Longmire (2012–2017): Season 2, Episode 2 - Carcasses - full transcript

Sheriff Longmire discovers that a man found dead in a compost heap had made lots of enemies, and Branch looks for help as he tries to find Cady.

I see you, honey.

[Wind whistling]

[Woman grunting]


I don't know
how Carcass Lady does it.

Her name's Holly Whitish.

She's been doing it
for 10 years, so...

...all things considered
you should thank her.

Yeah? Why's that?

Cleaning up roadkill
used to be the deputies' job.

In a few months,
this will all be...

...high-dollar topsoil.

[Vic grunts]

Here. This will help
mask the scent.

- It's hazelnut.
- We're fine.

- Speak for yourself.
- Here.

[Walt coughs]

Well, I'm glad you guys got
here quick as you did' cause...

...I mean, I'm pretty used
to the poor animals, but...

...you know, seeing
an actual dead person...

...it just kind of hits you
different, you know?

Yeah. We appreciate the call.

Look like you have
your hands full here, so...

[Holly] Yeah, well,
it's my busiest time of year.

After the Wyoming winter,
all these horny kids start...

...chasing each other back and
forth on the highway, and...

...I pick up the pieces.

There's a wound on his chest...


He's got...

...bruises and scratches
all over his face.

Abrasions on his right hand.

Looks like he got a couple
last licks in, himself.

You recognize him?


Oh. It's a Smith & Wesson.40.

It's for mercy killings.

It's registered, though.

[Vic grunts]

There's no wallet,
but I found his tobacco.

Oh, actually, that's mine.

Oh, careful.

Sheriff, you're stepping on
big Charlie's foot right there.

When did you find big Charlie?

Two evenings ago.

And her?

Slender Betsy.

I just brought her home
yesterday morning.

Victim was sandwiched
between these two, so...

...time of death's probably
somewhere between, uh...

...dinnertime two days ago
and 6:00 A.M. Yesterday.

You mind, uh...

...giving me the names
of everybody who had access...

...to your place
the last 48 hours?

Oh, I wish I could, but...

...I'm out on the road
all the time...

...and I just leave this place
open to the public.

Ever since they
wrote that article...

...about me in the paper
last week...

...people just like to drive by
and have a look.

All my martyrs for love.

- [Knocking on door]
- [Branch] Cady?

You home?

[Vic] I can barely read
Doc Bloomfield's report.

Says the victim died
from a gunshot wound.

Doesn't say what caliber.

Looks like a.38.

Holly was carrying a.40, so...

[Vic sighs] Uh, my... mylea?

M-m-malee? Mal... malee?

"Meleagris gallopavo,
a. Platyrhynchos," and, uh...

"Gallus domesticus."

- Huh?
- Latin.

It's, uh, the contents
of the victim's stomach.

That's, uh, ground turkey,
duck, and chicken.


What hillbilly hellhole
serves a turducken burger?

♪ [rock music plays]


Have you started serving turkey?

Never have and never will.

What's wrong with turkey?

It's, uh...
it's a Thanksgiving thing.

You mean "thanks-taking"?

God, you people
really hold a grudge.

We're looking for a place
that serves turducken burgers.

Found some
in a murder victim's stomach.

I know of only one place...
Saddle Horn truck stop.

Thanks, Henry.

If you're trying to sneak up on

...approach from upwind,
or they will smell...

...you two
coming from a mile away.

[Walt chuckles]

I'm sorry.
I don't recognize him.

But it's not like I spend
a lot of my time back here...

...checking out dudes.

So, I hear that you guys
serve up a real badass...

...turducken burger.
Is it good?

[Man] Eh. Tastes like
a regular burger.

But you don't start serving
these burgers...

...till 5:00 P.M., right?

Yeah, that's right.

Dinner specials begin as soon
as the night shift starts...

...in about half an hour.

And you serve the turducken
burger every night?

[Man] Until beef prices go down.

Thanks for your time.

If our victim
had the house specialty...

...then he wasn't here
till after 5:00.

Why would a guy come out here
to the middle of nowhere...

...for a so-so burger?

[Truck horn honks]

Maybe he didn't come
for the turducken.

he came for the atmosphere.

So, what's the plan...

...come back later,
talk to the night shift?

Take the Bronco, round up Branch
and Ferg, meet me back here.

[Ferg] Uh, let's see.

Uh, Peggy Thomas reported
an intruder in her basement.

Uh, turned out to be a badger.

None of our night-shift guys
recognized our victim.

These are really good.

Do you want a bite?

What is wrong with you?

Nothing. Just...

...concerned about Walt cowboying
into someone else's...

...county. That's all.

- [Radio static]
- All right, everybody.

Get ready.

[Woman panting]

Sheriff's department!

[Man] Get out of here!

Hands up!

Hands down!

Elrod, someone here to see you!

Night's up, fellas.

[Woman moaning]

Hit the ground!

Damn it.


Stop the truck!
Stop the truck!

Stop the truck!


The T&A portion of your evening
is now over.

But the Q&A portion
is about to begin.

So, I need customers
on this side...

...customer service
on 'this' side.

Hookers, Johns.

Do any of you
recognize this man?

We're looking for a name
or a vehicle description.


- You?
- You sure?

[Vic] What about you? No?

All right.

If they won't talk,
send them home.

Absaroka County wishes you all
a fine evening... at home.

Go. Now!

- Come on. Go home.
- Let's go!

Except you.

You were smiling
when we showed you that.

I'm told I have
a sunny disposition.

2419A2. Green minivan.

24 is my county
and your pimp's vehicle.

I saw him drop you off
this afternoon.

Let me guess...

...if I don't cooperate,
you'll tell him what?

If you cooperate, I'll make sure
your pimp's arrested...

...which will allow you
to get out of here...

...if that's what you want.

What's his name?

Let me check
my credit-card receipts.

What 'can' you tell me?

He stunk.

Like what?

Like tar.

We've been
doing this all morning.

How many more of these
damn road crews are there?


Hey, just to let you know, uh...

...badge or no badge, the
foreman really doesn't like...

...people snooping around his
site without his approval.

How does he feel about people
abandoning their post?


Hey! What the?!

- Do your job or lose it!
- [Boy] Sorry, sir!

This job is dangerous enough
without distractions, sheriff.

This won't take long.

That's Ross Lanten.
What happened?

- Was he on your crew?
- For the last two years.

What can you tell us about him?

Ross is Ross. He was just kind
of there and then he wasn't.

Quit showing up a few days ago.

Were you concerned?

Yeah, for the 10 minutes
that it took to replace him.

Just hold it together
a bit longer.

Ross have any problems
with other men in the crew?

Any fights?

No, in fact, he'd go on and on

...how he wanted to
hang out after work.

"Let's grab some beers
and broads."

That was his line.

- You join him?
- Never.

Don't drink. I'm Mormon.

[Vic] Okay. Great. Thanks.

A crime report was filled out
five years ago...

...on Ross Lanten
in Sheridan...

...sexual assault.

What happened?

The usual... nothing.

The victim refused to prosecute.
Charges were dropped.

You know, you didn't
have to buy this for me.

I broke your old one.

Should have bought
yourself one, too.

Why? I just use yours.

[Both chuckle]

This is Lanten's listed
address and registered truck.

Ross didn't sound like
a family man.

Wonder how Mrs. Lanten feels
about Ross'...

... "beers and broads" routine.

Maybe the neighbors know.

Cady, you home?

[Walt] Sorry to intrude.

No. No, not at all.
I was just finishing my warm-up.

Can I get you
something to drink?

[Vic] No, we're good. Thanks.


Yeah. Army driver. Two tours.

Guess I got addicted
to the adrenaline.

I wanted to ask you
a few questions...

...about your neighbor,
Ross Lanten.

He's an ass.

Anything else you want to know?

Greg Collette.

What happened to your face?

I own the gym on Memorial Drive.

We do a little boxing.

Sometimes things get
out of hand when we spar.

Is this a bad time?

I... I usually go running
about now.

She keeps
a pretty tight schedule.

I do. It can wait, though.

Tell us about Ross Lanten.

Well, when he's not getting
drunk and leering at my wife...

...he's over there
screaming at his own.

His wife doesn't seem
to be home right now.

You know where I might find her?

North Carolina, hopefully.


Uh, Marcie actually left Ross
about two weeks ago...

...said she was going
to live with her mother.

Finally convinced her
to take the kids and leave him.

- How did you manage that?
- Uh, video.

Ross and Marcie got into another
one of their big blowouts.

And when Ross left,
Greg decided to follow him.

I was so mad, I thought I was
gonna confront him at first...

...and then he pulled into
Saddle Horn truck stop...

...and started talking to these girls...

[woman] Prostitutes.

...so I grabbed the phone
and I took some video.

When we showed Marcie,
that's what...

...finally convinced
her to leave him.

[Vic] Greg Collette has a black eye,
and Ross Lanten...

...had defense wounds
on his hands.

The Collettes aren't shy about
how much they hate the man.

Not too shy about interfering
in his marriage, either.

Neither one of them even asked

...we had questions
about Lanten.

So, what now?

Try and track down
Ross Lanten's wife.

Let's keep an eye on those two.

♪ [rock music plays] ♪

Good evening, sheriff.

I'm not sheriff quite yet.

Maybe you could use some help
with that.

Some inspiration, perhaps.

Maybe a racy scandal?

And the first thing that you
learn is, don't encourage them.

Now, you give them an inch...

...and they think...
- You reek. Get off me.


Miss Whitish,
I think you have had enough.


"Me condescending
big concern chief."

You need to step outside
and get some air. Right now.

All right.

So, do you always send off
your drunks...

...to drive themselves home?

Holly's keys.

A cab is on its way.

Have you heard from Cady lately?

No, I have not.

If you do...

...will you let me know?

I most certainly will not.

Come on!

It's... it's time for you
to meet your daddy!

Say... say hello. Say hello.

Miss Whitish, that is enough!

- Please!
- Say hello! Say...

Don't you touch me!

Don't you touch me.

Ma'am. Put the weapon down.

[Holly moaning]

Drop the knife.

I'm sorry, sheriff.

I'm sorry.

It's just that I knew him.

Knew who?

I knew... Ross Lanten.

[Holly sobbing]

I knew him.

[Vomiting, coughing]

You're okay.

Come on.

I lied to you.

Now you hate me.

You hate everything about me.

That's not true.


Look at me.

Why didn't you tell me
you knew Ross Lanten?

Because he...

It's okay. I'm right here.

Ross Lanten raped me.


20 years ago.

Can you tell me how it happened?

I was someplace
I shouldn't have been.

This old place called
the Clunk Music Hall...

...and it had this...

...old jukebox that I
just really loved, and...

...I used to play it
all night.

Is that where you met Lanten?

He bought me a drink.

Bought me several drinks.


And then when I started
feeling dizzy...

...he said he
would drive me home.

Just thought
he was being a gentleman.

But then he pulled down this
gravel road and he raped me.

And then he just...

...kicked me out of the car
when he was done.

Left me there.

[Sobbing] And I just laid there.

I just wanted to die.

But I didn't.

So I just...

...just got up and walked home.

Tried to tell my parents.

What did they do?

They told me...

...it was God's punishment...

...he was punishing me
for disobeying them...

...and that l-I brought it
upon myself.

They were wrong.

Anyone else know what
Ross Lanten did to you?

No. Just my... just my parents.

And they're dead.

I never told anyone else...

...not my ex-husband,
not my son.


...did you kill Ross Lanten?


But I know who did.

Was this the man?


It was God.

I prayed so hard...

...for Ross Lanten to be
punished for what he did.

And all these years,
I just thought that...

...God was ignoring me.

But he wasn't.

I guess he just had
other people's...

to answer first.

What the hell are you doing
sleeping in here?

More comfortable
than the stairs.

Morning, sheriff.

That it is. [clears throat]

I told her not to wake you.

And here's your toothbrush.

So... [clears throat]

...we track down
Ross Lanten's wife?

Yeah, she's been in
North Carolina with her mom...

...for the last 10 days.

Hey, uh, Walt...

...why's Holly Whitish snoring
in your office?

Ross Lanten raped her
20 years ago.


She kill him?

She pinned it on someone else.

- Hey, Ruby.
- Mm-hmm?

Hey. Has a detective
from Denver called? Fales?

Not for you, he hasn't.


God's gonna be tough
to prosecute.

[Sighs] And meantime...

...Holly's ex-husband's out
of state and her...

...her son's at Madison River
College over near Bozeman.

I don't think she's got anyone
to take her home.

Would do you mind
giving her a ride, Vic?


Walt, am I missing something?

Ross Lanten raped Holly Whitish.

He was found dead
on her property.

She claims
that God is the killer...

...and we're not gonna
investigate her as a suspect?

I didn't say that.

If you want, go to the
courthouse, get a warrant...

...search Holly's place.


Why are you so quick
to dismiss Holly as a suspect?

She had 20 years to get revenge.

Why do it now?

Hold something like that inside,
you'll snap eventually.

Saw it with my own eyes.

That lady lost it.

Ferg, hold up.

Branch is going with you.

See if you're right.

Maybe Ross has a more recent

...victim who came after him.


Listen. Do me a favor.

Uh, when Holly wakes up,
take her to lunch...

...then take her home.

That'll give Branch and Ferg
time to search her place.

Okay. What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna keep a promise
I made to a lady.


Welcome to the rodeo, cowboy.

Pick your ride.

How about her?


[Woman] My pimp is monitoring us,
so don't try anything weird.

Then I should tell you I have
a friend who will be joining us.

That's fine. Costs double.

[Walt] I just want to talk.

I doubt either of you
have that kind of money.

I have enough
to pay for a bus ticket...

...to anywhere in the lower 48.

You remember that pimp
that you never arrested?

He'd kill me before
I crossed county line.

Not today, he won't.

Brought him in this afternoon.

[Walt] Remember you told me that
dead guy smelled like tar?

What else can you tell me?

The other girls
warned me about him.

I didn't know his face,
but we all knew to stay away...

...from that freak
in the old brown truck.

[Walt] Why?

He was rough.

Did you see him four nights ago?


He came up to me
outside the bathroom stall.

I didn't see his truck, so
I didn't know that it was him...

...until he had me in there.

He backhanded me a few times...

...and then he got on me,
and he wouldn't let up...

...until he finished.

So he raped you.

No, he paid,
just like anyone else.

What, you want to
feel sorry for me?

That's an extra $20.

After Lanten paid you,
you see him leave?

He got into the passenger side
of a car.

That's what pissed me off
so much...

...is that he had someone
drive him out here...

...just so we wouldn't
recognize his truck.

What kind of car was it?

Dark sedan.

I'm pretty sure
it had tinted windows.

[Vic] Dark sedan, tinted windows.

I knew the Collettes
were hiding something.

[Woman] Down! Get down!

- [Vic] Shit!
- [Gunfire]

- Was that a kettle-ball?
- [Gunfire]

[Walt] Wait.

Wait. Listen.

No pierced metal.

No broken glass.

Haven't hit a thing.

- [Gunshot]
- Walt!

Get down!

That gun's shooting blanks.

Or maybe they're just
a really bad shot.

Either way.

[Gunfire continues]

[Walt] Sergeant Collette?

[Woman] The Hajis
have surrounded us, sir!

The terp gave away our position!

Sergeant Collette, this
is your commanding officer!

Our position's secure!

Stand down!

Sergeant Collette?!

The children are dead, sir!

All of them!
It has all gone to shit!

Arrest me.

[Greg] Brandi.

Did you kill Ross Lanten?

I don't... I don't know.
I could have.

No. You couldn't have.

Ross Lanten was killed
four nights ago.

Where were you that night?

[Greg] She was at home.

[Walt] Did Ross Lanten provoke you?

Did he say something?

Leave her alone.

Did he do something?

I don't know. I don't know.
I had a blackout.

Greg didn't find me
till morning.

Where did he find you?

Our car.

I don't...
I don't remember anything.

I don't know anything.
I don't know how I got there.


Listen. Sheriff.
This has happened before.

No one has ever gotten hurt.

[Brandi] No, nobody except
for you gets hurt.

You have to understand what...

...Brandi's gone through...
- Stop protecting me, please.

I do not want you to protect me!

[Vic] Greg Collette seems
like the kind of man...

...who would do anything
to protect his wife.


Maybe Brandi killed
Ross Lanten...

...in one of her
PTSD blackouts...

And he's covering for her.

They had a small arsenal
in their house.

You find any ammo?

Just blanks.

You find a.38?

Not in here,
but maybe Greg dumped it.

You two find anything
at Holly's place?

Ferg sure did.

I found a.38... same caliber
as the murder weapon...

...tucked under
Holly Whitish's bed.

One bullet missing.

We did the tests.

The bullets we pulled
out of Holly Whitish's.38...

...match the one
that Doc Bloomfield...

...pulled out of a dead
Ross Lanten.

Oh, and, by the way,
Holly's.38 wasn't registered.

I know.

Look, you like the woman.


But if you don't want to make
the arrest, I'll do it.

You think Holly
killed Ross Lanten...

...and then called us in?

Here are the facts.

Holly's rapist is found dead
on her property.

She doesn't have an alibi...

...and she owns
the murder weapon.

"Balance probabilities
and choose the most likely."

Page 47.

Yeah. I read your damn book.

Branch, to convict someone
in a court of law...

...you must prove they're guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt.

If I arrest Holly Whitish now...

...the first thing
her lawyer will do...

...is bring in Brandi Collette,
Lanten's neighbor.

Lanten was last seen
getting into a vehicle...

...that matches
the Collettes' car.

Brandi suffers
from violent PTSD blackouts...

...and she had one
the night of the murder.

When I brought her in...

...she begged me to arrest her
for killing him.

You're a bright man, Branch.

I think you're probably
catching on by now.


You don't want to solve
the murder...

...let's work
on a different case...

...a missing-persons case.

Fine. Who's missing?

Your daughter.

Why didn't you tell me
Cady left town?

'Cause it's none
of your business.

Why did she leave?

You'd have to ask her.


Tell me where she is,
and I will.

You don't even know where
your own daughter is, do you?

No, I don't.

Parents seldom do.

Why did I drive all the way
to Montana to meet you?

I want to talk to Dacus Whitish.

Holly's son?

Think he knows something
about his mother...

...something she's not telling us?

I bet he knows more
than Holly thinks he does.

[Woman] Tragic hero finds his downfall
less through his flaws...

...than through his
seeming virtues.

Can I help you?

Absaroka County, Wyoming.

I'd like to talk
to Dacus Whitish.

Kid from the road crew.

Dacus! Wait!

[Walt grunts]

Ross Lanten got into a
dark sedan with tinted windows.

Ended up dead
on your mother's property.

I couldn't figure out the link
between the car and your mother.

Till now.

We found this on campus.

This is your car.

You're the link.

Dacus, why did you apply
for a job...

...on the same road crew
as Ross Lanten?


Your mother doesn't realize,
does she...

...that you know
what Ross Lanten did to her?

What are you doing here?

[Walt] Dacus has some things
he wants to tell you.

I think you should sit down.

What happened?

Look at your mother.

Look her in the eyes and answer.

I know that Ross Lanten
raped you.


- Dacus.
- And he had to pay...

...for what he did...

...to both of us.

What did Ross Lanten do to you?

Well, he... he made me.

Ross Lanten was my father.

You weren't supposed to know.

[Walt] When did you find that out?

W... when I was 12.

I looked up "Whitish"
in the phone book...

...and I found my
grandparents' names in there.

So, I... I skipped school
one day, and...

...I remember I was
really excited to meet them.

What did they tell you?

They told me that I was not
welcome in their home...

...that my father
was a rapist...


...that I would grow up
to be a rapist, just like him.



Just ever since then, I've...

I don't know... I... I've
stayed away from girls...

...because I'm afraid of what...
of what I might do to them.


Listen, baby.


You're supposed to
fall in love, and you...

I thought
I was in love before, Mom.

But I...
I couldn't even kiss her!

And I didn't know how to explain
that to her, so I... I...

...I don't know. She got
frustrated. And she started...

one of my friends.

That's when I made up my mind.

How did you find out
Ross Lanten was your father?

The... the registrar's office.
I... I, um...

...I broke in one day, and...

You know, I just had to see
my birth certificate, you know?

Just... just look at it.

And his name
was just written right there.

So you made a plan to kill him?

What? N-n-no. No. I...

Not exactly. I...


You took your mother's gun.

I... I had to see whether or not
he deserved to live.

[Dacus] After our shift, he was
asking around for a ride...

...to the truck stop.

"Beers and broads."

So, I told him I'd drive him,

...he gave me all this shit
for not wanting to get laid.

Later, he took off
with this hooker.

And I waited.

And when I saw
the look on his face...

...after he left the
men's room, I... I knew.

Trust me... she liked it.

The more that he talked,
the angrier I got.

I told myself, "if he says the
word 'bitch' one more time..."

I couldn't let him live.

Then I had to
make him disappear.

Come on.

That's why I hid him in mom's
compost pile, because...

...I thought
nobody would ever find him.

I... I just...
I... I just wanted him gone...

...like he... like he never...

...like he never existed.

I guess your parents
were right about me, huh?

I mean, I'm...
I'm my father all over again.

I'm him.

I am him.

[Holly] Dacus...

...listen to me.

You are not him.

You're nothing like him.

You're beautiful, Dacus.

[Sobbing] Oh, no. No.

[Holly] Baby, listen.

I only ever prayed two times
in my life.


...to not feel so alone.

And once...

...for Ross Lanten to be punished
for what he did.

Baby, you were the answer
to both my prayers.

[Line ringing]

[Cady] 'Hey, you've reached Cady.'

Leave your name and number, and
I'll get back to you if I can.

[Walt] Hey, punk, it's me.

U-h, I know you don't
want to talk to me. U-m...

...I know what it's like
not to want to talk to...

...to anyone,
so, um...

Your mother always said
you and I were...

...we're, uh... we're
too alike. You know?

Just don't make
the same mistake I made. Um...

...don't, uh... don't bury
the pain. Don't, uh...

...don't lock it all up inside.

Um, it'll tear you up
in the long run, so...

...don't go down that road.

U-h, just... just come home.

I'm here.

I always will be.

Excuse me. Hi.

I'm looking for one of your
detectives... Detective Fales.

He expecting you?

No, but just tell him
Cady Longmire's here.