Longmire (2012–2017): Season 2, Episode 12 - A Good Death Is Hard to Find - full transcript

Longmire needs Lucien Connally's help after a convicted dinosaur bone thief is killed in prison, and Vic continues to be harassed by an old enemy from Philadelphia.

[Man] The cowboy has always
been a dying breed.

But he takes his dying slowly,

perched upon his steed.

The prairie

is his prison, his church,
his wife.

And if you take away his sky,

you take away his life.

Yet where does he go,
when the range is all closed?

Does he retire to his bunkhouse,

in depressed repose?


He climbs back in that saddle,

if just to bide his time.

The cowboy knows

a good death...

is hard to find.



[Branch] All the bank manager
could tell me

was that the safety deposit box

was rented to a man
named James Notley.

Notley's will said
that when he died,

they had to deliver this box
to the Absaroka County sheriff.


Check our records
for James Notley.

Already on it.

James Notley sent this here
for a reason.

Ferg, you got any salt?

Uh, I think so.

You want the pepper, too? Or...


Just the salt.

Branch, hand me your water.

You making saline solution?

Let the finger soak
for a few hours,

be able to hydrate it,
get a print off it.

James Notley's been in
a state penitentiary since 1989.

Lucian arrested him
for armed robbery.

I guess I better
go talk to Lucian.

Branch, let's go shake
your family tree.

[Man] The ideal woman is like
a good cowboy stew...

meaty and saucy
and easy to chew.

Her spuds should be yummy,
without bein' gummy.

And her scent should never
turn your face blue.

Lucian, we need to talk.

Good, 'cause this-here boy's
a few iambs short

of a full pentameter anyway.

Use your office?

And miss all this?


[Man] And now for the pivotal
middle portion

of my love-struck
cowboy limerick triptych.

I want to know
about James Notley.

[Sighs] Who?

James Notley.
You arrested him, 1989.

Along with plenty other men.

You need to be more specific,

Armed robbery.

Nope. Still can't place him.

- Too many French fries.
- What?

Trans fats...
causes brain shrinkage,

therefore, memory loss.

I read about that
in an issue of Neurology.

James Notley sent me
a severed finger today.

That trigger any memories?

You know, Walt, folks weren't
so chatty back in my day.

I may have had to shorten
many a man's finger.

You chopped off fingers?

Hell, boy, it was the '70s.

Watergate, women's lib.
All bets were off.

This arrest was made in 1989.

James Notley. Armed robbery.

Missing finger.

Oh... Yes.

Notley. Right.

Synapses are firing now.

Yep. I arrested that man
for stealin' dinosaur bones.

Excuse me.



[Man] Hello?

Ed, it's Vic Moretti.

How are you?

Deputy Moretti,
I was just thinking about you.

You and your wife aren't
still in Durant, are you?

'Cause Sean just got
back to town.

We could go to dinner
at the Red Pony.

Oh, thanks for the invite.

We headed back to Philly
a few weeks ago.

Oh, that's too bad.

Well, we'll have to take
a rain-check, huh?

Yes, we will.

Take good care of yourself.

You, too, Ed.


Distance from caller.

Eight and a half miles.

[Door buzzes]

A lot of these prisoners will
hold it in until rec time.

So they can unload
with a little privacy.

That's what James did.

And he was stabbed 13 times,

and just two weeks away
from his release.

You find out who did it?

No. And I don't think
we will, either.

Someone covered the lens
of that security camera.

And this place is packed
with killers, literally.

James have any enemies?

Not that I know of.

But if he made eye contact
with the wrong maniac,

that's all it would take.

Hell, if one of these lifers

knew James was gonna
be released,

he may have gone all stabby
out of spite.

The D.O.C. Usually handles
prison deaths, Sheriff.

And you're from the other side
of the state.

Why are you so interested in
James Notley?

Actually, James seemed to have
taken an interest in me.

He had a package, uh,
sent to my office.

I'm trying to figure out why.

He have any recent visitors?

Let me take a look.

According to our records,

his only recent visitors
are this Connie Mallery,

who I assume to be
his girlfriend,

and... you.


Log-in says you were here
exactly one week ago.

Can I take a look at that?

You are the sheriff
of Absaroka County, right?


You said you didn't remember
James Notley.

Prison records say
you visited him just a week ago.

Well, I guess my memory's
worse off than I thought.

I doubt that.

You know, you and I have been
playing this here match

for nigh onto six weeks, now.

And right now, I need you
to answer my questions.

Only if you play this game.
Get up.


Tell me about James Notley.

That man was a pain in my ass.

He smuggled dinosaur bones
out of the state of Wyoming

and sold 'em overseas.

Ergo, he was a rank opportunist

and a speedbump on the road
to scientific progress.

So, how's a speedbump manage

to smuggle dinosaur bones
out from under your nose?

Well, in the summer of 1989,

the university dug up a complete
skeleton of a triceratops.

It was valued at $800,000.

And Notley waited
until they crate the thing up.

Shows up at the university,

forced some grad student
at gunpoint

to load the crates into a van.

'Bout a week later,
I get him to confess.

By cuttin' that off?

By bustin' the bastard's alibi,

Anyway, he had all his fingers,
when I saw him last week.

As I recall, the two middle ones

seemed particularly
healthy and robust.

So, why the visit... nostalgia?


By the time I'd arrested Notley,

he'd already unloaded them

But there's no sign of the cash
he made off of 'em,

and I knew
he'd stashed it someplace.

And I just offered to go 50/50.

On the 800 grand?

No, on the finder's fee.

And as I told Notley,
a finder can command up to...

I don't know... 50 percent
of any missing money he finds.

Why would James want
to give you half of 50 percent?

Because he knew
I'd either find the money

or I'd find him with the money.

And either way, he'd be screwed
as a cat in a dog pound.

Some people...
would call that blackmail.

And some people can kiss
my once-magnificent rump.

So, why'd he send the finger?

I don't know. Souvenir?

From what?

Night of the robbery.

There you are.

[Siren wails]

[Horn honking]

[Tires squeal]

[Siren pulses]

Keep your hands
where I can see 'em.

Thought I was doin'
the speed limit, deputy.

You told me you were
in Philadelphia.

Yes, I did.

[Key alarm rings]


I said I was in Philly,

because I was afraid something
like this might happen

if you knew I was here.

Honestly, Moretti,

the last time we met,
you creeped me out.

It's not like I broke
into your car.

You okay?
You seem a little paranoid.

What are you doin'
in Durant, Ed?

Ah, somethin' about this place.

Lot to live for here.

Besides, I'm pretty sure
I can go absolutely

anywhere I want to.

Are you sure you're okay?

You seem a little tightly-wound.

That is a natural reaction
to bein' stalked.

Wow, that's funny.

Because it feels like
you're stalking me.

I mean, how'd you, uh,
know where to find me, huh?

Triangulate my cell phone?

Heh. You did.

Okay, there's no easy way
to say this.

But I don't want you
to contact me again.

You're making me feel

and, quite frankly,
pretty violated.


Have a nice day.

Nope, sorry, no.
Conference hours are over.

Prof. Tony Moten?

We'd like to talk to you
about James Notley.

It was after 2:00 a.m.

And we had brought
the triceratops in

earlier that afternoon.

And as a doctoral candidate,
it was my job

to sort and catalogue
the vertebrae.

How did James Notley get in?

I opened the door.


He knocked.

What happened then?

Look, this was 24 years ago.

And it's taken me just
about as long to get over it.

Why are you asking me
to do this all over again?

James Notley's due to be
released from the state prison

in about a week.

You think he still blames me
for his arrest?

That's hard to tell.

I opened the door.

A guy in a ski mask comes out.
He's got his gun in my face.

He tells me that
he's gonna take bones with him,

whether they're mine
or the dinosaur's.

It's up to me to decide.
I tried to stall him.

Next thing I know, he's got my
arm pinned to this table here.

He pulls out a pocket-knife
and he... he cuts off my finger.

It took him three times
to get it all the way off!

He have anyone else with him?

Not that I saw, no.

You asked if James Notley
still blamed you for his arrest.


I described the pocket knife
that he had to the sheriff.

I think that's
what got him convicted.

So, what'd he do
with your finger?

I don't know.

I was just focused on trying
to survive.

I mean, it's pretty convenient
that James robbed 'em

on the same day they brought
in the skeleton.

Dr. Moten might've been
James' inside man.

If he was, means he had his own
finger cut off for cover.

Might've been worth it.

My uncle said that skeleton
was worth 800 grand.

Split that two ways, I'd say
it's still worth a finger.

And if your partner
gets murdered in prison,

you wouldn't have
to share the money at all.

Yeah, maybe that's why James
had the finger sent in.

To point the finger
at his partner.

Point the finger.
That was a joke.

I know it was.

[Ferg] So, what do we have?

A smudge or partial print.

Are Dr. Moten's, uh,
prints on file?


He was booked on a D.U.I.,
five years ago, so, yeah.

But... just nine prints.

So, that could be
Moten's finger.

Yeah, or someone else's

I know my uncle said
James Notley had all his fingers

when he saw him.
But Lucian and the truth...

They have sort of an
on-and-off-again relationship.

All right, then, Ferg,

uh, find out which funeral home
James Notley's body was sent to.

See if the mortician noticed
any missing fingers.

[Dog barking in distance]

[Shower running]

[Shower continues running]

[Door closes]


[Footsteps approaching]



Trouble at home?

[Door opens]

[Ferg] Hey, Walt.

Mortician said that James Notley
had multiple stab wounds.

But he still had
all of his fingers.

Mortician say anything else?

Yeah, that, uh, Notley's funeral
is in about an hour.

Wanna come to a funeral with me?

Might cheer you up.

I'll take you up
on the next one.

[Preacher] God entrusts us
with the miracle of life.

Thus, we must trust
God's wisdom.

We live in an imperfect world.
We're tested.

[Lucian] What are you doin' here?


What are you doin'?

Oh, just buryin' one more S.O.B.
I'm happy to have outlived.

Sometimes, you gotta take
a moment to smell the roses.

Is that James' girlfriend,
Connie Mallery?

[Lucian] Yep.

You plannin' on talkin' to her?


I need to find out what
she knows about James Notley

and a possible partner of his.

Walt, if Notley had a partner,

I'd have smoked him out by now.

Let's talk to Connie anyway.

If you want her to talk,
don't take me.


Notley claimed he was with
Connie the night of the robbery.

When I... tricked her
in to admitting otherwise,

it busted his alibi,
put him in prison.

All these long years later,
she still ain't talkin' to me.

So, did Sheriff Connally
send you here?

I've told that man for 20 years

I don't know where
James hid the money, okay?

I'm just trying to figure out

what James was tryin'
to tell me.

He, uh...

He sent a safe deposit box to my
office, delivered after he died.

What was in it?

A finger.

I don't know whose it is
or why James sent it to me.

Do you?

Good Lord, no.

You know if James had a partner?

If he did, he never told me.

He ever mention the name
Tony Moten?

Well, he was the guy
who was involved in the robbery,

but James and I really
never talked about him.

We only talked about the future.

But the last time,
we barely talked at all.

We got in this fight,
and I walked out.

It was just so stupid.

What'd you fight about?

You know, he was...

he was this close
to getting released.

And he was miserable.

He just kept getting
more and more paranoid,

saying that he was never gonna
get out of there alive,

that someone was gonna
screw him over.

Did he say who?


I, of course,
thought he was imagining things.

This has always been
his favorite dress of mine.

Been waiting 24 years
to wear it again.

I thought it'd be a happy day.

[Coffee pot clinks]


Everything okay?

Not really.

Wanna tell me what's going on?

I used to be a brunette.

I dyed it blonde
when we first moved here.

And we didn't just move here
for Sean's work.

We also moved here for, uh,
my protection.


Back in Philly,
at my old precinct,

there was a cop named,
uh, Bobby Donolato.

And he was caught up in some,
uh, some really dark stuff.

So, I, uh, reported him.

There was an investigation.

And then Bobby blew his brains
out in his bathtub.

Why didn't you tell me this
when you applied for the job?

'Cause I didn't think
you'd hire me.

Because you'd done the right
thing at your last job?

Bobby's friends didn't think it
was the right thing.

I mean, they blamed me
for everything.

Especially Bobby's partner...

Ed Gorski.

You mean the ex-cop who turned
up a few weeks back?

I could never prove it,

but Ed started leaving bullet
casings in my locker, on my car.

So, Sean started talking
to his company about a transfer.

Then, we moved.

Why are you telling me this now?

Because Ed's stalking me.

Broken into my car, my house.

Can you prove that?


Has he threatened you?


As you know,
unless Ed makes a direct threat,

there's not much, legally,
can be done.

Is Sean in town right now?


Then don't go home tonight.

You stay at my cabin
until we can figure this out.


[Knocking at door]

Walt, oh, um,

Hank Thompson from
the state prison's on the phone.

What you got, Hank?

One of our guys in the cleaning
crew found this letter.

In James' cell?

Yeah, penthouse suite.

It was stickin' out of James'
old mattress.

that's D.O.C. Evidence,

but they won't do squat with it.

I thought you'd want a copy,

before I gave it to them
to file away.

- Appreciate it.
- Yeah.

[Longmire] James Notley had
a partner named Riley Manning.

James' letter says that if Riley
denies being his partner,

just show him the finger.
It's his.

Letter also says that
if Notley's killed in prison,

it's because, uh, Riley found
the money, had him killed.

What do you want me to do?

[Longmire] Letter says
that the money's

hidden in an abandoned car,
past mile marker 24.

Go see if it's there.

[Branch] On my way.

What about you?

[Longmire] I'm going to the home
of Riley Manning.

[Longmire] Well, looks like
we both struck out.

No Riley, no cash.

Most likely explanation
is that Riley Manning

has taken off with the money.

One of his neighbors saw him
loading his pickup in a hurry.

We'll speak to Connie Mallery

see if she knows anything about
Riley or where he might've gone.

Okay, sounds good.

Sure you don't want to,
uh, switch spots?

Um, I've spent many a night
on that couch.

- Wouldn't put me out.
- No, that's okay. Thanks.

Extra blankets in the pantry
if you need 'em.

- Okay.
- Okay.

[Lizzie] Hello, Walt?

I'm returning that book
I borrowed.

I know it's late. I guess...

I was just in the neighborhood.


Of course.

It's the co-workers
you have to look out for.

I guess my ex was right
after all.

You spend that much time

something's bound to happen.

Lizzie, this isn't
what it looks like.

Don't pretend to be embarrassed.
Here. Read it.

You can't count on just
being young and willing forever.

I'm married!

When has that stopped anyone?

[Knocks at door]

I knew this was gonna happen,

I just thought you'd be man
enough to tell me when it did!

What are you doin' here?

Making a fool of myself again.

Pretending to return your book.

Lizzie, this isn't...

She already told me how it isn't
exactly what it looks like.

What a strange love rectangle
you've got going.

Excuse me?

Well, as I'm sure you have
not noticed,

I really like you.

But you're still in love
with your dead wife!

And I was willing
to live with that,

because I thought there was
a part of you set aside for me!

But there's not, because
you're saving it for her!

Lizzie, there's... nothin' going
on between me and Vic, nothin'.

Oh, Walt, of course there is.

You're just too afraid
to admit it.

[Branch] Still no word on
Riley Manning's whereabouts?

Vic and Ferg are coordinating

a search for Manning's truck.

A silver pickup.

Either no plates
or stolen plates.

Ruby sent an APB
to the highway patrol.

You mean Riley Manning
was James' partner?

I mean, they were friends,


What gives you that idea?

Is Riley missing a finger
on either hand?

Actually, yeah.
On his right hand.

Oh, my God, I can't believe
I didn't think of that before.

Wait. So, was it Riley's finger
in that box you received?

We think so.

James left a letter in his cell.

That's why we think Riley
was his partner.


When's the last time
you saw Riley?

I used to see him every month.

He'd come by and get a haircut.

He was always between jobs,
and he was James' friend,

so, I wouldn't charge him.

But then he just stopped
coming over.


Um... this last winter.

I think the last time
I saw Riley

was about three months ago.

I was hiking out by Lake Desmet,

and he nearly caused me
to jump out of my sneakers.


Well, he shouted at me
from the lake.

He was piloting this, like,
30-foot sailboat.

So, how's a guy
who can't afford a haircut

end up with a sailboat?

I don't know.

Some guys are just lucky,
I guess.

Thanks for your time.

Of course.

[Siren wails]

[Door closes]

Man, I was goin' the speed

I know.

I got an APB out
on a silver pickup.

So, I need to see your driver's
license and your registration.

[Dog whines]

Is your father named
Riley Manning?

I dunno. I never met my daddy.

Look, I really can't afford
to pay for a ticket right now.

So, is there anything
I can do to get out of it?

[Girl chuckles]

Well, this is actually
my neighbor's truck.

And, uh, I don't think
it's registered. So...

Wait right here.
I'll be right back.


[Computer beeps]

Those plates are stolen.

Riley Manning,
raise up your arms

and step slowly out of the car!

[Engine starts]

So, you didn't even follow him?

Why didn't you call for backup?

Now, this guy could be anywhere.

[Longmire] Ferg, what happened?

Look, I knew I couldn't stall
the suspect long enough

for backup to arrive.

I figured he was
armed and dangerous.

So, I approached the truck.

I addressed him by his name.
And he sped off.

Yeah, 'course he did.

But not until after
I dropped my watch

into the bed of his pickup.

It's a digital watch
with built-in GPS,

which means we can track
Riley Manning wherever he goes.

Riley Manning?

Think I have something of yours.

So, aren't you curious
how I got hold of your finger?

What makes you think it's mine?

Your partner told me.

Before he was murdered,

James Notley took it
upon himself

to bequeath that finger
to my department.

Seems to have something to do
with a triceratops skeleton

the two of you stole
and sold off back in 1989.

Dinosaur bones?
You got the wrong guy.

Tell James that.

"My confession in 1989
was incomplete.

"I never named my partner,

"Riley Manning,
who helped me plan the heist,

drove the van and kept watch
as the bones were loaded."

That's damning testimony.

Armed robbery and murder.

Nobody died during that heist.

I'm not talkin' about
Tony Moten.

I'm talkin' about James.

"I have reason to believe
Riley has recently found out

"where I hid the 840 grand.

"If this is true,
I fully expect to be killed,

before I am released."

Whoa, whoa, wait, now.

I... I might have been involved

in a few robberies
a long time ago.

But... I never killed anyone.

And I sure as hell
wouldn't turn on James.

He was my partner.

Most guys would've
sold out their partner,

for a lesser sentence.

Not James.

He did the time.

When he got out,
he got the money.

That was the deal.

So, why'd he have your finger?

I got 10% of the money up front.
James got the rest.

But he was goin' away
for a long time.

I wanted to prove to him
he could trust me.

So, I pulled out a knife,

and I gave him 10 percent
of the fingers on my hand.

Where's that money right now?

Wherever James put it.

This letter says he hid it in
the trunk of an abandoned car,

and we checked that car.

It's gone.

Well... that sucks.

But I don't know where it's at.

I might be tempted
to believe that

if you didn't split
from your house

and speed away from my deputy.

If you had nothing to do
with James' murder, why run?

James' girl warned me.

Connie called, said I should
probably lay low for a while,

that the sheriff
was on my trail.

She's never forgiven herself
for getting' James arrested.

I guess she didn't want
to feel responsible

for my arrest as well.

Me and James were like brothers.

So, why'd he write this letter?

He didn't.

I'll bet you old
Sheriff Connally

blackmailed James into givin' up
the location of the money,

and then pulled strings
to have him killed behind bars.

And then planted that letter
to set me up.

What makes you think Lucian
would do that?

His nature.

I mean, he stole James' girl
20 years ago,

why not steal his money too?

Lucian had a relationship
with Connie Mallery?

That's a polite way
of puttin' it.

Sheriff Connally pounced on her

the second he put James
behind bars.

You owe me a beer.

The heart is like a horse
that you can break,

but never ride.

The heart is
like a horse that...

- That you can break...
- We need to talk.

About what?
I'm practicin' art here.

About your relationship
with Connie Mallery.

You can lead the horse
to jagged cliffs

and force it to peer
into the great divide.

- Stick to prose.
- Oh, come on, Walt.

You can't take poor Connie
at her word?

The girl is grievin' still.

She's gonna come
a little unwound.

I didn't hear it from Connie.
I heard it from Riley Manning.

Riley Manning.

Now, who in the hell
would that be?

That'd be James Notley's

Ever since I looked into
James Notley's murder,

you've been lying to me.

There are now accusations

that you're the one
behind the murder.

Okay, Walt.

Okay, you win!

I'm not like you.
I'm not perfect.

I've actually made a few
damn mistakes in my life!

Wh... What are we talkin' about?

Choppin' off fingers,
sleepin' with a witness or...

or havin' a man killed?

Look, every one of those
fingerless piss-ants

had it comin'!

But that don't make me
a murderer, just a man!

So, you did have a relationship
with Connie?



For a while, I did.

She was scared and needed
somebody to protect her.

And if you think
she's pretty now,

you shoulda seen her
20 years ago.

Lookin' back, you might say I
took advantage of the situation,

but I don't regret it.

Brought Riley Manning in.

He was on the run.

He said Connie tipped him off.

You give her any details
about this investigation?

No. Now, why in the hell
would you think that, Walt?

Because Connie warned
Riley Manning,

before I even told her
we were lookin' for him.

Connie, it's Sheriff Longmire.
We need to talk.

[Music playing]


[Woman] What are you doing?

Connie, I need you to come down
to the station.

[Music stops]

And, Hank, since you're
off-duty from the prison,

why don't you come with us?

So, why am I here?

I thought you said
that James' letter

named Riley as his killer.

Aren't you arresting him
for James' murder?

Riley's four months behind
on his pickup payment.

His mortgage is upside-down.

He certainly doesn't
own a sailboat.

In fact, Riley's never had
much money at all.

Which means he's never really
had a reason to kill James.

Oh, my God.



I'm... I'm afraid to say it.


What... what if it was Hank?

I mean, you know that he works
at the prison.

That's how we met
in the first place.

What if Hank was afraid
that I'd go back to James

once he was released?

How long have you and Hank
been seeing each other?

Oh... I mean, not long.

You know, I mean,
for years I was faithful.

You think Hank is capable
of murder?

You know, he told me

that he wouldn't want
to live without me.

I just...

You know, I just thought
that he was being sweet, but...

Hank's got this jealous streak.

And his temper...

If he was angry...

Yeah, I think
he could've killed James.

Would you be willing
to say that in court?

I don't know.

When Hank gets angry,
it can get pretty scary.

[Door opens]

I just talked to Connie.

What'd she say?


Hank's got this jealous streak.

And his temper...

If he was angry...

Yeah, I think
he could've killed James.

[Recorder stops]

I can't believe it.

Believe what?

That she would talk about me,
like that.

I never laid a hand on her.

James was the abuser, not me.

Connie said she was afraid
that James'd go crazy on her,

when he got out.

You were supposed
to protect her?

- Yeah.
- What'd you do about that?

I told Psycho Carl
that James was goin' around

callin' him his bitch.

Next thing you know,

James was gettin' shanked
on the crapper.

You did this
at Connie's request?

Damn right, I did.

And on her dime.
She paid me 15 grand.

Where do you think Connie
got that kinda money from?

Who knows? I mean, her job?

She's an occasional hairdresser,
works out of her house.

So, unless she got
a pretty big tip...

Oh, shit.

You mean Connie
has James' 800 grand?

Did you forge that letter
you found in James' cell?

I didn't have to.

James wrote it himself
and gave it to me.

Connie was tellin' him
about some friend

that had been buyin' sailboats

and takin' vacations
in the Caribbean.

All of a sudden,

James starts gettin' all
paranoid about this friend.

Riley Manning.

She was playin' us
the whole time, wasn't she?

She'd found James' money
and spent it.

Come on, come on.

She had you kill James
before he was released

and could figure it out.

Connie, you can come out now.

Connie, is there anything
you want to say to Hank?

He's gonna be going away
for quite a while.

I believe in mercy, Sheriff.

But anybody who did
what he did to James

deserves whatever's coming.

I couldn't agree more.

Actually, it's this way.

What are you doing?

Arresting you...

for conspiracy and murder.


Hank told me the whole story.

And, Connie,
for your own protection,

I'd stay on that side
of the cell.

I don't understand, wait.


When Hank gets angry,
it can get pretty scary.

It's your move, Walt.

Been exposing your queen,

hoping I'll rush in
and get myself trapped.

The Queen's Gambit.

I guess not everyone's
gonna fall for it.

Like the horse has its rider,

like the moon has its sky,

So a man has his loneliness,

mistaken as pride.

The sheriff is not here.

Well, I'm not lookin' for Walt.

I'm lookin' for you.

Can you keep a secret, Henry?

I have been known
to keep one or two.

That ex-boxer... from the rez,

who knocks people's teeth out.
What's his name?

His name is Hector,
and he is a mercenary for hire.

For the Cheyenne.

Do you think
he'd ever do somethin'

for someone who wasn't Cheyenne?

What did you have in mind?

[Phone rings]


Walt, do you know
one of your deputies

came to me to hire Hector?

What did Vic want?

For Hector to scare off a man
named Ed Gorski.

Can I help you?

We men are wretched things.

We are?

Says who?

Achilles, about 3,000 years ago.

Ever read The Iliad?

I'm familiar with the classics.

But have you read it, Ed?

Interpretations vary.

I think it's a poem about
a man's destructive rage.

Achilles was a warrior.

He had a partner,
a fellow warrior,

a friend.

There's no greater enemy than
the mortal enemy of a friend.

I would not disagree with that.

So, Achilles confronted
his friend's great enemy.

Achilles gave the man
one warning.

There was no weapon,

no army that could protect
this enemy

from the sheer hell
that is Achilles' rage.

And what happened to this enemy?

Achilles ran his sword
through the man's guts...

and dragged his dead body
around the town.

So, could this enemy
have done anything otherwise?

He could've gotten out of town,

while he still had the chance.