Longmire (2012–2017): Season 1, Episode 7 - 8 Seconds - full transcript

Called to a home invasion, Walt and Vic find the critically injured Chris Sublette, a rodeo sponsor who has just dropped a rider accused of mistreating his horses. As the case unfolds, multiple motives come to light. Could it be revenge, theft, jealousy, or something more sinister?





I'm just tryin' to make a living
Watchin' everybody else havin' fun

Well, I don't miss much
If it happens on a dance hall floor

Mercy, look what just
walked through that door

Well, hello, T-R-O-U- B-L-E



Grab my ass.

- Do you need me to?
- No.

- Aah!
- That's my sock. You all right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.


- I have to get it.
- No.

- Yeah, I have to.
- No.



- What?
RUBY [OVER PHONE]: Did I wake you?

I am having sex with my husband, Ruby.
What is it?

RUBY: Oh. Well, Walt just called.
There's a situation at the Red Pony.


Let him figure it out.

- It's your day off.
- I'm all he's got.

I flew home especially to see you.

And you will. Two hours. Tops.

I think I'm finally getting used to you
as a blond.

Huh. Well, you know what they say.

Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me.


Wind in my hair

- Henry. What the hell?
- And good evening to you too, madam.

I got a phone call
that there was a situation.

Gotta go faster, see how much it makes

But I got no brakes

No brakes

My friends say slow down
If you don't wanna die

If I go any faster, I will surely fly

And I just love the sound
That's roarin' through my lakes

Hey, Vic.

Everything here is under control. Uh...

And now you're here,
I could use a ride home.

Hope I didn't interrupt
anything important.

Not much.
Just some particularly breathtaking sex.

I didn't know your husband
was back in town.


- Anyway, I thought you two were fighting.
- We are.

Which is why the sex was so magnificent.


...then, uh, I'll have to apologize
to your husband.

Vic, come in. Vic, you there?

Yeah, Ruby.

RUBY: ADT security reported
a break-in on Horse Creek Road.

The residents are not answering
their phone.

Send Branch. I got who's-its.

RUBY: Branch is at a speed trap
down county. That's too far away.


WALT: You ought to take the lead on this.
VIC: You seem fine.

Even so, you take the lead.




He's alive. Just barely.

WALT: An ambulance will take too long.
We better drive him to the hospital.

What...? I got a call from ADT.
What is going on?

Oh, my God, is that my husband?
Is that Chris?

Oh, God, Chris. What happened?

- Tell me what happened.
- He's alive. We gotta get him to the hospital.

Is he...? Is he okay to drive?

- I'm driving. You okay to drive?
- Yeah.

Then follow us.

Mr. Sublette is in a coma.
By all accounts, he should be dead.

Good thing you got him to the hospital.

- I, um... I was in Ranchester last night.
- Thanks.

- What were you doing?
- I own a small art gallery there.

A new show opened tonight.
I was planning on staying overnight...

...rather than risk driving on three glasses
of wine. But I had no choice when ADT called.

Has your, uh, husband
had any recent problems with anyone?

- Anyone who might be upset with him?
- Chris is a beer distributor.

He's been sponsoring rodeo riders
for the past few years.

I mean, he recently dropped his, uh,
top rider, Levi Giggs.

- This Levi guy got a temper?
JULIA: You know rodeo men.

They think you insulted their manhood,
they'll go right for your throat.

Well, I'm afraid whoever did this
didn't stop there.

There looks to be something missing
from above your fireplace.

Our painting.

It's a reproduction
of Custer's Last Fight.

Is that what this is all about?

Someone beat my husband into a coma
in order to steal a cheap reproduction?

WALT: The original was lost
in a fire decades ago.

But copies used to hang
in just about every bar in the West.

I always liked his jacket.

What art thief goes for a copy
of the real thing?

WALT: Especially when there were
more valuable works in the living room...

...including a signed Remington
worth at least 20 grand.

Besides, most surprised thieves
just haul ass.


The beating was more emotional
than burglary.

Sublette had a reputation
as a tough businessman.

- Then he must have some enemies.
WALT: Every man does.

We need to talk to that rodeo rider,
Levi Giggs.

He had motive and a rodeo buckle
was found at the crime scene, so...

I know those guys.
He must be from out of town.

Good. You can introduce us around. Ferg, I
want you to check on Julia Sublette's alibi.

You can start first thing tomorrow.

- Sorry about messing up your evening.
- That's fine.

The night ended up being pretty exciting.

Heh. Well, get some rest.
You got your first rodeo in a few hours.

Ah. Yay.


Get out of there! Get out of there!

Get out of my truck!

Get the hell out of my truck, Bob!
I'm gonna shoot you.

- No, no, don't, Walt. No, Walt, no, Walt.
- Get out of my truck!

- Walt, no, no, no.
- Get the hell out of there.

Hold on there. No. Hold on there now.

Next time, I could shoot you, Bob.
I could shoot you.

Henry took my keys.

- Good for him.
- I come out here...

...I was trying to bum a ride
for a few hours.

- And nobody would help me out.
- That's weird.

Nobody wanted to drive home
a drunk clown?


...I just climbed in there to rest my eyes.

- You know he puts dead bodies back there.
- Mm. You're like the sunrise. Come over here.

- Bob. Bob. Okay, okay, okay. Walt? Bob.
- Give me a little kissy right here.

- Just one...
- If you kiss me, I will shoot you.

- Walt?
- I'm glad you're all having a blast.

What the hell? You said you'd be home
in two hours eight hours ago.

Ruby said you might be here.

I was just heading home.

Sheriff, you mind
if I take my wife to breakfast?

- She's all yours.
- Sure you don't wanna come?

- I'd hate for you to not be near her.
WALT: No, no, go ahead.

Have breakfast, on me.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

- I'll see you at home, okay?
- Let's go. Yes, let's go.

I had no idea she even had a husband.

We all got our little secrets, Bob.

Saddle up today, Branch,
or are you too old?

BRANCH: I'm not too old, Leo, just too
smart. LEO: Is that what you call it?

- What's Chris Sublette's prognosis?
- I talked to the doctor.

He said that he could wake up
in two hours, two days, two years, never.

Well, rodeo fans, take a look right here.

Walt Longmire and Branch Connally,
our two aspirants...

...for the second-highest office
in Absaroka County.

The first being our rodeo queen.

But neither one of these cowboys
has a prayer at that honor.


Hey, Branch.

Hey, Branch. Sorry to slow you down there.
Think you can help us find Levi?

- You said he's a bronc rider, right?
- Yep.

Then he'll probably be with the broncs.



Did you have a good time watching that?

How about it, Absaroka County?


Can these guys' pants get any tighter?

I'm told that's Levi Giggs.

Do me a favor, Branch.

Pour this water out
on some dirt out there.

- You'll see.

Vic, come say hi.

What's the book on this horse?

She rode pretty good in Cheyenne last year
but I haven't seen her in a while.

WALT: Levi Giggs?
- Last time I checked.

Can I have a few seconds of your time?


I understand you were recently dropped
by your sponsor.

I quit before he dropped me.
But I drew a damn good horse today.

When I win this purse, I'm gonna expose
Chris Sublette for the village idiot he is.

So why did he drop you?

- Now, I just said I quit.
- You did say that.

Well, he said
I was messing with the stock.

Mistreating horses to get them
to buck harder. That's a dirty lie.

My daddy's a rancher.
He'd skin me alive if I mistreated a horse.

I'll have you know, I'm very gentle.

Yeah, well, I'm not.

So, what's the real reason
why he dropped your ass?

Well, you seen Chris' wife?
She's a buckle bunny.

I think Chris didn't like the way
she looked at me.

Branch Connally, Levi.
Heard good things.


So where were you last night?

- Kicking ass and chasing trim.

Someone nearly beat Chris Sublette
to death in his home last night.

- Oh?
- "Oh"?

- It wasn't me, if that's what you're getting at.
- Not what your hands say.


Like I said, kicking ass and chasing trim.

Did pretty good at both,
if you know what I mean.

If you'll excuse me, there's a buckle
with my name on it. Ma'am.

I think we're in love.

Your cell phone has a camera, right?

Take a picture of that.

I gather you saw some footprints
at the crime scene?

You gather right.

Print them out, see what size Levi is,
see if we got a match.

WALT: Which vet's attached to the rodeo?
- Dennis Nunn, usually.

- So if someone was abusing the animals...
- Dennis would know.

Stop by, check on him.

- Sheriff. Ha, ha.
WALT: Oh, Miss Ambrose.

Hi. I'm sorry. I'm Lizzie.
You're Branch, right? Um...

- "Branch Connally for Sheriff," right?
- Right. Saw you in the office.

- You want some?
- No, no, thank you.

VIC: May I?
- Oh, yeah.

Thank you.

So, uh, what was it you wanted?

Last night, you called me
but the phone got cut off.


- I think you must be mistaken.
- No.

Walter Longmire, 307 area code.

I mean, I guess everyone in the state
has a 307 area code.

Still, not many Walt Longmires.

Well, I must have misdialed.

LIZZIE: I should be relieved.
Last time you wanted to talk...

...there were two dead bodies in my river.
- Yeah. Yeah, well...

You know, next time you, um, misdial...

...let it ring a second time,
or maybe even leave a message.

I know it's been a while, Walt...

...but they got this new invention
they call caller ID.

Hey, Dennis. Any reports of riders
abusing their animals?

Oh. You're talking about Levi Giggs,
aren't you?

- You know about that?
- Uh-huh.

The complaint came to me.

A rider said that he was using
a low-wattage cattle prod on his horses.

Now, we use that...

...but only as a last resort
to move a sick or a dangerous animal.

Levi had some version of the device
on his broncs to make them buck harder.

- Bigger the bucking, higher the score.
- Yeah, that's right.

People think horses are so strong and big,
something like that's not gonna hurt them.

But an electrical charge like that?
That can mess with a horse's heart.

Cause ventricular fibrillation,
sometimes even a full-on heart attack.

WALT: Couldn't someone have
made up the accusation?

Well, sure, that happens sometimes.

That's why I sent my son, Zachary,
to monitor Levi.

Zac's got video of Levi.

We showed it to his sponsors,
Levi was dropped.

- You know Chris Sublette?
- Sure.

I tell you this.

Most sponsors? They could give a damn
if a rider tortures broncs...

...as long as that rider
brings home purses.

- I'm gonna need you to sign off on this.
- Yeah. Not Chris.

He dropped Levi right away.

Someone dropped Chris Sublette
into a coma last night.

Oh, my God.

Holy shit.

Think Levi Giggs could do something
like that?

Sheriff, if you can hurt an animal,
you can hurt a man.


Vic, don't get pissed but...

...I heard Walt was drunk
at the crime scene last night.

- I'm concerned.
- Bullshit, you are.

You're just looking for an edge
in the election.

Walt Longmire was drunk.

And I'm Branch Connally
and I've approved this message.

- So you saying he wasn't?
- He was being responsible.

He called because he'd had a few beers.
On the way out, the call came in.

I took lead, he backed me up. Totally fine.


Where you been?

You at home prank calling
Lizzie Ambrose?

I found out some gossip
you two can whisper about.

Levi lied to us.

Dennis Nunn says he has proof...

...that Levi was using some kind of device
to shock his horses.

- So Levi's not as gentle as he said.
BRANCH: I asked around.

Levi hasn't won in over a year.

So he's not bringing home
any prize money.

Without a sponsor...

...easy to burn through all your dough
just trying to survive on the circuit.

What do you know about that boot print?

It's hard to know beyond size and style.
It's some kind of a riding boot. Size 11.

Levi was wearing Justins at the rodeo.
This looks like a buckaroo heel.

Common amongst bronc riders. Uh, look
into Levi's whereabouts last night.

- Any sign of that missing painting?
- Checked all the pawn shops and galleries.

So far, nobody's reported anybody
trying to sell a Custer print.

What'd you find out about Julia Sublette?

Uh, her story checked out.

There was an opening at her art gallery. I
got three people who confirmed seeing her.

I went to her hotel.

She checked in around 9:00.
And the room-service waiter said...

...he brought dinner to her and her husband
around 9:40.

Which is impossible.

Because her husband was back home,
getting beaten and whipped.

Hotel rooms, room service?
You think Julia was having an affair?

Did you get a description
of, uh, her husband?



A white male. Um, very good-looking.

- I'm just quoting here.
VIC: That fits with Levi.

You think he's good-looking?

Think Julia arranged a hit on her husband
to get out of the marriage?

Ferg, track down Julia Sublette
at the hospital, get her on the phone.

- I'll take it in my office.
- Hey, Walt?

I don't think we should call Julia Sublette
just yet.

- We need to find out who she's sleeping with.
- I think I already know.

It's Branch.

I can't find anybody who'll admit to...

...or remembers spending time
with Levi last night.

So his claim
that he was partying too hard...

...to have assaulted Chris Sublette
remains unconfirmed.

Look, Walt. I'll keep asking around.


Who are you sleeping with?


What are you talking about?

Who are you sleeping with?

- That's none of your business.
- That's not how I see it.

If it relates directly to the assault
on Chris Sublette...

...I believe it is absolutely my business.

And obviously your duty
to tell me about it.

I know you heard about me being
supposedly drunk at the crime scene.

There's only two people
could have told you that.

Vic or Julia Sublette.

Now, Vic says it wasn't her
and I believe her.

So I'm gonna ask you again.

Are you sleeping with the victim's wife?


Hell, no.

Do you know the victim's wife?


Never met her.


...if neither Vic nor Julia Sublette...

...mentioned my drinking to you...

...who did?

If you're going door-to-door
looking for campaign donations...

...I ought to warn you,
I'm voting for my son.

- Hello, Barlow.
- Walt.

Can I get you an espresso?
A cappuccino?

Just got this great new machine.

What's the point of money
if you can't waste it from time to time?

Thanks for the offer but, uh, I don't
wanna pretend this is a social call.

May as well get right at this.

You having an affair with Julia Sublette?

We should probably get more specific.

I'm not as old-fashioned as you, Walt.

I doubt we have the same definition
of "affair."

- Be as specific as you want, Barlow.
- All right, then.

We're having sex
and we're not telling people about it.

- That's pretty close to my definition.
- Yeah, but I know you.

Your definition's a little sappier.

And it would mean
that I somehow have reason...

...to beat the crap
out of poor Chris Sublette.

- You're saying you don't?
- I've been married, Walt.

Didn't agree with me.
Now, this thing with Julia, whew...

She is gorgeous, she's smart,
she's funny.

And we have a good time.

And then she goes home.
Why would I wanna mess with that?

So you were with her last night?

We were in Ranchester
when she got the call about the burglary.

Are you willing to say that under oath
in a court of law?

I don't know, Walt.

You willing to admit
you were drinking on the job?

That's what this is all about, isn't it?

You wanna exert a little leverage on me...

...so I won't use what I've got against you
in the election campaign.

This is about a man getting beaten
half to death.


I thought it was about somebody stealing
a rich man's painting.

I've never seen anyone get quite so violent
over a reproduction.



That what she told you?

The original was lost in a fire.


But what do you reckon it would be worth
if it hadn't been lost in a fire?

Who told you I was having an affair?

The same man who told me
your missing painting wasn't a copy...

...but a very valuable original.
Barlow Connally.

Now, Julia, you need to start telling me
the truth...

...or I'm gonna start thinking
you were behind this...

...looking for a short-cut
out of your marriage.

Sheriff Longmire,
I didn't try to kill my husband.

I may have been looking for some passion
in my life but I care about Chris.

And I want whoever did this
brought to justice.

You may not like what I've done.
I'm not perfect but I am telling the truth.

Well, keep going then.
What about the Custer painting?

We bought it on the black market.
I know it's illegal...

...but it was perfect for us.

How much is the painting worth?

Somewhere between
three and four hundred thousand dollars.


That much? You think Levi knew
how much the painting was worth?

It was worth something.
That's all that matters.

It's the same basic size and shape.
Looks like a Durango heel too.

Wyoming's rubbing off on you.

Also looks like a size 11.

Yeah, but how many size 11 boots you think
they sell here in cow town every year, huh?

A lot.

It may not prove it's him,
but it doesn't rule out Levi either, so...

What about that belt buckle
that you found?

Well, according to Julia, the buckle used
in the attack belonged to Chris.

VIC: So, what are we looking for?
WALT: We'll know when we find it.

I wonder what Chris Sublette is gonna think
when he finds out...

...his wife is cheating on him
with Barlow Connally.

I don't know how people live
with themselves.

Cheaters have a way of rationalizing
what they do.

Sometimes, you just realize
that you married the wrong person.

I cheated on my wife.


I called up, uh, Lizzie Ambrose
last Friday night, after work.

I didn't misdial it.

Heard the phone ring at the other end,
I just...

I just hung up.

- Felt like I was cheating.
- You're kidding me, right?

You're not kidding me.

Walt, you're talking about
your deceased wife.

The one who would want you
to be happy.

Is that why you were drinking? Guilt?

Why would you put
your "happy couple" pictures in a drawer?

- Maybe they were fighting?
- Yeah.

Or Chris was expecting company.


Someone who'd be uncomfortable
seeing these pictures.

Maybe we should just ask him.


So, Chris, do you remember
who attacked you?

Now, I know about
that black-market painting of yours.

You think the attacker was there for that?


I know you're in a lot of pain.

I just got a couple more questions
I need to ask you.

I just came from your house.

I noticed none of your photographs
of you and Julia were on display.

- Okay, enough, enough.
- Chris.

- He's had enough. Please?
- Chris.

Were you expecting company last night?

I love you.

JULIA: Please. Hold on. No, please.
WALT: Hey. Wait, wait.

- Please, stop. Chris, come on. No, no, no.
WALT: Wait, wait.

JULIA: No, no, no, please.
- Wait.

Do you have any idea
what the hell that was about?

Nope. But I'm gonna find out.

- Excuse me, sheriff, can I help you?
- Doctor, can you look at this chart for me?

Am I reading this right? Didn't lose
consciousness as a result of head injuries?

No, sheriff. No sign of concussion.

Looks more like
there was some kind of heart event.

Possibly ventricular fibrillation.

- What causes ventricular fibrillation?
- Could be drugs.

Stimulants like cocaine.
Or maybe some kind of electric shock.

- Dennis.
- Hey.

You still have those pictures of Levi using
his Hot-Shot on that bronc?

I think so.

Right in my office.

I know, uh, some of the more powerful
tasers used by law enforcement...

...leave a couple little red marks
where the electrodes hit the body.

- These Hot-Shots do the same thing?
DENNIS: It's hard to say.

Shave the hair off and get down to
the skin, you might see something.

The whole reason we have the pictures
is it's the only way to prove anything.

Everything looks normal.

But Levi has a Hot-Shot hid in his chaps.
See? Right there.

Hot-Shot's connected to this thin wire that
ran to the saddle. It provided the charge.

Afterwards, he gets off his horse,
he disconnects...

...and he and the Hot-Shot walk out
of the arena.

Zac followed him.
That's how I got these pictures.

Can you tell what kind
of cattle prod that is?

I need you to shock me.

- What?
- I need you to use that Hot-Shot on me.

- No.
- It's important.

- It is insane. Stop it.
- Stop what? I'm just trying to solve a crime.

- No. You are punishing yourself.
- No, I'm not.


You are alive, she is not.
That sucks but it is what it is.

I hate that phrase.
Don't use that with me again.

"It is what it is."

Of course you hate the phrase.
It means you are powerless.

- But my friend, it is what it is.
- Stop it.

- It is what it is.
- I'm serious.

I know. You are so very serious.

You used to be fun. Sort of.

You used to be not such a sanctimonious,
self-important, judgmental prick.


I thought my head was gonna explode.

- Can you imagine?

"Branch, who are you sleeping with?"

- That's not funny. Don't.
- I was there.

I can't keep lying and sneaking around.
I'm nervous and I'm guilty all the time.

- Not all the time.
- Yeah, pretty close.

Maybe if you weren't running against him,
it would be different.

I'll quit the race.

- Branch, I'm serious.
- So am I, Cady.

I don't want you changing your life
for me.

Why not? What if I want to?

Because I'll feel more guilty
than I already do.

I just don't think
that this was meant to be.

This. Whatever this is.

It's over, Branch.

I don't want this to be over.

Hold on, Levi.
Got a warrant for your arrest.

I drew a bad horse earlier
but those guys over there said...

...they liked what they saw.
They're big sponsors.

They picked the toughest horse.
Said if I could ride it, they'd pick me up.

- This is my chance. I'm not getting off.
- Levi.

Sheriff, I'm behind
on my child-support payments.

You know?

Well, if I don't get a check tonight,
I won't be able to see my daughter.

- You got eight seconds.
- Thank you.


This Hot-Shot you used
on your broncs here...

...was used in the assault
of Chris Sublette.

That Hot-Shot leaves these marks.

Same kind of marks
we found on Chris Sublette.

You shocked him, his heart spasmed.

You stole his painting.

Look, I admit I cheated. I shocked my
horses but I did not beat on Chris.

And I didn't steal no painting.
What am I gonna do with a painting?

Write a poem about it?

Hey, Walt? Someone just tried to pawn
Custer's Last Fight.

Don't hog the cot.

When I come out of the Red Pony
about 2 a.m. The other night...

...that painting was in the back
of my pickup.

What time you arrive at the Red Pony?

Uh, four.

You were drinking for 10 hours?

Well, part of the time I was pissing,
but, yes, ma'am.

Call Henry and ask him.
I was indoors the whole time.

We know someone who wasn't.

Hell. I was pretty ripped
the other night, Walt.

Sometimes you need
to get numb and dumb.

I understand. Do you remember seeing
something in the parking lot Friday night?

Someone put something in the back
of a pickup truck?

Drywall guy.
I remember seeing some fellow...

...taking a piece of drywall
out of the back of his truck...

...and in someone else's truck.
- Could the drywall be a painting?

Could have been the Moaning Lisa
for all I know.

- Bob, don't mess with me.
- I'm not.

I see it, the truck of the drywall guy.

Or perhaps I should refer to him
as the connoisseur.

Truck had a bumper sticker
that really made me sad.

It was supposed to be funny.
But when you really thought about it...

...this guy is driving around
advertising his own humiliation.

And I thought... Walt, Walt.

- I thought, that was like me.
- Yeah.

- What'd the bumper sticker say, Bob?
- "Bronc riders do it in eight seconds."

Oh, hey, sheriff.

- You find Levi Giggs yet?
- I did.

- Who drives that truck?
- Well, we all do. It's a family truck.

Then I need the family
to come down to the station.


Because one of you beat Chris Sublette within
an inch of his life last Friday night.

If he don't pull through, that's murder.

You know how much this is worth?

DENNIS: You wanna tell us
what the hell this is really about?

WALT: Between three and four hundred
thousand dollars...

...which begs the question:

Why would one of you have just dropped it
in the back of a stranger's pickup truck?

- All right. Langley, Zac, we're leaving.
WALT: Leave...

...I'll charge you all, sort it out later.

First you say we beat up Sublette.
Now you say we stole this painting.

- Well, did you, Dennis?
- No.

- No, I did not.
- Okay, then.

Where were you Friday night
around 1 a.m.?

See, most people have an answer
for that one, Dennis.

Even if it's a lie.

He does.

I mean, maybe he doesn't,
but he was not at the Sublettes' house.

I'm sorry, Dennis, but...

I was worried Dennis was having an affair
with Julia.

Honey, that's ridiculous.

He's always going over to their house
and tending to the animals.

- And we just haven't been real close lately.
- Langley.

You've seen Julia, sheriff.
I mean, she's beautiful.

Did you go to the Sublette house,

I asked Zac to follow him.

WALT: Did you follow him, Zac?

But it's all gonna be okay.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Zac followed him
to the Sublettes' house...

...but he told me he was not having
an affair with Julia Sublette.

So, look, I don't know what happened
to Chris Sublette...

...but neither Zac or Dennis
had anything to do with it.

ZAC: What are you doing?
- Same size.

- Are you crazy? Get your hands off him.
- This the boot that put Chris into a coma?

We're gonna call a lawyer.

DENNIS: What's going on, son?
Were you there that night?

Tell me the truth.

The truth?

- You're full of shit.
DENNIS: You watch your lip, boy.

- We need to get out of here right now.
- You weren't screwing Julia Sublette.

You were screwing her husband.

What the hell are you talking about?

Did Levi put you up to this?

ZAC: I saw your truck parked
out at the Sublettes'.

I just got...

I just got so pissed.

I went to the window...

...figuring I'd see you and Mrs. Sublette,
but then I looked in and you were...

- Zac, please stop.
- No, everyone has to hear this.

I went back to my truck.

I got the Hot-Shot and I waited.

And when my dad left...

...I went to the house, rang the doorbell,
and Mr. Sublette answered.

He said something to me. He called me...

He called me "son."

I just... I flipped out.

- You have to stop this.
ZAC: He hit the security alarm...

...and the alarm went off,
but I had the Hot-Shot.

And it just took him right down.

And then I started kicking him
and beating him...

...until he just stopped moving.

Dennis, is what Zac said about you
and Chris Sublette true?

- No.
- You son of a bitch!

DENNIS: Son, son, get off, son.
ZAC: I hate you! I hate you!


I hate you, Dad. I hate you.

I hate... I hate you! I hate you!


Where you been?

Out clearing my head.

Well, you always were
the thoughtful one.

A bit of an over-thinker.

Just out riding, Dad. Not over-thinking.


Then why haven't you had the good sense
to play the cards that were dealt you?

Walt Longmire was drunk
at a crime scene.

Don't you think that's the kind of information
a voting public deserves to know?

He was off-duty,
he didn't get behind the wheel...

...and then he not only helped save
Chris' life...

...he discovered the guy who beat him...

...and recovered a priceless work of art
that had been missing for 70 years.

Jeez, why don't you just marry him?

I think I'll be a good sheriff, Dad, but I
could still learn a few things from Walt.

I'm not so sure running against him
this term is such a good idea.

You're not trying to earn
a Cub Scout badge, Branch.

You're running for sheriff.

Your ancestors didn't die in coal mines
and wars for nothing.

They built Wyoming...

...when nobody else knew
where in the hell it was.

This is your time, son. Walt's had his.

I wouldn't use the drinking against him.

I don't need to use the drinking.

He's not as pure as you think he is.

Son, I know that you like the man...

...but I advise you to set that aside
for a while...

...and find something about him to hate.

The whole painting is a lie.
That is why I took it down.

Custer's outfit, the Indians' dress.

The battle is even on the wrong side
of the river.

Most everything people learn
about Little Bighorn is fiction.

If you repeat a lie often enough,
it becomes the truth.

LIZZIE: Whoa. Sounds like it's getting
pretty heavy over here.

I had no idea you were so arty.



- I got your message.
- So you did.

May I get you something to drink, ma'am?

Yes, you may.


Wherever I go now

Now, Henry, it's on me.


I feel so blue

Because you don't love me


[English - US - SDH]