Longmire (2012–2017): Season 2, Episode 9 - Tuscan Red - full transcript

A local Cheyenne is found dead in a house after a methane explosion, but the emotionally sensitive investigation could cost Longmire points in the upcoming election.

[Walt] Well, it looks pretty big.

Should be able to get enough timber
to do my cabin steps.

[Henry] It is a sign...
that you are a lucky man.

Good timing.
The election is a week away.

One day you're standing tall.

Next day, people
are walkin' all over you.

A lot can change in a week.

Ignore the polls.

I do.

There are some things I can't ignore.

You still haven't told me about
your chat with Detective Fales.

You know the police.

He asked questions and I answered.

In one week you will be re-elected
and life will get back to normal.

We'll see.

That verged on optimism,
almost excitement.

- You want this job.
- Let's just finish this one.

- You want Branch to win?
- No.

- So you want this job.
- Knock it off.

[Chainsaw revving]

You have never said
you want anything.

Just say it.

Come on. Say you want to be Sheriff
and you want to win.


- I wanna win.
- [Explosion in distance]

[Birds squawking]

[Electronic beeping]

[Branch] No, no, no, no. [laughs]

Don't put words in my mouth.
Walt Longmire's done a fine job.

All I'm sayin' is Absaroka County
deserves more than fine.

We need to look forward,
not backward.

[Electronic beeping]

I'll call you back.

[Siren wailing]

Return to your vehicle, ma'am!
You know how fast you were going?

80 in a 55.

- 81. Return to your vehicle.
- We need to talk.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Um, I didn't ass-dial you
the other night.

I called you
and pretended I ass-dialed you.

I have ass-dialed you,
but not that time.

That time, I wanted to see you.
And I can't.

My head's not in the right place
for a relationship.

I wanted to call you and tell you
this, but I'm sick of the phone...

...and I'm not gonna text,
so I wanted to say it face to face.

Well... we could've met for coffee
or at the monkey bars.

I didn't want anyone to see us
and start gossiping.

I mean, you know this town,
right, so...

[car horn honks]

Now it just looks like
you're giving me a ticket.

Yeah. Great.

It looks like candidate Connally is
harassing the competition's daughter.

Don't bring politics into this.

We're friends, right? But that's it.

That I can do.
Nothing more. I'm done.

You wanna say something?


Cady... we're not done here.

Did you not understand
what I just said?

- Barely.
- OK.

[Engine starts]

I wanna see you again, too.

Not gonna happen.

I think it will.

See you in court.

Do you see anyone?


All right. Let's let it cool down.

Our fire department can handle this.

Volunteer fire department.

Today, we volunteered.

Jeez, relax, Mathias.

He saw the smoke and came runnin'.

Yeah, to a nice photo op.

This is not about the campaign.

That's funny, comin' from
Walt Longmire's campaign chairman.

What the hell happened here?

- I don't know.
- I do.

This house belongs to Dolan Lone Elk.

He's been protesting a fracking
operation just outside the rez.

Now his house blows up from methane
seeping into his water supply.

It's ironic, isn't it?

- What's the name of the company?
- Newett Energy.

Mathias, the link between fracking
and water contamination...

...hasn't totally been proven.

There's some methane
that naturally occurs in sediment.

Not everything's a conspiracy.

Henry, toss me your lighter!

Walt, we just put this fire out.

I rest my case.

These spouts are open.
Water was running.

Which means the gas was leaking.

Someone was definitely home.

All the windows are closed.

This one's locked.

You build up methane pressure in
an enclosed space, you get all this.

Dolan told me the methane levels
made him afraid to take a shower...

...without opening the windows first.

Why didn't Dolan do it this time?

I gotta move him.

You taking the body
to Doc Bloomfield?

Is this suddenly my case?

Ours. My people, your energy company.

Accident or not,
blood is on their hands.

OK, boys, the sooner
we get the autopsy done...

...the faster we find out
what happened.

Ever heard of a burn victim
leakin' blood?

I don't think it's blood.

- What is it?
- Paint.

[Man] What the hell's goin' on here?

- Keep back.
- I have a right to see that body!

- Sir, you can't come in here.
- It's OK. It's his house.

He's Dolan Lone Elk.

If you're Dolan Lone Elk,
then who's this?

Ethan... It's my brother, Ethan.

Take a seat.

Any idea why Ethan was at your home?

He's family.
He doesn't need a reason.

[Vic] And where were you?

I was at a sweat.

[Vic] For what?

For strength. To fight Newett Energy.

Idle No More is planning
a protest here today.

They can't silence us.

Think this explosion
was someone trying to silence you?

Since I started tellin' people
what this company...

...is doing to our land
and our water...

...they've been tryin'
to intimidate me.

My brother's murder will just make
our voices stronger and stronger.

OK, so if it wasn't an accident,
why would someone kill Ethan?

They thought he was me.

I guess all Cheyenne look the same
to everybody at Newett.

Was Ethan part of Idle No More?

No. After he graduated high school,
he left the rez for college.

He moved back and accepted a
management job at Nighthorse casino.

He figured white presidents on green
paper would cure all that ails us.

Maybe he just didn't know
about the methane problem.

Ethan knew.
All Cheyenne knew about it.

We gotta open windows and doors
just to wash our hands!

We have to sleep with windows cracked
and one eye open.

We need to notify Ethan's wife.

Sometimes this news
is better coming from family.

[Dolan] Her name's Lauryn.

She works at the casino, too.
I'd prefer it if you informed her.

If you don't mind, I gotta get back
to my people. I'll see myself out.

Dr. Bloomfield called. He wants you
to come over right away.

Said he needed
to talk to you in person.

Damn it.
I really wanted to meet him.

So, what is
Doc Bloomfield like, anyway?

Ruggedly handsome with a
somewhat irresistible air of mystery.

Hey, Doc. This is Deputy Moretti.

Mother's Japanese.
Father's Scots-Jewish.

Thought I'd be Korean, right?

We didn't come here
for your genealogy, Doc.

You said you needed
to talk in person.

The, uh, mayor asked me
to personally oversee the autopsy...

...and inform you of any results.

[Walt] Why?

Apparently, Newett Energy's CEO...

...called the mayor's office
this morning.

Wanted to make sure
no details were overlooked.

Also wanted to make sure
no law enforcement officials...

...jump to any costly conclusions
about liability.

I assume that means me.

Well, you do got a reputation
of bein' a Cheyenne advocate.

You never learned how to properly oil
the haunches of power.

- What did you find?
- So far?

Nothin' but trouble.

First of all, Ethan Lone Elk had been
painted red from head to toe.

Now, the paint fuelled the fire
on his front, as you can see.

But his back was preserved.

Most likely 'cause he was lying down
when the blast occurred.

I took a sample of the paint.

Red. Oil-based.
Here. I cut a swatch from his shirt.

And I hate racial stereotypes
as much as the next guy...

...but looks like
he was one drunk Indian.

I swabbed inside his cheek.

Hardly seems official.

You can't get a tox screen
back in 24 hours, can you?

We don't have the luxury of time,
given all the givens.

So, Deputy Moretti,
please, do me a favor.

I want you to hold this mouthpiece
over Ethan's mouth, just like so.


Walt, I want you to stand there.

On the count of three, press down
on the victim's chest. Ready?

One, two, three.

[Air exhaling]

- [Beeping]
- [Whistles]

He just blew a.34.

That's a hell
of a lot of beer, eh, Walt?

We didn't find any empty beer bottles
or cans, anything, at his house.

So Ethan was drinking.

Doesn't explain why he was painted
red before a house went up in flames.

- Hey, Ruby.
- Where are you goin'?

Uh, to my desk.

- Nope. Walt wants us to go out.
- Why?

Paint shopping. To match this color.

Where's this from?

Off a gentleman from the rez.
Ethan Lone Elk.

I just don't get people sometimes.

They painted his entire body red.

It's horrible. Let's go, hotshot.

[Jacob] Full-time jobs and medical benefits
for 42 Cheyenne, 14 Arapaho...

...six Lakota and three Crow.

Now, remind me.

Uh, how, again, is this casino
a negative influence for the rez?

I'm not here
to debate with you, Jacob.

I need to talk
to one of your employees.

News travels faster than you.
This about the explosion?

No comment.

[Jacob] I didn't tell his wife.

Didn't think it was my place.

That's your job. For now, anyway.

Lauryn Lone Elk,
she's training, third table in.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Lauryn] Face of steel, eyes of steel.
Don't show them a thing.

Lauryn Lone Elk?

I'm Lauryn. How can I help you?

Mrs. Lone Elk, can you take a break?

You have five minutes.
Not a moment more.

I'm very sorry to tell you...

...there was an explosion
on the reservation today.

And your husband, Ethan...
he was killed.

Can we not do this here?

[Walt] Did your husband tell you
he was goin' to his brother's?

He never does.

[Vic] Why?

Ethan's family is a difficult issue.

My husband and I
have learned not to discuss it.

I don't exactly fit...

...the Lone Elk family's image
of an ideal squaw.

He said he stopped visiting them,
but... I know he was still going.

Did Ethan always go to Dolan's house
or did they go anywhere for a beer?

Ethan didn't drink.

Though he should have
with the pressures of his job.

I understand he worked
at the casino, too.

Ethan ran human resources.

Drug-testing potential employees.

He decided who got the job...
and who didn't.

That can't have been easy.

He get any threats?

For not hiring someone?
Or for marrying me?



Anonymous calls. Hang-ups.

SUVs rolling by our house.

I couldn't tell you
if that was because of me or the job.

But that's our life.

And we refuse to live in fear.

I need to get back to work.

[Cell phone rings]

Deputy Connally, steer clear
of this Ethan Lone Elk situation.

Sounds like an opportunity.

People are gonna get angry. You don't
wanna alienate voting blocs.

Let Walt fall on it.
It's a political grenade.

I disagree.

You're either gonna piss off
big business or the Cheyenne.

You can't afford to lose either group
one week away from the election.

I gotta go.

I'm gonna need
Ethan's list of job applicants.

Especially ones
that didn't make the cut.

So you've dismissed
the energy company already...

...and wanna look for a killer
among my hard-working employees?

Why not look under the ground, man?

That's where the stench
is comin' from.

You say you wanna help the Cheyenne.

You get me that list or you give it
to Mathias. I don't care.

Your employee was killed. The person
that did it might be on that list.

Well, if I did have such a list,
it would be quite confidential.

Then I'll get quite the subpoena.

Let's go.

[Crowd shouting]

[Cell phone rings]

- Hi.
- Victoria.

Can I call you back later?

No. I need to talk to you now.

OK. Make it quick. The shit
has totally hit the fan today.

I know.

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Look at me!

Look at me! You killed my brother!

How's it feel to work
for a bunch of murderers?

[Crowd chanting] This is our song!
Stand together strong!

That's Sean's truck.

What are you doin' here?

Watching. Not them... Them.
Energy company security guards.

They've already taken out one of us.
I'm not lettin' 'em get another.

Keep your head. I'll take care of it.

Idle No More is a peaceful group.
This looks like something different.

I don't think some of these people
are in the group.

[Vic] Maybe Henry will be able talk
some sense into 'em.

I was called.

- By who?
- His people.

Great. So what do we do now?

[Crowd shouting]

Sir, step out of the car. You're
under arrest for inciting a riot.

Are you serious?

Walk out in cuffs,
if you wanna get out of here.

[Crowd cheering]

That was for Ethan!

Don't make me come back for you!

[Crowd booing]

Newett Energy is poisoning our land
and our people!

- They killed my brother!
- [Crowd shouting]

They also own that truck! Get down!

[Crowd booing]

They will not break us!

They're trespassing and they need to
be sent back to where they came from!

This is our song!
Stand forever strong!

This is our song!
Stand forever strong!

This is our song!
Stand forever strong!

[Crowd booing]

Who's gonna be next?

I am.

[Dolan] Is this your idea of justice?

Newett Energy poisons our waters
and we're behind bars...

...while he sits there
like an honored guest?

He's simply filling out a formal
damage report. Thanks to you.

He'll be gone when he's finished.

His arrest was fake. Ours was real.

You people did once try
to disguise your double-standard.

How much money is Newett Energy...

...donating towards
your re-election campaign, Sheriff?

- Not a cent.
- Prove it.

Ask my campaign manager.

It is true. They are not donors.

Walt, we need to talk,
you and me, in private.

I just received the official
tox-screen report on Ethan Lone Elk.

It appears the explosion didn't kill
him. He was already dead.

How'd he die?

Acute alcohol poisoning.

- At.34
- That came from his lungs.

But his blood test came back at.92,
more than ten times the legal limit.

I called to chew out the lab.
I thought the number was a typo.

No one can drink that much
without passing out.

Unless someone
was force-feeding him the alcohol.

Any signs of bruising from a fight?
Being tied up?

The burnin' of the skin
would have covered all that up.

This man was painted red
and forced to ingest alcohol...

...until his body shut down.

Pretty brutal death.

Could be looking at a hate crime.

Emphasis on "hate."
You gonna tell the mayor?

Not until I get all the facts.

Politicians like solutions,
not problems.

- Get anywhere on our red paint?
- Got one of my deputies on it.

♪ [rock music plays] ♪

How many drinks has she had?


You better bring me four more.

Victoria, what they're saying
about us isn't true.

You mean, Newett?


- [Sean] So, ready to go home?
- [Vic] I don't think I can yet.

- I think it's gonna be a long night.
- Oh.

I get it... Vic. I'd give you a kiss,
but don't wanna incite another riot.

- Come on. I'll walk you out.
- Sheriff.

Ethan was dead
before the house exploded.

Are you sure?

Unfortunately so.

Dolan, who wanted him dead?
Ethan mention anyone to you?

This is insane.
You already know what happened.

Newett Energy
has been targeting me for months.

Ethan died in a methane explosion
in my house. They thought he was me.

Ethan was the target, not you.

How do you know that?

Blood tests
suggest alcohol poisoning.

And Ethan didn't drink.

A cynical man would accuse you...

...of shifting blame away
from the company.

Why should we expect anything else,
Standing Bear?

The Sheriff's Department's in bed
with the energy company.

I'm not helpin' you pin the blame
on someone else.

Then enjoy your stay.

[Rock music plays faintly]

- Taxi!
- Oh...

I got a better idea.

[Phone dialing]

[Cady laughs]

I appreciate the ride,
your open-mindedness and discretion.

As well as your pepperoni.

- Oh, my God.
- [Laughs]

You have to eat the crust.

You eat your half, I'll eat mine.

[Both mutter, laugh]

What are you lookin' at?
You gonna throw up?

Where did you get those eyes?

- [Belches]
- [Laughs]

I'm surprised to see you packing.

I thought you didn't live in fear.

I said "we".

Ethan's gone and his dream with it.

- Tell me that dream.
- To move back to the rez.

To create jobs.

He wanted us to move to the rez.
I put my foot down.

I wouldn't have dragged him
to West Memphis...

...to put up
with everything I escaped.

Ethan moved back to help the rez.

And the rez killed him.

The rez didn't kill him.
A person did.

Your husband's death
wasn't an accident.

He may have been murdered
before that house exploded.

You said Ethan didn't drink.
His blood alcohol level was.92.

That's enough to kill him.

He was painted red.

Someone targeted him.

They painted him red
because he wasn't red enough.

Because he wasn't Indian enough.

Because he chose a black woman.

Was anyone particularly angry
about that?

Ethan's family.
Even now, they won't let up.

You know why his dad called me
an hour ago?

To inform me that the tribe
did not recognize me as Ethan's wife.

That I had no right to Ethan's body.

Think they might have turned
that anger on Ethan?

Think his family could have done this
because of me?

Also someone may have been angry
with Ethan...

...'cause he turned 'em down for a job.

Did your husband talk about
the people that failed his drug test?

That was confidential information.

Ethan was very by the book.

He wasn't much with passwords.

[Cady laughing drunkenly]


- [Branch grunts]
- [Cady laughs]

- Look at you!
- Stop!

- You are drunk!
- Stop.

- You are drunk!
- Stop.


Hey, hey! Hey!

[Laughing] No, no, no fair!

Whoo! Look at me!


- Drop the hose! No!
- [Laughing]


[Laughing] No!



You sure you wanna be friends?

Now that things have calmed down,
I'm gonna release you both.

Before I do, I want you to look
at a name on this list for me.

It's the list
of casino job applicants.

The people your brother drug-tested
and disqualified.

My brother was just doing his job.

I imagine
there's some hard feelings...

...that people blamed Ethan
for taking jobs away.

One name on the list stands out,
Mancell Lone Elk.

He a relation of yours?

These are people
that failed the drug test?

Do you know this man?

He's my father.

But he's been clean and sober
for 11 years.

Not according to your brother.

I'm here to take a Dolan Lone Elk
into federal custody.

Sorry. My manners.

I am Lawrence Ward, Federal Bureau
of Investigation, Casper Office.

- Thank you for your cooperation.
- What cooperation?

Well, for arresting Mr. Lone Elk here.

I'm releasing him.

I'll take him.
Disruption of business.

Destruction of private property.
Oh, and a politically motivated murder.

You think I killed my brother?

Oh, Dolan, I imagine you probably thought
blowin' up your own house...

...would result in some publicity
for your cause.

It has.

What are you implying?

What I'm saying is, is that Mr.
Lone Elk here has hit the big time.

He's now a domestic terrorist.



Well, in the realm of drunken
mistakes, that was not so bad.

Mm. Maybe that should be
my new campaign slogan.

"Branch Connally: Not so bad."


Hair of the dog?

Duty calls. Gotta work.



Cady, it's 6:30 in the mornin'.

I made coffee.

What's goin' on?

I'm a single, highly educated woman
in the middle of Wyoming...

...with absolutely no career
to speak of.

My dad and my ex-boyfriend
are in a nasty campaign fight.

And recently
I found out that my mother...

Your mother what?

- Is this about Denver?
- No.

You should go.

I should be right here.

This is where I should be.

My mom didn't die of cancer.

[Dogs barking]

Thanks for meeting me, Mathias.

What do you want
with Mancell Lone Elk?

Same as you.


[Mathias] Ethan's dead. His brother's
been labeled a terrorist.

Now, you want to harass his father?

Hasn't the family
suffered enough, Walt?

I appreciate your concern, Mathias...

...but the Sheriff's
just doin' his job.

Probably not for long.

Mr. Lone Elk... must've been a
difficult job for your son, Ethan...

...to tell people
he'd known his entire life...

...they're not getting
these high-paying casino jobs.

It was not easy on him.

But I taught my sons
never to choose the easy path.

You did a fine job with 'em.

Must've been even harder on Ethan,
when you failed the drug test.

This is a tribal elder
you're speaking to, Walt.

How hard was that on you, Mancell?

Rejection... stirs hard feelings
in the soul.

When I failed that test, I was angry.

And I was ashamed.

What I should have been was proud.

I raised my two sons to follow truth,
so they could not be corrupted.

Where were you two nights ago
when your son was killed?

He was leading an NA meeting
at the rez centre.

The one my sister attends.

I was clean
since Ethan gave me that test.

I wanted to show him...

...that I was worthy
of callin' myself his father again.

You have no issue
with your son failing you?

Ethan didn't fail me. I failed him.

But you do have some issues
with his wife.

I choose not to recognize that woman
as Ethan's spouse!

- Because she's black.
- Because she's not Cheyenne!

When a child chooses to be
with someone you don't approve of...

...feels like rejection.

Makes you angry.

And anger leads to bad decisions.

How could I do that to my own son?
My own son?

Who knows what you'd do, if
you were high on this? Is this meth?

That's not mine. I took it off one
of our members at the NA meeting.

You are an elder.
You said you were clean.

Lying is the easy path.

When I heard about Ethan...
I bought a quarter-ounce!

Without his expectations
to live up to...

...you tell me. Why the hell bother?

Why the hell bother?

So who's gonna cuff him, Sheriff?
You or me?

[Crowd shouting]

[Sean] You really think
you should go in today?

[Vic] I have to go in.

- Well, I'm walking you to the door.
- No.

No, that'd make things worse.
They know we're married.

"Newett Energy and the Sheriff's
Department are in bed together."

Wait. Who said that? Walt?


Dolan Lone Elk,
right before the FBI grabbed him.

So you're influenced by a terrorist.

Why would you call him a terrorist?

Because that's basically what he is.
Babe, look what he's done to Durant.

Look what he did
at our headquarters the other day.

Please tell me you didn't call
the FBI on him.

The heat is off your company.

The whistle-blower is in custody...

...and you're using
the same language as the FBI.

Victoria, the FBI debriefed my boss
on the situation.

I was forwarded a memo.

They referred to him as a terrorist.
That's it.

I'd like to see that memo.

Just what kind of man
do you think I am?

Where's Mancell Lone Elk?

Thought he'd be safer with Mathias.

[Crowd shouting]

I'm going to work. Get out of my way!

All of you, move back!

Stay back!

Ruby! Stay back!

Get back! Grab her.

Is she all right?

She got a bit roughed up. She's fine.

They seem pretty upset.

Why don't you go down there
and ask 'em to leave?

Introduce yourself.
You haven't been around much.

Don't you wanna know
about the paint?

Found the shade of red
painted on Ethan Lone Elk.

Tuscan red. None of the chain stores
could recall any buyers.

I did get about 20 names by hittin'
the mom-and-pop stores in the county.

Mancell's name on that list?

Why don't you read it and find out?

Branch got a match on the paint.
A list of buyers.

Mancell's not on that list.

But that doesn't mean
he didn't have the paint.

We need
to cross-check the buyers...

...with everyone
that failed Ethan's drug tests.

And cross-check with the employees
of Newett Energy, as well.

[Crowd shouting]

I need to talk to Dolan Lone Elk.

He may be more forthcoming now that
he's the FBI's number-one suspect.

Dolan's in FBI custody.
How are you gonna talk to him?

Ask nicely.

Where did everybody go?

Home. Nobody left
to supervise their training.

After Walt questioned her,
Lauryn Lone Elk quit.

On the bright side, he is suffering
the worst political week of his term.

The two biggest job creators
in the area are reeling.

Half the county
thinks Walt's coddling the natives.

Other half thinks
he's in Newett Energy's pocket.

With all due respect
to Ethan Lone Elk...

...he couldn't have picked
a better time to die.

Yeah, well, I still have a job to do.

I can't keep my hands clean forever.

No, you certainly can't. Especially
if you wanna win this thing.

Even with all of Walt's
sudden political radioactivity...

...the election's gonna be close.

There's gotta be a better way
to tip this thing in my favor.

You know what would help? Dirt.

On Walt or his family.

If you got
any juicy Longmire secrets...

...now would be the time
to spill 'em.

This is a closed crime scene.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

- Is Dolan still in your custody?
- Mr. Lone Elk is answering questions.

I have a few of my own
I'd like to ask him.

Such as?

About some folks on this list.

People his brother
denied casino jobs to.

See if he knows of anyone
making threats against Ethan.

So you wanna ask the suspect...

...if he thinks you should pin this
on someone else?

Why don't you let me have that list?
I'd be happy to ask Dolan myself.

No. I'll hold on to this.

If I can't talk to Dolan, I'll run
these names by some neighbors.

You get kicked out?

Yeah. What are you doin' here?

Followin' up on Mancell Lone Elk.

Searched his house. No red paint.

So now I'm hopin'
to talk to Dolan about his father.

Hope you have more luck than I did.

Who lives over there?

Grady Littlefoot and his brothers.

Here we go.

You here to punish us for exercising
our right to free speech?

It's a free country.

I hear there's another protest at
a fracking rig going on right now.

Why aren't you there?
You have a change of heart?

Can't protest every dumb thing
the white man does.

Wouldn't have time
for home and gardening.

- [Chuckles] You lookin' to sell?
- We were.

Then gas started leaking
out of the faucets.

Then the neighbor's house blows up.

We could turn this place
into the Taj Mahal.

Nobody would buy it.

That's a tough break.

Especially since you all
just got turned down for a job.

Names are right here
on this list of folks...

...that didn't pass
the casino drug test.

Must've got under your skin.

Yeah, we don't snort coke or do meth.

- You did fail the drug test.
- For peyote.

That's no drug. That's our heritage.

Ethan Lone Elk
wouldn't cut you any slack...

...for observing
sacred religious rituals.

Ethan was a self-righteous prick.

He came back here after 20 years.

Started driving his white man's car,
waving his white man's diploma...

...showin' off his black man's wife.

It was like, suddenly,
he thought he was someone.

He'd pull up
over to Dolan's place...

...and we'd call him over,
invite him to a drink...

...and he would just stand there
like he was afraid.

So you weren't too heartbroken
about what happened to Ethan.

He deserved what happened.

White man's company blows up
the whitest Indian I ever seen.

What do you call that?
Poetic justice?

I'd call that somethin' else.

See, Ethan was dead
before that house ignited.

And his body was covered in paint.

Tuscan red.

It matches the stripes on your car.

You tryin' to accuse us of somethin'?

I'm still workin' on it.


Here's what I got so far.

I think you asked Ethan
over for a drink...

...but you didn't take no
for an answer.

I think you grabbed Ethan
and dragged him here.

Held him down
and forced booze down his throat...

...and painted him Tuscan red.

Just so he'd remember, no matter
how many diplomas he had, Ethan...

...would always be
a red-skinned drunk.

After you forced him
to drink himself to death...

...you took him
to his brother's house.

You opened the taps,
closed the doors...

...and blew the place to bits
to cover up what you'd done.

All because Ethan
had made himself into somebody.

But you...

...were still just you.


Unless you wanna see
if your blood is Tuscan red...

...I'd think twice about that.

I heard that information I gave you
about the house paint came in handy.

Sorry. I forgot
to bring you your trophy.

Should I step out,
so you can measure the blinds?

- So, Walt, how's Cady?
- Cady's fine.

That's funny
'cause I don't think she is.

I think she's feelin' lost and alone.

And I think deep down...
she's angry...

...because she put her entire life
on hold for you when you needed her.

And now that the tables have turned
and she needs you...

...you're too busy bein' Sheriff
to even notice.

Not only do you think
you'd be a better sheriff than me...

...you think you can walk in here
and tell me how to be a father?


...I know what happened in Denver.

No, you don't.

If this were just about you and me...

...you'd be readin' it in the paper
tomorrow morning.

But this isn't just about you and me.

So word of your wife's murder
won't leave this room.

I can promise you that.

But I think
you should consider the idea...

...that, right now...
your daughter might need you...

...more than the county does.

[Door slams]