Longmire (2012–2017): Season 3, Episode 1 - The White Warrior - full transcript

Longmire investigates Branch's shooting, but Branch insists that he was shot by a dead man. Meanwhile, Henry goes to prison after being arrested for killing Longmire's wife's killer.

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where's the doctor?
He's out.

I need as much o-negative
blood as you have.

I'm --
now! Hurry!

I got a man bleeding
to death back here.


Branch, open your eyes.

Open them! don't you
close them again.

Hurry up!

Coming. I'm coming.
I'm coming.

What the hell
happened to him?

He got shot.

Oh, man.

What the hell'd
you do to him, man?

I did what I could.

Hold on.



I need you to taste
something else. Bite.


Come on.

Hurry up.

Okay. He's good.

Keep those legs up.


Just hang in there.
Breathe. Breathe.

You're gonna be okay.

You know,
you really should call 911.

I am 911.

Pull over!

Pull over!

Stop right there,

I need to speak to Henry.
I said stop!

What are you gonna do, mathias?
Shoot me?

If Henry's under arrest,
he should be in my jail.

The Denver p.D. Who issued
the warrant for his arrest

felt that represented
a conflict of interest.

You're not taking him to Denver.
I am.

He already signed
the letter

saying he's not
fighting extradition.

If you'd let Henry
talk to a lawyer,

he'd never have
signed that.

He waived
that right, too.

Let me talk to him.

I just want to make sure

he's getting the right kind
of legal assistance.

Now, you don't want to be
the reason

this thing gets thrown out
on a technicality, do you?

One minute. No more.

Did you really waive
your rights?


I just unwaived them.

I'm gonna get you
out of this, Henry.

Really? How?

I don't know yet.

For starters,
I'm gonna get you

the best lawyer
money can buy.

I am not sure that matters,
but thank you.

There's more than enough
in my safe to pay for it.

The one in your office?

Do you remember
the combination?


There is something else?

Why'd you hold on
to those teeth?


I wanted to make sure you
never tried to take the fall

for a murder
you did not commit.

Time's up.

I got a good three hours
of paperwork ahead of me.

He's not signing
any waivers.

Either way,
he's not going with you.

I'm taking him over
to tri-county jail.

What the hell
happened here?

I got upset.

Are you okay,

Been better.

Ruby, I...Need a good lawyer --
the best.

See if you can get me
Neil strahan on the phone.

Walter. When are you gonna tell
us what is going on here?

Hey, ferg, why don't you go
make a pot of coffee

while Ruby tries to get
that lawyer on the line, okay?

What happened?

And don't give me any of that
monosyllabic Gary Cooper crap.

Talk to me.

My wife didn't die
of cancer.

She was murdered by a meth head
named Miller Beck.



I'm so sorry.

Why didn't you tell anyone?

Miller Beck turned up dead
a few months back.

And Henry was just arrested
for his murder.



But he didn't do it.

And you know that how?

It's all right, Vic.
I didn't kill anyone.

Then whose blood
is that?

Oh, it's, um --
lt's branch's.

Wa lt.

Wa lt.


Walt, stop!

I can't.

Is branch okay?

I hope so.

He got shot.

They're working on him now,
but he lost a lot of blood.

Who shot branch?

That's what I'm trying
to find out.

I'm gonna need a ride.

He said
he's in a recovery room.

Maybe he's
still in surgery.

Excuse me,
do you know where deputy --


Did you send my son
into harm's way with no backup?

How is he, Barlow?

How is he?

You took him
to a damn res clinic.

And they stabilized him
and got him here.

They given you an update
on his condition?

He just about died.

His wounds were stitched up
with fishing line.

Did you use a rusty hook, too,
just for good measure?

I did the best I could
under the circumstances.

You better hope he makes it
through surgery,

'cause if he doesn't,

I'm holding you
personally responsible.


What's that?

I'm gonna need to talk
to the sheriff.

Is he okay?
He was lucky.

The bullet went clean through
without hitting any major organs.

It's important.

Are you kidding me? He's my son.
Mr. connally --

got something to say, say it to me.

Get your hand off me.

I was cleaning
the abdominal wound

when I noticed something.

It was under
some muscle tissue.

I almost missed it.

It would've caused
a serious infection.

It's a crow feather.

You ever seen
anything like that?


Okay, so how did
a four-inch crow feather

end up inside your deputy's
bullet wound?

Somebody put it there.


Hey, son.

They said
you might be waking up.

I brought you
a ginger ale.


And the sheriff's here.

He wants to ask you
a few questions.

You don't have to do it
if you don't want to.

I'd be more than happy
to tell him to piss off.

I can talk.

Hey, branch.

I don't want to take
too much of your time.

I just want to know if you
remember what happened.

I got shot.

Yeah. Twice.

When I first found you,

you told me you'd been shot
by a dead man.

What'd you mean
by that?

David ridges.

Who the hell's
David ridges?

The guy
from the suicide video?


Only he was wearing makeup --

grayish white all over his face
and body,

like war paint.

And at some point
after he shot me,

he was standing over me,

chanting and dancing.

He had these black feathers
on his head.

You remember
firing your weapon?

I think so.

That's my boy.

I hope you hit
the Indian son of a bitch.

I just remembered

Jacob nighthorse?

I was out at the funeral pyre
earlier with him.

I wanted to collect
some DNA evidence.

Jacob said if I went back,
someone would come after me.

So, that nighthorse got
this guy ridges to shoot you?

David ridges is dead.

I saw him, Walt.

Before I got shot, I collected
some of the ashes.

Did you pick up the evidence bag
that I had?

I was kind of focused
on getting you help, so...

You got to get
that bag, Walt.

Those ashes --
they're not David's.

I'm not crazy.

Doc. What kind of meds
you have branch on?

Uh, antibiotics to fight
infection, coagulant, dilantin.

I need you to do me
a favor.

I want you to run a test,

see if he's got anything else
in his system.

What do you want me
to check for?

Something that might explain

Right here. Move your feet.

There you go. There you go.


Watch the back door.
Watch the back door.

Yeah! Yeah!

Hey, Jeff.

Better luck next time,

Yeah. See you next year.
See you next year. Okay.

Hey, sheriff.


So, uh, I take it your visit
is about Henry.

He never showed.
His team almost forfeited.

I'm sure they appreciated
you helping out.

I know Henry did.

So, where is he?
That's not your concern.

Right now,
I need to talk to you

about a conversation you had
with branch.

Oh, right, the, uh --
the David ridges thing.

Look, I know that, uh,
what I did

might fall slightly outside
your laws,

but all I was doing
was honoring David's wishes.

By burning his body
on a raised platform?

That's not exactly
a traditional Cheyenne burial.

David honored traditions
from many tribes.

Branch said
you threatened him.

Said if he tried to collect

any of David's ashes
to test them,

you would come after him.

I warned him

that the fury
of the Cheyenne nation

would come down on him.

I was speaking
about spirits,

of course --
about bad fortune.

Branch was shot
three hours ago.

He went back out

to where you told him
not to go, and he got shot.

And you think
I did it?

Did you?


And if you need an alibi,

I was at a chamber
of commerce meeting.

What about David ridges?

Oh, I'd say David's got
an even better alibi,

given that he's dead.

Not according to branch.

Branch saw him
out there.

He saw David?

What did he say
David looked like?

He was wearing white makeup
on his face and body.

A white warrior.


Are you
a religious man, Walt?

I'm a private man.

I didn't realize

how weak my own belief was
until now.

I saw David dead.

I burned his body.

And he came back.

He traveled through time.

Does anyone else know
about branch's vision?


If people hear about it,

they're gonna want
to visit the site.

It's a sacred place.

It's also a crime scene.

So keep it to yourself.

You believe
in that kind of stuff?

Ask me later after I find

that bag of ashes
branch left out there

and get it analyzed.

Mathias and his Denver
buddies were messy.

And luckily...


Not in the mood to move
a 300-pound piece of evidence.

Battle of little bighorn
was 18...76.

Last time Washington won
the super bowl

was '87, right?

Didn't they beat buffalo
in '92?

Right. Right, but that was
for the '91 season, so...


Hey, Walt, um...

I'm really sorry
about your wife.

No one should have to go through
that kind of thing alone.

Why didn't you tell anyone?

It must've been hell
keeping all that inside.


Letting it out doesn't feel
much better, so...

Know any good lawyers
for 1,200 bucks?

Not any good ones.

If we can't afford
a good lawyer,

we're gonna need
a good witness.

I need you to get

to the cumberland county
sheriff's office.

Have them release Hector
back into our custody.

Call me when you got him.

Meantime, I need to get out
to where branch was shot

before all the evidence
blows away, so...

Walt, you don't have
your truck.

Here, take mine.

I'll drive my husband's
while he's at work.

Thanks, Vic.

This is where branch
went down.

That bag of ashes
should be around here.

Who'd want
to shoot branch?

Wearing a badge ain't exactly
the safest job in the world.

It's just hard to imagine

somebody could sneak up
on him out here.

I mean...There's
nowhere to hide.

Maybe -- maybe it was some kind
of evil spirit.

One thing's for sure.

Those bullets that hit branch
were real.

Better start looking
for casings or slugs.

You know, I speak
a few languages.

One of them's English.

And I recall using that
clearly with you

to tell you
to quit trespassing.

You here to process
the crime scene?

I'm out here to kick you
off my res.

My deputy
was shot out here.

And I hope
he pulls through.

In the meantime,
this is sacred ground,

and you are
getting off of it.

Grave robbing's
a crime, sheriff.

So is attempted murder.
That's evidence.

You got to strike a balance
between respect for the living

and respect for the dead.

I'm not gonna press charges
against you.

We'll file a grievance
with the FBI

for your not notifying me
before entering my jurisdiction.


You can't do that.
This is --

it's okay, ferg.

Let's go.

And if you think about
coming back after I'm gone,

you're gonna have
quite a wait.

Not going anywhere.



I'm gonna need you
to take branch's car

over to the hospital
with the evidence.

What evidence?

The evidence you just stole

from right under
mathias' nose.

Base to unit 3.
You there, Walt?

Go ahead, Ruby.

Vic just called in.

She's en route
to cumberland county.

She didn't tell me
what for.

She's going to get
Hector released.

Were you ever gonna fill me in
on your whereabouts?

I'm gonna see Henry in jail.
Is that all?


Do you want to talk
to Dr. weston while you drive?

He's holding.


Hey, sheriff, uh --

I just sent the ferg over
with some DNA remains

I need analyzed
straight away.

Two times in one day

you've asked me to use science
to help you out.

When did you
go all CSI?

I'm just playing the cards
I was dealt.

Those tests
usually take weeks.

Maybe you
could call in a favor.

Yeah, I'll see
what I can do.

Um, meantime, I thought
you'd like to know

that branch did have
something in his system.

You're never gonna believe
what it was.



He never struck me
as the peyote type.


I think that feather
you found in his wound

was laced with it.

What makes you
think that?

When I was sewing branch up,
he was rambling,

he could taste colors.


Then he identified the shooter
as a guy who's dead.

That's a nice diagnosis.

You should've gone
to med school.

Then again, they'd never have
taught you

how to perform surgery
using fishing tackle, so...

Let me know if you
can speed along

those DNA results
from ferg.

Will do.

You must be here
to break me out.

I suppose you have
a couple of horses

right outside the window.

I'm sorry.
Did I miss something?

Is this a joke?

It is what it is.


We both knew
this might happen.

Doesn't mean we have
to accept it.

What is so bad
about accepting fate?

Is that
what this is about?

That why you signed
that extradition waiver?

I do not see the point
in fighting just to fight.

I'm fighting to keep you
in Wyoming.

If you're in Denver,
you're in fale's territory.

You're out of my control.

Well...I can take care
of myself.

And you can play the fatalistic
zen monk all you want,

but if they put you away,
they stop investigating,

and we never find out who is
really behind all this.

Now, if you're not willing
to fight for yourself,

you do it for my wife.

Did you find a lawyer?

You can't afford
a lawyer.

There is
$40,000 in my safe.

No, there isn't.

How much is there?

About $1,200.

Someone else know
the combination of that safe?


Well, public defender's office
is strong.

I'll get cady to make sure
you have the best one.


Now, are you going
to tell me

why you were covered
in blood earlier?

Branch got shot,
but he's doing okay.

Shot by whom?

He said the guy looked like
David ridges, but --

but ridges shot himself.

So we saw.

Branch also said the shooter
was covered in war paint.

What kind of war paint?

Whitish gray.
All over his body.


The white warrior.

You might be dealing with
some very bad medicine here.

Time's up, sheriff.

Be careful, Walt.

These guys
are unpredictable --

kind of our version
of religious extremists.

don't worry about me.

We just need to focus
on getting you out of here.


I have no lawyer. My girlfriend
stole all my money.


But at least
we still have Hector.

Hector tells his story
to a judge,

any half-decent
public defender

ought to be able
to establish reasonable doubt.

Hey. Hey!

What the hell
happened here?

We were holding a prisoner
in our cell --

big Indian fella.

Wouldn't say a word
to anybody,

then he just freaked out.

Was his name Hector?

You from absaroka?

Guess we got you to thank
for all this, then.

Where is he?
I need to talk to him.

If you could find him.

Excuse me?

Hector escaped.
He's gone.

I know. I know. I know.

Maybe I could explain it better
if you would stop yelling.

Tell you what.

Why don't you
call me back later

when you've calmed down
a little?

Or better yet, don't.

You know
the only thing worse

than concrete


Me neither.

I'm looking for Hector.

This about branch?

I've looked for Hector
where I know to look for him.

And I remember you two

seemed to have
a special relationship.

I helped the man out of a jam
a year ago,

but our relationship
began and ended there.

So, is this sudden need to find
Hector about branch?

Or is it about Henry?

I heard he's
in some real trouble.

Let me know if you see
or hear from Hector.

It's important.

Well, I wouldn't wait
by your phone.

This is an unusual piece.

Are these
raven feathers?

Raven, crow, and eagle.

don't touch that!

It's an antique.

It's more
than 100 years old.

Well, then...
I'll be extra careful with it.

So, who did it?

If you can answer
a few questions for me,

I might be able
to answer that for you.

You know, I hadn't talked
to branch's mother

in almost a decade
until today.

She called to scream at me.

You'd think I was the one
who'd shot our son.

Nothing like
a little family trauma

to remind you of why
you divorced someone.

Branch is gonna be okay.


Now, what was it
you came here to ask me?

Can you confirm
that Jacob nighthorse

was at yesterday's chamber
of commerce meeting?

Of course he was there.

His casino
is gonna account

for half this county's commerce
before the year is out.

Now, that is the second time

that bastard's name
has come up

when asking
about who shot my son.

You think nighthorse
did this?

It's hard to see how.

You just made
his alibi, so...

Well, it wasn't a ghost,

so you must have
some other leads.

No leads.
But I have a notion.

A notion?

Hard to believe
my son lost to you.

Well, are you
gonna make me beg

to hear this notion
of yours?

Maybe branch
wasn't the target.

Maybe someone was using him
to get at you.


If that's true...

The shooter better hope

that you get to him
before I do.


Branch, stop!

Stop! Stop!


Cady, I'm sorry.

I was dreaming.

They've got me
on all these meds.

Yeah, it's okay.

You're not gonna tell anybody
about that, are you?

Hey, dad.

I was just running down to
the cafeteria.

Do either of you
want anything?

I'm okay.

No, I'm good.

Have you found
David ridges?


Listen, um, branch, I--

you don't believe me.

I believe you're telling me
what you saw,

but, um...You weren't
necessarily in your right mind.

I know what I saw.

You were on drugs.

That's insane.
I don't --

peyote. You were dosed.

When? How?

The doctor pulled
a peyote-laced crow feather

from out of one
of your wounds.

You were hallucinating,

I saw ridges
before I was shot.

You sure about that,

I mean, you've been
through a lot.

So, that's it, then?

Everything I say
must be a lie.

I didn't say that.

Well, have you been over
every inch of that crime scene

and investigated
every lead?

I'm not allowed
back on the res.

If you believed me,

you wouldn't take no
for an answer.

I was there, Walt.

You were not.


I wasn’t there.

Evening, mathias.

What the hell time
is it?

It's pretty late.

What do you want?

I'd like to formally
request permission

to conduct some business
on the res.



Open up.

I wasn't on the res,

but I was watching
through binoculars,

and I saw something going on
up at that funeral pyre.

I don't care.

Mathias, do you believe
in ghosts?

This is a holy place.
We shouldn't be here.

My victim provided an eyewitness
l.D. Of his attacker

that matches exactly
what we're looking at.

Branch l.D.'D David ridges.
Ridges is dead.

He might've got
the name wrong,

but he gave a thorough
description of the man.

Body makeup,
ceremonial loin cloth.

Henry told me
about these guys --

religious extremists.

I'm gonna have
to answer for this.

No. I will.

Okay, then.

Everybody stop
where you are!

Down on the ground!

Put your hands
behind your head!

What's your name?

Where do you live?

You know David ridges?

What about
Jacob nighthorse?

Why don't you ask them
20 more times?

Think they're
about to break.

Where do you live?

I sit behind the moon.

This'd be a lot easier

if you let me bring them
into my station.

All you got
is a description

of an Indian
wearing ceremonial garb.

That's not grounds for arrest
on my res.

Walt, this is insane.
He needs to be in bed.

I don't really have
a choice.

Mathias won't let me
detain anyone

without a solid
eyewitness l.D.

I'm not getting
any names or addresses.

I let them go now,
we'll never find them again.

You all right?
He's sweating pretty bad.

I'm fine.

You take
a good look.

You let us know
if one of these guys

is the guy
that shot you.

He's not here.

Take another look.

I know it was ridges, Walt.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Mathias, wait.
You can't let them go.

I can and I am.

Mathias, what the hell?

Just wait a minute!

Take another look.
Take your time.

I know it was ridges, Walt.

Dr. weston analyzed those ashes
you were collecting.

Guess whose DNA
was in there.

Dave ridges.

I know what I saw.

I wanted to give you
the benefit of the doubt.

I wanted to come out here,
examine the crime scene...

Chase down every lead,

but...He's dead, branch.

David ridges is dead.

You imagined him.

So, if you were shot
by a white warrior,

you probably
just let him go.

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