Longmire (2012–2017): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Road to Hell - full transcript

A truckload of cattle is stolen, and the original driver later turns up dead. Meanwhile, Vic receives a mysterious delivery of flowers from a possible admirer.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door slams ] Ohh!

Oh, my lord.

Sorry, Ruby.

I guess I got a little
overeager with the door.

What's that all about?

Walt got me a job.

Well, I'd like to stay and chat,

but I've got a delivery
for Victoria moretti.

What? For me?
Beautiful flowers
for a beautiful sunrise.

Branch: Your husband
do something bad?

You do something good?

Shut up. Hey, Bob.

Where's the card?
Uh, it should be
under the ribbon.

[ Telephone rings ]

It's not here.

Well, maybe he wanted
the flowers to do the talking.

Walt. I got Sergeant Haynes,
Highway Patrol.

Hey, Charley. What's up?
Is it serious?

Is it serious?

[ Police radio chatter ]

Yeah, I'd say it's serious.

[ Police radio chatter ]

From the looks
of these skid marks,

whoever was driving
sure stopped in a hurry.

Any sign of the driver? No.

I just found the empty rig,
called you right away.

These look like 5.56 caliber.

No blood.
No personal effects, either.

Vic, run the vin number
and call the trucking company.

I want to know where this truck
was coming from,

where it was going,
and who was driving it.

Branch, come with me.

[ Dialing ]

Someone unhooked a trailer
from this rig,

attached it to a new one.

You can tell from these marks.


Dust these hookup lines
for prints...

The entire cab, inside and out.

The entire cab?

Yep. What was hijacked?

Isn't that what you're
supposed to be calling about?

I'm on hold.


Cattle most likely. Cow patties.

Like cattle rustlers?
That's still a thing?

You can fence cattle
at 100% face value.

Could easily be $1,000 a head.

If this rig was pulling
a few dozen cattle,

it's good money.

Why not steal the whole truck,
rig and all?

Seems like
it would be a lot easier.

A lot easier to get caught, too.

Most of these rigs
have built-in GPS.

So... If you stole some cattle,
where would you take them?


All you'd have to do
is doctor the paperwork,

get paid quick.

Evidence is destroyed.

Yeah, hey...
we just found one of your rigs

off county road 9... Branch.

Check the local
slaughterhouses... all of them.

Is that before or after
I dust this whole rig?

You choose.


We need to search every truck
moving out of the area.

Smart rustlers
will transfer the cattle

to a regular tractor trailer,
cut breathing holes in the roof.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Hey, you were right
about the cows.

Trucking company said the driver
loaded up 42 head of cattle

this morning at the, uh,
triangle arch ranch.

[ Cows mooing ]

[ Gate clangs ]

Dale lowry?

I'm not donating to
either candidate, sheriff,

you or the Connally kid
running against you.

I'm not looking for votes,
Mr. lowry.

I'm looking for
42 head of cattle.

Any of yours heading to
a.C.A. Processing in Dubois?

Yeah, why?

They didn't make it.

Your load got hijacked
out on county road 9.

[ Sighs ] Son of a bitch!

Bill of lading reports
36,421 pounds.

That sound right?

[ Sighs ] That's what I shipped.

Damn it. I'm out $50,000.

That's the second theft
we've had in three years!
Pop, calm down.

Insurance will cover
half of that if I'm lucky.

Wait a minute,
what about Cooper?

My driver... is he all right?

Do you know this Cooper James?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We go way back.

I always request him special.

We're searching for him
and your cattle.

We got roadblocks up

and one of my deputies
checking local slaughterhouses,

make sure the rustler's
not trying to unload them fast.

You heard of any local
cattle auctions coming up?

Wasn't there one today
in worland?

I'm gonna need
a copy of your brand.

[ Horse neighs ]

I'm gonna need to call
the Wyoming livestock bureau.

Protocol is for them to put
a stock detective on the case.

What the hell's
a stock detective,

and why do we need one anyway?

Well, they're whole job
is catching rustlers.

May have some inside info,
make our lives easier.

Like a cow cop. Kind of.

I'm going to that cattle auction
in worland. I'll drop you off.

You can, uh... you can drive
to Cooper James' place...
[ Cellphone rings ]

see if his family's
heard from him.


Hey, hon.

That was, um, really sweet.

What was very sweet?

Uh, the flowers that you sent.

Why would I send flowers?

Because we're married.

I-I don't mean
I wouldn't send flowers.

But last time I did, you didn't
really like them very much.

Yeah, w... [ Laughs ]

I don't...
I don't like carnations.

You know, you know that.
But I-I like flowers.

Well, looks like
you have a secret admirer.

No. I don't.
Well, who sent them, Vic?

[ Horn honks ]


[ Knock on door ]

Keep it down, boys.

Are you Cooper James' wife?

Yeah. I'm Linda.

I'm deputy moretti.

Do you mind
if I come in for a moment?

[ Scoffs ] Sure.

[ Toys clacking ]


Thomas! Thomas.

Take your brother
and go outside.

'Cause you don't want to piss
off your mother by being rude.
Come on.

Go. Take your guns out.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry about that.

Um... What is this all about?

[ Clears throat ]

When's the last time
you spoke to Cooper?

Not in the last day.
He's out on a job.

Why? Was there an accident?

Not exactly.

We found his rig.
It had been abandoned.


W-what happened? Where is he?

We're looking for him.

And I promise you
that we're gonna do

whatever we can to find him.

In the meantime...
It would really help us

if we had
a better picture of him.

Can we borrow that one?

Yeah. Uh...

Of course.

Great. Thank you.

And, uh, if you hear anything
from anyone,

you call me immediately, okay?



Pull any prints from that truck?

Yeah, but I haven't had a chance
to run anything.

Been too busy
driving all over Wyoming

visiting four different
processing plants.

Already? That's pretty fast.

I can't drive 55.

Anyhow, no sign
of triangle arch's cattle.

[ Auctioneer calling ]

You're up $600. Now $625.
$625 now. $650.

$650. Now $675.
$675. We're at $675.

[ Calling continues ]
$675, $675?

There's $675 right there.
Thank you very much.

Now $700.
Looking for $700 on the bid.

$700 on the bid.
[ Calling continues ]

Looking for $700?
Looking for $700?

Sheriff? Uh, you bidding?

Nope. Just browsing.

I need
everybody's livestock papers.

[ Crowd murmurs ]

Thank you. Thank you, ma'am.

That's the last of them.
And nothing.

Hey, sheriff.

Well... Are we good to go?


What's the average auction
weight for that class of steer?

Oh, around 1,100 pounds,
give or take.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

You got your summons pad?

You writing me
a speeding ticket?


All right.

Dale lowry had 42 head,
weighed 36,421 pounds.

The average weight of each steer
was 867 pounds.

He was selling
underweight cattle.


That's bad business.

Let's find out how bad.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Brakes hiss ]

[ Engine revs ]


Help me! Please!


Cooper James? Yeah.

I've been looking for you.

Vic: Mrs. James.
This is deputy moretti.

I have some great news.

Uh, we found your husband.
[ Laughs ] Yeah.

So, we just need to get
a statement from him,

and then he should be home
in a few hours.

Sheriff. You have a visitor.

R.J. Watts,
Wyoming livestock bureau.

Detective, thanks for coming by.

I understand
you found the trucker.

It's a good start.
What did he say?

We haven't questioned him yet.
He's in my office.

I thought you'd want to hear
what he had to say firsthand,

so I gave him a few minutes
to eat and collect himself.

So, this rig tries to pass me.

And I look over, and the guy
in the passenger seat's

wearing a ski mask,
waving a rifle at me.

Bastards cut me off.

I hit the brakes
as hard as I could.

How many other people
in that rig?

Maybe four of them jumped out,
all wearing masks.

They opened fire.

I thought
they were gonna kill me.

But then,
I'm getting pulled out,

hands tied, blindfolded.

They mention any place,

any end location
they might take these cattle?

No. They barely spoke.

Plus, m-my ears were ringing
from the shots.

All I remember, uh...

Is getting tossed in the trailer
with the cattle.

They hooked it up to their rig,
took off,

then dumped me
in the middle of nowhere.

[ Sighs ]

I just w-want to go home...
See my wife and kids.

That's all we need tonight.

[ Sighs ]
Vic, let's give Cooper
a ride home.

My car's
at the trucking company.

Vic: That's no problem.
I'll drop you off.

These rustlers ain't amateurs.

Doesn't appear that way.
[ Sighs ]

I got a bead on a guy...

That... that I bet
is involved with this.

Bobby dunwood.

He's one of the worst rustlers
there is.

By "worst" I mean violent.

So, where is he?
Well, there is that.

He is currently incarcerated.

He's serving out the end
of a reduced sentence

at the state pen ranch.

He's gonna be out
in a couple of months.

Jail? Yeah.

That's a pretty solid alibi.

Walt... There are men running
major criminal enterprises

outside maximum security.

This place they got dunwood,
it's... it's...

hell, I've seen
harsher conditions in a motel 6.

It's like he's at a dude ranch.

You really think

dunwood carried out
this hijacking from jail?

You got multiple guys.
You got masks.

You got high-powered weapons.

I-it's Bobby's modus operandi.

Sounds like
we should talk to him.

[ Cows mooing ]

I heard this place
was low-security.

I had no idea how low.

Yeah. No fences.
No guard towers.

Every inmate works.

Gives them purpose
and job training

for when they're released.

Plus, Wyoming gets
nearly free labor.

Wins all around.

Lucky Wyoming. [ Chuckles ]

Dunwood. Dunwood!

There's no need to yell!

[ Grunts ]

R.J. Send you?

Someone hijacked a truck
in my county, 42 head...

sounds a lot like you.


But I'm in here.

So, I fail to see
how I'd be involved.

But I appreciate the flattery.

Easy enough
to plan and issue orders

when you have
this kind of freedom.


But somebody would have
had to have visited me, right?

Check the visitors logs.
I ain't seen no one.

Well, then... Any thoughts on
who might have pulled it off?

I can't help you with that one.

Only that it wasn't me.

And I wouldn't believe
everything you hear, sheriff,

especially when it comes from
the mouth of r.J. Watts.

Well, it's natural to say that
about a man who put you away.

Why don't you tell little r.J.
It's time to retire?

'Cause I'm starting
with a clean slate.

I already got two legit offers
for ranch work

when I get out of here.

I'm gonna buy me
my own ranch someday.

[ Horse neighs ]

[ Horse snorts ]

I look forward to seeing that.

Vic. You all right?

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Beep ] Hello?

[ Sighs ] Omar. It's Vic.

Did you send me flowers?

Well, uh... I don't know.

Did you receive flowers?

You got another suitor
besides me, Vicky?

Vic? Walt needs you.

Vic, I checked the visitors log.

Dunwood hasn't had
any visitors of note.

Maybe he had a go-between. True.

I need you to check
the whole visitor log.

I also got
a list of recent parolees.

We need to find out
where they ended up.

One of them
may be working with dunwood.

[ Horn honks ]

Vic, you there?

Guys. Vic?


[ Horn honks ]

[ Cow moos ]

[ Sighs ]
If this thing kicks me...

Triangle arch.

It's Dale lowry's brand.
[ Cellphone rings ]

One down. Only 41 to go.

Maybe this isn't
cattle rustling at all.

Could be some kind of
political statement.

"My farts caused
hurricane Sandy."

That was Cooper James' wife.

He didn't come home last night.

Coop came in here
to file an incident report.

It's right here.
Took him 20 minutes.

I know. I saw him go in there.
What happened?

Well, he left. I thought
someone was picking him up.

But his car is over there.

[ Sighs ]

Where the hell
could he have gone?

[ Engine revs ]

[ Grunts ] Okay.

I got him. [ Grunting ]

So, you got my message.
[ Grunting ] Yep.

Can't say as I saw this coming.

[ Sighs ]

What am I gonna tell his wife?

I said we got him back.

This isn't your fault, Vic.

I drop a witness off,
and before they can get home,

these bastards come,
and they hang him in a trailer?

R.J.: Cooper wasn't a witness.
He was in on this.

Partners turned on him.

One less guy
to divide the pie with.

What makes you so sure?

He didn't smell like manure.

I noticed
when we cut him down.
Spend a couple hours

bouncing around the back
of a truck full of steer,

you're gonna
smell like cow shit.

Desperate men
do desperate things.

It leads to this.

If the hijackers killed him
to keep more of the take,

why let a cow go in town square?

It's throwing away money.

It's a misdirect.

They want us running in circles
trying to figure out

who hung a stupid sign
on a heifer's neck.

Meanwhile, they bolt off
to Colorado or Kansas,

and they sell
the rest of their haul.

You're still thinking dunwood?

Dunwood folds into this somehow.

He's killed before.

You're not gonna find that
on his rap sheet, but he did.

Why is that?

Because a couple of years
before he went to jail,

I had a guy in dunwood's crew,
my own snitch.

Well, dunwood must have
found out about it

because I found my guy, too.

And his hands
were bound behind him,

and he was
hanging from the rafter

of a truck-stop bathroom.

That sound familiar?

So, then, how do we get dunwood?

Well, there's one thing
we can try.

We release him on furlough.

We keep an eye on dunwood.
We follow him.

I bet you he'll lead us

right to the guys
who helped him pull this off.

I'll think about it.

Right now,
I got to notify Cooper's wife.

No. I'll tell her.

[ Sighs ]

Mrs. James, I'm sorry to
tell you that we found Cooper.

And he's gone.

He was found...

[ sobs ]

[ Sighs ] Mrs. jame...

don't you touch me!

You lied.

Saying everything was okay,
that... oh, God.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

My oldest son found that
three hours ago

on my front doorstep.

[ Zipper opens ]

He was like family.

Are you sure
Cooper was involved?

Looks that way.

[ Sighs ] Well, I am at a loss.

Branch: Looked into
your insurance.

You tripled your theft coverage
since last year.


Well, when you've
been robbed before,

it's a normal thing to do.

Dale, have you been
struggling financially?

What, just 'cause
I upped my insurance?

that's called being prudent.

Is it prudent
to sell underweight cattle?

Why not let them graze
and fatten up all summer,
then sell them?

Sounds like you needed money.

I did need money, sheriff.

That's why people sell things.

See, I spent too much
on feed last fall.

I got overextended.

I took it in the balls in '07
like everyone else.

I got a son and a daughter,

both in fancy,
east-coast colleges

costing me 80 grand a year.

Here's how things look
from where I'm sitting.

You got financial trouble.

You tripled
your theft insurance.

You hired a trusted driver
to do whatever you asked.

I didn't steal my own cattle!

And I sure as hell
didn't kill Cooper James.

And you want to talk
more about it,

you can call my lawyer!

[ Door slams ]

[ Clears throat ]

Look what showed up
on Cooper James' doorstep

this morning,
according to his wife.

[ Sighs ]

It's $10,000.

If you're gonna kill Cooper
to cut him out of the deal,

why give his wife
a duffel bag full of cash?

We got more cattle
heading up main street.

The question in durant these
days is, "where's the beef?"

And the answer is,
"everywhere you turn."

[ Horn honks ]

[ Cows mooing ]

Excuse me, ladies.

What do you think

about everything
that's going on here today?

Anyone? Uh, yeah.

I support whoever did this.

The beef industry
is destroying our planet.

They cut down rain forests,

overbreed in
inhumane conditions.

Meat is murder.

Thank you, miss.

Omar: Young lady!

This is Wyoming.
This is beef country.

Now, I respect
your right to free speech,

but not your stupidity.

100 years from now,

people will look back on you
as a barbarian.

Darling, why do you think
God gave us these?

They're called bicuspids.

They're for tearing meat,
not tofu.

People like you
are destroying this planet!

It's people like you
that are killing...

get out of here, Omar! Enough!

Show's over. Everybody go home.

You. Don't let that guy
get under your skin, okay?

You're this close to being
arrested for disorderly conduct.

He could file assault charges
against you

if he really wanted to.

Vic: Go.

Omar, what are you doing?

I was just
minding my own business,

delivering somebody flowers,

when this ecoterrorist came up,
started talking garbage.

These better not be for Vic.

Oh, come on, Walt.
It's all in good fun.

Didn't this kind of harmless fun
cost you your first wife?

All right, I'll ease up. No.

Don't ease up. Just stop. Okay?

I'm gonna go have me a burger!

[ Sighs ]

[ Cows mooing ]

Henry: This isn't
just about cows.

I'm looking for
a man named Jordan Helms.

Now, the feds say
he moves around a lot

but might be holed up
on the res.

First of all, Jordan Helms is

just an activist
who posts lectures on YouTube.

And he is not holed up.

He's a Brit who's shacked up
with his Cheyenne girlfriend.

Helms has connections

to the E.L.F.,
Earth Liberation Front.

Supposedly, they sabotaged
a fracking operation

in Cumberland County last month.

Same deal with the eco signs.

Maybe Mr. Helms has raised
his activism to a new level.

[ Inhales deeply ]
Let me see what I can do.

[ Music ]

Pardon me for not stopping.
[ Panting ]

This machine
has a small dynamo...

That creates electric power.

I've almost generated
our day's needs.

Mr. Helms, I'm investigating

the hijacking
of a truck full of cattle.

Cattle are showing up
with signs attacking big beef.

[ Panting ]

Shadow said
she saw it on the news.

I don't watch.

Look at this, then.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ]

I don't know anything about it.

[ Sighs ] That said,

I wholeheartedly
support whoever did.

And civil disobedience

is a powerful weapon
to enact change.

I've seen what arrogant actions
can do to an empire.

The Cheyenne people,
they respect the earth.

She needs our support.

Am I right, brother?

I suppose... Brother.

Walt: You reach a lot of people
with your videos.

My deputy tells me you have
50,000 followers on Facebook.

This is a war.

I'm fighting for the planet.
It can get ugly.

Yeah, real ugly.
Like murdering ugly.

I thought you said it was
a cattle-truck hijacking.

The man driving the truck
was killed.

Look... I want to be clear.

I could not
and would not ever support

any action
that results in violence.

I had nothing to do with this.

Unless posting those speeches
on the Internet

inspired some unhinged people.

Then you had a hell of a lot
to do with it.

This is America,
where people are supposed to

take responsibility
for their own actions.

[ Cellphone rings ]

R.J.: Moretti.
Is the sheriff with you?

Yeah, hang on a second. Walt.

Heya, Walt.

Did "Johnny Greenpeace" confess?

Walt: Nope.

Yeah, I didn't think so.

I had the d.A. Draw up papers
for dunwood to be furloughed.

Excuse he's gonna be given
is budget cuts.

Final step,
I need you to sign off, Walt.

Hey, pull over here.

Did you, uh, find out
where dunwood's prison buddies

went to work
after their release?

I got my deputy working on that.

She's preoccupied at the moment.

R.J., send the furlough papers
to the station.

I'll sign them.

[ Engine shuts off ]

Stop messing with me!
Walt: Hey! Hey!

How do you not remember?
I don't remember.

Take a breath. Take a breath.
That's bullshit!
Where's the card?

Where's the card?
Okay, I may...
I may have lost it.

What's going on?
This job is
a lot of responsibility.

I'm just trying to
learn the ropes here.

[ Sighing ] Oh, my God.
I'm sorry!

Bob, retrace your steps.

Find the card
that went with those flowers.

[ Sighs ]

[ Ice shifts ]

Find that card, Bob.

[ Laughs ] Ooh.

Okay. Okay.

R.J.: You know,
I've put 16 guys behind bars

in the last 10 years.

Every single one of them
are out.

Most of them went back rustling.

What was his name? Who?

Your informant... the one
you said that dunwood hanged.

Davy Wilson.

He was a good guy.
He didn't deserve that.

You do what we do,

the people you work with
become like family.

My dad did this, you know?
Oh, yeah.

Yeah, he was the real deal.

He was a tom horn
sort of stock detective.

You didn't tussle with him
and get off easy.

Old bastard died
in the line of duty.

Drove his truck off the road
chasing a stolen haul.

I guess I'd do the same
if I had to.

People think
cattle rustling's a joke.

Well, it ain't a joke.
It ruins lives.

My dad... Davy.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckling ]
Besides, I don't know

what the hell else I'd do
besides this.

What about you?

If I don't get re-elected
next month,

I'll have an answer for you.

Well, if I was a resident,
I would vote Longmire.

[ Laughs ]

Have you ever considered

[ Laughing ] No.
Hell, I'm too old to move.

[ Laughs ] [ Cellphone rings ]


Yeah. Watts here.

Yeah, yeah, he's here. Hang on.

Hey, Vic. You okay?

Yeah. [ Sighs ]

I'm fine.

So, uh... Branch is still
going through the visitors log,

but I found out
that in the last six months,

13 inmates have been released
from state pen ranch.

And all of them have ranch jobs,

but one guy named whitey culver

works at
the triangle arch ranch.

Good work, Vic. Vic: Right.

I heard her.
Her... Voice really cuts through.

So, it looks like we've got
our connection to dunwood.

You stay tight on him. I'm gonna
go talk to this cowhand.


I don't see a lawyer there
with you, sheriff.

Look, I'm just
trying to figure this out.

Now, I'll ask a question.

You don't want to answer it,
that's your call.

You got a hand
named whitey culver?

Yeah. He's working now. Why?

Were you aware
that whitey served some time

at the state pen ranch?

He got locked up for
a bar fight that went too far,

not for rustling.

Whitey served with
a guy named Bobby dunwood,

one of the biggest rustlers
in Wyoming.

So, I'm gonna need to
talk to whitey.

He lied to me.

He told me he never met a one.

Well, it's true what they say,
isn't it?

No good deed goes unpunished,
does it, son?

I'll go get him.

[ Sighs ]

that's in Maine, right?


You go to college up there?

Yep, one more year to go.

Dale: Here he is, Walt.

Talk to the man.

Is there a problem, sheriff?

You know Bobby dunwood,
don't you?

No. [ Scoffs ]

A l-little bit. But I...

ah, whitey. You're fired.

Dale, hang on a sec.

You been in touch with dunwood
since you were released?

Hell no.

Mr. lowry, haven't I always
done a good job for you here?

You know, I had good intentions
hiring you.

But now I can't
afford to trust you.

Walt: Whitey.

The truth
is all I'm looking for.

I didn't steal no cattle,

Trent. Trent: Yes, sir?

Will you come pick up your cows?
I got no space.

Today good?

Sure thing, sheriff.


Come on, whitey.

Omar: Can't Vicky
take my complaint?

No. Branch will be back soon.

Oh, come on, Walt.
Do I have to do this?

Got no issues
with that granola girl.

I like pushy women.
[ Door closes ]

Just do what I ask you to do.

Ruby: Walt.

Trent lowry's here for the cows.

Uh, I just need you to sign
some paperwork in my office.

After you.


Hey. You're here.

They're trying to charge me
for bumping some old, crazy guy.

You two know each other?

I guess you met at college
in Maine.

Freeport college, is it?

I noticed your t-shirt
this morning in the town square.

I assume you two are dating.

Yeah. Is that against the law?

Depends on what you do
on your date.

I just got one question
for you, Trent.

Are you okay with whitey culver
getting fired

for a crime
he had nothing to do with?

I don't know that he had
nothing to do with it.

Yeah, you do. You both do.

Men rustle cattle to make money.

They're not interested in
advancing a political agenda.

But you are.

Amy, are you familiar with
a man named Jordan Helms?

Yeah. So are a lot of people.

He has a very impressive
Facebook page, lots of friends.

They leave comments like, uh,
"big beef destroys the planet.

It's time to stop talking
and start acting."

You recognize that?

It's got your picture
and your name next to it,

along with another
46 comments by you.

It's not against the law
to express an opinion, is it?

No. But it sure gives you
a motive.

And he's opportunity...
son of a rancher.

Look, sheriff...
isn't it your job

to find criminals
who deserve punishment?

So, why not arrest
the board of b.P.?

Their greed and negligence
resulted in

172 million gallons of crude oil
being spilled into the Gulf.

They're the real criminals.

What are you doing?
[ Handcuffs click ]

What is this?
What are you doing?

You can't do this.

Actually, I can.

When you murder someone,
you go to jail.

Cooper James, the trucker
hauling those cattle,

he was murdered,
hung by the neck.

You scared now?

Wait. We never hurt anyone.

Those cows
were never really stolen.

We're releasing all of them.

It was just a hoax...
to raise awareness.

We paid Cooper $10,000

to shoot up that rig
and switch trailers.

That's all. That's a crime.

Cooper needed that money
for his family. All right?

This was supposed to help
everybody get what they wanted.

Nobody was supposed to die.

Why would we kill Cooper?

You two take a moment
and talk amongst yourselves.

Good luck.

So, you think they did it?

[ Sighs ]

Well, they stole the cattle,

but I don't think
they killed Cooper James.

Well, who else
would want Cooper dead?

They're the only ones who knew
he was involved in this.

No. They weren't.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Yeah. Watts here.

Walt: R.J. Oh, hey, Walt.

Hey, you talk to that cowhand
over at triangle arch yet?

Walt: He's clean,
but we made an arrest.

Turns out the rustlers
weren't really rustlers at all.

Dale lowry's son, Trent,

he did something stupid
for a girl he loves.

We have a confession.

Well, h-hold on, Walt.

You... you think a college kid
killed that trucker,

strung him up like that?

Tell you what,
let me talk to him.

You over at the station?

Walt: Nope. I'm driving out
to the state pen ranch.

What are you doing that for?

Walt: Dunwood has nothing
to do with this case.

It's time to end his furlough.

Pick him up and meet me
back at the state pen ranch.

Yeah, s-sure, Walt.

Um... I'll see you over there.

[ Sighs ]

There he goes.

So, what now?

We wait.

Bob Barnes found the card
that went with your flowers.

He dropped it off.

[ Knock on door ]

Dunwood: R.J.?
What are you doing here?

Who's it from?

Come on, Vic.

After all this, you're not
gonna tell me what it says?

[ Inhales deeply ]

It says "happy anniversary."

I thought your anniversary
was in October.

It is.

But did you see that girl?

[ Groans ] Come on, man!

You got to be kidding me.

[ Grunts ] Oh, yeah.

I seen this truck before.

Aw, you're... come on, man!

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Engine turns over ]

State pen ranch
is the other way.


Dunwood: This about the hooker?

'Cause I didn't know she was one
till she asked for the cash.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Yeah. Watts here.

Walt: R.J. Oh, hey, Walt.

Dunwood with you?
Yeah, I got him.

We're heading back
to state pen ranch.

See you in about... 10, 15.

No, you won't.

You got your own plans
for dunwood,

same as you had
for Cooper James.

What are you talking about,
Walt? I...

Look, j-just stay tight,
and... and I'll see you soon.

I'm bringing dunwood in.

Then why are you driving
in the wrong direction?

Why you following me?

Why are you heading
out of town, r.J.?

'Cause I'm going home.

Not with Bobby dunwood.

There's not gonna be
any more hangings, r.J.

That thing with Cooper...

I didn't mean for that
to happen.

Yeah, I followed your deputy
and him back to the truck depot.

H-he didn't smell like cattle.

I just noticed it
a little quicker than you did.

And when I pressed him on it,
he kept lying.

And I hate a liar.
Can't stand one.

I knew damn well he stole them.

He did. But not for dunwood.

He was working with
the rancher's son.

I told you
I got nothing to do with this.

Now pull the truck over
and let me out!

There's a connection, Walt.
You just ain't found it yet.

This piece of trash
has ruined enough lives.

And I'll be damned

if I'm gonna give him
another slap on the wrist

and let them unleash him again

to go back out
and start stealing,

ruin more lives,
take more lives.

No. No, that ends,
and that ends now.


I can't let you leave absaroka.

Now, there's an honorable way
to end this.

How's that, Walt?

All them sons of bitches
I sent away...

Not a single one of them
is still behind bars.

Now they gonna put me in jail.

So, where's the honor?


Think about what you're doing.

Sheriff, I have.

I have.

[ Beep ]

[ Inhales deeply ]
You got your seatbelt on?


Good. [ Engine revs ]

[ Tires squeal ]

What are you doing?!



[ Buckle clicks ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

Aw, you're awake.

I wanted to surprise you.

What's the occasion?
Doesn't have to be
an occasion.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

You hurt your finger?
Love hurts, babe.

Plus, I got competition from
that secret admirer of yours.

So I got to go big.
[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Sighs ]

What is it?

They found me.

[ Sighs ]