Longmire (2012–2017): Season 2, Episode 7 - Sound and Fury - full transcript

While serving at the Red Pony, Henry overhears a customer trying to organize a hit on his wife. When the customer leaves, Henry follows him to the car park to volunteer for the job.

♪ [rock music plays] ♪

I think I'm really
getting the hang of this.

I can always use the help.

Well, I need a towel...

...and another vodka
martini and whiskey sour...

...for table number nine.

Oh! Got to go.

The best part is,
then the bitch hired a lawyer.

Vodka martini and whiskey sour.

Wrong table.

Okay. Sorry to bother you.

So, what exactly
are you suggesting?

I'm suggesting that
you make some easy money.

My wife's always the
last to leave her office.

You can just do
it in the parking lot.

You want me to kill your wife?

[Man] Unh-unh.

[Engine revving]

I tip what I think is fair.

- If you don't like it...
- I am not looking for a tip.

Well, then what 'do' you want?

I heard what you were saying...
About your wife.

Well, you heard wrong.
I was just blowing off steam.

Relax. You do not
have to explain.

I hear problems all the time.

I just wanted to tell
you that I know someone...

who can help you make
your problem go away.

Oh, really?



I would like to report a murder.


Who's the victim?

A woman. I believe
she works in an office.

- What happened?
- Nothing yet.

Okay, then.

Who's the killer?

If all goes according
to plan, I am.

A man at The Red Pony
tonight was trying to hire...

...someone to kill his wife.

I volunteered.

Of course you did.

It's what anybody would do.

What's the guy's name?

This is where things
get a little fuzzy.

[Vic] So, then,
you don't know his name?

He did not offer.

And he paid in cash,
so no credit-card receipt.

That is why I followed
him outside...

...and offered to do the job.

He said he would
call me tomorrow.

So, the guy said,
"I want you to kill my wife"?

Not in those words exactly.

So, then,
you can't be 100% sure.

I know what I heard.

And I know what I saw.

A white man,
six foot-ish, dark hair.

With a medium build?

I'll call the sketch artist.

He was talking to a biker.

Yeah. Whose name
you also don't know.

Regardless, we need to set up
surveillance on Henry's phone.

Ferg, you take care of that.

The rest of us need
to do everything...

...we can to identify
this man and his wife.

Henry, you know anyone
else might be able to...

...identify either
of these two men?

I was going to tell you.

I told him not to.

You know, I...
I didn't want you to worry.

After my little
leave of absence...

...they'd already replaced
me at the law firm.

I have bills to pay.

So, I offered her a job.
It is only part-time.


Right now, I'm just interested
in preventing a murder.

Table nine... do you remember
who was sitting there?

- Um... Table nine is the
one by the fireplace?


Hell, yeah, I remember the
guy that was sitting there.

- There were two of them.
- There were?

I only remember the hot one...
the handsome one.


So, which was the hot one...

...the husband or the hitman?

I am not a good
judge of hotness.

- Wait, a hitman?
- [Walt] Yeah.

These are the kind of
people you come across...

...when you work in a bar.

- Dad.
- We can talk about this later.

Right now...

...we need to know anything else
you remember about this guy.

He was wearing a vest...

...with The Brown Hawk
construction logo on it.

[Vic] So, which one do you
think is the hot one?


We're looking for a bad boy.

How do you know?

Trust me. I know.

[Man] Yeah, I was at The Red
Pony last night. So what?

You were sitting with someone.
Who was he?

Just some guy named Bill.

I didn't bother
asking his last name.

So you never met
him before last night?


Got a call two days
ago about building a deck.

Said he got my
name from a friend.

You agree to build his deck?

Budget was too small.

What about murdering
Bill's wife?

You agree to do that?

Speak up, Richard.

If Bill's wife dies, you're
gonna go from building decks...

...to stamping
out license plates.

What did you and
Bill talk about?

He told me he was
into bikes, so...

...we talked about
my new Harley...

...then he started
dumping about his wife...

...said that she didn't have
a problem spending his money...

...but, uh...

...hadn't gone down
on him since the honeymoon.

Then, all of a sudden, he's
like, "you know what, man?"...

..."Forget about the deck. You
want to make some real money...

...you help me deal with her.

So he asked you to kill her?

Yeah, pretty much.

And how did you respond?

I said "no," and
I walked out of there.

He say how or when he wanted
you to, uh, take care of her?

He said she worked at a bank...

...figured I could pop
her in the parking lot...

...make it look like
a robbery after work.

So, why does this guy Bill...

...think that you're the man to
talk to about killing his wife?

Told you I don't
know how he got my name.


Yeah. You know what?
Yeah, I do.

My psycho ex...
I broke up with her last week.

I bet you the bitch
put Bill up to this...

...and then called
the cops on me.

What makes you
think the bitch...

...would do
something like that?

'Cause that's the kind
of crazy-ass shit you women do.

Bet you Richard Montero's
got at least...

...one assault against a woman.

At least we know something
about the wife now.

You and Branch need to get to
every single bank in the county.

Find every employee married
to someone named Bill...

...Billy, William, or Will.

He will call.

I believe you.


Give it time.


Maybe I should
stay out in the bar.

This guy knows I work here,
and he seems to prefer doing...

...business face-to-face.

Just relax, Henry.

[Phone rings]

It is a beautiful day at The
Red Pony and continual soiree.

This is Henry.


I'm here, standing bear.

Guess what I'm not wearing.

[Henry clears throat]

Deena, I cannot
do this right now.

The police are
recording this call.

Of course they are,
because what I want you...

...to do to me
is against the law.

Deena, seriously,
I will call you back later.

[Clears throat]

Well, at least we
know the equipment works.


Hey, Branch.
I got nothing. You?

Uh, I talked to three banks
that our potential victim...

...supposedly might work at.

I got nothing either.

For such a small town, they
sure got a lot of banks here.

[Branch] No kidding.

Let me know if you,
uh, find anything.


Ed Gorski.

Wow. I almost didn't recognize
you with the blonde hair.

What are you doing here?

My wife and I are
on a little road trip.


Self-imposed. I retired. [chuckles]

You seem young for that.

Well, you dodge
bullets long enough...

...you're entitled
to a pretty decent pension.

Wow. Wow.

You are a sight for sore eyes.

Look at you all deputized
in the wild west.

This must be fate.
I should buy a lottery ticket.

You do that.

- I got to get to work.
- How are you and your husband doing?


We're good.

Listen. I'm in the middle
of something, so...

I get it, but we should
get together tonight.

- I don't think so.
- Come on.

I'll bring my wife
as a chaperone.

Okay. Sure.

A drink.
Where are you guys staying?

Well, we've got the RV,
so we're staying at, uh...

...Two Moons RV Park,
but I'll give you my cell.

And even though I
am on a fixed income...

...I'll buy.


Sean. I... I couldn't
remember your husband's name.

But it's Sean.
I knew I'd remember it.

Go Eagles!

[Phone rings]

It is a beautiful day
at The Red Pony and...

...- continuous...
- [Bill] I'm looking for Henry.

You got him.

[Bill] Remember that job
we talked about?

- I do, and I am still...
- [Bill] Well, forget it.

I found someone else.

[Call disconnects]

[Vic] So, Ferg traced the call
to a guy named Bill Norquist.

They have him in custody...

...but Ferg says that
he won't tell Walt...

...what his wife's
first name is.

No Norquists on any of
these banks' employee lists.

Maybe the wife never
took his last name.

I'll call the courthouse.

Should be a marriage certificate
on file with her name on it.

Oh, come on! This is
absolute and utter insanity.

Not only did I not do that...

...I can't even imagine
doing something like that.

So, two men,
independently of each other...

...both misunderstood that you
wanted to have your wife killed?

Sheriff, if you locked
up every guy in a bar...

...who runs his mouth
about wanting...

...to make his wife go away...

...all the jails would be full
and all the bars would be empty.

We have a recording
of you calling...

...Mr. Standing
Bear this afternoon...

...to tell him you
hired someone else, though.

I was a little freaked out.

I thought maybe he
was gonna come after me.

I thought maybe he was
gonna come after my wife...

...so I called him
today and made up that...

...business about
hiring someone else...

...just hoping that
he would leave me alone.

Obviously, I mis-underestimated
this psychopath.

You are lying.

Oh, really?

Well, I guess it's
your word against mine.

[Walt] Look, Mr. Norquist.

Just tell us your wife's name.

Really? Why? So you can...

...go ahead and tell
her that you think...

...that I tried
to have her killed?

- I think not.
- Bill, don't say another word.

Sheriff, I'm Clay Dunbar.

I represent Mr.
Norquist, and we are leaving.

[Bill] Clay, thank God.

This native American
here is trying to say...

...that I tried to
hire him to kill my wife.

Branch just called.

Bill's wife goes by her
maiden name... Diane Highsmith.

Oh, great. Now they're
gonna poison Diane against me.

- Not another word.
- Hey, listen, Sheriff...

...next time you see me,
I might be dead...

...- because my wife might kill me.
- Bill! Come on.

- Listen to the good one, all right?
- Come on.

[Bill] What a load of crap!

You follow Bill Norquist
wherever he goes.

You both seem so
delighted that I'm alive.

What's going on?

We believe that somebody may
have put out a contract on you.

To kill me?
Like in the movies?

I don't think so.

We have multiple witnesses
who say otherwise.

I'm sorry. What are you doing?

I'm calling my husband.

I'm sure he'd like to know.

Ma'am, I don't think
that's such a good idea.

You think he's behind this?

Have you two been
having problems?

Yeah. We're married.

Look... I'm sure that someone
just heard him talking...

...trash about me.
"I'm going to kill her."

It's nothing I
haven't heard before.

When push comes to shove,
he's all talk.

Maybe that's why he
hired someone else to do it.

So, if this is true,
who did Bill hire?

He's not saying.

But until we can
sort this out...

...you should find
a different place...

...to stay other
than your house.

I can stay at a friend's place.

She's away for the week.

I know where the keys are.

I'll follow you.

Well, all right, then.

Okay, Walt?

The lawyer brought Bill
right back to his office.

He works at some kind
of shipping company.

Why don't you get back on the
horn with the phone company?

Get a trace put
on Norquist's cell.

See if he makes any more calls.

[Ferg] Got it.

Bill's going inside.

Should I follow him?

[Walt] We don't want him
siccing his lawyer on us.

Just stay put out there.

Let me know when he leaves.

[Ferg] Roger that, Sheriff.

You think your husband
will look for you here?

I doubt it.

He's never taken an interest
in any of my friends.

Come to think of it...

...this is actually the first
time in months he's actually...

...taken an interest in me.

I'll be fine from here.

I'll be out front
watching your place.

I like knowing that.

♪ [music plays] ♪

[Vic] So, where's your wife?

She's not feeling too good.

Think it's the altitude.

So, Ed... [clears throat]

...Durant, Wyoming, isn't
really on the way to anywhere.

This wasn't fate, was it?

Not entirely. No.

Look... I was tough
on you during the whole I.A.

Thing with Bobby.

Putting it mildly.

I was out of line.

I've moved on.

But 'I' haven't.

I'm an alcoholic, Vic.

And it got worse after
Bobby's suicide...

...and I kind of
blamed you for that.

One part of my recovery...

...is to make amends
with the people that I hurt.

That's why I made my
wife take this detour...

...because I wanted to
come here to say that I'm sorry.

Why did you order a beer?

It's something I do.
I order a drink and leave it...

...be to test myself.

Seems like you're
just asking for trouble.

Well, you'd know a lot about
that, wouldn't you, Moretti?

I better get back to my wife.

How did you find me, anyway?

Come on. I used to be a cop.

[Cell phone rings]

This is Branch.

[Cady] Oh. Hey.

- I, um...
- Cady?

Yeah. Hi. I'm sorry.

- I... I didn't mean to dial your number.
- Did you ass dial me?

I guess I did. [laughs]


So, what are you doing?

[Hangs up]


Hey, Branch.

Did I startle you?


I thought I'd see
if you wanted me...

...to take your shift
watching Diane.


Well, you're always telling
me I'm giving you the...

assignments, so...

[cell phone rings]

- Hello.
- [Ruby] I have a call for Walt...

...from a Detective
in South Dakota.

[Man] Hey, Sheriff. Detective Huber.

We just found a body
on the outside of town.

His I.D. Says he's from Durant.

[Walt] What's his name?

His name? Let's see.

William Norquist.

You know him?


Yeah, I know him.

[Huber] His body temperature indicates
he's been dead 6 to 8 hours.

Looks like he bled out
from his femoral artery.

Guy took two shots
to his thighs.

[Walt] Not much blood in the car.

[Huber] Nah, seems like he was dumped
in the car after he got shot.

Who found him?

Some gutter punk.

They're like these
kids that would rather...

...ride the rails than shower.

One of them hopped this
boxcar and found the dead guy.

I'd like to talk to him.


[Ferg] Vic, I'm telling you.

I had eyes on that
door all night.

There's no way he
came out the front.

Well, his bike
is still here and...

...the company said
his key card never swiped out.

So how does he end up dead
200 miles away from here...

...if he never even
left the office?

He hopped a train.

[Woman] So, I was waiting to
hitch a ride to Chicago.

And when this one pulled up,
one of the doors were open...

...which is a sign
that one of us is riding.

But when I pulled myself on...

he was just lying there.
I... I took a picture.

It's really hard
to find film anymore.

Did you see anyone else?

Uh, no, you kind of want
to avoid people...

...when you're
looking to hop on.

Mind if I keep this?

[Scoffs] Yeah, I mind.



- [Train horn blares]
- [Vic] You sure? He never registered?

Ed Gorski.

This is the Two
Moons RV Park, right?

Okay, well, check again.

I'll wait.

Hey, Ferg!

We should get a sample of this,
run the blood type.

If there was a train car here...

...nobody would be able
to see this spot...

...from the shipping yard.

The killer either knew this
train yard or he's a real pro.

[Knocking on door]

I was just getting in the bath.

I'm sorry, but I kind
of need to talk to you.

Well, come on in then.

I, uh, have to go turn
off the running water.

Listen, Diane. I've got
some news about your husband.

I'm sorry.

Bill is dead.

What happened?

We don't know much, but...

...it looks like
he was shot two times.

They found his body in a boxcar.

So it's all over?

I can go home now?

Well, not exactly.

It's still possible that Bill
hired someone to kill you, so...

...I'll stay on
patrol outside...

...until we can get
to the bottom of this case.

You know,
when Bill and I first met...

...we were totally in love.

And then,
bit by bit, it all fades.

And here I am, years later,
hearing he's dead...

...and all I feel is nothing.

Life's funny.

[Walt] These swabs are
from Norquist's body.

Can we have them checked
against the blood you found...

...- at the rail yard?
- Sure.

Walt. It's Branch for you.

- What's up, Branch?
- [Branch] Hey, Walt.

So, I notified Diane.

How did she take it?

She took a bath.

There's something off about
that condo she's staying at.

Kind of feels like
a model apartment.

I was curious about
that out-of-town friend...

...so I called the
condo leasing office.


The friend's name...
is Diane Highsmith.

I just found out about Bill.

Can I have a moment?

[Walt] You bet.

I think Diane is behind this.

Why do you say that?

Last week,
Bill called me in a rage.

He was going through
some of Diane's e-mails...

...and he found a file
with a bunch of stuff to...

...and from a divorce
attorney at Pierce-Strahan.

She's had divorce plans
in the works for six months.

She was waiting
to pull the trigger.

Why was she waiting?

Well, she was waiting for
Bill's rich mother to die...

...which she did 10 days ago.

So Diane's half of...

...the divorce settlement
just went up $1.2 million.

That's a reason for
him to want to kill her...

...not the other way around.

She could just pull the
trigger on the divorce...

...she'd get what she wanted.

Unless if what she
wanted was everything.

So, what's going on?

Did someone kill him again?

Diane, were you planning
to divorce your husband?


So, you're not working with
an attorney at Pierce-Strahan?

Did you go through my e-mail?

No. But your husband did.

[Sighs] Okay.

Yeah, we've gone through
a couple of bad months...

...and I was taking
steps to protect myself.

You were doing this in secret?

In case you've forgotten,
my husband...

...is the kind of
man who hires hitmen.

You weren't just waiting
for his sick mother to die...

...so you could get
a larger settlement?

I was waiting for
his mother to die...

...because that is
the decent thing to do.

I wasn't just gonna walk out on
him during something like that.

But you're okay with secretly...

...leasing an
apartment across town?

That's a lot of
secrets for one person.

Husbands and wives keep
secrets from each other.

Have you ever been married,


Then you know how
stifling it can be.

No. I don't.

One more question.

Branch confirmed you
haven't left this condo.

Have you made contact
with anybody...

...about killing your husband?

Why would I start
a divorce process...

...if I was going to hire
someone to kill my husband?

Maybe so you could say
exactly what you just did.

[Harmonica playing]

Hey, baby. I'm back.

So you are.


When you left, you told
me you were going to Bismarck.

The phone records indicate that
you were actually in Chicago.

You can't be serious. You're
checking my phone records?

I had other reasons
to check the phone records.

I don't like it
when you're like this.

Why were you in Chicago, Deena?

[Phone rings]

It is a beautiful
day at The Red Pony...

...and continual soiree.
This is Henry.

[Man] Just the guy I'm looking for.

Who is this?

[Man] Your worst nightmare.

I know what you did, Henry.

You went to the police
about Bill Norquist.

That was a real pain in my ass.

I never meant to upset you.

[Man] Bill and I had a deal.

And when you tattled on us,
he reneged.

So I told Bill that...

..."if you're not gonna
pay me to kill your wife...

...you better pay
me 'not' to kill her."

Pretty smart, right?

But Bill wouldn't do it, so
do you know what I did, Henry?

- You shot him.
- That's right.

Bill died over $2,000.

That's what his life was worth.
Such a waste.

And I still don't have my money.

Which brings me to
my next question, Henry.

How much is 'your' life worth?

[Motorcycle engine revving]

[Man] 'Which brings me'
'to my next question, Henry.

''How much is your life worth?"

You have to do something, Walt.

Ferg's tracing the
phone that made that call.

I pulled Branch
off another job...

...to stay here full-time
till we find this guy.

Somebody's threatening
to kill Henry.

You're gonna put
one deputy in the bar?

I appreciate this sudden
show of care and concern, Deena.

Hey, Walt.

- This guy...
- Somebody stole my motorcycle!

He said he's been
here for a few hours...

...but when he went
out to the parking lot...

...his bike was gone.

We'll do all we can
to find your bike, sir.

My deputy will take
down your information.

So, the mystery caller knows me
and knows how to hot-wire bikes.

Richard Montero has a couple
auto thefts on his record.

Maybe he's still
involved in this.

Ferg, I'm gonna need you
to check Richard Montero's...

...alibi for
the last few hours.

Okay. I... I just got
off with the phone company.

The guy called from
a disposable phone.

It's the only call
it's ever made.

And it's not being picked
up by any of the towers...

...around here so maybe
he took out the battery.

What about incoming calls?

I got two calls from that pay
phone outside the cargo company.

Figured that was probably Bill.

And, uh,
one call from another number.

Did you get her?

Get who?

Diane, Bill's wife. I'm assuming
that's why you called me here.

Did you find some evidence
to connect her to Bill's death?

We found evidence.

But it actually only connects
'you' to Bill's death.

What? Th... that's ridiculous.

We have the killer's
phone number.

You called him.


Okay, okay.
Th... this can't be right.

This is...
okay, look. Right here.

Here is my recent call list.

I have never dialed that...

- You were saying?
- I...

Now I remember.

When we left here yesterday...

...Bill borrowed
my phone to make a call.

You know, I've been
thinking about hitmen.

So have I.

Most of them fit
a certain profile.

They're unknown
in the community...

...lot of them have substance
problems and need money...

...and most of them...
most of them have...

...some kind of background that
prepares them for taking lives.

Sounds about right.

So, I think I got
a possible candidate.

I ran into this guy
I used to work with.

From Philly. Ed Gorski.

At first, I didn't think
anything of it...

...but he shows up
in Durant of all places...

...right in the middle
of this whole thing.

You think Bill hired
your friend to kill his wife?

It's possible.

He's an ex-cop, so he's
certainly got the training.

[Walt] So, Bill uses his lawyer's
phone to call the killer...

...maybe arranging a
meeting to call off the hit.

So, they meet here,
something goes wrong...

...hitman kills him,
puts his body on the train.

Doc Bloomfield confirmed
that Bill's blood type...

...matches the blood that
Ferg and I found right here.

I've seen that graffiti before.

That's the same tag
was in the train car...

...where we found Bill's body.

Well, it's obviously
a popular place for homeless.

Actually, gutter punks.



Okay. Okay. It's okay.

I'll... I'll just get moving.

- What's your name, son?
- Huh? Oh, uh, Scott.

How long you been here, Scott?

Oh, I just, uh... I just
got off the train yesterday...

...but, you know, I been
through here a bunch of times.

I like the Mountain air,
you know? But, hey, listen...

...I don't... I don't
want to cause any trouble.

I just... I got my things now.
I'll get going.

You recognize this guy?

Oh, yeah.

He's the manager
here or something. [laughs]

You ever speak to him?

[Laughs] Well, he... he yells at us
to get off the property, yeah.

He call you?

Whose tag is that?

With the zipper.

Um... That's Zip. Yeah.

I don't know, man. I stay away
from that dude. He scares me.

Why's that?

Zip's like Mensa smart,
okay? And...

...all the girls like him,
but I don't know, man.

You get to riding around
like I do and you just get a...

...feeling for people.
And I'm telling you...

...that guy's got dead eyes,
shark eyes...

...almost like he ain't
even human, you know?

Do you know where Zip is now?

You know, I...

I saw him this morning,

- but... I don't know...
- [cell phone rings]

...where he went to. You know,
he's kind of appears...

...- and disappears like a phantom...
- [Vic] Moretti.

- I don't know.
- Yeah. Hang on.

It's Branch.

While I was at The Red Pony,
I was checking in with...

...Diane every hour.

Last time I tried her,
she didn't pick up.

Henry said he'd be fine...

...- so...
- Better get back over to her condo...

...see what's going on.

Already did. She wasn't there.
I'm almost at her house.

Hey, Walt.
There's a motorcycle here.

Same plates as the one that
got stolen from The Red Pony.

Stay put. Wait for backup.

- [Muffled scream]
- Shh. It's okay.

You're okay. You're okay.

- You're okay. You're okay.
- [Sobbing, gasping]

You're okay.

[Diane] I was already inside
before it occurred...

...to me that the motorcycle
outside wasn't Bill's.

Before I could do anything...

...he grabbed my neck.

He had a gun.

Did he say anything?

He said that nobody
would come to help me.

You all were at The Red Pony.

So the call to
Henry was a decoy.

And then he asked me how much
I thought my life was worth.

I told him I'd give
him whatever he wanted.

- How much money did he take?
- $500.

But I don't think that
he cared about the money.

He was enjoying himself.

What did he look like?

Was he a middle-aged guy,
short blonde hair?

[Sighs] He was a kid, maybe 25, 26.

He smelled like he
hadn't showered in days.

And he had a tattoo on his face.

I want every train that's
passed through Durant...

...in the last
two hours stopped.

[Train whistle blows]

Well, the good news is your...

...friend from Philly wasn't
here to kill Bill or Diane.

Yeah, but the bad news is,
I have no idea...

...what he was doing here.

- Got your phone?
- [Vic] Yeah.

That's the number of
that disposable cellphone.

- You don't think he's gonna answer, do you?
- Nope.


[Cell phone rings]

Hey! Zip! Stop!





[Vic] Who the hell are you?

Where did you get that phone?

Some guy named Zip.

He said he didn't
need it anymore.

Where is he?

He left. Said he needed
to get out of town...

...knew where
he could jack a car.

[Train approaching]

[Zip] Lock the door, Henry.

Life a is tale told by an idiot.

- Do you know who said that?
- Shakespeare.

"MacBeth," to be more specific.


Well done.

You know, Henry, I've, uh...
I've been riding trains...

...all across this country for
about the past three years...

...looking for
the meaning of life.

It was a total waste of time.


Life... is meaningless...

Full of sound and fury
but signifying nothing.

Bill Shakespeare
understood that, but...

...it was Bill Norquist...

...who really opened my eyes.
I mean, this guy...

...shows up to me out
of nowhere with a gun...

...and a simple proposition...
kill my wife for $2,000.

He showed me that, while life
may not have any meaning...

...it certainly has value.

- [Deena] Henry.
- [Knocking on door]

[Deena] I know you're in there.

Henry, open up.

No sound, Henry.

And no fury.

I can shoot her
just as easily as you.

[Deena] Fine, Henry!

If you are going to kill me,
get it over with.

You don't seem
to understand, Henry.

I can't kill you
because I figured out...

...what your life is worth.

What is that?

A ride out of town.

[Phone rings]

It's a beautiful
day at The Red Pony.

Deena, it's me.

- Where's Henry?
- Oh, hey, Walt.

Henry's pissed at me. So he's
locked himself in his office.

[Walt] Are you sure?

You know the difference
between a sociopath and...

...a psychopath, Henry?

I believe sociopaths completely
lack the capacity for remorse.

You see, psychopaths
are smarter, better planners.

Which one do you think I am?

Don't get too clever.

Just keep your foot
on the gas pedal, Henry.

Very well.



- Get back, Sheriff!...
- Drop the gun!

Get back.

Drop the gun.

No, I don't think so.

I see your Southern
accent disappeared.

Shoot... y'all think
I didn't know you was...

...recording them phone calls?

I ain't stupid.

You let him go, I'll let you go.

No, no, no.

You're not making
the deals here.

So, let me ask you, Sheriff...

...how much is Henry's
life here worth to you, huh?

It's tough to
put a number on it.

I've known this
man since I was a boy.

That's a long time.
It's a lot to add up.

How much?!

I got $20 in my pocket.

His friendship's
worth more than that.

Looking at Henry's truck...

...I'd say the axle's broken.

So my vehicle is your
only chance to escape.

You sell it...

...whenever you get where
you're going, that's something.

What about your cellphone?

It's in the truck.

Part of the deal.
It's a simple trade, Zip.

Nobody's gonna stop
you in a Sheriff's vehicle.

All right.

Hey, look... you toss the keys.
You do it nice and easy.

Walt, do not.

I got no choice, Henry.

[Zip grunting]

Good shot.

Well, not gonna
let him take my truck.