Longmire (2012–2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Worst Kind of Hunter - full transcript

A paroled killer is mauled by a bear, but Longmire suspects that there is more to the story. Meanwhile, Branch's uncle creates havoc for the sheriff's department.

You're okay. It's okay.


Now, I have just... Listen, I got
all your contact information.

- I don't want to come with you.
- No, you don't have to come with me.

Just... Again, tell me,
where did you see it?

About three kilometers
down the canyon.

Okay, okay. You're okay.

Okay, okay, okay.








- Moretti.
WALT [ON PHONE]: You up?

I am now.

Residents shot out his windows.
He's demanding to see the sheriff.

- What are you doing here?
- I know the resident in question.

If I start responding
when he makes a scene...

...there'll be no turning back.
Can't negotiate with terrorists.

VIC: Not that I'm complaining, but isn't
Ferg supposed to be on call this morning?

WALT: Ferg's already on a call.
Busy morning.

- Sorry to pull you away from home.
- Part of the job.

- So who's the wacko?
- Lucien Connally.

VIC: Connally, as in Branch?
- His uncle.

[WHISPERING] I need you to go in there.
Just don't tell him I'm here.

- Is he dangerous?
- Over the years, he's killed 10 men.

But he's never shot a woman.


Son of a bitch!


Hello, Walt.

You said he wasn't gonna shoot at me.

I didn't. I shot that chair.

I've been asking for two months
to change meds. Nobody listens to me.

When nobody listens,
you gotta talk louder!

And there ain't nothing much louder
than a 12 gauge in an enclosed space.

Why aren't you marching this man out
of the building in handcuffs?

Good question.

How about Lucien
pays for the windows and the chair.

Promises not to do it again.

He just discharged a weapon
in a retirement home!

- Twice!
- Three times.

Two in the window, one in the chair.
See, you weren't listening.


Yeah, Ferg, what's up?

FERG: Hikers called it in. But I had
no idea it was gonna be this bad.

Oh, watch your step.

That vomit wasn't here
when I first arrived.

VIC: God, who would do this?
- Not who, what.

Looks like a bear attack.

Wallet, it's empty.

Nothing in there but a state-issued ID.
Weird, huh?

I already went through all the pockets.

Ed Crawley.

Born in '67.

- Powder Junction address.
VIC: Huh.

Crystal meth, a pipe and a lighter.

Maybe this guy
was partying too hard...

...passed out in the wrong part
of Jellystone.

Don't often see people partying
this far away from everything.

Any sign of a vehicle?

Nothing but bear-paw prints and scat.

These wounds could be injection marks.

You can't shoot meth.

I mean, can you?

VIC: Yeah, you can, but you don't usually
shoot it and smoke it.

This guy was looking to really party.

Anyone got a bag?

- You're gross.
- I'm thorough.

VIC: You know, I have arrested murderers
and rapists, but a bear?

WALT: Murder's murder. Gotta find the
killer. - You're kidding, right?

WALT: Community tends to be serious
about bringing bears to justice.

So how do we get a warrant for a bear?

WALT: We start by talking to Pete Brooks.
- Who?

Doctoral candidate from the university.

He's doing a field study
on the bear population...

...east of the Continental Divide...

...for, I don't know, last seven years.
Eight, maybe.

I figure if anyone can tell us about hostile
bear activity in the area, it's Pete.

Pete's not answering.
He's up in the Big Horns.

- Someone reported a grizzly up there.
- There aren't any there.

I know, but wouldn't it be amazing
if there were?

Now, miss, I'm gonna need you
to find Pete and get him back here.

We got an aggressive bear in the area.

We need to find out
if that bear needs relocation or killing.

I don't know.
He's pretty hard to reach up there.

Not with a satellite phone, it isn't.
Keep trying.

In the meantime,
I'm gonna contact Omar.

We can't let a bear like this run free.

She clouded up
when you mentioned Omar.

- Are they a couple or something?
- No.

This organization hates hunters
in general and Omar in particular.

In their mind,
Omar's the worst kind of hunter.

A good one.

Uncle Lucien, just call my dad.

He's got at least three spare bedrooms
in that house.

Branch, your dad
could open a whorehouse...

...and I'd still refuse the offer of a bed.
FERG: Ha, ha, ha.

At least let my dad
talk to the retirement home.

- He can get them to drop the charges.
- Facility.

It ain't a home. It's a facility.

RUBY: Need anything?
- No, I'm fine, Ruby, thank you.

Nobody forced you
to move into a retirement facility.

- You checked yourself in.
- Damn right I did.

I make my own choices, I don't need
my brother pulling strings for me.

I'm gonna sit in this cell,
drink coffee, play chess...

...take my punishment like a man.

Branch, don't harass the prisoner.

Hey, Branch. I met your uncle earlier.

He's got that trademark Connally charm.

Find out anything about the victim?

- Yeah. He's a murderer.
- Crawley's an ex-con.

He was serving 25 to life,
but they let him out two weeks ago.

Good behavior.

Parole board said
he's been with relatives.

- Pam and Russell Gray.
WALT: Okay.

You two look
into Ed Crawley's prison records.

Find out what he was like
on the inside. Ask around.

See if he had friends or known
associates from his past in town.

I'll check the trial transcripts.
Find who he killed.

Long time ago,
but some grudges never die.

Want me to talk
to Crawley's relatives?

Nope, you got your hands full
with your uncle. I'll do it.

I got a stop to make first.


Train whistle moans in the distance

Birds cry out across the bay


Nice of you to show up
to your fundraiser.

Is that what this is?

Based on the turnout,
I might vote for the other guy.

- Helps if the candidate attends.
- Henry, you know what this is?


Hey, hey, no, no, no.

- It's bad meat.
- It is flank steak.

That's what I was afraid of.

Why? What is so bad
about flank steak?


Unless you tie it to a guy
to turn him into bear bait.


- Omar.
- Henry.

HENRY: Walt.
- Henry.

You're a hard man to find.

You haven't been
answering your phone.

Hey, Walt.

I've been backcountry watching a bunch
of rich guys from L.A. Pretend to hunt.

- And growing a beard.
- Yeah, it's a big look in Hollywood.

- Lot of the actors have it.
- Well, you look the part.

I'm gonna need you to go back out.
Bear attacked a guy.

- How bad is it?
- Bad enough to kill him.

I need you to find that bear.

Isn't this the territory
of that bear-hugger...

...Eco-maniac, Pete Brooks?
- Pete's not around. I need you.

- Gentlemen, how is everything?
- Great.

Just let me know
if I can get you anything. Coffee?

- A conscience?
- Henry.

- Walt, hunting this bear?
- I'm just trying to locate the bear.

We haven't even talked price yet.
Where'd the attack happen?

Seven miles northwest of town.

Right where it should be.
Why punish this bear?

That's like punishing
the wind for blowing.

- And if the wind killed a man?
- I got no other option, Henry.

Yes, you do.

- Can you pay me?
- No.

Well, I'll make you a deal.
I'll help you track this bear...

...but you gotta lend me
one of your deputies.

- Let me guess. It's not Ferg.
- Nope.

I want that feisty Italian.

Be careful what you wish for.

Well, what a surprise.

Pam! Guess who's here.

- You got a minute to talk?
- Sure.

I'm assuming this is about Ed.
What'd he do?

He got mauled to death by a bear.

I can't believe it.

- A bear?
- Your brother gave this as his address.

- Was he staying with you?
- Yeah.

He really didn't have no other options.

He was only supposed to stay a week.

Two weeks later, no job, no apartment.

- You didn't want Ed staying here?
- Guy is a criminal.

Best thing that ever happened to Pam
and her folks was Ed going to prison.

So either of you have any idea
what Ed was doing in the woods?

I don't know.

He wasn't too interested
in hiking or the outdoors.

Last I saw of him
he was going on a job interview.

Said he got a lead
from one of his prison buddies.

This prison buddy,
Ed give you a name?

I didn't ask for one.

To be honest, I thought
the whole job thing was bullshit.

I figured he was getting high
or something.

- Was Ed using drugs?
- No.

He was scary when he was using.

I didn't see none of that
when he was here.

Damn it!

I let him borrow my old Tacoma
for that job interview.

- Did you find it?
- I'm sorry, no.

If you give me a description of it...

...we'll do our best to find it for you.
- Even dead he's a pain in my ass.

I'll get you a copy of my registration.

Sorry about Russell.
He's been pretty upset lately.

They cut his hours way back.

Plus, he didn't know the good Ed
from before.

He was such a sweet little kid.

I can't believe he's gone.

I understand.

Now, apart from the buddy from prison...

...Ed hook up with any old friends
that you know of?

All his old friends are dead or in jail.

- What about enemies?
RUSSELL: Enemies?


What about the parents of that girl
he killed?

- Hey, Walt.
- Ruby.

Oh, Branch left this for you.

Records on Ed Crawley's murder trial.

He also had me call down to the state
penitentiary to have the warden...

...send over a list of all the men
he's been locked up with.

- Thank you, Ruby.
- Mm-hm.

When you talk to Branch next,
could you let him know...

...I need a little background
on Russell Gray.

- Crawley's brother-in-law.
- Russell Gray.

Ferg, what are you doing?

Sheriff Connally wanted to help out
with the investigation.

He's no longer the sheriff.
He's under arrest...

...pending assault charges
from the home.

Our investigation isn't his business.

You see the mark on that boy's ankles?

- He was restrained.
- I saw it, Lucien.

He was a druggie too!

We did find some crystal meth...

...and possible
injection marks on Crawley's legs.

But we won't know until the autopsy...

...and get a tox screen.
- Who you looking at?

- Everybody.
- Oh, come on, Walt.

Ferg. Victim was last seen
in his brother-in-law's Tacoma.

Here's the registration.
I want you to find it.

- On it.
- What about my no-good nephew?

Why ain't he helping here?

I am helping. I'm bringing our
pain-in-the-ass prisoner his tacos.

Ruby, I need you to find me an address.
Donna and Ira Craig.

- Who's Donna and Ira Craig?
- None of your business.

Hey, Walt.

You owe me 6.95 plus tip.

Victim was found down that path,
about a mile or so.

You make a habit of leering
at married women so blatantly?

Well, first of all, yes.

And secondly,
I had no idea you were married.

You don't seem domesticated.

You really think you wanna talk to me
like that when I'm holding this?

I just don't know
why you don't wear a ring.

- At least Waffles wears a collar.
- Who's Waffles?

The killer bear. Name's Waffles.

And they put a tracking collar on her
a year ago so they could study her.

I tracked her online.

It's pretty handy,
but it sure takes the fun out of hunting.

We're supposed to be trapping the bear,
not hunting it.

Well, that's the idea.

But we gotta be ready
for the possibility...

...Waffles won't go along with our plan.

But don't worry, Vicky.
Omar'll protect you.

Why are you telling us this?

- Are we supposed to feel bad?
- No.

No, it seemed like something
you might like to know.

You have any children, Sheriff Longmire?

- Yes, I do. I have a daughter.
- Oh, well, this is our daughter.

- Honey...
- Blair.

She should be 37 years old right now.

An artist's projection of how she'd look.

We have one painted every year
on her birthday.

That's all we have left of her.

After Ed Crawley stabbed her 12 times.

His lawyers said
he wasn't in his right mind...

...because of the drugs.

But a human being does not stab
a 17-year-old girl 12 times.

Drugs or no drugs.
No, Ed Crawley was a monster.

- Honey, let it go.
- If it were up to me...

...he would have been swinging
from a rope years ago.

What is the point of capital punishment
if we can't use it?

You've gotta understand.

The last 20 years, we've been
working to keep Blair's killer in prison.

We write letters,
we show up at his parole hearings.

If you don't mind,
when did you last see the victim?

Victim? Now he's the victim?

We were at his last parole hearing.

- You have any contact with him?
- Yes, sheriff. We yelled. We cursed.

Made our feelings known.
And still, they released him.

It took a bear to do what the so-called
justice system should've done.

The hearing was a sham.

The new warden didn't know the case.

If the old warden, Dan Blackburn,
had been there...

...he would have convinced that board
to keep that animal in prison.

What's gonna happen with the bear?

Depends. Could be relocated.
Could be put down.

It ought to get a medal.

- Ruby, this is Unit Four. Over.
- Hello, Ferg.

Ruby, I canvassed the local taverns.
That's a negative on the victim's car.


Frequently that's where
these ex-cons hang.

That's what they said at the seminar
Walt sent me to.


- Okay, then. Ferg out.
- Alrighty, Ferg.


[WHISPERS] Keep behind me.

Now, don't panic if the bear charges us.

If a bullet won't stop him
this will slow him down.



OMAR: Who's in there?
PETE: Don't shoot!

PETE: Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.
I'm so sorry, I didn't mean...

- I was aiming for the bear!
OMAR: Pete?

You moron, you just shot
a sheriff's deputy!

PETE: I was aiming for the bear!
- A bear?

- A blond bear?
PETE: It was an accident!

Well, now the damn killer bear's gone!

What were you thinking,
you stupid mother...?


- You let Deputy Moretti get shot.
- Only with a tranquilizer.

It's only a small dart.
She's gonna be fine.

WALT: It's not the size of the dart.
You shot my deputy.

PETE: She wasn't wearing a hunting vest.
- Walt, this nut shot at us on purpose.

He thought we'd kill that bear.

- Weren't you?
- Well, of course!

- It's an aggressive bear!
- Waffles doesn't kill humans.

- She's got two strikes.
- Just livestock kills.

She doesn't deserve to be euthanized!

I know this bear's behavior.

I've been monitoring her for months.
She's a good bear.

- She killed a man.
- You have no proof of that.

Just let me test her hair for isotopes.

If she consumed human flesh,
it'll show up.

- But I believe that it won't.
- Walt, arrest him.

- Or have his license revoked.
- What license?

I don't know,
His granola son of a bitch license!

Proving this was more than an accident
is gonna be pretty difficult.

Considering Vic wasn't wearing...

...any bright orange safety clothing.
Was she, Omar?

Now, if you idiots will excuse me,
I think I'll go in and see the patient.

- You want me to come too?
- No.

So how'd you like your first hunting trip?

This was not in the brochure.

Would you like me to call your husband?

Why? He's out of town again.

I don't want him to know, anyway.

- Vic, he'd probably wanna know.
- He doesn't care.

We got in a fight. Again.
We fight all the time, Walt.

Ever since he drug my ass here
from Philadelphia.

This is really none of my business.

Yesterday at breakfast, he informed me...

Informed me...

...that he was thinking about
taking another transfer.

Stupid gas company wants
to promote him again.

They want him to move to Australia.

I can't be a cop in Australia.

Well, you never exactly told me
that you love it here in Wyoming.

I hate it.

But don't you think he should've asked?
I mean, what would you have done?

I'm a different man
than your husband, so...

You're different because
you're a man, Walt.

Sheriff? Sheriff. Come quick.

NURSE: You are not getting back here
without any ID!

DONNA: You do not speak to me like that!
NURSE: Calm down!

No, you calm down!

Sheriff, these people are refusing
to show me any ID!

- You are rude and disrespectful.
- Just take it easy.

What's going on here?

Did you send these people down here
to identify Ed Crawley's body?

- That what they told you?
- They say they're relatives.

I'm sorry, but Donna wanted
to see the body.

I thought maybe it might provide
her some kind of closure.

For 20 years, we've had the image
of Blair lying dead on a slab.

And maybe if we can replace
that with Crawley on a slab...

You think that seeing your daughter's
murderer will help the anger go away?

Well, I can tell you from
personal experience, it won't.

Only time can do that.


Because the first 20 years
haven't made much of a dent.

- It's really quite unpleasant. You sure?
- Please, sheriff.



WALT: You think Ira Craig
could've killed Ed Crawley?

- I thought Crawley was killed by a bear.
- Yeah.

That's the thing. He was.

But he was in restraints at the time
and I think the bear was baited.

You had a lot of contact with the Craigs
as warden.

Think Ira could've done something?

I don't know. I thought
you'd be leaning towards the missus.

I was. But when I showed them the body,
Donna lost it.

Ira just seemed at peace.
Like he'd already had his closure.

- Like he'd already seen Crawley dead.
- I don't know.

You got anybody else?

His brother-in-law didn't like him much.

You ever run into him?

I can't remember Crawley's
family ever visiting.

As for the Craigs, I can certainly
sympathize with how they felt...

...seeing the guy who killed
their daughter walking free.

They said if you'd been at the hearing...

...it would've made a difference.
- Not really.

I wish I had been at the hearing
instead of the new guy.

But that parole board's charged
with saving money.

They were determined to release him,
no matter what.

Crawley's prison record
did look awfully clean.

Yes, it was. But a lot of guys thought
Crawley stabbed and killed a guard.

- Record said he was exonerated on that.
- Yeah.

Another inmate took credit for it.

Then again, he was a lifer.
He had nothing to lose.

Crawley could've bought
him off with cartons...

...of smokes to take the fall.

I gotta say, Dan.

- Must be nice to leave that job behind.
- That's true.

Although, I would've liked to have
gone on my own terms...

...rather than being pushed into
early retirement due to budget cuts.

I'm familiar with budget cuts.

They're trying to replace
us with computers, Walt.

I know.
Nothing's more valuable than memory.

Speaking of which, mind if I borrow yours?

- Sure.
- I need you to look at this list.

Recently released prisoners.

If you could identify whether
any of them were...

...Crawley's cellmates or associates.
- No problem.

You got any of those campaign signs...

...in the back of your truck?
- Yeah, but you don't have to do that.

- That's...
- Come on, Walt.

Even if I didn't like you...

...I'd hate to see another old pro being
pushed out of a job by a young guy.


Ruby, I found it. That Tacoma the victim
borrowed from his brother-in-law?

I followed it to a house
on the west side.

It's pretty shady-looking,
newspapers in the windows.

Ferg. Do not even think
about going in there.

- Do not.
- Don't worry.

- I'm not going in there without backup.
- Walt!

You see any signs of a lab...

...beakers, test tubes, hoses, you get out.

- That stuff could blow.
- Got it.




I still can't get the smell
of that place out of my head.

It was like a wet diaper.

They might be poor housekeepers,
but they're thoughtful tweakers.

Check this out.

"To a special uncle on his birthday"?

I think my uncle would prefer
one of these magazines.

- Heh. Yep.
WALT: How do you know Ed Crawley?

I don't.

You were seen driving his truck.

- I told you I don't know that guy.
- Where'd you get the truck?

I told you, man, Santa gave it to me.

- What's this here Santa entity look like?
- You don't see Santa.

That's the thing.
He comes when you're sleeping, right?

So while I was sleeping, someone left
the truck outside the house.

Unlocked. Keys in it and everything.

Do you know who owns the house
you were crashing in?

- Patches.
- What's Patches' real name?

I don't know.

He's just always
got nicotine patches on.

Maybe Dave or Dan?

Can you give me a list of all the people
who live or hang out at Patches' house?


Patches turns out to be a guy
named Greg Pierson.

He leases the house from
a woman named Amy Stonesifer.

I know Amy Stonesifer.

She lives at the home I was kicked out of.
Nutty as a drunk monkey.

Pretty smart when drug cookers
use a senile old woman as a landlord.

Lucien, do you mind? We got work to do.

Oh, that's right, Walt.
Of course. I forgot.

You're trying to waste time and money
punishing somebody...

...who did society a favor.

Don't you got somewhere to be?

Well, the hippies are
in my guest room, there.

Branch, I've got two very
important jobs for you.

First, Tweaker Joe gave me a bunch...

...of names of guys
who hang out at the meth house.

Pervy Stu?

Check the list the warden gave us.

See if any recently-released prisoners
have nicknames that match these.

Maybe one of them
is connected to Ed Crawley.

And the second?

Get the retirement home
to drop the charges and take Lucien back.

Aah! Hey! Hey!


- Argh! Sheriff!
WALT: Ferg, you all right?

Branch, help Ferg.

What's going on in there?

- Walt.
- We get this a lot.

He has the symptoms
of a methamphetamine overdose.

Thank you.

All those greeting cards
must be laced with meth.

There were at least a hundred.
That's a lot of product.

That's more than casual use.
They were distributing out of that house.

Why distribute in that form?
Why not sell rocks?

What's the best way to get stuff
in and out of prison?

- Mail. That's a clever system.
- Yeah.

Lace meth in the greeting cards.

Prisoners just chew it up and get high.

If the meth house we raided
provided it to the prison...

Someone in that house must have
a connection to the prison.

- And a connection to Ed Crawley.
VIC: Hey, guys, look...

- You should be in bed.
- No, seriously, you gotta see this.

BRANCH: What do they have you on?
- This is where the dart hit me.

This is from a syringe. The dart, syringe.

Ed Crawley's holes looked like this.

Not like this.

- Ed Crawley wasn't shooting up drugs.
- He was shot with a tranquilizer dart.

Restraints. Flank steak.

Animal tranquilizers.

Someone planned his murder very carefully.

Any of these prisoners strike you
as sophisticated enough to plan either...

...a meth-smuggling operation
or an elaborate murder?

This guy, Steven Kane.
He acted as his own lawyer.

- Did he win?
- No.

LUCIEN: You're going at this all wrong.
This murder was brutal.

Tie meat to a man,
have a bear have eat him.

That's torture. Torture is vengeance.

Vengeance is your motive.

Crawley's brother-in-law
doesn't have much of an alibi.

He's a licensed hunter, so is Ira Craig.

That dude's definitely
a candidate for vengeance.


Can you read this?


A guard named Jerry Stonesifer signed
some of these release forms.

Same as the woman
who owns the meth house.

He was a prison guard.
He would've known Crawley.

Maybe Crawley's prison buddy
wasn't a prisoner.

But a prison guard.

And then Crawley's car
ends up at the aunt's house.

That's about four too many
coincidences for me.

Let's bring him in.

Found him, Walt.
He was resisting arrest.

Didn't seem too interested in talking.

So, Mr. Stonesifer...

...you worked at the prison for eight years
before you departed in February.

Mr. Stonesifer...

...you know a man named Ed Crawley?
- Lawyer.

I'll take that as a maybe.

Did you call up
and offer him a job couple of days ago?

- Lawyer.
- Uh-huh.

You in possession of any kind
of animal tranquilizer?


Are you using your aunt's house as a base
to smuggle meth into the state prison?


You should really thank Branch.

He persuaded Snowcap Vista
to take you back.

Now, how did he do that?

Apparently, he found several code
violations he threatened to report...

...unless they let you back in.

Proof of my nephew's shady ethics...

...and the lengths my family'd go
to get rid of me.

- Heh. I think Branch kind of likes you.
- I don't trust Branch.

More important I don't trust his dad.
My brother's a son of a bitch.

He wants to see his boy
wearing your badge.

- Don't worry.
- You'd better be.

Got any secrets, best be ready
to read them in the paper.

I think most of my important secrets
are kept deep enough.

So, what'd you used to do
when a suspect wouldn't talk to you?

- Simple. I'd whup his ass till he did talk.
- Ha, ha.

Well, we can't do that these days.

Oh, listen to your whining.
It's just so sad.

I'd shoot a buck out of season
to have your problems.

What you gonna do about
a suspect don't talk?

You're gonna do some sheriffing.

You gotta dig around a few garbage cans,
arrest some drunks...

...do some of that fancy CSI stuff,
analyze some bear shit.

PETE: Are you here to arrest me?
- I haven't decided yet.

I'm pretty sure you didn't shoot
Vic by accident.

If you were out there trying
to tranquilize a bear...

...you'd use a bigger dosage.

But if you were there
trying to slow down Omar...

...and my deputy,
you'd a used a smaller dosage.

Make sure you didn't kill them.

Okay. Maybe I went a little too far.

But if I don't stand up for these bears,
who will?

If I can just relocate Waffles, okay?
Away from human populations.

I notice you're not defending
Waffles' innocence anymore.

Yeah, well, yeah...

Which means you did
your tests on Waffles...

...realized she did consume
some human flesh.

I don't get it, sheriff.
It just doesn't fit her profile.


...I don't think it was her idea
to kill that guy, Pete.


...if you can just promise me that...

...you won't shoot any more people...

...I need help with a couple of things.
- Sure.

I need to know if Jerry Stonesifer
or anybody else called in or stopped by...

...for information on bears here.

I can check our records.
What's the other thing?

If you tested Waffles' fur for isotopes
that only means one thing.

You have that bear.


Hello, Dan.

What the hell you got there, Walt?



Why'd you bring him up here?

I'm taking her north.
Thought I'd stop by on the way.

I wanted to talk to you about
Jerry Stonesifer.

He's a good guy.
Troubled, but a good guy.

- Troubled?
- Drugs. It happens.

Guards get locked in with prisoners,
bad things happen.

Nothing in Stonesifer's record
about that.

Well, like I said, he's a good guy...

...and I didn't think it was fair of me
to ruin his life.

So I just encouraged him to resign.

Why are you asking about Jerry?

I think he helped you kill Ed Crawley.

- Me?
- Yup.

- You messing with me, sheriff?
- Nope.

- A bear killed Ed Crawley.
- This bear. I know.

But the bear was just a weapon.
You guys killed him.

Stonesifer called up Ed Crawley,
told him about a job.

When he arrived,
you shot him with tranquilizer darts...

...then tied him to a tree
with meat on him...

...so a bear would come maul him.

That could be pretty hard to prove.

I never bought any animal tranquilizer,
never even called Ed Crawley.

It's possible Stonesifer did all that
stuff, but it was on your orders.

I'm guessing he owed you
for not firing him when you discovered...

...he was smuggling meth into the prison.

You let him resign on a partial pension.

You know, sheriff, I ain't no lawyer.

And clearly, you aren't either because
that's about the most circumstantial...

...speculative accusation ever drummed up
in the state of Wyoming.

- You got nothing on me.
- Think fast.

- Ah! What the hell?
- Now, I got something on you.

The scent of beef and blood...

...which is a smell that Waffles here
knows well. So here's the deal.

You tell me that you did
what I know you did...

...I won't unlock this cage.

- You're crazy.
- Got a lot of that going around lately.


You went to the Absaroka Bear Institute
to check on collared bears.

And you found one that already
had two livestock kills.

So you had to be sure and tie
Ed Crawley up close to this bear.

Knowing Waffles' taste for beef
you covered him in flank steak.

You're doing all this for Crawley?

That piece of garbage.

That animal killed one of my guards...

...and slaughtered
the Craigs' only daughter.

And now you are coming out here
and threatening me?


If you open that thing,
you're in as much danger as I am.

Most bears can run more
than 30 miles an hour.

But you know the old joke.
Maybe I can't outrun this bear...

...but I can outrun you.

So you tell me that you did
what I know you did.

Come on, Walt.

Okay, okay, okay! Okay.

Just do me two favors, Walt.

Leave Jerry out of this.
He didn't know anything.

He thought we were just gonna haze
Crawley a little bit.

What's the second favor?

I want Tommy Lee Jones
to play me in the movie...

...because people are gonna
see me as a hero.

Because I am a hero.

I'm a 55-year-old guy who was pushed aside
with a lousy little pension.

But I didn't go quietly.

I'm a guy who didn't sit there and do
nothing while a murderer walked free.

My friend got death.

The Craigs got a lifetime sentence
of never seeing their daughter again...

...because of Crawley.

And if that son of a bitch gets torn apart
by a bear, limb to limb...

...I will watch that movie.
By God, I'll go back and see it again.

This ain't a movie.

We can't be torturing
and murdering people...

...no matter how right we think we are.

Somebody's gotta be the sheriff,
or else we're all just animals.

What the world needs
is more human beings.


Now, Waffles,
technically after three strikes...

...we're supposed to shoot you.

We humans have this thing
called entrapment.

Now, it's hard to explain,
but you just promise...

...that you'll stay as far away
from town as you can.

Okay, then.

[English - US - SDH]