human-trafficking rings

and trying to get away.

But those victims
usually have their passports

stolen from them.

Polina had hers.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

I had to pick up branch
from the hospital.

Did you take him home?

Uh, no.

He's, uh, actually headed
up the stairs right now.

By himself?

If branch wants help,
he'll ask.

I talked to social services.

Uh, polina was adopted
three years ago

by a couple named
Lanny and Phoebe Greene.

Do they live around here?

No. Over in teton county.

Drive out in the morning
to notify.

No, Walt.

Remember, you've got
those three deliveries

that are coming into
the red pony tomorrow

that need to be signed for.


Ferg said
you found a dead girl.

I thought I'd help.

Good. We can use it.

You and ferg can work out
of the red pony tomorrow.

Our victim
had a phone on her.

Uh, we're just having trouble
figuring out what was on it.

Hey, Walt...


For what?

For finding my hat.

Are you Lanny
and Phoebe Greene?

What can we do you for?

Records list you two as
the parents of polina vasof.

Yeah, records say that.

I-I think polina
would argue otherwise.

But you did adopt her?

Yeah. We wanted a family,

but, you know, we weren't having
any luck on our own.

Then we found this agency,
angels of kirov,

which specialized
in Russian girls.

They told us they had
a really good match for us,

and we were so excited
to finally start our family.

So what happened?

They sent us polina.

Polina was 14
when she came to America.

Was that the problem?

Well, it was a surprise, yeah,
but we didn't care.

I mean, not really.

We had all this love
to give her.

And you know what we got
in return?

Screaming, hitting, threats
to slit our throats in our sleep

if we even dared
to try and discipline her.

I peeked into polina's room
one night.

She was in bed
with the neighbor boy,

high on God knows what.

I kicked him out of the house

and told polina
she was grounded.

What happened?

She came after me
with an o-ring pick.

Left me with -- with that.

So is that why you haven't asked
where polina is?


Uh, well, polina ran away
11 months ago.

We haven't seen
or spoken to her since.

Did you file
a missing-persons report?

- No.
- Why not?


We didn't want her
to come back.

Well, you're in luck.
She's not.

We found polina
in absaroka county last night.

We always figured
it'd be us or her.

I guess now we know.

Find out anything
about that adoption agency?

Not much.

After putin made it illegal

for Americans
to adopt Russian kids,

angels of kirov
just sort of disappeared.

Uh, still can't get
into the phone either,

but it turns out
it doesn't actually --

Turns out it doesn't actually
belong to the victim.

Uh, the phone was registered
to a reform school in Arizona

called the golden bough
school for girls.

That's weird.

The Greenes told us polina
ran away 11 months ago

and they had no idea
where she would be.

Hey, guys.

Look at you.

Back in the saddle.


You look great.


Um, I--

dad, can I just --

can I talk to you
for a sec?

Just one second.

Branch looks awful.
What is he doing here?


How's Henry's lawyer?

He didn't show up.

The jail told
the public defender's office

that Henry
canceled the meeting.

He didn't.

And it looks like he's getting
really roughed up in there.

We have got to
get him out.

Track down the public defender.
Find out what's going on.

I'll go see Henry.
Thank you.

I just got the address to
that reform school in Arizona.

We should really
go check it out.

Wait, now?

Dad, what about Henry?

I'll take care of it.
All of it.

Sheriff Walt longmire.

I need to speak
to Henry standing bear.

Yeah, I can wait...

Still no luck?

Never had a problem before
with the tri-county jail,

but now that Henry's
in there...

Want to turn around,
just drive back?

Actually, I do.

But we're already
halfway to Arizona.

Hank standing bear,

what sort of trouble have you
found for yourself now?

Hello, malachi.

It appears
that trouble has found me.

It looks like
you could use a friend.

I have friends.

Oh, not in here,
you don't.

Walter longmire
can't help you in here.

I mean, he can't even get you
on the telephone.

And if word of your close
friendship with a white lawman

were to get whispered
into the wrong ears...

But I have
some wonderful news.

I just might be able
to make all this stop.

Does that mean
you also made it start?

You can't be half-Indian
in here, Hank,

not with
the brotherhood around.

With us, it's, uh,
go red or...Go dead.

Look at all this.

Is this supposed to be
a prison or a school?

Have you found polina?

Found her cellphone.

Our office traced its, uh,
serial number

back to your school.

I'll have my I.T. Guy
look into it.

Did you contact polina's
guardians after she ran away?

we are polina's guardians.

Lanny and Phoebe Greene signed
over custody six weeks ago.

We sent an extraction team
up to Wyoming

to get her out
of her regular school

and bring her down here.

This is her room.

You mean
you had to kidnap her?

You haven't met polina,
have you?

This incident
was a regular occurrence.

Maybe the other girl
did something to provoke her.

Oh, she did.

She got ahead of her
in the cupcake line.

Oh, now,
that's interesting.

The serial number
you gave me

belongs to the phone of our head
of security, norwood young.

I'd like to talk to him.
Yeah, me too.

I sent him to retrieve polina
right after she escaped.

I haven't been able to contact
him for the last 24 hours.

Then we'll need
the passcode to his phone.

Oh, no. I'm sorry.

That is completely against

Ms. Ruth, polina was found
murdered in my county.

Your head of security's phone
was found at the crime scene.


I'll make an exception this one
time, for polina's sake.

Hey, branch.
Try 5593.

It works. Great.

Download all the, uh, e-mails,
pictures, and text messages.

We're on our way back to you
right now.

All right, bye.


Little help here?

You guys here
about polina?

What do you know
about polina?

I think I know
who killed her.

I'm like three weeks away
from getting out of here.

I can't get caught
breaking into the computer lab.

So, was polina
mistreated here?

Is that why she ran away?

I don't think so.

She was just sort of
sick in the head.

She was totally obsessed
with trying to escape.

Someone must have done
something to her.

All she'd say was she wasn't
gonna let it happen again.

Let what happen again?

I don't know,
and I wasn't gonna ask.

How do you know
polina was killed?

'Cause I saw
your sheriff's truck.

Wyoming's the last state
she sent me pictures from.

Aren't you guys done yet?

Polina sent me pictures of every
driver who picked her up

and their license plates in case
anything happened to her.

Why did she trust you?

She didn't.
I just have computer privileges.

Plus, she threatened to cut me
open if I snitched.

Who do you think
killed her?


It's the last picture
she sent me. Wyoming plates.



Where have you been?!

I have been looking for you


What are you doing
in here?

Checking my e-mail.

Right now Walt wants you
to talk to all the drivers

pictured on that cellphone,
especially the last guy.

Uh, we also need to locate
an Arizona resident

named norwood young.

Are you on your way back?

No, we're gonna spend
the night here,

go talk to polina's
adoptive parents again

first thing in the morning.

I'll keep you posted,

Thousands of years,

and still nobody knows
what to do with them.

With who?

Bad girls.

People think they need more
discipline and stricter rules.

They send them to convents
and sanatoriums, cheer camp.

But all we really need

is a little bit of love
and acceptance.


Big mouth, authority issues,
poor impulse control.

And temper.

So, yeah, I may have walked
a few Miles in polina's shoes.

You know, the only difference
between good girls and bad girls

is that good girls
ask permission

and bad girls
ask forgiveness.

But we all just want
the same thing.


That's my beer.

Can I get -- thank you.

So, I've got information
on basically every driver,

except for this one.

There you are.

Didn't mean to startle you.

You didn't.

I was just following up
on norwood young.

No hits
on his credit card yet.


Uh, this is me.

Yeah. And this is me.


And they say
chivalry's dead.

Good night.

Good night.

Branch just called.

Somebody using norwood young's
credit card

just checked in to a motel
30 Miles north of here.

Norwood young?


They, uh, send you two
to help look for polina?


Come on in.

Cold one?

I'll take one.


So, uh, any leads on our little
runaway tramp?

Still searching.

She's a sexy little number,
isn't she?



Oh, brother,
you have no idea.

Hey, uh, I saw
a convenience store nearby.

Would you be a sweetheart
and grab us some more beers,

get yourself a little
something sweet, as well?

Anything else?

Not just yet.



She knows how
to fill out a uniform.

Oh, yeah.

So, tell me about
this polina.

Oh, she'll get
your tall boy tingling.

But, uh,
when she starts coming on to you

with that sexy
little Russian accent of hers,

do yourself a favor.

Keep it in your pants.

I don't mind
a little feistiness.

Well, feisty's one thing,
brother, but this girl's nuts.

You know, some days,
she is bashing

some poor little girl's
head in.

Other days,
she's off somewhere,

drawing pictures
of unicorns.

And other days,

she's waiting for you
in your office,

wearing nothing at all.

Really? Nothing?

Nothing but a dirty,
little grin.

So, uh...

...is that when you grabbed her
by the throat

and choked the life
out of her?

Whoa, whoa.
What the hell?

See, I'm not looking for polina,

I already found her.

Her body was dumped
in my county.

I'm looking for a killer.

What the hell you
breathing down my neck for?

Your phone
was at the crime scene.

Oh, shit!

All right, look.

Um, when I found polina
in my office,

we, uh,
came to a little agreement.

She'd let me hit it and quit it,
and after I finished,

I'd leave a few doors
unlocked for her.

But after she left, I realized
she'd stolen my cellphone,

so I started tracking her.

I had to get
that damn thing back

or else my dumb ass
would get fired!

So is that
when you killed her?

I-I couldn't even find her!

You all's
cellphone coverage sucks!

So I-l decided to lay low here
for a while, you know,

see how things played out.

Look, I know
this looks bad,

but I swear I'm actually
a really good guy.

You mean other than when you
were exchanging sexual favors

with underage girls?

When you put it like that,

you make it sound like
i did something wrong.

You did.

Is that our guy?

Could be.

We're holding him
for statutory rape

and, uh,
suspicion of murder.

Hey, Walt.

That was Ruby.
She called the tri-county jail.

Set up an appointment
for you and Henry at 2:00.

Anything else?

Yeah. We brought in
another driver --

a gareth ashbery.

He's from, uh...Riverton.

Branch, if you want
some time off --

come on, Walt.

What else am I gonna do?

Sit around
and reread the classics?

Let's talk to that driver.

You often pick up hitchhikers?

I strive to live
in a Christian manner.

"Be not forgetful
to entertain strangers..."

"For thereby some have
entertained angels unawares."


But perhaps sometimes
one entertains devils, as well.

Is it a sin
to kill a wicked man?

Yes, it is.

But what if this wicked man

sneaks into
his daughter's bed at night

and teaches her
filthy tricks?

She was fine
when you left her there

on the side of the road?

Yes. She was laughing.


Probably because she had just
stolen my wallet.

Did that make you angry?

Did you turn around,
try to get that wallet back?

I just wanted to get away.

Her fantasies
were twisted, evil.

Maybe they weren't fantasies.

Maybe she was telling you the
truth about what her father did.

Well, then,
I will pray to Nicholas,

the patron Saint
of children and travelers,

for the lord to guard her spirit
from each of her foes.

Why did polina
really run away?


I'll take the truth
this time.

She wasn't happy here.

According to polina,
her father raped her.

Is that why she ran off?

How did you really get
that scar on your arm?

Hey, hold on.

We weren't perfect parents,
but we're not perverts.

I told you, she -- she attacked
me when I tried to ground her.

You also told me you hadn't
seen her in over 11 months.

Records show you enrolled her
in a reform school

just six weeks ago.

These aren't
our signatures.

I mean,
someone forged our names.

I bet that other family
put our names down

in order
to get rid of her.

What other family?

Listen, polina didn't run away
11 months ago.

We re-homed her.

Re-homed her?

I mean, we couldn't control her,
you know?

We tried -- I don't know.

We tried contacting
the angels of kirov.

They didn't even exist

Social services
wasn't any help, so...

What did you do?

I joined
an online support group.

They suggested a chat room

where we might find someone
to take polina.

Who did you find?

A woman named Priscilla Gunther
over in durant.

She said
she and her husband, art,

had raised a bunch
of troubled Russian kids already

and had room
to take in another one.

So we put polina in the car,
and we drove up to durant,

and we re-homed her
with the gunthers.

With people
you had just met online?

We were desperate. It seemed
like they could handle her.

I mean, there's no law against
re-homing a kid like polina.

Unless, of course, the gunthers
turn out to be sexual predators.

They were nothing
like that.

I mean, she said she had
a psychology degree.

He spoke Russian.
They were excited.

No red flags. I mean,
we wouldn't have left polina --

so where did this re-homing
take place?

Gunthers lived here.

When did they move?

A couple nights ago.

Just up and out
without saying boo.

The gunthers have a daughter
named polina?

That might have been
her name.

Teens, pink hair,
sort of a handful.

How so?

Well, these are thin walls
and close quarters around here.

It's hard to ignore
the shouting and arguing.

Any idea
where they went?


You know, I don't get it.

Art paid
for his security deposit

and next month's rent
all in cash.

You know,
I'd send it back to him,

but he didn't leave
a forwarding address.

Do you mind getting us
all the paperwork

you have
on the gunthers?

No, of course not.

So, was polina coming here
to see the gunthers,

or was she headed west
to confront the Greenes?

Depends who you blame more,
the ones who abused you

or the ones who were supposed to
keep you safe.

I don't know.

Maybe she just got
in the wrong car, Walt.

You got your meeting
with Henry, though,

so you should go do that.

I'll wait here for
the information on the gunthers,

and I'll meet you
back at the station.


Walter longmire.

Where's Henry?

Right now
Hank standing bear

is, uh, busy getting
back in touch with his roots.

You can think of me
as his emissary.

if anything happens to Henry --

then you'll do what?
Arrest me again?

How are things on the res,

I presume it's all peace,
prosperity, and sunny weather

now that mathias
has taken my place.

You used your badge
to run an extortion ring.

Your arrest is no one's fault
but your own.

Well, amen to that.

That's why I want
to talk to you.

I am a changed man,

and, um, I'll always owe that
to you, Walt.

I've found
a brotherhood here,

a brotherhood
of, uh, warriors

that taught me to accept

total responsibility
for my actions.


I hope
the parole board thinks so.

You know,
it'd really help me out

if you came to my hearing
and, uh, backed me up.

And why would I do that?

There are a lot
of dangerous men in here,

some that you've arrested

Now, can you imagine
what would happen

if they knew about
Hank standing bear's,

cozy little relationship

sheriff Walter longmire?

That sounds like a threat.


To my ears,

it sounds like...

A once-in-a-lifetime

Have a nice day.

Excuse me.
I'm looking for Henry.

Henry's off tonight.

Do you mind
if I set these here?

Uh, just a moment, pal.

Any leads on, uh,
art and Priscilla Gunther?

No social, no driver's license.

Apparently, neither of them
actually exists.

What about those chat rooms
the Greenes told us about?

Maybe they're
showing up there.

We've been going through them,

but there's no sign
of the gunthers.

These chat rooms, though,
really messed up.

How so?

Like this, Walt. Listen.

"We've had our 4-year-old
Chinese daughter

"for six days now.

"She's always crying.

"We were hoping
for a less-emotional child.

We're looking
to re-home her."

It sounds like a big swap meet,
only for kids.

There's no oversight,
no regulations.

Just people passing children
from one house to another.

Some of which
belong to predators.

"Looking to take in
an 8-year-year boy.

"Slender and blond

Cute and quiet a must."

The worst part is that
no one's using their real names,

so there's no way
to find these creeps.

Maybe we don't find them.
Maybe they find us.

Now, the gunthers specialize
in troubled Russian children.

Let's start looking
for a home

for a rebellious
Russian daughter.

I found Corey majack.

Cell or your office?

I'm a salesman

with the howling bison
brewing company.

I cover
all the Western states.

Do you recognize her?

Yeah, I do.

Gave her a ride.

She wanted me
to make a stop,

and she told me to take her
to this trailer park.

Okay, stop.

Wait here.

So, then, she was going to see
the gunthers.

Did you wait for her?

For like a minute.

I got scared and drove off.


She looked like
she was gonna go kill someone.

Any responses
to our post yet?

Since announcing
that we're looking to re-home

our troubled,
Russian daughter, agna,

we've had a number
of interested parties.

No gunthers.

Oh, um, "we would be happy
to welcome

"your beautiful daughter
into our home.

"My husband and I
have much experience

with Russian children, and our
girls would love a sister."

It could be them.

Tell them
we're at our wit's end,

want to hand over agna

Um, we want her to see a picture
of her new family first.

Can they send one?


What is going on
in here?

I do hope the public defender
is on his way this time.

I'm Gus Higgins.

It looks like I've been assigned
to your case.

We were expecting
Colin kilpatrick.

Yeah. Colin's awesome.

Something big
must have come up.

But you got me.

So, which fella
are you again?

They sent a picture.

They say
it's their daughters.

It's polina.

Tell them
we can't wait to meet them.

You know what? You're fired.

Get lost.

Where is he going?

Back to law school,

I fired him.


So what now?

Now you get
a new attorney.




Help sell it.

That could be her.

Are you agna's parents?

We are. We're parked
on the other side of the lot.

Agna refuses
to get out of the truck.

Like I told you,

I just can't put up
with her attitude anymore.

L-I don't know
how you handle it.

My husband and I
figure every tantrum

is just another chance
to earn a child's trust.

Your husband and children
are here, as well?

He took Sofia
to use the bathroom.

Our oldest daughter
is on a school trip.

We are so excited.

We got to get out of here.

They're gonna take you
back to the orphanage!

What the hell happened
to polina?! Tell me!

Get in!

Tell me!

Polina came back.

She said she was
taking Sofia with her,

and I was gonna let her.

I was.

But my husband heard us, and --

oh, my God, he was drunk,
and he just kept choking her!

What's happening?

Pull over!
Pull over!

Step out
with your hands raised!

Drop the weapon!
I will shoot!

Let us be!

We're family.

If you come any closer,
I'll shoot.

I'm here to help you,

You can only trust family.

Then you should know
polina sent me for you.

You know polina?

I feel now I do.

Polina abandoned us.

We can't trust her.

Polina had
a lot of problems,

but you brought out
the good in her.

don't take another step!

She said she'd always
be there for me.

Where is she?

Polina wanted to protect you,
Sofia, more than anything.

She never once
forgot about you.

You're lying,
just like her!

She wanted me
to give this to you.

Shoot him, Sofia, now!

I've failed a lot of people,

I'm not gonna fail you.


You're safe now.

Ugh! Aah!

Oh, you broke my arm!

Ah! Aah!

I only wish I could do more.

Where am I going to now?

Somewhere better,
I promise.

Whatever it takes.

You sound like polina.


Ripped by mstoll